Indians Series Finale

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup Against Sabathia

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Ozuna, 3B; Swish, 1B; Ram, 2B; BA, CF.  Contreras pitching.

Vote, Vote and Vote Again

Reminder that tonight is the deadline for on-line voting for the All-Star Team.


The Sox have won eight of their last nine against the Tribe and we’ve won six straight at U.S. Cellular Field against Cleveland … Sox are 23-11 vs. Central foes and have been in first place 73 days this season … we are 18-9 so far on our 26 in 32 game stretch at home … the Sox now lead the majors with a 3.38 ERA, 0.03 ahead of Oakland … at 29-11, the Sox have the third-best home record in the majors (behind the team from the north side, 33-10, and Boston, 31-10).


Congrats to Class AAA pitcher Jason Childers, !B Brad Eldred and 2B Chris Getz on being named to the International League All-Star Team.  The Class AAA All-Star Game will be held on 7/16 in Louisville.

Class AA pitchers Justin Cassel, Jon Link and Carlos Torres were joined by OFs Ricardo Nanita and Miguel Negron on the Southern League South Division All-Star Team.  OF David Cook was also named to the club but has been promoted to Class AAA Charlotte and cannot play in the game on 7/14 at Carolina.


Tampa Bay certainly deserves the hype, but the team with the second-best improvement since 2007 is … your Chicago White Sox!

Comparing 7/1/07 to 7/1/08, Tampa owns the biggest improvement in winning percentage at +.201 (.413 to .614), while the Sox are second at +.129 (.449 to .578) and St. Louis is third at .103 (.462 to .565).

Blog Night III

OK, we finally got this worked out … to order click here.

Game is 8/6 vs. Detroit (7:11 start).  Tickets are $18 each and supplies are limited so order early.  Passcode when you order is:  “Blog” (creative, I know).

If you have any problems or issues ordering: (my good friend Dustin)

As in past years, Blog Night III attendees will be asked to arrive by 5:45 pm for an event in the Conference & Learning Center (details to follow).  From there, you can head up to your seats as a group.

Sound good?

How about anyone who has attended in the past offering their thoughts/opinions/comments to others here to explain how the evening goes and if it’s a good time (or not) …

Final DYK

Starting last night, the White Sox face on successive nights, the AL Wins leader (Lee), the AL strikeout leader (Sabathia) and the AL ERA leader (Duscherer).




Thought that Crede did a good job of trying to begin making adjustments to left handed pitching, last night. He was definitely looking to, take it the other way.

dleeun – from one of my previous posts – “Pablo hits .419 in 31 at bats against Crooked Cap, while Crede is .158 in 38 at bats. ” – That is exactly why Crede is sitting tonight.

I’m kind of surprised BA got the start over Wise, even if it is against a lefty.

Are we allowed to bring guests to blog night?

Yay! I’m actually going to come to this blog night! This will be my first! It’ll be weird putting faces with names after all these years…(not counting the PDF’s that were made a couple years ago…) Thanks Scott! Can’t wait!

Just got my Blog Night tickets, and I can’t wait! For those of you who’ve never been, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that not too many fans get a chance to participate in. I especially enjoy the Q & A sessions before the game. Kinda reminds me of the “town hall” meetings they have at SoxFest… but more intimate. I also think it’s great to put faces to names.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there. And yes, scam, you can bring guests.

Apparently David Cook is having a busy year. First he wins American Idol, then he gets promoted to the AAA club. This kid can do no wrong! (is it 5:00 yet?)

Me too Scam. BA hits .125 against Crooked Cap in 16 at bats. Wise has no at bats against him, but he is the kind of guy that has success against Sabathia. Our best hitters against him slap hit and go the other way.

YAY! I got my blog night tickets! I wouldn’t miss it!

Scam, last year I brought guests and am doing the same next year.


You know I meant this year, right? DUH! Marie

I need a southside weather report. Anyone? I’m up here in Buffalo Grove, and the weather is NOT pretty. Lightning. Torrential rains. Flash flooding. Hail. Ick, ick, ick. Little league is already cancelled for the evening, but I’m praying that the Sox get THEIR game in. I’d rather face Cleveland now than later in the season (September?) when their players are healthy again.

Rain, rain. Stay away. Let the Sox and Injuns play.

Maria: As Snoopy wrote,many times, “It was a dark and stormy night…” But, according to Ch 2’s Steve (The Hound of the)Baskerville, it LOOKS bad, but everything seems to be over the lake…

The boys get lucky, again…

And, speaking of getting LUCKY(the segue kid strikes again…), the lady I am bringing to the game has NEVER seen a MLB game in her life !!!…

So I have already assured her that it will be quite a site…that is, the Cell, as well as the game…

And I will be a PERFECT gentleman…

And, NO, tc… I will NOT be kissing her on the strikes,while she kisses me on the … you-know…(nudge, nudge, wink, wink,say no more, say no more…)

Good one TQ. If only your thought would come to fruition. …

And I just did it too! I have my ticket to blog nite III. I’m sorry to say that my lovely bride (Pat) won’t be able to join me, but I’ll be there. Maybe with bells on or not. I am looking forward to seeing Maria and Pat again and to meeting the rest of you as well.

Go Sox ’08.. A sweep would be very nice. You never know though against CC aka “Crooked Cap” ( good one jimD).. j.k.

Again, deepintheheartoftexas I’ll be when you all are blogging and bonding the night away😦 I’m missing it this time by mere weeks as I’m attending the game on the 21st of July, not even sure who they’re playing, not that it matters just love the game!

To Marie, Maria, or TQ or anybody else, take a group pic and send it to me via email… making sure I know who’s who? Can ya’ll do this for me?? Pretty please??? This is the only way I’ll ever get to see who’s who as in last years pics I didn’t know who was who or what was what! It sure would be appreciated….


I expected Ozuna to starte tonight, just made a comment that it looked like Creded was making adjustments to left handers.

I’m really glad BA had that clutch hit tonight. But why is Bobby Jenks unavailable? He hasn’t pitched since Sunday night, so is there something medical going on?

Whoops, a hiccup by Linebrink in the ninth. So we need to end it in the bottom of the frame… Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

extras again….. Go Sox’08… j.k.

Na, Na Hey, Hey Goodbye.. Sabathia

CC you later

Alas, due to schedule conflicts and air fares, I won’t be able to make it to Blog Night this year😦

However, I urge everyone else to make it, because it’s really, really fun, and I want folks to take *lots* of photos and Scott, please post them, so we can see who was there.

And I just checked Gameday, and AJ made it a SWEEP!!!!!

This year feels soooo good so far – let’s keep it up!

I’ll save up for the airfare to come for the postseason🙂


UNREAL!!!!!!! This is a LOT like ’05…. way to go White Sox….. now keep it rolling against oakland!!!! Fun game and AJ finished it off just in the nick of (rainy) time…… j.k.

That was amazing…. damn this feel good! With every win, I get chills… the good kind of chills… like end of the year with every win 05 chills…

I’m heading north (home and out of this blessed heat) tomorrow so think of me often as I won’t be much around baseball fans enough to watch the games the first week (yea, the in laws!) after week 1, I’ll be in Schererville, Indiana with mama watchin all we can!!!!!


Make that 7 in a row. Just what I was hoping for with the A’s coming to town.

Back in 2005 Cliff Politte was the vulture, snatching victories coming out of the bullpen. Apparently Adam Russell has taken that role this year. 2 appearances in very important situations and he is 2-0. Looks like he will be sticking around.

Of course AJ’s walkoff was great. Biggest hit was probably from BA. As I mentioned earlier today he was 2 for 16 lifetime against Crooked Cap. That was a HUGE double for him, and probably a big confidence boost being against a pitcher that has owned him. As usual Pablo gives him problems also with a double and 2 runs scored.

I new right away (when I heard Jenks was unavailable) that Linebrink would give up that lead in the ninth. When he comes in for the 8th inning he is automatic. You put him out in the 9th or 10th and he gives up the long ball. Strange but true. Cliff Floyd, Aramis Ramirez and now Sizemore off the top of my head. I would have let Linebrink do the 8th and go to Dotel in the 9th. He has been a successful closer in the past.

Then when Linebrink got through the rest of the 9th I had the feeling we were going to win this game eventually. This team is rolling and the Indians are struggling. AJ came through right as the rain was getting heavy. Good offensive night tonight vs. Sabathia and I don’t really hear people complaining about 3 solo homers……

A baseball did tonight what Carlos Zambrano failed to do last year and AJ really did not get a chance to do in 2006. Michael Barrett fouled a pitch of his face tonight at bat and fractured his nose. Obviously there is a reason to dislike this guy, and I do, but I sure hope he is ok. It looked pretty bad.

My comments won’t post. ):

I just bought some tickets. I have sec 107 row 23 seat 1 & 2. Is that where they’re suppose to be at?

OK, huge hit by BA tonight. I couldn’t believe CC threw him a fastball there. When the catcher visited the mound before that pitch, I was assuming that he said to throw a curveball anywhere. I guess not. I believe Bobby was out tonight with a stiff back. Hopefully just a one day thing.

Did anyone see the article about Ozzie being worried about Jenk’s pitch speed? The article said his fastball was only hitting 90 or 91. I didn’t see that in the last game he pitched, but hopefully he is OK. If he’s throwing at 94 for his fastball I’m fine with that. He is a good enough pitcher to be able to use that fastball effectively. I’m usually more worried about him getting that curveball over.

Story at says Bobby felt a “twinge” in the left side of his back and Ozzie is being cautious.

Bobby says he’ll be fine and it’s significant that the soreness is on the left side of his back, not the right side, not his pitching arm.

Story says the “twinge” is not allowing him to extend fully on his delivery.

And I agree here with Kenwo, Linebrink isn’t comfortable “closing”… three times he’s given up the long ball in a game situation. That should be enough for Ozzie to go in another direction for the 9th inning if Jenks can’t pitch that night.

Mark Liptak

Linebrink missed some locations and Sizemore made him pay for it. It had nothing to do with what inning we were in.

i thought taking 4 of 6 vs the cubs and then the tribe(with lee and cc pitching) would be excellent. how about all 6?

was really worried when it wasnt bobby coming out for the 9th. were definitely gonna need him if we’re gonna be playing in october.

but hopefully we can keep rolling right along through the As this weekend too. ill be there sunday.

Went to the game tonight, left right before AJ’s walkoff (was walking down the 100 level ramp when I heard the crowd and fireworks). Anyways, not to rain on the parade here, but why wouldn’t Ozzie let Logan pitch to Sizemore to leadoff the 9th?

Anyways, thinking about attending blog night this year since I haven’t yet and have followed the blog pre-World Series. Would it be awful if I brought my Detroit Tiger friend??

Just to clear up my statement, he isn’t on the Detroit Tigers (for the small-minded), just a fan.

Am in total agreement with scam on this one. The inning that Linebrink was pitching in had absolutely nothing to do with the home run by Sizemore. He simply got a pitch up and one of the best players in baseball hit it out of the park.

And Logan (and Russell at the time) were the only two other pitchers available for Ozzie at that point of the game. With extra innings (and who knows how many) looming, he couldn’t use Logan for just one batter.

And I’m sure thehotcorner7 had reasons for leaving, but if I were at that game it would have taken a half-dozen security guards to drag me out of the park in a tie game with A.J., Quentin and Dye due up.

And TQ, your recall of one of Dizzy Dean’s greatest lines made for my best laugh of the morning.

Hey scam,
Your seats are in the right spot….mine are in section 107 row 22, seats 12-16. See you then!

Kristine, I’ll take a picture for you and send it!


I was at the 1st blog night. And it was awesome, got to meet Kenny, Ozzie, Ranger, and Scott (most important being Scott lol) we then got great seats to see the Sox play the Royals. The Sox lost, but it was pretty funny seeing Reggie Sanders playing with the crowd since we were in right field and he would toss balls to people and joke around with Sox fans. A real class act. Anyway, I will try and get to this one, but the 1st one was the most memorable. Lets beat Oakland today…go SOX!

It is just funny that every time Linebrink “gets a ball up” it is the 9th inning. He is lights out in the 8th. Leave him there. Dotel has closed before successfully. Get him the ball in the 9th if Ozzie can’t go.

I already have tickets on August 6th. Would still like to get to partake in the festivities, but don’t want to spend another 38 when i already spent 50+ for two seats. is this possible? if not have a great time, if it is- see you there.

first of all, for someone to say they knew linebrink would give up an HR is silly. none of these guys is infallible and lest we forget dotel’s 2 HR’s vs the cubbies at the museum. he did retire the side after that HR, but here we go again because of one bad pitch.

great game all around. BA’s clutch hit and AJ was great!

My concern today is centers around ozzie and cooper’s management(?)of the pitching staff during a game. they seem to have this rule that says don’t yank a starter until at least 6 innings unless we’re getting crucified. case in point, contreras was awful again last night. if you listened on the score, ed and stonie were screaming about the sidearm fastballs that cleveland kept tatooing. where the heck is cooper to straighten that out? he might be a good bullpen coach, but he’s out to lunch during the games in my opinion. if contreras cant’ pitch overhand then sit him down.

a’s coming to town….just win baby…keep those W’s a coming.

Russell is looking good in relief. In 2005 Jenks came up mid season and helped win, Russell may do the same. But it looks like he need to perfect his out pitch, either a cutter or come over the top with his curve instead of underneath, sidearm , no bitter curve. Still Russell has a lot going for him , it could make the pen even more awesome. Dotel closing , no way for me.

Can someone actually explain what blog night is? it sounds interesting.

Keep in mind that Linebrink gave up home runs to guys that absolutely torture White Sox pitchers in Aramis Ramirez and Grady Sizemore. With Sizemore I am not sure anyone else would have fared better pitching to him, and unfortunately a walk to him is an automatic double the way we hold runners.

Silly? I did expect someone to take Linebrink deep in the 9th. I told my wife someone is going yard this inning hopefully its only a solo shot. I am saying nothing bad about Linebrink. He has been awesome. Just keep him in his role. It is a pattern that every time he comes in later than the 8th are when he struggles. I don’t care who hits the home runs-the fact is they are hit.

Blog night is a chance for all of us on the board here to meet up thanks to Scott. There is a meeting in the conference room before the game which Scott has usually had great guests…last year Moose Skowran (sp??) and Ed Farmer were there, along with Rick Hahn. We also, as Maria said, had Ozzie and Kenny come do a q&A along with the series trophy and a chance to take pictures with it. Then we all take the game in together. It is a great experience and a chance to put the names of this board with faces…I ordered my tickets today!! Still enjoying sox wins while in california!! Keep it up guys!!

So are you saying if a game goes 18 innings and Linebrink did not pitch the 8th he can not pitch because it is guaranteed he will give up a home run in extra innings? That sounds like what you are saying. Grady Sizemore, Aramis Ramirez and Cliff Floyd have home runs off Linebrink in game winning or tying situations. Two all-star caliber hitters, and one guy who has always been a very good hitter. The fact that they have come in those situations is because those are the situations he pitches in. The fact that yesterday was the first save situation of the 3 means nothing. Had Dotel pitched the 9th I would have expected Sizemore to take him deep also.

You’re absolutely right Jim. Do people really think that guys go on the mound and think about what inning they are in???? Does Sizemore say to himself when facing Linebrink in the ninth, “You know, this guy usually pitches in the eighth and will probably give me a pitch up in the zone that I can hit out of the park.” The fact that Linebrink gave up homers in the ninth is merely coincidence.

And the fact that people are worried about this is ridiculous. The guy (and the rest of the bullpen for that matter) has carried this team to a 49-35 record.

And Coop has been labeled by one on this board as a coach that doesn’t know how to manage Contreras????? Hell, he resurrected Contreras’ career! And we all watched as Contreras led the Sox into the playoffs and the World Series and was the No. 1 starter on that staff.

Well, as my father used to tell me, “Some people are never happy.”

Is Blog Night for newbs too? Sounds fun as hell.

The only think about Linebrink that worries me is that he has struggled the last couple years in the second half. July has been bad for him with August getting a little better, and then he is back to himself in September. Hopefully that trend does not continue. It almost looks as if he has a bit of a dead arm period after the All-star game. Now that we actually have some depth in the pen he can be given some time to work through that.

tc… Actually, supposedly(make up your mind, Chumley… which way is it?) that “kissing” sequence was between Mel Allen and Phil Rizzuto on a Yankees broadcast… Mel was the observer, made the observation(only he used the word “balls”…), and Scooter Rizzuto said “Mel, this just isn’t your day.”

bleached… Blog Night is for anyone who is a participant in this exercise… if you have the desire, and the dough, and would like to hang out with baseball folk, and other desirables… just scroll up to Scott’s space where he talks about it… and click away…

Now, as to Manchild… He said it best… “It’s no big deal.”…
I agree… I would rather have it where he got all of the twinges out now, rather than down the stretch where he would be most needed…

As to Linebrink… The HRs hit off of him in the late innings have been by some pretty good hitters… Sizemore, Aramis Ramirez, etc… You hate to see it, but how much worse would it be if some banjo hitter who couldn’t hit his weight was the one doing it… just remember, folks, even Mariano Rivera of the Yank-mes has had his troubles… No closer, or would be closer, is automatic…

As to the finish last night… who says lightning can’t strike twice in the same place?… Ever since the Barrett incident two years ago, my nickname for AJ has been “lightning rod”…for obvious reasons…

jk… No offense, but … I’ll believe you when I see you…

To the matriarchal (say WHAT???) leader of the Family of Mac…

Hope that you are having a good time in No Cal (that’s Northern Californai, NOT a menu item)and So Cal (that’s Southern California, not how you start a conversation with Ripken…) I think that Kevin could tell you Moose’s last name is “SKOWRON”… but, then again, it’s not polite to talk back to your mother…

Safe trip home to you and John and the bunch…

See you on the 6th…

Which, BTW, (as Stone Pony) would say, “for all you youngsters out there…”, is the 63rd anniversary of the Enola Gay’s visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki…(just for the history buffs…)

its a bit of a reach to say cooper resurrected contreras’ career. he was pretty damn good when we got him from the yankees. his forkball was un-hittable in 2005 and 2006. this business of “side-arming” pitches with frequency didn’t happen until last year. given last years record, i’m not sure i’d call that resurrecting anything. i think its ironic that our own radio announcers can see this (and they are both former MLB pitchers) and cooper cannot. the real talent of a coach isn’t to take credit when they pitch well, but to fix the problems when they are not.

all i’m saying is that ozzie and cooper’s game management of the pitching is too “hands off” and could be more hands on. let’s hope javy has a good game tonight. if not, then pay attention to how often he gets a visit to the mound.

despite the up and down performances of contreras and even vasquez, i’m glad we get W’s…

just win baby……..


Regarding the TV / radio announcers situation. Just something to consider…

Dave Willis is in the final year of his deal with Tampa as radio play by play.

As you all know Dave is from Chicago and worked as the Sox pre and post game radio host for a number of seasons.

Mark Liptak

Well swsafley,

Since you value the opinion of Farmio and Stoney so highly — and I agree that they are both very knowledgeable — then maybe you should also think about another line that Ed uses frequently during his game broadcasts.

“Analysis leads to paralysis.”

Cheer more, worry less, and let Coop and Ozzie do the jobs they are paid so handsomely to do. And, judging on their past success and the rings on their fingers, they’ve done quite nicely for those of us who support the Chicago American League ballclub.

TQ… I have my ticket Bud, do you have yours yet? Hotel, car rental and airfare are in my itinerary. All you gotta do is walk south a few miles. No disrespect back at ya, but I’m there…. Wear your glasses my old friend and you will “see” me…….

As far as Coop goes, I think he’s done a very good job with all our pitchers including Jose. The fact that some of our guys have struggled recently is evidence of getting tired during the season, and will be fixed with the proper tweaking. I also think that Ozzie and Coop do a good job of managing the pitchers during the game. From what I hear, all the guys really appreciate the fact that Ozzie IS so hands off. The guys know for instance that if they make a mistake, it won’t be held against them, they can redeem themselves and improve. Take Jose last night. He got out of jams a couple of times on his own. If he were micro-managed I don’t think he would have been as effective.

Now, new foe, more good pitching against us. We need to continue to thrive on our home cooking and take it to the A’s for the next four days. Speaking of home cooking, I can almost taste those brats now….. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

I also have tickets for the 6th already and this being my first year as a full season ticket holder, have already been “invited” to observe the White Sox batting practice before the park opens to the public. I don’t suppose there would be any way to get another “invite” to the Blog party once inside the park? If not, I’m sure everyone will have a great time (Sox organization always makes sure of that) and hope to meet you all next year (as we celebrate another year of being the WS Champs, right?).

Just wanted to add that reading the words, “Last-place Cleveland Indians” gives me chills. (Almost as many as what I get reading “First-place Chicago White Sox!”) Let’s get those A’s today!!!

It is a pattern that Linebrink has developed when he isn’t pitching in the 8th inning. This does indeed have to do with what inning it is. Some pitchers cannot be closers because they don’t have the make up for it. To say that it doesn’t matter what inning it is in is ridiculous as many set up men can’t be closers. He has been wonderful. No doubt about it. I am not questioning Linebrink. To me he has been the best out of all of Kennys signings this year. However, something is not right with him when he enters the game in the 9th or later. The proof is in the pudding people, it isn’t rocket science. Dotel should be the closer when Jenks is unable to go. I will stick with that any day all day.

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