Oakland Arrives

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

Wise, CF; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish,1B; Ram, 2B; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez pitching.

Walk Off

A.J. now owns three of the 36 regular-season, game-ending home runs in U.S. Cellular Field history.  The last time the White Sox recorded consecutive game-winning hits was on 5/30-31/05 against Anaheim.

Pitching, Pitching and More Pitching

This series features the best two pitching staffs in the majors as the Sox lead all teams with a 3.38 ERA and the A’s are second at 3.45 …


Nick Swisher takes on his former foes … Frank Thomas is at the ballpark this series, rehabbing his sore knee … Frank said he expects to be back sometime after the All-Star Break … Paul Konerko packed his bags for Class AAA Charlotte and likely will begin his rehab tomorrow with the Knights … Ozzie said prior to the game that he wants Bobby Jenks to take his time recovering from tightness in a muscle in his left back.

Blog Night III (Re-printed from yesterday with the consent of the author) …

OK, we finally got this worked out … to order click here.

Game is 8/6 vs. Detroit (7:11 start).  Tickets are $18 each and supplies are limited so order early.  Passcode when you order is:  “Blog” (creative, I know).

If you have any problems or issues ordering:  dmilliken@chisox.com (my good friend Dustin)

As in past years, Blog Night III attendees will be asked to arrive by 5:45 pm for an event in the Conference & Learning Center (details to follow).  From there, you can head up to your seats as a group.

Sound good?

How about anyone who has attended in the past offering their thoughts/opinions/comments to others here to explain how the evening goes and if it’s a good time (or not) …


Did people like the running, inning-by-inning report from our game in LA or was it a pain?

Let me know …


Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the inning by inning, only because I happened to be watching the game so I seen what was going on. If you miss the game it could be useful to read back and see exactly what happened. However, if you are watching the game I think it is kind of unnecessary, and probably a pain for you to update every inning. I do like when you update pre game, mid game and post game though.

I agree. I think there should definately be a pre-game and a post-game update. During the game, I think you only need to highlight important parts of the game.

Let’s go Sox! Let’s continue this hot streak into the All-Star break!

Josh from VA

I enjoyed your inning-by-inning commentary, Scott. Since I watch the games on mlb.tv for the most part, your posts made me feel more a part of the game. I was able to read your posts then make a comment before resuming the video action. I hope you do it again sometime, but I realize it must have been a pain for you. Basically, whatever words you can share with us inhances our White Sox experience….. Thanks, now let’s get those A’s…. j.k.

Hey Scott, I totally *loved* the inning-by-inning report from LA – any time you feel up to doing it, fire away! It’s big fun to read, especially for those of us who can’t watch all the games, being “out of market” and all….


The inning by inning report was not a pain, it just was not necessary for someone watching the game. The effort was , however, appreciated.

Vazquez needs to pitch inside, it has been away , away , away, and hitters are just setting on the outside pitch, my view.

I agree with Klein. I watch most of the games on mlb.tv as well, so it’s good to have some hometown commentary (for the away games).

Oh well. Thought after the first inning that we would be in good position to win if Javy had a good night. Javy had a good night but not good enough. Swisher’s at bat in the 9th was god awful! Don’t know how you can take strike three right down the middle vs. your former club. Only criticism I have is Ozuna should have been stealing EARLY in Swisher’s at bat. Instead, he tried to steal with 2 strikes and Swisher fouled it off and then he tried stealing on the last pitch of the game to Ramirez. To me, he should have been going down on the first, second pitch at the latest to Swisher. Get em tomorrow. Winning 2 of 3 vs. the strike out leader, the wins leader and the ERA leader isn’t bad. Hopefully we can take 2 of the remaining 3-but the A’s always play us tough.

Can someone please explain to my why Darren Jackson has a job in broadcasting, much less with a major market, major league baseball team. I am surprised he was in the booth to call Cust’s homerun and not down in the dugout ready to give him hand release.

Can’t win them all but man oh man it’s hard to think Javy could have pitched much better then he did tonight.

I was hoping for a split this series… after all it’s Oakland, a team that simply has the Sox number no matter who is on that team. I’m still hoping for a split but it’s not going to be easy now.

This was another winnable game and they just couldn’t get it done against a soft tosser.

Mark Liptak

Loved the inning by inning, but wasn’t able to watch the game so it was good for my needs! TQ, I’m sure Kevin would have told me how to spell Moose’s last name, if he knew who he was!! He’s of that younger crowd! We are now in LA after a beautiful drive down the coast. Can’t win them all and hopefully we start over tomorrow. At least I know the family will let us come home, this is the first game they lost since we left!! Cheering loud and proud from California!!

Just three mistakes by Javy tonight and we lose. You all knew the magic we’ve had for the past couple of games wasn’t going to last forever. Now we need to start another seven game win streak, beginning tomorrow night with Mark. I can live with 7 out of 10 the rest of the way, how about you?…..

Donna, keep the good vibes coming from out there. Have a great rest of your trip. Isn’t the scenery along the Pacific Coast Hwy magnificent? j.k.

Odd stat of the night…..

The Sox have four complete games performances this season by their starting pitchers….and they’ve LOST all four games.

Mark Liptak

Being that we lose so many games where the pitchers give up 3 or less I can’t say I am completely surprised by that stat, but it is odd that we have not won at least one with a pitcher getting a CG.

As for tonight’s game, this was about what I expected. Duchsherer may be a soft tosser, but there is probably a reason he is leading MLB in ERA. He’s good, and I expected a good outing from Javy to match him. Unfortuantely on a 1-2 count Javy tried to go up, but he did not get it out of the hitting zone and it made the game 3-2. Not much you can do, but come back out tomorrow. The A’s just seem to eat our lunch whether it be in Chicago or Oakland.

Interesting article from Teddy Greenstein of the Tribune today. It is in regards to DJ and the club option on his for next year.

Good news for John Danks on Sunday. He gets to face Rich Harden. This roster has a .173 average against Harden in 75 total at bats. So probably 1-0 that day. Let’s win Friday and Saturday and hope Danks can shut them out Sunday!

Was downtown watching the fireworks tonight so I didn’t see the game. It seems I didn’t miss out on too much tho. I expect to see the offense back for tomorrow against Blanton.

The good news is that Blanton doesn’t lead the league in Wins/Strikeouts/ERA like the previous 3 pitchers. We will be ok today..

Happy 4th!!!

We were 1-1 vs Blanton last year. One time shutdown to 5 hits and no runs. The other we got him for 6 runs in 5.1 innings. This roster does have a .296 average against him in 81 at bats, but only 1 home run. So we had better hope the wind is blowing out, or we need to manufacture some runs.

Thanks for the article Jim. 9 is enough, I can not take DJ anymore. Maybe the Cubs could get him to work with Santo. Could you imagine that?

Actually the Sox have owned the As at the Cell recently: 6 up 3 down. It is going to Oakland’s house of horrors that is the problem. Anyone remember Buehrle out there a few years ago pitching a gem and Willie Harris booting a nice easy fly ball in center? Booted balls, horrible calls, offensive stalls, oh my.

And for those of you who missed it, the Sox played well last night. Hit alot of balls hard that just found A’s gloves. One bad pitch by Javy cost him dearly.

We were at the game last night, grandson got a foul ball, made his night. My question is who leaves when Konerko gets back?

Ohh! ohh! I’ll play! Thome should leave when Paulie gets back… hahahahahahahahahahahahah…. ahem… That would make sense, then Paulie could DH and Swish could stay at first. He’s better there than in center. That way BA and Wise could platoon, making for an upgrade in center. What should happen though is for Uribe to go down, but what WILL happen is either Wise or BA will be sent down. That’s not what’s best for our team, but I think that is what will happen….. Happy and a safe fourth everybody….. j.k.

Uribe will be traded in time for Konerko to get back. And we will probably see more Konerko and Dye at DH when the matchup does not favor Thome. That gives BA and Wise more chances to play. I know it is kind of a loaded outfield, but having Wise who can come in late and steal a base would be a nice luxury. That is my guess.

Good point Billb, they are 6-3 at home from 2006-08 so far. Remember 2005 though when they came in here and swept us at home, that was not pretty.. Since 2005 we are 4-11 in Oakland. So 10-17 overall since 2005 against the A’s. I don’t want to go any furthur back because the number just gets worse (2-7 in 2004) They have swept us 3 times in the last 9 series(we had 1 sweep). For some reason there guys just have our number. Good thing we are not in the same division playing them 19 times a year. It seem like we play a lot more games in Oakland than at home though.

Bring back Dave Wills to Sox radio next season!

Hope everyone has a happy safe 4th of July and that the Sox can set off some fireworks tonight against Joe Blanton. 4-11, 4.97 ERA.

Mark Liptak

I don’t mind DJ that much. He has gotten a lot better. Sorry, but I can’t get used to Stone doing White Sox games- he will always be a Cub announcer to me. Dave Wills was ok. Personally I would rather have him doing the pre and post game shows again like he did on ESPN 1000. He is far and away better than that little puke Rongey. I really don’t care for Farmer either. To me the TV is better than the radio. Farmer and Stone’s banters to me are very very annoying. I can take one guy who thinks he is smart, not two.

If the Sox did want to get rid of DJ and want to go on the cheap there is a guy at ESPN 1000 who is a favorite of Jerry Reinsdorf. This would be totally out of nowhere for most people, but Carmen DeFalco might be an option. That is if they want to go real cheap because he would be green as could be to play by play. Some may remember he did a couple spring training games with Hawk in either 2006 or 2007. Very passionate and insightful Sox fan. I can’t see him being any worse than DJ when he started (and sometimes now in year 9 too) or than Singleston was who’s beginning is a little more fresh on our minds. I think they could get Dave Wills back at a reasonable price also.

The thing that upsets me with DJ is that he agrees with everything that Hawk says. However, you could replace DJ with anyone on the planet and there would still be a problem in the TV booth. I very much enjoy listening to Farmio and Stoney on the radio. It is great to be provided with relevant information pertaining to the game at hand.

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