Oakland Again

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Venezuelan Independence Day (perhaps, knowing Ozzie, maybe I should have checked first, but he said it’s Venezuelan Independence Day … Viva Simon Bolivar)

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swisher, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; Hall, C.  Floyd pitching.

Tomorrow’s Trib

Check out these two stories in tomorrow’s Chicago Tribune, one on Carlos Quentin and a column by Mike Downey on Alexei Ramirez.

Random Notes

The White Sox lead the American League with 117 home runs, 13 more than Texas …Paul Konerko went 2-3 with a walk playing first base last night for Class AAA Charlotte … the Sox are 19-12 when the opposition starts a left-handed pitcher … the Sox have been in first place 76 days this season.

Double Duty Classic

For those of you who love high school baseball and want to support a neat new event we are hosting on Monday:


Double Duty Classic to Feature High School Talent from Across Midwest and Commemorate 75th Anniversary of East-West All-Star Game

 CHICAGO – This summer, the Chicago White Sox will host the first-ever Double Duty Classic – an event celebrating the history and tradition of Negro Leagues baseball in Chicago and promoting the next generation of inner-city baseball players. 

The game will take place on Monday, July 7 at U.S. Cellular Field with inner city high school players from across the Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee and St. Louis) participating in the All-Star showcase.  The players will dress in uniforms honoring the Negro Leagues’ East-West All-Star Game.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first East-West All-Star Game, which was played at Comiskey Park in Chicago.  The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) will collaborate with the White Sox on the event, which will include a special forum on the history of the Negro Leagues and African-Americans in the game of baseball.  The forum will precede the game on July 7 and feature a roster of speakers and prominent members of the baseball community.

“It is with great honor we host the first-ever Double Duty Classic,” said Jerry Reinsdorf, White Sox chairman.  “With this event we hope to provide young inner-city players an opportunity to showcase their skills.  Equally important, the event honors the legacy of the Negro Leagues and its history in the city of Chicago.”

Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe was born on July 7, 1902 in Mobile, Ala. and played for the Chicago American Giants of the Negro Leagues.  At the age of 41, Radcliffe earned MVP honors for his performance during the 1943 season with the American Giants.  Nicknamed “Double Duty” because he would regularly pitch the first game of a doubleheader and catch the second game, Radcliffe was one of the most dynamic players in the Negro Leagues and all of baseball.  Beginning in 2002, until the year of his death in Chicago in 2005, Radcliffe threw a ceremonial first pitch prior to a White Sox game.

Chicago White Sox Charities (CWSC), on behalf of the Double Duty Classic, will make a $10,000 donation to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Ed Farmer

Just stopped in my office.  We snuck a round of golf in this morning at Lost Dunes in Bridgman, Mich.  Ed played well.

He looked at the framed newspapers on the wall of my office from the 2005 postseason.

“We played like that team a few days ago,” he said.

“I look at those pictures from 2005 … in some ways it seems like it was a long time ago.  In other ways, it seems like it was yesterday.”

He was off to find a dozen baseballs to sign for a friend.

“You want me to de-value a baseball?” he asked his friend, just to be sure.

Running this a third time …

Blog Night III

OK, we finally got this worked out … to order click here.

Game is 8/6 vs. Detroit (7:11 start).  Tickets are $18 each and supplies are limited so order early.  Passcode when you order is:  “Blog” (creative, I know).

If you have any problems or issues ordering:  dmilliken@chisox.com (my good friend Dustin)

As in past years, Blog Night III attendees will be asked to arrive by 5:45 pm for an event in the Conference & Learning Center (details to follow).  From there, you can head up to your seats as a group.

Sound good?

How about anyone who has attended in the past offering their thoughts/opinions/comments to others here to explain how the evening goes and if it’s a good time (or not) …


Let’s win tonight. At the very least it shuts up Liptak.

Goodness, I hope we win tonight and Mark you can stick that up your rear aperture (hi TQ)

Signed with hugs and kisses,


Why so much hatred?

Um, I believe some of you are looking at last nights game the wrong way. Instead of looking at previous numbers, how good a pitcher might be coming in, and how good a pitcher might be over his career, maybe you should look at how he actually pitched during the game at hand. If you were watching last nights game, then you should know that Blanton did not pitch very well. He threw 45 balls over 7 innings and we only managed to draw 2 walks. He threw a lot of strikes up and over the plate, and we weren’t able to do anything with them. We have now had two poor offensive games in a row. Hopefully they can turn that around tonight and put some big numbers up.

And can we keep the name calling to a minimum please?

Also, I am by no means counting Minnesota out, but I do think they will start struggling more this month. I predict they will finish third in the division.


You might be surprised that there’s actually alot of buzz up north here for the Twins. I think it’s safe to say that the fans up here in MN really think that there’s a chance for them. Even as a Sox fan, I see alot of potential in the “piranhas,” and having caught 4 of their games this year at the HHH Dome, they play good baseball, plain and simple. I think it’ll be a great second half of the season between the Sox and Twins, and I can’t wait until to Sox are up here in a few weeks.

The 20 minute diatribe i just wrote is gone. Now I’m @@@@@@’d off. While I shake my head in disbelief at losing the single most important document I wrote in my entire life, I’ll just say, Go White Sox ’08… j.k.

There you go, Boys and Girls, a White Sox Winner, and against the A’s no less. We need one more tomorrow and then we can go to kc on somewhat of a roll. Good game Guys…… j.k.

Schultz, I have some relatives here from Minnesota, and they certainly feel like the Twins are playoff bound. I just think that their lack of pitching is bound to catch up with them. You said it perfectly that “they play good baseball, plain and simple,” and that is why I think Gardenhire is one of the best in the game. It’s going to be a fun second half, no matter what.

I am so sorry j.k. I know how it feels.


How about Floyd. The biggest question mark before the season now has 10 wins. Hopefully we can produce a few runs against Harden tomorrow and end Danks streak of no run support.

At least we didn’t get swept.



As Bender says on Futurama…’who are you and why should I care?’

Like my father used to say, “children should be seen and not heard…” now that we’ve put the peanut gallery in their place along with the notion of Ozzie being bigoted against Caucasian players and “Saved By The Bell” fantasies, we can return to the important issues of the day, the White Sox.


A very, very solid win this evening and badly needed since the Indians have apparently decided to pull a White Sox 2007 version and simply “mail in” the rest of the season.

Floyd pitched very well and what can you say about Ramirez? He looks very confident out there now. Considering the adjustment to a new country and playing in the big leagues, it’s mind-boggling how he has handled things.

I keep thinking the Twins will start to slow down, start to lose their momentum but it’s not happening (yet.) They have been playing about the same number of home games as the Sox in this stretch and they simply aren’t losing them.

I saw some numbers on the Twins today that shocked me, I didn’t realize they were producing like they were.

*They have scored more runs than the Sox.
*They have a higher team batting average.
*The hit over .300 with men in scoring position.
*They lead the AL in driving in runs with men in scoring
position and 2 out.

Like with everything else, I think it’s going to come down to starting pitching down the stretch. The Sox may have an edge there, they have guys who have been through the pressure. The Twins don’t.

We’ll see what happens but Minnesota doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and I hope the Sox won’t eitehr. I’ve been through 2003 once. That was more than enough for my taste.

At least the Sox won’t get swept. Let’s see if they can get a split.

Mark Liptak

Also great story on Frank Thomas and his hope to have his number retired:


Mark Liptak

Liptak, the Sox MAY have an edge in starting pitching?

Twins starters ERA: 4.14
Sox starters ERA: 3.60

That would be a clear edge.

Also, their bullpen doesn’t match up to ours.

Excellent job by Gavin this evening. Also very good job by Swisher, Anderson and Ramirez. How about JD in right? outstanding. My fantasy about Tiffany Thiessen will never stop Liptak. But personally I always thought she looked much better on 90210 then saved by the bell. Either way though, i am not complaining.

By the way, backing up my claims earlier in the week- Linebrink enters the game in the 9th and Sweeney promptly greets him with a home run. Didn’t matter tonight with a big lead. This guy is suited for the 8th inning though.

Maria…Screech is waiting :-X


Screech? I feel so dirty now…… I’m gonna go take a shower. Needed that win tonight, good job fellas….

Very nice to get one against the A’s today. We owe the A’s about 20 beatings in a row.

You have to give Gavin Floyd and the sox coaches a lot of credit for how far he has come in just a years time. Hopefully he can keep this up and end up around 18 or 19 wins. That is about what he is on pace for. It’s nice to see him work so well with Toby Hall tonight too. You don’t want him to rely on one catcher too much.

Getting the split tomorrow will be a tall task. Hopefully Danks can get himself a complete game shutout. Unfortunately the way we hit for him that might be what it takes. All I ask is 3 runs. The way Danks has pitched so far we can beat these guys with 3. The A’s don’t have a great offense so get 3 and it is a W!

I’ve backed Brian Anderson since 2006, and I believe that he was not given a full opportunity. His offense stunk the first half of 2006, but as it was getting better they stopped playing him as much. I believe it came out at the end of the season that he and McCarthy were living the night life a little too much and it had hurt them in the eyes of their manager. It had absolutely nothing to do with race.

I don’t believe that Anderson was afforded an opportunity because we already had a guy out there in Juan Uribe who we sacrificed hitting for excellent defense. I’m sure they did not want to do the same with Anderson, and I would understand why would not want to sacrifice the 8 and 9 spots as near automatic outs waiting for Anderson to either become a good MLB hitter or bust. They knew exactly what they were getting with Uribe so it was the safer choice, not the racist choice. Just because I backed Anderson though does not make me white. I’ve always believed that those who scream racism for no reason or the wrong reasons are the racists themselves. Backing a Sox player has nothing to do with race, but more to do with the desire for the success of this team and their players. I’d pull for a Sox player if he were purple, as long as he contributes to a competitive winning team.

Sorry I don’t agree. Jermaine Dye was the MVP of the world series, had an awesome 2006 and has been great this year yet you never hear about him. Yet Rowand, who in my opinion has been way better after the white sox then with the white sox, Konerko, Crede and now even Swisher get tons of love and support from the fans…way more than Dye. Could this be because Dye is a quiet guy? Maybe that has something to do with it, but you have to believe race is an issue. The fans also were quick to turn their back, multiple times, on Frank Thomas. Again, I am not calling any of you people on here racist, but I believe that race does have an issue in all of baseball, not just Chicago. Philly? Boston? same thing. Since Dye has joined the White Sox he has arguably been the best offensive outfielder in the American League. Yet he isn’t even in the top 15 in all star voting. Can’t ignore that.

You know I had this whole long thing written, but arguing about this is a waste of time. I’m sorry you feel the way you do. It must really stink to see it that way. I feel bad for you.

Thoughts from out West……

I read the article supplied by Lip on Frank Thomas. It was good to hear that type of contrition from him. When he left the Sox there was acrimony (hey TQ, there’s one for you) on both sides. I’m glad that those thoughts and words seem to be a thing of the past….

A few days ago there were several posts about the broadcast team we have now. Most were centered around DJ and his lack of ability. Is this year the end of his contract? I don’t get the criticism on this one. It seems to me that all announcers make mistakes, I know I would have a very hard time filling all that air time with cogent remarks that don’t become trite. I listen to the broadcasts just to hear the same thoughts I have as the White Sox either win or lose, so it doesn’t matter to me who is in the booth. But my question: why the recent controversy?

Race could be the reason that some of our best players don’t get the kudos they diserve, but I don’t know enough of the background issues to make an informed call on that one. I will admit that I tend to have my head in the sand when it comes to race. With a military background myself, and two sons currently serving our country, I tend to look at every man as just a man. He might be tall or short, thin or fat, goodnatured or dour, but he’s just a man to me.

Now the most important thing on my mind…. Guys, I’m an old man and I don’t “get” some of the slang being used here. This will probably be at my expence and amuse the rest of you, but what are you talking about? Maria, what is screech? …. Now, Go White Sox, let’s get the split….. j.k.

Maria, did you make that deal with Screech to get this win???? I laughed hard at that one!! Saw the highlights of the game out here, what a great catch by JD!! And MY BOY–who tried to give him to Peggy???😉 with a blast!! They are going to have some really tough decisions to make and I fear he is going to be the one left in the cold. I have always thought they didn’t give him a fair chance exactly the way Mr. Devereaux pointed out–nicely said. Took in Angels Stadium yesteday. That rally monkey may annoy some, but is the funniest thing to see there. Off to the house of the mouse today and Dodgers Stadium tomorrow. How about a split today?? Screech still around????? 🙂

DJ being a complete dope has nothing to do with race. Seriously, if you are going to accuse people of being racist you should probably have the ability to listen to what they are talking about. I am going to assume the only time you hear Hawk and DJ is on WGN 4 times a season. DJ is not bright. He just repeats everything Hawk says and when he has the chance to do play by play alone, Good God! Sox fans deserve better.

As for Frank Thomas, he did that to himself. He was a Grade A jerk. I saw that first hand. He used to hang out at a bar I frequented when I was younger; could not have been more of pr!ck to everyone he met. One thing you dont want to do, especially to the White Sox fan base, is complain and whine about money when you are under contract. Urlacher learned this lesson a little late, too, and is paying for it. Thomas could have owned this town, everyone wanted to love him and a great many of us did in spite of his attitude.

If you want to see racist, go out to the right field bleachers at Wrigley and check out the t-shirts those jackasses are still wearing.

I agree about Dye, by the way. I think he is extremely underrated but you need to hang that mostly on the media. He is a quiet, unassuming guy and maybe he is avoiding the spotlight. Konerko, Crede and Swisher, especially when playing bad, get ripped as much as anyone on here.

Kudos to MMcDowell, I was hoping someone would call out “The Big Lip” on his sweep comment. That p!ssed a lot of people off. Maybe someone could post a stat on how many times “the Big Lip” has made a prediction or comment in which he ended up eating his words.

JK – The Sox hold an option on DJ for next year. 2008 is the last year guaranteed in his contract. Teddy Greenstein from the Trib wrote an article I believe on Thursday (I put it in one of my posts in case you missed it). I like DJ, but the way he gets along with Hawk is just not good, and that is mostly Hawks fault. Nobody has been able to live up tot he standards of Don Drysdale in his eyes. Plus with Steve Stone doing the radio I think there is a lot of hope out there that he will end up on TV again.

Steve Stone is a good analyst. I like him doing national games, I like his reporting on the Score but I have a problem listening to him do White Sox games. I just keep thinking that Farmer (or if he was on TV Harrelson) is going to start saying names backwards or Stone is going to say “that ball traveled 403 happy feet” or start talking about the friendly confines. He is and will always be a cub announcer to me. Hearing his voice just reminds me of Harry’s old *** blubbering about nothing…or Bobby Dernier coming up to bat. Can’t get passed it.

I also don’t believe he is truly happy when the White Sox win. I think he shows just as much emotion as a national guy doing the game. I like how Hawk lives and dies with the sox. Hawk gets steamed the same way I do. Hawk jumps out of his chair the same time I do. I think Stone really could care less. Ron Kittle would be an excellent choice to announce. Even manage if Ozzie ever gets the boot.


If my sweep comment pissed you off then I apologize. I honestly felt it was going to happen because of the way they looked the first two games of the series and because they get Oakland’s “ace” on Sunday.

I thrilled they won a game and blew the “prediction.”

Mark Liptak

One addition factor for the 2nd half concerning the white hot Twins that bears noting. Sunday is already their 50th home game of the season.

That means they will be on the road about a dozen times more then at home. They are a team built to take advantage of the bizarreness of the Metrodome. That may offset the edge somewhat in having seven games in the dome head to head against the Sox down the stretch.

Plus they have a four game set in Tampa in the middle of September. Probably to early for the Rays to have clinched anything so they’ll be playing their regulars and needing to win.

Mark Liptak

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