Oakland Finale

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Crede, 3B; Swish, 1B; Ram, 2B; Wise, CF.  Danks pitching.

All-Star Announcement

Rosters for the 2008 All-Star teams will be announced today on the Selection Show, carried by TBS at 1 p.m. CT.  As of 2 p.m. CT, we will be able to announce any player(s) we have going to New York and whether or not we have a player in the Final Man competition.  If we do, then voting begins immediately at mlb.com and whitesox.com.  In fine Chicago fashion, we need you to vote early and vote often.  Dead relatives also are eligible to vote.

Double Duty Classic

Two terrific stories in midwest newspapers about tomorrow’s Double Duty Classic. And this from the Indianpolis Star.



I hope Danks makes it! I know he has little chance since he doesn’t have the wins but he deserves it the most of all our pitchers..

I also hope there is a sox player on the final vote. It’s nice when the whole fan base comes together to get a guy there. We definitely know how to win those.🙂

JD, Quentin, Linebrink and AJ in my opinion have the best shot at making it. Maybe Gavin Floyd as well.

I really hate to see the Home wins , road losses so huge for each team. Because if watching the cubs , whites sox home and away, the umpiring was to me, very biased for each home team. Please no NBA thing for baseball, really hope baseball is not being manipulated to please the home crowds and boost interest. I venture to guess that this is the most lopsided home and away record in history and I do not like it, for the reason stated. I quite watching NBA 15 yrs ago because it looked like the refs. were favoring home teams, and I do not watch sports so that umpires or refs can decide the outcome. Maybe I worry too much.

Congrats to Crede and Quentin for making the All-Star team. They truly deserve it. Now we have a job to do White Sox fans. Let’s send Dye to New York. We’ve got our Final Vote reputation to uphold. Also, give a nod to Rowand on the NL side.


Crede got in because of the lack of 3rd basemen in the league. Behind ARod there really isn’t a good option. Crede is the best of them so he got on. Good for him. Only thing is this gives more ammunition for Boras and Crede’s pending free agency. Personally I don’t see how the best team statistically on the pitching side does not get one member of the staff. Floyd would have been my pick as i figured Danks wouldn’t go with his low win total…thats just how it works.

JD got screwed but a lot of his stats have come on lately while Quentin’s have been good all year. My guess is this has something to do with Quentin making it and Dye being put on the final vote. I was hoping Dye wasn’t on that as Big Papi will not play and i figured Francona would take Dye to replace him.

Personally, although he isn’t my favorite, the biggest white sox screw job was AJ. I figured he would be a lock if Joe Mauer earned the fan vote. If Posada or Varitek won the fan vote i figured AJ would not make it but if Mauer won it AJ would be a lock. Don’t see how Varitek got the vote as he is hitting .219. The players must really hate AJ.

Also, I have voted a bunch of times for JD already….Rowand however, will not get a single vote from me. There is another player on the NL ballot who was BETTER THAN ROWAND on the White Sox and he is still BETTER THAN ROWAND. Vote JD and also C LEE. But there are some sox fans who weren’t fans previous to 2005 so they may not know that Lee was ever on the team.

Meanwhile this all star sham Crede just makes another error in a huge situation and BOOTS THE BALL AGAIN! How many big errors is this guy going to make?

Ok Octavio did a wonderful job to get out of it…. good lord i almost broke my remote control. What a fine job by Dotel by the way. Many fans have been down on this guy but when he comes in with men on he normally does the job. He has been a great signing by Williams.

whats that saying, laugh now cry later, seriously…….

inngs like that 7th, i can do without……

whew, in lieu of running out for some TUMS, I’ll settle for that rbi courtesy of AJ…..

Let’s “Vote Til’ You Dye”


“Dye’n to get to the ASG!”

kenwo, I hope you don’t think I’m a bandwagon sox fan. I know Lee was with the Sox before and we traded him to get Podsednik. I made the earlier post when I first saw the list and Rowand’s name popped out first. I must have overlooked Lee’s name.


Jesus christ. We escaped with our lives with that one. Scott for god sakes show Ozzie my posts- Linebrink does not belong in the 9th inning. I have said this for the past week. Dotel should be the closer on the team if Jenks is out. Linebrink is incapable of doing the job on a consistent basis. He was doing awesome in his 8th inning role and now he has been brutal.

But i will take a split after losing the first 2 of a four game set anytime. Crede could have made that play in the 9th too. Maybe Evan Longoria would have been the better choice at third.

I could go without innings like that 9th too. I’m glad we were able to split the series, but the last few times I’ve seen Linebrink come in to close it, I’ve been getting really nervous. A win is a win, so let’s keep up the momentum as we head to KC.


scott was killing me, how many times are we supposed to vote, i kept waiting for the form to cut me off. i thought it was a 25 vote limit or something….


We’re not all sitting at the bar with you and the boys watching these games. I think that just about all of us would appreciate it if you would clean up your language and cut out the crude comments in your posts.

This is not the Tiffany Thiessen fan club. And Jesus Christ and has nothing to do with the White Sox bullpen. Last I heard, his cutter wasn’t good enough to pitch at the big league level!!

If you are a straight male…heck maybe even a group of curious females…… it is already a Tiffany Thiessen fan club. I didn’t even use bad language today..could have on multiple occasions. Even if i did it gets blocked out anyway. You don’t like my language- don’t read my posts.

i like this blog…..it makes me laugh…….

even in victory you girls complain. whether we escaped, stole, cheated or won, its still a win. The oakland a’s are no slouches. just a few wins shy of our record last time i looked.

you notice how the whiners and complainers or mr. know it all’s don’t have much to say when we win? doesn’t surprise me. but when we lose, they come off as thinking they have all the answers. LOLOL.

Onto KC and we get PK back. just win baby……..those pesky twinkies keep wanting to win…..will somebody knock them off their rhythm already?

Amen to that swsafley!


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