Vote, Vote and Vote Again

Sunday, July 6, 2008


So Now It’s On …

Let’s go White Sox fans … it’s time to start voting over and over again.  Let’s get JD onto the All-Star team … vote at and/or

You all know we’ve got a reputation as voters to live up to.  Send me your thoughts and/or ideas for promoting JD over the next few days (voting closes Thursday at 4 pm CT, so our schedule, off day, Tuesday and Wednesday in KC, doesn’t help us).


So get voting …

So far, we’ve been working on the following …

+Creating artwork to support his campaign

+We made and distributed 100 signs for fans inside the ballpark

+Our crack scoreboard crew is creating a 15-second TV campaign spot

+We handed out “Vote for JD” t-shirts to our entire clubhouse


To Joe Crede and Carlos Quentin on making their first All-Star teams.  I was surprised — but honestly, happy — that none of our pitchers were chosen.


I usually like to get all the white sox in that can possibly go…but this season there are just so many more deserving white sox players than Crede. I would have rather seen AJ, Orlando Cabrera, JD, Gavin, Danks, Contreras, Thornton, Linebrink, Dotel, Jenks.. Crede should have made it in 06 and didn’t so i guess this is payback…but in your heart of hearts do you really think this guy is having an all star season? I don’t. If we didn’t have any other candidates that deserved to go then great…but we got way to many guys that should be there instead of joe this year. Plus those 3 days would have been a great opportunity to rest his back, which in my opinion, is hurting seeing how he has played the last 3 weeks.

Crede is no where close to an allstar this year. JD, Danks and Linebrink are much more deserving. Crede has been spectacular at times but has booted some costly easy ones. I agree it seems like he needs some rest for his back.

I will tell you one thing as unnerving as this team has been at times, when they need to win, they win. That shows a lot of character, in my book.

Also, keep in mind the twinkies have had 5 more home games than the Sox.

This and that:

Scott: How about Jermaine ‘he’s to DYE’ for.
All Star Game 2008


A grinding game today by the Sox. Considering how bad they looked Thursday and Friday, you have to be happy with a split.

Regarding Minnesota, winners of 18 of their last 21. Typical Metrodome ‘House of Horrors” “rally” in the 7th inning today. They sent eight batters to the plate, hit two balls out of the infield, scored three runs.

However they have played 50 home games, among the most in the majors. The second half of the season is going to be like one long road trip for them. This week they go to Boston and Detroit. If they can keep up the pace they are setting, then God bless them, they’ll easily win 95 to 100 games this season. But the odds of them doing that are pretty long. We’ll see.

Regarding the All-Star Farce otherwise known as the “popularity contest” congratulations to Carlos and Joe. I’ve haven’t watched this farce in almost 25 years now but I’m completely stunned at the stupidity of MLB. You have statistically the best pitching staff, top to bottom, in baseball and not one guy is selected? That’s amazing.

Enjoy the day off and hope for a good week. Again Minnesota goes to Boston and Detroit…the Sox go to Kansas City and Texas. Advantage: White Sox…IF, and that’s a big if, the offense decides to show up for the road trip.

And T.C. well played post earlier!

Mark Liptak

I don’t know if it’s been said but how about “Vote or Dye Trying”.

Wow, did I see the Sox beat Rich Harden today with no long balls? NICE!!! Got Danks enough run support to get him a well deserved win. I asked for 3 and they gave us 4.

If Jenks is going to be out how about Adam Russell. Obviuosly Linebrink has the yips in a closers situation. Russell saved games in Charlotte and has looked very impressive when thrown into the fire this year. Who knows, maybe he is the 2008 version of Bobby Jenks. Maybe he will be one of the unknowns coming into the season that can play a key role.

As for the ASG it is garbage. The fans should not be allowed to vote for the starters. If they do continue it then it should only count for 50% or something like that. MLB needs to come up with a better way of selecting players that DESERVE the spot. Joe Crede absolutely does not deserver to be an all star this year. 2006 yes, but this year not a chance, and they said on ESPN tonight that Mike Lowell was ticked at Francona. I would have taken Longoria there. Dye got robbed. Buster Olney said he was a better candidate that Manny Ramirez, and he was also shocked AJ was not on there, oh and don’t forget one single Sox pitcher. It’s all a crock. Hopefully AJ and the pitchers get rested up for the rest of the season those 3 days. They sure do deserve it.

My guess is Dye will be added regardless with Ortiz out, but I will be sure to vote as much as I did for pods and AJ.

TC, I second Mark’s words.

CC ya later!!!

It has been reported that Sox nemesis CC (Crooked Cap) Sabathia has been dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers per Buster Olney. If this report is true that has 2 positives. No more Crooked Cap this year for the Sox, and the Cubs did not get him. Now we need to hope he signs with an NL team this off season, except the Cubs of course! I know we have got to him a few times this year, but I would be glad to be rid of him.

Bye bye CC. Beat up on those Cubs for us.

Jason Varitek: .219 avg, 7 HR, 27 RBI, .301 OBP, .360 SLG

Pierzynski: .296, 7 HR, 33 RBI, .333 OBP, .442 SLG

Why is Varitek an all-star?


Because the players voted him in. Seriously….he was on practically every one of their ballots.

Mark Liptak

Seeing this crap take place every year is just sickening. You can’t have a severely flawed system, and have the game mean something.

Scam, There are 24 players in MLB and 1 manager that like and would vote for AJ. Unfortunately the rest of baseball hates him. I’d like to see him get the recognition, but he could use the rest. You are right, how can this game determine something as big as homefield in the WS if we have birdbrain fans, and players who I’m sure don’t do any homework before they vote, be the people who choose who gets to compete.

I would suggest the media who votes on awards somehow be involved. I think they would take more pride in assembling the team.

Why don’t we adjust Maria’s accidental ’08 slogan and convert it to I’d Do Screech to Make Jermaine an All-Star!

Crede an All-Star? C’mon, the Boras Family sticks together and doubtlessly the frat code for players is to vote Family first and prioritize contract year guys.

Not that I’m cynical or anything.

On the Final Word tonight AJ was asked about Varitek and he said “I can not comment on that, I will get in trouble” Enough said.

Brett I was thinking the same exact thing with Boras. He has to be behind it somehow. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way as I kind of feel bad. But there are just so many more candidates on the team that should have the spot. Maybe if the sox got 7 guys in like the cubs crede should be on, but not how it is now.

Crede was voted in by the players – so someone must like him!
I can’t believe that none of our pitchers were taken but I think that they will need the rest for the 2nd half.

Quick thoughts…In years past, Joe has been an all-star, but not this year. I’ve always been a big fan, but beyond 1 month offensively, there’s not much there, this year..yet.

Really surprised that our pitchers didn’t get more love. Danks..Floyd, and several of the bull pen guys are more than qualified.

When White Sox fans put their mind to it, we’ve proven we can get our deserving guys in with the last vote. Let’s do it again!! -Dawn

P.S. I did my 25 =) Also purchased my tickets for BLOG NIGHT 2008! Can’t wait to see everyone!

No Pitchers from the Sox, what a joke! At least they will get the rest they deserve during that time..

Both “Jermaine ‘He’s to DYE’ For” & “Vote or Dye Trying” are excellent suggestions!

And regarding Crede on the AL roster, he may not have played as well this season as he has in the past, but through his career he has earned his status as an All Star.

Now let’s get Dye on the roster too!

Dye has a bit of a disadvantage compared to Pods and AJ. When they were campaigning for those two the Sox were at home and there was propoganda all over the place. Being in KC I don’t think the Royals will let the Sox campaign to much for JD. He was a Royal early in his career, but they have competition on the ballot.

However I still think JD is in no matter what as a replacement for Ortiz’s roster spot.

The “you can only vote 25 times” thing is BS. The site does not stop you from continuing on.

The 25 vote limit is only for the roster. For the final vote, you can vote as many times as you’d like.

Also, unless you have a National League favorite, may be can vote in Aaron Rowand while voting for JD. I know he doesn’t wear black anymore, but he still holds a special little place in my heart.

Aaron was one of my personal favorites, but Carlos Lee is having a better season and of my favorites too since he terrorizes the Cubs. Don’t really care about the NL though. Need the AL to win since it stupidly determines home field advantage in the WS.

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my friends arguing that JD is the best free agent signing in White Sox history…

I think a radio spot with Gene Honda going over 4 or 5 key points of JD’s time here would be cool..

***2005 World Series MVP

*** Total stats here

***Gold glove caliber defense

*** Grinder attitude/great clubhouse guy

It finishes with Honda announcing Dye as he would the starting lineup and then… go online and vote to send Jermaine Dye to Yankee Stadium for the 2008 All-Star game!

I’m glad Crede was picked. He started out having a great year and has been more than deserving in the past. He may have slowed down a little but is still so clutch that he can add much value to the All Star game. And I’m so thrilled Carlos made it! I thought that would never happen although he’s VERY deserving!! I’m hoping JD will get in there too!

So excited for Blog Night #3. For those who have never been, it’s so much fun! I’ve learned so much the past 2 years! It’s quite an experience. Can’t wait to see everyone next month!

It is nice for the players selected to go to N.Y. and play in the all star game. Something that they will remember, but as a Sox fan, I would rather see the guys rest the 3 days and get ready for the second half. The down side is I want the AL to win but really unless Carlos hits one for the AL whether the Sox do or do not play will probably not affect the outcome of the Game. Better to be snubbed and win the W.S. than play in the all star game.

I disagree that Carlos Lee is having a better year than Aaron Rowand. Sure he has more home runs and RBIs (he better since he is a power hitter in the clean-up spot), but Rowand has a higher average, has a much higher OBP, and his defense puts C. Lee to shame. So I think Rowand should be voted in. Plus, he’s done a lot more for us than Carlos ever has, so you should vote for him on that bias alone.


Here’s my two cents for a slogan:

Live and Let Dye

My friend had a good idea for a motto while we were at Sunday’s Game:


So, I have been away form this blog all weekend and I was laughing so dang hard at Maria’s comment that seriously, I almost peed my pants!!!! :>) (regarding Screech)

BTW, I can’t remember who told Liptak to take that and stick it up his rear aperture but that was classic!!!!!!!
Sorry Lip but that was hilarious!!! I’m still laughing!!!!

Maria, Marie, Tom Q and Kenwo….four of the GREAT reasons to tune into this blog on a daily basis. You guys are absolutely hilarious!!!!!

jklein, did anyone explain to you what “Saved by the Bell” is? It was a televison show in the 80’s.

But, by far, the best part of this weekend had to be the split with Oakland. It almost got away from us on Sunday, but they pulled it off in the end!!!! Go White Sox!!!!

okay gotta get back to voting for JD. We have a rep to uphold!!!

Lisa M.

Keep those votes coming in for JD. Listening to the KC and Rays game on Gameday with the Rays announcers and they had a message from MLB. They said that there has been more than 11,000,000 votes in already and Longoria is in 1st followed by JD and in 3rd is Giambi. KEEP THOSE VOTES FOR JD COMING IN 24/7 VOTE OR DYE TRYING!!!!

Been voting for JD quite a bit today, and have to say that every time I see Juice Giambi’s name up there, I want to vomit.

Help me understand why nearly every other sporting organization will strip an athlete of his/her medal or award if said athlete is found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs, yet baseball allows Giambi to maintain his 2000 MVP award despite the fact that he himself admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during that year. It makes no sense to me.

Done with the ranting. Back to the voting.

“JD. Just Dynamite. Just Deserving.”

Just wanted to add my thoughts about the All-Star game… I agree that if this game “counts” then the selection process needs to change. The most popular teams always have the most players, the East is always over-rep’d (as are the flubs) because the fans only know their own players (and thanks to ESPN, they also know about NY and BOS). The manager thinks his players deserve to go because they just won the WS the year before and the other players…don’t they usually go about their own business, or is that all just talk in the papers?

I doubt I will watch the All-Star game, I’m sure to get sick hearing just how great Yankee Stadium is (it’s crap, went there a few years ago) and about it’s history (who cares, those guys played in the other ballparks too!) so I will probably tune in to see the score and then change it again in hopes the AL wins.

Any news on roster changes with Paulie coming back? Maybe they can put Jenks on the DL for now and continue looking at trades for Uribe.

Still unsure if I can make the blog night…money is always an issue and with gas (and parking/food/beer) included it adds up fast.

i work at home on my computer… cant really count the votes, but i must be pushing 1000 right now.
im also voting rowand on principle.

dont worry scott, im on it.

id say you could make a new commercial where jd hits a homer and gets back to the dugout only to see it entirely empty, then the camera cuts to the clubhouse where the teams huddled around some computers voting, but thatd be pretty hard to make work while the teams away. so maybe you could just alter the commercial with hm making the game ending catch and photoshop swish’s sign.

Carlos Lee is better than Rowand now and was better than Rowand on the Sox. I think it is a shame that I got a newsletter from and it said to vote Rowand on the N.L. Terrible. Either mention both Rowand and Carlos Lee or don’t mention the NL guys at all. And to the goof that said that Rowand did more for the Sox than Lee did….? Like what? Run the bases like a little leaguer in the World Series? Lee was a huge force who the Sox should have never traded (have said for years they should have traded Konerko and moved Lee to first base..check the archives!) and when they did trade him they should have gotten a whole lot more than they did. Rowand pretty much stunk on the Sox minus 2004 and in my opinion is the most highly over rated white sox player of all time. Rowand has been a whole lot better since joining the NL than he ever was on the AL.

Michael Wilbon or however you spell his name just said that AJ Pierzynski and Jermaine Dye should be on the team. He got that right. I am still shocked about Varitek over AJ. AJ is not my favorite player, but my goodness…. there is no doubt in my mind that he should be the back up catcher on this team. Even though he couldn’t throw out Steve Balboni or Cecil Fielder on a steal attempt.

i saw carlos and didnt read the newsletter, kenwo, and hes a great player, probably more deserving than rowand to be on the team stats-wise. but rowand was a part of the heart of the 05 team. thats more than enough for me to want to see him in that game more than lee.


Varitek is on the team because the players voted him on.

Mark Liptak

My friend and I thought of a good one… “WWJD We Want Jermaine Dye” but we also like “Vote or Dye trying”…How about the winner gets some tickets to an upcoming Sox game Scott? Let’s make a competition out of it…..


Rowand helped us win a championship. Carlos did not. That’s what I was referring to when I said Rowand has done more for the Sox than Lee has. I also think you should put more emphasis on defense when comparing the two. Defense is half the game, sometimes more. I think if you went back and watched some footage of Rowand and saw how many games he saved with his glove, you might change your mind on him being the most overrated Sox player of all time.


the process for picking players for the ASG has to change. Its a joke. The most deserviing players are not picked. Let’s see, Varitek has already been discussed. And we thought Thome struggled….Fukndummy from the Cubs? In his first year? Please. Soriano who can’t even play? Dempster who we lit up like a pinball machine? 7 from the yankees who are in third place and falling? pathetic.

Remember this Sox faithful…….the twinkies have won 18 of 22 games in their little run and guess what??? The Sox are still in 1st place by 1 1/2 games. Lots of baseball yet to play in the division, too.

KC = 15 games
Minn = 7 games (all at their place)
Det = 9 games
Cle = 6 games

I agree with Kenwo that Rowand is probably one of the most overrated White Sox players in the past decade. I’m also voting for El Caballo along with JD. How many times did he get bad reads off flyballs which forced him to give up his body when a normal outfielder does not? Didn’t miss Rowand then, don’t miss him now.

Someone on Myspace has


(I thought that one was pretty good)

PLEASE tell AJ that his at bat songs do not fit him AT ALL!!

I found one that I think suits him,
from the movie Major League – it’s by X – the song is Wild Thing.
You all probably know the original by the Troggs.
But the remake by ‘X’ is sooooo AJ! Listen to it –


Liptak I know Varitek was voted in by the players, which is even more confusing to me. If the fans voted him in I could see it because fans vote for the popular players. Varitek has had an ok career but the players should be ashamed of themselves for voting him in over AJ this year.

I agree, Scott, that ultimately I’m happier that the pitching staff is getting some well deserved rest rather than “well deserved recognition” for their amazing abilities. (They will get the true recognition in the fall when the White Sox win another World Series ring!!!) As far as the players voting in Carlos and Joe, but not AJ, well, they show that they vote with their hearts and not just their statistical brains, just like the rest of us common folk.

Good luck to CC in the NL. Hope he does well against the northsiders . . .

Thanks, BoSox, for taking one from the Twinkies. Please have a couple more . . .

Here’s to a winning road trip for the Good Guys . . . See you on the far side of the AS break!

carlos lee? Ask Jamie Burke how he feels about carlos lee. Lee should have to wear a skirt on the field. Thinking about that still makes me angry.

Varitek being voted in by the players this year highlights the flaw, and hopeully Selig has taken note of it. Most players probably do not care at all about the voting. I’m sure they vote on reputation or likability, and not their current season. It’d be nice recognition for our guys to be there, but I’d rather get the rest. With the Twins breathing down our necks and the Tigers back in the race I think we have a tough road ahead. And making the playoffs should be a lot more important to these guys.

speaking of Jamie Burke. Thanks a lot to the Seattle Mariners for blowing a game recently to the Tigers by pitching Jamie Burke in the 15th inning of a game. Not the kind of help we’d like from other teams.

I remember that Jamie Burke got knocked out at the plate… don’t remember Carlos Lee’s involvement in it. Remember that is when the white sox should have DRILLED Hunter the next time he came up. I believe Mike Jackson was pitching for the Sox. He wasn’t drilled and the white sox solidified their role of being sissies and got walked over by the Twins from that play til the end of the year.

But if Carlos Lee threw the ball, which I guess by your comment he did, what do i care about jamie burke? he is a catcher, he should expect it. That play is supposed to make me not like one of the best hitters to put on a Sox uniform? Because some bum backup catcher got ran over? you’re nutsy.

Since I am off for the summer being a teacher, I have way too much time on my hands…..and this morning i was thinking about how the white sox plugged Aaron Rowand in this email I received but didn’t mention Carlos Lee. This reminded me of when Ross Gload came to town with the Royals for the first time and Gene Honda said “Lets welcome back to Chicago ROSS GLOAD!” when he stepped into the box. It was a nice touch for Ross, but i didn’t care for the move. There have been tons and tons of former white sox players who were better than ross gload that never ever ever got that same kind of introduction. Those types of introductions are left for superstars (Thomas and Baines come to mind). I don’t recall them doing this for anyone else. It is obvious that Gload wasn’t that great as we traded him for Andrew Sisco!!??!!…yet when Magglio came back we didn’t do that kinda intro for him, when Albert Belle came back he wasn’t introduced that way, heck even when Robin Ventura came back he didn’t get that…. if you are gunna do it for one, you should do it for all. (minus franchise staples like Baines and Thomas).

told you i got too much time on my hands🙂

The only type of sentiment the former players used to get was when their name was introduced Nancy Faust would play “my boyfriends back” as their theme song. I miss Nancy at night games too. When we knocked Dempster out she was great with the NA NA HEY HEY GOOD BYE tune… i hate when they play the pre recorded version…it goes too fast and whoever pushes the button on it doesn’t do it right. it is always timed poorly. if nancy doesn’t want to do night games, get someone else to do it. the Cell’s DJ is a jamoke.

Scott, all of your peeps here on this blog should start their own FREE MLBlog and put the Final Vote Widget on it. It’s the latest thing in Final Vote Campaigning. It’s actually addictive just watching it work once you click Embed or choose one of the social media site logos.


The good DJ got fired when he played a Whitesnake song after Tawne Catain (Who used to be married to the lead singer of Whitesnake) beat the snot out of her current husband, Chuck Finley, the pitcher for the Angels. I was at that game it was priceless.


Carlos Lee came up the next inning and had a chance to take out the second basemen in the Burke game and made no effort at all. That whole situation had me fuming for weeks, It was the only time I was ashamed to be a White Sox fan. Ironically enough Rowand had a shot at a hard break up and pussed out also. I am not saying he is not a good hitter, obviously he is and he has made great strides on defense.

A couple of comments:

1) Jim, I kinda agree with you. An article in today’s Daily Herald had Coop’s take on the snub, and he basically said that the individual awards don’t matter squat. It’s all about taking the division and the championship. So with that, I thought perhaps our campaign slogan could be: Keep Dye’s Eyes on the Prize. Vote for Evan. :o) Of course, I’m still plugging away for JD.)

2) Kenwo, at the first blog night, Kenny had to field a few tough questions re: the Rowand trade. I don’t recall his exact response, but he basically said that Rowand handled the trade with more class than he’s ever seen from a player. It was clear then (and still now) that there’s a lot of love for Rowand within organization. Personally, I thought the love would’ve died down after Aaron rejected the Sox offer during the offseason. Apparently not.

The reason the Sox are plugging Rowand too is because the Giants are plugging Dye. Not just because he is a former White Sox. Dye is a Bay Area native, I think. If Houston had a nice little cross promotion opp, maybe the White Sox would have been pushing Carlos Lee.

Makes pretty good sense to me.

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