Election Time

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vote For JD

At the end of day yesterday, MLBAM announced that JD was a close second to Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria in the Final Man voting, which ends Thursday at 4 p.m. CT.

So come on White Sox fans!  Time to mobilize.

You’ve succeeded in helping Scott Podsednik reach the 2005 game and A.J. Pierzynski the 2006 Midsummer Classic.  JD certainly is deserving, so let’s show him the way.

This morning, we are announcing a special offer.  Anyone who votes for JD from this morning until polls close will be eligible to win one of six autographed Jermaine Dye jerseys … so keep voting (unlike regular All-Star voting, there is no limit to Final Man balloting).

We also reached an agreement with the San Francisco Giants yesterday on a trade of sorts.  I told them we would encourage our fans to vote for Aaron Rowand in exchange for San Francisco fans voting for JD. 

As someone from BAM told me yesterday, “How cool that a team would want to support a former player.”

“It’s Aaron,” I replied.  “If you knew him, you’d understand.”

So vote for JD and vote for A-Row.  We can re-unite Aaron and Joe Crede in New York next week.

Off Day

And so how did JD spend his off day Monday?

Along with Harold Baines and Ken Williams, he took part in a special forum for young African-American ballplayers at USCF and then stuck around to watch a few innings as those same high school stars played in the “Double Duty Classic,” an brand new event meant to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Negro League East-West All-Star Game and to pay tribute to the tradition of the Negro Leagues at old Comiskey Park.

The morning’s forum, hosted by ESPN’s Michael Smith, featured three panels.  The first was made up of historians Larry Lester of the Negro League Hall of Fame in KC, Eddie Bedford a professor at Western Michigan who will hold a special Negro League convention later this month, Adrian Burgos, a professor from Illinois who specializes in Latin baseball history in this country, and Sharon Robinson, Jackie’s daughter who now works for MLB.

The second panel featured JD and HB talking about their personal experiences and offering their insight and advice to the young players.

Finally, Ken Williams spoke to the group about how young players should approach their lives and the game of baseball.  Williams talked about taking advantage of opportunities presented and the responsibility each person has as just one member of a long timeline of history.

The 1:30 forum was attended by several VIPs, including The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Hall of Famer Frank Robinson, Jimmie Lee Solomon of MLB, Darrell Miller of MLB, Jerry Reinsdorf and members of the Radcliffe family, for which the exhibition was named.  Negro Leaguers like Hank Presswood, Minnie Minoso, Walt Owens, Ernest Westwood and Al Spearman attended.

Following lunch, nearly 1,000 fans attended the nine-inning game, which ended in a 4-4 tie when the West team scored twice in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The day was a resounding success, most importantly for the kids who got to play on a major league field in front of family and friends, but also for everyone in attendance who learned about the Negro Leagues and had a chance to see some great young talent take the field in old-style uniforms.

It was another moment that made me proud to work for the White Sox.



Sounds like a good day at the park. Harold Baines is one of my all time favorite ballplayers and Jermaine Dye has been creeping into the team picture over the last few years. Nice to hear they partook in a nice event like that on the day off. Anyone see that play at the plate by the Rangers catcher? Awesome.

PLEASE tell AJ that his at bat songs do not fit him AT ALL!!

I found one that I think suits him,
from the movie Major League – it’s by X – the song is Wild Thing.
You all probably know the original by the Troggs.
But the remake by ‘X’ is sooooo AJ! Listen to it – http://www.livevideo.com/video/D7FF723AA5154A95AA18A0D63878C136/x-wild-thing.aspx


It is nice to see that we have the promoter for X on our blog. Personally I think that song belongs to Ricky Vaughn.

kenwo – I am not a promoter for X, I just like the song and think it suits AJ – never heard of them before yesterday.

Here I go again, instead of working, I am campaigning Vote for Dye, I am putting it on my Website, Ebay store and Myspace, and e-mailing it to everyone I know. Anything to get out of working – it’s a little hot out anyways.


Putting in my votes in between activities out west!! Saw a great pitching performance in LA yesterday…a perfect game going into the 8th. Dodgers stadium one of the better older ones…did like it better than Oakland. Off to San Diego today to catch a game tomorrow before home Thursday and my first Sox game of the year at the Cell the 21st! My son is voting often as well as the rest of the Mack clan out here. Go SOX!!

Jennifer, in my humble opinion, that song is too associated with Charlie Sheen from the movie, Major League, which was about the Cleveland Indians. Besides, there was just a contest to pick a new At-Bat Song for AJ on the Sox website. The link is gone now so the contest must be over.

Yes, I’m voting like crazy for JD as well. He deserves it and I hope he gets there.

Let’s get those Royals!! GO SOX!!

Something else is apparently going on here.

I saw a Cubs message board and they’re spear-heading a Longoria vote. Calling it the “Anti-White Sox” campaign.

I found that interesting because for a number of years it was “reported” that Cub fans couldn’t care less about the White Sox.

Keep trying to help JD.

Mark Liptak

Hello again, everybody !!!

I have been rather busy the last couple of days…(cryptic message there…) but the following comes from my eyes, and not just my Silver and Black heart…

First off… congratulations to the organization for a very well organized, and long deserved, tribute to the Negro leagues in the “Double Duty Classic” yesterday… I am sure that Mr Radcliffe was looking down from his box seat in Heaven, and was approving of everything… those young men who participated will, I’m sure, never forget what took place… and, who knows?… This may have been a springboard for their future…

Secondly… when I first heard that only two WS were chosen to go to East 161st Street and South River Avenue, Fort Apache, the Bronx, New York… a.k.a. “The House that Ruth Built(and the city re-built)”, a.k.a. Yank-me Stadium…and none of the pitching staff was chosen… needless to say, as a follower of their exploits to date… I was absolutely LIVID…I had nothing but questions as to the viewpoints of the players who voted, as well as Terry Francona… what in the name of all that is decent and good where they thinking?…

Then, when I took a look at the names of the pitchers who were selected… Honesty compels me to admit, you can’t really gripe about the selections…

Sure, we would like to see more of the boys in uniform a week from today… but. then again, they and Ozzie and Cooper and KW can use this as motivation for the games to be played immediately after the break… to show the other teams that, in NOT choosing them… well, you folks, I think, have seen what the Incredible Hulk does when he gets p-o’d…the same thing could occur with the pitching staff…

As to those who think that Joltin’ Joe from Westphalia, MO., doesn’t deserve a spot… Phil Rogers, the national baseball correspondent for the Tribune, I think was spot on in calling his selection “a career achievement award”…for the times before when he missed out on being on the squad…

Now, having said all this… I must go and vote, vote and vote yet again for J Dye…

And I know that all of WS Universe is going to agree with that… even if they don’t agree on anything else…

Now that Sabathia is gone I guess Ozuna is expendable.

Well I have no life so I think I’m creeping up somewhere near 10,000 votes, give or take a couple thousand.

Konerko activated, Ozuna designated for assignment. aka – released. So much for one of the guys that could run and was decent at small ball.

i have no idea where im at for voting, but firefox stores the numbers ive entered and ive duplicated 14 of them…

Really bummed about Ozuna. He could hit in the clutch, play about 5 positions, and had speed. He also busted his butt heading to first, no matter what the chances. His enthusiasm and delight for the game (ever seen that smile of his?) will be missed…

Back to voting for JD! As much as I like Joe Crede…the All-Star game means something now, and we need the best the AL has to take home field for the WS! This is not the time for lifetime achievement awards or “we’re sorry we didn’t vote you in last year” passes. -Dawn

Thank yous…

to the Cleveland Indians… for adhering to Quaid’s Rule No 1… When you trade a player, make sure that you trade him out of your league, so that he cannot come back aand bite you on the hiney when you could afford it less…

to the Boston Red Sox… for slowing down the gonfalon(balloon, for those of you out there who don’t have a thesaurus handy)of the Twinkies…

to those of you in WS Universe who will risk time and carpal tunnel syndrome to vote J Dye in to next week’s AS game…

Finally… to a certain person In Elmwood Park, Il… for making me happier than I have been, even MORE SO, believe it or not, than October of 2005…

More on THAT to come on Blog Night III…

That first thank you should have concluded “when you could afford it LEAST…”

The grammar police can stop going after me now…

That is a terrible move. Personally I would have rather designated Konerko for assignment than Ozuna. This is not good for the team. With Konerko coming back, Swisher will be moved be playing every day in center field…so what in the hell do you need three center fielders for? Wise is a lefty so I could see keeping him…… Brian Anderson should have been sent down if someone had to go. Konerko, Thome or Swisher should not be on the team. One of them has to go and to get rid of Ozuna for one of them sickens me. Ozuna can fill in at any position, hit lefties, pinch run….I am very upset over this.

About the song thing for AJ, you get until July 30th to vote for the 3 songs that someone has chosen. I didn’t think any of the songs fit him.
As for Wild Thing is too associated with Charlie Sheen and the Indians. I am sure nobody will remember that song in the movie, heck, I don’t even think anyone will remember the movie – if anyone has even seen it – it’s pretty old!

BTW – what is with Thome’s song – Marilyn Manson?

Scott – get us the scoop on that!

I told you all that the Cubs Fans are all Losers! I hope you believe me now! On that subject – Where are they coming from – they are everywhere! Are they not embarrassed anymore? I wonder if they will stick by their lovable losers when they choke, again! (I hate saying that – I don’t like to jinx it – for the record, I won’t say it again until October! Shoot, there I go again)

Back to Voting!!


Nobody will remember the movie? that is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am pretty sure most baseball fans have seen it numerous times. Like i said that song is reserved for Ricky Vaughn AKA Charlie Sheen. Plus, most “Wild Thing” nicknames are given to pitchers. Either that or Jennifer may know AJ more intimately than the rest of us :-X just kidding

One more thing, I thought TB had no fans, unless it was Saturday night? (concert night)
It has to be the Scrubs!

My assumption of this move is that the Sox are still trying to trade Uribe. The interested teams were waiting to see if they would release Uribe when Konerko was ready to come back and then they could get him without having to give anything up. That means KW had better get something decent for Uribe if he deals him. Because basically we will have given up Pablo and Uribe to get whatever they get in return. That is assuming Pablo does not clear waivers and the Sox can get him back on their 40 man roster.

Wise is a horrible center fielder. This playing shallow because he can get to everything is garbage. How many times has Hawks had to talk about how shallow he plays because stuff has got behind him. Hits that Anderson would have caught at the wall. Wise has a spot on this team. He’s a late inning guy when you need a stolen base or some speed on the bases. Other than that he should not be playing. He’s the 2008 version of Willie Harris.

Ozuna could fill any position true, but he was not really good at any one specific spot defensively. He was good for speed and small ball type hitting against tough pitchers. I guess we need to see their next move before passing final judgment. It could include Uribe and one of the outfielders.

Kenwo – Ha! Ha! I am sure AJ is happily married.
I like the movie, too. I get your point, I just heard it and thought about AJ (there I go thinking again) I really don’t like the songs that he picked for his at bat (I think I really need to get a life, too) My husband said he is going to divorce me because I pay too much attention to the White Sox. Is it weird for a woman to want to be home in time to watch the game? I left our neighbors party early on the 4th so I could watch the game and I don’t watch t.v. unless it is baseball. I am a girly girl, my favorite color is pink, and I love sparkly stuff, and stuffed animals. But, my true love is baseball! You should see me at the batting cages – I rock! I wish they had baseball for woman!

Did you see the movie The Final Season, I thought it was good.
Watched it last night (the Sox weren’t on) I was bored!

I really need to get to work!

Jennifer: If it’s weird, then you and I are in the same boat. Do whatever makes you happy! There are certainly far worse vices than being a devout Sox fan.

I love Pablo and hate to see him off the team. But Kenwo’s notion of cutting one of the trio of Swisher, Konerko or Thome instead of a bench player like Ozuna is ridiculous.

Guys like Pablo can help a team win a few games a season. Guys like Swisher, Konerko or Thome can CARRY a team to a pennant. Of course, Konerko and Thome have to perform better in the second half to do that but at least they have the potential to play that way. And Swisher has proven over the last couple of weeks that he can be a big part of the team’s offense. Plus, he gives Ozzie a great deal of versatility.

I know it’s a stretch, but maybe we will get lucky and Ozuna will clear waivers and can re-sign with us and go play at Charlotte until we have room for him.

Jennifer..welcome to the blog and team. There are a number of women here who know and love the game of baseball to the extreme…it’s definitely not wrong, and you’re in fine company! -Dawn

I didn’t say to cut Thome or Swisher… I just said that you can’t have all three of them. Konerko does not make this team better. Sorry to all of you paulie fans but he does not play first better than swisher, he is too slow and if he isn’t hitting 35 homers he is a detriment to the ball club. Throw in the fact that you have to move Swisher back to center which makes our defense worse at two positions and the fact that you are back to having Thome and Konerko back to back in the line up which has made me want to vomit so far this year and you have just worsened your ball club.

I am ok with Konerko. I am ok with Thome. Both of them struggling in your line up at the same time is recipe to fall out of first in a hurry. Hopefully Konerko comes up and hits because if not it is going to lead to a lot of fans saying “we are better off without Konerko”.

I have been here for a long time – I just don’t say much (I don’t type too good and it takes me forever, so I stay quiet – unless there is something I really need to say)

I really like Swish at first, but then what about K, there is another position for K, but then what do we do with Thome?

I see the dilemma – you’re not going to bench Thome and you’re not going to trade him. Seriously guys, all the gripe about Ozuna – what would -Could you do if you were Oz or Kenny? It’s not as easy as it looks. Let’s just hope and pray K comes back ready to play!

Personally..I’d sit/trade Thome. He’s not #1 or #2 on the team in HR, and his average is WAY below where a DH should be. He’s not great in the clutch, and the occasional walk isn’t the way to use that role. Make Paulie DH…and see if he comes around. Then again, he’s paid an awful lot to be only offense. I love him as a leader, and he’s been great for this team, but part of me leans toward Kenwo…just not sure what to do… That’s why Ozzie and Kenny make the big bucks; to make the (hopefully) smart, occasionally not too popular personnel decisions.

If Konerko hits it helps Thome and vice versa. If one is hitting he gets pitched around and the other gets better pitches to hit. So far this year both have stunk at the same. Konerko needed some time off bad. Hopefully he is healthy and that includes his hand. I would bet that was hurting him a lot more than anyone let on.

I would also not be shocked to see Thome sitting more against lefties. Then either Konerko or Dye can DH and rest their legs a bit which will give more opportunities to get BA in the lineup (Wise obviously would sit against lefites).

I would say if there was a chance to move Thome to another team you go for it, but really he can only play in the AL and he would go to a contender which could bite us in the butt later on. I’d say we are stuck with him for the rest of the year. If we release him we run the same risk with nothing in return. After 2008 his contract will be up and it is a totally different story. If he signs elsewhere this off season we should get a sandwich pick for him in the draft also.

I don’t like living and dying with the home run, but the way the team is constructed to play the 2008 season that is what we have to deal with. So cheer for home runs and hope for great pitching from our staff.

Remember if Thome gets a certain amount of at bats this year his option is automatically kicked in for 2009. Right now I do not think he is on pace to get the 1100 PA’s between 2007 and 2008 necessary. But he is close. Of course if he gets hot you can’t sit him in a pennant race. Personally I think I would rather have Thome than Konerko but I have been anti Konerko for most of his time on the southside so maybe i am bias. (that 2003 dumper of a season really really irked me).

Actually I am wrong. Thome needs 250 more at bats on the season to reach the 1100 mark. I think that is easily attainable. So get used to Jim Thome in your line up for another season.

Kenwo there was something in the paper recently that showed Thome somewhere around 350 to 400 plate appearances short of the automatic option year. He even commented on it that it probably would not kick in, but would worry about next year later. Do you have any doubt that he will get hurt at some point in the second half too? I don’t doubt it.

Hey Scott Reifert, Mark Newman told me to leave a comment on this site. My name is Joshua Witzel and I was in the story on mlb.com titled Fans speak at the polls in Final Vote. I just want to let everyone know that JD is still in 2nd place and we need to kick it in high gear to get him the nod to go to NY. We here in Chicago know how much he deserves to go and we need to get everyone on the computer voting. We have 24 hours to make a difference now lets make it happen.


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