Opener in KC

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; Ram, 2B.  Contreras pitching.

Washed Away

Apparently a Kansas downpour at 2 pm flooded the visiting clubhouse, causing early arrivals among our players, including Ozzie Guillen, Jim Thome and Matt Thornton, to pitch in and help the clubhouse staff move sofas and chairs out of the flooding water.  With the renovations to the ballpark currently underway, drainage can be an issue behind the scenes.  Sounds like the ballgame will be fine, however.


Are we going to have a LF tonight? I suggest Quentin.

okay, I just Had to take a 5 minute break here. My wrist doesn’t hurt, but my eyes sure are burnin’. I think my boss is gonna question why i got so little done today….good thing business was slow today. I will have to explain to her that the most important task at hand is to get JD in to the All Stars. She is a die hard Sox fan just like me so I’m sure she’ll understand. Okay back to voting.

Lisa M.

The Chicago Cubs today acquired right-handed pitchers Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the Oakland Athletics for right-handed pitcher Sean Gallagher, outfielder Matt Murton, infielder Eric Patterson and catcher Josh Donaldson.

Wow…that’s all the A’s could get for Harden and Gaudin??? Where was KW in that conversation? (Not that we need a SP, but c’mon…that’s a bargain!! a steal even!) That’s gotta put a damper on the Brewers and C.C.’s start tonight.

Kinda surprised the Cubs went after another injury-prone pitcher with a ton of talent, didn’t they just let one go and put the other in the bullpen? Haven’t their fans had enough dissapointment with SP’s on the DL?

Not impressed with that move. They didn’t give up that much in my opinion but Harden isn’t the answer. Should have waited and got Erik Bedard. Harden will be DL’d by september

Meanwhile, the A’s should be just as ridiculed and embarrassed as the White Sox should have been (and were) back in 1997 when the White Sox threw up the White Flag and traded multiple all stars for garbage. Looks like the Angels clinched before the All Star break

Okay, I can’t believe that people are still trying to rip the so-called White Flag trade. The only thing bad about it was the way Jerry Reinsdorf defended it so strongly by praising Ron Schueler and announcing that he should be commended for making such a great deal. It really wasn’t a big deal.

Foulke and Howry made much larger contributions to the Sox following the deal than Alvarez, Hernandez or Darwin ever did in SF. And Caruso even had some impact in 1999.

All the fuss about that trade was and is much ado about nothing. And don’t try to tell me that the loss of those three pitchers is why the Sox fell apart in the final months of the season.

Harden is a good pitcher but the Cubs’ bullpen better be ready for lots of work because I doubt if he will be able to go more than five innings on too many occasions. Of course, he will be pitching against much weaker competition in the NL.

But whatever Harden does means little to me. Now with interleague play over, I have watched the north side team for more than an inning or two at one time for the last time this season.

Oakland does that all the time, and they still manage to win. It’s the moneyball philosophy. It’s also not a deal that will put them over the top in the surprising NL Central. That division is going to be a war of attrition. Whoever stays the healthiest will probably win it. My pick is the Brewers if Sheets can go the whole season.

looks like one of those games where we need to score early and OFTEN. 3-1, royals already…. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Why did Cabrera not tag on AJ’s flyout to center? That cost us a run. Quentin has cost us a couple now as well. Ugh, this game isn’t looking good.

HR! Very nice to see that from a slumping Crede.

Jose didn’t pitch badly, there were just too many bloop hits, and the occassional clutch hit with runners in scoring position. That is something the Sox haven’t been able to do so far…. There is still time…. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

I like the new look Paulie is sporting with the hiked up socks. I think more players should do that.

I just saw the score…. red sox 6-5 ovet the twins….. go Sox…. j.k.

I was going to ask what was with Paulie copying off of my JoJo! Or, Thome.

I like the look, but it makes their bums look bigger (atleast on t.v.)

What’s with the technical difficulties – I had to look on Gameday – I could have swore that Thome was on first when Paulie was up. They got it workin now.

Storm coming in – satellite going out! Thank God for gameday!

Tied at five – my satellite is going out – Oh No!!

I hear ya kiernan. It’s maddening when that happens, but as bad as it is, gameday is still better than nothing….. Going to the top of the ninth, let’s get one or two…. j.k.

And that, my friends, is why JoJo is on the AllStar Team!!

Great “D”, Joe needs to keep the ball down though and let Swish or Paulie pick it…. top of 10…. Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

Jose gets in trouble when he can’t get the forkball over. I’m going to have to disagree with you j.k., I think overall that was a bad outing from Jose. At least he was able to step it up a couple of times when he got into jams. Contreras makes me nervous because he can be so streaky.

In his first 16 games Thornton gave up 7 runs. Over his next 22 games, only 2.

Scam, Jose is streaky, but if he covered first like he should have in the second, then Gload is retired and the inning changes dramatically. But that’s ok, we’re still in it, so let’s get a couple of runs in #11….j.k….

Then fewer of no runs score and the Sox win in regulation 5-2 or something like that….. j.k.

I love how a vote for JD is a vote for Aaron lets send them both!!

Can you picture AJ up and the song Wild Thing comes on (at our park of course)

Got away with a couple there.

and now all we have to do is hold ’em for a White Sox Winner…. j.k.

OK DJ just said that Jenks is probably going on the DL. I got 2 big problems with that: 1) Linebrink can NOT close games. He obviously gets the yips in closer situations, and I don’t trust Dotel. I’d consider using Matt Thornton. 2) Why did he not go on the DL this morning to open the spot for Konerko. That would have given more time to move Uribe so Ozuna could have been kept here.

I guess i’m forced to agree with you about Line as the closer…… Hold them so we can win it in 12?…. j.k.

ugh. did anyone else’s direct tv go out at the btm of the 11th? i have sound, but no video and it’s really ticking me off. crap. no sound now. ugh!!! from the sound of it, i don’t really want to see what’s happening.

So is the U HD channel all messed up right now too. I have audio with half the screen green and the rest all choppy. I am on Directv so I don’t get in HD.

And we are tied now. Damn you Ozzie. How many times does it take to prove Linebrink can NOT close games. Napolean Guillen at it again. Learn from history!!!

game tied…. Ugh, On to the twelvth boys and girls….. Let’s go White Sox….. j.k.

It’s good to see Jimmy have a good night. I think it’s his first four hit day of the year….. Lip? anybody else with the lowdown on that comment? ….. j.k.

I have Directv too, mine was the same. It has done that before on this channel when watching the game.

Poor Ozzie, if Linebrink would have got that out – without scoring – well, would of, could of, should of!

We are tied, just when I thought we could go to bed early!

How long is a K? Anyone else watching the commercials?

What do you know! the royals couldn’t lay down a bunt!!!, Not only that but the attempt turned into a double play. you don’t see that every day….. Is it going to be lucky 13? j.k.

JK – that is #2 this year April 20th vs Tampa. Sow win 6-0 behind Thome with 1HR, 1 double, 2 singles and 3 RBI.

K = Kilometer = approx. 0.62137 mi

C’mon. Win this thing, guys!

Nice running by Alexi!!!! Let’s end this Nick, so I can goto bed!

And Now??????????? j.k. Go White Sox ’08….

Thanks Maria!

Masset – get um!

Thanks JimD. No wonder I didn’t remember. That was a long time ago……. Just win Baby….. j.k.

These guys will not give up! Forgot how much we really need Jenks!

Thank god. My, that was tense. Get some sleep, folks.

Thank God! Good win, boys! Though a little long – and I have no more nails!

Oh yeah!!!!!!! That’s the hard way to do it, but a W is all that matters…… Now we all can have a good night….. j.k.

Oh, and thank Boston, too. G’nite all.


Big win with Minnesota blowing a late lead tonight to Boston. Off to bed now, that was exhausting just to watch!!!

JK – I remember it happening, but I had to look up the game info. I knew he had at least one game with 4 hits this year.

tonights lesson was how to win ugly…real ugly…..

contreras still in a tail spin and Cooper sits on his chair watching it all….come to think of it, Cooper watched linebrink give up those runs and watched masset load the bases in the 13th. Cooper’s gonna have to manage these pitchers at some point. against a good team we might have lost…..

2 1/2 up…..just win…ugly or otherwise……


Cooper went out there to talk to both Contreras and Masset tonight. Both times helped the pitchers settle down and get them out of a jam.

Can I just say, who put the vitamins in Alexei’s coffee tonight? (Good thing and can you please do it again tomorrow?) Thanks for the clutch hitting OC so we can all get some sleep!!

And did anyone really doubt the Sox would end it on a double play? (I think the bullpen has been taking drama lessons from Big Bad Bobby!)

Winning ugly is just fine with me. As long as it’s a win I don’t care if it’s ugly, pretty, dramatic, or lucky. How about a romp, though, that would be easier on everybody’s nerves……. Night all,,, j.k.

OK, how is Longoria in the lead? They have no fans, they average 16- 17,000 at home.

Come on, start voting for Dye!!

Is he related to Eva Longoria? Maybe people think he is, so they’re voting for him.

For god sake ozzie….seriously what do you need a flag? How many times are you going to keep running out Linebrink in save situations. I have been saying it for over a week that this guy can’t close. It is painfully obvious yet Ozzie keeps putting him out there. This is going to ruin his confidence if it keeps up and he is going to be **** for the rest of the season. Octavio Dotel was a proven closer at one point in his career. This is the man that should be closing games out. Get your head out of your tushie Guillen and manage the damn game like it should be managed.

Other than that… even though they played like total slop, the manager has no clue on how to manage the bullpen now that Jenks is out and Carlos Quentin hit more pop ups than Willie Mays Hays we somehow managed to win. Any time you can separate is a good thing. And I am upset that Chef Ramsey picked Christina to run his kitchen instead of Petroza. Dont know if you watch Hells Kitchen but it is a quality show.

Kenwo – you should capitalise God.

On July 3rd…TC, Scam, Swasfies or whatever and Mike Devereaux all were arguing with me that it doesn’t matter what inning Linebrink comes in…. Obviously it does matter as every time he has come in since he has given up at least one run. Now good ol Mike Devereaux is trying to steal my thunder like he said this first….I don’t think so pal! I called this one before it even started. Linebrink is not a proven closer. He never has been and never will be. He is an 8th inning guy, and a solid one.

Riefert hook me up with a scouting job i will turn the minor league system around quickly.

kenwo or kenschmo….not to encourage you, but linebrink was P-U stinky tonight. got to agree with that. he has had several chances and not shut the door real good on any of them.

Scam…cooper just as well get a chair and sit behind the mound with contreras…..and he didn’t go out to masset until bases were loaded…..

I had that funky green crap on my TV, too. Dont’ think it was a Directv issue, as the other channels worked just fine. I think the broadcast was honked up from KC.

you ever wonder how we can only pitch our relievers one inning but other teams can leave theirs in longer…especially when they are doing well??

jk….a romp would be fine with all of us…..who’s on the bump tomorrow? javy again?

kenschmo (thansk SWS), so he can’t pitch in the 9th or later in a tie situation. That is what you are saying. I have no interest in your thunder. I am saying something a little different. I believe he has the yips in closing situations. I have not seen enough proof that he can’t pitch in the 9th or later in tie games, but I have seen more than enough proof that he is not a closer.

You may have also missed something that I wrote in response on July 3rd so here it is:

“The only think about Linebrink that worries me is that he has struggled the last couple years in the second half. July has been bad for him with August getting a little better, and then he is back to himself in September. Hopefully that trend does not continue. It almost looks as if he has a bit of a dead arm period after the All-star game. Now that we actually have some depth in the pen he can be given some time to work through that.”

It could just be coincidence, but he may be experiencing that dead arm period that every pitcher goes through at this time. His history shows that he tanks for a while in July.

As for Dotel in a season where he has been used primarily as a closer for any period of time he has 70 saves and 24 blow saves. That is 74% not too good. Jenks is 105 of 120 at 87.5%. I would try Thornton for a few days. He has been outstanding lately. Dotel has many very good moments this year, and there have been some stinkers too. You also have to wonder why Dotel has been with 6 teams in 5 years.

I’m just hoping we didn’t use up all our make-up strike calls in this game. We’ve been getting hosed all year on calls that are clearly not strikes. At points during this game, I could swear that the umps were making up for it by not calling strikes on perfect pitches with our guys up to bat. It’s nice to finally get some of those back – but it seemed like we got a ton of beneficial calls in the zone last night…

Glad we got a win, but sad to see Pablo go. You’d think they would have had the foresight to arrange things and just flip Konerko/Jenks and keep Ozuna for a little while longer. Thanks for your game tying/first home run ever a couple years ago Pablo! I’m glad I was there to see it!

Pretty impressive that the game was tied and won without the long ball. I agree with all others that Linebrink is not the closer even while Bobby is out hopefully Dotel gets a crack.

I’m hoping I get a huge dose of crow based on Thome’s latest performance. Keep it going!

WOW..that was wayyyyyyyyy too much work for a win over the Royals. Bull pen is wiped, and we need a strong 8 from our SP over the next few days. I noticed a few days ago that Linebrink, who was seriously lights out just a month ago, seemed to not work in the pressure situation of a closer, and it’s showing. Even when he is closing out games, he has that Billy Koch was of allowing 2 or 3 baserunners before cutting it off. My nerves can’t handle that..or another extra inning game anytime soon! Let’s take the next one in 9! -Dawn

Everyone of the players can feel that they contributed in that game. I thought the game was well played under the conditions. Jose did not have his stuff but kept at it. A true team effort win. There is a lot of similarity between Alexei and AJ in the way they play the game and are heads up in all situations. I sense AJ is beginning to apprecaited that about Alexei’s game. Two kindred spirits that have fun playing the game the right way.

This and that:

The Sox did everything in their power to give away the game Tuesday night. Fortunately they were playing the Royals and not a team like the Twins or they would have had to pay the price.

I must agree with many others, Scott Linebrink can NOT close games, he’s just not comfortable in that situation. Try Thornton or Dotel.

This Bobby Jenks situation needs to get fixed period. Supposedly it’s his upper left back which Bobby himself says isn’t that bad, yet he can’t throw hard. That doesn’t make any sense. Send him back to Chicago and get more tests on this. How many times in the Sox past (think 2001) have pitchers been given a “clean” bill of health only to find out later they had things like a torn labrum that didn’t show up on the MRI. (Not saying Bobby has this but obviously something is wrong…..find it!)

Finally regarding Ramirez scoring from second base on a sac fly. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened at least twice that I personally know of regarding the Sox:

1. In 1971 I was actually at a game at Comiskey Park when the Sox beat the Twins 3-2. In that game either Jay Johnstone or Rich McKinney hit a deep fly to left center that was caught (maybe Caesar Tovar?) and while the outfielder was turning around Lee “Bee-Bee” Richards scored all the way from second base.

2. This one I have on video– May 15, 1983. Sox at N.Y. in the 7th inning Greg Walker hit a tremendous drive to deep left center at Yankee Stadium that was caught by Jerry Mumphrey. Mike Squires scored easily from 3rd base but in the shock of all shocks Marc “Booter” Hill was waived around third by Jimmy Leyland and he also scored! The Sox would win 7-3. Might be interesting to see if Greg Walker remembers this play.


On old news, to me Hardin to the Cubs is a big deal. I wish the w.sox had Hardin. And I really do not like the cubs getting Harden. B. Beane sucks. May all of his trade backfire in his face for making that trade. Sometimes it is fun to be childish, just not all of the time.

I am glad the white sox don’t have Harden. A great pitcher who will disappoint you terribly because he is on the DL 3/4 of the year. You build your staff around him and then he isn’t there. It will happen just wait.

dleeun, Harden will break down again. It is only a matter of time, and the Cubs will blame it on a goat and compare him to Mark Prior. After thinking about I think it was a pretty good deal for Oakland. A lot of Cubs fans don’t like him, but I think Matt Murton will be much better getting to play everyday. I see him a guy kinda like BA. Someone with very real potential, but has been held back a little bit in a reserve role. Gallagher at only 22 years old has the stuff to be a stud. I was at the game when he pitched against the Sox. He was topping out at 96-97, but it seemed much faster. We got to him that day, but with some more MLB experience he is gonna be really good.

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