Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote and Vote

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Campaign Slogans

So here are some of the slogans for JD’s campaign that I have received via email, on this blog and via voicemail.  Let me know which one’s you like and feel free to add others …

He’s to Dye For

Vote or Dye Trying

Live & Let Dye

The Dye is Cast

Vote Jermaine

JD.  Just Dynamite.  Just Deserving.

WWJD — We Want Jermaine Dye

Vote ‘Til You Dye

Other Ideas

Hopefully, you saw today that we started a special offer where anyone who votes for our guy today through Thursday will be eligible to receive a JD signed jersey with six lucky winners.

We tried to get three things done today with no luck.  1. We tried to get a “Vote for JD … Go Sox” message on the KC Royals scoreboard (you gotta think Jose Guillen would love it) but they need a two-day notice for scoreboard messages. 2. We tried the same at Wrigley, thinking Cubs fans might suddenyl feel the love, but there was no inventory.  3. Right now, I am trying to find a plane to fly past Kauffman Stadium with a “Vote for JD …” message dragging behind it, but for some reason, it’s tough to find a plane in KC.

We did send down some Vote JD stickers for the players to wear on their BP tops tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll see what kind of play that gets.

And if you missed my note earlier, make sure you also vote for Aaron Rowand when you vote for JD.  The Giants have agreed to push JD, who grew up in their area, in return for our pushing ARow, which is, of course, very, very easy.



I will do my best to get JD with Joe and Calros in NY!!!

Go White Sox!!!!

Haha, I love the plane idea. That would be hilarious.

I’m thinking Blues Brothers type publicity. It can’t be that hard to find a huge mega-speaker. Keep voting Sox fans!

PS: Why is Paulie wearing high socks tonight? He looks good, but it’s strange to see him wearing his socks like that.

I like the Vote or Dye Trying the best.

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