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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Record Turnout

Keep voting, Sox fans.  A record number of votes have already been cast, which throws the whole race up in the air heading into tomorrow. Check out this story from

We were able to find a plane to fly over Kauffman Stadium before today’s game (4:30 to 6 pm) with a sign reading, “Vote for JD –”  We also have a request in to the downtown buildings to see if any want to light up “Vote 4 JD” tonight.  Later today, we are going to send out a press release listing all the things we’ve tried to do to help our fans vote and vote again.

Word on the street, true or not, is that Longoria is picking up support from Chicago National League fans who just can’t stomach the idea of yet another White Sox fan winning the vote, while Jason Giambi earned the endorsement of some goofy national mustache group.  I also just heard that some Boston fans are voting — many for Longoria — in an anti Giambi move.

Keep plugging away, Sox fans, this is something we know we can win for JD.

As For the Game

We tried to lose that every which way and yet won.  I choose to take that as a good omen.



we’re still losing to tampa???
yeesh… ill keep plugging away, scott.

oh, yea, and a good win last night… sort of.

I contributed to that story.πŸ™‚

Winning ugly! It’s definitely a good omen. You’re going to have games like that, and if you pull them out in the end I think it says a lot about the team.

Nice story. Sully are you Witzel? I have only voted about 100 times. I am such a slacker. Oh, good win last night. And I think Harden makes the Scubs the team to beat this year. I hope I am wrong.

Notes on a Tuesday…

First off, I missed the first 1 1/2 innings, due to circumstances beyond my control…(no thanks to a certain computer center that had a malfunction…and a to be unnamed mass transportation system that should be stripped down and started ALL OVER AGAIN… those of you who have to rely on CTA–like moi—know EXACTLY what I’m honked off about…(Just as an aside… Mark, do the people in Idaho have as f-d up of a mass transit system as we do here? If so, they have my sympathies… but I digress…))…

So, needless to say, I was in a bad mood to begin with…Now we move to the bottom of the second inning… on the ball that Gload hit…number 1, where the hell was Paulie?…Number 2, Contreras took his sweet time hauling his old Cuban butt over to cover the base…that started the three run rally…

Bottom 3: On the ball that Olivo parachuted into LF, where was Q stationed? Out in the parking lot of the Truman Sports Complex?(As another aside…if none of you have ever been to that complex, by all means, see it… Kauffman Stadium is built by the same company (HOK)that built the Cell…and is a fine place to watch a game from…except if you sit in the upper deck… anyone with vertigo is suitably warned… across the parking lot is Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the NFL Chiefs… not a bad seat in the entire place…the only problem is…if you don’t drive, and if there is no public transit there, you are SOL if you want to see a game… and you are also closer to Leavenworth, Kansas, than you are to downtown KC, MO…)That was how the Royals got their 4th run…

Later on, when Linebrink was brought in… well, at least in Mark Gonzales’s game story in the Trib today, he admitted what we all know, and have written about… as a set up man, he has been outstanding… as a closer, he stinks on ice…

Top 11… I must say, if I have ever seen two men score on a sacrifice fly… I can’t really recall…(you see, I’m getting older… (GETTING???))That was also one helluva collision between Gathright and Teahen… I was surprised that Gathright was still mobile…but then, what happens in the bottom of the inning?…That’s when the stinkeroo came up…
With two outs, up a run, with a potential tying run on 1st base and Alex Gordon coming up…I do not give a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn), YOU DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT let him bat… PUT HIM ON BASE,EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE RISKING THE TYING RUN IN SCORING POSITION… but that’s just me…I’m not getting paid to manage…(if I was, I’d owe THEM money…)full count,then double… game tied again… and my blood pressure up through the roof…

Thank goodness for Alexi and OC in what Stone Pony called “the lucky 13th”… Question?… does Alexi have rockets attached to him, or is it just that he is young, swift and capable?…

Masset makes us sweat it out in the bottom of “the lucky 13th before inducing Mark Grudzielanek(remember the fun Harry had with THAT name?)to ground into the game ending DP…

Believe me, I have had better nights with the boys…but what came out of it was more important…

The bottom line, and a visit to Jim D’s left hand column…

This diatribe is over… now, to vote for J Dye and A Rowand, yet again… carpal tunnel syndrome be damned…


“Octavio Dotel was a proven closer at one point in his career.”

Maybe you should inquire with Oakland or maybe with Houston about how good Dotel is as a closer. They would probably express a different sentiment. I believe Jim was able to provide you with some numbers. Also he has 2 blown saves this year in 2 opportunities.

Honestly I think Linebrink hasn’t pitched bad his last two outings. He’s been hitting his locations and guys are just reaching down and poking hits against him. Maybe his fastball has lost something on it since the beginning of the season. I don’t think he has a dead arm as Jim is saying, but maybe he just needs a good four day rest.

As for the closer situation I think Thornton is too valuable in his current role. You don’t want to be holding a guy like him off for the 9th inning when you could use his arm against a couple lefties in the 7th or 8th. Until Bobby gets back I would just use whomever has the best match-up that inning, instead of using just one guy for the closer role.

I am mystified as to why Ozzie and most people keep saying it was an ugly game. Thome 4 hits may be turning it around, Konkero off the DL and had a hit and hit the ball hard. Alexei 4 hits, great baserunning and so forth. Crede home run and single coming out of it. Carlos a hit. Anderson and Dye played steady outfield. AJ big clutch. Wise pinch run and steals second, good contribution. Come on in those conditions a great game. Pitching was off but why just not say that, the rest of the guys were great.

Its true Linebrink has a different mentality when in the closer roll, he is less aggressive going after hitters , it seems.

NOte it would have been ugly if the Sox would have lost, I grant you that.

Scam. It is obvious that the guy cannot pitch in the 9th. You are as blind as Ozzie. Dotel has over 80 saves in the league while Linebrink has 5. Thornton also has 5. He may not be the perfect option, but he is better than the alternatives. At least he has experience.

I am also sick of hearing about the stupid final vote. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever participated in I have decided. I am through voting 494949 times. They should find a way to let everyone vote once. This is insanity… I got to thinking after my 200th or so vote… I care about this stupid garbage more than Jermaine probably does. He has been an all star in the past, I am sure he would probably just rather take a few days off. The whole campaigning garbgae, slogans, plains, red sox fans voting for longoria, cub fans voting against JD…it is just all ridiculous. JD will probably be added anyway when they fill a spot for Ortiz or another player who will come up with an injury. don’t waste your time on the final vote like i did yesterday, it isn’t worth it.

wow. we got our money’s worth on these posts. now exhale boys…..LOL.

there were a lot of bright spots last night, not the least of which was Thome’s performance. Someone else mentioned having to eat some crow regarding our criticism of Thome and I’ll be happy to as well. When he strings together some consistency serve mine with Heinz 57 sauce……

Not to get too excited too early, but the RedSox are leading the Twin’s 6-4 in the 6th inning.

This is one of the problems with baseball’s All-Star game. Fan involvement has become more important than selecting the best players, which is counterproductive. On one hand, it serves to turn off fans who would be otherwise interested because they see it for what it is. On another hand, it turns off the fans of the smaller market teams because their favorite players are at a disadvantage. Jermaine Dye should make the All-Star team on his own merits, and he deserves to be on the team. Unfortunately, this is the system that we have for the time being, so I guess I will continue to cast votes for him.

How exactly does it benefit to fly a plane above a minor league ballpark with about 500 fans in it before the game even starts? I’d love to see JD in the game, but he is one of the guys that could probably benefit from the time off. And Kenwo steals my thunder now because I said on Sunday he would probably be Ortiz’s replacement regardless.

Actually Mike Devereaux, I said that 5 hours before you did. Check the Oakland finale post……you stole my thunder again you thief!

whatever kenschmo I was taking a day off from reading your garbage on Sunday after you started throwing around the race card about Sox fans. Sorry I must have missed that post.

Again, I have to ask for the hundredth time (does no one read what I write?)
HOW is Longoria in the lead? They have no fans, they average 16- 17,000 at home.

If this is the Scrubs doing – they will have to pay!!

Come on, start voting for Dye!!


Thank you Red Sox! Now we need to keep doing our part.

There is a rumor that the Twins may be interested in acquiring Adrian Beltre from Seattle. I have a hard time believing it since they rarely if ever made trade deadline moves to bring in a big contract. Beltre has not done a whole lot since his contact year in 2004 (think he was on something that year? he had 22 homers, 22 rbi and .044 points higher than any other year in his career). I don’t think he fits their philosophy.

Good news. Boston beat on Minnesota today so with a win tonight, we pick up another game!

On Thome, I hope he is hot from here out. I think he will do fine from here out. But still, I think the crit. of Thome earlier was justified, how many games did we lose when he was going bad that a good situational hitter would have produced. So, it is not eating crow ,it is giving Thome’s due now but it does not negate the early games.

Come on Keno, let Scot do his job, helping Dye get elected. Some people want to have fun with that. Just not me, I have not voted yet. But I appreciate those who think that it is fun and a challenge.

All I can say, is that if other fans have so LITTLE lives that they can waste time essentially voting AGAINST someone else, then they are sad, pathetic people. We are all busting our hump to send one of our DESERVING team members, so the time we spend is completely understandable and positive. Those people are petty and sad, strange little people. -Dawn

He can do his job. I just am not going to participate in any “final votes” from here on out. I voted probably 200 times for JD and Carlos Lee so I did my part. Never again though.

Now that I’ve read the last ten hours or so of posts and have cast about 100 votes for JD, I have time to write here myself. Isn’t it wonderful when the Sox are winning? That way we all have the time to pick on one another, to slam other teams, to ruminate (hey TQ, that was from your bookshelf) over last nights game, and to question the use of one of our bullpen pitchers. Again, Ain’t life GREAT?

The other side of the “dark side” coin has us picking on each other, slamming our heads against the wall, regurgitating( another shout out to TQ’s thesaurus) also against the wall and questioning with a fast ball the remote against said wall. Boy, are we ever fortunate that we are winning. With that said, I can hardly wait to see what happens later tonight……

15 games over on the year. That is our best mark so far. I know it would be way over the top to expect five more in a row and hit the break at 20 games over, but I can hope……. Later all, I must leave now to resume my voting…. Obama? McCain?, Whoops,,, wrong vote… j.k.

O.K. It’s gametime! Brought to you by FSN Kansas City on Go White Sox ’08. How about an easy win??????????? j.k.

Hubby took all the kids on the boat, so I can sit here watch the game and vote. How the game is going, I’ll probably pay more attention to voting. It seems the more times I vote the numbers get harder to read.

I could ramble on and on about anything, because no one reads anything I say!


I read everything you say Jen, I just don’t have an answer for you.


Jen, I also read everything you say. You aren’t controversial though so your posts don’t scream out for comment like so many of the other posters. Keep voting though, so far you’re not missing any action…. j.k.

I think all the guys should grow mustaches to make the Hawk jealous!

Good point jk.
So much for your easy win.

This looks like a good game not to watch. I think i’ll check back later……. j.k.

Yeah, no kidding!!! K.C. is making it look easy though… j.k.

JK – you want controversial – You have my initials – and now I can’t just leave my initials, I have to type my whole name – and I am not a good typer. πŸ™‚

JK – aka jennifer

Atleast we’re on the board!

That’s the CQ power we’ve been missing.

So much for Javy settling down. Looks like our bullpen might be putting in a lot of work again tonight. At least the Twinkies got spanked.

How did KC get another run – I went outside to put the cover on the pool and now it’s 2-6.

Jennifer, I guess I’m not surprised about Evan being in the lead for the AL vote. Setting aside my blatant bias toward JD, I think Longoria is the most deserving candidate. He’s had a phenomenal season so far. He and his team are getting an awful lot of press. And being a letter away from a Desperate Housewife probably doesn’t hurt. :o)

While the game doesn’t look good right now, I’m not counting our guys out. Never do. I am a Pollyanna, after all. Maybe the VOTE FOR JD banner being towed by that plane will spark a fire.

Jen, I thought this was a poem at first:

“Hubby took all the kids on the boat, so I can sit here watch the game and vote. How the game is going, I’ll probably pay more attention to voting. It seems the more times I vote the numbers get harder to read.”


It was good until the end, we need to come up with a better ending.

For the record I am not blonde – use to be – not anymore!

And I don’t drink, or do drugs!

OOH, I got it –
It seems the more times I press the keys, the numbers get harder and harder to read!

I hope you reading this – see what happens to people when they have to sit in front of the computer for 72 hours straight, punching numbers. I ‘m not even registered to vote (32 years old and I have never registered)

It’s hard to read when the squiggly line goes thru the numbers. It’s much easier when the line is under the numbers. Is it being slow for anyone else?

It appeared as if Jim was running in slow motion around those bases. Just barely made it.

Jimmy is hilarious when he runs, not as funny as juan, but funny!

Voting is going slow.

O.K. I’m back, maybe I’ll watch for awhile now that we are back in it. Five runs on only four hits????? More home runs!!!! j.k. ( that also stands for just kidding, Jen… )

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. 32 and not registered to vote? Ever? Please register and vote. Democracy doesn’t exist without the participation of its citizens.

I figure if I register then they will find me!πŸ™‚

It’s better to not vote than to be an uneducated voter. So if you do vote, make sure you know why.

We found you and it didn’t take any surveilance, or GPS, or the CIA, or etc. Vote, It’s your civic duty…… Right on Maria…. j.k.

Scam, you said it best –

I don’t follow politics – I would not know who to vote for –
Who’s president? I am just joking!

JD is now 0-10 in this series. He’s not providing a lot of motivation for voters.

BALK! 7-6!

If I had voted – I would have voted for Bush – and I would have been pretty P.O.’d that I did. I don’t know enough to put our country in the hands of someone I know nothing about!

7-6 Let’s see if we could hold emand end it at 9.

Sorry – hold em and

Ok – did it look like Ocab was getting on someone in the dugout or was he just fired up from scoring and tying the game? It sure did look like Jose was holding him back….that can’t be good.

apparently I did see it correctly…and my thoughts were that it was JD that was mad for being distracting.

Jen, It really doesn’t matter who you vote for. One guy (gal) is as bad as the next, but the point is if you don’t vote, you are giving up one of the most important rights we have in this free Country. Do some homework, and vote your conscience. j.k. ( not, just kidding)…

O.K. so what do you all do in the bottom of the ninth? My money is on O. do Tell, since he hasn’t been in there yet… What do you think? j.k.

As part of living in a democracy we have a right to choose not to vote. I think that right is equally important as the right to vote. So even if you don’t vote you are still participating in democracy.

It looks like JD went over and talked to OC after that little altercation so hopefully all is well.

and if you’re in chicago, you can vote more than once!

AJ swings at that same pitch everytime – we’re playing baseball not playing golf!

Jennifer: You might be interested to know that there are quite a few web sites out there that help you to be a more informed voter: Since you’re clearly internet savvy, you might want to look into a few of them. (There are plenty others that I haven’t listed, too.) I’m going to step off my soapbox now and get back to baseball.

And that’s a winner!

Maybe Ken will get off of Ozzie’s back a little now.

What a comeback!

Live and let DYE!

Scam, You can choose not to vote, that is your prerogative, but to do so is giving up your RIGHT to vote. People have died throughout the ages for the Right to vote. Be my guest and bury your head in the sand, but that is NOT what this country was founded on. There is entirely too much apathy in this country now. WE need every American to take back their country, and the only way to do that is to vote. We may not be happy with our elected officials. ( I know I’m not), but if we give up without even trying then we can ONLY blame ourselves for the results. I”m off the soap box now, but I would still urge everyone of voting age who is a legal citizen to exercize their rights……… j.k.

P.s. we won… good night.

j.k. I never said that I don’t vote. I am very involved in politics and I never miss an opportunity to vote. However, I believe that it is better for people who are uneducated in politics to not vote. Uneducated voters are how we get stuck with bad elected officials.

Weren’t you the mom with the kids and you didn’t want them to wear the flubs little league uniforms? How did you ever resolve that?


Also, our country was founded on the belief that white males can choose whether to vote or not.

OK Adam Russell is officially a vulture now. That is 3 wins in a week that he has swooped in for. More awesome work from the bullpen. Based on his past I am nervous to trust him, but if Dotel keeps that up then I will be more than satisfied with him replacing Bobby for as long as he is needed. I’m betting he was a little angry that he did not get the closing nod originally so he probably took a little anger out there with him. His two-seamer was just nasty.

Speaking of anger, JD was probably ticked because he is having a bad series and he probably felt he had to protect Cabrera on that 0-1 pitch when he stole 3rd. A little selfish on JD’s part because Cabrera getting to 3rd with only 1 out was big. It gave Dye a chance to get him home without a basehit. I’m sure they will get over it though. This stuff happens, this one just happened to get caught on camera. And I do give Comcast credit for following up on it, and not playing it out like nothing happened.

Nice to see Lego hit 2 homers tonight after having a tough night yesterday. He got us within striking distance when the starting pitching pretty much stunk. Hopefully the break gets Javy refreshed physically and mentally.

So Ozzie finally took my advice and used Octavio to close. Worked out a lot better didn’t it….cmon people i have been calling for that move since Jenks went down…give me my props for goodness sakes.

If JD was truly upset over Cabrera stealing third with one out because he distracted him JD wins the ********* of the month award. The way JD has hit in this series Cabrera should have tried to steal home too. Again I am not sure what all that was about but that was the speculation.

Javy and Jose need to get back to normal. We will not survive if they keep pitching like this. We won’t be playing the Royals forever.

By the way, I like the blog a whole lot better when we are talking about Tiffany Thiessen than politics.

Scam, Uneducated voters and faulty voting systems in Florida is how we end up with bad elected officials!

wow didnt think they blanked out the term d0uche bag

How about instead of worrying which words get blanked out, you just use appropriate language. BTW, like I said before, JD went over to OC in the dugout after that altercation to talk with him, so there’s no story there.

Is there anyway you would be able to stop calling everybody names? You sound like my 8 year old cousin.

Hey everyone – we’re winning (and the twinkies are finally losing)! Let’s not get all cranky and start getting under everyone’s skin. I’d rather drink a few rounds than watch you all go a few rounds at the blog night! I’m a lover, not a fighter – but I’m also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas! Any way we can get some XX at the park?πŸ™‚

Hey – glad to see we could win and got the chance to explain what a BALK was to my fiancee.

And Tiffany Thiessen? In the words of the SNL weekend update, “Really?, REALLY?” You’ve got to have better taste than that!πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, the kids never went back, they were scared of the coach, and I couldn’t let my husband anywhere near the guy, he wanted to kick his a#@! I didn’t care if they wore the uniforms – they did not want to wear them. See we have the freedom to vote in this country, but we don’t have the freedom to wear or not wear what we want.

And who was that who said I wasn’t controversial?

I thought females weren’t allowed to vote?

I myself would rather talk about Screech, where is Tiffany Amber? Is she even around anymore?

How about you quit whining and don’t read my post if you don’t like it? It isn’t that difficult, I don’t read any of Dleeuns posts anymore. If I offend you read on! However, you can’t do that -because I am the straw that stirs the drink on this blog. Might as well call me Reggie……………

By the way where is Liptak AKA Cub fan? If the Sox had lost these last two games he would have enough information to generate a report on how bad the sox are. They won both and he is in hiding.

That is a good idea, I will now be skipping your posts. I just thought you would like to know how immature you sound on here.

Screech is selling his belongings to pay his mortgage, last I heard…Poor guy seems to be the only one that didn’t do well for himself after the show (if you can call Showgirls and Pet Star good!).

As those of my generation remember the New Colony Six (Chicago group) “Roll On, Roll On…we’ve got so much goin’ on…” LOL

Well they were pretty ugly the last two nights but a win is a win is a win.

Yes the Tribune is now reporting the Wise stepped in front of Cabrera and restrained him from going after Dye in the dugout. Story said Dye said something to him when he was high fiving him after scoring.

Anytime Javier Vasquez wants to show up and start pitching again is fine by me.

Finally, just posting the numbers without comment. Y’all can do that for yourselves on Scott Linebrink and when he pitches:

In 33 appearances in the 8TH INNING or earlier (i.e. 7th inning, 6th inning and so forth), he has given up runs 3 times.

In 11 appearances in the 9th INNING or later (i.e. 10th inning, 11th inning and so forth), he has given up runs 7 times.

Mark Liptak

Showgirls – that’s one of my favorite movies, but that’s Jesse not Kelly, who was on Pet Star? Screech did the Fat Club – didn’t he make money off of that? Where’s Zack? Remember Screech’s girlfriend – Tori Spelling (before the boob job) Can I say boob?

Zack did NYPD Blue, AC Slater has done Dancing with the stars, he’s done america’s best dance group or whatever and he’s done Ali Landrery…I say he’s done good for himself. Tiffany Thiessen did a slew of lifetime movies (not that i watch them :-X…) She has done 90210 (that is where I developed my love affair) and she did that one show fast lane (wow she looked great there too). Don’t know where she has been since though unfortunately.

I think she definitely got a boob job, too. The last I saw her was on 90210, I don’t think she looked her best. I think Mario is a little light in his loafers, I use to watch him on that talk show in the morning. I always thought Zach was hot!

I was joking about Showgirls being my favorite movie.

Anyone besides me having flashbacks to 2005 with the way our Sox score *just enough* runs (but no more) and win by a single run in nerve-wracking, nail-biting fashion? Dare I hope for another World Series?!?!?!

outhit 13-5 and we won anyway? ill take it.

and fine, props to kenwo for his call on dotel and his hilarious exchanges with mike devereaux. back in 05 i thought the same thing when his email.

yes – AC Slater hosts Pet Star on Animal Planet. I think they’re really old re-runs too…

Anyone know the dates of the world series this year? I seem to think that my 2 week honeymoon will take place during that time – in which case the Sox will definitely be in it! d’oh!

My wife wanted to get married in October of 2004…I banned it just in case the sox made the series, so we got married in March of 2005. Gotta put your foot down in those situations. We got married in March 05, and honeymooned, and were home just in time for opening dayπŸ™‚ Gotta think ahead haha.

All I can say is WOW………… and I think that will cover comments on the game, as well as the last 30 posts…

ps you can agrue that Vazquez does not have the command to do those things. But I think that he does , just not the correct focsus on executing the pitches.

sp argue

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