Final Push

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rounding Third, Headed to Home

Third base coach Jeff Cox is waving everyone in … word this morning is that JD remains in second place in Final Man balloting but still can catch Longoria.

So, I know fatigue has set in — both mental (judging from some of the comments yesterday) and physical.  Keep voting, and let’s send him to the ASG along with Aaron Rowand.

Here is what sources have told me … Tampa Bay played on Monday when all other candidates were off, helping Longoria to an early lead that he has not surrendered.  Coupled with that, a group out of Boston, The Boston Dirt Dogs (or something like that), endorsed Longoria right away as an anti Giambi and have voting in large blocks …

But all that said, JD still has a chance to keep clicking.

Among our Vote for JD ideas that didn’t get off the ground:

Having Mayor Daley or Senator Obama record campaign pitches for our outfielder (logistics and tight timing made this impossible)

Placing “Vote for JD” messages in the Wrigley Field and Kauffman Stadium scoreboards … Wrigley had no inventory on that little message board in center and Kauffman Stadium needed a longer advance to place a message (so we were told).

Apparently, KC teammates of Jose Guillen have had fun placing Vote for JD posters and stickers in his locker …

True Stories

While at dinner on Tuesday with my wife at Salpicon (one of our favorites spots on Wells), the hostess asked, “Are you still with the Sox?”

“I am,” I answered.

“Well, I voted for JD about 100 times today.  He really deserves to go.”

Same day, one of our PR staffers is out with a Cubs friend at a bar up North to watch the Sox game.

Two guys walk up behind them.

“Hey, we got Harden,” one said.

“He’s left-handed isn’t he?” asked his friend.

“Yes,” replied the other.

Then the two left.

“That’s what makes me embarrassed to be a Cubs fan at times,” said the friend to our PR staffer.

Why An Airplane

There seemed to be some question as to why we’d send an airplane up in KC with a “Vote for JD –” sign …

Well, here’s an explanation …

1. The team wasn’t home; it was in KC

2. The “stunt” — which had to happen prior to the game due to FAA regulations — was intended to snag media attention back in Chicago and possibly nationally

3. Another intent was to let JD know we still were campaigning for him and to give his teammates something to have fun with, maybe at his expense.

So that’s why we did it an I’m glad we did …



DJ mentioned during last nights game that the callup D.J. Carrasco last spent time with the Royals. I hope the third time is the charm with ex-KC pitchers! So far we have not had much luck recycling their garbage.

This is the 4th day of neglecting my kids, house, dog, customers –

Scott – you know a good chiropractor?

On the way to work today on 294, I saw that one of the electronic readerboards had “Vote For JD” on it!!! Quite a sight, it seems that everybody is getting involved

I have think my eyes are officially crossed from entering the blurry numbers when I vote for JD.

Today is “D” Day!!! Let’s get JD to NY!!!

my nubs are sore…… hope he makes it. Are those 7 cubs players all starting? It’ll be funny when they get annihilated……

Great game last night! Especially for TCQ. Nice to see his bat is working again. And kudos to the patient Sox hitters who got the walks ahead of him. Love to see those Sox homers count for more than just one. Another great running effort by Alexei. Nice that the team could pick up Javy after letting him down during his last stellar performance. Just as JD said, their pitchers could not keep up their terrific performance all year so it was great that the hitting could come back and save the game.

Speaking of saving, was that an amazing performance by O Do Tel? Nothing says dominance like a three pitch strike out! Hope he keeps it up. If not, Thor has some of those in his repetoire he can unleash.

Have not heard if OC was injured during that slide into second. Yeah, he stole third afterward, but he looked like he was limping a bit. Hopefully only bruised.

Let’s get a sweep tonight and then on to Texas for three more before the break!


The things you have to do to get someone to vote (flirt with a fat bald guy) Not saying anything wrong with fat bald guys. They’re actually quite attractive!๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer… Yes, I know a good … wait, you said “chiropractor”… I thought you meant someone over in Egypt…(an old Three Stooges joke…NYUK,NYUK,NYUK…)

Now, then… I have a question for the masses…


To whomever doesn’t vote in the balloting… facetiously(hi, jk)speaking,if you DON’T vote, then the Eastern bias (J Giambi, Longoria (NO, Maria, NOT Eva…))wins out… We have to show our Midwestern prejudices… and let one of our own reap the rewards…

As to the altercation last night…as I saw the highlights, I said to myself: “Jermaine Dye?… Harold Baines reincarnated,the man who speaks softly and carries a big stick(thank you, Teddy Roosevelt), in a tussle in the dugout?”…

When I saw it was OC, I also thought… “Here HE goes again… like when he called the pressbox to complain about a call that could affect his Gold Glove chances… There’s no I in team, but there’s a BIG ONE in Cabrera…

After taliking it over with one who knew the situation perhaps better than I did… It seems like J Dye has been upset over a stinko offensive series to date against the porous KC pitching stiff… I mean, staff… and when he saw OC out of the corner of his eye steal 3rd…perhaps he thought that OC was doing something for his OWN, not for the TEAM… Then, after J Dye struck out on a pitch in the left handed batters box…and Thome brought OC in with the tying run, the dugout was happy… until the easily offended OC took exception to something that J Dye, allegedly was saying towards him…

Ozzie defused the situation immediately, after the game…and then I remembered that the old Oakland ballclubs of the early ’70’s under Dick Williams used to have, it seemed, a fight a day(or night)…with Reginald Martinez Jackson(excuse me, I slipped into Howard Cosell for a moment…), Sal Bando, Gene Tenace, Rick Monday and that bunch… ESPECIALLY Reggie… whose fondest wish is to die in his own arms…

But, getting back to the point I was going to make… those A’s teams battled each other, but showed “in DISUNITY, there sometimes is strength.”

Now, if it’s alright with some of you… I am going to once again risk carpal tunnel syndrome… and try to put J Dye in the ASG…

I always love stupid Cub fan stories. I once went to a Cubs-Giants game (to see Barry, before we knew about the ‘roids) wearing a Giants hat (I buy a hat for every stadium I go to…22 and counting) and sitting in the bleachers. The guy next to me, Cub fan, leans over and asks me “who are we playing today?” This was with the Giants on the field warming up and me wearing a Giants hat and I’m sure people yelling “Giants Suck!” or “Barry Sucks!” And yes, he had a beer in hand.

Anyway, great to see the Sox squeeze out those wins, never giving up, that’s what I enjoy the most-that fighting attitude. Thankfully we’re playing the Royals though. Let’s keep it going through the break boys!

You want to see a stupid Cub Fan –

BTW, did anyone out there see any of the footage of the Yank-me fans wearing those phony mustaches in support of J Giambi…

Ryan Baker on CBS2 last night WANTED to say that the ‘staches looked like something a adult movie star would wear…

I thought the fans they showed looked more like Jerry Colonna (remember, jk?…go ahead, tc… look him up on wikipedia…)…

They wouldn’t show the pic – here’s the link

Just like the other flub fans that show up at the Cell in their flub-wear and spend money to eat and drink, ya gotta just laugh and say, “Thanks for supporting our team and paying their salaries, ya morons!”

I stopped chewing Wrigley gum and buying the Trib years and years ago. Can’t wait until the new sponsor changes the name of the park and I can boycott their products as well.

TQ…… Ahhh Yesss!! I remember Jerry Colonna. He was in every cartoon caracature type cartoon ( if that makes sense) along with Groucho, Eddie Cantor, Humhprey (not Hubert H), Mae, Greta, Bing, W.C. and so many others…. Those were the days (Right TQ?) when men were men and women wore dresses….. I’m in BIG trouble now…..

Thanks, TQ for bringing me back. I was going to opt out for awhile after last nights political fiasco and all the tv talk that I know nothing about. So it’s good to get back to baseball (and other important things like cartoons and old actors).

Someone brought this up last night also: “Doesn’t it feel like ’05 all over again”? It’s not ’05 yet, but I think the ghosts of ’07 have been exorcised. There was no way we would have won either of those last two games last year. So we’ve got a new year, a very good ballclub, and lots of reasons to be optomistic. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.


I don’t have to look up Jerry Colonna to know who he is! I may not be as old as you, but I am old! Of course, compared to some of the young whippersnappers on this board who are barely old enough to remember when Tony La Russa managed on the South Side, you and I look like octogenarians.

And also TQ, what do we have to do to get these “youngsters” on the board to stop trying to talk about politics?

If they really want to express their feelings about our President, then they should hope that our guys go down to Arlington and flatten his former team three times this weekend.

Unless someone can tell me they have seen that brick in person I would have to think it was photoshopped. I am not sure I believe the Sox would have approved that message. Even if the money for the brick went to charity that would defeat the purpose.

kiernan, be nice. some of us old bald, chubby guys are sensitive….LOL.

still early but the tigers are beating the twinkies 6-2 top of 5th. in yesterday’s game, the twins had a triple play REVERSED and that led to the RSox scoring 7 runs. Oops. Read on…'t.

need a good outing by buehrle tonight to complete the sweep. i think the rangers will prove to be better competition.

swsafley, if the rangers prove to be better competition than the sox, lose. K.C. has been very tough in this series, there pitching is a little bit less , quality wise than some of the other teams but other than that they are a pretty good team. What KC had 13 hits last night, but they played a little dumb, did not move runners up in key situations, thank you, kc.


Sorry… lapsed into Colonna there for a moment…

First things first…

kiernand 44… Jennifer, dear… when you use the term “stupid Cub fan”… you are simply repeating yourself…

tc… Whippersnapper?… jk, you and I are in TROUBLE if tc starts using our language…what started the political talk was Jennifer saying that she did not register to vote in the real election… but has been voting for J Dye… then Maria gave her some info, then… yadda, yadda, yadda… y’ know?

swsafley: As many of you know, I have been following the game of baseball for the last 100 or so years(just a SLIGHT exagerration, right, jk?)…and I have NEVER seen a triple play reversed… but, then again, I never saw two runs come in on a sacrifice fly until Tuesday night…

As to the Texas (St)Rangers, they have ALWAYS given the boys fits down there DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS (hi, Kristine…)…
However, this weekend, WS Universe will have its “secret weapon” down at Rangers Ballpark (clever name, eh?…don’t they have anyone in the MetroPlex who could buy the naming rights?…that seems to be the fashionable thing to do…)… in the personages of the lovely Maria Wagener and Patrick Traynor… they will do their best to counteract whatever the fates have in store…

As to Minnesota… down AGAIN on the road?… See what happens when they leave their little air-conditioned hovel…where THEY control things?…

Finally, those wavy numbers that we all had to enter to get the votes in for J Dye?… I remember back in the day when MY numbers would look EXACTLY like that when I was over served…

Jimd – I took the pic – I was looking for my brick and I came across it – I could tell you exactly where it is – give me a minute and I will find my sheet


dleeun – KC seems to always play the Sox tough. It one of those things that defies numbers, or who should win based on talent or record. Think if the list of guys on that team that are Sox Killers: DeJesus, Grudzielanek, Teahen, and now apparently Ross Gload and Mike Aviles looks like he may be one too. Thank God Mike Sweeney is gone.

Texas provides a different challenge. The lead the league in runs scored by 15 runs over second place. Right now we have 2 pitchers going into that series that will be up to that challenge, not so sure about Contreras. Fortunately Texas also leads the league in runs given up. That is their annual dubious distinction. Could be their ballpark or it could be that they trade away all their good young pitchers. Hopefully we go in there and pound them 3 times.

The voting site is going way too slow.

Jennifer, I am shocked the Sox would have allowed that. I know the money to buy a brick went to White Sox Charities, but it would have been nice to preserve the integrity of the idea.

I should have added that my numbers looked like that when I was WRITING them after having been over served…

I’ll go away now… the silence of reaction is deafening…

Jim – Maybe Scott could get an answer for you.
I believe my brick is in P3 – where home plate is – so the scrubs brick is also in P3 on the outside.

Actually, I think it may be 1st or second base – after voting I’ll have to dig deep for my paper, But I am almost positive it’s section P3.

I believe you, and I bet if I look for the spitting people it would quickly lead me to that brick.

I’d have to think that someone overlooked that brick, cause I don’t see how the Sox would have allowed something like that. I have a feeling that brick is going to be vandalized.

When I saw it and announced it there were a few really drunk guys near me, who started spitting on it, so I got my camera out right away and started taking pics. It was April 26 – We had front row behind the dugout. My buddy Cox finally gave me a ball – I got one from Paulie but I gave it to some kid sitting behind us. Cox- he is funny, he likes to talk to himself – he likes to pretend that someone is on base – I think he gets lonely.

This article is not about the Sox or even baseball, but most people will get a kick out of the first sentence.

Jason Whitlock is a phenominal writer for Fox Sports. He used to be on Around the Horn from time to time, but if I remember correctly he had it out with the man recognized in the first sentence of the article.

My brother is a Cub Fan and he also dated Jay Mariotti.


Oh yeah, and he’s 37 years old and still lives in my mom’s basement and is an alcoholic – but, that’s not how all Cub fans live – or is it?

Do you think OC is voting for JD?

20 min left!

guess thats it… really started lagging the past 10 minutes and hasnt loaded a key for me the past 3… thats all i got. i dont even wanna think about how many times i voted. hope it was enough.

Well that got pretty intense at the end. Time to cross the fingers.

It was so slow the last 10 minutes!

Minnesota came back and won it in the 11th.

This just in, Longoria has won the vote. Hart won it on the NL side.

Well I have to imagine that Longoria got some help from some other certain fans, cause there’s no way the 300 Rays fans in existence voted him in on their own.

I’m not saying there’s trickery afoot, but I’d like to see the vote totals…didn’t see them in the article on MLB…

I am alright with Longoria getting it. JD deserved it more but EL is having a very good season as well. As long as Giambi didnt get it I am happy.

Have no fear, Dye will get in for Ortiz. Great job to all of you who voted through the pain.

I’m gonna blame it on the stupid cub fans (I know, ‘stupid’ and ‘cub’ is redundant…and adding ‘fan’ makes no sense, let’s go with “flub fakers”) anyway, flub fakers have nothing better to do when recovering from their hangover than vote against the Sox and then say Sox fans are too obsessed with the flubs. Blaming them brings me satisfaction for now haha.

Onto another topic…should we be upset that the Twins came back to win because they are closer in the standings or should we be happy the Tigers are further back because they stand as a bigger threat?

Personally, I don’t see the Tigers pitching holding up, and the Twins always find ways to win. But with that Tiger offense at full strength they could make a serious run a la Cleveland in ’05. Just wondering what everyone else feels.

Great job because I’m proud of us Sox fans for taking pride in our team. Maybe we should’ve pulled some all-nighters, pretend we’re back in college studying for that final we must pass. I know the Sox were trying to help us with those long games, keeping us up late haha. Go get the sweep tonight boys! Buehrle will help get us to bed early, unfortunately I have a meeting that’ll go until about 9pm, meaning I’m sure to miss the game…good thing I can keep track of the score with my phone!

Quite frankly, it was a farce that JD did not get in without having to go through the FINAL VOTE thing. This is why I believe that MLB needs to do something about how the All-star team is selected. Although this will be an unpopular comment – the first thing that needs to be done, since the game does “count” for something now – the starting lineups have to decided by something OTHER than fan votes.

All of the teams have over 81 games in by the time the All-star game is played. There has to be (actually I’ve written one) a formula to use to combine both batting/defensive statistics for position players as well as pitching stats for both starters and relievers where the “best” players FOR THE CURRENT season through 81 games are the ones that get the call to the All-star game. The best players go – PERIOD. They don’t get there because of stuffed ballot boxes.

My take on the Tigers/Twins game today is that BOTH teams looked terrible with equal blowage by their respective bullpens. And that ain’t all bad . . .

I also read that there was a “bloc” of BoSox fans who were voting for Longoria in order to keep Giambi and his mustache out of the All Star game. My question is how much longer is MLB going to allow this kind of stupidity to run the selection process? My guess is it will take a “bloc” of fans to vote someone totally not worthy into the All Star game. Oh, wait, that already happened this year with the AL catcher . . .

On to better things, go Mark and get us a sweep!!

Face the facts. With millions of votes being cast and interest from fans at an all-time high, there is no way in God’s creation that MLB is ever going to take the vote away from the fans.

And really, why should they? Despite the fact that the home field advantage for the Series currently goes to the league that wins the game, the ASG still is nothing more than a glorious exhibition game played for the benefit of the fans. Sure, it’s an honor for the players but believe me MLB would not go to all this trouble to put together such a big production to simply honor the players to whom they already pay gazillions of dollars.

I like the tweaking of the game that put home field on the line. At least it gave the players and managers something to play for other than pride. And even if the “BEST” players might be overlooked in the selection system, I would still rather have the home field determined on the field rather than alternated on a year-to-year basis.

Had the players been selected by a panel of managers and sports writers, would any of you who spent hours upon hours the last few days voting really cared about the game???

What is happening here is that the folks making critical comments on this board are not your average baseball fans. You have much more passion than most and are more interested in all facets of the game. The average fan gets a chance to feel like they are involved in the selection and they like the feeling. At least they are voting for something that means something, unlike American Idol or Dancing with the Stars!

Personally I think it is ok that the twins won today….I hope the twins and tigers split the rest of the games they have left this year.

Hey everyone, new poster here. I’m a big fan of this blog and all the insightful comments I’ve read here in the past.

Just one question for right now:, are you a kick-boxer?

Thanks and GO SOX!

TO: tc1980

I don’t mind the All-star game counting for home field in the World Series and I’m not talking about the “players” being decided by a panel of managers and sports writers.

I’m talking about using a formula, based on the statistics for the first 81 games for each team, deciding who the All-stars are. You down play the significance of “home field” in the World Series. It has never been more visible than it is this year, with so many teams having problems on the road, that having home field in the World Series could be a big thing.

The bottom line is the fans vote for their “popular” players and not for the “most qualified” and think about it – it’s called the “ALL-STAR” game. The “stars” of the current season should be playing, not because they are popular, but because they are the best THIS YEAR. So much of the balloting happens based on past year’s performances (I could name several on BOTH of this year’s teams that flat out SHOULD NOT be there).

As a fan of the game, even though initially the decision to do so would not be favorable, I would much rather see the game played by the “true stars” and having the game decided knowing the best players were involved.

Off my soap box.

Hey, rhythm, welcome to the blog! Are you a Bay Area Sox fan, too?

Which is the better team, BA and Wise platooning in center with Swisher at first. [or] Swisher in cf and Konkero at first?

It looks like another Sox fan sprouted up in the Bay area. Welcome rhythm. It would be interesting to come up with the demographics of all us posters and where we live. How many states are represented? Hey, Lip, get on that would you? I’d do it but I’m busy right now fighting off kenwo’s kicks…… Go White Sox’08. It would really be nice to have an easy win for a change, instead of spotting KC 4 or 5 runs…. Come on Guys… j.k. (representing tucson)…. buy you all knew that already….

As a long time fan of PK…I have to say the BA/Wise/Swisher seemed to work quite well after a few games. Paulie’s great at bringing bad throws in, but I saw Swish make a few awesome plays as well. All I know is that I’d rather see BA or Wise in center than Swish..and many smarter folks than I have said that BA is our best defensive outfielder…

I love Paulie, but he, Swish and Thome are easily anywhere from 30 to 50 points below what their average should. I don’t know the answer to this dilemma, but if our club starts hitting what they should, we will be amazing…

Disappointed that JD didn’t get in – not only because he’s a class A guy and deserved it but because I think people thought they were voting for Eva.


Oh, and a good note – the Scrubs lost!

That was refreshing.. 1-2-3 first for Kc…. Go Sox… j.k.

It looks like Mark is on. That’s good to see from one of our “experienced” starters. Let’s get some runs… j.k.

I just found out something about Swish from the KC announcers. He looks up to the sky before every pitch to honor his Grandma Betty Lou, who raised him when his parents got divorced… She died of brain cancer and Swish grew his hair about 10 inches long and donated it to the group that makes wigs for cancer victems… Thanks Swish…. j.k.

should have been a double play. The ball went through the hole in Paulie’s glove. Game tied, K.C.’s turn to come back???? I hope not.. j.ik.

That was the 2nd easy throw to 1st base missed by Konkerko this yr. The first one they said was one in a million more or less. So this one makes one in 10 million I guess. Sometimes it looks like Konkero’s head is somewhere else. Not in the game, head down hang dog. I hope the sox do not lose the div. by one game. Yes I am hard on him, he has a major league players responsibilty to make the basic plays.

Figured it was about time for KC to get one, but still . . .


That was God awful. Konerko has been a pretty decent first basemen in years past. This year I think he is bringing his offensive struggles on defense with him. There have been a lot of plays that should have been made or could have been made that haven’t been. The sox are a better team without this balding buffoon. Thanks for a couple homers in the 05 playoffs but don’t let the door hit you in the caboose on the way out. Throw in the fact that I believe the other two center fielders may have made the play on Guillen’s fly ball (at least would have been a lot closer than Swisher) and you have another reason why the sox are better without him. I have never ever liked this guy since we got him (minus those couple homers in the 05 playoffs).

No I am not a kick boxer. If I was I would be kicking Konerko right in the Tush right about now.

But, we played like dump this series and won 2 of 3 so it isn’t all that bad. Shoulda lost all three to be honest.

Tough, tough loss. Mark deserved better. He didn’t get a whole lot of help.

Konerko hasn’t been in sync since he returned… struggling now at the plate and apparently in the field.

Well it was a winning series and the lead is 2 1/2 on the Twins. If they can take 2 of 3 from Texas it’ll be a very good road trip.

Mark Liptak

Still wish we could have pulled the trigger this past off season with the Angels and a trade for Konerko. I don’t know that we’d be any better or any worse off, but we could have gotten younger and faster.

I don’t know that Wise would have been able to get to either of those balls because of how shallow he plays, but Anderson who may have been in there as a defensive replacement anyway may have been close. Tough to say because that is such a spacious outfield and they had to play to cut off the run scoring from second on a single up the middle.

After the way this series went I am happy with 2 of 3. We very easily could have lost all 3. We tried to give away the first one, and without Lego keeping us in it yesterday we could have been blown out.

By the way, DeJesus should have been out when AJ tagged him. The umpire at first did not see it because he was behind his back, when he did make the move towards second base. As slight of a move as it was, he still should have been out, but nothing you can do because the umpire did not see it.

Let’s take 3 from Texas and enjoy the 4 days off!

Two other oddities about this series:

1. In all three games the team that was behind rallied to take the lead in the 8th inning.

2. This is only the 4th game this season the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning and wound up losing the game. A stunning turnaround from what was happening on a regular basis in 2006 and 2007. If you are looking for a single reason why the Sox are where they are right now, that’s it. When they get a lead, they generally keep it and win games.

Mark Liptak

I’m furious about JD getting dissed on this. He deserves to be there. All out.

Such an upsetting loss tonight — fluke. Buehrle was fantastic.


Captian my butt.
Anyone else feel Alexi needs a stern talking to and maybe a day off? 2 balls he could have dove for, both costly, Mark pitched around both. No excuse for not getting that ball in and letting teahen score. Buhrele looked unbelievable. This team should be ashamed for wasting that start.


I am in no way downplaying home field advantage in the Series. It is crucial. When was the last time a visiting team won a game seven? Many, many moons ago.

My comment was that giving the HF advantage to the league that wins the ASG seems no less unfair than alternating it on an annual basis.

As far as your idea goes for using statistics to choose the teams, I agree that is certainly is more fair. But there is just too much money and sponsorship for MLB to ignore by taking something away from the fans.

I am a lover of the game and would much rather see the real stars of 2008 play in the ASG. But I know that money and — in today’s world — website hits are much more important to MLB than a fair and just ASG roster.

The way the teams are selected now is not enough to entice me to watch the game. I just hope the AL wins for that benefit in late October/early November.

Berkeley, huh? Got a relative out at Stanford, Premed. I joke with him in my shabbiest english accent, telling him how I’d like to be a Stan-Da-Foord man too. Really irks him (There’s no ‘d’ in it, he’ll say, and I act like I didn’t hear it…). Too bad about JD, I like that the ASG determines the home field advantage and it sucks that guys like JD come up short and its great the fans get involved, League needs to limit choices by position by stats, some teams will just have to get snubbed. And the Players should know better than putting someone like Varitek in, wtf. I am kinda glad that our pitching staff was overlooked, I suppose I might just want the rest, but whatever. REALLY want to see the AL demolish the junior circuit.

Ah, and Torii Hunter got tagged on his way home last night, good to see.

Oh and Mariotti wrote a good column about the Sox today, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, that one…. Mostly Hyde.

Can not find anything on torri getting tagged last night. Tagged how, Windy?

On Alexei holdin the ball on the relay that is OC’s call totally. OC should have been out there screaming home, home, but he was out of position and not say anything until too late, that was on oc. I did think Alexei should have made a dive on the two ball that were just beyond him.

If you remember on first game back Konkerko forgot to cover first and runner was safe. I feel his head is not in the game, perhaps it is the slump or off field matters, I just do not know. But if Ozzie is going to keep playing him , konkero has an obligation to the team to get his head in the game with focus and quite dragging his head after making every out. It brings other guys down.

If I remember right, keno and I both, yes hard to believe. We wanted konkero traded in the off season. He had value then , now he is like richie sexon.

The only question I have left of the final man vote is why won’t MLB give us the final totals? I’m curious to see how much J.D. lost by but all I’ve seen or read is that Longoria had nine million votes, followed by Dye, Giambi ect.

I mean they totaled up the numbers, why won’t they release them? It almost smells a little bogus doesn’t it?

Hope the Sox can get off to a good start this evening against a pitcher they’ve never seen before, Luis Mendoza, 1-3 with a 7.54 ERA.

Mark Liptak

First of all, to those of you just joining our liitle circus…


Secondly, an opinion, then a bit of AS voting history…

The opinion: It was not for a lack of effort that Jermaine did not get in… all of you out there who risked carpal tunnel syndrome and far sightedness from having to read those verification codes.. I am sure that J Dye and the organization are most grateful… Longoria is having an excellent season, and he deserves to go to represent the Rays, along with Kazmir…

Now, for the AS ballting history… Way back when, about 1956…the good fans of the Cincinnati Redlegs (that’s what they were called back then… “Tail Gunner Joe” Mc Carthy and the rest of his looney patrol were still out there, “fighting” the Reds…so, the change by that franchise…instead of fighting, they switched…)decided to stuff the ballot boxes(sound familiar?), and succeeded in putting the ENTIRE Redlegs lineup in the game… Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Temple, Roy Mc Millan, Gus Bell, Frank Robinson and others…well, NL president Warren Giles had a conniption fit when he found out about this… and overrode the balloting from Cincy… putting the OTHER stars like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, etc… on the roster instead… and because of this fiasco, the balloting was taken away from the fans for close to twenty-five seasons…until 1970 when Gillette brought the balloting back… after 1956, the players did ALL of the selections… and it became a contest between who was deserving because of the efforts on the field… and who was your buddy whom you wanted to see play…and the popularity contest has existed ever since…

So all of the suggestions as to how the selection process could be tinkered with and improved really won’t work…because the human equation will always rear its head…after all… believe it or not… these ARE human beings…(at least SOME of them are…)

Tori Hunter was trying to score from second to break the tie in the ninth and was thrown out (by a mile) at the plate even though he mowed down the catcher. Not as fast or as tough as he thought he was, was he?

ugly hit too, think there was another in some other game last night as well….

You could have gotten Ervin Santana for konerko in the offseason and looked like a genius. Now you are stuck with the buffoon until his contract is up because he has since gained 10 and 5 status. As far as Alexei goes, that is inexcusable. All you have to do is throw the ball into the infield and it stops everyone. To keep in in your pocket is insane. Everyone always says how smart this guy is about baseball, I don’t see it. He is a great talent but he makes bonehead mistakes a lot. Oh well, lets get the Rangers. The hitting better come through tonight because the Rangers offense is one of the best in the league.

Tom – I think alot of us have been here and we leave our two cents here and there, but since we have been on the computer voting, we were able to leave ten cents!

I am so sick – I have a head cold – and I feel like sh*#t!!!!!!!!


My last comment on PK , his problems may partial go back to his routine. He is so into his pregame routine, PK has said do not get to high or too low it is a long season. Thing is he has gotten so into his routine he forgot to get up for each game. Sometimes players need to play like youngsters get energized, use that energy for focus not all ho hum.

Anyone else get a kick out of that Daley and AJ commercial? Bout time we took advantage of our clout with ‘da mare’.

Anyone remember that joke about Daley Sr. Something like him, Stevenson and Kennedy were in a boat. Only provisions for one person, so they take a vote on who gets to stay. Stevenson gets one, Kennedy gets one, Daley comes up with eight (or something to that effect).

Can’t wait to see how these guys do against Texas, just hope we don’t play like we did this series.

As long as I have been knocking pk , I might as well add to the list, Vazquez. Vazquez , I am very glad he is on the team, that said he is no pitcher. Probably gets less out of the stuff that he has than about anyone that I have witnessed. Vazquez just throws, great arm, good in the field, but no focus, and no smarts. Someone needs to work with him more on pitching inside, up in, low away and so forth. I really think that Vazquez is seriously under using his talent. If he could change his focus on each pitch a quality pitch with intent, it might help. Come on Cooper work with this guy somemore get his head right.


So you honestly believe that the Sox could have acquired Ervin Santana straight up for Konerko in the off season????

What reports were you reading??? The key player in that RUMORED trade was Chone Figgins. That is who the Sox wanted. Kenny made it clear that he was not looking for starting pitching last winter. If that were the case, he would not have traded away Garland and not gotten a starting pitcher back in return.

It is amazing to me how quickly people start to complain about somebody after they make a mistake that costs the team a game. I know, you’re going to say that Konerko has cost us lots of games with his poor first half. And I won’t argue the point that Konerko has underachieved so far in 2008. But let’s don’t overreact after one missed play.

And just two nights after Ramirez almost singlehandedly wins a game for us with his baserunning, you are nailing him for a judgment mistake last night. Next thing we know, you’ll be telling us how Uribe should have been playing second in the 8th so that inside-the-park home run would not have happened.

So, who will be the next Sox player to get ripped by you? So far this week you have ripped Crede and Konerko. And even poor Aaron Rowand who hasn’t worn a Sox uniform since we hoisted the trophy in Minute Maid Park.

Shall we start a pool and see who is next on Kenwo’s list???? And I don’t mean a pool in Beverly Hills 90210 where your girl Tiffany Thiessen hangs out!

I have never cared for Konerko. I have made this point clear from the moment I first appeared on this blog. He is a dog of a player and personally I would have rather kept Mike Cameron 10 years ago.

All I said about Aaron Rowand is the sox should not just be pushing him in newsletters about the final vote. Carlos Lee was and is a better ballplayer. Rowand IS the single most over rated ballplayer the white sox ever had. He had a good 2004. Other than that he wasn’t all that great. Even his “stellar” outfield play wasn’t that great. Sure he made a lot of diving catches, but most good center fielders IE Torrii Hunter don’t have to dive to catch those balls.

Crede should not be on the all star team and JD should be. Thats all I said about him. His defense has been bad and minus a week or two his offense hasn’t been that great either.

I like Alexei Ramirez, just needs to have his head in the game more often. I also like Juan Uribe. I don’t like AJ but he should have made the all star team.

The rumored deal was Ervin Santana and Howie Kendrick for Paul Konerko. Should have been made. Without hesitation.

If i had to bet the next person that will feel my wrath is still Paul Konerko. I don’t see anything offensively, defensively, attitude wise….. If any one player is going to bring the sox down this year look no farther than your good ol’ team captain. Hopefully we can over come.

dleeun… Dr Cooper, the eminent (hi, jk)pitching coach needs to work with a couple of others besides Vazquez…
How about working with the Cuban horse, a.k.a. Contreras… He keeps those sidearm motions in there, and teams recognize when they’re not working… well then, he becomes a one-trick pony…and even THAT trick doesn’t work…

Also, something,I think, has to be done with some of the thought processes that Buehrle goes through… He’s been having a lot of problems that last couple of years… ever since he left off being the man whom the Sox could count on for at least 6 IP or more per outing… perhaps he’s slightly pitched out… I don’t really know… all I know is what I see in his overall numbers…

I didn’t think that Konerko for Figgins & Kendrick rumor was for real. I thought it was just that, a rumor. Why go after Konerko with the hitters you got in that outfield. Konerko doesn’t offer much else. Like Paulie but surprised that he got the contract he did. It makes no sense to me. I mean, I was wrong last year when I was griping about Dye getting his contract, he’s producing at the plate and in the field, but even he only got the three years. Konerko is a good player but kinda one or two dimensional. I’ve gotten worn on the whole projecting numbers to 40 HR and 120 RBIs for a season. Give me some guys that can hit for average and move around the bases. There’s no guarantees either way you go, look how long it took Cleveland to put 2007 together and how quickly it fell apart. Their averages were ridculous if I remember right last year. Either way, occasional pitching woes aside and offensive stumbles aside, I think this teams got a good shot, just need to tighten some screws up.

Any other good starting pitchers available this year?

On to more important things, like this roast I got going for some italian beef…….. Life is good.

Oh, by the by I heard variations on that whole Konerko to LAA deal, Santana, Kendricks and Figgins. I figured the angles wouldn’t make any type of deal there, just doesn’t seem to be a good one for them no matter how you cut it.

I was hoping the Sox would trade Konerko this past offseason too due to his age and 10&5. Would’ve taken any one of those Angels for him (especially after we got Swisher). I never thought he was anything more than a solid everyday player with some pop in his bat.

What really ticked me off was his balking at taking the role of captain when Ozzie gave it to him. If a player doesn’t want to be captain, then don’t give him the captain, don’t look to him to lead and don’t pay him like one. When PK was unwilling to become a leader, that told me he should be traded. I don’t care what reasons he gave.

I’m sure that all those Angel trade possibilities were just rumors. After all, that is what baseball writers, sports talk hosts and fans live for in the off season.

One thing is for sure, though. The player on the Angels’ roster that interested Kenny the most was Figgins. He settled for Cabrera to solidify the infield for a year, but the player he really wanted was Figgins.

I can see people being upset with Konerko’s production but let’s give him some time to play healthy and see if he improves. Much of his first half was played with that hand injury.

And judging by the respect that his teammates and manager have afforded him, I think it is safe to say that the comments here about Paulie’s attitude being bad are off base.

Still, the big guy needs to hit. So does Thome. So does Swish and everyone else that has struggled for good parts of the first half. We know it. And they know it. Thome and Swish have shown signs of coming out of it. So has Crede the last few games. Their performance the next few weeks will be a strong indicator of how the race will shape up for the Sox.

Hey Peggy, yeah I’m out here in the Bay Area. Are you going to make it out to the Coliseum with the Good Guys in Black come to visit this August?

Last night was a disappointing loss, but I like their chances tonight.

Go Sox!

Konerko’s point was that this was a team sport and he did not think he deserved to be singled out as captain. It was a mistake to do it along with telling Buehrle to stop sliding on tarps and making AJ and Crede get haircuts. Upper management needs to stick to dollars and leave this stuff alone.

Speaking of Crede getting haircuts – Please someone needs to tell him to stop shaving his head – looks waaaayyyy better with some hair.
Anyone have a good recipe for chicken noodle soup?

Kenwo – never mind – my head hurt way to much to try to argue!

billb, You are absolutely correct about Buehrle. His erratic effort if directly tracable to when he was told not to slide on the tarp. That didn’t make sense to me. This game is supposed to be fun, and when you take the fun out of it any player will have that in the back of his mind. Mark’s been great at times, but also HORRID at times too, and that all goes back to his sliding ban.

Don’t you all remember that everyone was screaming to give Paulie a long term contract when his was up? It certainly is great to have all the answers and never make a mistake. I sure wish I could pull that off. Konerko will come around this year, and win some games for us, then you all will be going on about how great he is. How about JD? He has struck out a lot lately! Even with a 300 average, I guess you gotta figure what has he done for me lately?….

Almost game time and on paper we should get that romp that I mentioned the other day. Unfortunately you have to play the games and this is another no-name pitcher. Stay tuned for further developments., Oh, we need to see if kenwo is right about JD replacing Ortiz….. Go White Sox ’08….j.k.

The Texas announcers were amazed at how well Mendoza pitched in the first. We’re doomed!!!!! O.K. maybe not…. j.k.

Amazing! The tex announcers mentioned the Ventura and Nolen Ryan game. Come on Gavin, put these guys away and let’s go to the second… j.k.

Louis Mendoza! He almost matched his season strike out record! He has three K’s in two innings…. Maybe we are doomed…….. j.k.

These guys have no idea what they’re talking about…. ” The Sox have 58 winning seasons in their history but only one world series win???? Then they said that the Sox needed a year like this one after two down years in ’06 and ’07???? When was the last time the rangers won 90 games as the Sox did in ’06?? I hate uninformed announcers…. j.k.

No one else is posting. You must all be glued to the tv. I on the other hand am going to “miss” the rest of this game and hope for better fortune tomorrow… j.k.

The sox are in trouble this weekend in Texas. The Rangers along with the Blue Jays are 2 teams I don’t like facing. It seems they beat our ***** every time.

Klien….just for the record I never ever ever ever ever wanted to give Konerko a contract. Check the archives..I debuted sometime in August of 2005….didn’t like him then and don’t like him now.

This mendoza has a 1-3 w. lost record and a 7.50 era and he is mowing batters down. This is the side of the Sox that is very frustrating.

No game play whatsoever, this Mendoza is a one pitch pitcher , lay of everything off speed it is a ball. Very sad. Now this game is a real egg laid, not the one that we won 7-6 in K.C.


Thanks for that return response. I understand the $$$ issue. I guess with as much money as all the teams are making these days (all 30 teams were in the black for the 2nd straight year last year) — you would think that maybe, just for this one game “get it right”. If you look at my blog at I posted about this very same issue and actually got a response from someone at I appreciated some of the things he said but was a bit disappointed that he tried to “negate” what I said by trying to tie it to the “Final Vote” thing — which is not my major issue and it wasn’t what my post was about.

Thank again for writing back.

4 games….2-2 record….. 4 games the white sox have played like garbage…… what is the common denominator in this? Paul Konerko. It is time to richie sexson this guy. If he goes on to have a great year for another team, so be it. The sox are better without him.

It was a bad game tonight pure and simple, it happens… but the most disappointing and frustrating thing to me is that again, against a pitcher making an emergency start with a losing record and a bloated ERA, he makes the Sox hitters look completely impotent.

I don’t know what else to say, my guess is that we’re going to keep seeing this in the future with rookie / bad pitchers.

Regarding Paul, he just looks lost right now. The All Star Break is coming at a good time for him. Maybe he can clear his head but the question that you have to start asking yourself is this, as long as the Sox are in the race, how much slack can they give him before finally saying, ‘we have to make a change because he is killing the club.’

Mark Liptak

Hey, rhythm, I’m going to be at the Coliseum on Sat., Aug. 16th with some friends from Paris and Chicago.

Are you going to any of those games? – Peggy

I’m glad I left the “game” and watched a movie with my wife. Somehow we need to find a way to win one game against tex so we can still be in first at the AS break.

Paulie looks bad right now, and has for most of the season. Earlier we wanted to get rid of Thome (myself included), then it was Swish and Crede. We got rid of Uribe, if only because of his injury and the play of Alexei. O.C. was on everybodys hit list for awhile too. My point is that we have these guys and like it or not they are our team, and we the fans have NO say in what happens to the members of this team.

So, I’m going to go back to what makes me sanguine (hi back at ya TQ) and that’s to let Ozzie and Ken take care of things for us. Now I have to get mentally prepared for golf tomorrow. We’re playing a course we usually don’t play so it may make for a tough time, but I will persevere. Then there is always the 19th hole…….

Now, let’s start another streak….. j.k.

Glad I missed this one tonight. Can’t say I was surprised though. Seems every time we face the Rangers we struggle even more against their unknown pitchers.

Some of you guys were talking about that rumored trade this past off season with Anaheim. I have it from a reliable source that it was talked about to be Crede and Konerko for Ervin Santana, Casey Kotchman and Howie Kendrick. Rumor has it that they were not really all that close to making it happen. KW may have backed away because of no Figgins, not sure about the Angles.

Unfortunately you can not just release Konerko like the Mariners did Sexson. This was the last year of Sexson’s contract. Seattle has to eat about 6 mil for the rest of the year. To cut Konerko the Sox would eat about 30 mil or so since he is under contract through 2010. If you can convince JR and KW to do that then you need to work in sales for my company. That would be one big sell job there.

I keep thinking Konerko will turn it around, but I am starting to lose hope. I would give him the AS break and see what he does coming out of that for a week. If it does not get any better they do need to try to move him. Atlanta maybe for Texaira. I don’t know if Atlanta would want his contract or if Konerko would approve the trade.

I’ll share a thought that has given me some peace and comfort the past couple of weeks. Most of us on this blog probably believe we’re pretty good at what we do for a living, and we are. Same goes for the Sox players, coaches, and the manager. Like everyone, they have better and worse days, make brilliant moves and mistakes, but they know what they are doing in the field and at bat.

I’m not saying it is wrong for us to criticize, second-guess, and so forth. It’s just interesting to ponder how we might react to receiving similar advice from the team on what we do for a living.

At least some “good” related Sox news this evening.

Just read an interview with “Goose” Gossage in the print edition of The Sporting News.

You all may want to watch the ceremonies. It appears it’s going to be heavily laced with White Sox stuff. Gossage says he has invited Chuck Tanner, Roland Hemond and Dick Allen and also plans to include them as well as Ray Berres and Johnny Sain in his speech.

Naturally the only footage of Gossage that the Eastern Sports Programming Network will have of him will be in a Yankee uniform (they should ask me…LOL) but perhaps that night WGN will have something of him in a red pinstriped uniform. I know I’ve seen WGN run some old White Sox Gossage video when he was elected back in January. They had video of him striking out to Oakland A’s in their form fitting green tops.

Gossage gets inducted on Sunday, July 27th.

Mark Liptak

Well, these major league organizations throw around the money WE, the fans, pony up. Guys like Reinsdorf and Konerko get their outstanding paydays from our wallets. So yeah, fans should be able to snipe and toss out their two cents for what its worth (obviously not much) because we ultimately pay their bills, and we are the customer. If any of those guys were to have tried to tell me how to do my job throughout my life, there’d have been a catch, they didn’t pay my check. The companies I worked for did laid out the rules and I was accountable to them, no one else. As long as I followed company policy and did my job, that was that.

Another angle could be that from KW and a number of folks on down to the players, most of these guys came from wherever and spent the rest of their lives to the present in baseball (cept maybe a bunch of the front office) so whether they were competent at any of the stuff myself and others have done is highly questionable. Baseball is a fantasy/entertainment industry involving big money. I see no problems in fans partaking of the “strategery” of the organizations decisions as I suppose it’s just another source of the entertainment, otherwise, why do we all keep coming back here?

Hope we get a win tonight…

Amen Windy. If Konerko wants to come to my office and criticize my sales skills he is gonna have to buy a ticket first!

Why I veiw it is that the coaches, and organization are way too close to the players to make impartial decisions. It is hard to see the forest for the tress when you are that close to the action. So I think, other views are a good thing, keeps people on their toes, fans, and media asking questions. I try to keep ego and how nice a guy the player is out of the equation and just give my baseball opinion, for what it is worth, as I think most of the posters do.

sorry, way I view it.

By the way I think about all organizations are in the same boat, except maybe b. beane, I see where gallagher allowed on 2 hits, guy A’s got from the cubs. Along with murton playing well, beane could be a guy other gm’s ,love to hate. Beane must love Chicago clubs, esp. cubs. Beane has obviously trained himself to have a different perspective on making trades, one that I can relate to. He makes a trade when the player still has tradability, is that a word? That is why I personally would trade Dye, if the right player, players were available. To me Dye is really slowing down but he still has a lot of value to the right team. And the sox desperately need a couple of players with very good OBP. I would also trade Crede, sox will not resign him and he is doing only fair for the sox. The club needs a boost going into second half.

Dleeun you are a ******. Your team is in first place and you want to trade guys off? Unless it is Paul Konerko you DO NOT trade anyone else. What good would it do to trade Dye now. He is the only one of the so called “big three” to have had a consistently good season. Crede, although he has been awful at times and I probably would not give him a contract more than 3 years is the best option you have at third base right now. Josh Fields is not ready and has been injured. You cut Pablo, everyone on here besides me hates Uribe so you can’t play him. Billy Beane is highly over rated. He has had great teams and none of them have even made the world series let alone win it. The way to boost your club is NOT by trading 2 all stars for prospects. Stay off the crack.

Trade-ability, or however you want to word it, is a good point. I worry that the Sox become attached to their guys and wait too long, however we also have a world series title whereas B. Beane can only dream of one. So I’ll stick with KW over Beane. As KW said, this isn’t a fantasy league, he’s gotta deal in the real world so maybe he wanted to trade Konerko and didn’t receive what he felt was fair or helpful for the team. Same with Crede I assume.

As for the Sox facing no-namers…if I were an opposing team, I’d consider bringing up my AAA pitchers for the series against the Sox and tell them to throw all junk. Guarantee at least 2 wins if not a sweep. I’m tired of reading opposing pitcher (insert no-name) had “best outing of career…career-high K’s, innings pitched in a game, etc…”

Maybe the Sox should play their bench guys against these no-name pitchers, call up some AAA guys like Burgeious and Eldred…it’s obvious our guys are unprepared to face them. How else do you explain their ability to beat studs they’ve faced before but can’t get the ball in play against a guy they’ve never seen? It’s their not knowing what to expect, un-prepared.

keno, knew that would get a rise from you. Sox need some lefthanded hitters , along with obp guys. I hope not, but I predict Dye goes on the DL soon. He is struggling in right field and has a history. To each his own opinion.

dleeun… With the exceptions of Quentin and Crede… what this ballclub REALLY needs is four days away from the meshugah(Yiddish for “crazy”)of this city, the media,print as well as electronic…(YES, Jay…ESPECIALLY you…)and,perhaps, even all of us… I know that we have the tendency to get on each other nerves in our pursuit of a championship(REALLY, Chumley???), so the AS break should be one for WS Universe as well…

Before the break, though…

jk… How’s about it? Blog Night… dueling thesauruses… you and me, ok, bub?

Aggravations from Friday night

1) Obviously, Floyd had nothing except the cover on the ball…and, when they weren’t walking to 1st base, they tore said cover off…

2) Positions 6 through 9 in last night’s batting order?… A combined 0 for 12… 1 walk, 7 strikeouts… This against the team with a pitching stiff… I mean, staff… ranked 14th…DEAD LAST… in the AL in earned run average… with the most blown saves (17) by their “bullpen from hell”…

3) Having written all that… if Konerko’s liner in the 9th goes over Byrd’s head instead of in his glove… they would have been right back in the damned ballgame…unbelievable, especially the way they looked all night long…

4) Ed Farmer’s PBP… As most of you know, I keep a VERY detailed scoresheet for the games… with tracking of pitches as well as plays… When I cannot view the games on either Chs 9 or (the dreaded)26… I have to rely on the radio call to get my information…

But if the cranky old reliever cannot tell me that so and so struck out swinging, or looking… or if he cannot get the count correct on each batter… of if he does his impression of Hawk Harrelson(i.e. b**ching about umpires calls, or non-calls…), or in between the 1,001 drop ins and sponsored moments of the game, if he should happen to slip up and actually tell us what’s going on…then the question begs to be asked…


Lip, you and I could work with Stone Pony and announce Farmio under the table in the booth at the Cell every night and twice on Sundays…

But, unfortunately, we’re the only ones who know that…

Just so everyone knows (because I know everyone is all dying to know)
I am feeling better today – Thanks for the chicken soup Kenwo:)

I like Uribe, too

All of you need to realize that everyone has bad days, bad weeks, heck even bad years (look at the Cubs they’ve had 100 bad years and counting)

You guys and gals could complain all you want on who you think is good or bad, but when it comes down to it that’s our team and our boys – don’t you think Pauly feels bad enough, I am sure he wishes he could crawl under a rock, or Thome, or probably everyone on the team (atleast some time or another) I am sure they are doing the best they can do. I don’t think they wake up in the morning and say “I am not going to try today”
Please give ’em a break – not only because they are Our Chicago White Sox- but they are human as well – and you know all humans make mistakes.
I have know idea if any of them read our posts – but, think if they did –

We are the Fans and we need to support all of them – if it wasn’t for the players then where would we (the Fans) be?

So Pauly, Jimmy, JD, Crede(my main man), AJ, Uribe, Alexei, OC, Swish, CQ, Jose, Beuhrle (I can never remember how to spell your name), Javy, Gavin, Johnny, Ozzy and all the rest of the Chicago White Sox – take a deep breath and say ” I am going to do the best I can do – and if it’s not good enough – then F**K YOU! Because we know we will always have Jennifer as our #1 Fan and she loves us when we play good and she even loves us when we play like Sh*t!” Amen!
No get out there and kick some Texas Butt!!!!

Anyone going to Picnic in the Park?



Eldred is out with a broken hand.

Twins winning again 5-2 in the 7th inning.

Mark Liptak

The A’s won’t win the World Series with Billy Beane as GM because he does not leave them with enough veteran players. He is great at trading away veterans for prospects who turn into good players, but once they are good he turns them around and trades them. It’s a cycle, and they win more often than not, but it will not produce a World Series title unless they commit to contracts to their veteran players. Even those Marlins teams had a good mix of verteran players.

Wink – I have been saying the same thing for a long time. Teams could go as far as single A ball and grab a few pitchers to come up and make the Sox look like Little Leaguers. It’s a disgusting trend that has gone on for way too long. You would think that a team with veteran hitters would just tee off on a sub-par pitcher.

Jennifer, Thanks for saying what I’ve been saying for years! These are our guys and deserve our support while wearing the Sox uni. Now let’s win tonight!!! j.k.

Dueling thesauresus at 20 paces…. you’re on TQ…. j.k.

PK is now 3-3. Could this be the start of his return?

What do you know!!! A base hit bunt by Alexei and a sac bunt by Toby and Q comes through…… 4-2 runners on the corners after JD’s hit and here we go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Keep it up, Boys!

Does anyone else have this annoying buzzing sound – it’s not on the commercials or any other channel – it’s only when Hawk & DJ are on – I hear it on comcast sometimes, too.

O.K. 5-2 going to the bottom of the 6th.. But, 12 runners left on base. What do you have to say about that Lip?…. Go Sox. j.k.

Anybody else see Paulie bend down to take off his shin guard after he was walked, only to find out that he wasn’t wearing it? That was a bit funny.

Sorry Jenn, no buzzing on my TV.

Is anyone feeling the love for Paulie yet? 3-3 with a walk and a nice night at 1B so far.

Jen, turn down the TV and listen to Stone and Farmer on the radio!

(I first typed Stoner and Farm – Freudian slip I guess). ๐Ÿ™‚



Maria, I can’t find my AM antenna for behind the stereo system (we have the all-in-one surround system with the 5 – disc changer). I guess I could go grab the boom box, but the AM doesn’t come in that good.

Is there somewhere on the internet you can listen to the Score?

Does anyone know if ‘Stoner’ (Maria – HaHa) gets offended if you call him the Stone Pony- My Husband, myself and our 3 kids were at a Sox game and we were on the 300 level- after the game we got lost and ended up where the players and employees come out and we saw the Hawk and Stoney and my Husband shouts “Hey, the Stone Pony”
He looks at him then kind of gives him a wry smile. My Husband thought that maybe he doesn’t like to be called that.
I think it’s because we scared them, the Hawk was like “Oh, sh**t – we have no security around to save us.”
It was just us and my 6, 5, and 3 year old, we look normal, we just said Hi, we didn’t even ask for autographs or pics.
I thought it was pretty funny, and what was funnier is I knew who it was before my Husband.

Back – 2 – back Homers! Yeeeesssss!!!!

Is it too early to proclaim Thome and Paulie are Baaaack????? Great games by both… yes!!! j.k.

I think only on if you have the audio package. I don’t think you can listen to them online. If you are a member of the Sox Pride Fan Club, that includes an audio subscription. And, yeah, I am a card carrying member.

Marie (not Maria, that’s a different blogger)

Sorry, Marie, yes, I also am a member, did you ever get your gift?

I think Danks is just about done, yep, Ozzie is taking him out!

If you are a member, then you can listen to the game on line, at It’s the Score’s broadcast.

Nice Game Johnny D!!!!

I see Octavio is coming in. My daughter calls him Oct Dot. Not as catchy as Oh….Do tell. But, still sounds cool.



How stupid am I – I knew I had gameday to watch – but I never knew I could listen – Thanks, Marie!

Gameday audio is alot slower than the tv, is it the same with you?

Yes, I only listen to it at work usually. I’m listening to the radio with the TV muted. Tonight the radio is a tad bit slower, but only 1-2 seconds, so I can live with that.


Here’s an interesting tid-bit for everyone….my nephew participated in the camp at Bulls Sox Academy last week that featured a different player or coach each day. One of the days Mark Salas was there. My nephew said he told THE BEST stories. Well, did you notice that whenever Bobby Jenks gets the call, he heads out of the bullpen, then comes back in real quick and goes downstairs in the bullpen for a second? He pukes before everytime he goes out there. He’s all pumped, excited, nervous, every time. One more reason to like Bobby, not that we need one. And, no, not because he pukes, because he’s just like all of us and still gets nervous! I thought that was a great story.


Well, we know he’s not bulimic!

That’s gross, he does it before every game he plays?

Oh my God, I am really glad Swish was playing first!

That was a bit too interesting in the end. Great play by Alexei and Swish to end the game. Get the series tomorrow….. j.k.

YEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! What a play by Alexei to end the game. That man can play ball.

Wow what a play to end the game. Only second baseman in the league gets that ball and makes that tough throw..

According to Mark Salas, it is EVERYTIME before Bobby takes the mound.

I have decided that since I know all you so well now – I will share my secret-

It’ the first video I made – let me know what you think
FYI- my Husband has never seen it.

Didn’t realize the White Sox had such a big following in Texas, did you guys see the fans in White Sox gear and hear them chanting “Let’s Go White Sox!”

Glad to see Thome and Konerko working their way back into shape. C’mon boys, we need ya!!

Great pitching by Danks and a scary performance by the bullpen today, thank goodness Matt got it together in the end with a lil’ help from our friends, Alexi & Swish

Another game, another set of “chewed down” fingernails.

Still up by 1.5. Let’s go get em tomorrow boys!!!!!!

BTW, I may not post much but I do think I have developed quite an addiction to this blog. I still haven’t decided though whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Hmmm………

Lisa M

Ugly, UGLY game this evening as every single game has been on this road trip but a win is a win is a win.

At least a split on the road and a guarantee of being in first place during this late All Star Break.

Mark Gonzales of the Tribune is now reporting that Ozzie talked about making changes if Konerko doesn’t start hitting on a regular basis. Said he’s move Swisher to first and platoon Anderson and Wise in center field. Story says Ozzie “hates” to do this but he has to look at the good of the team first before an individual.

Jenks threw pain free before the game and heads out on a rehab assignment Monday.

Texas is throwing another “no-name” pitcher Sunday. Dare we hope to take the series 2-1?

Mark Liptak

Wow Miss Jennifer!

That was an impressive piece of work! You are good!!!

So hubby’s never seen it huh? LOL!
Lucky for you.
And yes I agree, Joe Crede is soooooo sexy and my husband KNOWS I think so and just gives me a sideway glare everytime he catches me drooling over him.

Are you going to blog night? Because if you are you can maybe do something like that with your pictures from that night and then post it because I’m still trying to get that night off from work, hopefully tickets aren’t all gone already, but with my luck, who knows.

Lisa M.

Lisa – my Husband knows that Crede is my true love๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to go to blog night, but I’m sure I could not bring my 3 kids ( 6, 5, & 3) and I would not want to! And, My Husband would never let me go myself!


Oh, I forgot to add that my husband knows I made the video – but, refuses to watch it! And, every time Joe makes an error – he has to make sure everyone in the world knows it!

Ya ya..Konerko was 4-4. The fact is if swisher wasnt at first in the 9th and if Anderson wasn’t in center in the 8th they would have lost the game anyway. Let me see him hit like this for a week or two then maybe i will lay off a little. hopefully we can sneak a win in texas and rest up for 4 long days. what in the hell am i going to do for 4 days without the sox besides search tiffany thiessen on google pics.๐Ÿ™‚ just kiddin

I heard something the other day that gave some insight into some of these BAD pitchers we can’t seem to get a handle on…Apparently there was an article in the Texas paper Friday morning, indicating that the guy we was in a “do or die” situation. If he didn’t win, he’d be sent down….Now I don’t know about you, but these guys all have, or had at some point, some good stuff, or they wouldn’t be there. I don’t think there’s better inspiration for a pitcher to pitch his socks off than that… -Dawn

And another comment about No-name pitchers. On the way to golf yesterday, my Yankee friend was bemoaning the fact that the Yankees can’t ever beat those no-namers. I guess this syndrome can happen to other teams as well as the Sox. Let’s see what happens today. It sure would be nice to win this series. Jose needs to turn it around for that to happen though…… later all. j.k.

Everyone has their own style that they feel comfortable with in posting. And everyone that posts wishes that PK would go 4-4 everyday. But I like give my impression of what the team needs to be a better team or to applaud good plays and critique bad plays. I respect whatever type of fan that each may aspire to be. But show some respect for people with different opinions also, if you can.

Great pitching by John Danks–the only thing I didn’t like was that Ozzie left him in too long, but it sounded like Danks wanted to try for a complete game. Boone didn’t look good, but it could have been nerves, never coming in that late in a game before? Thor is still my fave from the bullpen (with Bobby out) and he saved it for us, with a lot of help from Alexei. Funny how the Rangers scored exactly the same number of runs in the last two games but only won one game . . .

Watched the replay on MLB.TV with the Texas announcers and they were going on and on about how Paulie didn’t have his timing back after coming off the DL, then PK starts smacking the ball to the outfield. His homerun was just the icing on the cake!! (Not to mention the game winner) Reminded me of the walk-off he had against the Royals just a few weeks ago. Oh, was that two games he was “responsible” for winning? Anyone remember any others this year? Anyone keeping track of that instead of focusing on the negatives?

I say, let’s just keeping winning with the team we have! GO SOX!!

I still think the team needs more speed, example after Alexei bunts for a hit the pitcher totally was conserned with him, that kind of divided focus helps the other hitters and generates run. Then the pitcher walks OC. Same thing later in game when Alexei got on pitcher was very cautious. Alexei steals with an awesome pop up head first slide first that I had seen of that. That helped the sox add runs. Sox need more of that, it might help negate the no namers if runners were bothering the pitcher a lot more.

Jennifer – I didn’t realize what your post meant till that first verse ended, I was laughing so hard my cheerios almost came out my nose……

And as far as the players giving a single finger salute to those who critique them…. well, they’ve been doing that for years collecting their obscene salaries in even the worst years (funny you should mention it). God bless the players union….. I know they they’re human, but hey, they get paid for the crap and it goes with the territory.

lets get that last one tonight!


All I have to say is that your worship of Mr. Crede puts my “mancrush” on Alexei to shame!!!!

tc1980 – so did you watch the video?


Twinkie’s lost to Detroit! Juan hit a triple that ended up scoring a run! TCQ hits another dinger! Let’s Go SOX!!

So much for the idea that Jose was due for a good start…. maybe next time? This is a winnable game, come on Sox ’08…. j.k.

That rally killing ********** Konerko…hit a ******* fly ball you **** head

Three inning ending double plays today…. Ugh! We still can win this game though…. Hold ’em Sox…. j.k.

O.K. It’s tied in the seventh. Keep holding them and Score, score, score, and score some more……j.k.

Another Aaarghhhh!, Missed pick-off, missed pop foul. It should be two outs and one man on second instead of no outs two men on and a run in….I think the guys are already on their break…. j.k.

ugly, boring, terrible baseball game.

10-7 texas going to the eighth……… only two more innings to endure. The shots of Ozzie hanging and shaking his head are very telling…. Come on Good Guys…. j.k.

I have had the game on since it started, but this is the first I got to sit and watch-
Oh my God- Did Crede get a good tan in Texas, Oh its Uribe!

Don’t get any ideas Juan!
Don’t get any ideas Kenny Williams!

Let me offer you some advice Mr. Williams (not from a fan point, but from a womans point) This four days off you will have some time to think about it.
Women Love Crede, women like to go to the games to see Crede. And when women go to games, they let their Husbands and boyfriends go to the games.
If you don’t resign Crede, you will lose a large population of your woman fanbase (not me, I love Jo Jo, but I love the White Sox more – sorry Joe) if women don’t want to go to the ballpark – then, yes, they will make their Husbands, boyfriends or whoever stay home and watch Dirty Dancing for the 100th time.
Women are like men (we are visual creatures, too)
Now, would you pay to see fat ugly woman jello wrestle?
So, Mr. Williams, unless you are going to get Bradd Pitt to play third, my suggestion is to resign Crede.

A few more thoughts, have a ladies night out at the ballpark – or a ladies day (you have kids day) Have a ladies day, so only ladies are allowed to get autographs.

As much as men think they are the head of the household, women are the ones who control the money, and we like to spend the money! So give us something to spend money on! How about a Calender with the guys wearing just boxers (I know I would pay aleast $50) Or better yet – how about one game a year they could play in just boxers! (I would pay atleast $100 to see that)
If you ever need a marketing director, give me a call.

Oh, and if you ever get rid of Cox, I’m available, I could be the first woman 3rd base coach!


The game is not lost (yet). Assuming that it will be, you can point to the defense as the reason. You can point to the shaky pitching as the reason. You can point to the lack of situational hitting as the reason. We should have at least an 11-7 lead, but we don’t….. Rest up good. Come back ready to play good ball and start a streak.. That’s all for me for a few days. Enjoy your week White Sox Blog Fans…. j.k.

I am sickened by the excuses over the fast infield. It is the same for both teams for goodness sakes.

Konerko should be fined heavily for that pickoff play…and going 0-5. Juany hasn’t played in 2 months and he came through with a big hit.

Always have trouble in Texas. Thank god they have the break coming.

Been a big PK fan his whole career. That said Ozzie needs to sit him, maybe for the rest of the year. I know he was hurt for part (most) of the first half, but come on. Since he has returned he has made at least three bonehead plays in the field (the throwing error today on a pick-ff was atrocious) and except for one game his offense is in the tank (as it has been all year). He doesn’t seem to have his head in the game at all. We are a much better team without him playing than we are when he plays. Send him to Charlotte and bring up Josh Fields (even Casey Rugowski). Sorry PK but the team is way more important than you are. We have carried you for the first half and can’t afford to have you taking up a valuable roster spot if you are not going to perform.

That mother ******* ****** ******* ********** son of a bitch loser! How many ************* times does this guy have to burn our tushies before he doesn’t play anymore. Tying run on second and this ******* ****** swings at ball four and takes strike three. This jerk goes 0-6 in a ******* park that the stupid ******* announcer has been saying is such a great place to hit in. Sure Thome and Quentin also made outs in the 9th but at least they came through on multiple occasions earlier in the game. This ****** should not be allowed back to the park on Friday. I am going to that game and I will be booing his sally ****** *** the whole ******* game. terrible in the field , terrible at the plate….a left handed pitcher on the mound this jerk can’t hit him..we cut pablo who hits 350 against lefties for this ****** and he ******* stinks. The whole organization should be taken to task for signing this ******* back in the fall of 05! I didn’t want his candy *** then, I dont want it now and I hope that he never EVERRRRRRRRRRR comes back to the cell AGAIN!

And screw you TC I am not cleaning up my language for this mother ******* ******. He sucks and i can’t stand him and he ruined my ******* day that ******* ruiner ******


This and that:

1. Jose Contreras has issues, serious issues and it would behoove Kenny and Ozzie to take a long hard look at this situation over the break. The trade deadline is in 2 1/2 weeks, they may need to try to get a starting pitcher.

2. Ozzie based on his comments yesterday, apparently is going to be watching Konerko closely. You could see a change there soon after the break. Today’s performance didn’t help Paulie’s cause.

3. Nice to see the club tee off on a no-name pitcher today, unfortunately Contreras was worse.

4. This team looks tired, more mentally then physically the past few days. Three errors today didn’t help…the break is coming at a good time.

4. Thank God Detroit won a game.

All in all I guess, 3-3 on the road trip isn’t that bad. Sox in first at the late All Star Break. It’s a two team race now gang. Sox and Minnesota. Ity’ll be decided I think by those seven games head to head starting at the end of the month.

Enjoy the break. I think everyone needs it.

Mark Liptak

kenwo…..your an idiot. that’s all i’m going to say, just an idiot. i’ll bet you never even played baseball. can’t wait to see who you want to throw overboard tomorrow.

for the rest of us, you better hope, just like we did with thome, that PK gets his swing back, cause they ain’t going to sit him down. No how, no way, aint gonna happen. PK needs to look himself in the mirror and get it right, and right away. he is way too inconsistent to help this team at the moment and he had three chances today to drive in runs.

we got the second half of this season to worry about. we can all speculate on who they trade to whom after the season is over. whether its PK, Thome, or Spot the wonderdog, none of that matters right now. What matters is winning games.

no damage done as the twins lost today as well. it looks like this thing will take 162 games to decide.

Must say never a Uribe liker but I would be happy to have Uribe at 3rd base and trade Crede. Why , because Juan has a better arm, would field wonderfully and I think that he would hit about the same as Crede in the 2nd half, just my opinion. Award for the worst game Alexei, why because after getting moved to the important 2nd spot he hits into 2 double plays almost 3 when his job should have been moving the runners up with a bunt or hitting to right and give Carlos the 3 and 4 hitters a chance to do some damage. PK gets a very close terrible 2nd for worst of game. I really like Alexei but he is a rookie and needs a little more direction, come on Ozzue get on him.


Like you I hope Konerko can get his mind together and start playing but I wouldn’t take a bet about sitting him down. Ozzie was already directly quoted yesterday by Mark Gonzales as “thinking” about doing it. Swisher would go to first and Anderson and Wise would split time in center.

As much as Paul has done for the Sox and the type of person he is, Ozzie won’t risk blowing a division or losing the rest of the team by trotting him out there day after day to fail.

Mark Liptak

Also the Sox would get a good prospect for Crede at the least. Crede is a little suspect this yr. after the back operation for the 2nd half. Must say Uribe is making somewhat of a believer out of me this yr. He has played in the field great 2nd , short, or third. His average is low but that was all cold weather baseball.

Swas I was a multiple time all star throughout my little league career. Won 5 championships- 4 in a row- thats more in a row than MJ…Went to high school and was just outstanding for 3 of the 4 years…jr. year being the exception. Didn’t have enough heat to get drafted unfortunately. Played in a highly competitive semi pro league on the south side that sent many players to the Thunderbolts and dominated on the hill for the most part in that league too until I blew out my shoulder last fall. No i never got paid to play but for 20 years I was one of the best area players on the south side. I know my way around the baseball field. I spotted when Linebrink couldn’t pitch in the 9th inning. I know that Konerko makes the white sox a worse team and if you don’t think he does then you are the one who has never played.

I have to agree with Kenwo. I said it in April and now I am convinced. Konerko and Thome are holding this team back. This team will not win the division with them in the lineup.


You may be right but the problem is the Sox can’t dump them (they won’t eat their salary), their trade value is very low right now and what are you going to do to replace them?

I’m curious who you think might be available in trade at the deadline for the Sox to replace them with.

Mark Liptak

0 for 6, so much for a good day yesterday…

Mark L, you seem to know a lot of facts and figures, so help me out with this……

how many times have the sox been in first place at the all-star break and made it to the playoffs?

All right! We’re still in first place and its the All Star Break? Great work guys. Let’s keep it going for the second half. Have a great break (except our All Stars, have a great game, guys, and win it for the AL).

Phew!! Everyone take a deep breath and concentrate all your good thoughts on the Sox winning the second half. So glad to be here on top of the heap, yes indeedy!!


Great question. That will take some work though. Right off the top of my head though I know the Sox were in first place at the All Star Break in both 1984 and 2004 and failed to make the post season.

Mark Liptak

Remember about 6 weeks ago when Swisher was up in the same situation had a chance to tie a game with a 3-2 count he tried to take a walk rather than swing for the hit. Same thing today. Exactly the same cowardly act by Konerko. For Swisher that was rock bottom. We came home and beat up on KC and got him going upwards. I sure hope Konerko just experienced the same rock bottom. If he did then we are OK with him in the lineup, but if today was not rock bottom then he needs to sit. Hopefully Ozzie will stick to his word. If Konerko has any pride at all a benching might light a fire under his butt. After wathcing that pitch to end today’s game though I’m not sure he does, but we’ll see.

I hope these guys get rested up over the break. Considering this trip easily could have been 0-6 (after we tried to give away our only win in Texas and the ugly ones in KC) I am OK with a 3-3 trip. Still in first, but need to take care of business in the second half.

Jose Contreras has seen his ERA climb from 2.76 on June 5th to 4.60 as of the end of today’s game. Over 7 starts his ERA went up nearly 2 runs. Contreras in his time here has proven to be extremely streaky, and the streaks last for half the season or more. Remember his crazy long winning streak followed by him being so bad for half a season that many wanted him gone. The way he has gone out there lately and spotted teams leads is a big problem. We get him runs and he gives them back and more. And to make it worse the manager leaves him out there.

This guy needs to wear a leash so short that Guillen should be standing on the mound behind him. Masset should have been in there earlier, like the second inning. And why take Masset out when he retires 6 in a row with only 20 pitches and got you out of a serious jam in the 5th. That was the best pitching all day and we cut it short.

Unfortunately there probably is not a market for a most likely 50 something pitcher who knows his best pitch is not effective when he throws it sidearm, but he still does it anyways. Your best bet is probably in the minors with Lance Broadway if they decide to do something with Contreras. Clayton Richard has been very good since his promotion to Charlotte, but he is probably not ready to be thrown into a pennant race yet. Not sure if Braodway would be either, but we would not have many other options. That being said we are probably stuck with Contreras, and with Guillen letting him stand out there and shoot himself in the foot every outing.

I have always said it is ok to have one of Konerko or Thome not both. Obviously Thome has made that decision easy. He stays. Slownerko is out. Close the case and enjoy your all star break. I predict Justin Morneau to win the derby and the AL to win the game.

Stick with Contreras. He will be alright. He has been left out to dry in 2 starts which have really raised his ERA (Texas and Cubs). Floyd was also terrible in Texas and Danks numbers didn’t look that good (even though he pitched better than his numbers). I have always been a Contreras guy and I would rather have him start a game in a pennant race than Lance Broadway. Take the experience. Same reason why Orlando Hernandez made the postseason roster over that other over rated white sox Brandon McCarthy a few years back.

Kenwo, I agree that I would rather roll the dice with Contreras down the stretch over a Lance Broadway or someone with less experience. I just fear that the way he is throwing from the side is because he has lost his best stuff when he comes over the top. But like I said he streaks for months so who is to say he does not go out and pitch like a #1 come September and carry us in the playoffs. I think the Sox have no choice but to roll the dice that way. I just wish Guillen would be more proactive, and as you say not leave him hang out to dry. If he looks like garbage in the second inning get Masset in there, or even try Carrasco again after what he was able to do Friday.

Jose’s ERA has increased every single start since June 5th. Yeah he had a couple real stinkers, but to not be able to improve once in 7 starts is not a good streak. During that time it has been 37 runs in 37 2/3 innings for an ERA slightly under 9.00.


jimd hits the nail on the head with his “josie” numbers. “our guy” josie has an ERA of 8+ over his last 7 starts. kinda hard to argue about not getting enough runs when your leaving the door open like that.

mark l, last season josie was what? 10-17?.

kenwo, i agree that the josie we saw in 2005/2006 was “the man”, but the version we have now seems tired and worn out. as i’ve posted before, if cooper cannot coach this guy to leave his sidearm delivery in the locker room then it will be another long year for josie. having said that we can’t trade him, so we best hope he can find a way to deliver some quality starts that result in some “W’s” for this team.

in yesterday’s game, i was amazed how the team kept battling back. “josie” spotted the rangers 7 runs….7, and we refused to give up. amazing. the rally in the 9th was inspiring.

this team will need all the support we can give it. no matter what any of us say, to be sitting at 54-40 (57.44%) and in first place when we were picked for no better than 4th has to please us. we can argue about all the games they should have won and everyone is right to be frustrated when we blow chances to win.

at this pace, we end up with 93 wins. kansas city comes to town and we should get a good start to the 2nd half. yell loudly and often and let’s win this thing!!!!


How about packaging Konerko and Buehrle for a solid starting pitcher and releasing Thome out right (no way he gets enough at bats for his option to kick in anyhow)? Than move Swish to first and Anderson to CF, Wise to RF and JD to DH. Faster lineup, better defensively and certainly don’t lose from an AVG. perspective. Keep Uribe as a backup who has pop and great defense.



You nailed the turning point of yesterday’s “Wrigley Field” game where both teams looked horrible and forgot how to play baseball.

It came when Ozzie pulled Masset after two strong innings and inserted Boone Logan. Why? We are off for the next four days. Why can’t Masset throw a third or even fourth inning? He was the first pitcher on either side to pitch consecutive scoreless innings.

Once Logan came in, Texas scored three runs.

I know that every team does it and it is not just Ozzie, but I will never understand why pitchers have to be used in such strict patterns.

Also, if I had a nickel for every time Hawk and DJ talked about the “fast” turf, I would have enough money to buy out Konerko’s contract and take all the Konerko-bashers off the ledge.

One more ignorant outburst like Kenwo’s from above and we’ll be lucky that this board remains in existence. The White Sox and MLB created this board and they can shut it down at any time.

People have to realize that the White Sox have given them a medium like this to express their views. C’mon, how many business organizations would create their own board, attach it to their own official web site, and then allow their customers to not only rip them but also fill a post with inappropriate language?

And how many would allow the worst offender who, after having his crude remark censored, then re-type it and replace the “o” with a “0” just to get it past the automatic censor?

Kenwo, first of all, you have no game. Secondly, if you keep trying to play games with this site, you will ruin it for all the rest of the people who enjoy it.

Hey, I was mad yesterday too. I threw out a few obscenities at my TV (mostly after the 950th time that Hawk and DJ blamed the “fast” turf) and I got just as disgusted as you.

But I didn’t post those feelings.

Let’s just hope that somebody at 35th and Shields doesn’t tell Scott to put an end to this board. Because we have all found out that there is no end to your childlike and loutish behavior.


Buehrle is still a very solid member of the rotation. If you release Thome (whom to his credit has raised his average into the high .240’s the last few weeks…) you have to pay him and the Sox generally don’t like to do that. (‘Don’t like’ is probablyto mild a word.)

I like the idea of bringing more speed to the lineup but I don’t think Wise is the answer. He’s a bench player, one who is suited to playing only once or twice a week. Play him more then that and he suffers.

I think myself (have no proof of this, just a feeling) that Kenny is looking for starting pitching right now more than trying to bring in another hitter. Contreras is wilting in the heat like last year. I think some decent pitchers will be available (i.e. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Diego – Maddux anyone?) the question is can Kenny put together enough to get one?

Mark Liptak

For what it’s worth, apparently there was a radio report Sunday (WSCR) that Kenny is “interested” in a pitcher on a contending team.

Speculation is that the pitcher in question is Daniel Cabrera of the Orioles.

Mark Liptak

Any possibility that pitcher from a contending team could be Jason Marquis? The Sox still have a couple days to deal Ozuna and I’ve heard the Cubs are interested. The Cubs now have like 6 or 7 starting pitchers. He and Cabrera have very similar numbers. Marquis costs about 4 mil more so I’m sure the Sox would rather have the cheaper Cabrera, but that would probably also be why Baltimore would want to keep him.

Why in gods name would the cubs be interested in Ozuna. They have Fontinot, Theriot, Cedeno, De Rosa…doesn’t make sense to me

And TC there is one person associated with the white sox that swears more than I do….your very own manager Ozzie Guillen. He is the face of the franchise so i highly doubt that the swearing bothers anyone on 35th and shields. so stop being a stroke and relax. Or do you want them to fire Ozzie because he is childish? Are you Jay Mariotti in disguise?

It was brought up last week because of how successful he has been against Sabathia. I also would not be shocked to see the Cubs deal one of those guys, most likely Cedeno for bullpen help that they desperately need.

Random thoughts before a week’s withdrawal from The Summer Game (apologies to Roger Angell…)

1) Decaf coffee from now on for kenwo… PLEASE !!!

2) kiernan… Jennifer, you are wasting your time in Crown Point…(I was going to do an easy, cheap gag about CP…but… why get the Chamber of Commerce mad at me?…Howard Sprague and Goober have much better things to do…)You should be working putting videos together someplace… very, very good work…and I would say… bring the kids, bring your equal half… come with us to Blog Night III… I want to meet a creative, passionate fan of the WS…and of Joltin’ Joe from Westphalia, Mo… as well, I don’t think Stone Pony minds being called that… it is a compliment to Linda Rondstadt’s band of the ’70’s…right, Lip?

Now, to the “games people play” … Saturday, I had much more important personal business to conduct…(OH,BOY, DID I EVER!!! You folks will meet her on Blog NIght III…)so I leave the boys alone… I come back yesterday (TOLD you I was busy…), read Mark Gonzales game story in the Trib and say to myself: “Did they bring Marmol in to pitch the last two innings?”(BTW, when Marmol was chosen to replace K Wood on the AS team, the players got it wrong…instead of voting for who should replace Wood, the players thought they were voting for “Which pitcher do you like kicking the a** of for the last month?”…)Then I read where Alexi makes a phenominal play to end it in the nick (Swisher)of time…(Sorry… got confused with Bummer Berman for a split second… OH, will HE be in his glory at the HR Derby tonight in the South Bronx…)

Now to yesterday’s debacle… the only things missing from yesterday’s hit parade were Snooky Lanson and Dorothy Collins(yet ANOTHER arcane reference, remembered only by jk and yours truly…)

Ozzie put it best in the Trib this AM…”… Anybody who pitched in this big-league game should be embarassed…This isn’t big-league baseball…”

The big Cuban horse needs to take that sidearm crap and throw it in the garbage… because that is all it is…

BOTH teams played with their heads up their collective a**es… pitching—lousy, fielding—lousy…clutch hitting—WHAT clutch hitting ???

I think we ALL could use a respite… Friday will be here soon enough… then hostilities will resume…

And, by the way… so will the games…

I, too, get the feeling that Kenny is working on getting another starter. He knows how close this team is and that the Contreras of the last month is not going to help us win the division.

I also have a hunch that Ozzie will give Konerko one more week — the home series with KC and Texas — to get his timing back. If no improvement by then, I would expect to see Konerko become a part-time player, facing tough lefties when Thome sits down and occasionally playing first. At least it would give us a threatening right-handed bat with some power on the bench. With 12 of our 25 players being pitchers, it is sometimes scary to realize that our current bench consists of our backup catcher, a backup infielder with a little pop in his bat, a great defensive outfielder for late inning situations, and one left-handed hitter that can pinch run.

Oh and Jennifer,

Yes I did watch your video before I made that last post in your direction. You obviously put in a lot of time and effort and the end result was very good and professional.

Pay no attention to TQ’s wisecracks about Crown Point. As a native of our neighboring state, I can join you and Ron Kittle in pointing out to Quaid that Indiana has produced some solid members of what he calls White Sox Universite.

Jose C. it is easy early on to see if he is leaving his split finger up, if he leaves that pitch up he gets clobbered. So the short leash is easy but Ozzie does not have a quick hook, Ozzie needs a quick hook to save Jose. C. and the team if he is not on. Is that so hard, be flexible. I have not seen Jose turn a starte around once he goes down hill, so again easy Hook when off. Floyd cannot handle good left handed hitters, he is lights out against righies when on. That is a bit of a problem with a team like the rangers. Really sox only have Danks and Mark B to rely on down the stretch for starters , Vazquez if he would pitch inside to right handed hitters , he only pitches inside to lefthanded hitters ,it seems from watching him. I think it would be a good idea to spot starte a guy like Floyd against certain teams. Sox need another pitcher or they need to get real creative using those that they have. ex. spot starte certain pitchers like Floyd against certain teams, rest him against other like rangers and bring up some one here and there for a spot starte and see how they do. Or trade for a good pitcher? I like the comments of late they seem well directed by posters.

By the way I bet most people here were pretty sure that JOse C. was going to get hammered his texas starte. So why not bring up someone or starte Masset , and rest Jose for a turn. Why not do somethings like that?

For your information, tc… the word is Universe, not Universite…

But I guess that J Danforth Quayle isn’t the only native Hoosier who, at times, cannot correctly spel…(mistake intended…) ๐Ÿ™‚


Sometimes my fingers work about as fast (and as well) as Kenwo’s mouth.

I tried to correct my spelling but was so fast that I had already hit the SUBMIT tab.

Or maybe I was trying to find the Spanish word for universe???? You have a Spanish thesaurus handy??????

This distraction that kept you from watching Saturday night must really be something. After all, for TQ — the Dalai Lama of White Sox UNIVERSE — to miss a rare WGN telecast of the Chicago American League Ballclub is unheard of.

Reifert better make sure that paramedics are nearby on Blog Night III. It sounds like TQ’s heart may have more than a murmur.


I just can’t see an Ozuna / Marquis “trade” developing. Never say never but it seems a real, real long shot.

Mark Liptak

However here’s something to “consider.” Still think it’s a very, very, very long shot but you know Kenny…he’s always looking at pitching.

There was a report on KYCY1550AM in the bay area. as well as a report on XM radio that the Sox had several scouts at the A’s game yesterday to specifically to look at Justin Duchscherer and started talking with the A’s about a deal.

I do know Ken Rosenthal mentioned the other day that Justin will be traded.

Feel free to speculate.

Mark Liptak

The Sox might have to offer a share of their beer profits to get Duchscherer. They certainly don’t have enough in the farm system to pull that off. Does this mean we would be getting Gio Gonzalez back too??? LOL!!!

Speculating on Duchscherer is yummy. Let’s look at where the A’s need help and the Sox have an embarrassment of riches – shortstop. Maybe they’d like Uribe and some prospects? Just a crazy thought…

Maybe Billy Beane sees what only a few of us on this blog see in Uribe.

Tom and TC- I don’t mind you making fun of CP – We moved here five years ago – I grew up in Orland/Tinley Park – lived in Mount Greenwood for awhile – when I had my first baby – we wanted to find a nice neighborhood, (not that Orland isn’t nice, but a little pricey) and my Husband wanted to live on a lake – so searching and searching I found Lake of Four Seasons ( – it’s a gated community. We are on the Golf Course. I have no idea how good the golf course is – I have never golfed (except for mini-golf) – so any of you golfers, try it out, stop by for a beer, we’re on the 14th hole. It’s nice.

You really thought the video was good? Thanks – it only took a couple hours – I am going to do another of the whole team.

I’m just a talented person๐Ÿ™‚
Check out the beds I build (


Here is a cheap option who would prove as insurance to any of the white sox starters, has proven worthy of pitching in the world series and has a good reputation with the team….Freddy Garcia.

He has been working out and is about ready to make a decision. How bout the sox look into him? I would rather have him than Daniel Cabrera.

Duchscherer? That’ll cost a pound of flesh and a half…… Wouldn’t mind it for that kid though.

I would trade Crede and PK to the dodgers for Clayton Kershaw. Dodgers might be interested and PK might accept the trade. Sox would get a good prospect for Crede and dump salary with PK. It is hard to speculate too much on trades because we do not have direct access to GMs and scouting reports from the minors.

Something I just read – when the Yankees played Blue Jays, there were Fans holding up Madonna pics in a couple rows back of their dug-out, FUNNY!

Is anyone watching the Home Run Derby? Wow! Josh Hamilton hit 28 in the first round!

Maybe we could trade someone for the 71 year old pitcher that is pitching to Josh Hamilton, something like 60 pitches and still throwing strikes.

Great idea Jen…. Oh wait, if he pitches for the Sox and gives up 28 dingers in his first game for us. … Hmm maybe someone else….

I watched the first four or five minutes of your video and it was ok, but since I like Joe but don’t adore him, I tuned out. Is there more I missed later on? … What’s the deal with Crown Point? It sounds like a nice community from what you said. Am I missing something?

Duscherer? Garcia? Somebody else? I think dleeun was advocating spot-starting someone like Masset or Carasco, not Floyd who is already a starter. Unless you go back to the days of Wilber Wood, you won’t see a starter pitch back to back games. I do agree though, it would be nice to get a more stable guy to take Jose’s spot. I think Kenny knows what he’s doing though… Look at trading the “untouchable” McCarthy, moving Freddie and trading Jon. Those deals worked out for the Sox. Let’s wait and see…. Four days and counting to KC…… Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

There was a story about ten days ago in the Tribune quoting Ozzie directly as saying that the Sox had “internal discussions” about Garcia and decided for now to “pass” on him.

He is supposed to audition at the end of the month for scouts. Reportedly the Yankees, Mets and Tigers are very interested in him.

Mark Liptak

Not really sure – tomquaid said I was wasting my time here-
The end of the video I added a homerun of Joe, I thought it was pretty cool!

Did anyone watch the HR Derby tonight? I think it’s a rip that Morneau won. Hamilton hit twice as many homeruns as that twinkie and he didn’t win. Stupid rules. Plus, Hamilton should have one for that cute pitcher he had! What a great story that is!


Here’s the link to all the jokes – warning – some are very bad!

Anyone going to Picnic in the Park?????????????

Morneau deserved to win. He hit more when it counted. You don’t give the championship to the team who wins the most games in the regular season. If Hamilton should have won, then the same logic would say that the Patriots should have won the Superbowl. That’s not how sports works. Congrats to Morneau.

And you guys think no one likes our boys!

Jen, loved your video, and best wishes to Joe and Carlos in the All Star game tomorrow!

ESPN must be a little nutsy. I am a white sox fan and there is no way i would vote the sox number 1 in power rankings. top 6-

1. Angels
2. Red Sox
3. White Sox
4. Twins
5. Devil Rays
6. Cubs

kenwo – Where did all the LOVE go???????
Do you need a group hug?

Thanks – Peggy!

Just another heads up, Scott:
White Sox in July:
6-3 when you post
1-2 when you don’t post

The power rankings came out before the start of the Texas series, and were based on a week in which we won four games in a row. I think that is why we took the #1 spot. I’m sure we will not be there next week. Boston and the Angels both lost three games that week, so that is why neither of them made it above us. Remember, ESPN is putting a lot more emphasis on recent success this year. I’m surprised Tampa only fell to #2.

Guys like Thome, Crede, PK and Dye are in the lineup for one reason to hit with power. They cannot run, or bunt and are poor at situational hitting. That leaves them mostly one dimensional, if they are not hitting they are hurting, the club. Thome at least takes his walks. That one dimensional approach really sinks the team when those guys go in a funk. That needs to be changed as I have said before.

The Sox need at least one more lefthanded hitter with a good on base percentage, speed, and that can bunt and move runner up. Richar, Getz, Owens, or someone in a trade like b. roberts, move alexei to center or 3rd base if the sox got Roberts. However it is done the team needs to be more balanced.

Scamm – Did you need a group hug, too??

Why would I need a hug?

Anyone watching the All-Star Game? Did Lou Pinella get boo’d, it sounded as though he got boo’d!

Did anyone see my JoJo, he said hi to his Mom, what a sweetheart!!

Scam – Because you sound like Kenwo, you can’t just humor me – you guys always have to be so negative (re – ESPN)


You better take that comment back – saying Scam sounded like Kenwo. I’m not sure he’ll appreciate that too much!

: )


They probably didn’t boo him. When he played, they’d cal LOOOUUUUUUUUUUU which often sounded like Boo…

Jen, you will learn that many of us here are not big fans of the Eastern Sports Programming Network (ESPN). Anyone see how they are running this promo going from city to city to determine who is “Title Town” I did not see when they did Chicago, but I heard that the White Sox of 2005 where not even spoken about. They showed a few highlights in their reel, but they spent time talking about the Cubs failures.

That was like work!!!! I hope Jen was happy with all the shots of her “Guy Joe”…. Night all…. j.k.

OK, Sox fans, we’ll have home field advantage for our World Series again this year๐Ÿ™‚

Marie…you are right. I don’t appreciate that. I am 10 times smarter baseball wise than he is. Anyway….why does everyone think I am anti Sox now? I have been saying that since probably christmas time (maybe a little later) I think they will win the division. That hasn’t changed. Just think they would be better off without Konerko.

Our White Sox guys didn’t do anything tonight! I expected Carlos to win the game multiple times. Thank goodness Young’s fly was deep enough to score Morneau…I didn’t want Carlos looking even worse. Home field in the series for the AL…thats always good. Now I am going to be extremely board the next 2 nights. No white sox, no wrestling, no chef ramsey…maybe I will go see Motley Crue tomorrow nite!

By the way…what is the over/under on how many shirts bud selig went through sweating out this long game. I would say at least 3. Scott Kazmir (although he won the game) should not have been active if he didn’t want to pitch. This is something that should be ironed out before the game. I say if you can’t go at least 2 innings don’t bother showing up. I usually don’t give the Cubs credit, but at least Kerry Wood realized he wasn’t going to be able to go and gave up his spot. He still got recognized for being there. This should have been done with Kazmir and Brandon Webb. Also, I think Terry Francona should be embarrassed on how he ran through pitchers. He basically wasted Frankie Rodriguez and Jonathan Pappelbon…. I am thinking that more starting pitchers should be taken and maybe only one or 2 closers. Something has to be done if they are going to continue saying “this game means something”.

I am finally done with my 2nd video (it took about a day and a half) But, I am really proud of it!

I think you all will love it!

That was an enjoyable video. Thanks Jen for all the great pics and memories. Now it’s off to jury duty for me…. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Something interesting that I just read in the mlb logs –

(I have made it up to Union Square. I had hoped to knock these off earlier in the day and finish at the Statue of Liberty but not to be, had to double the mileage in looping back instead. That is a pretty decent little run, from SoHo to Union Square. The White Sox statue was unmistakeable, the only black-and-white feel as you noticed it. There is a big white sock on the tablet — all of the tablets had interesting artwork symbolism — and someone wrote in marker on the sock: “Sox Suck!” It was the only instance I saw of defacement on the Statues on Parade. One of the first people I told was Scott Reifert, the team’s Vice President of Communications and our own great purveyor of White Sox Insider. I know he will agree that the perp was unquestionably a Cubs fan running loose in Union Square, as the White Sox defaced the previously pristine Cubs during Interleague Play. I like the silver arm holding the torch, with the half-black, half-silver face.)

Hey dbrusa – were you in New York?

You are absolutely right. I did see that promo for “titletown” and was totally DISGUSTED not to mention P.O.’d about that stupid montage they had abundant with shots of Michael Jordan, Harry Carey those frickin losers on the North Side but not ONE montage featuring the White Sox. All it showed was a bunch of hands hoisting up the World Series trophy in reference to winning the Championship in 2005. How disrespectful!!!! I HATE ESPN they truly suck and I hope they all contract genital warts and herpes too!!!! LOL!

Just Sickening!!!!!!

Lisa M.

Notes on (with apologies to Eugene O’Neill) “Long Night’s Journey Into Day”…

First off, I think that FOX is STILL introducing HOF and their counterparts… a classy thing to do, but still in all…

Luis Aparicio looks DAMN good for his age… I STILL have the fondest of memories of him and Nelson Fox turning DP’s when I was a wee lad…

Alphabetically, FOX screwed up… it should have been Crede, THEN Quentin… but, semantics… right?

Every time they showed a close up of # 24 from the WS, either at bat (once…THANKS FOR NOTHING,Terry…)in the field (maybe once…)or in the dugout (about 25 times… but I might be exaggerating a bit…) the ratings in Crown Point, Indiana went through the roof… as did one of the occupants…right, Jennifer?…

The All-Star “Horseshoe Up The Hiney” award goes, hands down, to Aaron Cook of the Rockies… As Farmio would say, “He should go looking for wallets after he’s done.”…

It took Josh Groban as long to sing “God Bless America” as it did to play the damned game(but, yet AGAIN, I might be exaggerating a wee bit…)… they should’ve brought Cheryl Crow out again… she’s nicer to look at, as well…

In the late innings, it started to resemble that game in Texas Sunday… because it appeared that NEITHER team wanted to win it…

Instead of playing “New York,New York” by Sinatra as they always do… I thought they should’ve played another of his classics… the one that starts… “… It’s quarter to three, there’s no one in the place except you and me…”… because that was ALMOST the time when the game ended(once AGAIN, a bit of exaggeration…)…

Come on,now, come clean… how many of you wanted TCQ to finish it off against rag-arm Marmol when he had the chance?… every year, my fervent hope is that the Sox players chosen do not do anything to embarass themselves or the organization or the fans… and that they have a chance to do something big against a Flubs pitcher…well, you can’t have it your way every year…

At the end of the night… very convenient, by the way,since I had already taken my sleeping pills and vowed to turn the game off if it got any later… Young Buck said…”…the most relieved man in this ball park is that man (Terry Francona)…because he doesn’t have to bring out Scott Kazmir to pitch another inning…”… What, like Kazmir’s arm is made out of gold?… Hell, folks, back in the day, pitchers who had pitched two days before were volunteering to pitch in a crucial spot… just anyone ask Robin Roberts or any of the others from “the golden age”…

When Young Buck said that, I was thinking the exact same thing that kenwo was (GOOD GRIEF, Charlie Brown!!!)…The OTHER most relieved man in Yank-me Stadium when Morneau slid in safely… was Allan Selig, a.k.a. “Bud Light”…
because if that game didn’t end when it did…the FOX cameras would have shown the “Commish” in his ivory tower, with more than his left hand on his chin… BOTH hands would have been around his neck…because it would have been Milwaukee ’02 all over again…

Finally, anyone else notice the similarity to the first ball ceremony last night to the AS game at Fenway a few years ago?… Ted Williams wheeled out in a golf cart, unable to stand… and last night, George Steinbrenner, same thing?…
I wonder if George’s kids are going to pay to have him cryogenically kept somewhere out West?

I agree that the ESPN “Titletown” featuring Chicago was a complete and total joke. The Sox did get a very brief montage, if you want to call it that. 3 seconds long featuring 3 clips. No respect whatsoever. And what about our spokesperson, Ditka? Did anyone else notice that he looked radioactive? Seriously, try sunscreen next time!

Interesting game last night. Amazing pitching, when you think about it… especially from the Rockies Cook. Just glad the AL took it… again!

TQ, I’m shocked that you have time to post. Aren’t other things occupying your time as of late? :o)

Tom – Yes, he looked so cute! His wife is a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky woman!


Check out my new white sox tribute video!

Tom – You notice no Joe Morgan in that ridiculously long intro ceremony yesterday? Was he protesting because there were other second basemen there and he could not stand alone? As far as he is concerned he should be the only one in the HOF.

Also, anyone see Willie Mays stiff Josh Hamilton when he went to shake his hand?

With Francona getting ready to hand the ball over to Longoria and Hurdle to hand it to David Wright I don’t need any more proof that the ASG should not mean anything. Of course MLB and Fox will put their spin on it and how it was such an exciting game so that they can extend the agreement for this game to count for hime field in the WS.

I watched your newest video and I really liked it a lot. However, if Joe sees it, he’s going to think you are liking AJ more! HA HA!

You did a really good job putting it all together. Where did you get all those photos? The only suggestion I would make is near the end, the photos changed so fast and they were such good pictures that I wish there were a little slower so I could get a better look at them.


Marie (I got it right this time) – I like AJ’s presentation – he’s what a man should be – And Joe is so fricken hot – but I think he’s a little bit of a mama’s boy (Can I have both) Can’t believe I just wrote that! There’s alot of pics of Ozzie too, (who I love, too – I love them all – they’re my boys) It just seems Ozzie and AJ get the most publicity. It’s like a story – listen to the words as it plays. As for the pics going fast – I tried to make it to the beat of the music. Youtube doesn’t play it as good as windows media player – where the pics come out better!

Sorry to AJ and Joe’s wife for that last comment – I am not a homewrecker – I have a husband and 3 kids that I love with all my heart! Just one of many fantasy’s!!

I read that Pablo became a free agent after he declined his demotion to charlotte. Good for him I wouldn’t have accepted that either. He will catch on somewhere else and be fine. Going to miss him eventually on our club. Still think they should have kept him and sent down anderson with the surplus of outfielders.

Marie – I have to say I took the pics myself๐Ÿ™‚

I’m still not sure how I was being negative, but oh well. And if you haven’t noticed yet, Ken’s comments lack basic human respect that most 8 year olds possess. I, on the other hand, prefer to keep my dignity.

Jim, not only did they spend more time covering the Cubs during the Title Town segment, they actually set up their broadcast for it at Wrigley Field. Then when they asked Ditka to make an argument for Chicago he started off by saying, “Well I know we haven’t won any championships recently…” I thought he would have at least mentioned the team that he co-owns. The whole segment was just embarrassing.


Oh, and it’s me singing the song, too!!๐Ÿ™‚

Scam –
How long to I have to keep telling you ALL – that cubs fans are an embarrassment to Chicago – Daly needs to send them to Wisconsin – or better yet Amsterdam – where all the other cub fans are – they could be one big happy family!

Who is the one that is getting married and going on their Honeymoon in Oct? Is that you Scam?

I like having Cubs fans around. They make me feel better about myself.

That would not be me. I should probably find a girlfriend before I start thinking marriage.

Three comments on this day of absolutely no baseball — not even a HR-hitting contest.

A) The only thing longer than the game last night (and early this morning) was Quaid’s post.

B) Jen, in the interest of fairness and equal time, I think we need to have your husband post and tell us what two hot chicks he is fantasizing about. Does he make videos, too??

C) For those who don’t like the ASG determining home field. — How is it any more unfair than the old method of alternating every year? Like Commissioner Selig said, “It’s not like we like replaced a great scientific method (or something to that effect).”

If it weren’t for the home field, do you really think the players would have played that hard for 15 innings? Would any of us (okay, most of us) had stayed up to watch it all the way to the end? Okay, maybe us because we all are lacking real lives and that’s why we post on this board!!!!!! But not the majority of baseball fans.

A very entertaining game. First all-star game I have watched to the end in many, many years. Other than the ’03 game and I was attending that one.

They’re surrounding me – I can’t even take a walk without bumping into one of them – I love when I call them a loser for being a cub fan – they say “well, I like both” That’s like someone saying “I like The Bears and the Packers” or “Ya, I like woman – but I also like men”

tc – I could tell you around 10 – his top 2 – Pam Anderson and Lisa Boyle – my husband is the most male
chauvinist – everyone woman should be a size 0 and have big boobs. I could tell you some stories.

TC – Like every other professional sport home field should be determined by the team with the best record.

This is not totally a problem created by Selig and MLB. It is because of the TV contact with Fox. They pay a ton of money for the MLB rights and the ratings for the ASG were awful before they made the change. If viewers don’t watch advertisers don’t buy commercial time. They had to make it watchable.

Rather than determine homefield why not have them playing for some sort of financial benefit. If MLB is raking in as much as they claimed to in 2007 I’m sure they could throw out 25k or so for each guy on the winning team. I’m sure they would stick around to collect their checks.


Another $25K means nothing to most of these guys. Hell, they spend more than that on the private jets they charter to take them to the game and then back home for a day or two before they rejoin their teams.

And best record is an even more unfair proposition. Except for a dozen-and-a-half interleague games or so, they are all playing within their own league. And as horrible as the NL is, if the best record doesn’t come out of that league there ought to be an investigation.

About the only thing else they could try would be to give home field to the league with the better interleague record. Of course, that scheduling is very imbalanced as well.

All in all, I still like the All-Star Game solution. It helped make for great theater last night. And if it helps Fox, then it helps MLB. Sure, the fans spend a lot of money on baseball but nobody puts more money in the coffers of MLB than television rightsholders. When Fox talks, MLB has to listen.

What’s the most comments posted on a single entry?

What this game ‘really’ means was in part shown by the number of fans remaining in Yankee Stadium at the end. The place was half empty. That tells you just about everything you need to know.

The all popularity contest is a joke and a farce and I’m glad that for the 25th consecutive season I didn’t watch a single minute of it.

If it’s going to count for something then start sending the best players from the first half of THIS season…not what you did last year, not because you play in a major market and not a lifetime achievement award.

A great start would be to not allow fans to vote anymore for anything. Or if fans (half of whom couldn’t even name the players say on the Pirates) must get a vote, they get ONE VOTE and one vote only.

Till then the best thing about this exhibition contest was that the Sox by and large got four much needed days of rest.

Mark Liptak

Baseball’s ASG is far from perfect but it still has a lot of tradition, gets a lot of attention and still is very entertaining. That cannot be said about any other professional sports all star games.

I was impressed that the injured players who were replaced on the roster were still there for the festivities. I doubt if there was a mass exit of players from the stadium after they were removed from the game who were making mad dashes to the airport to board their private jets. Barry Bonds used to leave these games in the top of the third and be home before the game was even over.

I’ve talked today to dozens of people who are not big baseball fans. Guess what? Many of them watched at least part of the game and were interested in waking up this morning to find out who won.

Hell, not even the players in the Pro Bowl could tell you who won last year’s football all star game. Or for that matter, the NBA or NHL all-star games.

The changes in the last few years have drawn more attention — some good and some bad — to the game and have been good for MLB.

And Mark, if you didn’t watch one minute of the game, how do you know that the stands looked half-empty?

Of course, the fact that it was 1:30 a.m. and even the people in New York have to go to work on Wednesday had nothing to do with that, I suppose.

TC, I guarantee you if there was a check ont he line they’d be there! If you can find me an athlete to turn down money he will be the first.

I’ve always liked the idea of giving it to the league with the better interleague record. However I’d be shocked if the NL got it any time soon. The AL pretty much dominates the NL.

If they want to make it count Mark is 100% right. The fans and players who vote screw it up every year. There should be 4 or 5 guys in the MLB office and they decide who plays. If they don’t do that then the game will continue to be a joke, but fortunately it is a joke that seems to fall in the AL’s favor.

I stay tuned to the game last night for two reasons. One, I wanted to see how many more errors Dan Uggla would make. Second reason, I was hoping for a train wreck. I wanted to see the chaos that would have been caused when a postion player had to pitch and a pitcher go play the field somewhere. Selig would have had egg on his face all over again.

TC – MLB is not the only joke of an allstar game. They all stink, but for some reason MLB is the only one that puts homefield advantage on the line. The other ones have no significance.

The NHL game is the only one that I like is because there is usually a lot more scoring.

And MLB is the only league that hasn’t had to move its all-star game on to cable TV, or to a Sunday afternoon, or to Hawaii in order to A) survive bad TV ratings or B) entice players to actually come.

And I still say that $25K is not enough to get these players to give up three or four off days. Shoot, they make more money than that by waking up every morning.

If you want baseball to start giving back to the fans and acknowledge how important fans are to the game, how can you ever justify taking something AWAY FROM THEM?????

C’mon, let them vote. Actually, it was the players vote that was more off base this year.

It’s not just the fans that should lose the vote, it is the players too. If the game means something then it can NOT be a popularity contest,a dn that is all it will ever be as long as fans and players get to vote. Players like Fukudome being in the starting lineup and Jason Varitek making the team (2 most glaring examples) kinda ruins the integrity of the whole thing.

Ah hell, MLB gave up on integrity years ago.

I don’t agree with the selection process all the time….most notably the stuffing of the ballot boxes by losers with no life….. but the baseball all star game is still great. I watch it every year and it is always a good time. The baseball all star game is by far the best all star game around. Last nights game was good. If you didn’t like to watch it then you missed out it was the best one in a while. And it is also awesome to be there. I went to the 03 all star game and it was just a special feeling. I am pro all star game baby! but it would have been funny to see bud take a dump in his drawls if both leagues ran out of pitchers haha

Why all the hate for Bud Selig? What has he ever done to you guys?

Baseball has thrived under him. And has he ever done anyting to harm the White Sox?

Mark L……..AMEN to that. Last night was an ALL-FAN contest, not an ALL-STAR contest.

I am not anti the all star game. I am just anti the idea that it means something like who gets game 7 of the world series in their home park. I enjoy the game, and I enjoy watching the top talent together at once. Although last night as I said I was hoping for a train wreck. Maybe a train wreck will cause some change for the good of the game.

TC do you work for Fox or MLB? Nobody is defending this except for them, and even Ken Rosenthal from Fox is insisting changes be made. Everything I read or heard in the media today has just ripped this apart.

I don’t hate Selig. He’s done some good and bad for the game. I just think this was a very rash decision because he was embarassed as to what happened in his home ballpark in Milwaukee.

No, I don’t work for Fox and I don’t work for MLB. And I don’t like everything they do.

But until they come up with a better way to give out home field for the Series or a better way to make the ASG count, then I have no problem with what they have right now.

Of course, the player selection process is flawed. But it always will be in one form or another.

If it were so bad to have the fans vote, then why do almost all the other leagues also use fan vote as part of their process?

I’m just happy that MLB still puts on an entertaining show with its ASG and that they are at least trying new ways and making changes to attempt to fix problems.

I missed the pre-game ceremonies last night but heard that they were excellent. Thinking back to last year at SF and back to the year it was at Fenway, MLB has done a great job with honoring its past greats. That is one thing that the NFL will never be able to top baseball in — the tradition and the attachment that the fans of the game have to its past stars.

Despite all of its issues, I must admit that last night’s event was really a great night for baseball.

Of course it would have been better if Quentin could have ended it with a base hit off of Marmol!!!!!!!!!

Today’s tidbit from Ozzie….”PK has done a lot of good things for us,” Guillen said. “I’m not the type of manager to give up on players just like that.”

This was made in reference to Ozzie being asked by the Daily Herald about sitting down PK if he doesn’t begin to produce right away in the 2nd half. No surprise here, as this is the same treatment Thome got. Appears to have worked for Thome, let’s hope if does for PK as well. Thome didn’t have the spate of injuries that PK has had this year.

Any truth to the rumor that KW is packaging Contreras with a salary reduction for a starting pitcher?? Others said Uribe might be included in that mix.

TC, to answer your Bud Selig question……..we dislike him because he’s probably behind the entire steriods era and he’s oblivious to the obvious. i can’t prove that the first item, but given the widespread steriod use and fact baseball was in deep trouble when buddy boy took office, makes ya wonder. On the latter item, he was quoted at the ASG saying he needed more information on maple bats before making a decision. more information? what more could he need? a player with a bat stuck in their head?

Jen, 289 and counting…..

If you take the vote away from the fans, more “fans” would not watch the game. TV revenue goes down and MLB has more problems. There is no one right answer as to how the game should be played and for what reason, but I think the current format is the most favorable to the game and the fans and it decidedly makes the players try to win unlike all the other “all-star” games…. Keep it the way it is.

Two days to go till baseball Chicago style… Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

I liked the pre game where they announced the Hall of Famers along with the starters. But I couldn’t believe it when they announced Bill Mazeroski. Most of the fans there could not have been old enough to remember Maz’s HR to beat the yanks in ’60, so why were they booing?????? I couldn’t believe it…. j.k.

The information he may need about the maple bats is just how many players will revolt against his decision!!!! Actually, there probably is a contract with a bat company that will have to be reworked and that will slightly delay any decision that he should announce.

The more I look at things, the more I realize there are two high profile jobs that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. President of the United States (Why does anybody want the pressure of that no-win position) and Commissioner of MLB. In both jobs, there will always be at least 49 percent of the people (and probably more) that think you cannot do anything right. Just ask Bill Clinton, both George Bushes, Jimmy Carter, Peter U. and Fay Vincent.

Peter U. was a brilliant guy. He got out of that job before it could destroy him.

And I put most of the blame for the Steroids Era on the Players Union. Selig and the owners are at fault too, but the union is so strong that no commish, no owner or no one or two players themselves could have hammered through an anti-steroid policy in time to stop the problems that ensued in Major League Baseball.

TC – to quote you “If it were so bad to have the fans vote, then why do almost all the other leagues also use fan vote as part of their process?”

Answer – because those other leagues all star games don’t mean anything. Is this not a vicous circle? Either way is a no win situation. If you take away the game meaning something then the ratings will suffer, but if you give integrity to the creation of the rosters then the fans will pout because they can not vote hundreds of times.

As for the maple bats. If they were to transition completely to ash bats I have read that they might be withou bats for almost 18 months. They don’t have the inventory to keep up with the demand should an abrupt change be made. I’m sure that is something that they are looking at right now and trying to figure out how to make it happen. Plus it is a union contract issue since the bat is a tool of their trade. Anytime Selig and Fehr butt heads it takes forever for any kind of result.

I think Donald Fehr has done more damage to this game.

294 and counting – is this the most – hopefully Scott has been reading day to day – if not- he’s got a lot of reading to do. He’s probably on the beach somewhere sipping margarita’s.

So – no one is going to Picnic in the Park? Come on it’s only $250 per person!

I am going!

Who’s gonna be 300????

I am going to the game on July 20th. I am bringing my son for his first ever game. He is going to see the Harold Baines statue unveiled and receive the 83 t-shirt….too bad he’s only 10 months ….but I am going to take lots of pictures and he will always be able to say the first game he went to was when they put up Harolds statue. Also Thome is close to 2000 hits so that would be cool if he did it on that day. My brother’s first game was when Carlton Fisk got his 2000 hit. My first game was at Wrigley field because my dad’s first game was there. I am stopping that tradition.

but picnic in the park for 250 isnt gunna happen. I am a sox fest guy, not a picnic in the park guy.

298 – getting close!

Your son will love it, I started taking my daughter at a year, she absolutetly loved it and 2 years later she always asks when we are going again! My boys only like it when we are really close to the field, I took them one year – we had the free upper seats – for being in the kids club – Those seats were so bad, I could never sit up there again – unless of course it’s the playoffs or World Series (I didn’t get to go to the WS – I just had my daughter (I was so upset) I hope to God there will be another one before I die!

As for Picnic in Park my kids had a blast last year, so what the heck, they won’t have a college fund, but atleast we will get to meet the White Sox players!

Wouldn’t it be “grand” if Jen brought her kids to picnic in the park….. that’s what it would be alright. A cool $1000.00. for the four of them. I’m glad I’m in Tucson and won’t be tempted, but then I did pony up almost that amount for Blog nite III. Which by the way, I am anxiously waiting for……. So what do I do tonight? Read a book? Watch a movie? Talk to my wife? Scarry thoughts aren’t they……. I hope Pat doesn’t read this…….Here she comes… Bye guys and gals ( would that be a generic people?)….. j.k.

All right, are you guys saving #300 for me!

Yaaaa, I’m #300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j.k. Actually, it’s only $125 for the kids, and my daughter is free! So, it’s $750 – I would pay that to meet my JoJo! Last year he wasn’t there because he had the back thing – so I was thinking I was just going to jump on him from the getgo and get it over with (just kidding)

My Husband has already said he is not going about 10 times in the past 24 hours, so I might need a companion at the last minute, he knows that I just need him there to take pics. So if anyone wants the job of taking pics for me it pays a $250 entrance to Picnic in the Park (Oh, and you have to keep an eye on my kids for me) ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ll keep and eye on your kids for you, Jen, but I won’t be able to do that until Aug. 6th. Congrats on #300. Maybe we can make it to 400 before Scott posts again. Come on gang, throw out your two cents worth a few times and get us to the next milestone. …. j.k.


Because the AP and other game stories along with local blogs had it mentioned.

Mark Liptak

Geesh Jen, the bed business must be going well for you! No way I’m spending 750 for me and my two teens. I met Bobby Jenks at Carsons for free and you could have met Joe a week or so ago at a signing out south, probably near you at that Grandstand sports or something. Ozzie was at a Binny’s recently. They get enough of my money with me going to the 6-8 games we go to each year. Plus blog night…I’m not sure what I’m more excited about – to meet TQ and his mystery women or JK or whomever Scott’s got up his sleeve.


Here how you pick the players in my opinion. No fan votes, no player votes, no manager votes. None, nada, no one.

All the significant information is fed into the computer, all the relevant stats (let MLB and the MLBPA decide on which ones but have a number of them, not just five or six. I’m talking for hitters say nine or ten categories).

Players are assigned positions based on where they have played the most games (and because you are using a computer you can wait longer, say a few days before the game itself before announcing the selections…)

The computer assigns point values for each player in a category so if say a first baseman is leading all first baseman in batting average he gets points (how many is dependent on how many first baseman there are.)

Those points are added up and totaled for each stat at each position.. The computer ranks every player at every position.

The top two infielders at each position, the top two catchers, the top two DH’s goes to the game. The top six outfielders (regardless of position) goes to the game. The top five starting pitchers and the top five relief pitchers goes to the game.

That’s 28 total players more than enough for each roster.

ALL TEAMS DO NOT have to be represented. If you aren’t in the top positions, too damn bad.

If the N.L. refuses to have a DH, then they get a choice of the next two highest ranked players regardless of position to fill out their roster.

Now the game has the “best” players, market size and fans stuffing the box are eliminated and you can actually claim to have the game mean something.

Bud Selig, the man who brought you the 1994 labor shutdown, the man who cries “crocodile tears” at the drop of a hat and is gutless and spineless (read The Lords Of The Realm by John Helyar for more on how Buddy-boy got the job in the first place…), who turned a blind eye to “steroid-ball” is a grade A, number one idiot.

Mark Liptak

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions regarding the All-Star game, and while many of them are better than the current setup, it really doesn’t matter, because it all comes down to money. The current set-up is what has proven to make the most money, therefore it is the one that will be used. I hate the fact that every team has to be represented, but that’s how you get more viewers. So until someone thinks of a way to make the current setup better AND attract more viewers, we’re stuck with it the way it is.

Can you build me a White Sox bed Jen?

Marie – Actually – the bed business is pretty good – if I can make them faster – but, I take my time – like today I only went out there for about 2 hours – I am building a indoor playhouse for a daycare. But, I am a slacker, I like to do what I want to do when I want to do it – and then the kids start annoying me – my six year old asks the stupidest questions – when I am in the middle of trying to remember a measurement he’ll ask “Mommy, did dinosaurs live in Indiana?” My 5 year old thinks he Angus Young – he thinks he is a guitar – then my 3 year old tells me she has to go to the hospital because she lost her doll. It gets a little tough.

That’s not the only reason to go to Picnic in the Park – it’s just awesome – you watch your favorite team your whole life on that field – then you get a chance to go out there and hang out, go in the dug-out, the bullpen, stand at homeplate – it was awesome, like I said my kids just loved it!

Scam – You got any ideas – I was thinking the field with the Scoreboard, but you can’t do that for a bunkbed, it would have to be just one bed, I had a lady in New York that wanted that, but I was too busy.

Did you guys all see my new video – what did you think – I know a few of you saw it.

Are there still tics available for Blog night?

I e-mailed Scott the video – haven’t heard back yet.

I also emailed Ozzy and Swish.
Haven’t heard back from them either. Ozzy probably went back home and Swish is busy looking in the mirror telling himself how good-lookin he is! (sorry Swish)


In my opinion it’s a fallacy to think that if “your team” isn’t represented, you won’t watch…if you are a baseball “fan” you watch right?


And the question was asked by T.C. (I think – and if I am wrong on this I apologize) “what had Bud Selig ever done to the Sox?”

My how soon we forget our history…

1. In the late 60’s Selig tried to get Art Allyn to sell the Sox to him so he could move them to Milwaukee. Remember for a few seasons there the Sox played ten “home games” a year at County Stadium. Allyn to his everlasting credit realized that Milwaukee was, is and ever shall be a satellite to the city of Chicago and instead sold the team to his brother John.

2. After Selig weaseled the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee, after they had a SINGLE SEASON in that town to try to “prove” themselves, the city of Seattle, King County and Washington State slapped a lawsuit on MLB so fast it made their collective heads spin. By 1975 this lawsuit was still in the process of being deliberated when the Sox situation became critical again. Bill Veeck wanted to step in and “save” the franchise. Buddy-boy looked around, saw his *** was in a sling because he was partially responsible for the lawsuit in the first place, and did what comes naturally to this gutless coward…he voted against Veeck.


Simple….the Sox go into league receivership, then are moved to Seattle…suddenly poof! there goes the lawsuit from Seattle, King County and Washington State. The hell with the Chicago fans, with the fact that this was a charter American League franchise…all that mattered to Buddy-boy was saving his own skin.

So to answer the question, Selig tried to do a lot to the White Sox.

Bud Selig is a weasel, and a spineless one at that. He doesn’t “lead” as commissioner, he takes a poll, finds out which way the wind is blowing and throws his “support” behind whatever side appears to have an advantage.

That’s not “leadership.”

MLB has had some bad commissioners but even a buffoon like Bowie Kuhn had the intestinal fortitude and the guts to make a decision and stand by it (just ask Charlie Finley).

“Proud To Be Your Bud” wouldn’t know intestinal fortitude if it came out of his behind. His track record is an appalling failure…from the labor impasse of 1994 (good management doesn’t force a confrontation, they find solutions…)…to steroids, to the All Star “tie” in Milwaukee (ironically enough) to the way he helped overthrow Fay Vincent.

Mark Liptak

Here’s a thought. After the computers pick the team of all teams from all the best players, have the computer play the game too. Maybe that would satisfy some of you, but it would be the ruination of baseball.

Eventually, though there will be a global world series and then, however the all star game shakes out won’t really matter, with the three billion people around the world watching games. The AL and NL will merge into the USL and will play the rest of this hemisphere before taking on the far East for the yearly title. Only two problems with that happening. 1) All the best talent from The Dominican, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Korea and etc. will stay at home because of revenue sharing and 2) By the time this all happens, I will be dead. ( or at least I hope so)…. j.k.

Is it Friday yet??????

Personally I like that every team is represented. If that wasn’t the case there were a few years back in the 80s that the Sox may not have had a representative.

Two more Days!!

Kenwo’s back! So, kenwo assuming that you are married, does you wife know about Tiffany?

What did you guys think about the calender idea? Sox Players in the boxers?

I agree they should take a few from each team (players with the best records on that team) If the fans and players vote it’s just a popularity contest. The deserving players don’t get a chance.

This blog thing is getting to be a real ying yang thing. The chia is flowing together in perfect harmony.

Yah she knows. I have had a few pictures of her as the background of my computer screens. Even had one of her in a white sox hat for ultimate pleasure haha

Sox players in boxers????? Pin-up girls as screen savers??? Chia pets???? Whatever happened to baseball??? Scott, please help us out here. We need your deft leadership to get us back to the task at hand. Dare I say it? Focusing in on making the playoffs….. Go White Sox (in uniforms) ’08….. I remember pin ups of course, but the last time I looked it was in magazine form and their names were Marilyn and Raquel….. Hi TQ……. j.k.

I like ying yangs and chias – what else would you like us to write about – there is no baseball on – Are you jealous of the long lasting friendships?

We are trying to get to 400 comments before Scott gets back.

j.k. you obvious did not read my original post – waaayyyy up there – like 175 comments ago (man – that is a lot – keep it going) about having a ladies night, we could have a pajama party!

Kenwo – does your wife like Joe Crede?

Do you think Scott will read all these?

For those that may have missed it, check out the replay of Costas Now on HBO. Very interesting stuff about the state of the game from the future commissioner of baseball Bob Costas, and some intriguing interviews.

My wife likes Crede as a ballplayer but she would like to see Aaron Rowand in your calendar. I think she would also like to see Quentin in it too..but she won’t admit it yet. In my opinion she thinks that I don’t like Rowand because she thought he was hot….which really isn’t the case because I didn’t like Rowand before I met her…that just added to it๐Ÿ™‚

But while we are speaking about calendars, why not include that hot softball pitcher on the Bandits jennie finch in it๐Ÿ˜€

First of all thank you for the history lesson, I had never heard that before. Secondly, there are many casual fans who would not watch if they did not have a player from their team at the game. I could name ten off the top of my head.

I do not need, nor want a bunk bed. I’ll draw up a quick sketch of an idea I have.


Yes, I do remember the White Sox playing in Milwaukee in the ’60s and the Seattle Pilots moving to Milwaukee. Of course, no one person (namely Selig) could move a franchise. Obviously, there had to be a majority (or maybe even two-thirds) voting approval of all other owners to make that move happen.

I really can’t blame Selig for trying to buy the Sox when Allyn was looking for new ownership.

And to put all the blame for the ’94 work stoppage on Selig is akin to putting all the blame on the North Siders collapse in ’03 on Steve Bartman or in ’84 on Leon Durham. I can see that you have a great deal of personal dislike for Selig and that is certainly influencing your comments. Sure, Selig was one of the key figures in the ’94 debacle, probably one of the top two, but he was not alone. He had over two dozen owners — his bosses — to answer to.

Putting all past issues aside, I look at baseball today and see many great things that have come about under Selig’s leadership. Maybe he wasn’t the impetus for all these changes but if he is going to get blamed for the bad things that happened he should get credit for some of the good.

Everybody has his or her own opinion and I respect that. But I like what Selig has accomplished and I will not be disturbed at all when he is inducted in the Hall of Fame, which most certainly will happen after his retirement.

Oh, and JK, you nailed it on your post about the idea of having computers pick the ASG participants. Just how boring and fan-unfriendly would that type of event be?????

For the owners and players, baseball is a business. For the majority of fans in the world, it is a great game and pastime. For most of the regulars who post on this board, it is an obsession.

Somewhere, in the middle of all three of those factions, there is a reasonable and satisfying solution to the issue of the All Star Game.

So, maybe we can all wait until next July to further discuss this point. After all, we have the Royals and Rangers to concern ourselves with in the next week.

Good level-headed comments tc. Informative, unbiased and respectful. There is baseball today boys and girls, but we gotta wait one more day for our team to take the field. Go Sox ’08….j.k.

you are one creative lil’ mama!!
I LOVE the calendar idea, although, I don’t really know, if I’d care to see Jim Thome in his boxers. LOL!

Gotta wait to get home to check out your other videos because youtube is forbidden at work, I can’t even sneak!
BTW, I’ll keep an eye on your kids for Picnic in the Park!!! I could do a better job than Klein, (sorry jk) because I’m still young enough to chase them around, ha ha!

As far as the ASG goes I liked the opening ceremonies and thoroughly enjoyed the Home Run Derby. Although I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if Hamilton would have actually won. When Justin Morneau won, my husband said “just like a snake-*** Twin!” to wait for Josh to wear himself out and steal the thunder from up under him. I disagreed though, i thought Josh should’ve saved some energy in the tank for that last round. But what a story there huh?

One more day til Friday, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa M.

Scamm – I hope your not referring to me about the casual fans, I wouldn’t watch if I didn’t have a fav player. I watch every game – There was one time I could remember that I didn’t get to watch (about 2 years ago) and I had a funeral that day (through-out the service, I was getting the score sent to my cell phone) I watch the game regardless if Crede plays. My Husband asked me a question in the offseason – what would I do if Crede got traded to the Cubs, would I still like him as much – I would probably kill myself (just kidding) I would still think he was hot, but no, he would not get my attention. I love watching baseball- I love the White Sox – regardless who’s on the team! It just adds to it if they’re good looking!

Send that sketch to my e-mail.

Lisa –
Jim Thome (for being 37, almost 38) still has a pretty nice body (he could wear a mask, I’m joking, I am so mean, I’m sorry Jimmy) My husband is the same age as Jim (I would like to put a mask on him, too – there I go again, sorry, honey)
My Husband told me last night that I have to be nice to him for him to go on Sunday – I am going to be extra mean!!๐Ÿ™‚
He’s mad at me because I ignored him for 2 days, when I was making my movie – he won’t watch it, he said he’s starting not to like the White Sox (because I pay too much attention to them) So I threw a Cubs hat at him and told him not to let the door him in the a** on the way out!! He’s such a baby! I actually have 4 kids!

If you want to know why I have a Cubs hat – I have 2 and 2 shirts – I was going to sell them on ebay, but I think I’m going to have a bonfire instead!

kenwo – I like Aaron too, I just can’t get over his batting stance!

Do you watch Beverly Hills on the soap channel? – its on for 2 hours at like 5pm.

That Jennie Finch, she is awesome – I played 3rd when I played. My # was 27 (backwards for 72, they didn’t go up that high)

Does Selig get to vote himself into the hall of fame like the way he gets to negotiate his own contract with himself?

Why is blog night on the weekday?

Two things:

1T.C. I respect your opinion as well. The best book that I ever read on baseball labor relations and on baseball as a business in general was written by Pultizer- Prize winning reporter for the Wall Street Journal, John Helyar called “The Lords Of The Realm.”

I urge you to read it. What you learn about Buddy-boy would shock you.

2.Until the Sox get back to the business of winning games. Here’s something you’ll want to read. This is incredible…it appears the John Danks has friends in high places…VERY high places:

Mark Liptak

Great story – Thanks, Mark!


Pretty impressive stuff i suppose

Nice story, Mark. But the real news is that Bush actually reads the paper. Well, the sports section at least. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

O.K. Lisa…. Of course you know, this means war! So it’s age vs. beauty, huh? You’re on Babe. I need to tell you thoough, that I helped raise four kids and we now have seven grandkids, so the experience is on my side……. Bring your A game…… This could get ugly…….yada yada yada….. j.k.

First off, the disclaimer…

The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone…and I am not controlled by MLB, the Chicago White Sox or the White Sox Radio Network…

1) Bud Selig is a former used-car salesman… Need anyone else ask why he SHOULD be trusted?

2)The MLB ASG is the purest of the four major sports because it is the ONLY ASG that adheres to the rules that are set up to beginn with… The NBA ASG is nothing more than glorified playground hoops… “in-yo-FACE-mutha”jams and lauching aeronauticallly imposible shots, while traveling at the same time…the NHL ASG… Defense? WHAT DEFENSE, EH???… The NFL Pro bowl?… just an excuse for these behemoths to go over to Hawaii(hmmm, maybe they’re not so DUMB after all… Early February, lots of cold and snow…85 degrees and sunny in Honolulu… discuss amongst yourselves…)

Meanwhile, does anyone out there remember when one “Big Hurt” left early in Texas?… His work was done, and so was he…

This year, A-Rod leaves early because he doesn’t want to answer the “inquiring minds want to know questions” about anything he might have going on with that washed-up bit of whatever from Detroit City, or what his ex is doing at the moment… you know, pertinent baseball oriented questions…

As to “Little” Joe Morgan… one of the three consciences of baseball (little Bobby Costas and Keith Olberman of MSNBC(at least THIS week — remember how he not only burned his bridges at the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network and at FOX… He NAPALMED those suckers…) being the other members of a VERY limited society… He gave a quote to the AP last week which stated: “… Part of the reason the game doesn’t bring that energy is it’s a deiffrent game now…Now it’s considered an exhibition, whereas before it was considered life and death…”

Yeah, you’re EXACTLY right, Lil’ Joe… that is EXACTLY how Arch Ward of the Tribune planned it back in 1933, to coincide with the Century of Progress Exhibition… as a “life and death” struggle, to the finish…


And if you don’t know who defined play at 2nd base, just ask Lil’ Joe… He’ll be more than happy to tell you…and tell you… and tell you… until you consider life and death… HIS, not yours…

Hey, jk… We have a new Princess in the fold… and she already has her own Crown (Point, that is…(in memory of Senator Claghorn…)… and she is a BUSY, BUSY person… I am shocked that she has time to deal with peons like us…

Maria: Yes, young lady, you are exactly right… I AM being somewhat distracted these days… and am I HAPPY!!!… You and Patrick and the rest of you all will meet Ms Andersen on Blog Night III…

It’s the TQ teasers….. First he mentioned he was being kept busy… very cryptic. Then he admitted he was seeing a lady…interesting, but tell us more. Now we have a name! It will be good to meet you both on blog nite III…. This isn’t Bibi Andersen by any chance Tom? I’m happy for you in any event….. j.k.

No way am I going to war with you bud! I surrender! LOL!
I am sure we BOTH have that deadly combination of beauty AND brains! Although in your case I think Pat is most likely the beauty half of your team!! No offense.
Seriously though, I think we might both be out of luck as Jennifer’s husband will likely want to kiss and make up the night before Picnic in the Park, right Jen?

Lisa M

Thank Goodness we have a truce, Lisa ( that’s one of my kids names too by the way). I was sweating bullets about our impending confrontation. (Secretly I wasn’t sure if I could handle you). Will I meet you at blog nite too?….. later all, I just hit a gas line in my backyard…. DRATS and other more colorful words….. j.k.

jk… Her name is Helene… and she is the best thing that has happened to this old man since the tail end of October of ’05…
I have told her all about the Women of WS Universe (sounds like Hefner, doesn’t it?)…and she is so secure in herslef that it doesn’t bother her…(of course, the fact that I”VE never bothered them, either, is beyond the point…)

I have a question… do I prepare here for Blog Night, or not?

First thing, I was outside mowing the yard (yes I mow the lawn, I tell ya I might as well be single) back to my story – and there was this huge (and I mean huge) flying bug (looked like a bumblebee body, but with long skinny purple transparent wings) and it made a hole in the sand on the brick patio, and it kept going in the hole and coming out with dirt, sand whatever. So I got the video camera and video taped it (I’m going to make a video out of it) But, seriously, it was pretty neat, then I stepped on it.

It is pretty hot out – I only saw about 3 golfers – usually I see about 100.

Second thing Tom, how in the heck do you make spaces on your paragraph?

Third thing – Lisa, honey, my Husband and I don’t kiss anymore!

Fourth thing – it is taking forever to load all these darn cooments – I think we will get to 400!

cooments (HAHA) I mean comments!

This is getting ridiculous. I want a game already dammit. The one or two days off after the all star game are, in my opinion, the worst 2 days for a baseball fan. In the offseason you get all hyped up about the hot stove league and then you have sox fest and then you have spring training…..This all star break has been a tougher one for me than usual! Lets get it rollin’ again!

Fifth thing – I am really getting jealous – I want to go to Blog night – Maybe I could get a babysitter – but, my Husband will have to work the next day and won’t want to go (like I care) But, he will make a big deal if I go.

What are the seats, are they in the upper level or lower? How come Scott can’t us in the Scout seats?

What # am I on,
oh the sixth thing –

Tom -I will only go if I could wear a REAL crown!!!!

Kenwo – But, now you could watch 90210!

Agreed Kenwo, I can’t wait for a damn game. This board is out of control with no games to talk about!

Jen, How do you find time to mow the lawn, video a bug, make beds, and create Sox videos? Are there more hours in your day than for the rest of us?

Hit enter three times and viola….. Hey, kiss your hubby, he will like it I’m sure…… back to MY problem…. j.k.

j.k. what is your problem???????????

And to answer your question, but you guys have to keep it a secret (so you have to promise not to tell ANYONE!!)

j.k. the pressing enter 3 times did not work!! Liar!!!!!!!!!!

OMG – they wiped me out – they said that I have posted too many comments – so this might be the last you here from me until Scott comes back!!

Scott – HELP ME!! I am being silenced!!!!!

Phewwwwwww! That was close – I think I can still post –

Anyways j.k –

an answer to your question my secret is……………

READY? – …………
Are you Sure? ……………
O.K. Here it is …………
Remember not to tell ANYONE!!!!!!
I am SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me –


I am TRYING to talk my boss into giving me those days off. I should know by Saturday, I just hope there will be tickets left by then.

So after you guys made the 3 kids you stopped kissing? I’m confused. Me and my hubby have been together for 23 years and we STILL kiss, much to the embarassment of my 21, 16 and 12 year old daughters. I think our 3 girls are more into White Sox baseball and can name the entire starting lineup better than ALL the boys in our family!!! We’re proud of that!! :>)

TQ, boy do YOU sound happy, congratulations!!!

Don’t worry, it’s back to baseball first thing tomorrow morning.

where the heck are you? look at what topics we have resorted to covering during the interim. LOL!


What the heck do you mean you hit a gas line? With what?
Nothing exploded did it? I hope everything is ok.

Lisa, I’m building a gazeebo in the back yard by the pool. I was digging my second hole when I nailed the gas line coming into the house. No explosion thank God, but the first estimate to repair the damage one stinking cut made was astronomical. I can only hope that the others are more reasonable……. Yikes!!!! There goes my golf game tomorrow, there goes my hot shower for a few days, and there goes my wallet…. bye-bye…. j.k.

Now I read it – I skipped over that part-
Depending on where j.k. lives – thats a big problem – they usually make you pay for it ( I was a secretary for a General Contractor before I had kids – our workers use to hit them all the time)

Depending on what he hit it with.

j.k. – Did you forget to call JULIE – it’s free ya know!

Lisa – We really never kissed, he’s not that good of a kisser!

We have a really odd past – I started writing a book about my life – my computer got wiped out and I lost everything – and I just haven’t had the time to rewrite it!

Does anyone think it is stupid to go to the tanning beds in the summer – my husband said I am the only person who goes to the tanning beds in the summer-
I go – because I have issues about tan lines!

Marie – I did see that Joe Crede will be at Triple Threat Sports in Mokena on Sat. But it says no personal inscripts and no posed pics – I would have to drive all the way out to Mokena, pay fifty bucks for him to sign his name on a ball – I could buy a signed ball for cheaper than that.

I would rather pay the million dollars to drive to Chicago, get all you can eat and drink, hang out with Ozzie, see an awesome firework show and get JoJo to take a pic with me, so I can hang it above my bed!

Goodness this post has digressed from baseball!! Back in the good ol’ South Suburbs again and I gotta say that I am liking the weather out in Peggy’s end of the country much better!!

Jen I think you are not just the princess but the queen of the blog now!

Klein, can’t wait to see the man, the legend at blog night!!

TQ, you sound beyond happy!! Good for you….can’t wait to see you both at blog night!!

And where has Mark Liptak been??? Haven’t seen anything from him lately!!

Since there is nothing else going on, I will tell you my tour of the west coast stadiums left me with the following rankings

1. PetCo Park ,San Diego

2. AT&T Park, San Francisco

3. Angel Stadium, Anaheim

4. Dodger Stadium, LA

5. McAffee Colliseum, Oakland

Anyone been that has another opinion????

Donna, Back in ’89 before they tore down the old Comisky Park I made a trip to Chicago and then repeated that trip in ’90 after the new Comisky was built. Then I got the great idea to visit all the parks in a ten year period and so I did.

The only problem is that starting with Jacobs field on up to the new Yankee and Shea statiums I will have to revisit 16 parks! Of the ones you visited that I have also been to I would put the Big A on top, followed by Oakland and then Dodger stadium.(nobody cared about baseball at Chavez Ravine). Safeco field in Seattle was ok, but I’d still put that under Anaheim. And I haven’t been to Petco or AT&T yet. Bob (Chase field) is great too, but then I’m predjudiced in favor of the D-Backs.

And now it looks like I will have to postpone my next foray into the baseball world due to my ahem…. gas problem. Pat was GREAT! by the way. When she got home all she said was I’m sorry Baby. Now that’s a WIFE!!! So anyway, I’m waiting for a couple of other bids. What is Julie? I assume that’s something like blue stake out here?

Only 26 hours and counting til White Sox Baseball…. There won’t be a rainout will there?……. j.k.

Yes Blue Stake is the equivalent of our Julie. Chase Field is one of my favorite ballparks as well. Of course that only includes a sampling of about five parks.

No I was not referring to you as a casual fan. I was mostly talking about my friends and family.

I made a drawing, but I don’t really like it. Basically the scoreboard is the headboard and the sideboards are sketches of players. They kind of look like the sketches of the players on the outfield wall. The bedspread is designed as the field.

BTW, I went 18 holes today and shot a personal best 97 (I know I’m not that good.) I also shot my first birdy ever on a 380 yard par 4. None of my friends are golfers and don’t really care, so I thought I would share with the fellow golfers on this board.

I live a sheltered life – The only place that I have been besides IL and IN is Florida and the states that I drove through to get there!

I just saw a commercial of the White Sox and, man, I MISS them! I miss watching them, kenwo (I think you said it earlier) it does seem like it is taking forever. I’m starting to go through withdraws!

From the time I posted last, until now, guess what I was doing –

I’ll just tell you, because you’ll never guess,

I have been brushing my dog – I have a 115 lb. longer hair German Shepherd that I paid $1800 for, I know that’s a lot for a dog, but he is the best dog in the world – I got him from a trainer, and when he started to grow, so did his hair, so they couldn’t use him, too much maintenance, so they sold him at a discounted price. But, really he is the best dog ever! Do you know what Chewbacca looks likes, well thats my dog.

Anyways, he’s shedding, and I literally have a whole garbage bag full of fur.
So, I was wondering if anyone needed a fur coat or about ten pillows, or maybe a blanket!

Scamm – Is the bed for you, yourself?

Donna, you are way ahead of me on the west coast parks – I haven’t been to PetCo, or Anaheim, or Dodger stadiums. I do agree with putting Oakland at the bottom of the list.

JK, did you visit Oakland before or after “Mt. Davis” was installed? It *used to be* a nice ballpark, now, not so much. The bleachers are totally ruined – turned into a solar oven. I really need to do a road trip and see some of the other parks out here. I have made it to a few of the minor league parks – San Jose Giants, Lancaster JetHawks, and the Sacramento River Cats. Each of those has its charms (great BBQ at San Jose, gorgeous sunsets in Lancaster, and really nice facilities in Sacramento).

I’m so bumming that I won’t be able to join you all at Blog Night! Please, many photos – TQ’s new lady, JK, and everybody else. Like I said, I’m saving up to come for the Red Line series!

Jen, are you slowly telling us your life story? I have a dog too btw. She’s a yellow lab and she is the best dog in the world. So I guess your dog is only the second best. The bed would be my childhood dream bed, but since that has come and gone, I think you should create a Sox bed for kids that you can start selling.


On a baseball note, the A’s traded Joe Blanton to Philly, so there’s a good chance Gio Gonzalez will be in Oakland’s starting rotation now.

Scamm – why are you not enjoying it?

My boys have a castle bed, it was the first bed I made – it’s pretty cool – it’s actually a full over full bunk horizontal with drawers underneath bottom bunk – then on the other side is a vertical full over a play area with an attached desk on the outside , then stairs in between, the play area has a built in bench/toy box with a built in TV, and it’s all carpet (for my son’s cat, Buehrle, who by the way is the biggest darn cat you’ll ever see) then I painted a dragon mural on the wall, with a night sky with stars on the ceiling!

I was thinking of doing a white sox bed, but I can’t figure out what to do for bunk beds.

The basement is my white sox den – I painted the logo on the wall and have some pics and other things – then I started putting my sox things in my living room – I never really go in the basement, that’s where my Husband usually goes. And I like to stay as far as away from him as I can:)

Any ideas what I could get signed by the team on Sunday?

I have a wall pennant signed already and I have about five balls, I would like to do another wall thing, but I want something BIG!
All ideas would be appreciated!

Of course, I have something special for Mr. Crede to sign!!!!


I really don’t care for what the A’s are doing trading all of their players. They were not far out of it at all before this debacle. Of course some will say Billy Beane is a great GM…I think he is a tool

Give me proven veterans. You can have all of the prospects you want off of my team. Veterans=success Prospects= 5 years of dump waiting for them to develop and then when they do you get rid of them too. vicious cycle.

Scam…. You da man!!!!!! I still remember my first birdie. I was 12 years old and the ball simply went in the hole . It’s better to be lucky than good if you’re a golfer like we are. I recently shot my best round too! I’m proud to announce that I finally shot 89!! Cherish your moment and add to it little by little… Congratulations!!!!!

Jen, you probably won’t believe this, but before you started posting on this site, we were a pretty dour (Just for you TQ) bunch. All we talked about was baseball. Some of us were upbeat and some of us never had anything good to say, or so it seemed. But then you showed up and all our lives have changed. If you are only 1/2 accurate in all your accomplishments, you are indeed a special “Crown Princess”. I do woodworking and will share with you some of what I do if you join us at Blog Night. The bed concept is very intriguing and if the finished product looks (again) half as good as you say , then Mrs. Kiernand, you have a lot of talent. Keep up the good work..

Peggy, I don’t know when Mt. Davis was installed, but my visit to the venue was in ’98. I think that was year before Pac Bell and the year that Safeco first replaced the sky-is-falling-dome in Seattle.

And now, here’s my thought of the day! I may go total electric. I still need to call for prices to replace my two water heaters ,range and a couple of furnaces, but this may be the way I go…. And the most important reason to total electric is………. I won’t have to move that damn gazeebo………… Is that a big yea? I think it is…

I guess I’ll check out the mets game, or the tigers game? Nah!! “War and Peace” would be more exciting….. j.k.

You could print out all of the white sox blogs , add to it and write your book. Call the book something like echo’s from the sidlines, a white sox blog book. By the way I was talking about chia pronouned chee the energy that moves with the body. No the little vegetables.

moves within the body , not the hairy vegetables.


Well, I guess Thanks! I had to look up the word dour, had no idea what it meant. I have been reading your posts for 3 years? (I think) Sometimes, you guys would be a little boring, but, I always came back!

And – if you go to my website – there you will find some of my work – I have been told I do some pretty nice work (for not taking any kind of lessons – just picked up a saw one day and wala)
Or my myspace page is –
I have pics of me and my family and my beds

As soon as I sunk the 25 footer for the birdie, my brother told me I was just lucky. So that was my exact response back to him, “better to be lucky than to be good.” He just shook his head and smiled.

I tried to look at your pictures on that crazy website, but apparently you have to be logged in to see them. I’m assuming that was you in the Mrs. Crede shirt. It was kind of hard to see tho. โ™ฆโ™ฆ

Finally got my answer about an 83 reunion (no thanks to Scott or that no good brooks boyer who i asked 500 times). Read on Ron Kittle’s blog that a bunch of them are going to be there tomorrow with Kittle throwing out the first pitch. Luckily I have tickets to the game so I will be able to see my favorite white sox hopefully throw a strike on the first pitch๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if the team will be wearing the 83 jerseys…one can only hope!

Scamm –
Sorry, I just assumed you all had Myspace (just about everone does)
My website (that I designed myself)
that’s where just my beds are.

I am thinking Scott will be back tomorrow – maybe-

We are almost at the 400 mark!
10 more, take that back – 9 more!

Here is some congratulations to Jerry Manuel. The Mets have now won 10 in a row under him. He seems to have rightened that ship. I always thought Manuel got a bad deal here in Chicago. He was a good in game manager in my opinion. Better than Ozzie is. Ozzie is better in the clubhouse but Manuel never got the credit I think he deserved. After all he didn’t trade for Tubby Wells and Todd Ritchie. In 2000 Manuel took that team as far as he possibly could. Mike Sirotka, James Baldwin, Cal Eldred, Jim Parque never really did much after that season and Kip Wells didn’t do much good after that year even though he still pitched a lot. Good for Jerry. I hope the Mets have great success this year and knock out those Cubby ********

Thinking of those guys- I really liked James Baldwin. He wasn’t the greatest in the world but he had a great curve. Mike Sirotka’s last game in the majors was on the sox team in 2000. He was absolutely brilliant that last year. He basically gave up his arm and indeed his career to get the sox in the playoffs. He is going to be one of the least appreciated white sox players of all time because he was truly great that playoff season. id like to see these guys along with Lance Johnson, Alex Fernandez, Wilson Alvarez, Roberto Hernandez, George Bell and a few other 93 white sox as well, at Sox fest next year. And of course more of the 83 guys! Can’t live without them!

Hi Jen,

Finally got the chance to look at your website and your new video and loved both!

If you want to make a Sox bed, based on your other designs, I think a dugout design would work, with some “seats” above the roof of the dugout. You could pair it with a carpet that looks like a diamond. Just a thought…

Congratulations to what the Sox accomplished in the first half and best of luck to them in the second half.

If things stay as they are now, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Mark Liptak

Lets start things out properly and rock the royals this weekend for petes sakes. I am happy about going to this game this evening.

395 comments now, huh? And 390 of them by Jen, right????? Her keyboard must be worn out.

All right, jk always looks forward to when I start a post like this…

six hours and 25 minutes until we resume our regularly scheduled programming…

Let’s just go through a refresher course… after all, it has been five whole days… not countintg the day and a half it took to play the ASG…

“For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out… et cetera, et cetera… yada, yada, yada, blazzy skippy…”

Four balls for a walk… three outs to “retire” the side…(does that mean send them out to Arizona?)… and the object is to score more runs than you opponents…

We provide this service for the challenged out there, plus any Cub fans, who can’t seem to grasp the concept…

kiernand44…The stage is yours, my dear, to be the one who makes up the Fabulous 400…

You’re entirely welcome…any time…

Thanks, TQ for rousing our spirits!. Now it’s only six hours to game time…….. How many outs does a team get per inning again???? j.k.

Tosay is the day we FINALLY get back to White Sox baseball!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 hours and 45 minutes left to go.

Come on Scott….post!


‘Bout time! I’m so ready for some White Sox baseball!! -Dawn

I am so ready for baseball again. I can’t wait to see the game tonight and posts on what’s really interesting WHITE SOX BASEBALL!

Let’s go get ’em boys and start the second half right!

5 hours and 20 minutes, but who’s counting???????? Well, all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can’t wait to get back to baseball – wish the game were on WGN tonite…


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