Back in The Swing

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; ARam, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.

Old Faces

Daryl Boston, Robin Ventura and Robin’s son, Jack, are in town for the weekend and are attending the Harold Baines sculpture unveiling prior to the game Sunday.

I’ll try to post more and catch up tomorrow.



Hurray! It’s baseball time again. 3 hours and 11 minutes…

Sox are 19-4 at home since May 27th. Lets keep it going.

Can you tell us who won the free jerseys?

OK – I know you guys have dying to know where I have been all day!

First, let me start out by saying my WHITE SOX are finally going to play again!

Second – Holy S**T, Scotts back and can’t even comment on the 404 posts, BTW – I am really upset that I didn’t get #400!

Third – don’t you guys love when I # my comments!

Forth – j.k. – I am bowing to you – you are the Master! Beautiful work!! You need to teach me some of your tricks!

Now for the fun part – my Mom picked us up (myself and the kids) and we went to see my Grandparents (I didn’t go to my Grandparents, I had my Mom drop me off at the Mall – Orland Mall, that is – my old stomping grounds)
(Oh, and I tried to get my mom to go to Blog night with me, but she wimped out, said something like she had to work the next day, Wuss!)
Anyways, she drops me of at Carsons, I needed to find a new bra, you want to know why I need a new bra – because they discontinued my bra of 10 years. (I haven’t had the same bra for ten years just the brand and style) Why in the world would they discontinue a bra style? So, off to the bras I go! I have the lady there measure me and I explained about my bra being discontinued, she gave me about 3 to try on – nope, don’t like any, 5 more, nope, don’t like any, 4 more nope, don’t like any – 20 bras and 2 hours later, I find one I can live with. It will never replace my Lilyette 955.
So – here’s my tribute (I think maybe I’ll make a movie on it)
Goodbye my sweet Lilyette 955, my boobs are going to miss you!

Lets move on and play some ball!!


Thank God baseball is back. When we start talking about gas lines and football and girlfriends and kissisg and Bras!!??, we definately need our regular fix back….. with apologies to all of you whom I’ve mentioned above I hope you will join me in welcoming Scott back. Hey Scott, don’t bother reading the responses from your last post unless you need something to put yourself to sleep..We were rambling on about EVERYTHING…. Don’t ever do that to us again (excepting the offseason)….. one hour to go…. yea!!! j.k.

I hate to correct my esteemed colleague (???) from the great state of Arizona… land of the Grand canyon, gila monsters, Sun Devils and Wildcats…

Sorry, I thought this was the Democratic Convention already…

Don’t worry, folks…THAT circus will begin before we know it…

Anyway… the posts serve a dual purpose… We can rant and rave about the boys and our passion for them… and we also get to know each other in a way that is different from any other… and isn’t that important? To get to know people who share a common bond… that is why we show up every day… sometimes more often than once…and that is why August 6th will be such a fun time…

Because we will be able to meet up again with those who have been around before the last two years (Maria, Donna and your obedient servant, for three…), as well as place a face to those who are making their first appearance…

Which gets me back to jk… because it is now less than an hour until Buehrle’s first pitch in anger is thrown…

And then we get back to abnormal…

My condolences to you Jen. You must be devastated about your loss.

Less than an hour to game time!
I sure hope this break has helped Konerko. I can’t wait until he gets back to his old form.


If you DO do a movie based on your exploits, I have the perfect title for it…

(Get ready, folks… this is gonna be a groaner…GUARANTEED…)

“My Underwear Left Me Flat”…

scam: You’re hoping that Paulie gets back to his form, right?
Does that me that, if he was a rookie, that would be his…

(Here comes ANOTHER one…)
MAIDEN form?

Jeez, Jennifer… look what you started…🙂

That line should have been… Does that MEAN that, etc…

I’m leaving now… I have a game to get ready for…thankfully…

Tom – Hahaha!

Real guick tip – Don’t Ever, I mean EVER put the fork on top of the grill!! Ouch!!

15 minutes!!

Drum roll please….. let the game begin….. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Don’t even say anything about that error!!!!

I have only Gameday to follow the action, but it looked as if the KC pitcher threw batting practice in the first inning! Go Sox!!

Hey, Peggy, did you vote in the final days for JD? If so, didn’t you get a “code” to get a free week of MLBtv? It’s for this week I think. If you don’t have the code, I will look for mine and send it to your e-mail. You could watch on line!


7 runs is great, but we can’t be letting up on them.

Outstanding aproach to start the game by our offense! Mark pitched very well. After the fast start I think the Guys let down a bit. You can’t do that against any team, especially teams like Mn and Det. All in all though a very nice win and a good way to start the second half…. Keep it up tomorrow. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

You took the words right out my mouth, j.k.
It did look as though they were not aggressive after the first.
I thought Joe was going to get another slam – I don’t want anyone saying anything about his 18th error! He got 2 RBI’s, that made up for it, right?
It was nice to see Ozzie ball, again.
I can’t feel my legs, but at least the sox won! (I usually run on my elliptical thing, and I do it for the first 3 innings, my legs were on fire) They should do that more often so my legs could look like Ozzie’s!

Nice way to kick off the second half!

Keep it up!


What a fun game and a great first inning! It seemed like nearly everyone came out well-rested and eager to give Mark a long-deserved win. And can I just say, I love 80’s night at the ballpark!

I like Jen’s idea of having posts numbered. Scott, is that an improvement you can pass on to the folks at If we’re going to be having 400+ replies, it would sure make it easier to scroll to where we left off.

Have a good night, all. :o)

That first inning was outstanding…..just a beat down. After that I think the guys may have gotten a little lazy knowing this one was in the bag….you don’t like to see it but hey its still a win. Met Ron Kittle before the game…what a quality guy. I wish they would have worn the 83 jerseys though dammit. They wore those god awful army jerseys a couple of weeks ago, they coulda wore the 83 uni’s on 80s night. Also in between innings I would have liked to see more highlights of the 80s.

Scott- If you can post that video and song they played in between the 8th and 9th inning….Run Sox Run…. When I was a kid i remember playing running bases and singing that song while doing so…that was great. brought back so many memories. That is why i wish they showed more highlight packages instead of the video of new kids on the block (even though my goofy wife went nutsy over that). (can you believe they sold out the all state arena 2 nights in october? I can’t.) Anyway, great night. and again if you could post the video of that or even just the audio that would be superb!

Thanks, Marie – I did vote (and vote and vote and…) for JD, but I didn’t get a code. I’d love to collect a free week of MLBtv, now that they fixed their problem. (I couldn’t hear the audio on my computer, but they finally figured out the issue and fixed it, so I can.)

If you can send me the code, I’ll be most grateful!

by the way, nice to see Carlos Lee still is a cub killer. Part of the reason why he is in the top 10 of my all time favorite players.


I forwarded you my e-mail last night. I sent it to your e-mail address. I think 7/18 was the last day of the promotion, which was a REALLY stupid week to pick considering there were barely any games from 7/11-7/18. What brainchild at MLB came up with that? Why not pick a week where there are games all 7 days?


OK game. One little thing that I did not like was with a runner on 2nd no outs Alexei did not bunt or hit to right and move the runner up. To me , Alexei should be schooling himself to hit second in the batting order and practicing those little things in game situations. A tack on run would have been nice then also. Besides when Alexei bunts it puts a lot of pressure on the other team to make a good play or have runners on 1st and 3rd. Still think someone should be coaching Alexei to that end.

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again another day – Jennifer wants the SOX to play!!

Pretty catchy, eh?

So it’s official my husband is a cubs fan! He was yelling at me last night for cheering at the tv for the Sox! – Such a Jackass!!

One more day until I meet my JoJo! Very excited!
(watch he won’t be there!)

Lisa, I hope your still on stand-by, hope you live close to the park- he told me again he wasn’t going! Know any good divorce lawyers?

I get up this morning, run to Walgreens, the lady in front of me at the register was paying with a credit card- the cashier was a young male- maybe 17- the swiper on the card wouldn’t work, so he’s trying to use the plastic trick – and it’s still not working – and after about 5 minutes – he asks if she has another credit card – she asks if he could just punch in the numbers – he gave her the dumbest look I have ever seen – and tells her he doesn’t know how to do that. Next to the checkout counter was a cash station – so she says she’ll get cash – of course, there is someone already at the cash station, so she has to wait. In the mean time, there is about ten people in line, and we all have to wait because it’s obvious he doesn’t know how to clear the register, so we wait and wait – finally she gives him the cash – then, gives her her bag and doen’t even say sorry or have a nice day – just looks at her like ‘you B**ch!’-
It wasn’t HER fault!
Please boys – let the cashiering be done by the woman- I am sure there are some shelves that need to be stocked!

Nice way to open up the 2nd half. Keep it going.

Mark Liptak

Thanks guys for doing all the damage in the first inning…allowed me to see all I needed to see before putting my boys to bed. Unfortunately, being that I’m in Omaha, I had to listen to the KC announcers who are uninformed and boring. But, at least I got to see it on TV!

Thank goodness baseball is back on! Thank goodness I was gone all 4 days during the break celebrating 3 baptisms in the family (officiating 1). Perfect timing by the family! Way to go mi familia!

First off, regarding El Caballo’s BLAST at the Southwest Juice Box… as the expressions go… 1)That should have counted for TWO runs, instead of just one… 2) They usually show movies on flights that long…

It doesn’t seem to maater to C Lee whose uniform he’s in…White Sox, Milwaukee, Houston, Cook County Correctional… when he sees Cub pitching, it’s like Pavlov’s dog when the bell rang… he just salivates…

Now, to last night… as regular readers of this space well know, jk and I have been chronicaling the game of baseball roughly since General Doubleday laid down the initial rules…
But you follow a game sometimes, and you see something you have never seen before… last night’s 1st inning was one of those experiences for your obedient servant…it looked like the Gas House Gorillas in that old Bugs Bunny cartoon… a veritable conga line, going after the first pitch…
I think that Mr Greinke might like to be excused from pitching another game in the Cell for the rest of his life in baseball…

There are just some “houses of horrors” for certain pitchers and certain teams…(the HumpDump for the boys,the Trop in TB for the Yank-mes, etc…)THis one happens to be one for young Zach…

Hey, Mommy Mac… first of all, thanks for the good wishes concerning my great personal finding… also, your rankings of the parks you saw out West… Secondly, did you notice who came in to pitch for KC last night?… Nobody else but our good personal last name target, Jimmy Gobble…three batters faced, two walks and a run… continuing his sterling relief work against the boys…

As to Sunday, an honor is well deserved for Harold… because when the statue is unveiled, it will have about as much to say as the honoree… We all know that when HB says “thanks”, it’s a speech… when he says “Thanks a lot”… it’s a filibuster…

Brace yourself, tc… The Dalai Lama (as opposed to the dalai lama ramma damma ding dong) will be getting tonight’s game on a delayed basis… off the combined efforts of and the web site run by the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network…

And you know what?… I don’t mind a bit… because it’s worth it… as you will ALL find out Aug 6th…

BTW, Walgreen’s is a prous sponsor of the Chicago White Sox… in addition to being the current target of Jennifer Kiernan’s wrath… (just a thought… if Jen was an owner of a vineyard and got mad… would her product be “The Grapes of Wrath?… I’m sorry… I’ll just slink away now…)

I SHOULD have written “proud” instead of “prous”…and not Juliet Prowse either (remember, jk?…as Dick Enberg would say… “OH, MY!!!”…

I was not saying anything bad about Walgreens, just saying that the other sex (who I am not that happy with right now) should stay away from cashiering and stick to the more physical work🙂


A quick LOOK OUT to all the male citizens of WS Universe…

Storm clouds over Crown Point…

I hope that it was nothing we may have done or said, Jen…
if it was, we apologize…

BOY, have I got this down, or what???

Hey Jen,
I am DEFINITELY still on stand by, I actually live right on the border of Chicago & Indiana, on the way to the Cell….I don’t know any good divorce lawyers but i know a marriage counselor, will that help? LOL!

Great start to yesterday’s game, let’s keep it rollin!!!!!

As for Caballo, I love that Cub Killer in him, of course it started with the White Sox!!!!
2nd verse to Jen’s song:
Rain rain go away, White Sox wanna win today!!!!!


Hey TQ, I was wondering who I was chuckleing about Gobble with last night!! Here I am at the gym on the eliptical machine watching the sox *a great friday night eh? anyway I see Jimmy Gobble come in and all I can do is think about the Cell in a collective “gobble”—who put that image forever in my head???? I laughed out loud!! (a little embarrasing in the middle of the gym!!) What a great first inning but I agree, we were a little flat after. We left way too many men on base, but a win is a win and I’ll take it. Hey Scott (or anyone who knows)…what is with the stand up 2 cancer thing Monday. I am coincidently going to my first sox game of the year that night and being a 1 yr thyroid cancer survivor am interested to know what will be happening. Anyone know???

Lisa i don’t like your verse…it sounds too much like Hey chicago whadya say the cubs are gunna win today…we gotta be more original here people.

I don’t pay attention to what the flubs do or say, maybe it’s not original but it was the first thing I thought of.
Now, YOU come up with one.


Tom – No, it wasn’t anyone here, it was my wonderful equal half, he called me something-

Ladies, what is the worst name anyone can call us?

Yep, the C word!

Lisa, as soon as the Jackass wakes up from his nap (he did some real hard work today – watched a Frickin movie) I am going to ask him what he’s going to do about tomorrow!

How do I know your not some Homicidal Maniac??

As for you song – I liked my verse better! (sorry)

As for the marriage counselor – I thought thats what you guys are here for?

Take your marriage problems to the Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil blog for goodness sakes.

We need to hop out to a nice lead like we did last night. I want the sox to give every bit of confidence they possibly can to Gavin who is coming off of his worst outing of the season.

Thanks, kenwo – I will!

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