KC and The Sunshine Band, Saturday Night

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; ARam, 2B.  Floyd pitching.

Notes and Things

Each of the White Sox first eight batters last night reached base … the last team to accomplish the same was Baltimore on 7/22/06 at Tampa Bay … the last time the White Sox enjoyed that type of first inning was 6/30/72 vs. Oakland.

Joe Crede said his family thoroughly enjoyed the All-Star experience, shooting plenty of home movies and video.

I asked JD if he thought the airplane message was over the top.  He just laughed, which I took as a good sign given the other options, all of which included at bat.


Tomorrow, we will unveil a life-sized sculpture of franchise legend Harold Baines tomorrow prior to the game.  His sculpture, which will be located on the main concourse above right field, joins Charles A. Comiskey, Minnie Minoso, Carlton Fisk, Luis Aparicio, Nellie Fox and Bill Pierce.

In addition to Harold’s family, Robin Ventura, Carlton Fisk, Daryl Boston and Ron Kittle will be joining Harold for the ceremony.  Warner Saunders of WMAQ TV will MC the program.

Central Command

The White Sox are 27-12 vs. AL Central foes this season (19-3 at home).

Since May 14

The White Sox own the best record in baseball at 37-20 (.649), topping the Angels (34-21), Cubs (34-23), Boston (33-23) and Tampa (33-23).

Marked Improvement

The White Sox winning percentage has improved (from this point of 2007) by .127, second-best in baseball behind only Tampa Bay (.191) and ahead of St. Louis (.088).

Blog Night III

To order tickets for Blog Night 3, click here.

Game is 8/6 vs. Detroit (7:11 start).  Tickets are $18 each and supplies are limited so order early.  Passcode when you order is:  “Blog” (creative, I know).

If you have any problems or issues ordering:  dmilliken@chisox.com (my good friend Dustin)

As in past years, Blog Night III attendees will be asked to arrive by 5:45 pm for an event in the Conference & Learning Center (details to follow).  From there, you can head up to your seats as a group.

Sound good?

Some Fun Links

This on working with Roger Bossard …

This on our favorite columnist … (warning on some language)

And this from Barry Rozner at the Daily Herald …



Thanks Scott! Great post, as usual. I liked that article about Roger Bossard.

Let’s go get ’em again tonight!!


Boy are they playing like dog **** today. hopefully they get this garbage out of their system for tomorrow as the sox need to win the series. Plus I am bringing my son to his first game so hopefully it will be a nice winning effort along with a beautiful pregame ceremony. as for tonight, the hitters look sick and the bullpen looks absolutely horrendous. This better not be how the bullpen pitches in the second half or we will be out of it before mid august.


Quick stat request if you have it. What is the White Sox record with both Konerko and Thome out of the lineup in 2008 versus when they are?

A loss, 2-1 or 10-1 does not much matter. Still the team tend to go very flat against some pitchers that are just ok pitchers. Same on going type of team that needs more balance in offense.

The Sox defense the past few nights has been shaky, that hasn’t helped things. Floyd deserved better.

Better win tomorrow, looks like the Twins refuse to lose in the House of Horrors.

Mark Liptak

Lets take the series tomorrow. We have a chance of losing our first place standing if we don’t.

Considering the guys who got beat up in the bullpen were Masset and Russell, I’m not that concerned. (yet)

Those are the last guys out of this pen.

Logan appears to be getting hit more lately, he may be reverting back to what we all expected him to be when this season started. If that’s the case, then you do need to keep an eye on that.

I had hoped the Sox could go 8-4 in this stretch against Kansas City and Texas. Looks like that isn’t going to happen, and that’s a real disappointment.

Mark Liptak

Aren’t going to win many games getting only 2 hits. Can’t win them all, but I fear those Twins who never seem to lose are going to take over this week. We really need to find some consistancy in this offense. Ah well, I suppose tomorrow is another day.

Very disappointing end to very crappy day!

Win one for Harold tomorrow!!!!

On that note – this might make you chuckle –

The best part is the end

Very ugly game but as someone already said, it’s only one loss. What I’m hopfull of is that the guys got all the rust out of their systems today and will rebound starting tomorrow. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Another consistently inconsistent mail in loss. By my count that makes 15 so far this season. It absolutely amazes me how this team, who pounded KC Friday night, can make a clown like Gil Meche (6-9 – 4.71 era) look like Cy Young. Only good part of the evening was the fireworks show. Got a feeling John Danks is going to throw a great game today though, just hope we get him a few runs so he gets a well deserved W.

I asked before, but since I did not get an answer, Scott, is there any way to be included in the Blog night festivities for those of us who already have tickets to the game on August 6th? If we just show up at the meeting place can we join in the fun?

That said, let’s forget about yesterday’s loss and get a big White Sox win for Harold and all the other fans!!

Just popped back to the Sox website and a new posting says that Contreras is now on the DL. Also saw that Linebrink has been having physical problems.

Well that explains a lot, does it not?

Linebrink threw on the side and said he is fine.

Mark Liptak

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