Sunday Bests

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Crede, 3B; ARam, 2B.  Danks pitching.


The 1983 throwback uniforms look terrific and are so appropriate given the unveiling of Harold Baines’ sculpture before the game.

I’m on my way up there now for the ceremony …



Contreras has now been put on the DL retroactive to Friday. The fact that the Sox made it Friday and not a date during the break tells me they want him to get as much time off as possible.

The injury bug has been starting to rear its ugly head the last month and that is not a good thing.

Personally I think Kenny has to concentrate on trying to get a starting pitcher. Contreras in my opinion, is done….Javy is struggling and now Floyd looks shaky.

That is not a way to win a divisional title.

Mark Liptak

This comes under the “for what it’s worth” department. Rumors are getting stronger in the Bay Area that with the Giants sending Ray Durham to Milwaukee this morning, the Sox are about to get Huston Street.

Of course this may be changing with Contreras’ situation. (Unless the Sox honestly only expect him to miss a start or two…)

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

First of all… if I was to miss a game, I would want it to be a bupke like last night…

For those of you who question the abilities of one Gil Meche, just consider that I always thought he was a very serviceable pitcher in his days with the Mariners… and he is still very reliable with the Royals…

As to Contreras going on the DL… I would rather it be now, when he can be worked on and be available down the stretch… that when they can least afford it…like the back end of September, when the pressure is strongest, and everybody needs to be at peak efficiency…

As to the statue envailing(sic)… somewhere up in Heaven, Bill Veeck is looking down with that lopsided, jug eared grin of his… because he was the one who noticed something in that shy, skinny, quiet kid from St Michael’s, Maryland… He and Roland Hemond made the move to bring him in… and the rest is White Sox history…

I have noticed a quiet panic going on, with the lead down to half a game on Minnesota… but, tell the truth, people…
did anyone out there expect this team,on July 20th, to be doing ANYTHING other than perhaps playing out the schedule…

If you thought that this team was going to be where they are when the season started… all I can say is what I’ve said before…

Revisionist history is always fascinating when confronted by actuality…

TQ. You are right on when the Sox record is concerned this year. No one thought we’d be in this poistion at the start of the year. So we need to not only enjoy where we are, but keep playing for the title, since it is within our capability….

I hope JD is ok from that pitch he took on his right knee. We can’t afford to lose him for any length of time. I would have left Danks in to face Butler instead of bringing in Carrasco to throw at Billy. Danks could have gone out with a bang, then bring in Carrasco….. Go Sox, we need this game …. j.k.

I hope he’s okay as well. He’s been an outstanding offensive force for this team.

Actually you are wrong many people on the blog gave their predictions and did expect the sox to be where they are right not. That said if they want to stay in front or close the sox need to make some moves. I will add that although many myself included expected the sox to do well, after the season got underway , the how , that the sox ended up where they are has been a crazy , rollercoaster ride.

Was there any announcement of the team playing in throwback unis today? Maybe I missed something. This isn’t the kind of decision that’s made spur of the moment and it always surprises me that such information is not made available to fans in advance.

Notice that Thome is hitting well , most of that seemed to have starte when he begin hitting more to left field with a little inside out swing. That is what everyone has been saying since early in the season that he should do. Take advantage of the shift. Kind of ironic that Thome gets his 2000 hit down the 3rd baseline.

Hey TQ and JK,
On February 18 I did say that I had a very good feeling about this year and I’m not too far off. Yeah, I wish we would have won this series or even better swept the Royals, but I don’t doubt for a minute that we’ll be in it come the end of September.

Hey, anything good in life is worth working hard for, so get back out there tomorrow boys and get those Rangers.

And, congrats to Jim Thome on hit 2000. YAY!!!!

Go Sox,


We should have won this one. Sometimes our bullpen has the yips, like Matt did today. Still, you’ve got to hand it to the royals today, as they got a lot of their hits on 0-2 and 1-2 pitches. Another one we should have won, but as Marie says, let’s get the Rangers tomorrow. We are still in first place, so we are still the ones to beat….. Go Sox ’08 …. j.k.

Very, VERY bad performance this weekend.

I’m sorry there is absolutely no excuse to lose two games at home to the last place Royals.

The pitching overall has gone in the tank the last few weeks and someone better figure out why in a hurry.

In the last nine games the Sox have allowed 65 runs and average of 7.2 per game.

You’re not going to win anything with those numbers.

After a 2-0 start to this series with Kansas City and Texas the Sox have gone 2-5. That’s flat out bad.

And the Royals getting two runs with two out in the 8th inning, with the Sox four outs away from a win is rubbing salt in the wound.

Mark Liptak

We all got a little spoiled with the great pitching in the first half. You knew that sooner or later we would go through a stretch like we’re in. And we all knew that the injury bug would bite as at some point.

The season is a real grind and now is the time for the Sox to — what is it Hawk constantly says (among many of his overused lines) — “cinch ‘er up and honker down.” Help me Quaid. You have to have a “Hawk” thesaurus somewhere nearby.

You know the season is a long grind and a marathon when you start repeating “Hawk-isms.”


Which is exactly why “it’s time” for Kenny to make a move or two if he can. With respect to Ozzie, this team is not “fine as it is.”

By the way another “no-name” pitcher goes for Texas Monday night…stay tuned.

Mark Liptak

AP story quotes Ozzie as saying he doesn’t expect Dye to play on Monday. That he got hit pretty good and that “hopefully” he’ll only be out a few days.

Story also said Ozzie threw a towel in disgust after Dye got hit and quotes him as being upset with the umpires. Ozzie said the Royals “hit six guys this week.” But they only issue a warning after Carrasco threw at the K.C. player.

He wants an explanation for this.

Mark Liptak

And Ozzie deserves an explanation. Since we know how Ozzie feels, it was very evident that Carrasco was trying to hit the first batter in the inning after JD got plunked. And that is when the cameras caught Ozzie throwing the towel in disgust. But with as many players as KC hit over the weekend, the Sox should have nailed a Royal or two much earlier than that.

I’m not so concerned about the Texas “no-name” pitcher on Monday. I’m just wondering what “no-name” the Sox will put on the mound on Tuesday. The Sox are swinging the bats batter now (other than Saturday’s game) than they were in the first half when the “no-names” stuck it to them on numerous occasions.

First off, tc, Hawk’s expression is “cinch ‘er up and HUNKER down.”… He is not referring to Goose Gossgae, or Goose Goslin, for that matter…

What he means by that is… when the pressure gets to you, try to stay relaxed and do what you’ve done, in a POSITIVE manner, before…

Speaking of pressure, anyone interested should be referred to the following web site:…click on Midwest region, go to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune web site, and read the comments posted by Twinkies fans after their loss today to Texas…

As Archie Bell and the Drells used to put it… “It’s TIGHTEN UP TIME.”… and there are still 9 weeks and 7 days left in the regular season…but by the comments expressed here and elsewhere, you would think it’s September 20th, and not July 20th…

Dye’s injury looked a lot worse than his post game diagnosis would tend to indicate…

For the KC’ers… this was their post season… anytime a team that is down like they are can walk into hostile territory and take two of three, with two straight, that gives them a tremendous lift…

I’ve seen it happen with the boys in years past, when they were the team with nothing to lose… and they would take a huge bite out of someone loftier than they were…

Late in the year, those kinds of teams are called “spoilers”…

Ozzie wants an explanation as to the overwhelming number of batters hit as opposed to warnings given? Well, good luck with that request, No.13 — ’cause you ain’t gonna get one…

Just “cinch ’em up… and HUNKER down.”

Got it, tc?

The vocabulary lesson, and this Sunday, are now over…

As Scarlett O’Hara so memorably put it… “Fiddledy-dee, tomorrow is another day.”

The only thing that changes is the date on the calendar…


Nick Masset gets the start Tuesday according to Ozzie. Who also had this to say about Contreras:

“I wasn’t too pleased the way he handled the situation. He didn’t let [trainer] Herm Schneider know, myself or [pitching coach Don] Cooper know and he continued to pitch that way.”

If memory serves Contreras pulled this stuff before… wasn’t it last year with his shoulder?

I think this is the final season on the South Side for Jose. Thanks for a magnificent back half of the 2005 season but it’s time to leave.

The Sox may find a taker for him this off season since he only has a year left on his deal.

Mark Liptak

I originally thought it would be Masset but when I saw that Russell had been optioned out after the game I thought that maybe another starter was going to come up for Tuesday’s game.

A “convenient” injury for Jose to avoid being “demoted.”

And Quaid, thanks for the vocabulary lesson. Now, can you give me a typing lesson so I can key in “hunker” and not “honker?”

It was a great day for Harold and his family that ended with an unfortunate loss. There has never been a classier player to wear a White Sox uniform than Bainesy.

I was at the game today and first of all, I get on the white sox for doing goofy stuff (like pushing the JD thing so much that it made me sick and stop voting) but today the way they handled the Harold celebration was high class. As usual with the statue presentations.

It was a great time for me as I brought my son to his first ever game. He got the giveaway 83 jersey (my personal favorite), had first row for the statue ceremony, I saw the sox wearing the 83 jerseys (which by the way I think should be used in the regular rotation. Those jerseys are ******* awesome looking, especially the numbers on the front of the pants)…..

However I think that Ozzie should have handled the bullpen differently. Octavio should have been in to face Ross Gload. There was no need to go get Thornton in that situation. You would think that Gload was Harold Baines the way they took Dotel out. Octavio should have pitched and probably would have stuck him out (don’t tell me about the righty lefty match up as Gload smoked a 2 run single against Danks who is a lefty).

Contreras hopefully will not be out long. He has the stuff to turn it around and I am sure he will be good again before this season is over. If anything I think we need some bullpen help as Logan, Thornton, Massett have all looked very hittable lately, Linebrink and Jenks have been hurt. The Houston Street rumored deal would be great but I don’t see it happening. Oh well , lets get the rangers tomorrow.

Oh yah! and Jim Thome collected his 2000th hit in the game. Which is also awesome for my son because he can always say that his first game was also the day Harold got his statue and Thome got his 2000th hit. In a strange bit of KenWo family history, my brother’s first game was the day Carlton Fisk collected his 2000th hit.

I agree with those of you who said that our pitchers have been keeping us in games all year long waiting for our offense to show up. Well the last few games ( excepting saturday) the offense has shown up and unfortunately the pitchers didn’t show up. I was thinking that the ’83 season was called winning ugly. Well todays game was losing ugly!

Still in first in spite of todays loss. That’s the only stat that really matters. Nobody EVER wants to lose, but you all know that it happens. Keep focused and all will be well at the end. Or, it won’t be well, but noone can say that our Guys aren’t trying to win.

It’s so much easier watching sunday nite baseball when I don’t care who wins or loses. Wouldn’t it be nice if we as Sox fans could manage to accept what happens on a day to day basis without having cerebral hemorrhages every time we lose? Life goes on, Little Red frolics safely through the forrest on the way to Granny’s house, and we sanguinely await a White Sox Winner on the morrow…….

No name pitchers (like tomorrow) are a problem of the past………… Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

It’s clear the way the “guidelines” are set up with regard to hit batsmen (as if there are any guidelines, really) that you must peg someone first. A team can take one or two free shots at batters per game, then the victimized team retaliates, reasonably, and only THEN do the umps start pointing fingers at dugouts. We’ve all seen cases of a Sox pitcher hitting a guy after two or more Sox batters have been hit, and the FIRST hit batsman by a Sox pitcher earned an ejection. I believe that happened to Buehrle to break his streak of six-inning starts. The players need to be able to police their own game. We don’t need to back to the Drysdale days when a batter heard chin music just for looking out at the mound cockeyed, but the current system is absurd.

My question is, will Konerko ever be a force this year, how long do we wait? Mentally I don’t see him in the game, especially in the batters box.

They may be no name pitchers to us, but my loyal Royals fan sister points out that Bannister started out the year with a 3-0 record in his first three games against the Tigers, Twins and Yankees, while Meche’s first win was against the Angels and his second was a shut out against Cleveland. Considering this was the first series the Royals took against the Sox at the Cell since 03, I would say they have a much better team than their record shows. They might just be starting to put it together for once. Fortunately, the Sox have been putting it together for longer.

Oh, and by the way, Cleveland is the team in last place, not the Royals.

Now everyone take a deep breath and send some healing alpha waves to JD’s knees. (unless you don’t want to participate, which is the democratic way . . .)

I agree with Kenwo – those 80’s uniforms should be in the regular rotation. They DID LOOK AWESOME! I really liked the look particularly with the short pants and the red sox. They looked sweet. I noticed Swish got a new pair of red cleats – wouldn’t want him to waste those just for one game, so isn’t that a good enough reason to wear the unis again????


Ross Gload hits .167 against left handers and .296 against right handers. Thornton holds lefties to a .132 average, while Dotel is at .213 against lefties. Those numbers prove how important correct match-ups are. I am not sure how you can question Ozzie bringing in Thornton in that situation, especially since Thornton has pitched much better than Dotel this season. I am also not so sure you should base your argument on one at bat.

TQ and JK:
Just because the media predicted that the White Sox would not be in contention this season does not mean none of the fans predicted them to win the division. I think the surprise is not that we’re in first place, but how we have been able to obtain the first place position.

Can you see Konerko’s mentality when he’s batting? If so, than that’s impressive. I think Konerko’s production in the second half is a very legitimate concern, but don’t think that it’s because he’s isn’t mentally in the game.


Hi everyone, just got back from Picnic in the Park!

First, it was a tough loss, but don’t we always have problems with KC?

Harold’s ceremony was very touching, it’s great to see such a deserving person get what he deserves.

I saw Jd and talked to him – he wasn’t limping and he said his knee was only bruised – he said it was a lot better. He will probably sit out tomorrow, just in case.

I met our beloved host Scott- looks a lot better in person. (Please Scott, get rid of that picture)
Sorry guys, but I have a feeling Scott doesn’t read our posts atleast not all of them.

I met Joe (Crede), I am pretty sure my crush is over – his face, his expressions on his face, reminded me of my ex-boyfriend – (they are twins seperated at birth) even talked like him – very scary!
He did sign a pic for me the says To Jennifer – my biggest fan!-

Funny story of the night – when my 5 year old, Dylan, went up to AJ with his ball – he asked if AJ was a Cubs Fan (AJ had on a ‘cubbie blue hat’) AJ just laughed.

Ozzie was the best (though I had heard from some people that in the begining he was a little crabby).
I guess the rule was they couldn’t take a pic with you – but, Ozzie was grabbing kids and telling their parents to take pics. He took a pic with me and my kids. (very nice pic)
He was so nice and I understood what he was saying!

Bobby was very crabby – not to us, very nice to my kids- Carlos was a little crabby – again not to us. I got him to smile for the camera!
The only one that I was unhappy with was – yes, you guessed, everyone’s favorite everyday 1st baseman! (what a sourpuss)

Jeff Cox signed the ball he gave me at one of the games that I went to, he’s quite a lady’s man!

Swisher is just nuts – he loves his fans, I mean really loves them!

I have two greatest moments of the night – first one- talking with Harold Baines (what a great man he is!)

Second one – seeing my 5 year old Dylans’ eyes light up when he saw Jim Thome (Jimmy has been my son’s fav since he came to the WS) I took a great pic of him with Jim.
That was worth every penny – I know my son will remember that moment for the rest of his life!

A little disappointed that JD wouldn’t take a pic with my other son Daniel (JD was Daniel’s fav) – I guess their are the ones that stick with the rules and the ones who break them!

A couple more Class A guys – John Danks – Javy – Greg Walker- Minnie Minoso (Mr. Minoso loves to talk and talk and talk!)- Carlos May (another one that likes to talk)

All in all it was a good night -although, I didn’t like the rule of no picture taking with you (I spent $750 to go there, the least they could do is take a pic with my kids)-

This is the second year I have gone – I don’t think there will be a third – too many rules for that kind of money.

-My kids do love playing on the field! They even wore their cleats.


One more thing, I also like the 80’s uniform, not so much the logo, but everything else. I like our logo now, but I like when they wear the pants old-school with the socks.

Good Night!

If KW takes Huston Street instead of Justin Duchscherer, he’ll be sorry. JD has a 10-6 record, with an ERA of 1.87. Street has a 4.19 ERA with 4 or 5 blown saves, and is nowhere near the pitcher “the duke” is.

Oh, I forgot something else, Jose was in line in front of me for the food – with his Lady. I didn’t say anything to him (he doesn’t know Engish, right?) After the autographs, alot of them stuck around and ate, but I didn’t want to bother any of them.

Marie – The Red cleats that AJ had on today, they were auctioned off there, Ozzie bidded on them ($150) He didn’t win though – I think they went for over $1000!

AJ’s shoes from July 4 game (they were Camouflaged) were auctioned off, too!

I’d take Dotel over Thornton any day. he gets big outs. Thornton has been getting roughed up lately. Dotel is a good pitcher in close games. They left Thornton out there to pitch to German who has killed the Sox his whole career and he is a righty. Give me Dotel to Gload and German over Thornton to them every time.

I don’t think they will get Duchsherer he has proven to be a top notch pitcher this year. The A’s aren’t going to give him away for what the Sox have to offer.

Tomorrow the White Sox face the 22 year old RHP Eric Hurley, who is 1-1 with a 3.57 ERA in 4 starts this season. He has only given up 5 runs in his last three outings, but has not pitched since June 29th because he was on the 15 day DL with a hamstring injury. While in the minors Hurley was regarded as one of the top pitching prospects. He has a fastball that regularly stays in the low to mid 90’s throughout the game. He also has a nice slider, and a change-up to complement his fastball. The fastball tails toward right handers and away from lefties, while his slider does the opposite. Because of this he will throw mostly fastballs to the left handed hitters, but throws sliders about half the time against right handers. It should be noted that his BAA is .030 lower against left handers. Hurley has a tendency of leaving his fastball up in the zone which results in a high number of home runs hit off of him. He throws most of his pitches on the outside part of the plate especially against left handers. Hurley’s fastball generally only gains velocity throughout the course of the game, and he seems to only get stronger as the game goes along. I think it would be wise to get to him early and often. But then again I think that is generally always a good idea.

(note: this report was composed with limited information available, and is subject to be completely incorrect and/or irrelevant. The author of this content shall not be questioned nor badgered, baited, bedeviled, beset, bullied, bothered, beleaguered, besieged, bludgeoned, boiled, browbeaten, blustered, blasted, or even bandicooted for the attempted scouting report. Thank you.)

And Thornton doesn’t get big outs? He has been lights out in close games.

Thornton has been getting roughed up lately? Are you referring to that 1 run he gave up in Texas? Before tonight’s game, that was the only run he’s given since July 1st when he gave up 1 run to Cleveland. Before that game you have to go all the way back to JUNE 1st to see a run given up by Thornton. In the last 2 months he had only walked 2 guys. I just don’t see how you can question Ozzie bringing in Thornton in that situation.

Scam…………very impressive report and even more so that you came up with so many B words. TQ, you and your Thesaurus better watch out.


Thornton did, indeed, have a bad inning on Sunday but remember that Dotel hit Guillen and allowed him to get to third before Thornton even took the mound.

New day, new game, and I guess a search for a new “crush” for Jen since Joe failed to live up to her expectations.

Maybe he didn’t like her in that new bra from Carson’s. And here I always thought that Carson’s was the place for ribs. Well, I guess I was only an inch or two away, anatomically speaking.

Scam – LOL but “bandicooted?” This is what a bandicoot is according to Wikipedia: “A bandicoot is any of about 20 species of small to medium-sized, terrestrial marsupial omnivores in the order Peramelemorphia. The word bandicoot is an anglicised form of the Telugu word pandi-kokku, (loosely, pig-rat) which originally referred to the unrelated Indian Bandicoot Rat. The other two species of peramelemorphs are the bilbies.” but what does “bandicooted” mean???

Great report from “inside” the White Sox, Jennifer. Sorry about your disappointment on meeting Joe. Isn’t that the way with all crushes? The guy looks great from afar, but when you get close enough, they are always lacking somewhere? (LOL)

Let’s get a win tonight! GO SOX!!!

I have always been a big fan of the 1983 uniforms. Not sure why, but even in 1983 they were awesome. However, it seems like when we wear throw back uniforms, or special ones (ie 4th of July…and BTW those were horrendous. I understand supporting the troops, but yikes!) we don’t play well. Just an observation.

As for the great Harold Baines..classy salute to a classy guy.

Let’s get back on the winning track! GO SOX! -Dawn

What matters is simply this…the White Sox have put themselves in a position to win the division and advance to the post season.

What the “experts” predicted or said before the season started doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

In fact that should add fuel to the White Sox fire because if they blow this chance, then the “experts” will look back and say “told you so…”

The White Sox owe it to themselves first and foremost, then to the organization then to their fans to take advantage of this chance and not to throw it away as they did in 2003 and 2006.

It looks like it’s a two team race now. We’ll see if history, vis a vis head to head games against Minnesota in the House of Horrors, repeats itself.

Mark Liptak

scam: I was WONDERING who the hell stole my thesaurus…if you promise to bring it back intact, no charges will be pressed…

Jennifer: Princess, if I’d have known that you were going to meet up with The Great Minoso, I would have warned you that he loves to talk…and talk… and talk…

True story about Orestes Saturnino Arrietas Armas Minoso(but you can just call him Minnie…)… back in the day, when the boys played at old Comiskey and I was out there a lot more with all my statistical gear… I would see Minnie in the LF bleachers where the Sox Supporters sat… Section 152, first three or four rows… depending on how many people we had coming out that day, and how many were in the park to begin with…(If you remember banners like “PITCH AT RISK TO RICHIE ZISK…later updated to CARLTON FISK” or “SEND IT FLYIN’ TO THE RYAN” or “OOOOHHHH FOR THE LONG ONE!!!”… that was us…)Minnie would come out looking sartorially splendid(that means, he wore a suit, dress shirt and tie, even if it was hotter than billy-be- damned…)… He would see me and invariably say “Hello, ‘Cyclo…”… short for encyclopedia… I would return the greeting with “Hello, Orestes…” … I would then kiddingly accuse him of being so old, he played baseball against Pancho Villa… He always took the kidding very well, answered all our questions, leered at the females in our group, then moved on… He is, along with Ernie Banks and Tommy Lasorda, one of the greatest ambassadors for the game of baseball… and just like Mr Cub and “Bleeding Dodger Blue”, Minoso is a great ambasssador for the White Sox…

Lip: You are exactly correct in your assessment… but if they should come up short, you and I both know that they will feel first and foremost that they let the fans down first, then the organization, THEN themselves… at least, that is the way I see it…

As to the key play yesterday… the play at the plate on AJ, four things stick out… 1)despite having a triple this season, AJ runs like he not only has a piano on his back, but that Billy Joel is playing it… 2) the ball was in shallow LF… 3)Guillen of the Royals has a registered howitzer for a throwing arm… 4)(and the MOST damaging…) There was only ONE OUT… If there were two outs, with Quentin and Thome coming up, I would anchored “Lightning Bolt”‘s feet to the third base bag… and this is not the first time that Cox has done this… hind sight ALWAYS being 20/20, however… we know he’s going to do it again and again…until it works…

And if it doesn’t work… the WS will be holding auditions in the off-season for a new coach at 3B…

Hey Scott,

I have a serious problem with WCIU, I am in Fairbury Illinois 100 miles south of Chicago. I have tried to get CIU on antenna and failed, I have Direct TV and Cable in my Sports Bar and restaurant, but the games are blacked out. MLB blacks out these games also. Now this wek we have 2 games on CIU. If I cannot recieve why then is it blacked out?
Thanks Dave

By the way everyone, if you are in Fairbury or down this way, stop in Benchwarmers Pub, ask for Dave and I will buy you a cold one. Great Steaks, Ribs and Chops. Plus a whole wall, just for the Sox. It gets rough down here sometimes with so many Cubs fans around, could use the support or backup.

I thought that when they sent Russell down last night it would mean the addition of a starter for Tuesday night.

Good luck Clayton Richard. Now we can throw our own “no name” at Texas.

LOL, I was not expecting anyone to do some research on that, so here is my explanation. ‘Bandicoot’ can be used as an insult directed at someone in order to vilify them. You are essentially calling them a rat, but with a much more awesome word instead. When I was coming up with all the ‘B’ words, I wanted to be able to fit in the word ‘bandicoot’ somewhere. However, since I was using only verbs, I was forced to add the ‘ed’ and the end of the word, even tho the word does not actually exist. So to sum it up, I just made it up. But, I think everyone should add it to their vocabulary and then it might catch on, and I could say I invented a word. Here is my official definition.

1. Being harrased or tormented as less than human
2. The act of degrading one to a rat like state.

It seems like human nature to wait too long in making moves. By the time managers or GM’s make the change , they have lost the main chance. Players and team’s get on rolls or funks sometimes for a few games sometimes for a couple of seasons. I think some huge opportunities were lost last yr. before the trading deadline and kept saying so but KW had his ideas of waiting for the off season. Why not both . Why limit yourself.

By the way Jennifer symbols are best kept symbols not real life , else they disappoint.

Dave , at Benchwarmers…

For the geographically challenged like myself…where in the name of Rand McNally IS Fairbury?… I apologize if I’ve insulted you, but… I have never heard of your spot on the map… (I’ve lived such a sheltered life…)

Secondly, NEVER offer a current (Liptak) media member or former (your obedient servant)media member anything like a cold one on yourself…I KNOW I don’t speak for Mark, but the media, print and electronic, have NEVER met an offer of free drinks or a free meal that has NOT been mooched…Why do you think that all the MLB teams CHARGE a price for their pre-game meals in the media dining rooms?
Because these bums would eat and drink these clubs out of house and home if there were no cost or charge…

I hope the White Sox do some serious bandicooting to the Rangers tonight.

Scam, can we add the -ing to it?


You don’t have to get all huffy, I was just borrowing it. I’ll give it back to you, but I can’t promise that it is completely intact. My pooch might have gotten a hold of it and accidentally, one second let me see um um, ‘sundered’ it. I’ll try and tape it up real well and get it back to you tho.

tc – sorry, Carson Pirie Scott – I guess only Mallrats know that!

I finally got the pics downloaded to photobucket –

Hubby messed up the camera settings – so the ones of the kids playing on the field didn’t come out so good.

– 2nd year in a row Buerhle didn’t make (last year the baby, this year a funeral)

Interesting that OC couldn’t make it – must of been too busy making sure his stats were correct!

dleeun – You said – I was much happier before I met him – A lot better looking from afar and in pics!

Of course you can. I love your usage of the word.

How could anyone expect PK to be all smiles 1 1/2 yrs slump would bring down Pollyanna.

My pt. way back last yr. was that sometimes teams will give you a lot more if they are in contention in July then in the off season. Now the Sox are buyers , I suppose.

Still postion by positon the sox are ok, as a team forget it terrible. But Det. and Minn. are not much better.

Great photos Jen. It looks like you guys had a blast.

Likewise on those photos from this corner, Jen…

Your little girl is destined to break some poor slob’s heart one of these years… she is BE-YOU-TEE-FUL !!!

Tell your little guy that the “cubby blue hat” that AJ was wearing is for his college team… then try to explain to him why Fla. and Fla State hate each other’s guts…

Do you know why Saturnino Orestes Arrieta (Armas)Minoso(thanks to, I have the proper order of his name)wears his name on the front of his cap?

That’s in case he ever gets lost… Everyone will know who he is, and get him home…

Thanks – my little girl is a spoiled princess – I feel sorry for the guy that marry’s (I don’t know if that’s the way it’s spelled) her!

Yes, Tom we already explained that to him- it was funny that all the people he said that to would be AJ –


Let’s hope Richard (assuming he gets a start) looks more like Jason Bere circa 1993 then some of our other “can’t miss” prospects like oh…Felix Diaz, Arnie Munoz, Scott Ruffcorn and Rodney Bolton.


Mark Liptak

Also condolences to the family of Jerome Holtzman.

A great sportswriter back when Chicago had a Hall of Fame roster full of them…guys like Dick Dozier, John Carmichael, Brent Musberger and Warren Brown.

We will never see his like or an assembly of talent like that ever again.

Mark Liptak


Just kidding about the Carson’s reference. I was shopping at Carson Pirie Scott on State Street when you were just a toddler like your little Brianna.

Sorry Joe didn’t live up to your standards. Maybe it was the nerves he was battling about his upcoming meeting with you that caused him to fumble a ball or two this weekend!

But you better not write him off yet. Judging by some of the insults you have thrown your husband’s way in the last few days on this board, “us guys” in this world probably would not be surprised to see Mr. K put you on waivers.

Then again, you probably have grounds for divorce too. After all he called you the infamous “C” word. How could any respectful man call the love of his life, the mother of his children and the apple of his eye that ugly “C” word — Cub!

Jerome Holtzman, affectionately known as “The Dean” of Chicago sportswriters and a true friend of the White Sox organization for many, many years.

There will definitely be some sort of tribute for him tonight at USCF, if not on the field then in the press box which is named after one of his great friends Bill Veeck.

tc- Well, that’s my hubby – he has no respect for woman – I have been real crabby since that day- that is probably why I didn’t have a good time yesterday-

I don’t want to make kenwo upset, so Ill leave my marriage probrems for the Jerry Springer show!!

problems (spelled it wrong)


Kenwo’s too mad at me, Konerko, Rob Mackowiak and Aaron Rowand to get mad at your problems.

Great Pics!! I must agree your kids are absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Still a lil jealous that you chose hubby over me ( I’m just kidding, he probably paid at least half for the tickets so I’m sure you probably had no other choice).
Helpful Hint: just hold out on him for a few days and he’s bound to come back beggin’ and pleadin’ tryin’ to whisper sweet nothings in ur ear. Works for me anyway, Sorry Kenwo, didn’t mean to get sidetracked like that, just wanted to help out a new friend. LOL!

Back to the pictures…O. Dotel is freakin’ HOT!!!!! He looks different in his street clothes than he does in his uni….
Great Smile!!!!!!
Crap, I think I just developed another crush….hubby will not be happy.:>)


Lisa – Thanks!
I hold out for weeks – he has Mrs. Righty!
We barely said 2 words to each other the whole time!
Until on the way home when he was mad at me because I was talking with Swish after the autographs were over and I didn’t ask him for his autograph (we couldn’t get his – not enough time) and because the whole time Jose was in front of me – I didn’t ask him for his either!

They all look different in street clothes – Dotel was sitting right next to us in the beginning – he was super nice!

They look wider on tv then in real life!!

Lisa, you nailed it. What a DOLL Mr. Dotel is!! And from all the stories in the press, he seems like he’s got an excellent sense of humor, which every good looking man should have.

Jen, thanks for sharing all those pictures. Wonderful that we get to see another side of the guys we love and worship from afar. Will definitely have to start saving for next year’s picnic.

Thanks everyone for making me feel smarter just from reading all these new words . . .

I don’t know why I’m so excited that I will be at the “debut” game on Tuesday but I am. Maybe because I was so disappointed with the falling apart of Contreras. Maybe because I was at the Broadway debut last fall. Nah, it’s just because I love going to the Cell and seeing the White Sox play!!

Oh, you guys are RIGHT ON about Jen’s pictures. They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing Jen. O, Do Tell, looks WAY different! Mighty fine. Also, I about fell off my chair with that picture of TCQ. Geesh, can he get ANY better looking? And, Javy, oh Javy. That’s all I can say. Now, I need to go stand in front of the air conditioning vent and cool off a bit……….


Don’t forget about how the blue cap brings out the blue in AJ’s eyes. Ahhhhhh . . . .

I can just hear the guys on this blog groaning……as the women of this blog have taken over if only for an hour!!! (or at least until the game starts)LOL!

Go Sox!!!


Hey, Jen, how can I get a copy of that TCQ picture? Can I order off of that site that you have your pictures uploaded to?


Hey, I just heard the news that Clayton Richard will get his major league debut on Wednesday’s day game.

Because of my challenged location, I feel safe offering all of you a cold one on me. But we do have people drive quite a ways for our food. The trip would be worth it. Take 55 south to the first exit after Pontiac (Chenoa) go east to Fairbury (10 miles), north on 3rd to Benchwarmers.

Call if you are lost.
See Ya

I swear all women do is think of sex. Thats ok though.

dleeun, you make me laugh. Are you going to grace us with your presence on blog night?


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