Pitching Switch

FYI.  Mark Buehrle, who learned of the death of his grandfather yesterday, will start on short rest tomorrow to join his family for services.  Clayton Richard will start Wednesday’s matinee against the Rangers.


I type up a scouting report for their pitcher, and then he doesn’t even pitch. Feldman is starting for Hurley tonight who has a sore arm. I guess both teams are switching around pitchers.

Marie – I sent you a pic via e-mail – if you want anymore just let me know!

I am getting the pics of last year uploaded so you guys can see those as well!

Been wonder for a while with the tape available during offseason and during the season. Why don’t more players realize which pitches to lay off. This in regard especially with a runner on 3rd. Surely players should learn, I can hit a fly ball on this type of pitch, not this type of pitch. It is not rocket science. Too many double plays hit into.

We need a lefty out of the pen. Our lefties are starting to come back down to their normal levels of crap. Go get Damaso Marte from the pirates. Should have never traded him to begin with

So much for the best record since 5/14.
This team looks (and plays) completely flat & listless. Not even fun to watch. Now have lost 5 of 7 against KC & Texas, two real powerhouses. With the road trips coming up we really needed to take 5 of 7, not lose 5 of 7. Just another pathetic effort overall. Hate to say it but I think we can stick a fork in this team.

As much as they have sucked the past week doesn’t mean they won’t come back with 7 wins in a row or something. That is how the team has been all year. For you to say stick a fork in them is completely stupid since they are in first place still. You don’t get a fork stuck in you until you are 8 games out in my opinion and even then with a strong week you can get back in it.

There is not one situational hitter on the Sox and KW says he does not think that he will add. It could upset the mix. KW’s mix is all does this guy have the right, meaning right to Kw, attitude. The nearest guy to a situational hitter is AJ he has become pretty good. But frankly this is one of the most ill conceived batting orders that I have ever witnessed on a contender. And KW gets all of the credit. Keep it up KW run the sox into the ground. Yea I am mad like Ozzie gets from watching terrible baseball.

I got your pic, thank you very much. Check your e-mail for the note I sent you.

I’m glad I went to see Batman tonight and snuck peeks at my phone to keep track of the score. I didn’t miss anything.

Batman totally bandicooted everyone.

Well, here’s to hoping tomorrow’s result is better.

I am really getting sick of seeing Konerko storm out of the batters box after striking out ripping off his gloves. He’s my favorite player, have two of his jerseys, but he really is a head case. I hope he can work himself out of it, but I’m starting to lose faith in him. (yeah, I know he did get a double).


Batman was great. Too bad the Sox did not have any batmans tonight. Sox have some good players but a terrible lineup. I do not remember one player giving himself up to move runner up this yr. Too worried about individual stats. OC could but he will not do it.

BTW – Konerko’s wife is pregnant – I would say about 7 or 8 months!
Maybe, that’s what his problem is – some woman could be pretty crazy at that time!

Hawk said this no-name was just brought back up from Double A.

He holds the Sox to one run, four hits.

At this point it’s not even a surprise anymore.

You live by the home run, you die without it when you can’t do squat else to score runs.

But keep trotting out these beer league softball guys every season Kenny!

Mark Liptak

Thanks for the laugh, Marie.

Now I can go to bed not completely depressed.

I was disgruntled watching the game but you guys are even worse. Dleeun? I don’t even know what the hell you were saying 2 posts ago. I am sick of hearing about the home run or nothing blah blah blah…. against the royals they scored a bunch of runs in the first inning without getting a home run. what is so terrible about home runs anyway? Then when I say Konerko is brutal or Crede is garbage everyone gets all pissy at me. To hell with you guys. They are a streaky club. Get over it. In two weeks they will win 7 or 8 in a row and you all will have 10 inch boners. Then they will lose two and you will jump off the roof. A good portion of you are worse than a windsock. At least I stick to my arguments. I hated Konerko when he was an all star. I think Mackowiak is a cancer and I think that Carlos Lee is better than Rowand. I think Contreras still has something left in the tank and I think Logan still sucks. Stick with your arguments quit going both ways like a bi-sexual.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.


What’s strange is the number of times the past two off seasons (particularly last year) where Ozzie was directly quoted as saying he was “sick and tired” (direct quote) of having to wait for a home run in order to get a run and he was tired of the strike outs.

Ozzie and Kenny have also directly been quoted numerous times as saying how much they respect and admire the way the Twins play the game.

Considering the number of playoff appearances by Minnesota this decade compared to the Sox that begs this simple question.

“If you guys admire and respect them so damn much then WHY don’t you get the same type of players they have?”

Oh by the way, the Sox get to look like fools on back to back nights against minor league pitchers furiously recalled in time to make the Sox look impotent. Mendoza goes for Texas Tuesday. I hope I’m wrong but don’t be surprised if you wind up seeing more of the same listless effort.

They’ve lost six of eight to the Royals and Rangers. Two “world beaters” there.

Mark Liptak

My sympathies for the loss of your Grandfather.

Kenwo, you are obviously speaking to the men there, right? Unless you are referring to a type of knife? Being a woman, that’s what I’m assuming . . .


If you are referring to me I think there has been a mistake. All of my grandparents passed away years ago. I appreciate the consideration but the Mark being talked about is Mark Buehrle.

Mark Liptak

Kenny comments on trade deadline:


It may be posturing it may not be… we’ll see…doesn’t sound encouraging though.

Yep Jose (Social Security) Contreras will save us! LOL.

Mark Liptak

Well, I was referring to The post that Scott first made on this, and yes it was Mark Buehrle. And yes mine are gone too, leaving me in that role.


Three great quotes from today’s posts:

“Hate to say it but I think we can stick a fork in this team.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that said of a first place team.

“KW’s mix is all does this guy have the right, meaning right to Kw, attitude.”

Might want to rethink that sentence dleeun.

“I hated Konerko when he was an all star.”

Did you also hate him during the ’05 playoffs? How about during game 2 of the World Series?

Those were nice hits in 2005. I still hold a grudge on him for 2003 when he was just a little bit better than he is this year. At least Jerry Manuel had the stones to bench him. He didn’t have a good replacement. It is obvious that the team is better without him. Even in the few games we won with him back they still have played sloppier with Captain Kangaroo.

Scam, what about all of the people on here that don’t like Contreras, or the droves of fans who hate Uribe. They were just as big a part of that world series team as Konerko was. You don’t say anything to them you just use that lame excuse on me. I say I don’t like Rowand and Konerko and all hell breaks loose. And god forbid I bring up the fact that the Sox got totally screwed on the deal that brought us Podsednik. Since 2003 the only players with more RBI’s than Lee are ARod, Big Papi and Pujols. What did we get for him? A bullpen guy we let walk and a guy who gave us a few steals the first half of 05 then never played well again.

Another sad listless appearance from our Boys last night. The worry I have is the recurring theme of our offense hitting on all cylinders, but our pitchers giving up more to the oposition. Or, our pitchers throwing well, but our offense not doing anything. That sounds a lot like last year to me. At this point in the season, I will have to agree with kenwo. Our team has been streaky all year. So it wouldn’t surprise me if we go on a seven or eight game win streak. I guess we will have to do that on the road, ’cause unless we get it all together and win the next two games, this homestand will be a loser. And all we have then is to root for the yankees.

There’s really not much more to say than stay tuned for tonight’s game and keep our fingers crossed that we can figure out Cy Mendoza……I hope to see JD back tonight too…. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

This is going to be one of the first times and hopefully last I am ever going to say this but as of right now Cub fans are better than us Sox fans. They have a lead that is only a bit larger than ours is and 2 teams on their back and you don’t hear them whining and complaining to “put a fork in them” and to trade their better players for prospects. Man or Woman up for goodness sakes the Cub fans are more strong minded than you all are.

I agree, Kenwo. Pat and I were talking about this last night. Sure, we were frustrated when we left the game. Sure, the last few games have been far from pretty. But last time we checked, we were barely mid-way through the season with a lot of games to be played. Don’t give me the same old excuse that it’s the culmination of years of frustration and let down. Have a little faith in your team already.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I think we are the most miserable first place fans around. We criticize everything, analyze every loss, and even in a win many of us feel we got lucky. I don’t think it is because any of us aren’t any less”strong minded” than any other fans. I think it’s because we all had a taste of the champagne 3 years ago. That was a magical year and yes, we had our scare toward the end, but everything seemed to go our way that year. I don’t think anyone has that feeling this year. We are a streaky team and when we are down…we are REALLY down. We can win the division, but will that feel good enough? Probably not. I can’t speak for everyone on the board, but now that I’ve felt the championship feeling, just getting to the playoffs isn’t enough unless you win it all or at least have a shot at it. Do you really think we have a team—the way the have been playing– that can win it all?? Sox fans for the most part are realists, or maybe some would say pessimists. I’ll secretly hope we can do something, but if we don’t start playing more consistantly, we can get to the playoffs all we want, but errors, 3 hit games, inconsistant pitching isn’t going to get us a World Series championship. Isn’t that what we all want?? I think you are seeing frustration from fans, not weak minded fans.


I’ll agree with you on one point and disagree on another.

Yes, the Sox are very streaky and will continue to frustrate us with that type of play for the rest of the year. Can’t stick a fork in a team in first place.

About the Lee trade. Yes, Lee has put some big numbers on the board playing for losing teams since being traded by the Sox. But the guy who “who gave us a few steals the first half of 05 then never played well again” was the catalyst on a World Series champion. Without him in the lineup in ’05, we would be on year 91 without a championship.

Good, positive thoughts go out to Buehrle…


I said in April and in May and I repeat it now: Konerko (Thanks for 2005 and 2006), Thome (nice guy) need to go. Move these guys now if possible and get Swish to first playing every day, Anderson/Wise CF and go get a DH (Griffey??).

ahhhh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……..whenever i need a good laugh i can count on this blog to provide the necessary humor. PK hits a double off center field and just misses a home run and he’s all washed up……hahaha…..thome has raised his average over 50pts in the last 4-6 weeks and now he’s washed up too. i bitched about thome early on but he’s putting up the numbers. PK is getting his rhythm back after being hurt for six weeks. oh that’s right, nobody mentions the fact PK has played hurt since the baltimore series in the monsoon at the cell….how convenient we leave off the little details………contreras, now that’s another story……..

who can we gripe about today? crede? javy? danks? everyone says javy pitched well enough to win last night, but when you serve up a 3 run HR, I don’t think so…….

this team plays in streaks, has all year, will continue to all year. no team scores 8 runs a game every game. we’ve gone 9, 1, 8, 1 since the break.

the issue boys and girls is the bullpen is now losing leads……they cost a game versus KC and sealed our fate last night. ozzie and cooper need to put the “hot” reliever in the game and quit using this, “who’s turn is it today?” mentality. going to the game tonight, gonna be tough on mark b. with the loss of his granddad and all…….thoughts are with you mark, god bless…….go sox!

All comments on my sentences, at times, are correct. And I thank you for the critique.

When guys like Alexei and Wise are hitting long fly outs tells you something. Everyone on the team is home run crazy. There is an old saying in baseball , that player is better off if he never hit a home run. Because when he does he changes from control, line drives to a longer swing and gets out of “his” game. OC, Wise, Alexei are needed in a different role but they do not get it. Much praise to Jim Thome the guy has adjusted, cut down on swing, not so huge upper cut strike , has some inside out and more upright and the guy is hitting line drives . Thome now looks like a hitter , will he keep it up?

Kw need to look at what a player does on the field not just in the club house. No way the Sox will win standing pat. Sorry , I cannot help but be critical of this team.

by the way the headline on the Sox home page says one bad pitch does Vazquez in. It was not one bad pitch but a slew of bad pitches, one of which got hit. If you watched the game , Vazquez was missing his target all night but was getting away with it. Until the one of many bad pitches got creamed.

Guess it wasn’t just those crappy 80’s uniforms….

Joe Cowley has reported in the Sun-Times today the Sox have been in discussions with “several” teams about pitching help. The question apparently is, do they trade Fields to get it?

We’ll see.


Boone Logan’s recent numbers: Last five outings: 2 2/3 innings, 10 hits, eight earned runs.

Now THAT’S the Boone Logan we all know and love.


That’s the frustrating thing about Javy. He has electric stuff, strikes out six, eight, ten guys a game. Doesn’t usually give up a lot of hits. Yet every time out now he’s giving up four, five, six runs a game. Guess that’s why he has a mediocre major league won/lost career record.

We’ll see what happens tonight as Mr. Mendoza tries to embarrass the Sox for the second time in ten days.

Mark Liptak

Cub fans don’t care – they have no passion – as long as they have a beer in their hand they are ok – their mentality is ‘we have next year’ and they always have the Bears.
And I know – my whole frickin family are cub fans!

Sox fans have passion, drive, we want to be heard, we are winners – we feel like we have to always prove a point. Cubs don’t have to prove nothing – they are losers, but everyone seems to love them – it doesn’t matter if they have not won sh*t in 100 years, they are the Lovable Losers and frankly, they make me sick!! For you to even make that comment – well I am sure the cub fans will welcome you with open arms and they could listen to you talk about boners and bi-sexuals (I am sure they talk a lot about that!)

We are just frustrated (Same as Ozzie and the whole WS crew) Everyone goes through a slump – look at the Twins – they have lost, too!

I totally agree on the home run – why couldn’t they just get base hits last night – they were all trying to get HR – Alexie came up in the 8th and barely missed the HR – what was that gonna do – we needed more runs than that!
They all played like crap (I thought Javi started pitching pretty good towards the end)

It’s Baseball – somedays you play good, somedays you play like horse sh*t!
WS better start playing good or they will be shoveling up that horse Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark –
I have been saying the same thing about Logan – last year I would cringe whenever he came in – this year he has been good – but last night I was cringing again!

Sox as they stand are like yummy cookies in a jar on a shelf , you know you should not but it is too much of a temptation. In this case to critique the team, they the Sox team, is made be critical of, irresistable. I used the word yummy for the women. Women love the word yummy. It has something to do with their sensual nature.

This Twins-fan-I-know and I have agreed that our teams are trying pretty hard to make things exciting with a three team race in the central. Yeah, we are way better off than we expected right after 2007 (for that matter so are the Twins), and while the season ISN’T over and there’s still sixty-some games of baseball to be played, we still have an inconsistent offense.

I think Cowley wrote last week or so that the Sox are 15-19 against teams that are over .500, folks that’s a problem. Hey, it is what it is, it’s still my team and they’re doing great, but I’m not gonna lavish praise on them for sweeping teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ozzie had it right earlier about watching this team play at times. I just don’t agree with KW that this team is as balanced as they say. I think these players are good, most definitely, I can see them getting to the playoffs, but….. Now that 2005 team was balanced and they grinded out the games they won. I just don’t see these teams in the same light. I hope they prove me wrong.

Oh, and PK, how long after he was slumping was it that they said he hurt his hand. I just don’t stay up on the news, but I don’t recall it being mentioned in the banter by the commentators at every at bat. Sure it would have been mentioned more frequently and been addressed by the organization sooner if his slump had to do with an injury. I don’t buy it, they gave him some time off, sent him to AAA to buoy his confidence and it may or may not pay off….

Konerko and Thome flat out suck this year, that’s all there is to it. Slump, injury, up, down, I don’t care. They suck!

windy…i know it seems like an eternity ago but PK’s average was going up when he hurt the hand. he was hitting about .235 and looked real good against the rays…..and remember that two measly games in AAA isn’t enough time to buoy anyone’s confidence. he sat for 1 1/2 weeks and lost his timing…..i do agree that we aren’t gonna see the production from him as in years past. not gonna happen. last year he hit .259 with 31 HR and 90 RBI. we won’t see that this year. best we can hope for is he finds his timing and can bat close to .300 the rest of the campaign, and get some clutch hits when we need them. he’s still the best fielding first baseman we got.

mark l…..is that boone logan or mcdougall? those stats hurt! Ouch! LOL.

PK in my view needs to make a total change. He has been hacking for 1 1/2 yrs for g++ sake to no avail. Thome I disagree the guy has made some adjustments that along with his walks is fine ,if he keeps it up. Pk on the other had needs in my view to hit only to right field for a month or more if he is still playing. PK needs something drastic to get out of his funk. Something that he, PK, can focus on day after day like hitting to right. Pk might be able to do that and get going but not for 5 or 6 at bats for a month or more. That is my opinion what would he have to lose, he needs a different focus. Folks when a players makes adjustments and turns it around he should be applauded like in Thome’s case. I am critical but will certainly give a guy credit for good change. Now if only KW would wake up and look at his lineup. I am guessing it is all ego with KW , hard not to be, when you put a team together it is your baby your creation and like your child you get blind to its faults. I call that ego. Getting attached to your creation or picks. It is hard not too but suck it up and take a look KW, at the lineup as if it were not the Sox but some other team.

The team has not been hitting in the clutch recently…they have been shoddy in fielding the ball… The relief pitchers have been getting hit and hit hard recently…They played badly right before the All-Star break, and have started out badly after the break…



Whew… that was exhausting…

I wrote here earlier this season that sometimes the team thinks that they can turn the sparkling plays on like you turn on a faucet for water… I believe I was somewhat chastized for that feeling…

What happens when they WIN 7 of 8, and everything is hunky-dory?… They go right back into the tank again…

Numbers are numbers… people are HUMAN… they cannot maintain superhuman efforts forever… nor can they fail and flounder forever either… It is called human nature…

If people want to see domination from their baseball team on a continuous basis… build 25 damned robots and program them to do well all the time…and never once f*** up…

My condolences as well to the Buehrle family on their loss…

Well Tom can I use caps too? I think your answers are a bit too simplistic for this team. A slump. Dig a little deeper please.

Some of these guys have been “slumping” for a year and a half though. (and I’m including some pitchers…)

That’s not a slump Tom, that’s called seeing the end of your career in front of you.

Mark Liptak

No one lasts forever, Lip…

As Cronkite used to say “…and that’s the way it is…”

Kenny is sitting on the fence but he can only play humpty dumpty so long. Sell or buy or be humpty dumpty.

And we all know what happened to humpty dumpty

True Tom. Which is exactly why Kenny gets to get after it.

This division is still there for the taking. I don’t want a repeat of 2003 and 2006.

Some of these players appear to be done…they aren’t going to magically turn back the clock. The team needs help. It’s up to the G.M. to supply said help.

Mark Liptak

Whoever said “this team is good enough to get to the playoffs but then what” well that is what we said in 05. That is probably what Cardinal fans were saying in 06. If the Sox get to the playoffs and have one of their hot streaks they could easily win the championship.

There are plenty of Cub fans that aren’t just there for the beer as much as Sox fans would like to believe. They have confidence in their team that they will make the playoffs. I don’t like people that are anti Sox when they are losing but pro sox when they win and they switch every other game. I have no problem with being critical of the team but keep it up after a couple wins too. People will criticize the team, then when the sox win 7 in a row everyone is happy like there is sunshine and rainbows out..then the team loses 3 of 4 and its back to being crap. Sure they have played like excrement the last week. They still have a decent enough team to win the division and for morons to say stick a fork in them when they are in first is ridiculous. Also ridiculous are the people still criticizing Thome. You obviously haven’t watched the sox the last 3 weeks because Thome has been on a terror. Konerko is another story, the team is better when he isn’t there. The defense is better, the offense is better and the speed is better.

By the way I was at the Windy City Sox fans luncheon today and it was great. Food was good and Jeff Cox was just outstanding. Cooper and Hickey were also candid.

It is a shame that coaches are the ones to go to these things. Riefert you have been there in the past get some ballplayers to go to these things. It is good food and good times. Guys like Alex Fernandez, Roberto Hernandez, Carlton Fisk, Robin Ventura, Ray Durham used to go to these things….but the current players don’t attend. It is truly a shame as the proceeds go to charity. Last year the sox sent out Ryan Bukvich. I guess the so called “stars” are too good to go to charity events. Konerko should have went to get the ripping he deserves. Maybe it would wake him up. All that being said it was a wonderful time. They are having another one on August 8th. I suggest you make it if you can.

I have a question – How do you get rid of PK, doesn’t he have a no trade rule – the ten year rule?

And, Thome – what are you going to do with him? Your not going to get anyone for him.

Jose? enough said!

Just curious, men on the blog here, who would you trade and for who?

I am sure KW would trade – but no one wants the guys we would trade!

Kenwo – the big players would never attend, maybe Thome!

Sunday at Picnic in the Park – the last 10 min of the autograph session – Jenks and CQ – kept looking at their watches and asking is it time yet, can we go, is it over? I really wanted to say something – all the money that fans paid to go there – they can’t spend an hour of their lives to sign autographs for their fans – really made me mad! –

Don’t expect Jenks or CQ going to the Luncheon anytime soon!


PK would have to approve any trade since he’s 10 and 5. And the Sox would almost certainly have to absorb the bulk of his contract.

In my humble opinion, it would be silly to trade Thome right now. He is hitting better than anyone (except maybe Quentin) on the club right now and is the only real left-handed power threat on the team. Except for the occasional jacks from AJ and Swisher.

Contreras would have to be healthy to trade and if he is healthy, I don’t think Ozzie and Kenny would want to trade him.

If a deal is made, I would expect it to involve some minor league prospects and bring back some pitching. With Ozuna gone, Uribe is too valuable as a backup to trade.

And Crede would not bring much value since he will be a free agent.

I’d like to see another veteran arm in the bullpen and make a run with what we have.

tc – Thank you – you proved my point!!!!


kenwo I hear what your saying but I truly do believe that people on this blog are as loyal a fans as you will find….thus here they are! I think this is a great place for people to just share the joy when they are doing well and be on the ledge when they aren’t and vent. I really don’t think anyone here is a fair weathered fan. That being said, you are right about Thome. He has really turned it up. I have no stats to prove it, but I think Konerko has been swinging the bat better than he has. Last night he hit the ball solid just to the wrong spot. These next 2 weeks are going to be critical–to Detroit, Minnesota and KC. Let’s take care of the business at hand first and get a win tonight!! —Condolences to the Buehrle family

Hey guys! Long time listener, first time caller…well, something like that! I finally had to speak up for two reasons:

—– a.) Nobody rags on my Scottie boy and gets away with it! TC came to his aide, but I’ll defend him further. Yes, Scottie was a catalyst for the 2005 World Series Champs. He exemplified the “Ozzieball, smallball, and/or smartball” approach. He was an excellent leadoff hitter, and teamed exceptionally well with Gooch for a 1-2 punch. He stole plenty of bases, scoring runs and keeping us in the game. And, you can’t deny Game 2 of the World Series! That blue seat in right field speaks volumes. But, to his credit, he never tried to “live by the homerun” like so many of our boys do today! 2006 and 2007 were injury years, as we all know. But, he did what he could while he was healthy. He’s a team player, and a good personality in the clubhouse. After 2007 we threw him out like dirty laundry, and now he’s playing very well for the Rox. Go fig! If we had more guys like him (swing for hits, not the fences; get ‘em on, get ‘em over, get ’em in) then we would be in better shape.

—– b.) If Jen and the rest of the girls continue to comment on the physical features of our boys, I’ll be more than glad to contribute. But don’t worry guys, I’ll try to play with you too and comment on the game as well!!

—— Thanks! AP — ps, sorry, i couldn’t get the stupid thing to seperate paragraphs!

Jen – I am one who would like to trade Konerko. Have been so the past two years. He has obviously seen a decline, and might be looking at the end if not definitely the downside of his career. However I have been saying for a while that nobody is going to take him. We had a chance this past winter to deal him to the Angels, a team whom he has said he would waive his no trade clause for, but the rumored deal was not completed.

As for Thome I hope he can keep this up the rest of the season. If Konerko is not going to hit, then we need another guy in the middle to pick up the slack. I’d prefer not to have Thome back next year, and I’m sure I will get ripped because he has been hot as of late, but I ‘d like to see Dye as the DH next year so we can make an addition in the outfield. Maybe we can get a speedster and move Swish to RF.

I’m looking forward to seeing Clayton Richard pitch tomorrow. I’ve been watching his progress this year, and he has been stellar through AA and AAA. I did not think he would be up here this year, but hopefully he can stay hot.

I have watched this team long enough to know that they cannot win with Konerko and Thome in the lineup period. The results show it. I also realize that moving one or both of them is likely difficult. My thought trade Konerko and his salary to an NL contender for nothing and keep Thome on the bench as a LH pinch hitter so his option doesn’t kick in.

And assuming Kenny does not take my advice try this lineup on for size.

As crazy as that may sound remember when Fisk was moved into that spot? I know Fisk was hitting for a better average than Paulie is now but perhaps he sees better pitches in front of Quentin and Dye.

Okay BC,

If Kenny takes your first option and somehow unloads Konerko and then Ozzie sits Thome, who is the Sox’ DH?

The new lineup would give the Sox the slowest No. 2 hitter in the history of the game. Fisk was certainly no Bob Hayes when it came to speed, but he could beat Konerko in a race with Thome on his back.

Not a bad idea, though, to try something like that to try to jumpstart PK.

BC, Thome is not on pace to meet the criteria for his option year. Even if he played every game. He commented on it about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Jen, as far as autograph signing goes; that is a thing of the past. There was an article a few years back about Cal Ripken Jr. signing until the last fan was accomodated. That doesn’t happen any more, the guys make too much money and are too jaded to live up to the lofty example set by the Iron Man.

Here we go again, living and dying by our daily accomplishments or lack there of. We are a streaky team and have been all year long. I’m more concerned about our pitching falling off of late than our hitting. The errors concern me too. They seem to happen at the worst possible time, costing us a game. I know it’s hard to do, but somehow we as a Blog Force, need to be able to be critical without panicing.

I wonder also, if we have any say in some moves that are/aren’t made, or if our opinion simply mirrors that of KW and Ozzie. Examples: We all couldn’t wait to get rid of Marte, Roberto Hernandez, Bobby Howry, Keith Foulke, Scotty Pods, Mackowiak, Cintron, etc. We cried to make it happen, and some of the above names have come back to hurt us. We yelled to keep Paulie, Mark, JD, among others, and now we don’t want Paulie and some are yelling about Mark and until recently JD as well.

Then there’s the guys we didn’t want for a variety of reasons and couldn’t understand getting them: CQ, OC, Scotty Pods, Gooch, Toby Hall, , Freddie Garcia and many more. My final thought about all of the above is that maybe our front office knows more than we do when it comes to talent evaluation. They don’t have the benefit of hindsight as we do, and as far as I’m concerned, I think they have a pretty good track record. I say that in the overall scheme of this years record and what we have accomplished so far.

So, give our guys a chance to do their thing. You know they want to win as much as we do and they have a much bigger stake in the events that play out on the field than we do. With all that, Go Chicago White Sox ’08…. j.k.

JD is back in the lineup tonight. Great to hear because at first sight the other day I thought his season was over. That man must have one solid kneecap!

Many collectors and eBay have changed the autograph business. Instead of kids getting autographs for fun, too many people have schemed and found ways to get autographs and turn them into profits.

Instead of waiting by the dugout fence as a 10-year-old to get the autograph of your favorite player, now you either pay money to go to a signing show or you buy an autographed item on eBay.

Just another thing that has changed for the worse over time.

jk, thanks for the calming words of wisdom. Now, let’s go get ’em tonight White Sox!


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