Tuesday Night

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Credem 3B; ARam, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.



June Totals: .294 AVG / .402 OBP / .662 SLG
July Totals: .345 AVG / .458 OBP / .569 SLG

Thome is second on the team with a .376 OBP for the year.

Hey, Scam, how ya doin’? How’s that hat of yours? Still dirty? I’m wearing my oldest Sox shirt (remember the blue one from the late 80’s early 90’s? Thread bare, but still recognizable as a White Sox shirt. Anyway, it couldn’t hurt if you put that hat on… you never know,,, for want of a nail the war was lost,,, I’d hate for our season to be your fault….(j.k…. just kidding)…. now go Sox… j.k.

Ha Ha!! We gotta blame SOMEONE right jk?
Better scam than our “beloved players”

Will the hat still work if it’s not dirty anymore?


While waiting for our game to start I thought I’d take a peak at the yankee/twins game. Yanks are up 1-0 going into the bottom of the third. But it’s so hard to root for the yankees! Another reason for the Sox to take care of business…… j.k.

I know this is very very fantasy baseballish of me…but man I don’t know if it can happen this year or next year or in 5 years but I would absolutely love if the white sox could get their paws on Nick Markakis of the Orioles. This guy is one hell of a ballplayer. Fast, good contact, good power, good defense. Oh well I will snap out of it.

Anyone see AJ new doo?

Sorry JK, I will not be bringing out that hat just yet. However, I do have the hat on that I was wearing when we won game 4 of the World Series. Maybe between your shirt and my hat we will be provided with a little spark.

AJ is a big pro wrestling fan. Maybe he has gotten the inspiration from his hair cut from Hulk Hogan or Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Good Uribe is in the line up. That can break up that Konerko Swisher Crede 3 automatic outs.

Shortstuff –
I’ll be the first one to say “Hi”
The men on this blog – well, let’s just say you have to start some controversy for them to acknowledge you!

A lot of fans liked Pods – me, I didn’t care for him! Sorry – he helped us in 2005 – and I thank him!

It seems like all the players that we dumped – always come back and bite us in the a**!

Don’t ask jk on how to skip paragraphs, he’ll lie to you!!

About the autographs – I know what you mean – there were a few people that were carrying around boxes of stuff for them to sign, I know they will sell that stuff – that’s fine for the players to be like that to those people – But, kids they should not be – I am not complaining – all of them were so very nice to my kids, CQ, he signed a pic of himself and made it out to my 3 kids, addition to that he signed each of their balls – he even made the comment “I am only supposed to sign one for each, but I will do it for the kids!” Bobby called my little girl sweetie.

I was just saying earlier that it’s a shame they can’t make more time for their fans! That they had to be in such a rush.

Glad to have JD back – I told you guys he was fine!

Now, let’s play some ball!
and hopefully WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one other thing I forgot to say-

The beginning of the season – they couldn’t hit worth sh*t, but, they were winning games – because of pitching and defense – that’s what wins games!

I to, think the pitching is slipping, that’s why we haven’t been winning – we need to get more pitching – not more hitting – we have some pretty good hitters – they just need to click at the same time.

-Kenwo, you will probably know this – what happened to the Ultimate Warrior? He was my fav!


I don’t like AJ’s Hair!

Now I’m shaking MY head after a Paulie AB!?… Up one, but we need more. Knock this guy out next inning…. j.k.

Ultimate Warrior recently made a come back over seas. If you google him I am sure you will be able to see some current pics. Looks old but still in good shape. I never liked him. He beat the Hulkster at wrestlemania 6. Hogan was my favorite. Too bad his family is nutsy

Great pitching by Mark. Lead off triple, left stranded!… j.k.

Klein I too was pissy at Konerko already. Not so much that he made an out but they way he reacts all the time. Quit being a Sally. Plus Swisher got way to close to the wall, if Anderson or Wise are in center Blalock doesn’t get a triple. Thank goodness he didn’t score. What a job by Buehrle.

You took the words right out of my mouth, I don’t like AJ’s hair either. But, if it works to shake things, up, then I’m all for it!

Short stuff, double spacing doesn’t do anything. If you want to double space your paragraphs, put 3 spaces (hit enter 3 times) Looks weird when you are typing, but it works when your comment is displayed. I learned from the Yoda of our blog – TQ.



So, Jen, don’t believe me, but listen to Marie…. It really does work.

So there…. go Sox j.k.

Todays my birthday and my family got me a framed picture of Comiskey. That brings back memories….

That’s sweet! Happy birthday…. j.k.

Now is the time for PK to BUNT!!! My fingers are crossed that he doesn’t hit into a DP. j.k.

at least it wasn’t a DP,,,, now we need a sac fly swish…. j.k.

O.K. That’s even better than a sac fly… Thank You Nick Swisher…. j.k.

Thanks J.K….

Did you see how sad Buehrle looked when they just shot him in the dug-out before the bottom of 4th?
Poor guy, sorry for his loss!

OK, we will see if it works,

jk – I already said it didn’t work – days ago – Are you like Scott and don’t read the comments?
– Are those bowls you make, made out of wood? I already commented that you were the master (but, you probably didn’t read it) You need to teach me some tricks!

With that Swish hit a 3-run homer, someone tell DJ to shut-up! The best part of listening to The Hawk is when they get homeruns and listening to my kids say “He looks up and you can put it on the board, yeeeeeessssssssss!!

And, for the record, I like Juan, I have always liked him! I even think I like him better than OC!

Uribe with a shot in the gap. How about Crede with his defensive struggles at first and Uribe at third. I don’t konw…just thought of it i will have to think more about it…..hey what an inning. keep it going

jk – sorry, it did work!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelullah!!!! I’m no longer a liar in Jen’s eyes….. Go Mark, now you got your runs… j.k.

Jen, Those bowl are made out of a variety of hardwoods, laminated together and then lathed to shape. I’d be happy to tell/show you how to do it, then all it takes is practice, practice, practice….. Go Sox,, more runs…… Get mad and put it to the rangers… j.k.

Keep it going Guys, Mess up the texas pen!!!! Go Paulie… j.k.

jk – That’s Awesome, the bed, too!!!!

Anyone going to the game tomorrow, seniors sroll the bases! (LOL)

yankees ahead 7-2 tigers ahead 2-1 in the fourth (must be raining in det)…. Thanks Jen… keep it up Sox… j.k.

Seniors STROLL the bases – I spelled STROLL wrong!!

There’s another reference to Cal Ripken Jr. Josh Hamilton signs autographs every day.. Good for him.. j.k.

Frank Thomas was always and still is good about signing.

I never cared for autographs myself, although my Mom did get me a team signed ball from the ’62 Giants. Guess who was the only guy NOT to sign…. j.k.

Willie Mays?

Grand SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, I’ve got everybody except Willie Mays. Thanks Mark for the great start and my sympathies are with you and your family on your loss….j.k.

What do I win? I’m pretty smart, eh?

If our bullpen screws this up, Mark will be pretty upset!

I don’t have that favorite bra you love, I don’t suppose you could use a jock strap? Maybe as a flag pole holder for Labor Day?……….. j.k.

Would that really work? I need a new flag pole holder!

Keno when I said trade Cede and put Uribe at 3rd you said, idiot. Now you are calling for that. What does that make you?

No, he said put Crede at first!

O.K. we won and picked up a game on the twins. Maybe OUR no-namer can spin some magic tomorrow and we can get the split? Go Sox. j.k.

I said move Crede to first….read the whole thing you stroke artist

good victory tonight. we need another one tomorrow from the rookie.

So happy for Buehrle. Maybe he should pitch on 3 days rest more often.

Crede would never be moved over to first, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it Ken.

Guts, pure guts from Mark tonight on short rest. And Minnesota losing is icing on the cake.

Nick Masset meet Boone Logan, you two are like peas in a pod.

I see where Joe’s out with lower back stiffness again eh? Even if the Sox could somehow find common ground with Joe’s agent, I just can’t see how you could risk the number of years and the money that’s going to be needed to sign him, not with his back. Looks like the Josh Fields era begins next February.

Sure hope they saved some runs for the kid pitcher tomorrow afternoon.

Mark Liptak

After further thoughts…why shouldn’t he move to first. It would be easier on his back…not a lot of diving getting up and throwing over at first. It would put Uribe in the line up instead of Konerko which is a plus… It won’t happen but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be considered.

Good point, kenwo!

First, and most important, much sympathy and warm wishes to Mark Buehrle and his family.

Next, let’s hope the Sox are on a win streak now, and can carry it on to the road trip ahead!

Regarding trades, I think, as I said a while back, the team you see is probably the team you get for the rest of the season, unless the A’s are really, really trying to do a “white flag” trade to make it easier to move the team from Oakland to a wetland. (Not kidding, the location planned for “Cisco Field” is a genuine *wetland*.) KW doesn’t have a lot of “tradin’ stock” and there isn’t much on the market he would need or want.

We have a winning team when they can put it all together – pitching, defense, and enough hitting. We could all be just as passionate and a little more relaxed if we could remember that these are smart, talented guys who know what they are doing. Like all of us, they have better days and worse days, but no one stays in the Major Leagues these days without knowing how to play the game, and play well.

Donna, I agree that having tasted the champagne, we all want more of it – I know I do, for sure! Heck, that’s why I’m saving up my pennies to be there for the World Series.

Now, I’ll get all west-coasty on you, and suggest everyone step back from the ledge, breathe deeply, and visualize the Sox in the World Series!!!


Kenwo normally I would say you are nuts, but the way Konerko has just stunk up the joint this year I almost agree. I think sitting for long stretches this year may have helped Uribe. Might have showed him the error of his ways as it has cost him playing time. Obviuosly the Sox would not make the suggested move, but I would not mind seeing Uribe out 1-2 games a week at 3b. Not like he can’t play it defensively, and the way Crede has been hitting a hungry Uribe might be an improvement. Having Uribe as the utility infielder is not a bad thing since he can play 2b, ss and 3b, but the chances of hit settling for that role beyond this year are slim.

Can’t ask for much more from Buehrle. Pitched a great game and stopped the losing streak.

Mark, I agree that the Josh Fields era begins in Feb 2009. At the start of the season I was optimistic that Crede might be signed back at the end of the year, but the way he has played it looks to risky. You know some team will offer him 5 years at $12-15 mil per year. Too risky for the Sox with his health concerns and dropoff in play this year.

Let’s get Richard a win tomorrow. I have been talking this guy up for months now. Don’t let me down!

Well, if the twinkies losing tonight was the icing on the cake, then the flubs losing tonight was the sprinkles on top of the icing.


Oh, and make it a birthday cake for Windy.

Happy Birthday!

nice game last night at the park. mark b. pitched one heck of a game. still worried about that bullpen tho. masset was off…..again. thornton comes in and immediately walks someone….again….ozzie better have a come to jesus with these guys and darn fast.

lets hope we catch the same breaks with our no-name pitcher that the other teams we faced this year have with theirs…..

i’m sure glad thome is sucking this year. scam those are great stats, his bat has come around and i’m enjoying eating those feathers….in fact, he sucked by going 2-2 last night. PK needs a new routine. take the first pitch and simply make contact. after flailing away in his first three at bats, he did that the last time up and guess what happened? and what really drove me nuts is when he swings at the first darn pitch after texas changes pitchers. wtf? a new pitcher? gee, did the thought occur to paulie to maybe take a pitch to see how the guy guy is gonna pitch to him? mother of god! where the heck is greg walker??? I want PK to succeed but he’s gotta use that little bean inside his head if he’s going to get this turned around.

So today is Seniors Stroll the Bases Day at the Cell. If I had to bet money on a race between Paulie and one of these seniors, my money would be on the senior.

Happy Belated Birthday Windy!!!!

What the heck is that on Uribe’s chin!!!!!!!
All he did was come in and hit two doubles….NICE!!

It is time for Paulie to sit.

My thought and parayers are with the Buerhle family this morning.

Here’s to hoping our guys make this a winning streak that carries over on to the road. We usually play well in Detroit anyway.


Somebody has to take the bottle of peroxide away from A.J. and Uribe.

There is no way in hell you can blame Greg Walker for whatever the heck that bum Konerko is doing at the plate. He is his own worst enemy. Personally, I always liked swinging at the first pitch- it is usually the best one you are going to get in my opinion….but not when you keep making outs and not hitting it hard. Walker has done wonders with Quentin, Ramirez even Anderson is hitting better. Thome has turned it around, JD has been unstoppable, AJ is getting a lot of hits. Konerko is a 10 year veteran, he should know what he’s doing by now. And personally if someone knew exactly what was wrong with him, I don’t think he would listen anyway.

A day game today! YAY! Even though I can’t watch it because I am sitting here at work, I like to follow on Gameday and listen to the radio. It makes another boring day at work much more fun!

My sister and her kids are taking my son to the park, so they have the assignment to bring home a White Sox Win.

How’s about we get the win today, take the series, and head to Detroit on a mission.


Thanks, Jen and Marie, for the welcome! I guess I do have to pick a fight to get noticed by the others. Perhaps in time! lol! I’d better choose wisely…

Good game last night. You knew we would explode offensively eventually. I never thought Alexei would be the one to do it, but then again I still wonder how the “human popsicle stick” manages to exist, let alone hit a granny!

My first thought when I saw A.J.’s hair was, “What did Nick Swisher do to him!” He had to be an influence. Keep up the production at the plate, and I wont mind thought! Blondes do have more fun!

I feel so bad for Paulie, and want so badly for him to pick it back up. He’s been around for as long as I can remember being a semi-competent sox fan (I say semi-compotent, just because its hard to understand the game when you are 10)! He just needs to get his head back in the game. That being said, if he doesn’t, it may be time to bench him for a bit. Nickie makes me nervous at first, however…

Let’s get ’em tonight, boys!

And by tonight, I clearly mean in about an hour and a half!

Thank you for the nice wishes, you’re all a swell bunch o’ bloggers.

Hoping for the best for that Richards kid, I know I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in action.

Going to one of the games at Detroit this weekend, and have never seen Comerica. Hoping to see Greektown as it’s been years and years. Be nice to get a decent bite to eat too…..

Well, let’s see here… First of all, tc called me “the Dalai Lama”… now sweet Marie thinks I’m Yoda…

Where does the truth lie???… and does anyone else out there in White Sox Universe give a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn…) about my status?

I didn’t think so…

Now that we are approximately 38 minutes away from the former back-up QB at the University of MEEEECHIGAN throwing his first ML pitch in anger towards Ian Kinsler… let’s get some thoughts out of the way…

1) As the late “Dean”, Jerome Holtzman, would say of young Richard: … “He is a TALL drink of water…” 6’5″… I saw former WS pitcher Jon Rauch close out for the D-backs last night… 6′ 11″… “Old Man Mose”, a.k.a. Randy Johnson, 6’10″… Whatever happened to the days of Bobby Shantz and “Dim Dom” Dellasandro, “the fireplug who walks like a man.” ?… You know, players who could walk under a sway-backed horse and NOT have to duck?

2)AJ and Uribe must have gone to Earl Scheib’s for their new paint job… (” In by 9, out by 5- – any car, any color…GUARANTEED…)Either that or their wives are going really be p-o’d when they see that the Lady Clairol is missing from the medicine cabinet…(“… If I have onlt one life to live… let me live it as a BLONDE…”)

3)After last night’s game was salted away into jim d’s left hand column… I said out loud to no one in particular… since that seems to be the only audience I receive… “In the famous words of the late Ted Lewis (remember, jk?): ” IS EVERYBODY HAPPY?”… because every thing clicked last night… a win, timely hitting, good fielding, outstanding pitching from Buehrle, and the bullpen didn’t get its butt kicked… and the Texas pitcher turned out to be an impostor of the amigo who pitched against the boys two nights before the AS break… proving once again that he, like every one else in the great game, is HUMAN and vulnerable…not a robot…

4) Stone Pony and the cranky old relief pitcher on radio are getting as p-o’d as most of us with the constant harping on Konerko… He has been playing in discomfort MOST of this season… but, except for a short stint in rehab, he’s been out there every game… trying his best… you get that, critics… EVERY DOGGONE GAME !!! … Some of the clowns masquerading as big league ballplayers get a hang nail and consider it a crisis of major proportions…kind of like the lion with a thorn in its paw, looking for Androcles…( jiminy crickets, I’m getting as bad as Dennis Miller…)

5) windy… Happy b-day, belated… enjoy your trip to Motown… maybe you can pick up a brick from what they’re tearing down at Michigan and Trumbull… a.k.a. Tiger Stadium…

6) jk… Why is it that I’m not surprised that Say Hey wouldn’t sign your ’62 Giants baseball?… Something happened to Willie Howard Mays when the Jints left the Polo Grounds for the Golden West… What happened was…a lot of bad investments, a divorce… and the lack of adulation from the fans, who seemed to prefer Willie Mc Covey and Orlando Cepeda… No. 24 got it into his head that his sh** didn’t stink out there… and never really got the same treatment as he did in NYC… (BTW, I don’t think he stiffed the starting CF in the ASG introductions… he just didn’t SEE the kid… Unlike Ernie Banks, Willie has aged REALLY badly…)

7) As to the point about players signing and appearances…
Young Mr Hamilton is just so grateful to still be ALIVE, let alone playing baseball for a living, that he is thanking the fans in his own way… His is the true American comeback story… and a good one… (just wish he wasn’t with the (St)Rangers…

Some of these players, past and present, know what their role is off the field… the fan is ALMOST always right…and what the fan wants, most times the fan gets…PR, that’s the ticket… so those players make it a point do just about everything to make nice to the paying customers…Other players?… You couldn’t get them out for a free for nothing appearance if you pointed a 10 gauge shotgun at them and told them that if they DIDN’T go, you’d kill them…(Hello, Carlton Fisk… NOW you get the point, right, Pudge?…learn from Moose and Melton and King Carlos and the others…)

Tom – It’s funny you mention Fisk – he was my fav player – I remember going to Lincoln Mall when I was around ten for a free autograph signing – BUT (a BIG BUT) when I played softball in Orland at The Complex – Mr. Fisk, would be up there watching his son play baseball – my brother, at the time was about 14, went up to him and asked for his autograph, Mr. Fisk told him “No, can’t you see I’m trying to watch my son!” – Remember that, maybe that is why my brother is a Cub fan! – Shame on you Mr. 72!

It’s really sad that baseball players have to be like that!

On that note, Thome hit a 3-run homer!

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