Beautiful Wednesday

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Swish, CF; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; ARam, 2B; Hall, C; Uribe, 3B. Clayton Richard.


OK, OK….. I will back off on Thome. Not because he just hit a dinger but because of where he hit it. Eating crow in this case tastes good.

I did not think it was possible for someone to pitch quicker than Buehrle.

Tom – It’s funny you mention Fisk – he was my fav player – I remember going to Lincoln Mall when I was around ten for a free autograph signing – BUT (a BIG BUT) when I played softball in Orland at The Complex – Mr. Fisk, would be up there watching his son play baseball – my brother, at the time was about 14, went up to him and asked for his autograph, Mr. Fisk told him “No, can’t you see I’m trying to watch my son!” – Remember that, maybe that is why my brother is a Cub fan! – Shame on you Mr. 72!

It’s really sad that baseball players have to be like that!

On that note, Thome hit a 3-run homer!

Don’t ever mention politics – don’t ever mention that you are not registered to vote!

Someone really needs to go over fielding 101 with Alexei!

Richard is throwing too many pitches. He has shown a little bit of competence though but if we can’t get him to go 5 or 6 innings why bother.

Too bad Millwood is just leaving the field the sox have Great Success! (sorry Borat) off of him.

Kenwo you are not at the game? Just saw a dude with a “Uribe will you marry me” sign. Thought maybe that was you.

Richard is pitching too high. If he would come down in the zone he could pitch to contact better and throw less pitches. I expected Kinsler to adjust and get a hit. He’s not the kinda hitter you strikeout twice in a row.

I can understand Fisk just wanting to watch his kid and be left alone. At that point, he’s just a dad watching his son play baseball. I don’t like it when people bug me when I’m at my daughter’s softball games. There does come a point when they have to have their privacy. And when they are with their family is it. But, that’s just my opinion.

I have seen enough of this pitcher to know that I want Contreras back. And I agree with Marie, people are ridiculous when it comes to hunting autographs and pictures at all costs.

I’m a big fan of Uribe but I am already married and this isn’t Utah so its not gunna happen. Sorry Juan! It was someone else.

what in god’s name are we doing??? hall drops a routine pop up and ramirez just plain sucks in the field. quentin casually jogs after a ball thinking its foul and its fair…..i feel sorry for richards. the kid’s trying and we’re blowing it for him.

Those kind of problems like not being able to go out in public and not be asked for an autograph are part of the career they chose and they are paid handsomely to do. They could have turned down the fame and money to work 9-5 like the rest of us and lead a normal life. Of course if an athlete were to say no to someone who is just looking to turn a profit, then I am all behind that. Fisk has been known to be a very surly guy.

kenwo, i’m just glad you don’t make decisions about our pitching staff. contreras is done.

Being that I was not expecting to see Richard this season I am not all that disappointed. He showed that he had the demeanor to pitch at this level. Never once did he have that “deer in the headlights” look that many young Sox pitchers have had in the past. I’m sure he had some nerves and some excitement. He looked like he wanted to strikeout 27 today, and that hurt him as he was up in the hitting zone to a very good hitting team.

I think the defense was just giving him his initiation as a Sox pitcher. They tried to give him as little support as possible! Hopefully the pen can hold Texas the rest of the way and we get some runs to win this thing.

Contreras was supposed to be done in 05 and went on to lead the team to the title. He was supposed to be done earlier this year and had a hell of a first half. He will be fine.

I’m not predicting big things upon Contreras’ return yet, but don’t count the ol’ Cuban warhorse out yet. Seems like it was only a year ago and the same things were being said.

And it was only a couple of months ago during our stop in Anaheim that he pitched one of his best games in a long time.

Re: Fisk and the autographs. He never was much for doing that. But even I can see the point about his family time. Just because these guys make a lot of money does not give us the right to pester them at any time of the day or night. They are paid to play baseball, not to sign their name whenever we walk up to them.

Not a bad outing for his big league debut against the best hitting team in the AL. I’m sure this kid will win his share of games in his promising career.

Ken, I wasn’t trying to rag on your Crede at first idea, I just think there are too many reasons why Ozzie would never even consider it. First I don’t think he would switch a player to a position he has never played before during a close division race. Uribe is a great defender, but he is not as good at third base as Joe. I don’t think Ozzie is ready to give up on Konerko yet (I know I’m not). Paulie is a guy who can carry a team when he is hitting well. I know you think that will never happen again, but Paulie is not ‘washed up’ like people on here keep saying. Also, Uribe’s average is very similar to PK’s, so you’re not really getting any offensive improvement. PK has a career .277 average versus a .252 average from Uribe, and there is no doubt that you are getting much more power from Paulie. Finally, if Ozzie did give up on Konerko, I’m sure he would choose to improve the outfield defense and use the Anderson and Wise combo in center, and put Swish at first.

I am also not ready to give up on Contreras yet. Unfortunately he is as streaky as this team. You never know whether he will be able to throw a decent forkball for strikes or not. Hopefully Coop can straighten him out a little before he returns.

I am not ready to give up on Contreras, but I am ready to kick Captain Kangaroo to the curb. This guy is ruining the ball club. At least Uribe comes up with a clutch hit once in a while. I don’t care that everyone says he’s been hurt- then don’t play. We don’t need you anyway. The Sox were playing as a unit without him and now they are not. I was actually hoping that the ump through him out when he was whining in the 3rd or 4th inning after yet another strikeout.

Oh crap Boone Logan is throwing. Hopefully Carrasco can go a little longer so we don’t have to see that jabronie today.

Threw him out.. not through…what the hell am i thinking. I am still mad he struck out against Madrigal. Choker.

Now this ******* can’t even catch the ball on a ******* pick off attempt? How can they give the error to Carrasco it didn’t even hit the ground. Oh is this Konerko a dog. Please do something about this.

The problem with Contreras’ streaks is that they last for months at a time. So he may be “Bad Jose” for another 2 months and then turn back to “Good Jose” One of these times though it will end up being “Bad Jose” for good. I don’t know that the Sox can afford “Bad Jose” for the rest of the season and hope “Good Jose” shows up in October. When Contreras is good, he is dominating. I will gladly leave this decision to KW and his staff.

Thank goodness he pitched over that dope’s mistake. That a boy DJ

What’s up with the 4 errors?????? Geesh, we better get it together. It’s only the 6th inning.

Madrigal is like Bob Gibson? If i were bob gibson i would sue Harrelson for that comment.

Hmm, 0-2 count? Lets go with a fastball down the middle. Oh Boone.

Boone Logan. Why in the hell is this guy continuously run out there? He is terrible! He has been terrible for multiple seasons now! Please handcuff this jerk to the bench and never let him out unless its the 19th inning or you are up or down by 10. Go get Damaso Marte and admit your mistake you stubborn ********.

Marte punched his own ticket out of the South Side when he quit on his team and went AWOL during a pennant race.

Ozzie looked like he got his moneys worth. Hopefully that fires this team up. If he did not go off on an umpire he may have blown up in the clubhouse later because of the poor play.

Ya TC that is fine but he is a lot better than the joker lefties we have had since he left. I don’t care if he banged ozzie and kenny’s wife and mother- he is the best lefty on the market and we need him back desperately.

What a job by Dotel….I have been touting this guy all season and he is clearly our top reliever right now. Doesn’t hurt when you got JD out in right diving like its 1999 again.

What a poor job by whoever is making decisions for the team. If we don’t have anyone that could pinch hit for Toby Hall in the 8th inning we need a stick or two. That was criminal to let that guy hit. At least put up Anderson if you don’t want AJ to face a lefty.

About the Fisk autograph thing – I am talking about a 14 (actually now that I think about it – my brother was 12 at the time) So, a 12 year old boy wanting his autograph – and I just called my brother to confirm – but, Fisk was actually watching us (my team – his son’s team was not playing yet) he was standing next to my brother, so my brother asked him – Fisk turned around and said no, I am here to watch my son play! It doesn’t matter who you are – how can you be so cruel to kids?


With only four position players on the bench (thanks to carrying 12 pitchers) and one of them being hurt (Crede), that leaves you with Anderson, Wise and your second catcher — in this case AJ. If you use a righty to PH, then you have to use up two players by putting AJ behind the plate.

Ozzie (and other managers) have hamstrung themselves by insisting on 12 pitchers.

Then just pinch hit AJ and leave anderson on the bench. This is why Ozuna shouldn’t have been released. Come on Carlos come through!


Yessss!!!!! Nice to get the rook off the hook. I’m not able to watch the game but I sure doubt if you guys are seeing Wilson behave like he did in Texas a couple of Sundays ago.

Ozzie has to be loving this!

Talk about coming through! what a shot! makes me glad I ruined a perfectly beautiful afternoon sitting inside! That a way my boys!

There have to be a few MVP chants going through the crowd after that big home run.

kenwo, try at least to pay attention to the game. konerko’s throw was to the only place it could be since alexi was asleep on the play and didn’t get to the base.

and paulie “even a blind man finds water falling out of the boat” starts our rally in the 8th. i think he’s still bothered by that rib. this is about the 3rd or 4th ball that normally leaves the park that’s stayed in……

Swas you pay attention to the game I was talking about a throw Carrasco made to Konerko that he out right missed. Not the one where he threw too high although that was ridiculous too. At least he got a hit in the 8th i suppose. Still don’t want him in the line up.

Never a doubt.

Oh man, great comeback!!!!!!!

Logan needs to buy beer for the rest of the guys!


Thank you Q. That’s all there is to say. j.k.

Twins lost btw.

Missed the game today , from looking at the box score looked like a wild one. One of the few that I have missed this yr on

kenwo… be it. i feel that same way about that washed up old man contreras….so there……

Yes for a White Sox Winner!! I’m at work and can’t access Gameday (no flash update), but judging by all your reactions we did pretty good! I’m going to have to watch Sports Night later for replays.

Sounds like some people like Contreras a lot, now seeing what we got to replace him with…

AP (ps: Jen, I am registered to vote — and very proud of my right to!)

At least Contreras has had a few good games this season.

Anyhooters…. what a big game going into this big road trip. That is the kind of game that can put you on a nice roll. My son was napping when Quentin hit that homer….that nap didn’t last long! Nice to see Jenks nail down the save, I have to admit i was a little nervous after the lead off walk. Now lets kick some serious tushie on this trip.

By the way my guy Uribe came up huge again. I don’t think they win the game without him in the line up. He is a sparkplug.

Also I don’t hear many people complaining that they scored 7 of the 10 runs on homers the last two days….Those damn softball beer league hitters!

Home runs is how you win when you score 10 runs. It’s the low scoring 1 run games when we can’t hit the ball out that is the problem. We don’t manufacture runs in those games.

Is nobody going to give a smidgen of credit to Paulie for that barehanded catch of Alexei’s scoop toss? My eyes were just about buggin’ out of my head on that one. DJ was right to bring up Iguchi’s gravity-defying toss to first from 06 because it was right up there among the most amazin’ plays I’ve evah seeeeen!!

Don’t forget, winning ugly is still winning!

Well, they may have made four errors today, but from what I saw on the highlights they also made two of the more spectacular plays of the season.

Ramirez’ glove flip and Konerko’s bare-handed catch will be all over ESPN and the other news shows tonight. And Dye’s diving catch shows why I shake my head every time someone suggests that he become our DH after Thome is gone.

As far as the home runs go, I never complain when I hear the following during a Sox telecast — “That ball hit deep. Stretch. Stretch. Hamilton looks up. You can put it on the board ——Yesssssssss!”

Oh, I like the manufactured runs too. I like any runs scored by the Pale Hose.

Quentin is hot again. Look out Detroit and Minnesota. Did Q get the usual post-game Comcast interview treatment from Toby Hall today?

I’m having a really, really *not* beautiful Wednesday (tech problems) but was keeping one eye on the box score of the Sox game. Now, it *is* a beautiful Wednesday, even if my (other) hard drive is dead. Gotta love a come-from-behind win, and even ugly wins are wins!

Nice to start the road trip still in first place! Let’s just hope they stay there!!!

Jennifer, I can totally see where Fisk was coming from. Unfortunately your brother was at the wrong end of it. As a VIP tour guide at Disney for many years, I had numerous athletes and celebrities that I was responsible for escorting around the parks. Most of the time, the other people were respectful of the athletes and their families and would leave them alone. You wouldn’t believe how many rude people are out there though. (Insert celebrity here) would be taking a picture of their child on a ride and a bumbling rude guest would interupt asking for an autograph. Most of the time I was able to intercept them and be the “bad guy” for the celebrity, because it’s rough when they’re trying to enjoy their vacation. They don’t want to disappoint their fans, but in the same vein, they want to lead a normal life too. In many cases, they didn’t ask to be celebrities, – it just comes with being a professional athlete.

So yes, it stinks that Fisk wouldn’t sign an autograph for your brother, but you really have to look at it from his perspective too. It most certainly wasn’t a mean thing and he wasn’t singling out your brother. He was just trying to be a dad.

TC – Toby did get Quentin again, looked like he had to run in from the bullpen.

I only suggest Dye as the DH of the future because one of these times he may not get up from one of those diving catches. He lumbers so hard to get to to the ball. A little speed might make it a little easier. I know it is a pipe dream, but I as Kenwo mentioned also would like to see Nick Markakis in a Sox uniform someday. Not flashy or an all-star, but would be great in our lineup and in RF. And he hits well at the Cell from what I recall.

All together now…

“Happy Days are here again,
the sky’s above are clear again,
so let’s sing a song of cheer again,
Happy days are here again.”

The above may be rescinded if they screw up on the trip, however…

Final comments on autographs…

If you slip these crumbums a $ 100 bill, they’ll be more than happy to sign…

Unfortunately, a sign of the times…

And my good news is….. I have my hot water back!!!! My gas line was fixed today after 5 cold shower days. (at least it’s summer). And to make things just perfect. Who comes to my door to turn my gas back on but a woman wearing a White Sox cap! Her name is Jen and she’s been in tucson from Chicago for the past 10 years. After I told her how the Sox came back she was a happy camper and the rest is history as they say.

I will watch the replay of our game as I was only able to watch intermittantly while Southwest gas was redoing my line, but I did see the bottom of the eighth and top of the ninth for a Sox winner. Good win and enjoy the off day everybody before we hand it to the tigers…… warm and fuzzy all over in tucson….. j.k.

A very bizarre, strange, unreal game today. Four errors, a ton of strikeouts…the Sox did everything they could to lose this one…yet didn’t and that says something about the club.

Regarding Richard it was clear he was in over his head today (and that’s not a shot at him…99% of any individuals put in that position would do the same thing.) The strikeouts were impressive though. He just needs a lot more seasoning. He may be someone for the back end of the rotation in the next year or two.

Now Boone Logan, that’s another story.

A nice win, and the Twins also lost…now get ready to “strap it down,” as the single biggest week of the season starts Friday night in Detroit.

If the Sox play well they can really solidify their position in the division. If not…..well let’s see what happens.

Mark Liptak

Klein your not insinuating that you and the repair woman are you. Funny.

Cede sets, that sometimes means this time of year that a trade is brewing.

To echo and expand on what Lip just said: The Sox are playing .570 ball through 100 games. If we play at the same clip for the next 62, we will win another 35 games for a total of 92 wins. The question is will that be enough? The Tigers are finally playing like everyone thought they would before the season started, while the Twins finally lost a few in a row.

So what does that mean exactly? Who the heck knows. The way all the teams in the central have played this year, it is truly a crapshoot as to what happens. There for awhile I thought the wild card would come from the central and it still might, but then you have the yankees who also finally decided to kick it into gear. One thing is for sure, the most important road trip of the year starts this Friday in Detroit for us and I’m hopeful of splitting the ten games. More would be wonderful, but I think if we win one in det. split with Minn. and take two from kc we will still be in first place come blog night, and what’s more important than that? right?

But I’m being way too negative here! After all, The Sox are on a two game win streak after coming all the way back in todays win, I have hot water again and thanks for that to another Sox fan named Jen. What a wonderful day, so let’s go with all this enthusiasm and win 6 or 7 on this trip and reduce the contenders to the role of pretenders……. Now that’s all I have to say about that…….. j.k.

Sorry dleeun, I didn’t get that about the repair woman…. but I’m glad I amused you…. j.k.

I take exception to anyone insinuating that the Sox “tried” to lose any game. Baseball is one heck of a hard game to play consistantly well for as many days as these guys play. How would you like to have only one day every week for a few weeks and then have to work sixteen days in a row? Throw in some airplane travel every few days, not to mention leaving your family, home and pets behind. Yeah, these guys are paid a lot of money to do what they do, but to say they lose on purpose is ridiculous, uninformed and just wrong!!

And if anyone is really so smart about making trades for baseball teams, why aren’t YOU all doing it for a living? (smug smile)

That off my chest, all I have to add is GO SOX!! Have a great road trip in Detroit and see you Monday in Minne! (I’ll be in Sox gear behind the visitors dugout.)

Who said they are losing on purpose? I don’t recall reading that…(or writing that for that matter) you never know maybe i wrote it

However, I would gladly trade their job for mine. Going out boozing it up everynite…different ladies in every city, multimillion dollar contracts…basically anything you could ever want…

instead i teach kids that get kicked out of their regular school and most are court ordered to attend class. I dont get a million dollar contracts. I don’t have ladies in different cities, I go boozing twice a month instead of every night…oh well at least my job lets me watch a day game in the summer time🙂 not all that bad.

C’mon Kenwo,

Don’t make such a general statement about all players. I’m sure some of them are still living in the fast lane but most of them are more careful about their fitness now because they know how competitive it is for those million dollar contracts.

The players today aren’t living the lifestyle of Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford back in the 60s.

I think nmbrott might have been referring to Liptak’s post.

TC trust me 80 percent of them are drinking every nite. The only person who probably isn’t is the starting pitcher for the next game (and in Sidney Ponson’s case he is drinking even if he is starting a day game). I have been at the hotel bar til 3 in the morning with many of the white sox within the last 5 years. Actually I take that back- it may not be every nite. just road games. I’m not sure what they do in Chicago most nights though I know a few of them like to hang out at the leg room.

I was at the hotel bar sitting at one of the tables of one of the 4 world series starters and we charged all our drinks to one of his team mates room🙂 Guy must have had a heart attack when he went to check out because there was a hefty price on that tab haha


A few drinks is one thing. “Boozing it up” takes on a whole new level.

I guess you and I have a different definition of “boozing.”

Well, at least we agreed on one thing this week. And that is that this ’08 team cannot be written off. And we both liked (and still do) Ron Kittle. Hey, we have more in common than the two guys running for President.

nmbrott, smug smile and all, talent and ability has nothing to do about having a job. Best example is congress and the President it is all about connections, money and background. Talent and creativity are rare in people that have important jobs, again the U.S. has not had a creative, enlightened president in over 100 yrs and not likely to have one soon, my opinion. And most GM’s s+++ at their jobs, my opinion.

Here is another thing we can all agree on…Thank goodness CC Sabathia is out of the AL central. It is fun hearing all of the national league people freaking out about him in their league. 3 CG’s in a row. Go Brew Crew.

By the way…Liptak didn’t mean that they were losing the game on purpose. He meant they made a ton of errors and very easily could have and should have lost but they didn’t. Liptak you make me sick half the time- but i got your back on this one brother!

Thome. What a beautiful swing when he makes contact. Am I right?


I believe it was you who mentioned that JD needs to stay out right field instead of moving to DH because of his defense. I would just like to point out that the reason JD makes all of those diving and sliding catches is because he is too slow to make the catch without leaving his feet. If it was someone with the speed of a Swisher in right, then it probably just be a running catch. And if it was someone with the speed of an Anderson, then it would be a ‘can o corn’. I think JD does a great job on defense out there with the speed he has, but someone with decent speed would be able to make a lot more plays than him, even if they aren’t as flashy.

Dye was a great defender when he was younger….I mean an AWESOME defender….he still has those instincts but he has lost a little speed and has had a lot of leg injuries since then. He still makes most of the plays though. I agree a faster guy may catch them without those dives (same argument I got chastised for using on Aaron Rowand), but the way the team is he has to take a number to be the DH. There are plenty of candidates ahead of him on that list. Dye still does a good job and is better than Magglio Ordonez ever was, better than Danny Tartabull was, you probably have to go back to 94 with Darrin Jackson where you find a better outfielder we have had in right on a consistent basis.

How could I forget- the right fielder in 95, our very own Mike Devereaux….you only played a half a season out there for the sox so i can’t remember your defense….how were you out there Mike?

Purportedly my wife (the White Sox good luck charm) and I were on the broadcast of yesterday’s game, during the winning rally, so if anyone out there has a copy of the game that would be open to trading me, please drop a line and we’ll work something out.

Well Kenwo I thought I had a pretty good half season for the Sox. I was a decent outfielder and hit for a career high average when I was here. At the time I was here I was on the downside of my career and not nearly as fast as I was early on with the O’s. As the journeyman I was at the time, I did my best and moved on. Oh and as an ex-ballplayer I will be at your local mall signing autographs all weekend for $100 an item. As long as you bring the cash I won’t say no!

All joking aside, I remember there was talk back in 2005 that within a couple years they might consider Dye at 1b. I could see that as a good option. He’s tall and definitely has the defensive skills to play there. I’ve always thought either he or Konerko becomes DH once Thome is gone. Maybe they will split the time. It would be easier to add the needed speed by adding an outfielder rather than adding a first basemen or DH.

Absolutely first rate story on Goose Gossage who gets into the Hall of Fame Sunday. Quotes Chuck Tanner who will be there along with Dick Allen!

Mark Liptak

jimd… Fisk REPORTEDLY was a surly guy????

As my favorite analogy, which I have trotted out umpteen times, goes: That is like stating that the Grand Canyon is a small hole in the ground in jk’s back yard…

Yesterday(do I owe a rights fee to Sir Paul McCartney for that?… or is it Michael Jackson?) we saw the debut of Clayton Richard… He will LEARN over the course of his time in the major leagues how to pitch to batters… just as long as he leaves that slider of his alone… that, dear friends and neighbors, is NASTY… kind of like Manchild’s curve ball at the tail end of 2005… and throughout the post season that year…

What gets me is simply this… defensively, they make the spectacular play, like Ramirez in the 7th…(If THAT doesn’t make This Week In Baseball this Saturday, there should be an investigation… wasn’t it last season that Uribe made that horizontal to the ground throw to get the runner?That, too, was spectacular…) but then, they f-up the ROUTINE plays… Very maddening…

As to the carousing aspect… I could tell you folks stories about hotel rooms in Milwaukee, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Anaheim 30 years ago that would curl your hair (sorry, jk… no offense…)… because, you want to know what happened????

Absolutely NOTHING untoward… These are grown men, wanting to relax after an evening of work (although you would get a real argument from the blue collars out there regarding the use of the term “work”)… and we treated them as HUMAN BEINGS, not gods or idols… and they appreciated it…

Finally, a last word from this corner about autographs and requests…

There are two categories of players, just as there are two categories of other celebrities… The categories are dolls and b***ards…

The dolls are people like Jim Thome, Josh Hamilton and, just from a long distance observation, TCQ…(Queen Jennifer, you could comment much better than I about that… based on “Picnic In The Park” last Sunday…)

The b***ards are like Carlton Fisk, Eddie Murray, Albert (Joey) Belle and others of that lot…who could look daggers at you if you just walked past them and didn’t say a thing…
those guys just do what people do through the business end of a straw…

However… the fans can get into those categories, as well…

The dolls are the polite fans who very humbly ask for an autograph or a picture, not by SCREAMING AND YELLING, but just by using the secret words… Please and thank you…
It’s amazing how far to the good those words can go…

The b***ards are the ones who wait for the opportunity when the poor guy is in a restaurant with his family, gets his food, and is about to take his first bite… to JUMP in with a scrap of paper or a napkin, or a program and says “HERE, SIGN THIS!!!”, as if it was an order… which it IS… then when the player gets upset at this and refuses, the b***ard gets all hissy and says “HEY, I PAY YOUR SALARY@!!!”…\

They know that… and so should you…

TQ – Here are my exact words about Fisk’s surlieness “Fisk has been known to be a very surly guy.” I think that is quite different thn what suggested I said. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him so I can only go on what others have told me.

Other than your assumption of what I said completely agree with the rest of your post. Crede has been the best example of making the spectacular plays, but blowing the routine plays. I hope the defense does not bite us in the behind later on.

I met Albert Belle on a few occasions and actually he was a pretty cool guy to me. I was kind of surprised. Actually most of em are pretty cool if you talk to them about things other than signing an item or posing for a photo. I was dining at Morton’s steakhouse in Minnesota at the tail end of 2006 with my brother- and Greg Walker was there with a guest. He knew I knew who he was but I didn’t approach him at all, letting him enjoy his meal. He ended up coming to our table and talking with us for a good 20 minutes. That made our trip. He was impressed that we still went even though the sox were already eliminated in that disappointing season that Rob Mackowiak tanked for us. And that Liptak refuses to stop bringing up!

I have a few good friends in the entertainment industry and they are way way way more likely to give you that autograph/picture if you approach them talking about something other than that autograph/picture.

I believe you are referring to the Iguchi play, where he fielded the ball and threw it while parralel to the ground. You can see the picture under the milestone posts on this blog. (Iguchi: Play of the Year?)

Jim D: I can vouch for MY statements from friends and former colleagues who have had to deal with Bellows falls, Vermont’s gift to MLB… He is the true example of Doctor Jekkyl and Mr Hyde… it all depended on which wall he banged off of when he woke up that AM…

On to the road trip… CROOOOSSSHHHHALLL!!!

I would like to see them go 7-3, or 6 -4… and to put a little daylights between themselves and the tenacious trailers (alliteration-r-us…)…

But it all starts in Motown tomoorow night… and again, windycity… Happy B-Day in Detroit…

The correspondent for the Sports Network web site quotes Jim Leyland as saying … ” I’ll put it simple… we’ve got to hit a couple winning streaks and (the Twins and White Sox)have goto hit a couple bumps in the road.”

Well, Humperdinck, ole friend… you and your charges have no one to blame for the position you’re in but yourselves…

Remember the good old days, gang, when the boys would start out digging a hole for themselves so deep that they could order won ton and egg foo yung from the ORIGINAL source??? By the time they straightened things out… it was WAY too late… and it’s the same story with the Tiges…

And it could start tomorrow…

Finally, I was under a deadline in my prior post, so let me gather up my last thoughts again…

When the fans yell at the players “HEY, I PAY YOUR SALARY, CHUMP… SIGN MY KID’S PROGRAM”, as if it’s a direct order from management… I do not blame the players at all for ignoring them…

However, on the other hand, if you are out at a restaurant or some place away from the ball park, and you run into these people, use your schoolhouse (your BRAINS) and give them some slack…

It is very surprising how far civility and politeness can go…

Both ways…

My three favorite plays are Ivan Calderon in old tiger stadium jumping up onto a ledge to take away a homerun. The others are recent- Uribe’s dive into the stands in the world series and Iguchi’s unbelievable play which may be the best play i have ever seen (sorry willie mays) …but that Alexei play was in the team picture for sure.

That Calderon catch was amazing. What was most amazing was that Ivan — not one of the smartest and quickest thinking players in the game but a very talented one — actually thought ahead enough to know that he could do that.

The Uribe catch was certainly the most impactful of the group. And the Iguchi play will probably never be repeated again.

But Alexei’s sure was a lot of fun to watch. He’s gonna make a few more like that in what I hope is a long White Sox career.

And once again Kenwo, you have managed to blame a utility infielder that was forced by Ozzie to play center field because Brian Anderson couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag — the aforementioned Mr. Mackowiak — for the entire decline in the second half of 2006. Something tells me the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers did not finish ahead of the Sox just because of Rob Mackowiak. Jeez, Mackowiak must have done something really bad to somebody in your family. Let me guess. He somehow prevented you from meeting Tiffany Thiessen.

Apparrently Kenwo and I are at different ends of the spectrum as far as players we like: Rob Mackowiak is another one of my faves. Dude plays his best with what he’s got! I doubt anyone can tank a whole season singlehandedly; that’d be so spectacular, I think I would just be impressed! In his short stint with the us across two seasons, he had only 7 errors. How many does Crede have this year? Oh yeah, 19! Give the guy a break, we traded him for some prospects, then he played for the Nasty Nats, and now he’s out of a job as of early June. Geesh.

And tc, thanks for coming to another one of my boys’ aid before I saw the comment.


TC – Actually to use terms that Kenwo normally uses, did Mackowiak sleep with Kenwo’s Mom, wife, sister or all 3?

I think someone has some things confused. I’ve never brought up Mackowiak being the reason the Sox blew a playoff spot in 2006 despite winning 90 games. (Try a lack of clutch hitting in the 2nd half, an “all or nothing” hitting attitude, a mediocre bullpen (at best) and some lousy starting pitching.)

If you blame anyone for his situation ultimately you blame Kenny Williams. The Sox didn’t have a reliable center fielder. Mackowiak was directly quoted in the paper as saying he never really worked on playing that position because he was told when he was acquired that he would play the corner outfield spots and occasionally 3rd base.

As TC said, Ozzie was forced to use him because Anderson wasn’t getting the job done and he had no where else to turn. Kenny couldn’t or wouldn’t get help.

I give Rob all the credit in the world, for taking one for the team and doing the best that he could under tough circumstances.

Mark Liptak

Hey, TQ. the Grand Canyon IS in my backyard. (only about 300 miles away!). That’s all I got folks, so I won’t waste your time with senseless drivel…. Tomorrow night all… j.k.

Klein you just did post senseless drivel, just joking.
Why do the Sox need to keep Dye , Konkero, either for a dh why not get rid of both at sometime for whatever the sox may need at the time. Why lock yourself into one option.

So there are some rumors going around about a Josh Fields for Justin Duchscherer trade that Kenny is working on. Thoughts?

I’m sure the Sox would have to include some young pitching talent in that deal to get it done tho.

I would keep Fields. Duchscherer pronounced Duke sher according to A’s. Duchschered had season ending surgery on his hip last year. He is a big risk and I can see Beane being willing to trade him. It would be a true rolling of the dice. Because Fields is already better than Konkero but what is fair, when you are paying big money to PK.

Plus KW ‘s ego is committed to Swisher , Fields got and gets shafted. Fields will play 3rd or nothing for the Sox. Actually Fields could be a force offensively, if he could cut down on his strike outs. I think his best position is 1st base bit doubt that is going to happen. I see it as KW views , Fields expendable but he is a little leary because of Crede’s free agency. Just a feeling.


Why are you comparing Fields to Konerko? Fields is not being groomed to play first base.

Fields is more valuable to the Sox than other prospects now because of A) Crede’s health and B) Crede’s upcoming free agency.

Still, he is destined to maybe be a better than average power hitter and a below average third baseman. A great athlete with some upside.

Duke (that’s easier to spell) has proven to be an all-star caliber pitcher but one who has already encountered some health issues.

If I were trading with the intent of winning in 2008, I’d make the deal without hesitation. Long term, though, I would have to think about it. Third base prospects, as we longtime Sox fans know, are difficult to find. Remember how long we had to wait for Robin Ventura. It seemed like between Pete Ward (with apologies to the great slugger Bill Melton) and Ventura, third base was almost always an adventure on the south side.

Fields even straight up for Duchschered for a run maybe. But adding more to the pot given the talent of Fields I would say no. Straight up swap would be a good deal for Oakland but Beane would probably squeeze more out of the deal. Duchschered is probably at least as fragile as Hardin maybe more so without Hardin’s overall talent. I have to say that is a hairy potential deal, if it is even being considered.

I compare him to Pk because that is where I think Fields should play as his throwing and defense make him questionable at 3rd but his athletic ability could get him by at 1st base.

Plus the Top draft pick will, God willing ,probably play 3rd base if the Sox ever sign him, in 2 -3 yrs.

The big hangup with any rumored trade that involves Fields is who will play third next year if Crede doesn’t re-sign. Chances are certainly better than 50-50 that Joe is gone, unless his health scares away all the other possible suitors.

I like Fields but I was not as enamored with him as so many others were last year. I was not surprised at all to see him not win the third base job this spring. It is unfair to judge him on this year’s numbers since he has been plagued by injuries for a good part of the season. (Just like Konerko but I don’t dare open that can of worms again — of course maybe I just did!!!)

Pitching will be the difference in the final 62 games. For that reason, I am happy to see reports — even rumored reports — that Kenny is looking for some established pitching. With names like Duke (again I type the easy way out!) and Street being thrown up for discussion, it pleases me to see that despite having the best ERA in the league for most of the first half is not enough to make our front office feel secure with the staff.

I wouldn’t give any more than Fields for Duchscherer, but that said, Duke (took the easy way out, too) might be a decent replacement for Contreras, if Jose can’t get back to winning form.

Street we don’t want, especially with Bobby Jenks getting healthy again.

And, the deal for Duke would be a “this year” kind of deal; not sure what would happen at third, unless, as TC said, his health issues scare away the big money folks.

I would trade Fields – Crede will be back next year – unless we end up in last or second to last place – (that’s the last time I will talk about it- I don’t want to jinx anything)

Fields would be a good DH – he stunk at third!

I don’t give a rat’s a** about anyone’s autograph – I never ask for autograph’s (I personally, would rather have my pic taken with them) But, when it comes to little kids – I don’t care who you are – just give them your darn autograph!!

I highly doubt KW is even entertaining the idea of trading Josh Fields. He is the ONLY insurance policy we have capable of playing 3b regularly at the MLB level if (and probably when) Crede signs elsewhere.

I like Crede, and would like to see him here for longer than this year, but someone will offer more years than the Sox. It won’t come down to money per year. It will be total years. I fully expect the Sox to offer him no more than 3 years. They have to protect themselves against Crede having constant back injuries. And if you do re-sign Crede then you have to move Fields in the offseason, but not before that. Or you have to find a roster spot for him, maybe it is first base, but he is going to waste away at AAA if he is left there any longer.

Fields has the ability to be a 35 home run guy in our ball park. His strikeout per at bat ratio went way down in the last two months in 2007. So he did adjust fairly well. With his athleticism (QB at Okla St.) he could pickup first base pretty quick if he had too.

Maybe once the season is over the Sox could lend the Bears some help at QB. We got Fields, Clayton Richard (Michigan) and I believe JD was a QB in his football days.

i’m going to puke if i here anymore about joshie “can’t field” fields. he can’t catch the ball. he blew it at third, stunk in left, and is a below average hitter at best. so why does anyone think that he can play 1st base and scoop all the bad throws? get real. i say trade him for pitching. besides, contreras is done. he can no longer throw overhand consistently. always sidearming the ball and when he does throw that way he gets lit up like the magnificent mile at christmas.

not so sure about crede coming back. going to be interesting…..he’ll probably finish the season with the most or close to the most errors in the AL. boras will demand $15MM per for 5 years and with his bad back, i wouldn’t give more than 2 with an option for 3. and certainly not $15MM given all those errors. he needs to find his bat again, too. been slumping for weeks. come on, joe!

big big series this weekend and certainly the next 7 games. if we can take 2 of 3 from detroit and split with the twins on their field, we’ll do fine going into KC. we need a good outing from floyd….the last few from him have been so so….

I would trade for “easy road” Duke straight up for Fields. I saw him at third in spring training and his range was poor at best. He can definately hit, but his D is a liability, and I don’t think he’d be any better at first trying to scoop the low throws, but at least there he wouldn’t have to try coming in on balls down the line like he would at third base.

I also agree about Jose. I hope every game he pitches that he’s going to turn it around as he’s done before, but so far, no dice. Depending on what happens we could be looking at a new left side of the infield next year if OC leaves too.

But it’s still this year and pitching wins pennants, so if there’s something happening down this road, I say, do it! Now, let’s start off on the right foot in Detroit with a Win tomorrow night.. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Personally I don’t care much for Fields. He was awful at third and brutal in left and his hitting is also suspect. If they feel Contreras is done I would make the trade…. If they feel Contreras needed a rest I think I would take a good Contreras over the Duke though. I know his ERA is unbelievable but he’s gunna come back to earth. I think the best deal they can make right now to improve the team is a deal with the Pirates for Damaso Marte or maybe with the Rockies for Brian Fuentes (i’d rather have Marte).

I would be perfectly fine with Juan Uribe playing third next season if they traded Fields and Crede walked. I read somewhere that they were talking Uribe to Boston for Alex Cora- that deal makes no sense to me. Uribe can still be an everyday guy and Cora isn’t as good as Pablo Ozuna who has already been cut.

No one was on Williams more than I was about them not getting another center fielder back in 06 or Guillen for putting Mackowiak in center. (if worse came to worse I would have called DJ down from the booth for goodness sake- he would have done better) However, I have coached 13 year olds that could play center field better than that guy. The guy is a fricking major league supposed outfielder. He cost us I would say about 6 games with the terrible fielding play out there. He is out of a job now because he stunk. He should have been out of a job when we had him if he slept with my mom wife and sister or not!

O.K. kenwo, We get it. You didn’t like Mackowiak in center. That’s about the 20th time you’ve trotted that one out. You’te starting to sound like Lip did with his guess how many times the Sox have lost when scoring three runs or less jag. No offense, but it’s time to move on to another subject. How about giving us some stories about those celebs you know, or something else to do with the Sox. Maybe tonights game? Anyway, go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Cmon Klien- you know I always get the last word! What in the heck are you doing up at 5 AM Arizona time did your dog wake you up 10 times to take her out because she has the runs like mine did?

…..and the rest of my post had something else to do with the sox🙂

the celebs ( i guess you can call them that) are some WWE wrestlers…. and believe me those guys get hounded more than above average baseball players.

Tonights game is Gavin Floyd vs. Nate Robinson. I believe the sox should and will take this one. Floyd has been unreal against the Tigers and Robinson is mediocre at best. If Floyd throws strikes I could see the sox winning 7-2 …I expect a big night from Joe Crede if he plays because Detroit is his best park to hit in. The Saturday match up I am a little nervous about. Verlander has been beaten to death by the Sox in previous outings but his last one was spectacular. Danks last outing was awful and he faces a line up that has been on fire. I look for the tigers to take game 2 pretty easily. Game three Javy will prove he is back and the white sox will dominate Miner. Oh well there are my expert picks, I can’t be much worse than the actual experts are at predicting.

By the way…. look at these numbers

.252 BA 28 homers 92 RBI 77 Runs scored 88 walks .361 OBP

Those are Frank Thomas numbers during the season that they activated the “diminished skills” clause in his contract.

Paul Konerko is on pace to hit .218 with 14 homers 56 RBI 53 runs scored 59 walks with an OBP of .318. I wish the sox had a diminished skills clause in his contract. He would have to be player of the month in august and september to reach thomas’ numbers from that season.

Being fair, Konerko is also on pace to get about 80 less at bats than Thomas did in 2002. However Thomas was coming off of a 2001 season where he had 68 at bats the entire year.

Some website crossover for you all to check out. For all the Kenwo lovers out there it is a cant miss:

Too funny. I love that site in general but that thread is too flippin funny.

OH Man Kenwo – you’re famous? You got people talkin’ about you!

Kenwo for prez!…….

And it was almost 6 am for my first post of the day, but you can and will still have the final word……. Go Sox ’08… Now that should be the final word…. j.k.

Kenwo=ratings. who is larry by the way? he obviously visits this blog. show yourself! you are trying to make a name for yourself off of my posts. The least you could do is post who you are on this blog. And pay me copyright fees since I am putting your blog on the map as well as this one.

I think I should start my own site. Il make tons of money like Mark Cuban, buy the Cubs, knock down Wrigley, move them to Portland and we all can live cub free😀

Ladies and Gentlemen, In a stunning and unprecedented move, a heretofor unknown White Sox Fan, by the moniker of kenwo4life, commonly called simply kenwo has announced that he will indeed run for the presidency of the United States of America!

Running as an independent, kenwo’s strongest supporters are…. uh, we’ll get back to that later… Running as an independent, kenwo has eschewed the traditional political road, by being totally honest. “This man does not obfuscate at all “said one adoring admirer. “If he doesn’t like you, everybody knows it.” “I don’t understand his platform” said another.

Beginning as a grassroots effort, kenwo’s name has mushroomed into nothing less than a phenomonon. In this day and age of political correctness, kenwo not only has shed marginalized that stratagem, but has completely annaillated the concept. It doesn’t matter who you are, his speechwriter recently wrote ;” If you can’t stand the heat, then cook the other guys today!”

With this campaign in its rudimentary stages, kenwo had the savvy to win over and name several key players on this road of his; In addition to dleeun as senior speechwriter, he has placed TQ on board as his Press secretary. Peggywrites was selected as his California party chief, while Mark Liptak was unable to accept the position of White House Statistician due to a conflict of interests.

Other key appointees should his candidacy achieve it’s ultimate goal are rumored to be Jen either as his Attorney General or Chief executioner. Maria Wagener has accepted his overtures to become his Sec. of State, and a little guy by the name of j.k. was chosen as campaign historian. Others hoping for an appointment of some gravitas are tc, Marie in Texas, scam and a host of many more.,Perhaps the biggest announcement and to no one’s surprise was Paul Konerko as his ambassador to Iceland.

Stay tuned for further announcements as they become available, and remember a vote for kenwo is a vote for honesty in government (now there’s an oxymoron!).

Oh, yea!, This just in….. Go White Sox ’08…… j.k.

haha…Iceland is a little too close for comfort Klien. How about Indonesia

You’re the Boss……

Retraction; Jen has accepted the post of Sec. of Human Services and Carpentry, while scam was leaning towards agreeing to the position of White House Habberdasher….. that’s all for now… j.k.

The Alex Cora deal for Uribe had to include something else. That would have been a terrible move if it was done for those two straight up. Even coming from someone who does not care all that much for Uribe.

For those who think that trading Fields is a good option do you know of a tree growing somewhere that we can pick a MLB ready 3rd basemen off it? I’d like a healthy Crede back as much as anyone out there, but the reality is unless he is willing to take 2-3 less years to stay here then he is gone. And I would call him crazy with his health issues if he did not jump on a long term deal.

By the way Crede also had a lower fielding percentage in his rookie season (2002) than Fields did in his last year. Who is to say Fields does not improve similar to the way Crede did with more time. I know we can not win 2009 games this year, but trading away our only realistic replacement at third knowing that Crede is probably going to walk after this year would not be very smart. But I would not put it past them. Our minor league system is the worst in baseball for a reason!

Hey Kenwo, do me and Jen get a percentage of your cut of your copyright fees since your responses to my post and hers were included on that website? Our names were clearly mentioned in your posts.

So is Larry like the webmaster of that site or what?


Oh, and there will be no eschewing me… eschew you!!!!


haha yah sure why not. i have no idea who he is.

Here’s a story talking a little about what is going on as the trade deadline approaches, also looks at what some are saying is going to happen this off season:,CST-SPT-joe25.article

Also was in touch with one of the Sox beat writers today who said that something strange is going on with the team the past few days. That apparently Kenny is considering making some moves.

I have seen rumors linking the Sox to possible deals with the A’s for pitchers (although Joe Cowley said yesterday on WSCR radio that those are now in the “plan B and plan C” categories), with Boston for Alex Cora, with Seattle for Washburn and Toronto for Burnett.

Mark Liptak

And wishing the Sox all the best as they start the biggest road trip of the season this evening.

A good road trip won’t win them the division, that doesn’t happen in late July… but a bad one could sure lose it for them. Especially if they were to fall behind two teams.

Let’s hope they have a good one.

Mark Liptak

TQ: Thank you, looking forward to seeing Detroit again. Been at least since 2001 and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen family from up there. Got 3 Sox fans and 1 Detroit (Dah-Twa, french or some such pronunciation) going to Sat’s game. Funny how that city is about a third the size of Chicago but seems to compete ably in stopped traffic on its expressways.

Kenwo: You deal with the difficult students? Geez, did you choose that job? I knew more than my share of knuckleheads in Chicago back in the day and that’s not something I’d want to tackle.

Devereux: You were a ballplayer? I’m impressed. First I think I’ve heard it. (I also have an atrocious memory)

Far as autographs, I guess I’m just cynical. I’ve taken Chaz Palmintieri’s stance on it from A Bronx Tale. Something about how Micky Mantle wouldn’t help your pops pay the rent. Don’t need a Fisk jersey but don’t feel the need to be rude or polite for an autograph. I just don’t worry about it. But if it were another time, a ballplayer being rude? I suppose me and my friends would have been pretty angry. Ignorance can be ugly… Devereux got it right, for all the drama and hype surrounding the big league lifestyle and ego trips, show some class give the kid an autograph. Matter of fact, maybe Rieffert can make that misunderstanding right? Get Swas? brother a belated autograph…..

And this weather has been gorgeous

-J.K. : Glad to hear you got warm water again, or just glad you didn’t get hurt when finding that gas line, This is one heck of a blog. Lots of interesting people, without a doubt, every last one of you….

First, I’m changing my name –

I think it is ignorant and cowardly to go into another blog – copy someone else’s words, then post them to another blog – to make fun of them, and mock them!-

For someone to go through and look for kenwo’s post – then to copy, then paste them – obvious, this person doesn’t have a life!

Whoever you are – go back to your own blog and stop stealing ours!! Kenwo belongs to us!! You can’t have him!

Kenwo – you better not start cheating on us!!

Fields is no Crede! He stinks! Trade him!! Crede will sign!
If not, then we could throw Swish over there, or Uribe!

Thanks Windy. It is nice to take a hot shower again! Sorry I didn’t give you a shout out earlier. Would you like to be in kenwo’s cabinet as Secretary of Consideration and Understanding? It doesn’t pay much, but you’ll get a lot of applause. later all….. j.k.

that site can’t handle the passion.

You remember when you played that game as a kid – you sat in a circle and the teacher told you something – you told it to the person next to you, when it reached the teacher again – it was a totally different sentence!

This is what I wrote about Fisk –
Let me remind everyone that Fisk was and still is one of my fav players – regardless if he is a d**k! It’s Obvious I like men that are a**holes!

-I got a free autograph from him – he was at Lincoln Mall – back when I was 10 – he did a FREE signing!

-When I played softball in Orland, he (Fisk) was watching one of our games while waiting for his son – my brother (at the time was 12 – like, 22 years ago) went up to him and ask for his autograph – Fisk said “no, I’m here watching my son” then turned around and walked away!

-The first time I wrote the story – I wrote it wrong – I had to call my Bro to find out what exactly happened (I couldn’t remember)

Fisk was not watching his son at the time – he was watching girls softball – it was Fisk just being a d**k to a 12 year old kid!

-I don’t care, I still like Fisk, I have his autograph – my brother is now a Cubs Fans (probably because of that moment) so he doesn’t care (actually, I take that back – it still bothers him – if you ever mention Fisk’s name to him he will bring that story up everytime)

My point was – any celebrity – especially athletes- should sign for little kids – then maybe they won’t grow up to be Cub Fans!

BTW – A cute story – my two boys – after Sunday, getting the players autographs – they keep asking each other for their autographs, I keep finding pieces of paper with their names on it.


Windy – I was kidding around about being a ball player. For some reason Kenwo refers to me as Mike Devereaux who played in the bigs for about 10 years with a short stint on the Sox. No relation, spelling is not even the same.

Jen – you are delusional because of your love for Crede. I think I’ve provided quite a bit of logic as the why you can expect him to be gone. If he defies logic and comes back for a short term deal then great because I’d like to have him here too, but I am not counting on that. And move Swisher to third? You watch the games right? You do know he is left handed right? Not gonna work at 3rd base. Uribe would be a downgrade over Fields too.

jk… You want ME to be kenwo’s PR man as he runs for the Presidency?… ME??? MOI???

Don’t you read the papers, man?

Haven’t you seen what has happened to the last two former PR men before the incumbent young lady?

One wrote a tell-all book, baring his soul and spilling his guts about the behind-the-scenes machinations (tahnks, tc, for returning the thesaurus…)of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave… the other, unfortunately, as Hawk would say: HE GONE !!!

And you want ME to take over that duty for a guy who, no doubt(and no offense, teacher),would get flattened like a tomato by a steamroller (now THERE’s a visual for ‘ya…)going up against the junior senator from the great state of Illinois, or against the AARP poster boy from your great state of Arizona?

No thankee, bub… I’ll stay where I am, thankyouverymuch…
basking in the love and respect (say WHAT???)of white Sox Universe… after all, if you haven’t heard, I am a combination Dalai Lama and Yoda… which must mean I’m a Jim Henson puppet wearing a bedsheet… or whatever…

Besides, I believe I’m a shoo-in to be the next PR person for Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point…

Jim – My love for Crede is purely baseball, now. I hope he will be back, I think it’s called wishful thinking!

I was just kidding about SWish and Juan – I would take anything but Fields!!
-kenwo – maybe we could get Mackowiak back and he could play 3rd!!

jk – I want a spot on Kenwo’s cabinet. I live in IL though not Texas, unless there is another Marie from Texas!


And I thought I had no life.

j.k., how did you come up with haberdasher for me? I think I’ll pass on that one.

Oh yeah, if kenwo runs – I will most definitely register! I would vote for him!

Tom – Thanks – I need a good PR. Wait until you see what I got up my sleeve, now!


You guys are nuts. LOL!!
Hey kenwo, Larry said you had a “small *****”. First of all, how would he know that and second, inquiring minds wanna know……(just kidding)


Jen… You mean besides your arm???

HOLY TOLEDO, what a long wait for a dumba** one liner like that…

I think you folks knew I meant Press Secretary, in jk’s fantasy release… and not PR, as in flack…

As far as the possibilities mentioned of a Fields for Duchscherer trade… Fields is the future, true enough, HOWEVER… I would like to see if the boys can pull off the second Miracle on 35th Street in three years… and no one knows if the big Cuban horse is going to come back in a healthy form… and they WOULD need a solid starter… and, so far this season, Mr Duchscherer has more than filled the bill for the A’s…so therefore, if Billy Beane is serious about it, and KW is listening seriously enough… then DO IT…

One last thing concerning the combative nature of this blog site (COMBATIVE??? US??? You must be joking, Chumley…), and the combative nature of autograph seekers and givers…

It always reminds me of the great joke about the man who is lying on a couch in a psychiatrist’s office… He looks up and says to the psychiatrist…


OMG Kenwo IS running for president! Check it out!:

You had me going for a second, that was a good one!!

Haha. That’s awesome. Nice Andrew.

someone sent that to me with my name on it and had ME going – and I don’t believe ANYTHING!🙂 Ah…I guy can dream of having his own audio-animatronic self at the Hall of Presidents at Disneyworld, can’t he?

Tom – I don’t have sleeves on!

My favorite part is when the old lady shows her tattoo.

This board definitely needs a new post from Reifert.

tc, you don’t ever like to have any fun….lighten up, dang!
you remind me of a grouchy old man!!!!

Hey Quaid, now I’m being confused with you on this board!!!!!!

Lisa, my attempts at sarcasm failed to come through via the typewritten word. After all, I’m usually the one trying to lighten things up when the rest of the frantic ones are on the ledge after a loss or a Konerko strikeout.

Speaking of lightening things up, I think the guys on this board need to send a limo to Crown Point to help get Mr. Kiernan out of the proverbial doghouse. Maybe we need to get the guy to a game, put a beverage or two in front of him, maybe even take him to the Bertucci boys’ grill before the game and help him enjoy an evening away from the wrath of our blogging partner in crime Jen.

It’s either that or as the future Presidential Candidate suggested there may be a trip to the Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil shows.

Much better tc, I’m impressed!!!! You made me laugh out loud!!!!

BTW, Go White Sox!!!!! (there, a baseball reference)

Crede to the DL, Fields called up.

Mark Gonzales, 2:50 p.m.

Joe Crede will be placed on the 15-day disabled list because of back stiffness, and Josh Fields will be called up and start Friday night at third base and bat eighth.

Crede was placed on the DL retroactive to July 22. He is hitting .255 with 17 home runs and 54 RBIs this season.

Fields is hitting .248 with 12 doubles, nine home runs and 30 RBI in 59 games with Charlotte this season. He also appeared in four games with Class A Winston-Salem during a July 4-7 rehab assignment for a strained right knee. He hit .244 with 23 home runs and 67 RBIs in 100 games with the Sox last season.

The Sox also returned pitcher Esteban Loaiza from his rehabilitation assignment at Double-A Birmingham, activating him from the disabled list and requesting waivers for purposes of granting his unconditional release.

Friday’s lineups:

Cabrera ss
Pierzynski c
Quentin lf
Dye rf
Thome dh
Konerko 1b
Swisher cf
Fields 3b
Ramirez 2b
Floyd p

Granderson cf
Polanco 2b
Guillen 3b
Ordonez rf
Cabrera 1b
Joyce lf
Sheffield dh
Rodriguez c
Renteria ss
Robertson p

If keno got the nomination, I would have to play the role of oswald.

Okay Dleeun,

Now we REALLY need to change the tenor of this board. thank goodness for the baseball news on Crede and Fields.

It definitely needs a change, I read the thread to the other link. It sounded more stupid than funny.

So, Josh Fields will either get a few days to play before he is traded or at the minimum a couple of weeks to play to show everyone that he is indeed ready to step in at third next year.

The way back injuries can go, he may be the regular third baseman for most of the final 62 games.

Very strange that Fields would be starting tonight already and not Uribe. Or maybe not strange at all…

Baseball is supposed to keep everyone from sinking to the lowest common level. See what happens when there is no game. A quick sink in mentality with me joining in, pathetic.

dleeun, you’re in timeout after that comment. Go put the dunce cap on and wait in the corner until I tell you that you can post again.

Scam – not strange. Uribe has played 3 games at 3rd and made 2 errors.

Coming from someone who has back problems from a sports related injury, they truly do never go away no matter what you do. I understand what Crede has been through and I just hope that the DL stint can help get him healthy enough to get through the rest of the year.

Absolutely horrific news with Crede right before the start of the biggest road trip of the season.

If there was any question about the Sox somehow working out a long term deal with his agent and him returning, that notion just flew out the window.

Fields hasn’t exactly been ripping up the minor leagues, he’s had injuries himself but hopefully he can contribute.

The last month it seems the Sox just can’t shake the injury bug…one guy after another heads to the 15 day DL.

Mark Liptak

Ok, remember the game last yr. Psyco the announcer baseball player forget his name at the moment. He got fired all he said was something like you have to watch your wallet around him.. Lou Pinniella was the guy he was joking about. The network said that it was racist because pinniella was hispanic. It was a joke even pinniella said that but it was politically incorrect. I definitely would have gotten the axe if I was an announcer.

What happened to Crede?

Ok I just read it in trib. wow. funny as we had a lot of talk on the blog about Crede and Fields yesterday.

It maybe an upgrade we will just have to wait and see how it plays out. It is not a given either way. The baseball gods will decide.

Steve Lyons.

Steve “Psycho” Lyons, another in the long line of White Sox third basemen in the pre-Robin Ventura era.

OK – I am reading the minds of the baseball Gods – KW needs to bring up Fields to show he can play in the big league level in order to trade him – it only makes sense – either that, or KW is wanting to see if he plays better than he was playing – in case he decides to keep him. Think about it- that’s got to be it – and I’m sure Fields knows it too!

tc –
how about picking me up and taking me out!!
Screw my Husband! He gets to go out whenever he pleases! The last time I went out by myself – 2000
– 8 frickin years ago!!
You better take that back or it’s gonna be WAR!!!!


Or, Jen, maybe there is too much being read into this.

Crede is hurt. We need a third baseman. Fields in the top third baseman in our farm system. It is only natural that he gets the call up.

Whatever thinking is behind it all, I just hope he plays a good third base tonight and joins in with an offense that has scored 20 runs in its last two games.

Oh, and by the way Jen, before any more of my attempts at humor are misconstrued, I meant nothing against you with my comments about your husband. Hey, I was married for a long time myself and know exactly what he is going through!!!!

Ooops. Sorry Jen.

Note to self: Do not anger a woman who builds beds for a living. That means she has hammers and other tools that she knows how to use.

I know –

what do you mean what HE is going through – you men are all the same!!

Come girls help me out!!

Come ON girls help me out!!

And, tc – don’t ever anger a woman when she has saws and hammers and anything else she could harm you with…
AND when it’s that time of month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need a post before the game.

scam… What, no umpire rotation?… (just kidding, thanx for the lineups…)

Well, folks, you wanted Mr Fields up… you got him… now we’ll see if you want to KEEP him up here…

I just wonder if the Kiernans have heard the one about the wife who was sure that her husband was cheating on her…
when they would go to bed at night… he would look up and see her at the foot of the bed with an axe in her hand…and she would say… “GO AHEAD, TRY TO SLEEP.”

Or maybe we can get back to something more uniting…. Like kenwo chances at the White House. Now that video WAS laugh out loud funny, very clever, good job andrew…. You’d make a great press sec. TQ. and now that it’s official, I think you’ve got your hands full. Scam, habberdasher =guy who sells hats (like that dirty one you once wore). Sorry Marie, I got you mixed up with Donna who is from tex, i think. There’s still no announcement for VP, you could balance the ticket.

Jen, I’m not trying to interfere, but I hope everything works out to the best end for you and your Hubby…. See, guys can be sensitive to the needs of a woman too.

Now ON to Baseball… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Back to baseball…… The injury bug has hit us a bit as of late, but not nearly as bad as last year when just about everybody was down or out with something or other. Now is the time for the Sox to suck it up with the healthy guys leading the way. We can prove we belong on top of the Central, or like last year, use the injuries as an excuse to underachieve. It’s up to the team.. We as fans are all behind you….. j.k.

Thank you for all the support in my campaign for President. I will accept your nomination! Dleeun as my first act as President I will order you to 3rd grade English class! Andrew that was good I was starting to believe my own hype! Lisa…let me just say that Larry has it ALLLLLL WRONG behbeh😉 haha

Anyway back to baseball….too bad crede is out I predicted him to be a big part of this series. I am ready to give Fields a quick 2nd chance. Maybe he has gotten better than last year. We shall find out in 5 minutes or so. Still predicting 2 of 3…… Quaid quite frankly I am hurt that you denied yourself the opportunity to work for me….. Oh well. Get these ********!

Mario Impemba and Rod Allen are the tigers announcers… not exactly Mel Allen , but I guess It’ll have to do….Go Sox…. j.k.

Barf……….crede placed on 15 day DL and no field Fields has arrived. I hope all you Fieldfans are happy now…….hopefully they will play uribe instead.

Gavin’s curve isn’t looking very good thus far.

Sox batting 333 against robertson this year. Does that mean that after going 0-6 we are about to get three hits in a row? It should be 0-0 not 0-1…. j.k.

Well this isn’t going as planned. What the hell is going on with Floyd, maybe we should get a pitcher to take this jagoffs spot not contreras’

He’s NO Joe Crede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meaning – Fields is No Joe Crede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow – routine ground ball for a double play and he tanks it and gets NO outs…WTF? I better switch permanently to “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC before I break my TV and my fiancee never talks to me again…let me know how it ends, although I have a bad feeling about this game already.

yeah, a little dear in the headlights from fields. And yet another DP ball from kenwo’s favorite player… ( you’ll all just have to guess who)…. Come on Sox….. j.k.

Terrible. That is about all i have to say. If there is one sox player who can compare to the disdain i have for Konerko it is Josh Fields. Why isn’t Juanny playing. He would have at least gotten one out.

I know. We haven’t ragged on Q for a long time…. first pitch pop out?…… o.k….. j.k. (just kidding)….j.k.

What’s the over/under on our next error free game? Another two tonight. Hard to win when you give extra AB’s to the enemy…. Go White Sox… j.k.

Now is the time to start getting to this guy…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Kenwo – can you believe Pauly struck out! OMG – that’s a first!!!!!!!! Atleast we are tied up, now!

How about that? Now it’s first one to score wins…… stay tuned…. Go Sox…… j.k.

Hey Andy –
You better put the game on!

Some of you guys give up way too easy!!

4-4. Thank you Detroit for letting us back in it. We look like two teams battling for last place.

Never mind. Thank you Masset.

What is with our pitchers? It’s sickening!!
Are they all going through a slump at the same time? Geez, come on, guys!!

Well I don’t think it’s fair to say all of them, but for a few of them it does seem that way.


Why in gods name is Guillen bringing in Massett in close games. He has no idea how to run a bullpen for goodness sake. This guy has been getting lit up every outing. what is next? Boone logan in the 8th? Where is Dotel? To make matters worse the Yankees got Marte today. He is good enough for the yankees but not good enough for the sox (can you sense my sarcasm). lets get another run to bail out guillen’s stupidity.

Det. announcers said that’s the 11th straight game the bullpen gave up a run…. come on Sox… let’s win this one…. j.k.

kenwo….now that’s something i can agree with you on. ozzie and cooper are awful game coaches for pitching. terrible. and while masset was serving dinner did you see logan warming up? like i said earlier…..who’s turn is it tonight, regardless of whether they been pitching worth a damn.

i have to say this as well….after defending the guy for god knows how long, its time to sit PK down. watching him take and stare at strike three when the pitch wasn’t that bad to begin with is inexcusable when you have runners in scoring position. he looks lost and that’s being polite.

Oh my god he did bring in logan. This guy has no idea what he is doing…even if logan goes 3 up 3 down this is a terrible terrible move.

what in the hell is going on here? DJ Carrasco? Where is Linebrink? Where is Dotel? Did they miss the flight? Did they get shot in a drive by on the way to the park? I can’t believe this

I have no idea why ozzie brings in the long man in the 7th inning in a huge game with dotel, linebrink, and thornton in pen. Mystery handling of the pen.

Is like the game is tied we are not winning so I cannot bring in any good relief pitcher.

Really ozzie must get PK out of the lineup the guy has no clue this yr and it looks so bad it is scary.

We should be ahead if our defense hadn’t let us down and if the pitcher situation in the seventh wasn’t such a puzzler. But now we have to score two to win… So Let’s DO IT…. j.k.

cmon jermaine


holy ****! he did it!

We need to stop these late inning heroics…Poor Hawk is gonna have a heart attack…

kenwo – you think Ozzie will put in Logan? (Ha Ha) Actually, it’s not funny!!

Ozzie knew JD was going to hit a 2 run homer guys. That’s why he went with those relievers.

OH BABY!!!! COME ON BOBBY!!!!! j.k.

and yes I did put the game back on….fiancee is out cold on the couch, so the remote is mine! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!

I think Ozzie knows which defense works! Atleast he switched everyone around!!

I’ve stopped trying to understand Ozzie’s use of the bullpen. I’m just ecstatic that he’s got TCQ and JD 3-4…as we just witnessed them pulling the team back in it yet again. C’mon Jenks and finish this first game off! Go SOX!!

Andy – get a black magic marker and draw White Sox Win on her face!! Tell her it’s for not watching the rest of the Game!!


YEA BOBBY!!!!!!!!

Way to go Sox!! Thanks for all the heart attacks! Keep ’em coming! Yes, it was nice to see the defensive moves, even better to have Jenks back.

Simply amazing!!!!!!! We snatched one from the jaws of defeat. Way to go TEAM!!!!

Nice of you to rejoin us andrew and just at the right time too…. …… HOORAHHH!!!! j.k.

youve got to be kidding me. bobby jenks is the player of the game? who decides this? terry francona?

Wow, good win, pulled it out and held, good idea putting uribe in for defense at the end.

I see a lot of capital letters on this blog. i think that means the gentlemen are getting those 10 inch boners about the team like i promised

And Swish at First!

I would say JD is the player of the game!!

I rewound the game and made her watch her favorite player’s HR. She loves JD. I don’t think she’d take too kindly to magic marker on the face though.

Great Win White Sox! Let’s keep it up over the weekend!

unbelieveable. this win and the way they did it in the 9th could prove HUGE for this series. if detroit wins, they roll into game 2. but now, seeing the look on their faces after JD jacked that HR was priceless…totally deflated. got 3 1/2 on twins and 6 1/2 on detroit. cardiac kids do it again!

That’s not fair kenwo – I have some capital letters and I don’t have a *****!!

I am not sure if Andrew has one either, since his wife won’t let him watch the game🙂

Peace out all – thanks for the fun online while the (soon to be) wifey was sleeping. I definitely know I’ll sleep better tonight! That’s two comeback wins in a row. Let’s make it easier tomorrow. Go White Sox!

They blocked out P*en*s!

How about weiner, will they let me put that?

Can’t get enough! Now I’m listening to the Sox radio feed off of It would be very much appreciated if we could do just one game in a conventional manner….. Our hearts are all aflutter here….. Thanks J.D. Thanks Q…. And the rest….. later all,,, j.k.

Jen, weiners are good…. I like mine with lots of mustard and onions…….. j.k.

On Fields, he cannot field but the guy could be another Carlos with the bat. Fields has that kind of potential at the plate. Carlos had not done a lot until this yr. , although I liked his potential. As I am in Phoenix I saw Carlos quite a bit. Only place for Fields is 1st base.

The game started out terribly, i was cursing up a storm for a while there. But they pulled it off in the end, by fighting to stay in there and that is all I ask of them. So WHEW! Let’s keep this momemtum rollin’ and take it into tomorrow’s game.


Considering the whole Crede situation today and the fact that Floyd and Masset were shaky again, to win the game AND have the Twins lose is the best thing you could ask for.

Gives them a little more breathing room.

Mark Liptak

Wow! I see you guys were having a blast during the game.
Sorry I missed all the fun. And Jen sorry I wasn’t online to have your back earlier, but you handled it miss thang!! LOL!

Andrew, for some reason I just could not view the video. Maybe you can send it to my email address?? If so, thanks.


actually floyd did pretty well today in my opinion. The game could have easily gotten out of control and been 10-1 or so. Considering the disgusting defense behind him, i think he did a credible job.

Andrew: That video was hilarious. Too, too funny. Sorry, Kenwo. My vote’s going elsewhere.

What a game tonight. What a game!

j.k. – I like ketchup on my weiners!

I know – I don’t want anyone to say it – I am from the chicagoland area – I just have to have ketchup on my weiners!!

Lisa – I’ll forgive you this time – but, I need you ladies here!!

thats ok i just remembered i don’t meet the required age. unless we can get congress to amend the constitution!


I am really, really starting to get pissed off now.

According to the Sun-Times Linebrink STILL has shoulder stiffness, is scheduled for an MRI Saturday morning and could be headed to the DL.

Last healthy White Sox player left please turn out the lights when you leave the room.

Konerko, Jenks, Contreras, Crede now maybe Linebrink…what the hell is going on? This is 2001, 2004 and last year all over again all of a sudden!

Kenny time to make some moves whether you want to or not.

Mark Liptak

Still, somehow we’ve managed to find ways to win. Imagine how detroit must feel after this one got away from them. We all know how they feel, don’t we. I have to differ with you a bit, Lip. We are banged up all of a sudden, but the difference from this year and those other years is huge. This year, the guys aren’t giving in, but playing their butts off until the last out. That didn’t happen last year at all.

Depending on our guys status will determine what KW does before the deadline. In my perfect world, Kenny doesn’t do anything, because all the guys are coming back as strong as they were in the first half…… We will see what does happen….. Again, great win tonight, but please, do it easier tomorrow….. Night all…. j.k.

If Linebrink is out (I sure hope not) the Sox are down to four quality relief guys…Jenks, Dotel, Thornton and maybe Carrasco.

That’s not enough.

The Yankees just stole Nady and Marte for some minor league guys, Kenny should be able to pluck someone from the refuse of MLB like Washington, San Diego or Houston.

Come on Kenny earn that salary again!

Mark Liptak

Unfortunately Liptak- Thornton has a sore back. Any one got Ryan Bukvich’s number? I sure hope Kenny burned that one.

Thank you JD. Nice to see the offense wake up in time. A couple big hustle plays on the basepaths by OC were key to keeping us in this game.

I heard this was the note taped up in Josh Fields locker today – “Josh Fields welcome to the team, please waste no time in making errors like the rest of us.” That awful first couple months of hitting and our recent pitching struggles may not do the Sox in, but the defense sure looks like it may be the culprit. Hopefully they can pull it together.

Mark, I will counter your possibly bad news about Linebrink with some good news about the competition. In the Twins loss tonight Carlos Gomez had to be carted off the field on a stretcher after crashing into the outfield wall. I don’t wish anything beyond maybe a season ending injury. At the very least I don’t want to see him playing us on our road trip. He has hit us well and been a terror on the basepaths.

I wish I had some kind of idea as to what happened to Nick Masset. He was outstanding for the first couple months, but he has stunk in July. Hopefully he can work his way through it quickly. If Linebrink hits the DL he is going to be sharing 7th inning duties with Thornton. We really have nothing left in AAA if we have another injury. I guess we could bring Adam Russell back since he was fairly decent.

On another note, Good luck to Esteban Loaiza. I was excited when I seen him sign with the sox and he was pretty decent in his few outings- but if he couldn’t get the heater above 80 he probably wasn’t going to help us much. Here is to hoping he catches on somewhere else and dominates everyone except us. He was absolutely great in 2003-I remember seeing him start the all star game.

Wow, wish I could have seen that game! Thank you, thank you to JD and TCQ for pulling it out!

Jen, had family plans tonite, so I couldn’t be here to have your back, but I’m with you, girl!

If Kenwo is too young to run, then I guess I’m out of a job as the California party chief, huh? Too bad, I really liked the video!

Let’s hope the Sox stay on a winning streak, even if they make it ugly and heart-stopping!

With the inspiration from “Casey at the Bat”:

It looked extremely dismal
for Ozzie’s nine last night…
The score stood 4 to 5,
with no happy end in sight…

And so, when OC made an out
and AJ did the same,
A sickly silence fell on Sox fans
watching this damned game…

Strike one, the two, then TCQ
to RF stroked the ball…
Ball one, Ball two, then J Dye
put one o’er the RF wall ! …

And when the dust had settled,
and we saw what had occured,
there was manchild on the mound,
three outs… and Detroit
was still in 3rd…

Oh, somewhere in this favored land,
the stars were shing bright,
a band was playing somewhere,
and Sox fans said “ALL RIGHT !!!” …

Stone Pony, he was smiling,
and Hawk was heard to shout…
but there was no joy in Motown,
as the Tigers soon found out…

Corrections, in case you didn’t catch the errors…

Strike one, THEN two…
the stars were SHINING bright…

Hey, the boys made some errors, too… but they WON…

Bottom line…

OK – serious stuff here – seems I am getting lots of spam mail – my latest is from Tom – did you send this to me?

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Tom – it even has your e-mail address –

Everyone be aware that if you get a e-mail message from someone on the post – check it out first!!

Maybe Tom’s a spy!!!!!

He’s the only one with a hotmail address!!

To all of you in White Sox Universe, I apologize…

Let me explain, if I can…


I am trying to work with hotmail to get everything back to normal…

If you get ANYTHING with my e-mail address on it… DELETE IT!!! IT IS NOT,REPEAT, NOT FROM ME…

If I ever catch the m-f who did this… well, it will just be too bad for them…

Hell isn’t hot enough for them…

Again, my sincerest apologies…

The REAL Tom Quaid

How do we know your the REAL Tom Quaid – can you prove it –
Who won the 2005 World Series?

Very nicely done on the poem Tom. Now stop trying to steal money from people.

Nothing on Linebrink (yet) and Joe Cowley is reporting that the talk is Kenny is willing to trade Fields and Gavin Floyd for a “big name” starter.

Right now he may need bullpen help more.

At least Thornton’s back stiffness is not considered serious.

Mark Liptak

only big named starter left that is better than floyd is barnett, toronto. I think that they better keep fields. That deal just does not sound right. Floyd and Fields the other might be seattle, and eric bedard.

Linebrink is on the DL – they called Wassermann up!!

Seattle is probably looking for a young 1st baseman. Fields would fit.

I got that e-mail this morning too and although I know TQ is a generous man, figured he wouldn’t have time to post if he was in Malasia!!
What a fantastic win yesterday. Those are the games that give me hope that this season might end well!! **If we can get through these injuries! Hoping for another win tonight.

Oh well. Linebrink on DL- nothing new really he hasn’t been pitching anyway. Hopefully we score a ton of runs so we don’t need the pen.

No chance in hell i trade Gavin Floyd for any of the starters available. I do like Bedard A LOT but he has been injured so what good will he be. AJ Burnett is not as good as floyd is.

I was also doing some reading on the white sox- looking up pictures of old comiskey park and whatnot….and I came across a thing about disco demolition night. And there were a ton of people proud to have been there and participated…I say **** those people. If i was at the game I probably would have killed someone for disgracing the field like that. It would have made me sick. If someone did that to the Cell I would be pissed, but old comiskey?***** that.********* trailer trash ********…got all worked up over that.

Of course, with bedard on the DL not sure if KW would trade for him or not.

The only reason I’d see KW trading Floyd is because of his tendency to give up fly balls (which as we all know often turn into HR’s at the Cell). I do not know Burnett’s or Duke’s GO/FO ratio but the way I see it the guy I’d see KW going after is Derek Lowe. But, the Dodgers just picked up Blake so I don’t see that happening.

However, with Linebrink now on DL, I’m betting KW is looking more to bullpen than SP. Either way I know he’s not happy having to look for possible help due to injuries. Our MVP may be Herm Schneider if he can hold this group together down the stretch!

OC, Poreda, Fields and Floyd are the 4 names being mentioned as trade bait on the Sox. I’m wondering if we trade OC, will A-Ram take over leadoff duties? I’ve also read that A-Ram’s footwork at 2nd is suspect meaning the Sox would prefer him at SS (and I’m assuming Uribe at 2nd – we all know he’s Ozzie’s favorite son). Interesting to see what the next few days will bring, I’ll try to keep up as I move from Omaha (finally) back to St. Louis.

I think if he trades anyone that plays a big role on the team (Cabrera, Floyd) he will be making a huge mistake. Poreda, Fields, Broadway….trade any of these guys. You start trading away your starting shortstop when you are in first place and you are looking for a recipe of disaster.

I agree with the Prez. Don’t shake up the foundation of the house or said house WILL fall down…… I’d keep all our starters except for Jose and nobody will want him in a head up trade, so hang on to the guys who brought you to this point in the season….. Go Sox….. j.k.

Well I sure hope Thornton’s back stiffness was a one day thing.

Linebrink’s MRI showed “no abnormalities” however I think it would be reasonable and prudent for Kenny to try to protect himself and the team and go out and get another relief pitcher.

I can only speak from my personal experience and whenever I had “general soreness” for as long as Scott has had (at least three weeks) there was a reason for it (i.e. calcium deposits, strained tendon and so forth.) The body just isn’t “sore” for no reason, it doesn’t work that way and as the Sox showed time and again in 2001, MRI’s are not foolproof.

Half of the Sox bullpen right now is made up of Masset, Wassermann and Boone Logan who has reverted back to his “mental breakdown” days in 2006. (That’s not a slap at Logan, he publicly admitted he had a breakdown on the mound…)

To me that’s not exactly inspiring confidence.

Plus if Linebrink can come back in a few weeks that gives the Sox a position of strength as the August 31st post season deadline comes. They may be able to make a move that could really help in the last 30 days of the season.

One thing’s for sure, this run of “minor” injuries has got to stop. Sooner or later it’s going to cause problems (if it hasn’t already.)

Mark Liptak


Big Jim
Dirty 30
A Ram

No Konerko tonight.

Love the uniforms.

Just happened to see Alexei’s photo that they put up when he’s batting (on Gameday, scoreboard, etc.). Will somebody **pleeeease** make a new photo of him? The one they use is godawful – he looks like deer in the headlights! It’s so unfair, because he’s a nice-looking man (saw him up close in person when he was in San Francisco) and that photo is the WORST.

Scott, as part of the marketing team, can’t you get a better picture of ARam?

Sweet, a Sox fan got Quentin’s home run ball. 3-1!

Konerko makes that pick at first.

Our Keystone Cops defense is at it again…. O.K. Sox, put some more runs on the board…. j.k.

Thought this was going to be a low scoring game going into it. Hopefully we shut them down the rest of the way.

Two run lead going into the seventh. I don’t think that’s enough. More runs Boys… Thank you for your consideration…. j.k.

Oh, Guys…. since our pitchers are struggling I reccommend getting some more runs. Come on, you can do it…. Go White Sox ’08….j.k.

I’d still feel better with some more runs…… ppppplease?… good job by Oh do Tell…. j.k.

I guess it’s up to Bobby… Go Sox…. j.k.

Nothing is ever easy with this team, but another W is all we can hope for and we got it…. Way to close it down Bobby….. Good win…. Go Sox, one more…. j.k.

Haha, no more runs? No problem. Always gotta make it interesting.

Nice – finally a win in with the non so normal unis. Alexei looked about twice his normal size tonight. Can you get the guy some clothes that fit?🙂

Go Sox! Let’s hope I can get the grass cut before noon tomorrow!

Yay! This trip is off to a great start. For sure, we’ve won the series with Detroit, now let’s go for the sweep!!

Go Sox!!

BTW, what is the story about the uniforms? They are really cool!

The uniforms were a salute to the Negro Leagues.

Thanks, Scam, for the info!

Ok, so we take the Detroit series…dare I hope for a sweep?? I’ve got the fingers crossed. It wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W!! Does anyone know who held up AJ and Uribe with a bottle of peroxide?? Scott we need you back, these are things I want to know about!!!

This crucial road trip is off to a fantastic start.

Mark Liptak

As for the uniforms tonight – it looked like they were playing in their pajamas!

But, who cares, right? Great win!

See you all tomorrow for the sweep!


Thank God I came on this website before I sent money to ‘Tom’… something just didn’t ring true with that email I too received. Seeing Tom wasn’t truly stranded made me glad for him! I too have hotmail, please let me know if something weird comes from me.

I’m back from the sweet midwest back deepintheheart of 96 when we landed at 7 pm. Glad the boys won again tonight, I’ll sure miss the big screen from mom’s house though, back to the computer!

Was at a wedding tonight…I planned for things like this- i knew my guests wouldn’t like to miss a sox game so the wedding was in march…who cares if it was snowing!

Anyway from the highlights looks like Quentin, Dye and Thome carried us again. Excellent. I had this one down as a loss when I looked at the match ups. Now since we have won two-what the hell make it three. Lets go Javy

Just a couple of things:

I got “Tom’s” plea for money too. Come on Quaid, if you’re short on cash, just ask. No need to go through all the theatrics (hahaha). Of course we all would still just say no. Seriously though, I hope you get that thing straightened out, and IF you do find the creep who did this to you, I’ll hold him/her for you.

After looking at the ML standings last night, I noticed that all of a sudden, the Sox have the third best record (by percentage) in baseball. We trail only the angels and tampa. So for all the negativity that surrounds this team in adverse times, our leaders must be doing something right.

I’m still wearing that old threadbare shirt I mentioned the other day. Since last Tuesday, I’ve had it on for our games. The good news is that we have won each game, some in dramatic fashion. The bad news is that people don’t talk to me anymore. They don’t want to be around me?? What’s that all about? But, I will gladly continue taking one for the team as long as the results are there like they were for scam’s dirty hat. Caution, if this REALLY works well, you won’t want to meet me at blog night. Nah! It couldn’t work that long could it?

I’m dissappointed in our “presidential candidate”. Kenwo, how could you lead us down this path so far before coming out of the closet? You’re not 35??? ( I thought everybody was at least 35). If you had not made this admission, I’m sure we could have gotten away with the “lie”. Make-up does wonders. A few wrinkles here and there, a prosthetic to make you limp, who knows, you could have pulled it off.

Dleeun, you’re from Phx?

So today I get to watch the game on WGN. I’m torn on wether to do so or watch the tiger feed on the computer. I guess I’ll go with the tv, but I hope that doesn’t squirell the win for us….. Go Chicago White Sox ’08…. j.k.

p.s. Uh, not that I’m superstitious or anything…. j.k.

Verlander’s pitch count as early as the fourth inning had me smiling, glad to see his last start against the Sox wasn’t a new trend.
Those guys had me worried though.
A win is a win is a win…

Tom: Very nicely done with that poem

Yeah the uniforms yesterday were very neat, lotta folks around me didn’t think so, but whatever.

Well, Detroit’s about how I remember it, maybe worse, but I was surprised how many people were downtown for that ballgame. Comerica was very nice and if you go there just walk a couple blocks southeast to about Beaubien and Monroe and check out the Pegasus Tavern, still a real nice place. Just make sure you have time to wait.

I remember when I worked for GM as a foreman when I was a younger fella, and my grandfather told me not to take sides. Best advice ever. Whether current American big business or immovable Unions make you sick (like they do me) I’m still proud to buy Chevy’s and products made in the USA (to the extent that I can). Please try to support this country and our economy, places like Detroit or Cleveland (that are the butts of jokes) didn’t always look the way they do now. Just something to think about…..

Oh yeah, Hebrew National makes a good dog, been so long since I had one. AND I got to eat my words on how this team will do in the playoffs, seems everyone is taking their lumps throughout the league, and while we seem to be winning ugly at times or playing catch up, we’ve gotten by okay. I am wondering how this roadtrip will play out and whether it will give us a boost for the remainder of the season. We’re gonna need it, the rest of the schedule looks atrocious……..

P.S. I just love the ‘rustbelt’ cities of Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit. No better places to see the Sox play.

Where in the world is Tom? We haven’t heard from you since the hacking! Hope you’re OK – hope you didn’t go out and really kill the hacker!

How old is kenwo?

jk -I’m not 35, yet! (32)

I am not going to say the ‘S’ word – I don’t want to jinx it!
Go White Sox!!

Who’s all going to Blog night?
I am still thinking on whether to go, if I do I have to bring my 3 year old with, but she is really good and she loves the games!


jk – Keep wearing the shirt!

Nice to see them in uniforms that fit!

You know who Aj looks like with that hair – Pony Boy – from The Outsiders – when Pony Boy dyed his hair – that’s what AJ’s new nickname could be!

Klein, I live in phoenix now, born in the Chicago area.

no guts vazquez, puts it out over the plate everytime to righthanders. He just will not go inside, thus he get hammered against guys like that love to go to right.

PK looks like he is trying to change his demeanor. That could help a lot as 1/2 of hitting is mental. Ozzie mentioned something about that in a news release.

Oh well….took 2 of 3. Konerko had a chance in the 8th and blew it again. In the 9th all 3 guys swung at the high heater and went down. As a pitcher though, I loved throwing that high fastball especially with a full count. A lot of guys would chase that and go down. To me, if he throws breaking balls on that 3-2 chances are 2 of the 3 if not all 3 are on base. I am always a believer in the high heat.

Vazquez really disappointed me today. I thought he was going to come out and have a good game. He pitched awful. Good news is Thornton was good out of the pen, hopefully he can continue that.

I am 28 years old for the record. Big series in Minnesota we need a split! Get it done boys.

Well, that gets rid of the shirt. Now I won’t stink! All we need to do is start another four game win streak. That would work for me. Can’t win them all anyway, though we tried,(maybe a little too agressive in the ninth?).

Dleeun, welcome to the great southwest. What part of phx are you in? I grew up around 7th av and missouri….

Jen, you are younger than three of my children…. My oh my….. o.k. everyone… on to the Twins. We are still in good shape after taking the series from det…..

Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Vazquez spits the bit again. How many in a row has he lost now?

Million dollar arm….ten cent brain.

Mark Liptak

In his defense, a lot of Vasquez’s losses have been a result of the team not getting the job done with the bats.

Nice speech by Goose Gossage today. Cmon Jeff- his last start was good but the rest of them have been pretty crappy.

I’ve been trying to find a former Sox pitcher who reminds me of Vazquez and I think I’ve come up with one.

He pitched for the Sox a shade over 25 years ago (my God has it been that long?)

He had great stuff, teased everyone by tossing some brilliant games and could control a team seemingly at will….yet he never was able to consistently put it together and eventually Roland Hemond had enough.

His name? Steve Trout.

Mark Liptak

I’d take Vazquez over Trout any day of the week and twice on most sundays (not this sunday however).

Positives coming out of the weekend in Detroit.

1) We finally got back to wearing real uniforms. I hope this fascination with MLB having teams wear different uniforms many times a season comes to an end. The ones Saturday were atrocious. Although, I must admit, it was worth it just to see Coop wear one. I bet Ozzie sent him out to the mound that one time just to make sure everybody got to see how he looked!!!! The ones Saturday looked even worse than the old mid-80s unis they dragged out last week.

2) Two out of three in Detroit is what just about everyone agreed was needed to be successful.

3) Managed to win 2 of 3 despite not playing real well. Always a good sign when you can put W’s on the board when not clicking on all cylinders.

4) Dye remained red hot. As did Quentin.

5) Thome had a huge hit to left to drive in a run today. And he had a big double to left on Saturday.

6) Konerko hit the ball hard three times today and got at least one hit. Baby steps are what he needs to get his swing back.

7) JK finally gets to change his shirt.

On to Minneapolis. One of the best cities to visit in all of MLB. The results have not usually been the best, but it is always fun to go to the Twin Cities. Wish I could make the trip.

Klein, Laveen, south mountain area. I was happy just to see PK looking different with his body language. That could starte something good, if he acts like a hitter maybe his body will follow suit. And PK will finally turn it around, possible.

I have been frustrated with Vazquez for a month. He has the same predictable pattern with his pitches. If right handed hitter only have to look from the middle out, they end up all over his stuff. Vazquez will not keep righthanders honest. Up and in , low and in, off the plate even hitting a few batter , then his outside corner pitches would be much more effective. Mark B should give Vazquez some lessons in moving the ball around. If Vaquez can be around the outside corner consistently then he has enough control to go inside. He seems to lack the courage to pitch inside.

vazquez hasn’t won a game since june 10th. he keeps leaving the ball in the zone and “BOOM” out it goes. no excuses for giving up 6 ER. Ouch.

I hope our pitching gets well and soon. logan hasn’t pitched well for a month, javy’s in a funk and gavin hasn’t looked very good lately either.

taking 2 of 3 from detroit after being swept here last time is pretty darn good. big big series with the twins. i hope buehrle can get us off to a good start. we seem to do best in these series when we can win the first game.

go sox!

The Sox want (need) at least a split in the House of Horrors. Right now they want to maintain the status quo and knock four more games off the schedule.

It’s the absolute biggest series of the year so far. We’ll see how they respond to it.

Mark Liptak

Sometimes I thing only bloggers tell the truth. Sports writers cannot tell the truth if they did access denied. Managers and coaches cannot tell the truth to players they are pampered multi millionares. That just leaves bloggers to post their opinions some of which is the truth.

Vazquez numbers:

0-4 with a 6.23 ERA over his last six starts. The right-hander’s ERA stood at 3.43 at the end of May, but it has gone up to 4.73 in nine starts since.

And on a better note, one final congratulations to Goose Gossage, one of the White Sox’s own for going into the Hall of Fame.

Mark Liptak

I didn’t watch the induction. Did Goose go in as a yankee or a White Sox? I was surprised by one of the latest headlines on the front page of this site. “Sox satisfied with success in detroit”. I think if you are satisfied you’re intimating complacency. And you can’t be complacent when going into these next seven games! Unfortunate choice of words in my opinion. Pleased would have been better, or sanguine, or bouyed by. TQ a little help here….

We need to start out hot in Minn and put some distance between us and them… Go Sox ’08….j.k.

dleeun, That area was only a couple of dilapidated Indian hovels when I was growing up. But then Phoenix only had about 250K then too. A lot has changed in the past 50 years. I remember my brother and I would go WAY out into the desert to target practice with our .22 rifles. That was around 7th St. and Northern! I don’t think Sherrif Joe would approve of that any more….. Go Sox… j.k.

Wow, I was out in Great Wolf Lodge over the weekend. I could not have imagined the response to posting the link to South Side Sox on Kenwo.

Klien, that was wonderificatasitc! And Andrew, that video you edited, you are a madman! When you stole that cow… I want to party with you, cowboy.

Kenwo, do you post on that site? I scroll thru the game threads every so often they can be hilarious. I assumed after reading that thread about you that you posted on there. If you don’t that is kind of weak that they would give you s#it when you don’t know about it and don’t have a chance to defend yourself.

I did not until after you posted on there. i have posted a little on there since. They are weak by the way..but anytime i get a chance to post about the sox is good.

Be prepared bloggers as that group has purchased a bunch of tickets for blog nite. I can’t make it as i stated a long time ago-i have tickets to the game already so there is no reason for me to buy more tickets. sorry

Goose went in as a Yankee, which is how it should be since that is where he had his greatest success and impact but remember the Hall now has the final say on what hat is used after the Wade Boggs incident.

Goose remembered his White Sox roots however talking about people like Chuck Tanner, Dick Allen, Roland Hemond and Johnny Sain in his induction speech and in interviews during the weekend. Chuck and Dick drove up on Saturday and they got together.

It was very well done.

Oh did anyone else see Joe Cowley’s line on Scott Linebrink today in the Sun-Times? It was almost a “throwaway” line about him being on the DL “longer” then anticipated.

Just plain soreness doesn’t go on for over five weeks. This is not good.

Mark Liptak

I will definitely accept 2 of 3 to start this crucial road trip. My goal for Minnesota is 3-1. I would be ok with 2-2, but it would be nice to get a little breathing room. 4 game series are tough because if you go 2-2 there is no movement in the standings, but if you go 3-1 or God forbid 1-3 it is 2 games of movement. You definitely don’t want to lose a 4 game series, whereas if you lose a 3 game series 1-2 you only lose 1 game in the standings.

I think it could be a good omen with Buerhle opening up the series. If he stays true to the form he has been lately we can take the opener, and that would be a great start to at least going 2-2.

As for Linebirnk, this could be a very tough loss if he is out for an extended stretch of time. I don’t think KW came into July thinking he as going to need to do anything with the bullpen. Now because of injuries and some not performing up to expectations set in the first three months it looks like we may need come help fast. From everything I have read the price is steep for a set up man or closer we can use in that role. I’m not so sure that they have the chips to deal, but hopefully something can be done.

Best thing for this team would be a nice run by the starting pitchers getting really deep into games. Dotel has been used a lot this year. He’s been very good most of the year, but for a guy with injury history I fear that he would be the next to go down, and then who do we turn to? Go deep and shorten the games, and maybe save the arms a little bit.

Seems like kenwo is right – seems like south side sox are buying up all the tickets – because it’s a good deal – read it here

Well,let’s see… No one else has reported getting any crap e-mails with my name on them, so I guess it’s clear to come out from the underbrush…

Speaking of that situation, I guess, until something happens one way or the other, I will be using TWO e-mail addresses… one for contact with the members of this community in REAL time… and the old reliable stand-by here in Reifertland…

Notes on Sunday… I am feared that some of the batters are coming down with Cub-itis… That is, going after the first pitch and making an out… I counted eight AB’s like that yesterday… also, never have I seen a relief pitcher work so hard to finish a game in which he did not get a save as I saw with the man with two first names(Fernando Rodney)yesterday… The bottom three batters that he struck out each had a full count, with multiple foul-offs, before swinging at pitches either down at the feet, or up at the head level… and they did look frustrated after their K’s…
but if you were trying to hit the ball to LF or RF, or LCF or RCF in that pitcher’s paradise… as far as CF is concerned…
and swinging as hard as they did, coming up empty…you’d be frustrated, too…

Now the caravan moves on to the HumpDump… or, as Mark so appropriately calls it, “The House of Horrors”… When their new ballpark is ready to be opened, and the HumpDump is ready to be imploded, SOMEBODY please let me know so’s I can race up to the Twin Cities and pull the plunger down that activates the implosion… (Can you tell that I haven’t liked that place since it opened?)

Buehrle said that they would be satisfied with a split of the series… I hope that he is correct, although I would greedily like to see 3 out of 4… becuase a split only leaves you even steven, while 3 of 4 would get you another game in the standings… Am I correct in this?… because mathmatics gives me a headache… I’m simple that way…

Anyway, all that they can do, and we can do, is just take it in one game at a time (cliches-R-us)… and hope that the air conditioning in the HumpDump blows the same for BOTH teams… although I doubt it… conspiracy theorist that I am, at least about that joint…

The REAL TQ (accept NO substitutes… PLEASE!!!)

Good to have you back, TQ!!

Tom, You must have missed my last post. We can push the Twinkies back 2 games in the standing if we go 3-1.

I think Klein had a point. The phrase should be I can live with losing one, I can live with losing 2 in Minn. But I will not be satisfied with less ,than winning all of the games

A split leaves the Sox in first, maintains the status quo and knocks four more games off the schedule. (Leaving the Sox with 55)

Considering how the Sox have played at Minnesota basically since the tail end of the 2002 season, when they had a chance for a “winning” record and to finish in 2nd place….how can you not be satisfied with a split? (Also considering the Sox are using Clayton Richard in one of the games…)

Mark Liptak

I’ve gotta agree with Lip! Splitting will be acceptable for the reasons he listed, anything less though would be asking for trouble down the road…. later all I’m off to my weekly handball game. Back for the game at 7 (5 my time)…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Why all the doom and gloom? Anyone see the pitching match-ups? Gomez is hurt. By the way in the worst year in White Sox recent memory, 2007, the White Sox were 4-5 at the humpty-dumpty-dome. Oh yea, and the Twinkies still had Santana. So far they are 0-2 in the land of a thousand lakes in 2 very close games.

As far as Linebrink and Crede go, KW was interviewed on the Score from Detroit and said that both were on the DL “voluntarily”. He said after speaking to both, he decided that in order to have them for the stretch run, he felt they were playing good enough to give them time to rest. God I hope that’s true!

We need to give Richards a second chance before we pile on. This kid worked quick and went right at the hitters. Sure he took a few blows, but his only real sin was the HR. Other than that, we didn’t play defense worth a crap for him. I think he goes on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do… gut says that if we get a good outing from him, Josie will sit and the kid will get a third chance.

Where has our Scott gone????

My comment was one of semantics not common sense. Satisfied is you are happy. So to win all the games, one is than satisfied. Is it logical probably not. A hitter should not be satisfied unless he gets a hit every at bat. Is it going to happen, no. One should never be satisfied with one’s play always looking to improve. But content with the effort put forth, knowing the best was done that could be done.

I think Scott may have been kidnapped by those evil ******** at Damn them, damn them all to hell!

Putting Konerko in the lineup each day suggests to me that Ozzie is comfortable with 8 bats in the lineup. Has anyone seen him bat without and 0-2 count? Put him on the DL when Crede gets back (for the season).

That was awful by Mark. A 1-2 hanger to Mourneau? Jesus Cristo!

I was too nice in my previous post. Konerko should be cut. His attitude is as bad as his play. He sucks!

What happened? I got home just in time to see JD hit a NOT home run and we’re down 4-0… Two two run homers by the twins, ouch…. come on Sox, don’t take this day off…. j.k.

way to **** a big pile to start a big series mark.

It looks like an umpire conspiracy against the Sox from what I’ve seen of this game. But I guess that doesn’t matter, if we don’t score any runs…… my question. how many games will this streaky team lose before we start our next win streak? Come on Sox… get some runs and prepare for tomorrow… j.k.

Seemed like all the pitcher did was throw fastballs in , down , away, nothing fancy but it was enough.

This isn’t the way we wanted this series to start! O.K. Sox! Time to put up some runs tomorrow night…. Go Sox. j.k.

That’s all I can watch. 7-0 twins is too much….. manana Boys… j.k.

Let’s just forget this game ever happened.

now we will be lucky to win one game. i don’t think richard has what it takes tomorrow. this is the most disappointed i have been all season. i had tonight pegged as a W.

this was sickening… and the homerun that wasn’t, truly wasn’t… but paulie did tag the guy… seems we always have controversy calls when the two brothers (umps) are calling the games.

Vazquez should study the tape on that game and learn how to pitch. You know if you do not try to pitch to different spots, you end up like vazquez. Great stuff, terrible pitcher.

Big game to start the biggest series of the year and the Sox don’t even bother to show up.


Way to go guys….gutless and corpseball immediately come to mind. Konerko needs to be benched after that exhibition tonight on the ground ball…if you aren’t even going to run it out the hell with you.

I thought the Sox had a good chance with Mark on the mound, honestly the best chance to take a game in this series and he falls apart.

Typical House of Horros…get ready September 2003 part II.

This lineup is bipolar, they can get shut down by the Kevin Sloweys of the world one night and then destroy the Justin Verlander’s the next.

Atrocious performance tonight and a kid who has no business having to start a game in the middle of a pennant race goes tomorrow. Not good.

Wake up Kenny. Time to get on the telephone.



I saw that story myself and I immediate thought, “if they don’t HAVE to go on the DL right now, then why not wait a few days until after the biggest series of the year in a place where the Sox are flat awful.’ It made NO SENSE to me putting them on the DL at this particular moment in time especially if they didn’t have to.

Mark Liptak

Wake up, Boys! Tomorrow how about we play some baseball!!


Somebody pinch me. That had to be a bad dream. We did not seriously play like that to start what is to this point and may be the biggest series of our season. The way the pitching has been lately the only guy I had faith in to win a game from the mound was Buehrle, and I was hoping we would explode offensively in at least 1 other game to get a split. I know it’s only 1 game, but we may need two offensive explosions now. EXTREMELY concerned about the rest of this series!!!

I’m a little upset with Guillen’s heartless reaction to that horrible missed call at first. Once again he misses an opportunity to go out there get booted and fire the team up. Instead he accepts probably one of the worst blown calls I have personally ever seen, and to top it off the umpire was in 100% perfect position to see it.

I also would have liked to seen a message sent after that BS attempt to catch the ball barehanded by Ramirez. I’d have pulled his butt right there in the middle of an inning. When our defense is as crappy as it has been it’d probably be best to leave the hot dog crap at home. I guarantee if a Twin pulled that stunt Gardenhire would demote him to Siberia.

Believe it or not, according to the game story the Sox are only 86-102 in the Metrodome. From the way people talk, you would think it was much worse. If winning 46 percent of your games at a road stadium makes that place a “House of Horrors,” then the road really isn’t that unfriendly.

The beauty of baseball — that game last night is in the past and a new one starts in a few hours.

I know this is a big series because it is four games against our closest rival. But let’s remember that we still have not yet hit August 1. If the players treat these four games like they are the most important of the year, then why bother playing the last two months?

Hang in there Sox fans. Don’t get too caught up with the “importance” of these four games. Yes they are big, but there are 55 more “big” games after we leave Minnesota.

Minnesota lost all four to the Sox in Chicago a month ago. Doesn’t look like they are panicking too much right now. And the Sox have lost just the first of a four-game set and I can already sense the panic from several of today’s posters.

This is a marathon. Not a sprint.


Agree its a marathon, but we need to replace at least one of our runners, he’s not even the steady turtle, he’s a boat anchor. Send Konerko packing, please!

I say chop up Konerko and feed him to the other 24 guys.

Scott, Scott, Scott, in July the Sox are 9-6 when you post and 3-4 when you don’t (and 2 of those wins were questionable) Don’t you have an intern or someone who can post the lineups at least?

That was truly an awful game. From the manager on down, no one had any well, anything (sorry, did we wake you??). Is this going to last the whole year? Despair/jubulation/despair/jubulation/despair…
What is going to be this years team nickname?
The “world-beaters/bush-leaguers”
How about the “we-just-refuse-to-run-away-with-its”


You are partially correct but what do the numbers say for the House of Horrors since oh September 2003? (I mean how the Sox did against the Twins in 1981 is totally meaningless right?) Let’s look at how basically these guys have done against one another up there in the past five years since the core of the teams are both about the same.

I bet you they are a LOT different.

Yes it’s a marathon not a sprint but if the Twins take 3 of 4 or sweep the Sox right out of town they will have garnered a VERY important item…it’s called MOMENTUM.

55 games is still a lot of games but it’s not like you have 100 left is it?

And remember if the Sox get the snot beat out of them, if they look lifeless, they then have to go to Kansas City then host Detroit and Boston. Things could get out of hand in a hurry couldn’t they?

Mark Liptak


Like my late father always used to say, “the White Sox just can’t stand prosperity…” It’s simply not their nature.

Mark Liptak

Unless the White Sox want to eat a huge contract, Konerko will remain on the roster. That’s a reality. No matter how frustrated you are with him, he’s not going anywhere. The best you can hope for is that Ozzie benches him.

Konerko is not the only piece of the puzzle that Ozzie has in front of him.

If Contreras is indeed healthy and throwing better, then that is the best news to come out of Monday.


Baseball is such a long season that I seldom look more than a week or two ahead. Who knows who will be healthy or who will be on our roster in two weeks? Two weeks ago, did we think we would be heading to Minnesota without Crede, Linebrink and Contreras? And did the Twins think that Gomez would not be playing?

I’m not worrying about the games with Boston in August. And my guess is Ozzie is only concerned right now with the next three games in Minnesota. The season is way too long to look too far ahead.

And who cares what happened in Minnesota in September, 2003! The only thing that matters is what is happening in 2008. Heck, Ozzie was coaching third base in Florida in 2003, Ramirez was a 21-year-old kid in Cuba who probably thought he would never leave and Clayton Richard was still playing both football and baseball for the Maize and Blue.

This whole “House of Horrors” stuff is overrated. That’s where they play their home games so that is where we have to play them. The Twins have a pretty good home record so we are not the only team that has “Horrors” there.

tc; This is indeed a marathon. I have said so myself. However, with almost 2/3rds of the race over it is about time to “sprint” to the finish line. Last nights game is over, but another one waits for us in a few hours. How will our Boys respond tonight? What disappointed me most from yesterdays game was the lack of fire we seemed to have throughout the game. This is nothing new, however! It is the MO of this ’08 Sox team to play like world beaters and never give up for a few games and then revert back to guys who look like they’re wandering through a maze for a few more games.

We can only hope that the “fire type” players show up for tonights game instead of the “maze boys”. All year long we have had win streaks followed by losing streaks of two, three or four games. Earlier in the year we had a six game losing streak. So far we have been able to overcome these adversities. So far. What happens if we lose the next three to minn? Aside from being 1 1/2 games back in second place, our confidence could be broken to the point of no return. I don’t think that will happen, but until we do beat the twins in their park that spectre will be hovering over our heads.

billb was right in asserting that this team be labeled the ” we won’t run away with it”. So far they haven’t! So far they rufuse to win easily. So far they manage to look like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand in response to nagging injuries, or faltering pitching performances or dismal play from regulars. But, so far they are in first place, and dispite all the negativity, so far they have found a way to maintain their lead. So far as I’m concerned we ( the bloggers and fans) need to take each game one at a time as the team does. We all agreed that we needed to at least split this 10 game road trip. So far we are 2-2. We need to go 3-3 over the next six games. That we can do. One game at a time. Starting tonight. Go Sox ’08…… j.k.


What happened in Minnesota in September 2003 set the tone particularly mentally for the White Sox when playing the Twins in important games. And you were the one who brought up the Sox overall record at the Metrodome in the first place, which is why I said, ‘who cares how the Sox did there in 1981?’ That’s not relevant to this decade, to this group of core players who have been here over the past few years on both clubs.

And I personally think a large part of their issues in Minnesota are because they get psyched out even before the first pitch is thrown.

How many games have we seen the Sox lose there on a bloop hit? a ball getting lost in the white roof? a sure win blown by a relief guy in the 9th inning? an opposite field four hop ground ball that somehow Konerko can’t get to? (and I’m not making these up, these have all happened costing the Sox games…)

Minnesota expects to win the game when they play the Sox. The body language that Ozzie has talked about in the past few days with Konerko and Logan shows that…now compare that to the body language shown by the Sox up at the Dome. Totally different situation.

By the way since the start of the decade and Minnesota’s run of four playoff appearances and finishing better than the Sox in six of eight years, the Sox record at the Metrodome is 32-43. That’s includes seasons with records of 2-7, 3-7, 2-7 and so far this year 0-3.

Mark Liptak


What happened in Minnesota in September 2003 set the tone particularly mentally for the White Sox when playing the Twins in important games. And you were the one who brought up the Sox overall record at the Metrodome in the first place, which is why I said, ‘who cares how the Sox did there in 1981?’ That’s not relevant to this decade, to this group of core players who have been here over the past few years on both clubs.

And I personally think a large part of their issues in Minnesota are because they get psyched out even before the first pitch is thrown.

How many games have we seen the Sox lose there on a bloop hit? a ball getting lost in the white roof? a sure win blown by a relief guy in the 9th inning? an opposite field four hop ground ball that somehow Konerko can’t get to? (and I’m not making these up, these have all happened costing the Sox games…)

Minnesota expects to win the game when they play the Sox. The body language that Ozzie has talked about in the past few days with Konerko and Logan shows that…now compare that to the body language shown by the Sox up at the Dome. Totally different situation.

By the way since the start of the decade and Minnesota’s run of four playoff appearances and finishing better than the Sox in six of eight years, the Sox record at the Metrodome is 32-43. That’s includes seasons with records of 2-7, 3-7, 2-7 and so far this year 0-3.

Mark Liptak

Klein, There is a 5-5 version of this trip I don’t want to see. 2-1 in Det, 0-4 in Minn and 3-0 in KC. So really to me it is 6-4 or bust (2-1, 2-2 and 2-1).

Sorry folks. The blog went bonkers and it posted twice.

I apologize.

Mark Liptak

I agree with you Lip. I don’t WANT to see that 5-5 version either, so let’s win tonight and go from there..

Scott, oh Scott , wherefore art thou Scott?…

Lunch is over, back to work… see you all later…. j.k.

Maybe the piranhas have eaten our Scott????

Mark L. I agree with you. Now we hear Linebrink out for two more weeks? What’s voluntary about that?

Crede seems to be in denial about his back. I think he realizes the spector of a long term contract has left the building. This is twice Joe has sat due to the back and he is having one of if not his worst season in the field.

Speaking of errors, I see Josh is upholding his end of the deal by making at least one a game. Another last night. If he’s so athletic why can’t he catch the ball?

Here’s hoping the kid gives us a good outing. Keep the ball out of the zone!

swsafely, that should have been an error on the umpire last night. If he does not blow one of the worst missed calls I have ever seen it is not an error, just a good play by Konerko.

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