Trading Deadline

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; JD, RF; Thome, DH; Ram, 2B; Swish, 1B; Fields, 3B; Wise, CF.  Danks pitching.

A little different look to the lineup today.

Thoughts on the Day

I think we helped ourselves with acquiring Griffey in the following ways …


Options for Ozzie (based on who is hot, who needs a day off, etc)

Rest (keeping everyone fresh down the stretch)

Flexibility (both in the field and in the lineup)

I will be interested in seeing Griffey in center.  It seems to me we have some parks where CF is manageable (like ours) and others where there is a lot of space to cover.

Another school of thought … that having a chance to play for a postseason slot will re-engergize Griffey.

It is going to be a fun two months (and hopefully, three).


When I got into the car this morning at 7 am to come to the office, the first thing I heard on the radio was, “Ken Griffey Jr.”  My heart skipped a beat.  But the local host was saying that the Cubs should pursue Griffey, which brought a smile to my face.

We become the first team in baseball history to feature a 600 and 500 home run hitter at the same time (source: Elias).

Griffey also becomes the second 600 home run hitter to be traded in-season, joining Willie Mays.

Word out of Minnesota late this afternoon has Swisher passing uniform No. 30 along to Griffey and switching to uniform No. 1.

Griffey is expected to join the club in KC tomorrow.  I may be a little off on the numbers, but he owns a 16-game hitting streak against the Royals and has homered in his last six games.  Of course, that was in 1999.

This from the press release:

            Griffey, who has hit safely in his last 12 games with the Reds (.318,

14-44) and owns a .927 on-base plus slugging percentage in July, is batting .245 (88-359) with 15 home runs, 53 RBI and a .355 on-base percentage in 102 games with Cincinnati in 2008.


That OPS is July would rank fourth on our club behind: Dye, 1.046; Thome, 1.004; Quentin, .941 and Missle, .933.


So let me know what you think of the trade.  I’d love to hear your thoughts …


And best of luck to Nick and Danny with the Reds.


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Hard to say what I think of the trade until I see where Ozzie fits him into the lineup. Let’s just hope his time with the Sox is not comparable to Willie Mays’ time with the Mets.

Not so sure how I feel about this one. Humor me while I talk it out…. Griffey has been playing right and hasn’t been in CF for least 2 years? I’m not as knowledgeable about him as some of you may be, so would also love to hear the opinions, but seems that we have given up a reliever, which we seem in need of (I know he hasn’t done so well lately, but have any of them?) and have added another outfielder, which we suddenly seem to be in abundance of–none of which are CF except BA who is on Ozzie’s list so won’t play. This has to mean that PK is going to be doing some sitting with Swish covering 1B. Once again BA and Wise platooning. Again, excuse my ignorance on this, but how much will this help? Is Griffey hitting that much better than what we have? Maybe it will take everyone’s play, including Griffey’s, up a notch to have so much competition. I’m kinda scratching my head over this one, but again, not so knowledgeable on Griffey. And Swish giving up dirty 30??? Now what will we call him?? I have to trust Kenny knows what he is doing. Bottom line is if it gets us another ring, that’s all that matters. Best of luck to Nick in Cincy.

I may be wrong…it’s happened before, but I don’t like it. I could wax for paragraphs on WHY, but I’ll just say I don’t see a huge offensive boost, and Junior (while one of the greats) is fragile.

This seems like it will change the line-up from day to day..It’s hard for any player to get in a nice routine if they don’t play daily. But, I have often not agreed with certain trades (Carlos Lee for Pods), but have been proven wrong. Let’s hope this is another one of those.

Let’s break even tonight! -Dawn

Paulie is just gonna have to sit out a bit. He and Thome can take turns, right? Play the matchups. Maybe Jr. will light a fire under the guys and another hot streak will ensue. Let us hope. Get out to the Cell and let’s beat the Tigers and Red Sox next week!

Anyone else had trouble posting on here?

Lots of trouble!!! Mostly the last 2 days.

Hey it finally works again! I’ve been trying to post since last night without any luck.

Jim, I wrote out a whole paragraph on the Jenks issue, and it was really good, but it didn’t post and I don’t feel like re-writing it, so how about we just assume I won the argument? Thanks.

So, Griffey. While I would much rather have seen a pick up of maybe a Huston Street or Justin Duchscherer, I can’t say I’m upset at all about this trade. We gave up Masset. That’s it. Richar had no place here anymore, I’m I still don’t think he’s close to big league material. So we give up a mediocre long reliever for a future hall of famer. It’s hard to argue with that trade.

Early indications have Griffey at center (which I believe he did play a little last year but hasn’t played full time since ’06), and Swish going to first base and splitting time with PK. I can’t imagine Griffey being in center every game tho, especially in larger ball parks. He has played first base before. I’m not sure what he’d be like there, but I think I’d rather have Griffey at first and Swish in center than the other way around.

I do not see very much downside at all to this trade, and while the upside could be minimal, it also has potential to be huge. We shall see.

Any way you swing it, I think it’s going to be very cool seeing Ken Griffey Jr. in a White Sox uniform.


No one knows for sure. I like the idea of another lefthanded bat. I would be interested in knowing Griffey’s batting average against right handers. If Griffery hits right handers well he might platoon. Actually though I do not like the trade because the sox get another old slow guy. But it will play out to an unkown end.

Much, much trouble trying to post!! Hope this goes through!!

I heard much banter on the various Chicago radio stations about such diverse notions as PK’s still recovering from injuries or another trade was about to happen with Swish going back to the A’s for pitching. So far nothing else has happened tho. What was reported is that Junior will play center, Swish will play 1st and PK will be benched. If he’s injured, fine, but if not, what’s the point there? I’m excited to see Junior play at the Cell since I’ve always thought he was a great player and seemed like a good guy, but I’m with the rest of you, it’s a confusing trade. Wish Kenny would ‘splain it all to us, Lucy!

On another note, not sad to see Manny going to the NL before the other sox come to town. I saw that the Dodgers picked up Pablo Ozuna as well. Good luck to the former Sox, but I for one am not sorry to see Masset out of our bullpen.

GO SOX!! Let’s make like a banana and get that split!!

Okay, I’m trying to stay positive…..let’s see, now we got 4 CF’s, 2 1B’s, and nobody gets to play a lot. Didn’t we need more relief pitching? I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop today announcing a new pitcher.

I guess this means we are absolutely positively sure Linebrink’s gonna be okay in two weeks and he can last the season.

Scam, I want to feel your enthusiasm and maybe I will if Jr. still has the wheels to play center. Steve Stone said there’s a reason Cincy moved him to right the past two seasons.

Scam, I did the same last night to counter what you had posted, and it was damn good, but it did not take. So rather than saying you win I think we will just have to agree to disagree on that one.

As for your thoughts on the trade I pretty much agree with you.

I have to say I am very intrigued to see what Griffey has left in the tank, and if being in a pennant race will re-energize him. I’ve always loved him as a player, and as a generally very good person. He was so good when he was with the M’s, and seemed to be cursed in Cincy.

As well as playing some CF I could see him filling in RF against lefties and letting Dye DH those days to rest his legs a bit. But we will have to wait and see how they end up using him.

I don’t mind giving up Masset or Richar. Danny Richar was going nowhere with us. Getz had passed him up on the depth chart and I would bet that Beckham would have done so by the end of next year. Masset was out of options and by trading him we were at least able to get something for him. I doubt he would have made this team next year anyway.

Alright! I trust all you that this will post… Nice play by Josh to end the first…. Go Sox…… j.k.

What I was going to say earlier and couldn’t, was I was surprised that we delt Danny Richar. I thought he was our second baseman of the future. Someone mentioned Chris Getz is ahead of Richar, so I guess our two guys moving for a hall of famer is a plus move… go Sox, Thanks Thome… j.k.

The trade… I don’t mind giving up Masset and Richar at all, especially for a player the caliber of Griffey – *if* he’s healthy, and stays healthy, and still has a pennant race in his body.

I just find it puzzling – we still don’t have a real leadoff hitter, speed on the bases, or the solid bullpen we may have thought we had. So, an aging CF or RF?!?! Obviously, Kenny knows things I don’t, and I will be very happy to see Griffey in a Sox uniform.

Getting a pitcher from the A’s – would have to be Duke, not Street. Street is no improvement, and we have a closer, why would we need another?

And thank you AJ. Keep up the good location Johnny D. and we will prevail…. More runs never hurt though…. Go White Sox ’08….. j.k.

Sox getting beat at their own ‘two bloops and a blast’ game. The Twins… why won’t they just go away?

Yeah! Sometimes hitting the ball hard is WAY overrated…. Go White Sox…. j.k.

Three innings to go. Up by one run…Gulp… Go Sox.. j.k.

Where are all you other bloggers? I don’t want a replay of yesterday as the only guy writing here.. Go Matt, let’s get Danks a W. He deserves it if not for tonight, then from all the weird no decisions he took earlier in the year… Go Sox… j.k.

oh my, now wasn’t that interesting….. I agree the call was blown but the fans were a bit much don’t ya think… my daughter said ‘the only fans that act like that are Cub fans’ made me laugh!!! Glad Oz did what he did by pulling the team off the field!

damn it!

Now we start over. One out to go and then we can start putting a hurt on their pitcher(s)…. Go Sox…

The Twins announcers were saying that all the hat throwing was very un-Twin like and didn’t blame Ozzie one bit for pulling our guys….. j.k.

wtf????? why can’t we get this out?

oh geezuz…. klein….. what the hell is going on….

Crap!!! I’m outa here. No way we win this one now… j.k.

desertion!!!!!! I’ve been deserted!

After Gardenhire was ejected all of our pitchers suddenly lost the ability to locate a pitch. I’m thinking he put a hex on them.

As I’m writing this JD hits a two run homer. I guess it didn’t affect our offense at all.

C’mon guys. Send this Cubesk crowd home with a loss.

amen scam . . . someone is still out there in blog world!!!

Konerko makes both those picks.

defense needs to pull thier heads out of their *****!!! would paul have made either of those plays?????

Like playing baseball on concrete. s88ks

it just keeps getting worse!

I can’t believe we have to come back here for three more games.

…. Wonder if Kenny should have gotten a bullpen pitcher that can record an out….

How do you spell RELIEF? I don’t know for sure, but not B-o-o-n-e L-o-g-a-n.

well gee, let’s review the day’s events shall we?

1. KW gets Jr. cause we need a 4th CF’r.
2. Thornton blows it, Dotel blows it, Wasserman average and Logan really blows it.

Aren’t we all glad we got 4 CF’rs? God forbid we pick up someone like Street who might even help our bullpen!

Time for the 5 run rally against Nathan. It’s plausible…

When you have to substitute Juan Uribe for your third baseman, it’s not a good sign for that third baseman.

God, I hate the metrodome.

Sox need to quickly forget they were ever in Minnesota, and wreak havoc on KC. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to sweep that series.

We’ll see about that in KC. I’m skeptical about how Griffey will do tomarrow.

The Sox could have easily won three of the four games in this series and been 4 1/2 up…instead the Twins twice come back from four runs down in the middle innings to either get back in the game or go ahead.

Welcome to the House of Horrors people.

Amazing the way these guys score runs with two out isn’t it? The three run dinger tonight that put them back in the game came with two outs.

Well at least they are still in first maybe they can play better in Kansas City.

Oh Boone Logan needs to be sent to Charlotte.

Mark Liptak

Who would they bring up? Adam Russell?

All I know is that we need Linebrink back pretty soon….

Anybody who thinks that Kenny was satisfied with his bullpen and wasn’t trying to get help is seriously mistaken. He sees what Ozzie has to trot out there right now with Linebrink on the DL.

Obviously, there was not a deal for a reliever that could get done. Everybody needs bullpen help. Florida even took Arthur Rhodes off Seattle’s hands.

We just have to hope that the bullpen can get its act together (getting out of Minnesota will be a big help).

Also, we need Swish to get better at picking bad throws. Konerko may be doing a lot of things wrong this year, but he still is one of the best first basemen in the league at picking balls out of the dirt.

Kansas City will look like the an exotic paradise after getting out of a four-day series in Minneapolis.

I’m still getting that bad taste out of my mouth from when the Sox last played the Royals two weeks ago.

I truly believe there was no relief help out there other than Damaso Marte who Williams whiffed on a week or two ago. Many teams need relief and the only one going was Arthur Rhodes who hasn’t been good this season.

I like the Griffey move. It sends a message. They really shouldn’t have needed him but the piss poor play of Swisher and Konerko caused them to go get Griffey. They have no one to blame but themselves. I don’t like Konerko but in my opinion he probably scoops the Uribe throw. However, he probably throws that force out earlier in the game into left field. Hopefully Griffey sees that this may be his last opportunity at a winner and gets everyone else going……but in reality he could hit .400 with 15 homers for the sox-if the bullpen keeps pitching terribly it really won’t matter if the Sox got Griffey, Bonds, Sosa, Thomas, Edgar Martinez and any other 90s star you want to throw out there they will lose anyway.

In either case though it will be very very cool to see Griffey in a Sox jersey. By the way, I would not bench Thome for this. In my opinion it is Swisher and Konerko splitting time. Leave Thome and Dye alone they have both been stinging the ball.

Someone please tell the bullpen coach to flip their calendar out there back to 2008. This whole acting like it is 2007 thing is just not cool!!!

According to Hawk, in the 2 innings Carlos Gomez lead off and got on base they had a total of 16 hitters those innings. That guys is gonna be more of a thorn in our sides that Hunter was.

Thank God for Gavin Floyd’s performance yesterday or this team might be mentally done. 3-4(could be 5-2 if we could hold a 4 run lead) on the trip so far. Gotta sweep KC and go home 6-4. A 5-5 trip would have been acceptable if it included a split with the Twins, but since we lost 3 there, we got to win the next 3 and hope to pick up a game or two on the Twins and get a little bit of a lead back.

As for the trade market for relief pitching the market was way too high. The Sox tried to get Street, but the A’s did not want anything from the scrap heep we call a minor league system. They picked through what they wanted in the Swisher trade. Colorado pulled Fuentes off the market and the O’s were asking WAY too much for George Sherrill. Every contending GM was trying to get one of those guys, and none of them were moved.

Sure we got an overload of CF’s, but let’s kick back and see how it works out. Maybe the thought of sitting might light a fire under Konerko’s butt and get him going and carry this team for the last two months.

Some numbers:

Sox are 9-10 in their last 19 games (starting with that first series in K.C. the last week right before the break.

The Sox bullpen has blown and lost three of those ten games. (They had a lead in the 7th inning or later in those games…) The pen was rock hard tough the first three months…now it’s like 2006 and 2007 and it all started when Bobby somehow hurt his opposite shoulder forcing Linebrink to close (of such small things pennants are won or lost…)

Mark Liptak

One final stat for the night…chew on this one for a tad.

Jason Kubel has a career total of 37 home runs…..ELEVEN have come against the White Sox (to go along with 38 RBI’s…)

Yet Cooper and company still haven’t changed the book on him (or Morneau or Mauer- those two names coming from Steve Stone on the radio tonight…)

BRILLIANT work there guys! REALLY!!

Mark Liptak

O.K. I’m better now. Why I had to wake up at 2 AM is anybodys guess. Sorry I copped out on all of you last night. I couldn’t take anymore at that point. It looks like we tried to come back in the eighth, but then the horrors of our bullpen rose it’s ugly head again. This Pen is reminisent of last years. I keep waiting for a good outing (just like waiting for Paulie to snap out of it). It’s simply not there right now.

I had hoped for a split in Minn, but expected to win only one in Det, so we are right where I thought we’d be going into KC tonight. It hurts losing to the Twins though, especially after being up by four in a couple of those games. It’s hard to expect a sweep especially on the road. That would be nice, but let’s start with tonights game first and go from there.

They say “That which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger”. Well after those games in Minn, and some others recently, we should be pretty darn strong….. Still in first place!

I was thinking about Jen a few minutes ago and was wondering where she has been lately. Hopefully things are looking better for her and her Hubby. The witty banter from her was refreshing. She reminded me of a stand up comic as she rattled off her “Bra” story. Well, I’ve got a bra story too! And here it is…Before my daughter and her family moved back to Tucson last year they lived in the country on several acres in Ky. Think Jeff Foxworthy… You might be a redneck if you find your wifes bra hanging in the closet on your shotgun . Not as good as Jen’s but hopefully that will lighten everybody’s mood and brighten your day.

That’s it for now, I guess I’ll read for awhile before my golf game today, only five hours now. One more time… Welcome Ken Griffey Jr. and Go Chicago White Sox ’08… j.k.

I couldn’t post for some reason last night, but anyway, that series blew. Twice we couldn’t hold a lead. But I like the Griffey deal, I know there a lot of potential problems already and needs that weren’t met, but I think Griffey is going to get what could plausibly be considered a last shot at the playoffs and World Series, so I think his play will reflect an appreciation for the opportunity. I think his bat will be very valuable in the coming weeks and may just be the spark this team needs (offensively at least), who knows, maybe the relief corps may benefit too. Glad to see that, even if it wasn’t exactly what the team needed, KW made a very unexpected headline. Welcome to Chicago……

Oh yeah, I forgot, I loved my trip to Detroit and I had to lighten up a bit on this squad, ok, maybe not boone logan…. But despite this team’s penchant for losing in the most repetitive and miserable ways, this was and is a good team (despite the lack of speed, questionable defense, …. ok, I’ll stop now). I hope they realize how close they are and start taking it to the other teams in the AL. If Boston can be as streaky as us, the field is wide open. The thought of Griffey lighting things up alongside guys like Ramirez, Dye, Quentin, Pierzynski, Thome, Cabrera, and Fields or Crede, man, it’s hard not to get riled up like a kid. Can’t wait to see how things play out……

Of course, I left out the problems with the starting rotation and bullpen on purpose, please don’t remind me……

Some random comments:

Ozzie said, “I think I do my job the right way. But I went out to the field like six times tonight, and all six times I was wrong. Like I say, bullpens make good managers, and today I was pretty bad. I made the wrong decisions every time.” (Although I disagree that it was six times, Wasserman did fine in my book.) So say Ozzie picked Ehren to come in to get that last out instead of Dotel and maybe its a whole different ballgame. Who knows who is going to be successful on any given night?

I think we were lucky that the bullpen helped hold the Sox in so many games in the beginning of the year. Bring back Crede and add Junior to the mix and we could have easily gotten another four or five runs to win the game.

Dare I have hopes that the glowing reports of a healthy Contreras are to be believed? Think about all the great pitching performances the Sox lost earlier in the season due to lack of run support and hope that payback is just around the corner (in KC, for instance).

Let me say just one more time, its ridiculous to play baseball in a dome. Most of those errors could be directly attributed to the weird bounces off the fake surface. Can’t wait until the new park in Minne opens. Bet the Minne players can’t either since almost everyone on their team gets hand or finger injuries, most likely from the bad hard bounces balls take off the fake ground. Glad our boys got out of there without permanent damage (although I haven’t heard if Wise had a face bruise from getting kicked in the head).

By the way, I emailed Scott’s guy about attending Blog night even though I already had tickets for Wednesday’s game and he said it would be okay for me to join in the festivities (along with my friends) so I will see you (whomever is attending) there.

Let’s get three in KC!!! (hey that rhymes) GO SOX!!

One can hope that the Sox will mop up the Royals, right?

Well, now that the computer gremlins have gone away…hopefully for good…

We now resume our regular program schedule…

Boy, it’s a good thing I have a retentive memory and I can…
what was I just talking about?…

Oh, yes, my retentive memory…

By my count, there are only 12 games left to play those guys in that piranha tank, then they can drain it and leave it to the Vikings and the Golden Gophers…

Still in all, my thoughts are the same as most of you…

1) Ozzie… You do NOT, under ANY circumstances, try to nurse a kid pitcher, making only his second ML start, through 5 innings with a lead… not in that dump, not against that team… because as I have stated before, they MUST know what pitch is coming, and in what location…
Somehow, they must know that…either that, or the WS pitchers are too predictable… and everyone else in the AL knows what is coming and in what situation…

2) Watching Livan Hernandez pitch would be the perfect cure for insomnia… He could put anybody to sleep with that crap he throws…

After the first two infield pop-ups, I said “First guy to hit it out of the infield, yell BINGO.”… TCQ up… BINGO!!!

In the 9th inning of that win, Manchild came on and gave up two runs… so what?… They were up by seven, he hadn’t pitched in a period of time equalling forever and a day, so what the hey?…

3) It is not a very good time to piss the second of three losses away down the front of your uniform pants in front of not only your volatile manager, but your EQUALLY volatile GM… especially when said GM is announcing a major deal made hours earlier… I am hoping that it was a solemn plane ride to KC… because these guys SHOULD have been ashamed of themselves…

4) As to the trade… When I first read about it, I said “What do they need another left-handed hitting DH for?”… Then I started to figure out where else Junior would play…would Ozzie platoon with Swisher and PK, leaving Junior in CF?…
Would Junior be a swing man all around the outfield, giving TCQ or J Dye a blow when needed?… Could he also platoon with “Sock-It” Thome against certain pitchers?…

KW said in his press conference that Junior told him he was not the same player that was in Seattle… BIG SURPRISE THERE!!!…

Then my mind, such as it is, went back and recalled back in August of 1959…when the earth was cooling and jk and i were off hunting dinosaurs… Hank Greenberg, the GM at the time, made a trade for one Ted Kluszewski from Pittsburgh… which helped solidify the pennant winners…and I recalled when KW picked up Freddy Garcia from Seattle down the stretch in ’05… and we all remember what that did…

So, the jury is still out on this acquisition… Will Bill Veeck’s rent-a-player days come back to haunt the WS?

Good, well thought out posts from everyone. Can’t add much to the banter, we’re all pretty much on the same page.

I wish I could make it to blog night but I can’t. After 40 years, the Army decided it might be nice to pin the “Distinguished Flying Cross” and the “Bronze Star” on my dad in a ceremony that evening. Crazy story. My dad VOLUNTARILY joined the Army and served as a doorgunner on a Huey from 1967 to 1968. They promised him his citizenship ( he was born in Mexico) after his tour of duty. Never happened. Never got his medals either. He was so upset and disgusted, he gave up trying after a few years. It wasn’t until his children were grown and decided to fight for his citizenship. We wrote everybody from Walter Jacobsen to congressman to senators. Finally a senator in Indiana answered our prayers and he received his citizenship 3 years ago and now he will get his medals. Incredible!!!
Anyway, that’s why I can’t make it to blog night. This is too important. I hope you all understand.

BTW, Welcome Grenadohencho, I have never seen you post on here before, are you new to the blog?

Lisa M.

TQ – The Sox got Freddy Garcia halfway through 2004 for Jeremy Reed.

jimd… Thanks for the correction…

One last thought about the Griffey swap…

The “long innings” that Masset gave will, in my opinion, go now to Carrasco… he seems to be the best suited for it…and as far as Richar was concerned… his days with the organization were numbered once Alexi started to catch fire… he may get a better opportunity with Cincy…

Well, boys, the time has come to get a little p-o’d as to what occured in the Land of a Thousand Lakes and 25 piranhas… and to make the KC’ers pay for it… because I think we all know that deanklub’s Tribe is auditioning for Home shopping Club’s World Series against the Pirates… and those damned piranhas will be ready to do their nefarious tricks yet again…

Lisa M: Do not concern yourself with missing Blog Night III, young lady…

Your father’s ceremony trumps the hell out of our little function and a kid’s game afterwards… My congratulations to him on his accomplishment…

Well done, sir… very well done…


Hopefully we will have another Blog Night next year and you can come. Your father’s ceremony is one in a lifetime and no way can you miss that. Please pass along congratulations to him as well as a big thank you for his service. It truly is appreciated! Too bad the government took so long in recognizing this, but better late than never.


Thanks Tom!


Lisa: Thank you for sharing that story. And please thank and congratulate your dad from me. What a crappy thing to have to go through back then. I’m glad to hear that someone is finally trying to set it right. We’ll be thinking of you both at blog night.

Good luck to Junior in KC tonight as he makes his debut in black and white. (Hey, I’m a poet, too!)


The University of Minnesota is in construction on a new on campus football stadium for their team, the only franchise that will be playing at the Metrodome will be the Vikings.

This comment came from another web site but I found that the questions and points it brings up are valid and need to be considered:

“the worst of all is how they pitched to Mauer and Morneau. It is a joke. Stone was just saying before Morneau’s homer “You can pitch him in, but it has to be high. You can’t throw it low and in.” The next pitch was low and in and he hit it out. Why does Steve Stone understand that and the Sox don’t? There is no excuse for that. If they can’t get either of those guys out, they need to either intentionally walk them, or throw a pitch behind their heads and let them take their base.”

You do have to wonder why the same guys (pick any team you want) some of whom (Jason Kubel) are NOT great hitters CONSISTENTLY rip the Sox apart and why pitching patters aren’t apparently changed over time when they have shown to be hitting certain pitches and certain locations.

Mark Liptak

Hello to everyone –
Sorry, I have not posted for awhile – even though I tried!

I have been busy trying to get a playhouse done for a daycare.

And, I have been addicted to playing UNO on my son’s Nintendo DS! It’s a scapegoat – I don’t want to think about the 2 horrible losses that the WS made me sit through!

My thoughts on the Junior trade – we didn’t give up much so I am ok with it – BUT – I wish KW would of got some bullpen help! Some-how, Some-where!! My 17 year-old brother-in-law is a pretty good pitcher – he would probably do it for dirt cheap!!

jk – My new bra and I are getting to know each other, I really miss my old one –

I am not my usual chipper self these days – July was a tough month – the whole bra thing, meeting Joe Crede saga, the ‘C’ word episode, Sox bullpen, Sox pitching, Crede on DL, Fields at 3rd, PK slump, mortgage going up $350, kids driving me nuts, TQ impersonator, kenwo blog cheating, SSS taking over blog night, not finding out what kind of bug was in my back yard and finally Scott not reading all of our comments!!

You see why I am a little overwhelmed!

Today is a new day, a new month begins, I am going take a deep breath and move on and put all the negative energy of July in a box, seal it up, put an anchor on it and throw it in the ocean!!

I suggest the WS do that to!



A thing that is very very disturbing to me is the headline on today- Konerko takes White Sox trade for Griffey in stride…. that speaks volumes to me. If I was a top paid player, a hero for the franchise, a former all star….I would be damn mad that the sox are now benching you in a pennant race. I know it is his own fault and I would be the first to bring it up if he shot his mouth off….but man show some heart and pride. I have never seen a guy take a demotion so easily..some will say because he is a good team mate- i say it is because he knows he is done.

I disagree, Kenwo, that PK is taking the demotion easily. He’s just not showing it because he has class and is a professional.

Lisa, great story about your dad. You must be so proud of him. Thank him for all of us for what he did for our country!

Tom, you can “remember” something that happened in August of ’59? I was barely more than a zygote back then (LOL).

Good to hear from you again, Jen. Summer is going by so fast, is it not?

Twins designated Livan Hernandez for assignment and brought up Francisco Liriano. Too bad, huh? Kinda liked hitting Livan around . . . Well, the Indians took two out of four from Detroit, maybe they can do us a favor against the Twinkies? Maybe we can do ourselves a favor against the Royals? Looking forward to the fireworks when the boys come home again next week.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Lisa M.

Yes I am new to this blog. However, i’ve been checking up on it for a while this season and last. Yesterday’s travisty was just the first time I decided to make some posts.

Also, Ken,

I think that Paulie needed to say that he was OK with the trade, even if that means he’s at the expense of it. He’s always been a quiet guy and his reaction doesn’t surprise me.

Lisa M,
The post about your father is the best thing I have read on this blog in a long time. Please thank him for his service and tell him that I am very glad that he is finally gettting the respect he deserves. I live in Indiana, can you tell me which Senator helped him get his medals? I would like to send him an email. Congrats to your Dad!!! Blake

How many of you think THE first pitch Javy should nail the hitter??

Remember JD’s knee? And all the other’s they hit!!

Lisa, loved the post about your father, what an amazing accomplishment. Glad you found somebody to help get him the citizenship he so well deserves and the medals too! As an original Hoosier, can’t say as I’m surprised that’s where you found your help!’ If there is an article in any paper about the big event, let us know so we can read it! Congrats to him and the whole family!

I say smack the hell out of a few of em this week!!!

i totally agree with you about PK and showing some heart and pride, but he is taking the high road with this situation and hopefully he starts showing his heart and pride out on the field. I believe that this situation our GM put us in will bring out the competitive nature in the guys and get us going. Remember we want to be staying afloat and be playing our best ball at the middle to end of sept. Survive and advance!!!
Welcome Griffey and good luck!
talk about taking the high road with regards to your father,
what an accomplishment. You guys must be very proud. Im also glad that he is getting the respect that he finally deserves.

lets kick KC’s butt………GO SOX!!!

Thank all of you for your wonderful comments. We are very proud of him and I will extend all of your warm wishes to my dad. He had it rough for a long time afterwards what with the nightmares and flashbacks, but he doesn’t regret serving for one second. he loves this country and was proud to serve it and it was an honor for him to raise his children here as WHITE SOX FANS!!!!!

Sox 1966, it was Congressman Peter Visclosky who helped us get the ball rolling with the process of acquiring his citizenship. God Bless Him. My parents are Hoosiers now, although we were all (his children)born and raised on the south side of Chicago.

Thanks again guys and please take lots of pictures for me at blognight and i want a full report the next day! LOl.

Hey Kenwo, i thought the same thing when I read that headline about paulie too, my first thought was why is Paulie feeling threatened? It’s not like KG, jr. was brought here to take over first base, right?

Lisa M

p.s. Let’s give Kansas City a Royal butt-kicking all weekend long!!!!!

Go White Sox!!!!

I wonder how (King) Carlos May feels about Junior taking his old number?… No. 17, for the only ballplayer in WS history to have his birthday on the back of his uniform…

Swisher was more than happy to give Junior his No. 30, but KG said “no, thanks.”…

Is this the sign of what a good clubhouse person Junior has been reported to be?… No prima donna act, so far…

I also wonder how KG Jr felt when he heard that Swish had posters of him up on his bedroom wall when Nick was growing up?… That’s a sure sign that you’ve been around the block more than once…

Just curious, when we arrive at blog night at 5:45, where do we go?

“I don’t want to be a disruption to the team going in there,” Griffey said. “I heard Nick is a little out there, something about some ‘Dirty 30’ to ‘Dirty One’ so I’m going to stick with 17 and be happy with it.”

Hahahahahaha. Awesome.

I think that Swish and PK need to do something to bring them up and out of this funk. Maybe its gonna take a stop at an XXX adult store for some blow up dolls………or is that not p.c. anymore?!!!!!!

Hey, I’ve got to ask what Blog night is.

I just got back awhile ago from a very lousy round of golf, but as they say any day is a good day when you’re out on the golf course..Maybe, kenwo can pull a nmbrott and join us at blog III also…

Lisa, What a great story!. Thank you for telling us. I know you and your family are very proud and your father is most likely humbled by the recognition. As everyone else already said, that recognition was way over due. Please add my name to the list of well-wishers for your once in a life time event…

I was wondering where Griffey will bat with us? I guess we will all find out presently…. Go Sox ’08… we need to take two for sure…. go cleveland ( that sounds weird!)…. j.k.

Go Javy, go!!! Slotted in the seven hole. That’s interesting. Go Sox.. j.k.

having problems with my mlb feed…. irritated at present, anybody else having issues?

good start for KGJr’s career with us…1-0 Sox…. Keep it up Javy… j.k.

everything good here, 1966…j.k.

Javy’s flashing the leather, eh?

1/3 of the way through and we have a lead. We need more runs as I don’t expect a shutout…. Go Sox ’08 j.k.

Griff almost hit that one out of here. He’s swinging the bat good.

0-0 bottom of four in minn…. That was almost three rbi for Mr Griffey….. hold ’em Javy… j.k.

Blog Night is a special night planned by Scott. We get to the game at 5:45 (scam – last year you entered at gate 3 I think, but you go in on the ground level where the Scout Seat people go in). Scott has a question and answer session, we get to meet some Sox personnel. Last year we met and heard speak Rick Hahn, Moose Skowron, and Ed Farmer. There are some nice giveaways and last year there was a raffle. Ask TQ what he won! Then, after the pregame stuff, we all head up to our seats and watch the game together. Last year was my first and I wouldn’t miss this year’s. It was a very nice evening. Look back at some of the more recent posts by Scott and you will find the details on how to order tickets.

Oh, and grenadohencho – welcome to the blog!


Actually details on this year’s blog night are on the most current post. Duh.

klein, thanks… my feed is working now.. was frustrating for awhile there!

Thanks for the info, Marie.

That sounds like a nice event to attend, but I’ll be out of town on the 6th (good thing i’ve got MLB gameday!). Maybe next year I’ll be able to attend it.

As I’m typing this OC gets a hit. It’s funny how I can talk sox as I’m writing about the Sox, huh?

I guess everybody else here is used to that, so you can be ready to get used to me showing up here regularly!

cleveland pitching a no no against minn so far…

What PK and Swish say to the press and what’s really happening here is going to cause us issues. Benching PK ain’t gonna light any fires under his ***. Trust me. Season’s over for Paulie. KW tossed in the towel on him so he’ll do the same with the Sox. Oh he’ll go through the motions alright, but he’s already got his agent bird dogging other teams who need a 1B. forget the stats, the .213 average, all that….it doesn’t matter anymore. he’ll pull a manny ramirez. and watch the red sox not make the playoffs this year because of it.

JR. ain’t gonna be back next year. We’re renting him. Nobody’s gonna pay JR. $16+ million from the Sox.

Swisher, contrary to what you all think, is not a better fielding 1B than Konerko. If you don’t throw it to him, he can’t catch it. Gee , kinda reminds me of Fields.

Next year’s team will be dramatically different. No PK, no Thome, No JR., probably no Cabrera or Crede, either. KW also has to resign Floyd, Danks, and Q. We better hope the Sox go deep or win it all this year, cause unless KW has some luck we’re gonna be replacing a lot of people and the 2007 record of 72-90 is gonna look good.

1-0 Twins, bottom of six. Come on Guys, time to start putting some hits together… Go Sox… j.k.

Big Grud, the once 2nd base gold glover makes a lousy play. TCQ at third base and Griffey comes to the plate!

WOOW, Griffey gets a RBI off of a single again! Thank god for wild pitches and errors!

Nice, Big Grud made another mistake. We got another run. 3-0.

Uribe just got a single too, Griff scored.

4-0 just like last night. Don’t want a repeat of last night!

Go sox.

Really hope we go a diamond in the rough in Griffey, 2 RBI so far….

Yeah! There’s some bloop hits for rbi’s for us for a change…. Go Sox.. Keep up the good game Javy… j.k.

1-1 bottom of 6 in minn…. j.k.

bang on the drum bang on the drum…GO TRIBE!😉 It’s rough dealing with some arrogant twins fans/friends. Now get this – I understand wives enjoying things that their husbands do, but I have a friend who’s from chicago and is a cubs fan. She just married a twins fan and now roots for the twins? WTF??? That just shows you how much cubs fans don’t know about baseball!😉

Javy apparently needs to pitch in a 1-0 game because it seems like he’s lost the edge…grrrr…..

Javy’s showing some fatigue….

Why can’t I put spaces between lines? I’ve tried multiple “returns” and still can’t get it to work. Is it because I’m on a mac here at home?

This isn’t the twins, Still a two run lead isn’t too much. So let’s get some more runs and put these guys away… Go Sox. j.k.

Doesn’t look like Vazquez is going to be on the mound next inning. Let’s hope this doesn’t mirror yesterday with the pen.

4-1 twins top of 8.. Looks like we need to win this game tonight… go Sox.. j.k.

That looked shaky, but Carrasco came through in the seventh.. Good job. Hey, Sox, how about getting a couple more runs? j.k.

twins won their game. We need to hold our serve to stay in first… Good first game for KGJr. Go Sox… j.k.

Nice job by ohdotell.

Nice catch by TCQ.

Three outs to go folks for a White Sox Winner. Now’s our last chance for more runs this game…. Whadya say? How about a couple more for Bobby?…j.k.

Nope. Sorry Klein…

OC and Coxie weren’t fast enough…

Shut em down Bobbbay.

Yeah, That was a good aggressive play, just didn’t work. Go Bobby, go….j.k.


Best words to hear.


Could it be? Yes it could! Our bullpen just shut down a team. WooHoo!!! So, I guess we can save those runs I asked for for tomorrow and Sun… Nice win, still in first. Go White Sox….j.k.

thank God!

The lineup does appear better with Griffey in and PK out. Good all around game.

Vazquez still pitching to one side of the plate though, hitters are just setting on his pitches.

Nice debut for ‘the Kid’ but more importantly Javy pitched MUCH better. Only the 4th game since July 6th the Sox allowed three runs or less.

They’ll go as far as the pitching staff lets them.

Now if the damn Twins would lose a game to the craptacular Indians.

Mark Liptak

Well I am leaving for San Diego in a few hours. Cheer them on for me while I’m gone, as I will not be able to view any of the games. I will be back on the 6th, hopefully in time for blog nite if the flight doesn’t get delayed. Peace yall.

I’ll also be gone untill next week. I’ll hopefully be back on thursday. Untill then cheer on the Sox for me.🙂

Feed from MLB was crappy in the first couple of innings, but it settled down and we watched the game with much glee (from Wisconsin), despite having to listen to the KC announcers. It was worth it though, when at the end of the game, they started calling Uribe a “ball hog” ending with “6 outs and 7 assists, this is like an episode of Uribe Gone Wild!” Crede better watch out!! (Joe started his rehab assignment by going 0 for 3 with a throwing error to 1st–was funny to find out he’s playing against Danny Richar and none other than Rob Mackowiak!)

Great win for the White Sox–yes, a win with no home runs! Let’s get a bunch more so we can have a winning road trip!!! GO SOX!!

Don’t know if anyone read this – you should it’s pretty funny- if you like stupid humor,CST-SPT-joe01.article

Griffey gave us more in one game than Konerko has given us in a month. I think he got too comfortable losing in Cincinatti and this is going to really revive him for at least a little while. Nice job by Javy, Dotel and Jenks- Carasco too even though he made me cringe a little. Lets get this game tomorrow.

Pretty good coming out party. Although i couldnt watch the game, I live in oh, howd the defense look in center?

Hope Griffey sets the tone by showing some of these guys that they don’t have to go down hacking in order to drive some runs in. Nice start, looking forward to seeing more….

Lisa, congratulations (for your father), you and your family must be very proud and have every right to be. Take care!

I only remember one ball being hit to Griffey last night. So for the one out he caught, I guess i looked pretty good!

the one fly they hit to him my 10 month old could have possibly caught…lazy fly right to him. We’ll see today. If he continues driving in 2 out runs and doesn’t start playing center like Mackowiak we will be fine.

”Griff, the guy hugging your leg, that’s Nick Swisher … obviously he’s a big fan. ”

funniest line in that silly excuse for a column – funny because I can so visualize it happening! I can see Jr. trying to walk through the locker room with Swish wrapped around his leg like a little kid…

Griff looks great in the Sox uni. Can’t wait to see the black pinstripes.

On the plus side, Griffey is coming off as an experienced professional hitter. He works the count lays off bad pitches and takes what is given, that in the one game. But it is a good starte, that and being left handed adds quite a bit to the sox line up.

Swaf, Konkerko is not a better fielder than Swisher, my opinion and apparently ozzies because they lifted PK and revolved swisher to 1st base late in games. Much as Uribe replaced Fields. They have different strengths but swisher has a lot more range. PK was way over rated by sox fans as a fielder.

I would not mind Uribe at third a lot his glove work is supreme at third, that saves a lot of games. Much better glove work and arm then crede.

Not sure if this has been posted before, but its about Ozzies more memorable moments, pretty good.

Konerko just homered, well shut my mouth wide open…….

Uribe is better than Crede with the glove?? Don’t get me wrong, I love Juan, but better than Crede, we apparently aren’t watching the same guys

Wow – Beurhle doesn’t have it today. Everything has been UP UP UP…the Royals should never have 12 hits against him…Let’s hope the Tribe keeps the Twinkies at bay…

I think Uribe is doing better defensively than Crede this year…. Could be wrong…. Dammit, Buerhle is getting lit up.

Gotta dig down and show some heart and guts and get this game back under control. Maybe Logan can redeem himself. I can’t believe I just said that……

When a pitcher does not have it please recognize it and give the team a chance to win by taking him out. The royals are on a course for 24 hits, please. Ozzie again refuses to take a guy out and give the sox a chance to win.

So much for Buerhle’s past success against KC. 4.3 innings, 14 hits, 6 runs. Never ceases to amaze me why Ozzie leaves his starters in to get shelled when they obviously don’t have it.

Probably cause his bullpen scares the hell out of him…. Thank you Uribe, for ending another gawdawful inning….

I’m just referring to the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the pen and the starting rotation as of late….

C’mon Cleveland!

Does Cleveland still have Cliff Lee? And if so, is he starting today?

bad game.

Another in a seemingly endless string of awful starting performance since right before the break. This simply has to change…if not, all bets are off folks.

Pitching wins championships, the Sox had it in the first three months, they haven’t sniffed it since.

The Royals have won 4 of the last 6 meetings, THAT is a serious issue.

Mark Liptak

There are games that hurt… and then there are games that HURT…

This one was (pardon me, Frank) a BIG HURT…

Three words spelled doom for Buehrle yet again…


That makes a banjo hitter into a .300 hitter…

So does giving up 14 hits and 8 runs to a team like the Royals, in less than 5 innings… Wassermann held the fort very well, but the crusher was the HR by a former WS catcher in the 8th…

With all of the dfensive changes , I thought I was keeping track of a spring training game… and Kauffman stadium played today like TEP, with the wind blowing out to LF…

Having said all that, I am sure that the Royals are happy with the W… but they boys made them sweat it out…literally…

Hang with ’ems don’t count, however… the only hope is that the Tribe score about 15 runs tonight at the HumpDump… then hang on at the end against the piranhas…

BTW, it’s Paul Byrd versus Kevin Slowey at the HumpDump…

Go get ’em, Tribe… Go get ’em, Admiral Byrd…

For the love of God and the sake of all of us in WS Universe… PLEASE go get ’em…

If not, start from scratch…

Still up half a game. C’mon Sox, my fingernails hurt! Get one tomorrow (first win for the new kid on the mound?). GO SOX!!! (Nice blast, Paulie–you, too, BA!)

All due respect Mark Liptak, it seems all bets have been off since the start of the season. When the pitching and pen were on, the offense was hit and miss, but the rest of the AL Central was worse than us, so we got the lead. Now with the offense only slightly more reliable, our pitching has gotten wobbly which adds another wrinkle to our season long problems. At this point, I’m just along for the ride to see if these guys can pull it off. Not much else to be done. The baseball gods smiled on the Sox today……

I agree though, if we’re going *** for tat with a team like KC, Texas or Minnesota, what kinds of problems will we have with Boston, the Yankees, or…..the Angels. Like I said before, guess we can only wait and see.

The Indians winning is the only good thing as far as today is concerned.

Sox starters have a 6.33 ERA in their last 18 games. Sox are 10-11 in their last 21 games (including games against such “heavyweights” as the garbage Royals and the mediocre Rangers.)

We’ll see what happens Sunday but you can’t possibly like the pitching matchup.

Mark Liptak

Twins Lost!!!!

It appears that the sox have one of the better run producing teams now with Griffey and a solid bench. Ozzie just has to manage the pitchers better to give the club a chance to win. And the pitchers need to step up, starters and bull pen.

I dunno, I don’t mind seeing Richards in today’s game. Buerhle couldn’t get anything past the Royals yesterday, I’d like to see if Richards can get things going for himself and this team. And of course I’d like to see the Twins drop another one.

Oh, and Wasserman did a heck of a job yesterday. Let’s just say my expectations weren’t real high. He did a great job!

Wow, another double play, the excellence continues…..

Liptak, I stand corrected, I now wish I hadn’t seen this start…..

Well, back to square one, C’mon Cleveland!

And unless Linebrink is looking to start, I’d tell him not to hurry back…..

Sorry folks, just joking….

The starting pitching continues to be BRUTAL!!!!! I just don’t see the Sox making the playoffs. I am so happy the NFL season is near. My Colts play tonight!!

you have got to be effing kidding me. 10 RUNS??? To the Royals??? And we have only 3 hits?

GO BEARS!!! Oh wait, I actually got on here to bitch about the crap ejection again… what about the guy that swung at AJ when all AJ was doing was defending his pitcher… I think I hate KC more than the Twins at present, at least the Twins are good, losing to them doesn’t make me as ill as losing to these jokers.

I agree, 1966. I am having a difficult time explaining to my 9-year old son why the player who swung at AJ is still in the game while our pitcher is out. And while I’m critiquing the umps’ performance, can I just say that I am SICK of those “in-the-neighborhood” outs being called at second base when double plays are turned? I believe the rule is that the baseman’s foot needs to be on the bag when the ball is in his glove. Not an inch away, and certainly not a foot away. There were a couple called yesterday that were ridiculous, and it really irked me.

Thanks, I feel a little better, but not much.

Does anyone know of a good upholstery cleaning service? I just threw up after ANOTHER Royals hit. Enough already.

Maria, I’m with ya girl…. I turned the dang thing off, couldn’t stand it anymore! Glad Stanley Steemer is coming next weekend.. will need to clean the barf up off the floor, thank God we’re off tomorrow!

I think we can all agree that this is about as sickening as it gets. Try Empire the Carpet guy. They gotta know someone. 800 558 2300 Empire….

800 588 2300… sorry, the score was making me think crazy.

Good thinking, RedBlue. I may need to REPLACE the carpeting after this roadtrip. :o)

lol… at least ‘some’ small effort is being made for a comeback but I don’t think it’s gonna happen… hope they call me a liar!

Today’s game, and the last two stops on the road trip, in a word…


In more than one word… well, I can’t really use THAT kind of language on a family-read blog site…

Good news?… The Piranhas go on the road tomorrow…

Bad news?… It’s against Seattle…

Maybe Gardy’s boys will be tired after a long flight…

Then again…

Oh, well…

Back at ’em Tuesday against them Tiggers, boys…

Then … IT’S OUR TURN… for fun, that is…

See all of y’all at BN III…

Can we get a guess as to how many are going to be there…

After all, the Confrence and Business Center can only hold so many…

There are no words that I can think of to describe how putrid (that’s a word I guess…) this pitching staff has become since the week before the break.

Yet, Kenny felt the “price was too high” for pitching. I’d think Kenny remember first hand 2005 and the impact pitching had on that season.

I don’t blame Richard, he had no business being put in this position in the first place. “Contending” teams don’t start rookies in stretch drives. (Compare that to Minnesota who ‘happened’ to decide it was no time for Liriano, to try to put a stranglehold on things.)

For the first time since May 17th the Sox are not in 1st place. Everyone saw this was coming the past few weeks because of the pitching and the fact that when Minnesota was getting beat up by the Red Sox, Tigers and Yankees, the Sox were losing to garbage / mediocre teams and not giving themselves some breathing room. The Sox are 10-12 in their last 22 games.

Now the Sox are the hunter not the hunted. We’ll see how they respond. The Twins have Kansas City and Seattle this week. The Sox have Detroit and Boston.

Not good folks.

On a positive note (and I’m not being facetious) only 21 more wins to a “winning” season.

Mark Liptak

Also Joe Crede was scratched for the second consecutive game with “lower back stiffness…” in Charlotte.

But remember Joe says this has “nothing” to do with last year’s back troubles.

Whatever you say Joe.

Mark Liptak

Obviously, I picked two great days to miss watching White Sox Baseball. I did watch the archived game yesterday up to the fourth inning and then i was skipping ahead. Actually watched the game in under 1 hour. It wasn’t worth any more of my time than that anyway. Todays game I heard the score and made a “tough” decision to not watch the replay… Come on really….. KC wins 130 to 3? I missed the decimal point, but does it really make any difference?

I sure hope the Sox jump all over the Tigers on Tuesday or there will be some pretty angry bloggers come Wed. Night! I’m gonna be at both those games and look forward to meeting all of you and to seeing Maria and Pat again. Hey Kenwo, are you going to be at Tues. game? If so where abouts… I’ll buy you a beer ( assuming you’re old enough to drink adult beverages)….

Second place! That was a long, sweet and scary run in first, and maybe, just maybe the Twins will find maintaining their lead won’t be so easy either…. Then there is still the wild card…. How about a seven or eight game win streak? That would be for us!!! I know, sounds impossible, but never say never… Go Sox ’08 j.k.


Barring a staggering collapse by either the Rays or Red Sox the wild card is out of reach.

And condolences to the Caray family upon the unexpected passing of Skip this afternoon. He wasn’t as good as his dad but he was good.

It would have been fascinating to see what might have happened had he accepted Bill Veeck’s offer and joined his dad Harry, on the White Sox broadcasts.

Mark Liptak

Fortunately I missed the game today. I was busy getting one of my all time favorite pitchers Lamarr Hoyt’s autograph. That guy was unbelievable in 1983…Maybe we should give him a shot now- i think we could use him. They better reinstate Contreras for his next start. We are still tied in the loss column and everyone knows thats the most important one….lets get 8 on this tough homestand dammit.

Watching espn tonight, guess the ump went into the clubhouse and apologized to Ozzie for kickin out Carrasco.. I still think the whole thing was bullcrap though.

Kenwo, be careful what you wish for. Contreras made a rehab start for Charlotte tonight and pitched 5 innings, giving up 3 runs, 4 hits, 3 walks, 4 Ks. He got a no decision (Charlie Haeger got the win by pitching 2 innings, giving up 4 runs, 3 hits and 4 walks). Oh well. Guess that’s better than what the new kid on the mound did today. Have a good day off everyone!!

Wow, I leave for San Diego and the wheels fall off. We were suppose to jump all over KC. We were suppose to be the lion, and they the gazelle (sorry, went to the zoo today. Nice place.)
It’s a good thing I haven’t been able to watch these games, but I did almost throw my phone against the wall as the updates were coming in. We’ve gotta come back hard against Detroit.

I was able to attend a Padres, Giants game last night at Petco Park. Talk about a bore fest. The Padres were shut down by Barry Zito. I was so glad when the Giants scored a run, cuz I was sure we were going extra with a 0-0 tie. I really like the ball park, even tho there were a couple things about it that confused me. Overall tho, probably my most favorite that I’ve visited. Of course that’s only a sampling of five parks. I’d have to say, watching San Fransico and San Diego fans is like watching Dumb and Dumber, or Beavis and Butthead. Maybe it was only the fans in my section, but they were the most illiterate baseball fans ever. A fan behind made the comment, “I can’t believe they gave Zito a 30 million dollar contract.” There was a Giants fan next to me who would start screaming and cheering every time a Giant made contact, even if it was lousy pop-up. I told my dad that I felt like I was at Wrigley Field.

Anywho, enough rambling. Keep cheering them on for me. A little better than the last two games tho please.


Went to the beach for the weekend and missed a lot!

First, to Lisa and family, huge congratulations on the long-delayed honors for your father. And many thanks to that great man for his service!!

I was worried about playing in KC, but never anticipated the level of misery that was today’s game (based on articles and a bit of video I watched.)

I have no complaints about Jr., but still puzzled that KW didn’t get some pitching and/or a leadoff hitter who could rattle the opposing pitchers. Our starters and relievers are shaky lately, a scary situation for a team trying to make a pennant run.

Too soon to panic, still gotta believe these players know what they’re doing (most of the time, anyway), and keep believing we can win this!

Single dumbest move the White Sox could have made. 2006 style collapse is now in the offing. Weakened defense for rumor of improved offense is exactly the remedy applied when Mackowiak was stumbling around in centerfield.

Does anyone within the White Sox organization realize the the Twins while undermanned win with defense and smart base running? Sit Konerko next to Griffey, put Swisher at first, Wise or Anderson in center, and face the realities.

This team has been put togetther in a ship shod manner and will plummet as fall approaches. The only saving grace could be the breakdown and demise of Ozzie. Joey Cora, do us all a favor and let him assault the umpire when things don’t go his way as in KC yesterday.

if you don’t like the trade ….ok. But don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER compare Ken Griffey Jr….one of the greatest players of all time….to that buffoone Rob Mackowiak. Good Lord.

Definitely some fallout. Hope the Tigers and Red Sox aren’t as tough as the *puke* Royals.

I’m pretty disgusted right now.
First of all, because of this godforsaken road trip. Our team obviously did not display first place offense or defense.


To top it all off, my mom tells me that the ceremony for my dad has been moved from the regular monthly Vets meeting on August 6th to the Annual Disabled Veteran’s Picnic on Saturday 8-16-08, so that the State Commander can actually do the pinning of the medals. Great.
The last day to purchase Blog Night tickets was Friday. Bummer.

Oh well, I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Hope to meet you all next year!!!


Hey Scott – Do something for Lisa and get her to blog night!

Lisa, quick send an email to and ask if there is anything he can do. He’s been very helpful in getting me in to the Blog meeting even though I already had tickets. Maybe you can buy tickets in whatever section the other Bloggers are sitting in and have Dustin get you into the meeting. Worth a shot!

Thanks guys, it’s worth a try!

Gary Cedarstrom going into the WS clubhouse AFTER the game to apologize for ejecting Carrasco is the equivalent of closing and locking the barn door after the horse is gone and the barn has burned down…

The deed was done…

Do you know what the boys should do today, in my opinion, to get the lousy taste out of their mouths after the last week?

In the famous words of the noted philosopher Tony Soprano… FUGGEDABOUTIT…

Go off, fight the rain drops, go play some golf, go to Vazquez’s dinner benefitting juvenile diabetes treatment tonight… a very noble cause, by the way, congrats to Javy for putting this on…

In other words, CLEAR YOUR HEADS… Get ready to take on the Tiges tomorrow night…

That’s what I think they should do… Don’t stay up late waiting for the M’s to lose to the piranhas (see, I have faith in Seattle’s chances… yeh, right, Shecky…)… just go about your business…

Two last things about, as Liptak mentioned, the passing of Skip Caray:

One, he was funnier than his father, on purpose… My main example was his reading of the usual broadcast disclaimer after an Atlanta Hawks basketball game… (“This broadcast is authorized, etc.”)… He said “The announcer on this broadcast is paid by the Atlanta Hawks… and not badly, as I think about it.”…

Secondly, I can just picture the warm scene up at the Pearly Gates, as old Holy Cow greats his eldest son upon his arrival…


Now that I have finally stopped cursing this team, all I can say is THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED!!!

This better be a rock solid homestand.

A funny thing I noticed this week, and no it was not the pitching of the Sox. That game we have to finish with Baltimore if Crede is not active at that time we will not have a 3rd basemen. Looking at the box score Uribe is already in for Alexei at 2b and Pablo is gone. We would not be able to use anyone added to the roster since then. Thankfully Vazquez actually went 8 that day (remember he was pretty good the first half) so we do have a couple pitchers left, but not many. In what could be a crucial finish of a game because of a tight pennant race we might be in a real jam!

I hate, hate, hate, losing to Kansas Sh*tty. Especially the way that we did too. The only thing worse than losing to kc is losing to the tiges, for myself anyway. All of my in-laws are detroit fans. Poor suckers. So come on boys, EAT THEM KITTY’S UP!!!! And while your at it stick it to baaaaston too!

More on the incidents taking place in Latin America. Now the Yankees have been nailed:


Sensible words, Mr. Tom Quaid. Thank you!

YES!!! They lost!!!!!

See? Kansas City can beat other “good” teams as they show by beating the other Sox 4-3.

See? “Bad” teams can beat the “best” teams as the Mariners show by scoring 10 runs in an inning to take the first game (of many, we hope) from the AL Central leading Twinkies.

See? It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and she’s not even getting warmed up yet . . .

Sox are back in first place….look at the percentage points…i don’t care what anyone says the mariners have some tough customers on their team. Ibanez, Ichiro, Jose Lopez- I don’t know why they are as bad as they are but hopefully those 3 guys can carry em vs. the twins.

Mike Devereaux- I believe that josh fields would be allowed to play in the game even though he wasn’t up when the game started. Not positive but I think so.

Now that’s amazing! When I went to bed I Knew that KC beat the red sox, but at that time it was 6-0 twins in the seventh ( I think). So naturally I figured the twins were winners. This morning the first new post I see from sox1966 was that they lost. Who lost? Certainly not the twins? But why would anybody get so excited about the red sox losing? Then I read further. Now that’s amazing.

That bit of news will make my flight more enjoyable today. Thank you 1966, thank you nmbrott, thank you kenwo, and now I’m off to the airport. See you tonight Maria and Pat…. j.k.

Oh, yeah, Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Kenwo you were right. According to rule 4.12(c) “A player who was not with the club when the game was suspended may be used as a substitute, even if he has taken the place of a player no longer with the club who would not have been eligible because he had been removed from the lineup before the game was suspended”

That kind of defies logic, but it is a relief that we will actually have someone to play 3rd. Of course it would be nice if Crede were back, but who knows with him.

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