Griffey’s Return

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; JR, CF; Ram, 2B; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.


where the heck is everybody tonight?

I’m here!

I just want to say something (will probably make kenwo happy)

I love Juan Uribe. I really don’t care what he does with the bat.


Who’s alongside Hawk tonight?

Aww Marie, I luv him too… my daughter thinks I’m crazy, he’s just a neat guy….she still talks about Aaron.. who I’m going to see next week at Minute Maid…

They said who was along side Hawk but that was like hours ago! I think he pitched…. DJ had knee surgery.

Dan Plesac is working with Hawk tonight. Nice to have a pitchers perspective on TV for once.

don’t know him . . . I hate losing games like this

oh lord, the intensity is killing me… minn is fighting their hearts out too….


And, Minnesota is trailing…. again!

Wow, what a win!!!

Hopefully this is the start of a big win streak. The pen gave up a few runs, but for the most part they were much better than what has gone on the last month. Hopefully that is a sign that it is turning around. Gotta get Danks to go at least 7 tomorrow.

And when Adam “The Vulture” Russell came in was there any doubt the Sox would win? I believe that is now the 4th win he has swooped in and grabbed with the Sox coming back like that.

All you midwesterners are probably heading off to sleep (and I don’t blame you) but this was a sweet win! Looked grim in the top of the 14th, but bless our Sox, they came through! Congrats to Nick on the homer, and to OC, TCQ, and JD for getting on base. I love it when they never give up!

Special greetings to all my blog friends – I will miss you all so much tomorrow night. I’m sooooo sad I can’t join you, but I will be there in spirit. Lots and lots of pictures, please, and pass along the stories, too. Oh, and please get another win for the Sox, too!!!


Marie, I’m a Uribe fan, too. I know that isn’t a popular position here, but I think he’s an underrated player.

Must be a gal thing with Uribe, I’ve always liked him…. he’s got character or something.

the Twins are done too… I like bein on top of the pile!

And the Twinkies lose! Made it interesting, but as long as they lose that’s all that matters.

Thank you Dirty Thirty!!!!!!!!!
I have no finger nails left – actually I have no fingers left!

Marie – I have always liked Jaunny, too!

Hope everyone has fun at Blog Night – Someone should take my pic along so I won’t be missed!🙂


My Hubby has always liked Juan (I spelled his name wrong last post) I think he’s really good in the field, he gets hits when it counts – sometimes!

Did you see Cora sitting next to Ozzie’s Jersey? Funny!

I swear Hawk is going to have a heart attack one of these days!

That’s was a fantastic roller coaster of a ride. Having to work tomorrow, I left after the 13th. I hate myself now but I’m glad they put it on the boooooooooooooaaaaaard YES!

Don’t feel bad, Jeff. We left in the top of the 14th after the Tiggers went ahead. JK from Tucson was at the game, (yup, we have a confirmed JK sighting!), and I was telling him that there are two scenarios I hate: 1) Staying for extra innings and losing the game, and 2) Leaving a late, extra innings game and winning. Well, we were about 2/3 the way home when Swish went deep and I just started laughing and cheering. Guess I don’t hate that latter scenario as much as I thought!

See everyone tonight. Let’s hope there’s enough energy left for another exciting win.

A great win for the guys and the Twinkies losing is just the icing on the cake. Great to have this one to coast on going into Blog night. Talk about a team effort. Especially the bullpen guys! Especially, especially good to see Thor returning to what he can do (just don’t leave him in for more than 3 innings, please!) And yes, the Vulture has 4 wins now.

I am so on that “love Juanny” bandwagon with the rest of you girls. The blond beard and all. Flashing the leather–it was another night of “Juan Uribe Gone Wild!”

Nice work from the “Platoon Boys” at first base! Paulie and Swish combined accounted for half the Sox RBI’s. Who woulda thunk? (Ozzie and Kenny, that’s who!)

Let’s get another win tonight! GO SOX!! (Go Mariners, too!)

What a game! It was encouraging to see some signs of life from the weary bullpen. carrasco was solid, dotel did good, and thornton looked good until he gave up the one HR. not sure what to make of gavin, giving up 5 ER in 4 short innings of work. It was refreshing to see cooper and cora not wait around for us to get buried by pulling gavin out when they did.

Back in first place! Let’s get another win tonight. Danks on the bump.

What a comeback!!!!! I fell asleep in the 11th inning because I had to be at work at 7:30 this morning and missed the actual events but thank goodness for highlight videos.

Jen, you’re right again girl, I worry sometimes about Hawk getting so excited, can his heart handle it? Shoot, mine barely can handle it, I can only imagine how fast and hard his heart is beatin. LOL!

And, as usual, I agree with the ladies on the blog regarding Juan Uribe. I have always said that he is a solid defensive player and wish that his hitting could be more consistent. If that were the case he’d truly be a star. But I really don’t like that blonde beard.

As for tonight, I’m still really bummed about not being able to go, but……..whatever, I hate you all and I’m jealous as heck. Just Kidding. Have lots of fun. Share the pictures and the stories and hopefully we’ll come away with the win.

I hope the television cameras get a shot of you guys, make signs or something, I will look for you, and I don’t know what any of you look like (hence, the signs, duh!)

BTW, since Ozzie is suspended, I invited him over and we’re all gonna sit around, have a few cold ones and watch the game. Since sometimes he thinks he is a chef, he will also do the grilling. (In my dreams, right?) Hey a girl can fantasize can’t she?

Kenwo, do everyone a favor and make an appearance in the blog section and get your picture snapped. You seem to be in high demand. Charge a fee.

Finally, this is going to be one lonely blog board tonight since most of you will be at the game. have a great time everyone and Go White Sox!!!!


Lisa – Scott didn’t get you a ticket?

Please, please, PLEASE! (No not the title of a song, recorded by the “Godfather of Soul” Mr. James Brown) but a plea to the Sox starting pitchers.

PLEASE start pitching again!

In the last 20 games, Sox starters have a 6.75 ERA.

Yes, they won last night (despite the awful starting pitching…the bullpen pitched like it was May again) but how many of these games will they keep winning like this?

Ozzie said it himself today, it’s all about the pitching, period.

I think most folks thought the Sox were pitching better then expected in the first three months and that there would be some dropoff….but no one expected this type of fall. Lately it’s more like the 1962 New York Mets.


Got an e-mail last night from a mainstream media member who asked an interesting question. What was Dan Plesac doing in the Sox booth doing a Sox game especially after the stunt he pulled after the Cubs swept the Sox in the first go round?

(For those who missed it, on the postgame show after the Sunday night farce, Plesac pulled out a broom on camera and started waiving it in Melton’s face. Bill looked like he wanted to snap his neck…)

I’m going to do some checking on this today. It is a good question.

Mark Liptak

Any chance the pre-game festivities of the Blog Night could be webcast for those of us who can’t make it to the game. I realize that it is a late suggestion…maybe next year?

Thanks – Go SOX!

No Jen, he didn’t. he probably hasn’t even had time to read the posts. Although, Maria did offer to help me out. She is an angel. But, I couldn’t make it work timewise.

Hey Mark, I asked my husband who he (Dan Pleasac) was yesterday and he told me that he used to pitch for the Scrubs, and my first thought was, well, what the heck is he doing at the Cell….announcing? Investigate away……
Are you going to blog night?

weeden… Freddy, that is, you’ll pardon the pun and the plug for your employer… a Universal request…

The late jack Buck, Jim Leyland and I have something in common… We CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT WE JUST SAW !!!

Nick at Night comes through in the wee small hours…

How ’bout that?

I got in late last night (went to the movie in the park downtown) and was suprised to see the boys were still playing. Hopefully this’ll be a turning point for the bullpen! Having The Vulture come in, you had a feeling things were going to swing in our favor…

Dan Pleasac is the Chubbies version of our Bill Melton, and the guy who does the really REALLY annoying “Big Blue Train” noise. You could cut the tension between him and Melton with a knife after the Chubbs swept us in round one.



As much as I’d love to, football has started now at the university that I help broadcast for and it’s impossible for me to get back to Chicago from Idaho.

Someday though!

In fairness to Dan it needs to be noted that in fact he grew up a Sox fan in the Chicago suburbs and that later in his career I read a story on him that said he would waive his “no trade” clause for one team and one team only if that opportunity ever came about….yep, the White Sox.

Mark Liptak

I can’t go to blog night but I hope someone posts pics of everyone. I would enjoy seeing pics of TQ, Maria, Kenwo, and all the other bloggers. Have fun, I hope y’all get the Sox a win.

Be that as it may, now I know why I found him so annoying!! (sometimes I just wanna watch the game!)

Nick at Night!!! LOL! Another good one, Tom Quaid!

Looking forward to seeing old faces and new ones tonight! Let’s win this one in 8 1/2…not 14 =) -Dawn

8 1/2 sounds good to me – I’m hurtin’ today after watching all of last night! I’ve got a long commute home after the game too! CTA to Cumberland Park and Ride and then drive all the way to Randall Road! Let’s hope Danks emulates Buerhle tonight and works FAST!

See you all there tonight!

I’m jealous, I wish I was going – looks like a nice night. Hope everyone has a good time!


I missed the game yesterday due to a broken sump pump Monday nite which led to a flooded basement…but it was an awesome game. I almost had a heart attack when swisher homered along with hawk!

Kenwo – are you coming to blog night???

Plesac pulled that stuff on Melton because he is the Cubs’ guy on Comcast’s shows and Comcast wanted them to playfully promote the rivalry.

I am surprised that a number of people on this board never heard of Dan Plesac. What do we have, nothing but teenagers, Quaid, Klein, Liptak and me on this board???? Plesac was one of the premiere relievers in the game in the late 80s and 90s. He was the anchor of the Brewers bullpen and will always be remembered as a Brewer, not a Cub.

I thought he did an outstanding job last night. Far better than DJ has ever done. It made for 14 pleasant innings. Didn’t have to listen to DJ repeat everything that Hawk said.

I have heard of Dan Plesac….He was outstanding as a member of the Brewers in the late 80s early 90s…then he became a journey man left handed specialist. He was good. I have no complaints about how he called the game. In fact he was kind of refreshing. It seems Hawk does better work when he gets other guys in the booth. Plesac was more of a Brewer than a Cub.

I am not going to the blog night festivities as I already have tickets elsewhere. I will be at the game though. This has been a rough couple of days. Need a break. Have fun at the conference center. Hopefully you guys get a good guest.

And as far as Uribe goes- I have been a fan of that guy since he came to the team. I think he was/ has been treated rottenly by the fans. He was not given the credit he deserved back in 05 and then he was blamed more than he deserved for 06 and 07. Uribe, given ample playing time, is one of the top run producers of the bottom of the order I have ever seen. Sure he takes wild hacks but he gets a lot of hits when you need it. Plus good ol’ Ozzie himself didn’t get a lot of walks or have high OBP in his 12 years with the sox either.

In my opinion, Uribe always has been pretty much the same player, but his crazy swings were more criticized when the rest of the line up wasn’t doing their job.

Here’s the information on why Dan Plesac last night.

Apparently something happened with D.J. that came up unexpectedly. The Sox did not have a lot of time or leeway to try to get a replacement. Dan was available, he certainly knows the game and he pitched in (no pun intended) to help out.

My sources tell me the Sox had no issues at all with the job he did and appreciated the fact that he could help on such short notice.

Dan’s role last night was NOT an audition, it doesn’t indicate anything regarding D.J. or next season, so nothing should be read into it.

Also I got it confirmed that Dan did grow up a Sox fan in the area and is so much of a Sox fan, that when Comcast called him to see if he would be interested in doing the pre and post game shows, he thought it was for the White Sox, that Bill was leaving. When he was told it would be for the Cubs, he was “disappointed” (direct quote) but took the gig anyway (and you can’t blame him, it pays well and keeps him involved in the game…)

So there you go gang.

Mark Liptak

Thanks for the info Mark!


DJ only had knee surgery yesterday, suppose to be back tonight.. Hawk said it wasn’t any big deal, wonder why it would be considered an emergency unless he fell or something. Who knows…

I’m not a teenager, far from it, I have 2 teens and a 20 yr old but I was busy living in Cali and NJ in the late 80’s and early 90’s and there was no internet nor did we have the luxury of watching any ball games that weren’t around the corner like we do now. Couldn’t afford even cable so guess what, I was out of the baseball loop for awhile.. just because we don’t know the guy doesn’t mean we weren’t around, just busy having babies and such. I did like his announcing with Hawk though, they sounded good together but the fact that ya’ll said he was tormenting Bill after the Cubs series sorta makes me think the guy’s a jackass at times, typical Cubbie…

Have a blast tonight, we’re all jealous that can’t attend. I’ll be listening to see if you’re mentioned on air!

Here’s hoping you start abbreviating Alexei as “Missile” instead of “Ram.”

Plesac grew up in NW Indiana, in a family of White Sox fans. He told the story on ESPN1000 way back when Comcast first hired him about how hard it was on him when he was moved to the Cubs as a player.

He had a very nice 18 year career and if I remember correctly he has the most career relief appearances.

I have not seen him much on TV, but his radio contributions are absolutely priceless, and thought he did a very nice job last night.

Now it is pretty much watch the games and see what happens, line up and bench is what it is. Not a whole lot to comment on at this stage of the season. I love what the sox have done to Detroit one of my favorite teams to hate. Especially with how the tigers were hyped by the press coming into the season.

oh yea, Plesec lived in Crown Point, Indiana, my mom just told me that, she loves all high school sports and remembers him.

Have fun everybody! And please do post all the high- (and low-) lights of the festivities. I’m so jealous I can’t be there – hopefully, next year. No, hopefully, THIS year, in the postseason!!

Score looks good so far – let’s keep it up.

Go Sox!!


looks like it’s just Peggy and me… hey girl, have you gotton to a game yet in Chicago and seen the 2005 statue thingie? I got up there late last month. I have better pictures if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hey, Kristine! No, I haven’t been to Chicago since the World Series monument was unveiled. I’d be most grateful for any photos you have.

I asked my brother, who’s been to several games this year about it, and he didn’t even know what I was talking about. I think he always parks in the same spot, and enters at the same spot, and evidently, that is not where the monument is. What can I say, he’s a great guy, and kinda tuned in to his own usual ways of doing things. (He owns a digital camera, has no idea how to use it, so never takes any pix!)

Thanks for the generous offer to share your pix!

I’d sure like to see the Sox put up a few more runs, so we don’t all have to chew our nails all night again🙂

Good job Sox, and bloggers – you brought in a win!!

And it didn’t take 14 innings!

Best wishes to all from sunny California🙂


Pictures are on the way in two different emails, hope you enjoy!

Great win guys!

Hope everyone enjoyed the win tonight!

A well pitched game after the 14 inning marathon last night…EXACTLY what the Sox needed.

Well down all around. Now go for the jugular on Detroit tomorrow.

Mark Liptak

Great game tonight. Danks was under pressure to pitch well, and he came through big time. Steve, Moose, and Rick were all great before the game. I think hearing Moose threaten Mark Grace was worth the price of admission.

Thank you very much Scott for another wonderful blog night. And, thank you White Sox for a win!

Blog night was great – we got to listen to Steve Stone, Moose Skowron and Rick Hahn speak. It was all very interesting and I could listen to Moose tell stories for hours. He is a hoot!

Donna was there taking pictures. I am sure she’ll be sending them on to those of you that weren’t there. Donna, can you send them to me as well?

It was great to meet jk – all the way from Tucson and TQ and his lovely Helene – I hope she enjoyed the game….Donna…Scam…Maria.

THanks again Scott for hosting this event and I’m looking forward to next year already.

Sorry to all that could not make it – you were in our thoughts and on Maria’s poster!


Good win tonight people. Bring the brooms on Thursday. For an in-depth and comedic look at Tuesday night’s thriller, check out my post:

I’m too tired to download them now, but first thing in the morning I promise to send along my pictures…glad to go home with a winner. Thanks SO MUCH Scott for hosting a great night….more tomorrow when I’m more awake!

OK, I said Danks had to give us 7 tonight. I will gladly take a very very good 6 2/3 outing though. And more good relief work. Hopefully that continues! If we get the pitching in line we will be playing in October, no doubt about that.

Hope everyone had fun tonight. Maybe next year I can try to make it. Just a lot going on right now. Busy time of the year for me.

Thanks so much Scott. Much better game than Blog Night 1. What else can you say about Danks and Floyd this year? The kids can throw.

My wife is a court reporter, so she hears things most people don’t. When Moose answered his favorite moment was meeting Marilyn everyone was laughing so hard we may have missed his line, “I shaved four times that day”. He was great, Rick and Steve were great.

Klein, Steve answered your question well but I think we could keep explaining the reasons from now until blog night 4.

Good morning bloggers!
I sent a link to e-mails with my Shutterfly acct blog pictures. Send me a private e-mail if you didn’t get an e-mail and want a link to the pictures. I apologize if I got any names wrong or mixed up pictures. Age does not do my memory well!!

Just a few thoughts from last night..

MUCH thanks to Scott for setting the night up and bringing us all together. Steve Stone was great, Moose always a pleasure to listen to, and great to hear Rick’s take on things. Really enjoyed hearing how Jose put the bug in their ear to get Alexei. What a neat story!! It was also great seeing everyone. TQ I hope Helene enjoyed her first MLB game, I know we all enjoyed the outcome! Great to finally meet the legendary JK!! Great to put the names and faces all together. Maybe by blog night 5 I can get them all straight!!

What a nicely pitched game by Danks last night. And that Cuban missle with the hit in the 8th. NICE!!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did…how about a sweep tonight!!!
Your unofficial Blog night 3 photographer,

Scott Thanks for hosting another great blog night. My whole clan really enjoyed it… even my son, Ian, who was pretty tuckered out from watching the Tuesday night game. The speakers were entertaining, and Moose was hilarious. Ian’s take on Moose: “He swears A LOT!”. (I thought this was especially funny, given that I can have a bit of a potty mouth myself.) Most of all, thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet one another. I enjoyed all the new faces and getting reaquainted with the old ones. And by “old”, I don’t mean to single out you, TQ!

Donna: The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for being our OFFICIAL photographer, and for capturing and sharing the nights memories for all to see.

Gotta hand it to Danks. He did exactly what was needed last night. Let’s end it on a good note and sweep those kittens back to D’troit.

Great Pics Donna!! Thanks for sending them!

As all of you are my witnesses – I am going to blog night IV (is that right?)

Great win, don’t want to jinx it – so I won’t say the ‘S’ word!!


Donna, huge thanks for the best pics ever – you are definitely the Official Blog Night Photographer!

Maria, big thanks and hugs for the sweet poster – makes us all feel like one big, happy Sox family!

Great game, let’s have another one tonight. If the team can keep playing this well, I will be there for the postseason!


I loved the pictures. The poster made me teary, my husband rolled his eyes as I had come home from some tests feeling a little bummed and scared and the poster immediately cheered me. I think the quote was ‘no matter what’s going on in the world, some ‘white sox’ thing seems to always make everything right again!’ And he’s right… I love being remembered! Thanks again Donna!

Thanks, Scott, for hosting a great blog night. It was my first and I certainly wasn’t expecting a T-Shirt. How cool is that? Thanks also to Dustin for getting my name on the list since I already had tickets for last night’s game. My friends were very impressed as well.

First off, may I say you look much better in person than your picture. Nice and tan, you should have someone take your photo now for next year! (Also, Steve Stone looks thinner and younger in person than he does on TV.) He was very entertaining and interesting as usual. I didn’t realize what a diplomat he was until he said he hoped the Cubs and Sox go to a game seven in the World Series, here at the Cell because of the AL winning the All-Star game, of course, and then the Sox win it all and the Cubs have to wait another 100 years. Hah! Best answer of the night had to be to the young woman from Seattle who asked why there were no girls playing professional baseball. Steve said there are no rules to keep girls from playing and when a woman with enough talent comes along, she’ll start playing, which I believe is absolutely true.

Moose Skowron was great. Agree that we could have listened to him go on for another hour at least. Prefaced everything he said about playing baseball with, “I was lucky . . .” Gracious and humble. And when he looked right at Tom Quaid and said, “You’re old. I can tell.”–That brought the house down.

I agree that the story from Rick Hahn about how the Sox acquired Alexei Ramirez was very interesting and thanks for sharing it with us. And the kid who handed him his resume, be sure to let us know if you get a job! Also, to the kid who won the baseball, did you ever figure out who’s signature that was?

Lastly, to Scott, thanks for arranging a White Sox winner for us bloggers. That’s the best thing you could have done and we appreciate it! ;o)

I don’t think I can add much more than what’s been said without being repetitive. AMAZING on so many levels. All the speakers were great, and I’m sure I’ll be retelling those stories for many years. I feel so lucky to have had a chance to hear Stoney and Moose. And Rich has that insight that we get from Scott, so that’s always a treat. Thanks again, Scott, for a great time and awesome goodies =) The win was just icing on the cake!

So great to see the FAMILIAR (not old) crowd..and the new. Great to finally meet JK and to TQ, you’re lady friend is charming…so very happy for you. Didn’t get a chance to chat as much as I’d like, as things got hectic.

What a great experience!! -Dawn

I thought that plesec did a great job on commentary. much more insight than DJ provides.

wow, what a night at the park and a great effort by danks. we gave him a great ovation after he left in the 7th that he richly deserved.

i have to admit that uribe seems comfortable at 3rd. my seats give me a great angle from behind to see him whip that ball to first and let me tell ya, when he winds up, he sends a missile to PK to catch. when he caught that line drive and then fired the ball to PK to double off the runner, it was great! Remember, that throw came all the way from 3rd! Mercy! I think Ozzie is frustrated with Fields inability to play defense and Fields hasn’t announced his presense at the plate either.

As much as it seems hard to believe, uribe might be our guy the majority of the time this year and appears to be the front runner for the job in 2009. I feel bad for crede but with no end in sight for his bad back, i can’t see KW or any team for that matter, giving up the big bucks for what clearly is a serious issue with his back.

lets get the sweep tonight. javy’s on the bump for us. COME ON JAVY, we need a good outing from you tonight!

Donna, thank you sooooooo much for the wonderful pictures! You did a great job. It really is good to finally be able to match up some names with faces.

Maria, Thanks for the poster. That really has made my morning thus far! What will make my day is another White Sox Win, of course! Btw, your kids are absolutely gorgeous!!!

You guys seemed to all be having a great time,(loved the pictures of Klein and Quaid and all the other guests).
The weather was perfect, the stories seemed fun, and the game was GREAT! For those that were there, it seemed like you couldn’t ask for anything more!!! Now I hope to see you ALL there next year. So Jennifer, Peggy, Kristine, Mark and Kenwo, let’s hope for a date next year that will be feasible for all of us to work on getting off.

Now let’s send off those kitties with another win in the White Sox column!!!!


Oh I almost forgot! For those in need of comic relief there’s a good show to watch called, “Chicago Bears pre-season football”. Unfortunately its on at the same time as the Sox, but inbetween innings it might make for a few good laughs!

SWSAFELY – I was thinking the same thing last night. Uribe in 2009 could be a possibility. Two things have to happen though. He has to play stellar defense the rest of the season to prove this is just not a hot streak. Secondly, Konerko’s hitting has to be fixed (or he could be moved too). We can’t afford two automatic outs in the lineup. You can put one guy in the lineup for defensive purposes, but in the AL you can’t have two guys out there that are not productive at the plate.

I won’t count Fields out totally for 2009 yet. This has been a VERY disappointing year for him. I’m sure losing out on the job in spring and dealing with multiple injuries this year has not helped. If they have found their answer in Uribe I hope they are able to deal Fields so he gets the shot he deserves elsewhere.

As for “Chicago Bears pre season football” Yes that will be quite funny. It’s said when the best receiver in town pitches for the Cubs, and you have two guys on the Sox who might be able to compete for the QB job.

First of all, to “Bwana” Reifert, Dustin, Marty and all the staff… Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and hospitality…

Second… I really don’t mind helping Skowron get laughs…just not ALL the time…

I told Helene on the way out to the Cell… “No drama, no long, drawn-out game, just a nice, simple, little, two and a half hour victory… and out of there by 10:00 PM…

Time of the game: 2:31… No drama, a nice, simple, little victory…

As George Peppard’s character used to say on “The A-Team”… “I love it when a plan comes together.”

No sooner do we sit down in RF then “Sock-It” Thome goes the opposite field… and Helene gets to see the board go off… then we settled into a pitching duel between Danks and Verlander…old-school style… right, jk?

On the way back, I said to Helene(who, BTW, had a marvelous time… thanks to all for being so gracious towards her…) “The way we were interacting, you’d think that we’d known each other for years, and see each other all the time…” That is what is absolutely amazing about this site… That was the first time I met jk, the second time for Dawn and G-Dog…(BTW, Dawn… looking good… G-dog is one lucky son of a gun…)and the third time for Maria and Pat and Mommy Mac and John…also meeting Marie and Scam and the others who we speak to(and sometimes disagree with)…

As to the program itself… Stone Pony, very good, very informative, very opinionated… Skowron… what else can you say about Weber HS’s gift to MLB… one of a kind… Rick Hahn… I think we said it last year, and I’ll say it again this year… It will be a dark day in the front office when some other franchise steals Rick away to be their GM… KW knows how to pick good people to work for and with him in the front office… no schmooze, just the truth…

All in can say in closing is: Thank you, WS Universe, for a fun evening… Let’s do it again some time… like in ’09, for Blog Nite IV…

P.S.: I WAS slightly embarrased at the start of things when Scott introduced me… I felt like I was in the audience at the Ed Sullivan Show… (to those of you out there too young to know what I’m referring to… I feel sorry for you all…)Thanks to those of you who applauded… That made an old man feel warm inside…

JimD…….I agree. Both those guys need to step it up. As far as Fields, what perplexes me is how does a guy get so far in the system and appear to be “out of position?”. I’d be curious to know if he plays the position with the same error count in AAA as he does here. What about AA? If so, you got to wonder what the thinking was in keeping him at 3rd all this time. Or maybe he’s just got nerves.

Looks like we need a 2nd baseman for 2009 at this point, too. Alexei will go to SS.

Has anyone heard anything about Crede? There was an official release that stated, “Prior to tonight’s game vs. Detroit, the Chicago White Sox recalled right-handed pitcher Adam Russell from Class AAA Charlotte and returned third baseman Joe Crede from his injury rehabilitation assignment at Charlotte.” Does that mean he’s available to play? Or are they forced to do that because his 15 days of DL are up?

One thing I’d like to note, sure looks like Kenny made a very good move signing Juan to a 1-year deal even with the Cabrera-Garland trade, right?

Hi Y’all! I just got home and unpacked and caught up on the last two days worth of posts. What a great time last night and what a lot of fun! The time went by so fast I’m going to have to watch the archived game on to see it. (I was too busy visiting to hardly see any of the game).

Donna thanks you for the great pictures you sent. I’m glad my likeness didn’t break your camera. Meeting you all last night was time well spent, but WAY overdue. I look forward to next years event already.

I thought the guests were lively and honest with their answers, and Moose was a scream! Thank you Scott for setting this all up for us. Thome wasn’t the only one who hit a home run last night, In my opinion, you hit yours first….. now…. back to my little computer screen… I’ll miss you all until next time…..

P.S. …. Go Chicago White Sox…… j.k.

No offense to Quaid, but the line of the night was Moose telling him, “I know you’re old…” Skowron is such a charmer, for me he’s like the ultimate grandfather: great stories, sweetness to burn, an innocence that seems 100% real.

Not comparing the figures, but listening to him, you get the same feeling you would sitting with the dear departed Buck O’Neill, or perhaps Yogi Berra, Minnie Minoso (if not for the language barrier), Ernie Banks (if not for the Cub infection).

Thanks to Scott and all for a great experience, it even made seats behind a foul pole tolerable.

nmbrott – here’s the article 8/6

The White Sox are resigned to playing without third baseman Joe Crede through at least this week because of recurring back discomfort.

An MRI and a CT scan performed on Crede’s back revealed no serious damage. General manager Ken Williams said Tuesday that the pressing of a nerve needed to be alleviated before Crede could resume his minor-league rehabilitation assignment.

Crede missed his fourth consecutive game Tuesday night for Triple-A Charlotte.

“On one hand, there’s a delay,” Williams said. “But on the other hand, the prognosis is good and we’ll go from there.”

Manager Ozzie Guillen said Crede would be re-examined but that he didn’t expect him to rejoin the Sox for the next five days.

It would be fun to see fans with shovels instead of brooms tonight.

Crede is having more issues than apparently he or his agent are willing to admit. He’s now missed six straight days on the rehab assignment because of his lower back.

At BEST it’ll be two more weeks.

But remember this has absolutely “nothing” to do with last year’s injury, at least according to Joe.

Sure Joe…..

Teams are making moves, Rays got Bradford, Phillies got Eyre, Red Sox about to get Giles….all via waivers.

The White Sox can’t possibly think that they are perfectly fine can they?

You can always improve the club Kenny, time to do so.

Mark Liptak

SWSAFELY – Fields has gotten worse at 3rd over the last two seasons. This year being his worst since being drafted, and I believe a lot of that has to do with the injuries he has had. In 2006 he had a really good season at AAA. Last year he was not awful when filling in for Crede. He was a rookie and Crede was not so good in his first few years at the MLB level.

However I do believe he would be better suited for 1st base, but that is not an open spot here unless Konerko is moved or goes to DH after this season. Once he got comfortable last year his bat was very good. His strikeout rate dropped drastically. He got comfortable with Major League pitching a lot quicker that Crede did.

And you always have to keep in mind for a number of years all the Sox did was promote players based on their hitting, and ignoring defensive and baserunning deficiencies.

Joe Crede is my favorite current Sox player but I don’t see him playing for the Sox next year. I have also had lower back surgery but it will never be the same. At any time the nerves can get irritated and it becomes very difficult to bend or twist. Joe is a better athlete than me and has great trainers to work with but bad backs rarely get better.

Joe Crede has long been a favorite of mine, but Scott Boras is going to really earn his commission if he gets Joe a big contract, with all the injuries, errors, etc. That said, Boras did get Maggs a great deal, so it could happen.

I’m just glad we still have Uribe – the team would be in a world of hurt without him!

Thanks for the info, Kiernan and Mark.

Good one, Bill B!

Let’s bury those Tigers tonight and get a win for Javy!! GO SOX!!


What difference does it make whether or not Crede’s current pain is related to his surgery? If he thinks it is not, then there is no reason not to believe him. Even if it is related, it DOESN’T MATTER because he cannot play with that much pain and stiffness.

You seem more concerned with what Joe is saying than with his health.

And what does the Phillies picking up Scott Eyre have to do with Kenny making or not making a move??? If you think Eyre can make a difference, then I hope that you become the next general manager of the Twins or the Tigers.

Well, at least Kenny can now make a move. You’ve given him your permission.


You’re right. I am more concerned with what he is saying because suddenly he can’t play at the worst possible time in the season. Yet he says it’s not related.

That doesn’t pass the smell test to me, it sounds like posturing….like someone is desperately trying to keep the hope alive of a multi million dollar, multi year deal.

I respect Joe’s desire to get that deal but I’m getting angry at what I perceive to be lying about the situation.

Remember this is the same guy who was quoted directly a few years ago as saying that if he felt his agent was standing in the way of a long term deal with the Sox he’d fire him. Needless to say, Boras is still his agent even though Joe knows that regardless of his balky back, even if he was 100% healthy, as long as his agent remained the same there was zero chance of the Sox signing him. Joe’s entitled to do what he wishes but don’t insult my intelligence by making statements like that and that you have no willingness to follow though on.


And my point about the waiver moves is that you never know when one player in one game may make all the difference in the world….remember Geoff Blum?

Or going back a tad how about Roland Hemond in September 1982 picking up Sparky Lyle, Jim kern and Warren Brusstar? Roland was already thinking ahead, Kern was going to be the closer the next season (until he blew his elbow apart the second game of that year in Texas. Sitting in the press box in Arlington I still remember the sound). Lyle retired, but Brusttar was used as a piece in the heist that neeted the Sox Fletcher, Tidrow and so forth from the Cubs, that played a solid part in the 83 success.

There are players out there who can help or do you consider Wasserman, Russell and Logan “good” relief guys?

Mark Liptak


Don’t insult my intelligence and the intelligence of Herm Schneider — the best athletic trainer in all of professional sports — by trying to tell me that Joe Crede is lying and tanking it to get a contract. Hell, this guy has played through more pain than most of us have ever endured. And why??? To help his team win a World Series title. Herm has known Crede for a long time and he would never let Joe pull a stupid and selfish stunt like that. Crede is hurting.

I couldn’t care less what Scott Boras thinks. This whole Boras nonsense has been blown way out of proportion.

And I never meant to say that a waiver deal can not be good. My point was that Kenny Williams — who, despite what his critics may say, has engineered some of the best trades and signings in baseball in the last few years (Quentin and Ramirez quickly come to mind) — does not need to be prompted by you to make a deal that is best for his club. It’s his butt on the line, not yours. And I don’t care how big a fan you think you might be.

And for the record, I’d take Logan over Bradford any day. And Russell has great potential. Wasserman is not long for the world of major league baseball.

And I love Roland Hemond as much as anybody but what he did in 1982 has zero bearing on what is going on in 2008. You live in the past way too much. Baseball, regrettably, has changed a great deal and much of it for the worse, in the last quarter century.

Unfortunately at this point waiver deals will be tough for the Sox because there are teams below that will put claims on those guys before the Sox even have a chance. With so many teams still in the playoff hunt I doubt there will be many waiver deals done. However it would be nice if we could get an upgrade over Wasserman or Logan.

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