Important Blog Night III Info

Tuesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Night III

For those of you who purchased tickets to our Blog Night III group event tomorrow night, I am excited to meet you.

Gates to the ballpark open at 5:30 pm.  Please enter at Gate 3 and proceed to the Scout Seat lounge restaurant located just back from Gate 3.  Staff from my office will be there to check you in and direct you into the Conference & Learning Center.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. and should run until 6:45 p.m. or so (or until Moose Skowron quits telling stories, which may mean 7:30).

See you there.


Thank you Seattle! I guess all the twinkies were standing around looking at the grass trying to figure out what it was and marveling at its beauty and softness.

I surely hope Kenwo is on the guest list. Can there really be a blognight without Kenwo?

Agreed billb! Those of us on here lamenting the fact that the twinkies GET to play Seattle already chalked them up to winning all those games. funny how it works out. I guess that is why they actually play all those games. We didn’t even have to play and we’re back tied for first.

Lets get those tiggers tonight boys and see you all tomorrow at BN3.


pictures pictures people, send them to my home email with names! 🙂 I’m so bummed I can’t be there, I’ll be cleaning up from Eduardo, my very first Tropical Storm… yippdee fckn doo… deepintheheartof….. hi TQ!

Duh-oh! It’s the pitching, stupid! Stupid is as stupid does.

This race will come down to pitching….our pitching…..and whether or not they can regain their footing and pitch some good games.

The wild card is not entirely out of the question. The RSox have 64 wins to our 61.

We stand at 61 and 49. We have 52 games left. I predicted 93 wins early on which means we would have to play .615 ball the rest of the way to accomplish that. That’s gonna be tough I think.

KW can revel in his acquisition of JR and I’m sure JR will provide hits and runs. However, KW missed the boat. Pitching, pitching, pitching…..let’s hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Go Sox!

Kenny didn’t miss the boat. The boat (pitching) was pretty empty after Sabbathia and Harden got moved. There was nothing out there for him to get.

I also just read that Manny R. got a $1 million “relocation” bonus in the trade to LA.

What the hell is wrong with this game??????? Baseball is the greatest game in the world. I have loved it all my life. But I don’t know how much more of this ridiculous nonsense I can stomach.

And it is not just baseball. This Brett Favre saga is making the NFL to be an even bigger joke than all the other pro sports combined.

And I don’t want to even begin with Division I college athletics. What a cesspool.

It will be great to see the high school sports seasons start again in a few weeks.

But I don’t wanna rant or anything . . . . . . . . .

No, keep ranting. I’m listening. Any way any one can guarantee a sweep over the Tigers? I’ll be at the game tonight and the last time I saw Floyd in person he toyed with a no-no.

Starting new again today, best of luck to the fellas…..

Get there early, Jeff. I heard they are giving away Mark Buehrle growth charts to the first twenty thou. No guarantees for wins, but make lots of noise for the boys–they love it!

Best wishes to Junior in his Cell Debut! Compared to his White Sox debut, it should be much nicer weather.

Watching the 7th inning of the Mariners-Twins game last night, I must report that the errors the Twins made looked to be attributable to the “natural” bounces the balls made off the real grass. Not quite the same as off the concrete floor in the Hump Dome . . . Then again, we must also tip our hats to Raul Ibanez for his granny (first pitch swinging) and plus two single. Interesting to note that no other Mariner had ever scored 6 RBI’s in a single inning before.

Let’s Go White Sox!! Beat the Tiggers!!!

Guillen suspended for 2 games.

Not surprising, with the volatility that Ozzie addressed the media in the clubhouse Sunday… He would have been the same, I feel, even if there wasn’t a cooling-off period attached to the time after the game when the media is allowed inside the clubhouse and manager’s office…(cooling off being the operative words in KC Sunday…)

Since there is no appealing a suspension of a manager, unlike a player… Ozzie will be missing Blog Night III as well… So, Lisa, if you didn’t get the chance to get in to join us tomorrow night… don’t feel bad… the manager won’t be there, either…

In fact, maybe the only one wearing a Guillen 13 jersey tomorrow night(highly unlikely, but humor an old man, please?) will be your obedient servant…since I won it last year…

Finally, a pledge from moi to Scott and everyone else who was at BN II last year… I PROMISE (scout’s honor, pinkie swear, whatever) that I will NOT manipulate Moose Skowron again this year… for two reasons… I want to be in my seat for the first pitch… and I want to show Helene the inside of her first major league ballpark, and get her reaction…

You have my word as a gentleman and a Sox fan on that…

BTW, sox1966… Kris, my little kiddo, do all of us a favor, will you?… Ask Eric to consider finding another line of work…then you and him and the kids can … GET THE HELL OUT OF DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS…

Too many tropical storms to put up with… (I was going to say “weather”, but that would have been redundant…)

Looking forward to meeting all of you at Blog Night tomorrow, my first. Though I’ve spoken with quite a few of the “crew” I don’t think I’ve met anyone besides Scott. I’ll be bringing a camera to capture Maria in her “I’d do Screech” T-shirt or Tom out-spinning Moose in the yarns category.

TQ- I’ll do my best, but we all need to eat and he’s not just an average go anyplace and find a job getting paid what he gets paid now type of person! 🙂 Would love to get the hell out of this place, btw.. if they call this a tropical storm, this midwest gal who’s been thru tornados, blizzards and major t- storms, was NOT impressed! 🙂

Just read about Ozzie, does being suspended mean he can’t even come to the Cell? If not, I’d still come to blog night if I were him and have fun with it..

You guys enjoy yourselves and remember those of us unable to make it.

Brett… Bring your notebook… You might be able to come up with a sequel to The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzie Guillen…

Call it: Lost in a Blog … or… Sox fans in search of a pennant…

Just a suggestion…

Sox1966, here is the official rule and comment about suspensions:

4.07 When a manager, player, coach or trainer is ejected from a game, he shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game. He shall remain in the club house or change to street clothes and either leave the park or take a seat in the grandstand well removed from the vicinity of his team’s bench or bullpen.

Rule 4.07 Comment: If a manager, coach or player is under suspension he may not be in the dugout or press box during the course of a game.

thanks for the info!

So, as I read the rule, Ozzie could definitely be in the conference center, and he could sit with the bloggers, right?

Let’s hope that Ozzie shows up!!!!

Thanks Scott for the awesome time yesterday and swag!!!!

Moose Rules!!

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