Goose’s Return

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Jr., RF; Missile, 2B; Swish, CF; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.


Newly christened Hall of Famer Goose Gossage throws out a ceremonial first pitch tonight prior to our game. 

Guys are excited to meet Gossage, who of course, began his career with the White Sox in 1972. 

It’s a scret, so don’t tell Goose, but we also have a gift for him.  Bobby Jenks is going to present him with a specially framed version of three score sheets … his very first career game, his first victory and his first career save.

Jenks is pumped to meet Gossage.

Team Photo

We snapped the annual team photo today, taking three versions … the standard one everyone knows, one with our staff and employees (perhaps for the holiday card) and a third casual shot in our dugout (that one, thanks to BA, might not see the light of day).  A casual shot was first done in 1983.  We liked it and duplicated it in 2005 (sense a theme here?) and then tried again this year.  We’ll see if any of them can be used in public.


To everyone who attended Blog Night III.  Steve Stone seemed to be a hit (he told me today he really enjoyed speaking to the group and asked when we do it again).  Moose, as always, is unbelieveably funny (I can listen to his stories for hours), and Rick Hahn is the best.  He very soon will be a GM somewhere in the game … and it will be our loss.

And what is our record now on Blog Nights?

Anyone remember?



I hope they play that on tv!

Quick story – I had to take my 5 year-old for Kindergarten Testing today (he always notices who’s wearing a Sox or Cubs shirt) There was a kid wearing a Sox shirt and Dylan sees it right away. When the kids were in testing (2 hours of sitting in a hallway for parents and siblings) I asked the kids dad “so, you’re a Sox Fan?” and the kids dad says “No Cubs all the way” and I say “Well your kid is wearing a White Sox shirt” and he had the most stupidest look on his face and says “Oh, I don’t know, does he?” His little boy comes out and the dad says “Oh, I guess he does have a Sox shirt on” Then I say”you don’t even know what your kid is wearing, and why would you put a Sox shirt on him if you were a Cubs Fan?” he says “I don’t know – I don’t pay attention to what he’s wearing” One of the other mother’s says “that’s how men are” and I said “My Husband would know if one of his kids had on a Cubs shirt”

Another idiot Cubs Fan!!!!!!!!

Whew!! I thought that blown call by the ump was going to hurt, but Javy got granderson to strike out….. A lot of pitches by Vasquez so far though. We need some runs guys…. let’s sweep these tigers… j.k.

That wasn’t a bad pitch by Javy. Tip your hat to Cabrera on that one… 2-0 tigers. Come on Guys, this is zach miner pitching, let’s get some runs…. j.k.

Looks like it’s just you and me jk!


Nah – I’m here too…flipping back and forth with the bears game – but just saw a 1-2-3 K inning by Javy. It should be like that every time!

That’s chunkin’! Now how about a couple of runs?….. Go Sox..j.k.

Hi, Jen. Sorry we missed you last night. It was a lot of fun…. later…j.k.

Not good, Junior striking out again, maybe Alexei can do something!

Hey Andrew, did you go last night?

jk – I will be there next year!


Looks like we’re up against another Cy Young candidate pitcher tonight. Hold ’em Javy and let’s go White Sox…. j.k.

Yes – I was there last night. My fiancee came too – although she missed the pre-game festivities. She had a little issue with traffic and then parking. I told her it was 20 bucks to park and that’s all she brought. She pulled up to the attendant in lot L (the farthest one away) and was told 22 bucks. She scrounged up 21.75 and the lady still wouldn’t let her park. So, she fought traffic again and found an ATM. Obviously she was less than happy with that – and me! Hopefully next time she can get off work early and take the train with me.

This stinks – Good thing Minn is off tonite!

BTW – I changed my e-mail, so everyone knows it’s me, Jennifer!!!! So I don’t have to sign my name every time!

BIG mistake… taking the bat out of Swish’s hands…. We got to keep holding them and keep hitting… This game is still up for grabs… Go Sox…j.k.

Whoops! 5-2…..

Hi Guys~
I’m here too! jk, it was great to meet you last night! I don’t for a second believe you bought your jersey new! You look way too young for that.

Just curious, how did you become a big White Sox fan, all the way out in the land of the sun???

Go Sox! We still got time…

Hi Marie. It was wonderful meeting you last night too. I’ll tell my story another time, right now we all need to hope our guys have just a bit more magic left in the bats… ( Thanks for the nice comment, but I did buy my fersey new,,, just not in 1917,, haha)… Go Sox… j.k.

Uh, make that jersey, not fersey…. I got it as a gift sometime in the 80’s….. 1980’s NOT 1880’s……. come on White Sox…. j.k.

Can Alexei do it one more time?????? Go Sox… j.k.

I’m here too…

I have a question but first I want to ask… WHY did he send Thome.. my goodness, he can’t run to save his poor rearend can he?

Is this kid crying… I mean seriously, how many pitches did he throw?? Anyhow…

My question is this, I know that someone will know the answer to this. As we all know, Hawk mentions Alexis Nelles (i’m sure that isn’t spelled right) donating $100 to every home run in memory of his loving wife Ursula, which personally, I think is awesome but who is he to have this kind of cash every year? I just don’t know when this family started donating so I don’t think I’ve ever heard the story behind them. Scott, or somebody else out there, could you enlighten me. I often wonder, as she passed the same year my father did and I still like to think the two of them ‘helped’ with WS 05.

Curious minds want to know, enlighten me with info.

MAN!! So close!!!! Three more outs…… Go Sox…. j.k.

1966. His name is Alex Snellius (sic). TQ gave us all the story a couple of years ago, & I can’t remember the particulars, so we’ll wait for Tom to fill us all in again… j.k.

Aye que caramba!!! Like Hawk says: let’s give ’em a finish…. Go Sox….j.k.

Well that’s a game you want to quickly forget. Bad pitching, bad offense, bad decisions. Seriously, what was Cox thinking. Thome was still ten feet from third when the ball was picked up. It seemed like everyone except for Konerko looked lost at the plate. Javy still doesn’t have the control he needs. I’m real sick of him going 0-2 or 1-2 in the count, and then trying to be fancy the next three pitches and walking the guy.

Oh well, on to Boston. I still think we can take 3 of 4 from them. Hopefully everyone comes back focused tomorrow.


well that wasn’t the result we all wanted.

although javy went 7 innings, he clearly didn’t have the command he needs to get the win. i hate to say this, but he looks a step or two ahead of how he pitched in 2006.

wasserman has to be sent back to AAA. what should have been a 9th innning battle totally evaporated when he came in the game. no excuses.

we got to clear our heads for the next 4 games. the RSox won’t roll over for anyone.

Fire Jeff Cox, now! He is awful! This is twice in recent memory that he has sent a runner that was out by 15 feet, last time it was AJ. He single handledly changed the momentum of the game tonight. Unacceptable!

Typical Vazquez game. Eight strikeouts…eight hits, five runs. The guy has a million dollar arm and a ten cent head.

Some guys just don’t do well under the pressure of a pennant race and he’s one of them. His career is littered with bad seasons on teams in the running and very, very good seasons (a la 2007) when the team stunk.

Agreed with the bullpen comments…Wassermann, Russell and Logan need to go as fast as possible. Maybe Kenny can make a waiver move. (you know T.C. a small manipulation that could pay great benefits down the road. Bradford would have helped for example…)

Now it’s the beat up Boston Red Sox coming to town, a franchise that has absolutely killed the Sox at U.S. Cellular Field over the past few years. Like with Minnesota, you hope for a split and pray they don’t get hammered.

Still in first place but a win and a sweep was what was needed.

Mark Liptak

And a very classy move by the Sox regarding inviting Goose and the score sheets. Very, very classy indeed!

Mark Liptak

Sad Game:(

I guess we have to start playing like Plan A since Plan B really isn’t working – right Ozzie?

I have a question that someone might know or know how to look it up faster then I could –

How many wins has Buerhle had with Toby Hall catching verses AJ catching?

I can’t recall a game that Buehrle has won with Hall – but, I can recall him winning with AJ.

It seems like Hall most of the time catches for him – why?

I remember last year they had that tiff, but I thought that was over.

I remember last year they (AJ & Buehrle) had that tiff.

Wed. nites game was great. good job by Danks, Thome, Uribe and the pen. Sorry I didn’t make it out to the outfield but I wouldn’t have known who the hell any of you are anyway….maybe next year.

As for tonights game, the game was tied up until Raburn made that great catch and held the lead. After that you had to figure the night was not ours. Still took 2 of 3 from Detroit which is good. Now 3 of 4 from Boston and we will be sitting pretty. We have to at least split.

By the way- where the hell was my name on that sign anyway??????????????😛

kenwo, I left your name off the sign cause I thought you’d make an appearance. Sorry!

Jennifer, It is usally just dumb luck that Buehrle pitches to to Toby Hall. Toby usually plays in day games after night games or games against lefties, and it seems that over his career Buehrle is almost always matched up against another lefty. And that is probably the reason that he does not win a lot of games pitching to Toby, because this team has a bad history against left handed pitchers.

Injury update from today’s newspapers.

Crede still out and now Ozzie is beginning to wonder what’s going on.

From the Sun-Times: ”He disappears. Last year, we don’t know anything for five months. Last time I see [trainer Herm Schneider], he said he hadn’t heard anything from anyone yet.”

Joe’s agent appears to be at work again.

And Mark Gonzales had a story in the Tribune that Linebrink is apparently out until at least the end of August now.

Yep the acquisition of the Kid, sure solved the pitching issues didn’t it?

Mark Liptak

Interesting info regarding Crede’s agent Scott Boras:

Not shocked since he is not seeing any money from Manny’s current contract. Supposedly the Dodgers in the trade talk, but not in writing agreed to not pick up his option at the end of the year so he could get a new contract and Boras could get paid on the new contract.


Just how does the acquisition of Griffey have anything to do with the pitching issues??

Was Kenny supposed to turn down the chance at getting Griffey for two non-factors just because the Sox needed pitching?????

I never heard Kenny say that he made the Griffey deal instead of dealing for a pitcher.

I guess the other 29 teams have pitching that they are just more than happy to give to the White Sox at the deadline, huh Mark?

What Griffey does or doesn’t do in a Sox uniform has no bearing on their search for pitching.


No Kenny wasn’t supposed to turn it down although it is significant that he INITIATED the deal. The Reds didn’t call him up and say “hey you want Griffey?”

Remember I said the day it was announced (well posted) that I was in favor of the move because the Sox gave basically nothing to get him but IN FACT Ken Griffey Jr. didn’t solve the biggest need of the team, it was pitching, pitching and more pitching.

You know it, I know it and Kenny damn well knew it. And please don’t say pitchers weren’t available…they were and still are.

Just yesterday two guys changed teams and yes I think BOTH Bradford and Eyre are better than either Russell, Wassermann and especially Boone Logan.

Either one of those guys would have been an upgrade. Who knows who is still out there to be had? You can’t tell me the Sox couldn’t have packaged up some minor league guys and picked up either one or both. Yes Kenny certainly tried but as the late great Sox pitching coach Johnny Sain once said, “people don’t care to hear about the labor pains, they only want to see the baby…”

Don’t tell me what you tried to do, show me the end result.

Hopefully Kenny is still out there working…my feelings are Jose Contreras is finished.

Mark Liptak

The price of pitching was way too high at the deadline. There were no significant relievers dealt, and we do not have the goods to have dealt for one of those siginificant guys. It’s that simple.

tc, you’re missing the point. acquiring a player we didn’t need while not getting pitching was a mistake. we didn’t need another outfielder and certainly not one hitting .245. even with PK and Swish struggling at the plate, the rest of the boys were hitting…..

we need relief pitching. with linebrink down for who knows how long and wasserman and logan a bust, we need help and now. thank god we got dotel and this kid carasso has had a few good outings for us. without them, we’re DOA.

as far as the other 29 teams are concerned, there were trades made, sabbathia, harden, and others. trades happen all the time. if KW thinks this team can go deep into the playoffs THIS YEAR, then he needs to open his checkbook and get busy…….

Mark’s back on the bump tonight. Let’s hope he has a good outing. Go Sox!


And to be crystal clear, I like Kenny. I think he’s a hell of a GM and I’ve personally spoken to enough folks in the organization to get a very good picture of how hard the man works.

I actually feel sorry for Kenny because HE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WORK THAT DAMN HARD!

He’s in charge of a team in a major market that recently won the World Series yet all you ever read and hear is how “creative” he has to try to be to get things done. How he has to “think outside the box,” get “a third team” involved to make a trade. As a fan I’m tired of that approach and I’m sure it’s tiring for him too.

JUST ONCE I’d love to see Kenny get a blank check and be told “get what you need regardless of any outside factors.”

You’d see how good of a GM he really is because he’s chomping at the bit to win again.



With respect then explain to me how the Yankees, WHO DO NOT HAVE A GREAT FARM SYSTEM EITHER can “restock” and “reload” getting absolutely anything they want, anything they need, trading mediocre minor league talent for the best players off garbage teams?

How can the Yankees do that but the White Sox can’t?

Are you saying Kenny can’t trade the Sox minor league garbage for quality players like New York (just one example)? Or are you saying teams don’t want to deal with the White Sox but will with the Yankees? (That’s hard to believe…)

Again that’s not a personal attack against Kenny but year after year after year it’s the same stuff….creativity…thinking outside the box and so forth instead of brute force. The team needs this, this and this. Get it done…period. There are always reasons, “the cost of pitching is to high for us,” “we don’t want to deal with a particular agent,” “we don’t have the resources.” Please. The bottom line is winning, the bottom line is making the post season and with all due respect, yes there is a World Series title but eventually that’s going to wear off and the organization is going to be right back in the same quagmire as before 2005. Making the playoffs once every seven or eight years just doesn’t cut it in my opinion. Others may think differently.

I don’t want to see this organization blow AGAIN a third golden opportunity to make the post season in the last six years.

Mark Liptak

Who exactly were the Sox supposed to deal for? Don’t tell me an A’s pitcher because Beane picked through our system for what he wanted in the Swisher trade. The Royals were not trading Mahay to a divisional opponent. The O’s wanted a ton for George Sherrill because his current contract goes through 2011. The Rockies did not deal Fuentes because they did not feel they were completely out of it yet. There was no way they were going to bring Marte back. Not enough goods to trade with to get guys like Sabathia or Harden. Not that either GM would have made a deal with the Sox anyway.

Bascially as far as pitching goes KW was backed into a corner, and there were no available moves. It’s not like he was not out there trying.

I think the Sox minor league system is so widely known as the worst in baseball that he can not trade the junk. At least not for a pitcher that could help the team this year. Who were we supposed to trade for? My last post lists the obstacles for a lot of the pitchers rumored to be available that would have been difference makers. I’d also have to believe Cashman is probably a better salesman when it comes to pushing his minor league talent.

Hey I agree the thing with not wanting to deal with a particular agent or the price of anyone being too high for a team in a major sports market is total BS!

Personally, I like the stigma that our farm system is full of junk. Let’s keep that going – because it’s not always going to be that way. We’ll start to see guys develop through the system and make it to the big club and play the type of game we want them to play (here’s to wishful thinking!). So, we’ll stealthily build up one of the strongest farm system, and be stocked for years to come!

or not… 😉

Picking up Griffey had nothing to do with NEEDING an oufielder. It was simply a move made to give Ozzie more flexibility to try to keep players like Dye, Thome and Konerko fresh down the stretch. Plus, it gave the Sox another big left-handed bat. I think it will pay dividends and we will see Dye and Thome finish strong. And Konerko has already had a couple of good games so maybe it will help him get out of his funk as well.

Again, the deal for Griffey — no matter who initiated it — had nothing to do with pitching and did not indicate that Kenny thinks the Sox do not need pitching. It was not the wrong move. It was a good move and totally unrelated to the moves you guys wanted to improve the pitching.

I’d take Logan over Eyre or Wasserman any day. Logan is younger and has a better arm. He has been horrible lately but was very effective early in the season. Logan is not the answer in this pennant race unless he turns it around. Relievers are the most unpredictable athletes on the earth. Who would have thought that Neal Cotts and Cliff Pollitte would have been as good as they were in ’05 and then as bad as they were thereafter?

I would keep looking at the waiver wire but in the meantime keep trying to find someone in our system that can come up and get a few outs out of the pen in the last two months.

The Sox are not the Yankees. Quit trying to think that they ever will be. No one will ever be the Yankees. It makes no sense to even compare anyone to that organization. The reputation is much too great to even compare another franchise to.

I don’t think Contreras is finished. But I don’t think he will ever get back to where he was. I look for him to be okay and eat up some innings down the stretch. That is why the bullpen has to pitch better in the last 49 games.

One inning and one decision cost them that game last night…

The inning was when they had the bases loaded with only one out, and Miner struck out the next two batters…

The decision has already been discussed, and disgusted…

Cox should never have sent Thome… Jim was gassed by the time he got to third to begin with… there was only one out at the time… and the Sox were lucky that there wasn’t a double play on that hit, because the Tigers damned near got Konerko at 3rd… and when was the last time anyone hit a double and the defense turned a DP on the same play?
Fortunately, we didn’t find out… the catch that Raburn made, BTW, was outstanding… take nothing away from him, or it…

Now, the hue and cry has once again sprung up from the vox populi (voice of the people, for those of you who weren’t conversive in Latin) concerning the lack of deals that KW made…or didn’t make…

And once again, I would like to challenge anyone, be they Mariotti or anyone on this site who thinks they can do the GM job… Go ahead, try it for one week… maybe even one day…

These other b**tards will fleece you like Mary’s little lamb…
they will see you coming, thinking that this would be like trading bubblegum cards when you were a kid…which it definitely isn’t…

If there is nothing left in the farm system, and if you want too much for what you’re willing to get rid of… my friends, you are SOL…(and the censors don’t have to deal with the anagram… we all know what it means…)

To Mark L: Best of luck with your new season on the Idaho State network, as well as your HS broadcasts…

As to the record on Blog Night… They won this year, and lost to KC on BN I… I will look back at my score sheets from last year to see what the deal was…

Speaking of score sheets… How did the organiztion get those scoresheets for Goose last night?… I don’t even have mine anymore… they are gone with the wind…

you are correct, the sox are not the yankees. the yankees have won year after year after year. Why? because they do what they have to do to win. its not that they spend $210M in payroll…..its that they do what they have to do to win, and consistently win. …….the sox are already spending over $100M this year. add $4M more for JR’s contract. for another $5-10M, we can rent us enough talent to take us over the top. …..i know it, and we all know it.

If KW wants to be a winner, then he needs to go out and get some pitching……i give him a lot of credit in finding the talent he did this year……Q….great talent……Cuban missile……great talent……Swish……great talent…….dotel……..linebrink…..all good……..NOW FINISH THE JOB so we can win again…….that’s all……

do you remember KW’s quote after the WS in 2005? we want to have an organization that consistently wins, and wins, and wins….championships, division titles……if we’re gonna walk the walk then we better do more than talk about it………

See ya all at the park tonight! We’re gonna win this game!

Alrighty, I need some clarification (for I am but still a novice when it comes to baseball business transactions):

When a team places a player on waivers, don’t the lesser teams get first opportunity to pick him up? If so, wouldn’t that mean that we probably have very little shot at picking up a good player (seeing as we are sitting in first place) and therefore are probably stuck with what we have (in relation to the bullpen)?


This discussion will never yield a right or wrong answer.

Facts are facts. Kenny has done a great job and has a team that was picked to finish no higher than third (and fourth in some books) in first place in early August.

It is hanging on despite injuries to key people in the bullpen (Linebrink for well over a month so far and more to come, Jenks for about half a month or more), one of the starting five (Contreras) and an all-star third baseman, and an injury-hampered, slump-ridden year by one of its top run-producers over the past several seasons.

I still will not be surprised to see him make some kind of waiver deal before the deadline. I don’t agree with everything Kenny has done but no GM works harder.

And no franchise has the resources, money, or name that the Yankees have. The Angels and Red Sox, maybe the Dodgers and the Cubs, are the next closest but even they are way, way behind the Yanks in those categories. The White Sox are not even in the same stratosphere with the Yanks in that regard.

Correct, when a player goes on waivers (as almost every player does each year, you just don’t hear about it)it starts with team #30 up to the team with the best record. So say the Sox wanted to make a waiver deal. A team like the Indians could make a claim on him and never actually make the trade and effectively block the Sox from making the deal. This type of waivers lasts 48 hours.

Now if a player is designated for assignment such as Pablo or Scott Eyre, there is a longer period of time where a deal can be made. If no deal is made then the player is given his outright release or can be assigned to a minor league team if they choose to accept it.

Yes, shortstuff, that is how the waivers deal works. I’m not sure if they go by winning percentage or the actual standings. Still, most of the teams in baseball will get a shot at players on waivers before the Sox do at this point with the Sox in first place.

tc, true enough, we’ll go back and forth on this one and you make good points. we all want this team to return to the playoffs. and i believe we will. i believe the twins pitching will falter down the stretch. strangely enough, detroit doesn’t concern me anymore. not after we took the last two series from them. but trust me when i tell you it doesn’t take yankee spending to acquire talent this time of year.

we need everyone to click this weekend. this is a BIG series for us.


Thanks…I’ve also been assigned as lead announcer for the women which means on the road this winter to places like New Mexico, Colorado and Loyola Marymount. It should be fun.


Also to Tom and T.C. no one is saying the Sox can act like the Yankees HOWEVER no one has of yet, explained how the Yankees can take anything they want from garbage teams like the Pirates for mediocre (save for one legit prospect) talent out of their mediocre minor league system BUT THE WHITE SOX CAN’T do the same thing?

What do other G.M.’s not like Kenny? (LOL) I’m just looking for a reason why New York can get four / five guys, filling just about everything they needed and NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP great “minor league” talent. They gave up one quality prospect in all those deals. Even the White Sox have one quality minor league prospect (Poreda).


Also I say this with all due respect, we’re all Sox fans here, but that attitude of “we can’t compete with the Yankees” (or the Red Sox or the Cubs or whomever you choose) is part of the reason the Sox have been to two World Series since 1917, winning one. There are expansion teams that have been to as many in far less time and one of those, Florida has won TWO World Series.

You can argue over the financial advantages the Yankees have but the biggest “advantage” they have over the Sox is “attitude.” They will not accept “losing” they have never forgotten the name of the game is to win…not worry about the media, not to make a profit, but to win.

That’s why they draw three and four million a season which is why they can keep pouring that money back into getting talent.

It’s no secret what they do and how they do it and Kenny himself was quoted as saying the same thing… that he wanted to do exactly what the other “big market” teams do to keep that success going. To win, to draw more fans, to get that money poured back into the team to keep winning.

Yet it hasn’t worked out has it? You can’t rely on “luck” to keep the cycle of winning going, you can’t rely on a fluke championship…it takes an absolute commitment economically, psychologically, physically from everyone to pull it off. There are no shortcuts to sustained success. You want to do something, do it. Don’t worry about who the guy’s agent is or that he costs to much or that you may have to trade more prospects then you like or that you may have to up the payroll beyond what you want. (Hell the Cubs spent 400 million in one off season didn’t they? The baggy pants buffoons of baseball did that…)

The White Sox should be dominating this division they way the Yankees and Boston do their’s because of their location, media market, fan base, advertising deals, team payroll….yet the Minnesota Twins have more playoff appearances. That’s pretty sad wouldn’t you say?

Mark Liptak


I never said the Sox cannot compete with the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, etc. Of course they can and they do. I said the White Sox don’t have the money the Yanks do. But more importantly (since money alone will not win championships), the Sox will never be able to compete with the Yankees’ tradition and history. Nobody will. Not even the ESPN Red Sox.

I’m not sure exactly which 4 or 5 players the Yankees picked up that you are referring to. Nady, the young outfielder, and Marte, who is pitching for a good team for the first time since going AWOL on the Sox’ championship team, are the two most recent that come to mind. While the Yankees have traded a lot of prospects away, they have built the current team around homegrown players like Jeter and Posada, and added stars like A-Rod, Mussina, Damon, Abreu, etc.. some through trades, some through free agency.

Just because the Sox are in a big market does not put them in the same class as the Yankees. The NY market is twice the size of Chicago (probably even more than twice) and the Yankees TV and Radio deals are probably bigger than all the other TV and radio deals in MLB put together. The Yanks draw because they win, true. But the biggest reason they draw is because their market in huge and their tradition is the best in all of pro sports. Even if they lost, they would draw. Kind of like that team leading the minor league that plays on the north side of our city. Or that overgrown college football team that plays up in Wisconsin and has its players jump in the stands after touchdowns.

I’ll never take a back seat to the Yankees or anybody. And neither will Kenny, Ozzie, or Jerry Reinsdorf when it comes to wanting to win. But Jerry’s pockets aren’t as deep as the Steinbrenners and that forces the “creativity” that Kenny has to use and that you seem to despise.

And I sure hope that the fluke championship you made reference to was not about the 2005 winners. I’d say the best record in all of baseball and an 11-1 run through the playoffs was no fluke.

And I know you will say it was the first in a long, long time. True, it was. And while just four post-season appearances in the last 25 years are not a lot, there are several other franchises in the league that would like to be able to make that statement. No, I am not satisfied with that but I don’t blame it on the fact that being in Chicago we should have more. Games ultimately are won between the white lines and not in the beer lines, the TV ratings, the owner’s box and the Jim Beam Lounge.

Wow! What great posts today! Lip, tc, swsfley, devereaux, great passion, wonderful insight and very cogent remarks and respectful disagreements. You all can be on my debate team. We have our hands full today with the red sox, not the yankees, so I won’t join in on your discussions.

On paper, it looks as if the red sox have the better pitching matchups these next four days: Lester against Mark, DiceK up against Jose, Clay Bucholtz ( an unknown pitcher) against Gavin and Beckett vs. JD. On paper, their records and era’s are better than ours except for Bucholtz, but that’s on paper. As we all know from some dissappointing losses against the dregs of any teams rotation, any pitcher on any given day can come off like Cy Young. It’s time for us to take our turn at hurting the red sox post season chances by having four good outings from our starters. I like Mark leading the way, and can see a W tonight. Tomorrow, who knows which Jose will show up? That one is up for grabs. Gavin is going to do well Sunday and Danks will beat Beckett for a series win for the “REAL” Sox…. That would be the ones White……. Go Sox ’08….. j.k.


Fluke was in reference to the fact that the Sox haven’t even been able to return to the post season since them (much like 2000 was) not that there was anything in anyway “lucky” about that title. They won the title on great pitching and a balanced offense. They earned that crown.

And I wouldn’t use the word “despise” referring to me talking about how Kenny has to make deals but it does get old.

The White Sox contrary to what some may think, aren’t poor, they aren’t losing money (and according to my sources haven’t in a long, long time) and still reside in the 3rd largest market in the country.

Bud Selig himself, the master of the phony tears and phony anguish says MLB is now a six billion dollar industry. No owner need fear about not having enough to eat tomorrow if every team raised their payroll to 150 million (which in a very short time may be considered “average” in the sport. I’m sure that though does send shivers down the backs of some in the Sox organization…)

Stated again they should be “dominating” this division….they aren’t even coming close to doing that and that’s a shame.

Mark Liptak

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