Weekend Warriors

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; JR, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Miss, 2B; Uribe, 3B.  Buehrle pitching.


Moose Skowron is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch tonight.  It’s the first time in his life that he’s ever thrown a first pitch.  And he’s happy he’s throwing it against the Red Sox, because he says he owned Boston as a hitter.  He is upset, however, that Mark Buehrle won’t catch him … Mark catches all the first pitches except for games when he is starting (obviously).

There’s Always More to the Story

Yes, there may have been a few relievers changing teams recently, but beware, many of these deals are waiver trades.  In one case, a team got stuck with something like $7.5 million in future salary for a situational guy … not sure that’d make us better.


I found this letter in my inbox the other day …

Mr. Grim,

I wanted to thank you so much for the jersey, towell and hat; they’ve helped to decorate my sparse room her in Afghanistan.  I hope you’ll indulge me for a minute and let me tell a bit of a story.  Not long ago coming to Afghanistan while out on patrol our convoy was attacked and two of my fellow soldiers were wounded (both seriously enough that they are now stateside).  It was a day filled with fear, anguish, and confusion.  We limped into another FOB (Forward Operating Base) and tried to connect our thoughts.  I could see on the faces of my fellow soldiers (and I imagine I looked the same) the exhaustion and complex jumble of emotions running through our heads.  As we walked into the chow hall I was surprised to see White Sox memorabilia all over the walls.  On the TV was a Sox game, and for the next couple of hours I was able to catch my breath and defuse watching the Sox.  It might be a cliche to say this but that game helped me through that day and still does.  Baseball is just a game, but for us it’s also something else:  it’s a day at the Cell where you can forget everything for a few hours; it’s the place where you connect with friends and community; it’s the quiet place where you collect yourself in a chow hall; it’s home.

The jersey, bat and towel are part of all that and I thank you for it.

Very respectfully,

Sgt. Kevin Doyle

Go Sox!





Great story Scott. No matter how much we rant and rave about the Sox something like that puts it in perspective. For a lot of people like myself sports means a lot, but for the most part it is an outlet from the reality of the pressures of our daily lives.

Wonderful story Scott, thank you. I know my Son-in-Law felt the same on his two tours in Iraq. He repeatedly mentioned to me that he would watch the Sox whenever he could and the connection to home (the US) was palpable. Thanks again….. Now, Go White Sox… j.k.

Oh-oh going into the second. Keep it up Mark….. go White Sox, j.k.

There we go, just like it’s drawn up: hit and run on the first pitch worked to perfection and AJ just far enough into the outfield for a 1-0 lead. Good start, keep bearing down…. go Sox… j.k.

Awesome post, glad the guys get to see some games over there and everywhere, I know when my daddy was in Koreas, any baseball ‘cept maybe the Cubs, would’ve made his day!

As the Olympics are on for the next 17 days I’ll be out of touch a bit, know I’m still around, watching our boys but probably not on the comp as much. I know how ya’ll wonder what happens to people when they disappear sometimes even though I don’t know stats and I don’t debate much, I’m still an original.

I feel a bond with all of you… ok ok, not sure why the mush, the poster you made just gave me the warm fuzzies and it’s still on my mind.


Hell-o is anybody there? Going to the fifth with a 1-0 lead…. Go Mark, Go White Sox….. j.k.

I’m around jk….

I see that 1966. Good to have you. I guess everybody else is glued to the tube. So far so good 3-0 top of the 6th…. Go White Sox…. j.k.

I like Uribe in the line up. I also like that double Cabrera hit. I also like Buehrle’s effort tonight. Lets get this big W.

Way to go Mark….. Keep it up! Go White Sox…… Just for the sake of our (my) peace of mind.. how about some more runs?….. j.k.

The Four Musketeers are here!!! kenwo has joined jdevereux, sox1966 and klein to uphold our status as the BEST team blog site on the web….. Go White Sox… j.k.

Man…. I wish I was still in Chicago at the game!!!! double play, way to go Mark… One more inning??? j.k.

Can you say… “everything is going right” so far? AJ caught in a pickle and OC scores our fourth run…. I’d run Mark out to start the eighth…. Go Sox (White Sox)…j.k.

Great job Mark,,,, Come on Oh Do Tell…. j.k.

dammit. hanging curve ball. come on thornton

At last! Something clear I can unnrdstade. Thanks!

good job thornton…lets go DJ.

by the way…Mike Devereaux i got an email saying you are participating in a legends home run derby in the Quad Cities against Pedro Guerrero and a few others. Good luck!

Oh Baby! at least we still have the lead. Come on Carrasco, bring us to the bottom of this inning. I don’t want to see Marks effort go for naught…. Go Team Go… j.k.

Your answer was just what I needde. It’s made my day!

Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignorant.

That a boy DJ. Lets get a few so good ol’ Klien doesn’t experience heart problems. Me too for that matter.

Whew!!!!!!!!!! That was close… How about some more runs before Bobby comes out???? Go White Sox… j.k.

Thanks kenwo, I’m with you…. j.k.

I’m still, been watching the tv and the olympics… turned back to the computer just in time to see whomever it was hit the 3 run homer, I cringed, I’ll admit. Sometimes they do better when I’m not watching, my mom turns the tv when the visiting team bats, guess she only saw half the world series! 🙂

good gosh is Carlos having a great season. Thank you Carlos!

waa haa haa…. woohoo!!!!!

That’s what we’re talking about… Yeah Q!!! j.k.

Alexei is up for rookie of the month btw

Go, Bobby go…. j.k.

check out the score of the phils and pirates.. talk about a sleeper!

Bobby is making me crazy!

another one in the books!!!!!

I guess it’s not a game unless there’s a little drama!! Thank you Bobby and thank you White Sox…. Go k.c….. j.k.

that a way to take the first game of a big series. Hope to the good lord that Jose Contreras has a good outing tomorrow. We have seen what we got to replace him and it ain’t good.

I know, I know, be careful what you wish for ( especially with k.c.)… but hey another game up on the twins would be good, right???? Night all… and a special Good night to Mark Buehrle… Yes… j.k.

Hi everyone, sorry I’m late, my cousins are in from FL and we went to the classic car show in town. We stopped for an icecream cone and I watched the last inning through the window of the bar next door! Way to go White Sox! All 14 of us are going to the game tomorrow night. I will do my best to bring home a winner.

Looking forward to seeing Jose back. Positive vibes are being sent his way for a great welcome back.

I still love Uribe. I think the love is starting to flow his way. Go Juanny go!!!

Until tomorrow…when we kick some Red Sox butt…


Considering the Red Sox won 15 of 20 at U.S. Cellular since the start of 2003 ANY win against them is a great win.

I wouldn’t hope for a lot with the Royals…they roll over and die against every team but one (and you know who that is…)

Nice to see Mark pitch well tonight.

Regarding Scott’s waiver comment, with due respect, (I have no idea who that pitcher is or the team was) if that pitcher helps that team win the division or the wild card and they get to the post season, said club will make that 7.5 million back in one post season home game. And the value of the franchise will go up because they made the post season, that means higher advertising rates next year…more money in the coffers of the club.

Money should be absolutely no impediment towards winning….EVER. Or as they say in the business world, “you spend money to make money…”

Mark Liptak

And again with due respect…the way Wasserman, Logan and Russell have been pitching what situational relief guy WOULDN’T be an improvement?

Mark Liptak

The deal Kenny made to get “TCQ” is the steal of the year in any league.

Mark Liptak

There you have it Sox fans… Fair and balanced by Lip…… pitching Oh for two, but hitting One & oh….But,,, Go Sox however you are made up…. now I simply must go to bed for a very early tee time manana……….. Go Chicago White Sox ’08….. j.k.

Solid work by Buehrle tonight. Could have done without the 3 run homer by Pedroia, but if Dotel is gonna get a bad one out of the way it was ok tonight since we hung on. Now in a 1 run game later in the series he can just strike out the side. Seems that is the way he is gonna be. Occasionaly hang one, but more often be very good.

I almost fainted when Uribe got the bunt down. Ozzie should have greeted him at the top of the dugout steps with a hug. And then the two runs were scored by Cabrera. Amazing what happens when you execute the little things!!!

Kenwo – I got that email too, and I figured you would bring that up. I actually went to college in Davenport where that ballpark is. It’s a cool place to see a minor league game, but it is right down on the river and that park is under water every spring. They had their heads up their butts when they built it there.

That is not much of a legends list there. Those guys were playing when we were growing up (Seems like you are about the same age as me). I’d be pulling for Pedro Guerrero or maybe Jack Clark. I remember Clark just killing the Cubs back in his days with the Cardinals.

What would be the odds of one city hosting two MLB games in a period of roughly over 8 hours and a half, with both games being well-played and entertaining… and the home teams coming through in the end?

That’s what we had in the Windy City yesterday…

Needless to say, I liked the last result a lot better than the first… On the North Side, La Russa and Dave Duncan seem to have a major headache with their pitching… both starting and relief… They try to win with pounding their opponents into submission offensively, then hang on for dear life with theiur pitching and defense…

Sound familiar, folks?

As to the on-going debate concerning the almighty buck and the almighty victory… let me just say once more…

I have yet to see a profit and loss sheet for a major league payroll go out on a field and win a championship…

Ask Peter Angelos in Baltimore, who has spent a lot of money in his time owning the O’s… look in his trophy case and see how many World Champion trophies the Birds have since the Golden Greek took over…

Look at Tom Hicks in Texas… who got burned BIG TIME in the A-Rod deal… who spends a lot of money and doesn’t get a thing back in return…

Look at Frank Mc Court with the Dodgers… The second largest market in MLB… the star-studded lineup, all the moohlah he’s thrown around… as Vin Scully would say …
“And it’s interesting to note that the Dodgers haven’t gotten a thing back for their investments in quite a while.”

Look at Carl Pohlad in the Twin Cities, look at Mike Illitch in Detroit… look at a lot of the owners in a lot of the markets…
big, medium and small…

Remember back to the days when the late Gene Autry tried to buy a World Series for the Angels, going up against Steinbrenner in NYC, Turner in Atlanta and the others who have gazillions of dollars invested in LOUSY TEAMS… because they throw good money at bad players, hoping and praying that all of a sudden, they become good…

Yes, to make money you have to spend money… but use your head sometimes instead of your payroll… and avoid being (perhaps) in the red… which would match the color of your face when your big-money team craps out in the end…

And Mark, I know that those examples don’t matter a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn) to you… you are just fixated on what KW and JR and OG do with what they have…

Just remember, though, what I just got through writing…

BTW, why don’t you tell the SID at Idaho State about THIS site, in addition to your dealings with WS Interactive?…Are you ashamed of us, hmmm?


Okay so we have found at least one thing to agree upon. Wasserman is back where he belongs at AAA. And I will agree that Logan has been awful as of late, but I still like him and want him in my organization. He has a good arm, showed a lot of talent in the early part of the season and throws with the desirable left arm.

I disagree about Russell. For a rookie making his first venture in the bigs, he has performed more than adequately. He is a big kid with a great arm and a lot of upside. True, I would hesitate to use him in a postseason game or one in the final week or two of the season at crunch time but I still feel that he will be a big player for the Sox in the future.

And money alone is not the answer. Yes, the Yankees and Red Sox have had quite a run in the last decade but remember that the Yanks spent a lot of money between 1982 and 1994 and made ZERO postseason appearances. And Boston went from ’86 until 2004 without a World Series appearance and had just a handful of playoff appearances in between. Much the same with the Mets and Dodgers and they are in even bigger markets than the Sox.

The Sox are not alone in their frustrations.

I disagree–I’d rather have Wasserman than the Vulture, Adam Russell, in the bullpen, but that’s just my opinion. I really, really, really hope we see Jose Contreras back to the form he had when he pitched against the Angels back in May. Would that not be sa-weet?

Beautiful effort by Mark last night. Made my heart go pitty-pat again! Juan just keeps looking better and better the more we see him. Brilliant baserunning by AJ (of course). But did anyone else see him ripping into DJ Carrasco after the 8th inning? Anyone have any insight as to what that flare up was about?

Need to see some hits from JD, Junior and Thome tonight (if they are playing). Welcome back, Jose, and give us your best effort. GO WHITE SOX!!! (can’t just say sox or you all might get confused as to whom I’m rooting for) ;o)


You can say Go Sox. As far as real baseball fans are concerned (especially in Chicago), there is only one Sox.

when is the signing of Beckham going to get done?

I dont think any team in the national league has the potentual to win the world series title.considering the teams are not playing up to there potentual.for example the cubs and the mets have good records but they been playing teams thats below 500.compared to last yr.

I have been a white sox fan since 1983.and would love to see ozzie in the city of chicago get another title.it may be hard but i know they can.they had there ups and downs and if they really try hard they could do it again.the question is do they really want it bad enough. number 1 sox fan. go ozzie ya can do it.ya can do it all yr .

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