Postgame Fireworks

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jose Contreras’ injury and our bullpen logging eight innings tonight brought about a flurry of moves postgame.

Josh Fields was optioned to Class AAA Charlotte and Boone Logan will be optioned tomorrow before the game.  We then acquired LH reliever Horacio Ramirez (good sinker, good numbers) from KC in exchange for minor league outfielder Paulo Orlando, who was at Class A Winston-Salem.

Tomorrow before the game, we will bring two other players up and place Jose on the disabled list, giving us 25 players by 1:05 pm.

And as for Livan Hernandez …



Interesting moves. There was no way Ozzie was going to keep Logan on his staff after tonight’s performance. And Fields does us no good sitting the bench when all he can do is occasionally pinch-hit, adding no defense, no speed or no versatility.

So we need a utility infielder and a pitcher to be called up tomorrow. Either a starter or a long reliever if they decide to give Carrasco a shot at the No. 5 slot. With Carrasco on the shelf now for a couple of days at least after throwing 4.1 tonight, I think we will likely see a reliever called up. At least until late next week when Contreras’ turn comes around again.

Maybe Chris Getz? I haven’t looked at the Charlotte and Birmingham stats in a while. Maybe some of you others have and have a better feel for the impending moves.


Thanks for the clarification on Hernandez. Didn’t know the Twins worked out a deal Friday, I was baby sitting my grandson.



Please see the immediate previous blog entry (the one before Scott made this update…)

I think it’s to late in the season to stretch out Carrasco although since spring training he has pitched well.

The Sox need to get a starter by hook or by crook.

Since I struck out with Hernandez what is the status of Jarrod Washburn?

I understand he DID clear waivers.

For the immediate future I’m assuming they bring back up Richard or broadway (at least until they can decide what they want to try to do…)

Mark Liptak

You know even with the inconsistent “all of nothing” offense this season was moving along pretty well until “Mr. Injury” decided to show up.

That’s 2001, 2004 and more alarmingly back to back, 2007 and 2008, that a lot of players went down.

Maybe that’s a sign that this is an old team.

Biggest loss of the year in my mind still is the injury to Linebrink. The bullpen wasn’t the same after he started with his shoulder soreness.

Mark Liptak

Linebrink’s trip to the DL has been the biggest blow. That changed the whole focus and alignment of the bullpen.

Just have to hope that he can come back for September.

I have been too busy to follow the comings and goings of other teams (as I showed when I didn’t know about Hernandez going to Denver) so I have no idea what is up with Washburn.

I think Richard showed he is not yet ready. Time to try Broadway or someone else. Still, I think we may see a reliever called up at least for the next four games until we need another starter. Bullpen has put in a lot of work lately.

For what it’s worth the AP is now reporting that Contreras will be out “at least nine months…” (direct quote).

That would put him back at the earliest (if he doesn’t retire) sometime in May and he’d still have to go through an extended spring training so you are looking at the All Star Break of 2009.

Mark Liptak

Well, Contreras injury aside (best wishes to him for a speedy and complete recovery, but I’m not holding out much hope), I must say that I have been much impressed by Juan’s play both defensively and offensively in the last several games and am thrilled Ozzie has named him the starting third baseman for now. I will be out at the park with the kids tomorrow, cheering on our White Sox. Hope to see a good outing by Gavin with lots of fireworks for the offense. Nice HR for Jimmy tonight.

By the way, since the trading deadline has passed, how did the Sox “acquire” a new pitcher for a minor leaguer? Just wondering . . .

It went through the “waiver” route. Teams in reverse order can put in a claim to stop a deal from going through. Apparently no one wanted Ramirez or decided it was worth putting in a claim on him. Since no one stopped it, the deal went through. It will stay this procedure until the end of the season.

Pretty good story here from MLB on the implications of the Contreras’ injury:

Mark Liptak

Any thought of signing Freddy Garcia?

Thanks Mark L. for the info about the trade.

Bernie, Last I heard, and it was just before the All-Star break, Houston reportedly was interested in seeing Freddy Garcia throw. When Ozzie was asked about it, he commented that from what he had seen or heard, Freddy is not ready to pitch yet. (I think they are related somehow.) I have not read any further comments.

Anyone see that Carlos Lee is out for the season with a broken finger? Lots more injuries happening around the leagues (Orlando Hudson-DBacks, Ryan Braun-Brewers) so its not just the Sox hurting. Guess its that time of year?

This from a story on MSNBC: “D.J. Carrasco filled in well for Contreras, giving up one run and three hits in 4 1-3 innings. Guillen said Carrasco is the favorite to take Contreras? spot in the rotation.”

Unfortunately, I think that this injury to Contreras seals the deal for the Twins this year. Richard proved he can’t be in the rotation and I don’t believe anyone that the Sox can pick up will be even mediocre. Freddy Garcia comes to mind as well that maybe you give him a shot but he hasn’t even been throwing. I think they are going to bring up some pitchers and not a utility infielder for at least a couple days.

Ramirez will be better than Logan which is nice. Finally got rid of that waste of space. Sox should have put together a nice package for Damaso Marte but failed.

Big big loss for my fantasy team of Carlos Lee. Quite possibly my fantasy teams season is basically ending tonight right with the White Sox. Hopefully I am proven wrong.

My thoughts, now that I’ve returned from the D-Backs game in Phx. are…… Stunned silence!. I knew we lost our game, as I was watching the scoreboard more than the action on the field tonight. But I didn’t know anything about Jose until I opened the Sox home page. Losing Contrerras is a big loss, but not the end of the season. We are in second looking up at the twins, but that happened last week too and then that arrangement was corrected when they played Seattle of all teams. You NEVER know.

We have four games to play before the next start of (fill in the blank). That means that we can WIN the next four and find ourselves back in first place! After the next two against the red sox it is payback time with the royals. While we are ripping them apart, the twins play the yankees…. You never know.

I like our chances against Bucholtz with Gavin pitching. We need to be patient and allow this unknown “ace” to throw himself out of the game and we will be fine. Danks and Beckett will be a fun game, but I think we will win this one too. So keep the faith and remember that injuries are a part of the game that affect every team. We were injury free in ’05, but that “bug” started hitting us the later part of ’06 and pretty much all of ’07. We had been pretty healthy this year until about six weeks ago. There is still a lot of games to be played, and now is not the time to moan and start writing our team off. You never know.

Just take it one game at a time and pull for the Sox. I guarantee, they still have life in them and will surprise. Will they win the Central? That I can’t guarantee, but you never know…….. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

a new day. as bad as logan was, remember that we were right in the game last night until logan’s trainwreck. if we get a good outing from gavin today, we’re right back where we need to be.

It was just a one-start, end-of-the-season audition last year, but in that one start he proved he was already as mature than the two guys who have made us contenders this year, John and Gavin. So call up LANCE BROADWAY already!

Sun Times says Washburn from Sea.?

Brett you may have gotten your wish. I thought I heard this morning they called Broadway up…don’t know if that was speculation, but heard them say it.

Went up to Chicago for the game last night. Perfect day, used to be going up to Chicago, you’d see the brown sky in the distance, not yesterday. No traffic, flew right in, could see downtown nice and clear, stopped in on some friends in Chinatown, day was beautiful and everywhere seemed bright and colorful. Perfect day for a ballgame…..

Was amazed at all the Red Sox fans. There were tons of them. Seats were perfect, lower level just under the upper deck so we stayed dry. Left a bunch of guys on base but things were looking good. Even when Contreras got knocked out (wasn’t aware of the severity of the injury), I wondered if that might have been a blessing in disguise. Carrasco did a great job. When Logan was brought in, I knew, it was time for a restroom break. So evidently, did a bunch of other White Sox fans, and when the crowd started roaring, we shook our heads and muttered, “That didn’t sound good”.

Anyway, would have been nice to send all those red sox fans home crying, but such is life. Got time to get 1st place back, and am looking forward to the next two games. Floyd and Danks should be ready for these jagoffs. Hope to take 3 of 4 in this series, and as far as filling out the rotation, this ought to be interesting.

I’m actually glad to see Uribe at 3rd, funny. I got faith, hopefully these guys can pull through this next month and a half.

Oh yeah, nice to hear 107.9, with all those tuba riffs along with those polkas, very nice.

The speculation has started among the mainstream media. I don’t know if these are just guesses or if there is something behind it.

Phil Rogers of the Tribune says the name Paul Byrd. Chris DeLuca of the Sun-Times says Kenny is going after Jarrod Washburn.

Broadway has been called up but whether he stays up or not is an open question. You are looking for someone who can start 8-10 games and at least give you a chance to win as opposed to immediately trail 4-0.

We’ll see what happens.

The Ramirez deal could turn out to be a good one if his attitude is correct. I read in the Sporting News a while back that’s why he was let go by one of the clubs.

When he was with Atlanta if memory serves, he was outstanding.

Maybe they can help reverse a situation that has been going steadily worse since July 1st as the Sox had the highest ERA in MLB in that month.

Mark Liptak

I heard DJ Carrasco is going to be given the start. That is all fine and good until you realize he has been one of the only bullpen guys who have been getting it done recently. This injury to Contreras weakens the starting rotation, really weakens the bullpen and weakens the team. We “survived” for a couple of weeks without Contreras, but moving DJ into the rotation will do more harm than good. He is going to go 5 innings at best and we don’t have a bullpen to carry us through the rest of the game. I would rather see him in the bullpen where he can be used a few days in a row.

You know you are in bad shape when you are relying on DJ Carrasco and trading for Horatio Ramirez and calling up Lance Broadway.

I have been positive all year Klien but I am very very concerned right now.

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