Saturday Night in Chicago

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Miss, 2B; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B; Wise, CF.  Jose back to the mound.

We’ll See, Let’s Hope

If Jose’s start tonight is as good as his side says that left Coop raving …


Ehren Wassermann was sent down after last night’s game to make room for Jose’s return … we are 38-17 (.691) at home, third-best in the AL behind Tampa (.726) and Boston (.714) … our 161 home runs lead the majors … Carlos Quentin is attempting to become the first Sox hitter since Dick Allen in 1974 (32) to lead the AL in homers … Alexei Ramirez ranks among AL rookies in multihit games (2nd, 26), average (3rd, .310), slugging (3rd, .474), total bases (3rd, 145), hits (4th, 95), extra-base hits (4th, 29), runs scored (5th, 42) and homers (T5th, 10) … our outfield leads the AL in homers (76) and slugging (.510) and ranks second in RBI (213) and OBP (.354) … our run differential of +68 ranks second in the AL to Boston (+105).



Miss = Missile. Got it. For a minute there, I thought maybe LadyWhiteSoxFan’s daughter (from Seattle) might be in the lineup. ;o) (A reference from Blog Night, for those who weren’t there.)

Let’s go Sox!

I like the versatility that Ozzie now has with the addition of Junior. It will pay dividends and keep some of our older guys (and the young ones, too) fresh down the stretch.

It’s great to know that tonight we have a couple of hitters like Junior and Konerko on the bench. Griffey is struggling this week but PK seems to be finding his stroke.

It is translators’ day on the mound at the Cell with only Japanese and Spanish being spoken by the starting pitchers. Quaid, you may need a new thesaurus before this one is over.

oh, i shudder to think of josie pitching again……..anytime we hear people bragging about how good he feels when he gave up 2-3 runs in one inning at AAA rehab is just plain scary. but, he’s our guy and he’s all we got for tonight. Come on Josie, make a believer out of me!

Looks like the bullpen is going to have to step it up huge tonight!!! Out comes the oxygen!

Now what do we do about a starting pitcher??? Sounds like Jose is going to be out for awhile.

achilles tendon – that isn’t an easy heal is it?

achilles tendon is not an easy fix. he’s probably done for the year.

Agree–can take as long as 6 months to heal if complete rupture. Can’t count on him.

I’m thinking career ending???

Jeez, Contreras is one tough dude. To rupture an Achilles and walk off the field. Amazing. I’ve known guys who have suffered the injury and they said it was the most painful thing they have ever endured.

Really a shame. At least tonight it looked like he had a very good forkball.

A really big blow to the team. Despite his struggles of late, Contreras proved in ’05 that he is a big time postseason pitcher.

Carrasco may end up being the guy. Has pitched extraordinarily well through the sixth tonight.

Make that through the fifth and hopefully he can get out of this jam in the sixth.

I was thinking the same thing about career ending. Although he is a tough guy, one never knows.

Where is Klein to root us through the night??

Well Boone, I still like your arm and your potential but right now you belong in Charlotte.

Russell needs to hold them at five and give us a chance.

a great job by carrasco…….unfortunately, ONCE AGAIN boone logan stinks the place up. this guy should be sent back to AAA ASAP. Cost us the game. even more interesting is why ozzie would leave him in the game…..say good-bye to 1st place, the twins are beating the royals…again.


First place means nothing on Aug. 9. Don’t get too upset about that half-game deficit.

Logan should go down to the minors to see if he can get his head straight. I do not see how Ozzie can bring him into a close game from here on out.

You never like to see anyone get injured but at least this puts to rest any thoughts, hopes, dreams that Contreras was going to come back and “save” the starting rotation.

He has thrown his last inning in a White Sox uniform.

I’ll guess like it or not, Kenny is going to have to get a starting pitcher regardless of whether “the price is to high or not” because folks like Richard, Haegar and Broadway aren’t the answer. I don’t envy him but that’s what he’s being paid to do.

And naturally the Royals roll over and die again so the Sox are out of first place.

And I echo the thoughts of the above posters on Boone Logan…he pitched well for three months, three months in his entire major league career. He is not a good relief pitcher, he’s not even a mediocre relief pitcher… not with his mental issues. Time to ship him out and move on.

Maybe they can do something tomorrow…that game by the way is now the WTBS Game of the Week for those outside of Chicago.

Mark Liptak

Oh here’s a thought, I’m not saying it’s a great solution but he at least gives you innings.

Perhaps Scott can clarify the status of Livan Hernandez, designated for assignment by the Twins.

They are on the hook for his salary for the rest of the season. Could he be in a White Sox uniform by next week?

He he can’t be any worse then some of the other pitchers the Sox have brought up the past decade who have fallen completely on their faces. At least he knows his way to the mound and back to the dugout.

Mark Liptak


Please restrain yourself. We don’t need to hear and read your “glee” in the fact that Contreras will not pitch again this season.

When did Kenny ever say that Jose was going to “save” the rotation? I think he and Ozzie were just hoping that Jose could come back and give the team 7 or 8 decent-to-good starts down the stretch in a tough pennant race. And his experience and mastery in post-season play is something that only Buehrle has on this pitching staff.

Well, Mark, you got want you want. Now you can blame Kenny for not making a deal for a pitcher if the Sox don’t win the division. I’m sure that there are at least a dozen or so solid starters out there just waiting to be traded to the White Sox, right?

Steve Stone brought up a very interesting point at the end of tonight’s broadcast.

With the Sox now behind the Twins in the standings, the only AL team behind the Sox that might have a reason to try to block a waiver deal that appeals to the Sox is the Yankees. It may be easier for the Sox to procure an arm through waivers right now thanks to the Twins moving ahead of them.

And Mark, it is rare for me to say this twice in one day, but I agree with you on Livan Hernandez. He was ineffective at Minnesota this season but he is a veteran pitcher who knows how to win in a pennant race and is a previous NLCS MVP. It would be worth the risk to try him if Coop thinks the guy has anything left.


I think you’re overreacting. No one, certainly not me, is happy that he blew out his leg because ultimately that hurts the White Sox. I care about the name on the front of the jersey not the back.

But to your point, it was ludicrous that a guy who had completely fallen on hard times since the All Star Break in 2006 was STILL being allowed to have the number of chances that he was getting to perform badly. I’m sure his contract had something to do with that plus the fact that the price of pitching was apparently “too high” for the White Sox since December 2006.

All you need to know about how awful the Sox farm system is can be shown in this example:

The Twins trade Santana, one of the top starters in baseball and don’t miss a beat. Then when they need a boost they “only” bring back Liriano.

The White Sox were hoping a guy who hadn’t pitched well in two months, was going to provide some stability because they basically had no other options.

Buddy Bell and by proxy Kenny Williams have a monumental task ahead of them.

Mark Liptak


A point of clarification. I was not saying that you were happy to see Jose get hurt. I merely was pointing out how happy you must be to see him out of the rotation.

And remember that Jose pitched very well for much of the season’s first half. And he has demonstrated that he is a streaky pitcher and could rebound at any time. That was my point and I think that is the big reason why Ozzie and Coop kept showing faith in him.

The farm system may be bad but it has produced players who have helped us get Danks and ultimately Griffey (McCarthy), Vazquez (Young), Swisher (Gonzalez), and maybe a few others that I can’t recall at 10:30 p.m. on a long Saturday. Of course, the jury is still out on the Vazquez for Young deal but Young has struggled in the desert for a good part of this season. Javy has been the ultimate .500 pitcher. Not what we had hoped for but not a complete bust either. His performance will be especially critical now that Jose is gone.

You never like to see anyone get injured but at least this puts to rest any thoughts, hopes, dreams that Contreras was going to come back and “save” the starting rotation.

He has thrown his last inning in a White Sox uniform.

Liptak, you leave me speechless. I’m off to go throw up now.


As stated, given the way Contreras (age undetermined) has performed since the All Star Break of 2006, if that’s what the Sox were relying on to help stabilize the rotation, then they were in a world of hurt.

He’s in his last year of his deal next season and at his age, with his injury history the past few years (numerous trips to the DL) he is probably not going to return to play. Why should he? He’s got a World Series ring….his made millions and millions of dollars. He is going to move on with his life.

Sorry if my statement offended you but I think time will show that it’s going to be accurate.

Mark Liptak


You do bring up a good point although not in the way I think you expected to.

Kenny has done very, very well trading to get guys that have helped the Sox BUT it is also noteworthy that of all those “highly” regarded minor leaguers that he’s sent away, only Young has shown anything to making any type of impact at the MLB level.

That’s a real indictment of the Sox farm system and it shows how good Kenny is because he’s been able to deal people like Jeremy Reed who have done nothing and get something back that has.

Mark Liptak


You may be interested in this postgame comment:

“Those kinds of injuries, I don’t know how you can come back.”–Ozzie Guillen to the Tribune.


Regarding Boone Logan, I think Kenny will release or trade him this off season as well based on this comment:

“This is a pennant race. I want men on the field. I kept telling [GM] Kenny [Williams] that we have what we need here, but some people are making me look bad.”–Ozzie Guillen to the Tribune.

Mark Liptak

Liptak youre a top notch ******. Contreras pitched well as early as the first 2 months of this season. He looked good today. He was the only reason the sox made the playoffs back in 05 and for you to be such a ******* dick head ****** over the guy possibly suffering a career ending injury is simply retarded. Maybe if you get cancer I will say “looks like Liptak posted his last comment.” Personally i think Contreras will be back sometime next year. He has heart and is a competitor. Something I can’t say for you. Youre a ********** and I am giving you the DLeeun ban.

Well, not sure what set everyone off, but kenwo, seriously, you’re not exactly a paragon of maturity to start with. And Contreras wasn’t even through the second inning and his pitch count was up to 34 at least, it was only going to get worse….

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