Blog Night III Slide Show

Click here for a slideshow of photos from Blog Night III! (Thanks to Donna for the photos.)


I am back from a fantastic day at the Cell and just had to write down a great big YAHOOOOO that the good guys are back in first place.

We were a bit worried after that first inning, but the boys quickly rallied to give us some breathing room. My pick to click, JD, broke out of his slump in a big way. Q followed suit an inning later and when Thome came up to bat, he quickly shut my doubting mouth that he could hit another bomb so soon after his last one as he crushed the third longest homerun at the Cell this year.

Nothing to fear until Thor had some control problems. Big grins all around when Dotel was brought in to pitch, but the guy behind us exclaimed, “Oh no. This game is over!” My ten year old son quickly turned around and began spouting Dotel’s statistics at the guy, ending with, “Yeah, he’s bad sometimes, but he just had a bad outing, so he’s gonna be really good this time.” And the guy’s worried frown quickly turned into a big grin and he high-fived all of us believers!

We were glued to my friend’s cell phone as she kept us up to date on the KC-Minn game and what a relief when the Royals did us a favor by beating those pesky Twinks! For an interesting take on the state of their ballclub, read the recap of game.

Hope the link works, because the one for the pictures from Blog Night didn’t. Is there some kind of password we need to enter? Would love to see the pix.

On to tomorrow–Let’s get one more from those other sox. GO WHITE SOX!!

One last thing, please take a moment to remember Bernie Mac, big time White Sox fan and native Chicago son. We had a sign out at the Cell today that read: “Bernie Mac, you’re the angel in our outfield” Lots of positive response from fellow White Sox fans who loved him just as much as we did.

“Thornton sucks almost as bad as Logan.”

I sure hope you didn’t mean that. Thornton has pitched better than Dotel this season.

Mark, why do you keep trying to make it sound like Kenny hasn’t wanted to pick up pitching? I wish you could have been there at blog night. Rick did a nice job of explaining why they weren’t able to obtain pitching before the deadline.

Lets hold on to first place for good this time. I said before the series that we could take 3 of 4, and I’m still pretty confident about it. Danks has another tall order to fill, but he’s the guy we want out there. Sox in ’08!

Thanks for the link to the article about the twins woes, nmbrott. You could have inserted the Sox name in for the Twins and it would have sounded all so familiar, wouldn’t it? Just shows that all teams go through the same type of losses (and wins) throughout the season. I guess those games are part of the 42 toss up ones that EVERY team has. Danks will win tonight and maybe the Yankees will rebound after leaving LA and beat the Twins. I don’t really want to root for the Yankees though. So let’s just say Go White Sox… After all if we keep winning, it won’t matter what Minn. does…. Go Sox’08… j.k.

Nmbrott: I just sent you the pics that Donna was nice enough to e-mail me earlier… check your in box… j.k.

wow – what a dopey look on my face… 😉

Thanks so much Klein for the link to the pictures. Now I know what you look like. If you want to know which one is me, I’m sitting next to scam (hi there) in the “bloggers listen to Moose” picture, along with my friends and husband (who kind of got cut off). Which one are you, Andrew?

Lucky for me, I just got asked to go to the game tonight so I’ll be out there losing my voice to a good cause! LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!

1983 Sox hat/white pinstripe jersey in the lower left with the dopey look… apparently I was between smiles!

Oh, boy. There’s a picture to greet you. Could someone with PC skills please edit that and put in either Tiffani Thiesen’s (hi, Kenwo) or Eva Longoria’s (hi, TQ) head? On my body, not yours Scam. :o)

Thornton has not been as good as Dotel has this season. You are obviously oblivious to what has gone on this year. Thornton had a nice stretch where he was automatic but the last month and a half he has been shaky at best and terrible at worst. Dotel will have a blow up every once in a while but if he isn’t blowing up he is automatic and records huge outs. I think Dotel has recorded bigger outs than anyone else in the bullpen this season. He comes in with men on all the time *probably Thorntons men* and gets big strike outs, pop ups and yesterday a double play. Sure he’ll give up a long one every now and then but he is having a great season.

misread Eva Longoria as EVAN Longoria…and was like WTF?

Is it just me or is Carlos Quentin the next best thing since sliced bread? This guy is hot! Oh and he’s not a ball player either. LOL! He is a GREAT asset to this ball club! Just wanted to give him some love.

GO SOX!!!!

Thornton and Dotel are both having great seasons. Thornton has struggled a little lately but for the most part he has been reliable. His work in the 14-inning game vs. Detroit was outstanding. He had to pitch longer than he should and that accounted for the homer he gave up to Polanco.

Thornton walked three straight yesterday but remember the game in SF when Dotel could not get the ball anywhere near the plate and had to come out??? They have all had their rough patches. But, of course, relievers are supposed tobe perfect and never give up hits or allow walks, right???

Can’t get the pictures…any suggestions?

weed – let me forward to your e-mail. See if you can get them that way.


Beckett ain’t invincible, hope our bats can get to him early and often tonight. And Danks most definitely is the man for tonights game….

weeden… Fred, if you can’t get the pictures, what are you doing out in La-La Land working for Universal?

Oh, I’m sorry… wrong pictures…

Speaking of pictures (the segue kid strikes again…), here is my take on the weekend series, extended by one night…

The momentum swing went way UP Friday night… way, way, WAY down after the Saturday night Boston Massacre, thanks to the injury to the big Cuban horse… whom, I’m sorry to say, may have thrown his last pitches in anger in a major league uniform… and with no thanks whatsoever to Mr Logan, who pitched his way down to North Carolina with a magnificent (HEAVY sarcasm there)effort…

The manager thinks perhaps sometimes they are booing him… That was not the case Sat. … They know sh** when they see it, and don’t call it fertilizer, as they might at Clark and Addison…

Then yesterday… Mark’s favorite whine concerning the boys came true yet again… The “home run or nothing ” approach by J Dye, TCQ and “Sock-It” Thome was the difference between a 5 to 1 defeat and the final victory… And the WS lead ALL, I said ALL, of MLB in HR’s with 165… 5 more than the (as Farmio calls them) “fightin’ Phils”…

Now tonight, what some are calling the marquee matchup of the series… Beckett versus Danks… based on numbers, Beckett is the winner, 3-0 versus the boys, while Danks went 0-2 in that disastrous ’07 season thumping that the Carmines administered… But I am hoping that John D. comes through with the same type of game he should us last Wednesday versus the Tigers on BN III…

And as often as I advise against it, tonight WS Universe has to root, root, root for the Yank-mes as they go into the HumpDump to stare down the Piranhas…

By my calculations, two-thirds of the season have been played… the last third begins tonight… 23 at the Cell, counting tonight, 22 on the road… Minnesota has 21 games left at the HumpDump and 24 on the road, most thanks to the GOP convention…

One day at a time?… Pretty good TV show (Valerie Bertinelli… mmmmmmmm…. pardon me, the dirty old man in me got carried away…)… much better philosophy for the boys…

I SHOULD have written “… he SHOWED us last Wednesday…”

But you folks knew what I meant, didn’t you?

Sorry, Kenwo, but I think you are the one who is oblivious as to what kind of numbers Thornton has been putting up this year. For the season:

Thornton, 2.81 ERA, 48.1 IP, 15 R, 15 BB, 57 K

Dotel, 3.25 ERA, 52.2 IP, 25 R (19 ER), 24 BB, 73 K

I, for one, am happy that BOTH these GREAT pitchers are in our bullpen because even though they might have a bad game or two, for the rest of the time they are LIGHTS OUT!

Speaking of which, did anyone see who it was that allowed two baserunners to the Angels in yesterdays game? Yep, our old ex-pitcher, Damaso Marte. Gave up a hit and a walk. Took him out and Rivera couldn’t hold him and the Yanks lost the game (swept, I believe). Not even the best pitchers are perfect, right?

OK Klein, you got me. I searched thru the comments twice and can find no reference for your earlier comment:
Hey Billb, congrats on being number 1! ( as brought to our attention by Maria yesterday). Way to go.

When will Ozzie realize Dotel is an adrenalin junkie and needs to have the game on the line to pitch. You put him in without the game on the line and he will get it there. Bases loaded, one or none out, different story. I was at that game in SF. Dotel had pitched in 5 of the last 7 days, he may have been a tad overworked. He never should have been in that game either.

Based on the numbers, TQ? Okay, here’s why Beckett should lose. He’s been the loser in 3 out of his last 4 starts, the lone win being against the lowly Royals. Here’s why Danks should win. He hasn’t lost a game since May 24th. Or look at JB’s ERA 4.08 vs. JD’s ERA 3.24. But as we all know, the way things look on paper ain’t always the way it plays out on the field (right Detroit? right Cleveland?)

By the way, now that you’re famous, do we have to start referring to you as TTQ (THE Tom Quaid)?

Sorry, billb, I meant to congratulate Brett Balantini, for being the first of the regular posters of this blog to contribute. His first post was in June of ’05. Of course you are still number one in my book. I was just having a senior moment.

Maria, Don’t you dare touch even a hair on your head let alone the whole thing. You (as Tom might say) look wonderful! Those other “babes” have nothing over you…

In this “what have you done for me lately” business called baseball, it’s easy to forget how well most of our releivers have pitched. I’m sure any of the other 29 teams out there would take Dotel and Thornton in a heartbeat. Same holds true for Carrasco and Line when he was healthy. Even Logan pitched well early in the year. But tonight let’s hope we don’t even need any of those Boys. I feel good about JohnnyD tonight…. Go Sox.. j.k.

I seem to recall that most of the runs that Dotel gave up were in situations that didn’t ultimately doom the Sox. He always seems to resemble El Duque in the ALDS when he’s in high pressure situations. That said, I don’t recall many of the runs that Thornton has given up, but a remember a few that really hurt – although many of them may have been Boone carry-overs… Just my .02

Oh, how quickly we forget! The first game against the flubs, Danks had a 3-1 lead when he turned the ball over to Dotel who promptly gave up back to back homers. Good guys couldn’t score and Line gave up the game winner in the ninth. Now do you remember?

nmbrott… Did you say “famous” or “infamous” ???

I answer to either one…

andrew_ryback… Don’t worry about pictures, young man…
I’m just happy that Mommy Mac’s camera didn’t fall apart when she aimed it towards MY mug… along with the lovely Helene… (gotta keep good relations, ya know?)… I envy you your proximity to that lovely young lady to your left, as well as the always wonderful (right, jk?) Maria Wagener with her sign towards those not with us at the Cell…

BTW, did anyone see the locker room interviews last night?

It seems that Gavin Floyd made a wager with Bobby Jenks in spring training that, if he won at least 12 games during the regular season, he would shave his head…

Yesterday was win # 12 for “Pink” Floyd…

The end result?

He now looks like a taller version of Knucklehead Smif…

Let me explain that last reference for the kiddies out there…

Many years ago, there was a ventriloquist (someone who throws his voice and speaks for a dummy… kind of like a player agent…) named Paul Winchell… he had two dummies… excuse me,PC Nation, “figures”… one was Jerry Mahoney, and the other was Knucklehead Smif… the latter had no hair on its head… thus the reference…

jk, tc… I’m all tuckered out giving that explanation of yet ANOTHER arcane reference…

Will you do me a favor and turn the lights out and lock up when you’re done?

So I hear we just picked up relief pitcher franklyn german from the pirates for a player to be named later? any truth to this?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to start a Thornton v. Dotel argument, I was just trying to rile up Ken a little bit. Personally I think they have both been extremely valuable to this team all season. Obviously Thornton’s numbers are a little better, but I think I would give him the edge due to the fact he has been our only reliable lefty out of the pen for the last month, and has been able to shut down lefties all season.

Thornton is shaky. Even yesterday he came in and struck out two guys and still gave up a run on a wild pitch. I am much more comfortable with Octavio Dotel. He gives up the occasional bomb but he comes through way more than not.

Plus relievers era’s are misleading. They don’t pitch many innings so if one guy gets lit up once his ERA jumps 40 points. As is the case with Dotel. Take a look at those strike out numbers. Dotel leads all of the majors in reliever strikeouts. And many many many of them have come in big situations.


Even I’m not old enough to remember Winchell and his “figures” … And if it ain’t on Nick at Night, TV Land or MeTV then I haven’t seen it. Much of my recollection of things from that era are either through late-night TV or memories of my late parents talking about entertainers from that era.

Now I’m not saying you are ancient, but I think you and Klein have me by a few years. Heck, if Liptak isn’t lying about being 52, then he’s got me as well.

BTW, I looked through the photos that Donna sent out and I’ll vote for Maria’s kids as the prettiest and handsomest (Is that a word? Get out the thesaurus TQ.) people at BN III. Maria, that little girl will give you a handful in a few years. Maybe her brother will help her fight off the suitors.

Heh? What’s that tc? I can’t hear you. Could you use a larger font too? That way I can get my nose off the computer screen. Quaid’s memory is better than mine. Must be because I’ve got HIM by a couple of years. Oh Brother! At least Moose is older than I am…. I think…… I absolutely agree with you about Maria’s kids. And they are polite too!…. tc, I don’t suppose you remember Sherry Lewis and Lambchop? She’s the female Paul Winchell, but used sock dummies instead of figures. Not nearly as talented as Winchell, but better than Edgar Bergan. But then I know you don’t have a clue who he is,,,, I won’t even mention his daughter Candice. Exactly why are we talking about ventriloquists again?

Tom, I got the door for you, but I couldn’t find the light switch. Say hi to Helene for me…. Oh yeah, Go Sox…. j.k.

I know Sherry Lewis and Lambchop and Charlie Horse….. I remember my brother was a big fan back in the early 90s on PBS (My brother is 19…9 1/2 years younger than yours truly)…….. I know she was doing it years and years and years before then though.

now I know I’m old. Kenwo, you are 29 it looks like. All four of my children are in their 30’s! But then again I am Ageless and Timeless….. Yeah! That’s the ticket….. Go Sox.. see you all in a bit for the game. (rhetorically speaking of course)….. j.k.

hey hey hey klein… yourself. I’m not 29 yet…not til November 5!

Cool pic at the top of this entry. I tried to view the other pics, but the link tells me my session has timed out. Hope you all had a great time at blogger night! Sorry i had to miss it.


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