Sunday Dawns

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Swish, CF; Miss, 2B; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.

All of our flights cooperated and Chris Getz, Lance Broadway and Horacio Ramirez have all arrived at the ballpark and are available for today’s game.


Time to step it up. The Twins aren’t letting up. It’s times like these…

I was at the game last night and everyone to a person around me (who wasn’t a Red Sox fan and there were a lot) knew when Ozzie brought Logan in, it was over. Boy was it!

The only thing I can rationalize Logan is that Ozzie decided there was no way he was using Thorton because he has pitched a lot lately. And than to leave Logan in to pitch to Ortiz? That had to be so he could justify sending him back to AAA, they should send him to Joliet, for good.

What about a 4 man rotation, I looked at the schedule. There are enough off days to do it may be a spot start here and there by Carrasco. Just a thought.

Going to be interesting to see if Broadway or Getz will have a chance to play

Kenwo, you have been positive all year. See what it’s done so far? We’ve been in first place for over 100 days and are only out 1/2 game now. Not a big deal! So keep on believing and take it one day at a time. Today is the most important game of the year for us so far. Win or lose, that makes tomorrow the most important game and so on… one game at a time. There are four games before Jose’s next scheduled start and no matter who does start that game, we have to take care of business for the next four games first.

Hey Billb, congrats on being number 1! ( as brought to our attention by Maria yesterday). Way to go.

Now, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy this upcoming game. Be patient, Guys and stick it to this “clay” pitcher…. Go White Sox… j.k.

It will be a better game…Klein is back to talk us through it. We missed you yesterday!🙂

Thanks Donna, I’ll do my best. No worry. Down three isn’t the end of this game…. Go Sox.. j..k.

Relax, Gavin and keep the ball ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………down….. j.k.

keep the ball down…. is what was intended .

Okay, That’s better. Build off of that effort.. Go White Sox.. j.k.

3-1 now, and could have been more… Stay patient Guys and we’ll be okay…. Go Gavin… j.k.

That’s the way to settle down, Gavin. Now let’s start it off OC and crew…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Keep it going JK–you’re our lucky charm so far!!! Way to tie it up Q!!

Good inning Guys. Keep the pressure on them Gavin and we will be just fine… j.k.

Alright! Now, how about a couple more runs? j.k.

Now we will see if getting rid of Aardsma was a good thing… Go White Sox. j.k.

What was francona thinking? We know Ozzie would have left buchholtz in for at least one more batter, and that’s all we would have needed. scoring opportunity lost, so keep chunking Gavin and all will be well…. j.k.

I applaud you Gavin. Good job getting out of the 5th. (nice hit on Ellsbury too)… Now we can get to Aardsma… Go Sox.. j.k.

Don’t waste this inning like last one. Come on Juanny

Little steps are okay too. Think deep fly ball Juan and we get another run…. go Sox’08… j.k.

AJ needs to man up and take his strike outs like a man. Slamming the bat against the ground is a stupid idea as you saw when Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies pulled that off and proceeded to get 15 stitches in his hand. That would be the last thing we need right now.

I can’t wait to see a middle infield of Getz and Ramirez.

One more run. Could have been more, but that Masterson looked nasty….. Go Gavin, go…. j.k.

Thornton time.. Come on Matt, get the job done…. j.k.

Hanging on to the lead. Now we need some more runs. Come on Guys….. j.k.

dang Klein, you’ve got more energy than the rest of us put together!!!

Wow! We need someone else in besides Masterson. Hold ’em Matt… Go Sox.. j.k.

Hey, nothing else to de between innings and I’m on the computer watching the game anyway…. Go White Sox… j.k.

Thornton sucks almost as bad as Logan. 3 walks in a row? What a dope. I wouldn’t be as mad if he gave up 3 singles. Throw a fricken strike you jerk. Now we need heroics out of Octavio. Lets go.

Trouble brewing, bubbling and perkolating. Come on Oh Do Tell………….. j.k.

That a boy Dotel! Wow i went from ready to break my television to jumping out of the chair in 2 seconds. Here is to hoping that Horatio Ramirez is good because we need something positive out of the left side of the bullpen.

Hawk’s right. We’re doing our darndest to give these guys this ballgame….. Come on Sox…..j..k.

Klein, I meant no harm, you just seemed incredibly pumped up with every move! I too sit and watch many nights at the computer, thank goodness today I’m watching tbs so I can flip between that and the Olympics.

Games like these are too stressful for me! 🙂

What a time delay for I read kenwo’s comment after posting my last one and saw a pitch BEFORE the huge double play……. We’re still hanging on, but now we need some runs. Come on bottom of the order….. do it yet again… j.k.

This games on TBS? I’m outta here… j.k.

Come on Bobby

That a way. That was a big win today. With Beckett going tomorrow you had to take this one and hope for the best Monday. The Royals supposedly tied it up in the 9th. Lets go KC. What a job by Dotel and Jenks. These guys have for the most part been good all year.

A tie for first right now. Twins tied in the bottom of the 9th. I hope the Royals can make some magic.

Livan Hernandez gave up 9 earned runs in 2.2 IP today for Colorado. That should give you an idea of what is or was out there on the waiver wire.

Movement on the waiver wire may help the Sox but you can’t count on it to win for you. In order to win, the players that are currently here are going to have to get the job done. And the offense is just going to have to outscore the opposition (as it did today) when the pitching is not the strongest.

Sounds like Dotel and Jenks were the heroes. I only was able to follow the game online after the first two innings.

Oh, and where are all those Thome bashers from a couple of months ago????

Like I said, don’t get too high with the highs or too low with the lows. The marathon is about to reach mile 19. It’s been a little bumpy but the prize is still within sight.


Of course pitching in Colorado is a totally different animal than anyplace else on Earth, “chilled” baseballs or not.


Gritty, gutty, grinding win today. At the least they’ll get a split against Boston and that’s very important. The wild card is now in site as an insurance policy. You never know…

Nice to see the crappy Kansas City Royals play hard for a change against someone other then the White Sox. It’s about damn time…although they’ll probably still lose it.

On the postgame show Garfein and Melton were talking about Washburn and (big surprise) said that the issue with him may be his contract. Melton said the Sox would probably ask Seattle to pick up part of his deal which runs through next year. With Contreras out probably for good, Washburn could step in as the 5th starter next season. Harfein pointed out he’s lowered his ERA from 6 1/2 in May to 4.7 so he’s been pitching much better of late.

Mark Liptak

I’m not a real big fan of Thome’s and I appreciate his efforts, but I’m still here, thanks for asking TC. I’d say in my own opinion that Floyd deserves a bunch of credit today for getting things back under control after a rough first inning. And thank the lord these guys started hitting the ball today.

Rather than calling names (as always) and trying to one up each other on when we’re right, we should be focusing on the important things, like the fact all those Red Sox fans were disappointed today and tomorrow the Sox have a chance at 3 of 4 with Danks on the mound.

I’m not trying to call names and one up anybody. I’m just happy that the Sox were patient with Thome and that he is showing what he can do and has done in his Hall of Fame career.

Other than the team from the north side that is leading the minor league, there is no team in MLB that I would rather beat than the Red Sox. Any team from Boston is Public Enemy No. 1, especially this one. Three out of four would be absolutely wonderful.

thank you KC, God bless America folks!

I was thinking the same thing windy!!! There is a God and he’s on our side today!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter whether you win by one or by ten. A win is a win. Now tomorrow becomes the most important game of the year for us so far. The difference between todays “most important” game and tomorrows is that we once again are in first place and can look ahead to what should be a very “fun” game. Beckett vs. Danks should be a good game. I fully expect Johnny to take the win and get us ready for Mark and Javy to exact big time pay-back against the Royals. But that folks is in the near future, and near future doesn’t matter yet. The only thing that matters is the game we will play tomorrow against the red sox….. Get some rest y’all and get ready to enjoy….. Go White Sox…. j.k.


You really ought to get into motivational speaking. You got me so fired up to see Danks vs. Beckett that I may not get to sleep tonight.

Count down is on to sign draft picks. Why give Griffey a lot of money and refuse to sign draft picks. I am pretty sure that the sox will sign Gordon Beckham and the other picks but why be so penny pinching about it. Like I said they are paying Griffey a bundle for a few months to sit mostly on the bench , that is a double standard to me. Build up the farm system with guys that want to play for the Sox. Not guys that resent the sox for putting the screws to them on draft contracts. Just my view.

Id rather pay griffey to sit on the bench. To hell with paying draft picks super big bucks. Half of the first rounders will never make the major leagues. There should be a set number each player gets when they get drafted in the first round. 1st pick- 3 million. 2nd pick 2.9 3rd pick 2.8 and so on. Makes more sense to me. I believe the NBA does it that way. By far the best out of any of the major sports. NFL is the worst of the 3.

Golly, that relief pitcher of ours looked a lot like boone logan…..oops, my bad, that was matt (on again off again) thorton trying to hand this one to the carmines. Whew, thank god it was Dotel’s good day. He bailed us out. bobby came in and pitched well to end the game.

the boys had a lot of grit yesterday. down 3 zip before you could even settle in for the game.

going to the game tonight. ought to be a good one. pitchers duel? we’re gonna win tonight!

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