Monday Wraparound

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Miss, 2B; Junior, CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.


Jose Contreras underwent outpatient surgery today to repair his ruptured left Achilles tendon at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph and Dr. Simon Lee (a foot and ankle specialist).

Jose is home and recovering with no timetable yet for his return.

Personal note:  I suffered a torn Achilles in December 2000 while playing basketball.  I am still as quick and explosive as I was before the injury, but that isn’t saying very much …

Happy Anniversary

My spouse knew what she was getting into, but tonight is our 18th wedding anniversary, one that is rarely spent away from the ballpark.

In fact, anniversary No. 1 was the day Wilson Alvarez threw a no-hitter … so we celebrated in a Baltimore hotel room eating turkey clubs while every journalist in Venezuela called my room.

Anniversary No. 2 came in Anaheim with something like a 15-inning game.  We had reservations for that night at North Beach in SF, but the long game ended those chances.  I had the Angels staff put a “Happy Anniversary” up on the scoreboard in the 12th inning.  We had dinner that night at the Oakland Airport Hilton … turkey clubs.

She must love me.

The End

While some on this blog seemed to give up hope over the weekend, I would prefer to focus on winning three of four games from the Red Sox.

Cheers …



Thank you Scott, for 1) your anniversary stories, and 2) staying positive about the Sox (White that is). I remember Alvarez’ no-no well. Man was he running out of gas towards the end….. We will win tonight, maintain at least 1/2 game on the Twins and move ahead of the red sox in the wild card by percentage points. A MUCH better troika than Saturday nights.

Good luck to Jose for a speedy recovery. Our prayers and well wishes are with you. Go White Sox ’08… j.k.

Congrats on the anniversary!

My prayers to Jose for a speedy recovery. From what I hear that is a pretty painful injury and long recovery.

Happy anniversary to you Scott.

I’m with you, let’s get a win and take this series. We ARE still in first everyone. Baseball is a marathon and although it gets rough, we are still in the race. I’m hoping for the best. I don’t think there were many who thought we would be where we are now. (admittingly myself in that group) So it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard, we are going to have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that (ok, bonus points to anyone who can tell me what movie that is somewhat paraphrased from!!) To quote a very wise man “Go White Sox ’08!!

You are correct Donna. To be the best you have to beat the best. Here we go Boys and Girls.. Go Sox… j.k.

Happy anniversary Scott. I really agree with you on one big point – it is no where near time to “lose hope” – let’s win this one tonight but remember that it is not the end of the world if we don’t.

We just have to realize that the Twins aren’t going to go away and it is going to come down to which team plays better from mid-September on. I am a firm believer that some of the starting pitching troubles we have been having for the last few weeks are nothing more than the “dead-arm” period that EVERY major league pitcher goes through during a season and we are already starting to show signs that we may be back on the right track.

Even with the loss of Jose for the season, I’ll still take our pitching staff at it’s best over Minnesota’s at it’s best and if pitching and defense truly wins — I think we are going to be just fine.

After this homestand the Twins play 24/30 on the road. That plays in our favor.

Hey Scott, how about a picture of Gavin’s new “haircut” Anyone know where I can see it??

Good job JohnnyD. Bottom of two coming up… no score ..Go Sox’08… j.k.

Two innings down and no score… Keep up the good work, JohnnyD… Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Now we need a run or two to go with that hit we got last inning… j.k.

Thanks AJ. 1-0 Good Guys… Do your thing Mr. Danks… j.k.

Make Beckett throw some pitches… j.k.

Are we having fun yet? We got our lead and it may have to hold up. So far so good, Danks,,, Keep it going.. j.k.

If you blink, you miss a whole inning. Go Sox, keep grinding. Come on Jr. It’s your turn… j.k.

Go John Danks, go… j.k.

Focus……. Go White Sox… j.k.

We almost got to Beckett again that inning. Keep pitching like you’ve been Danks…. Go White Sox.. j.k.

This is my first time joining the blog. Love the White Sox. Is anyone else having trouble with the tv reception?

Now, let’s take it to Beckett. Welcome mwassner, and keep rooting on the Chicago White Sox…. j.k.

thanks for the welcome. We really need to pull this one out tonight.

GREAT game by Danks… Come on Guys, pick him up…. Go White Sox.. j.k.

O.K. Russel, get your guy out and bring it to the bottom of the eighth so we can go to work… Go Sox’08…j.k.

Danks did a fine job. Unfortunately we are going to need some more late inning heroics to get this win….Beckett is a tough customer and that match up lived up to its billing. I have to say- I really was not comfortable with Danks in the rotation this year. I had a good feeling about Floyd but I thought Danks was going to get smacked around. Boy have I been wrong. I am glad too.

Wow! what a catch by Quentin! This guy just saved a run with his glove on a day when he has K’d 3 times. Not many outfielders would have made that play in that situation. Lets squeak one through here.

What a great catch by Carlos – the tv reception is driving me nuts. The ball is hit and the picture freezes – can’t see if the ball is caught. Now we need some runs.

dammit. hopefully we can hold them here and get em in the 9th.

Nice catch Q!…

O.k. kenwo, you made me look at the last post to see what was going on, and all you can come up with is that you’re 28 for a couple more weeks??????? Let’s go White Sox, let’s go… let’s go White Sox, let’s go…. let’s go White Sox, let’s go…… j.k.

I thought my last comment posted so it’s not very timely, but the idea is there, we need to win and still can… Go White Sox…j.k.

hey…its about 2 1/2 months! Don’t want anyone thinking I am older than I am🙂

My point is that you are young enough to be my youngest son…… all my kids are in their 30’s.. Now come on Matt and then pick up a couple of runs in the bottom of the inning…… we can still win this one..j.k.

Lets discuss again how good matt thornton is. He gets behind in the count every time. He gives up big hits. These runs will go to Russell’s ERA even though Thornton is the turkey to give up the runs. Dotel bailed him out yesterday and Thornton can’t return the favor to Russell. Way to go by our lousy pen. If we go into the 9th down 2-1 there is still a good chance we can tie/win the game. down 4 at least makes it near impossible. great job matt.

Too much perfection earlier by JohnnyD. The collar was just a bit too tight.. He pitched very well. Josh Beckett pitched very well too, and the rest is history as they say. It’s not over yet, but scoring five against Paplebon won’t be easy…. I really thought we were going to win this one…. Go White Sox.. j.k.

Too bad. Now we need to focus on tomorrows game against KC and let’s get some payback… Go Javy,, go Sox… j.k.

I hate when the ******* bullpen comes in and gives up a ton of runs late in the game. That happened all of last season. It takes the hope you have right out of it. If we come up in 9th down 2-1 and go one two three I wouldn’t feel as pissy as i do right now. We are not going to win if our bullpen continues to be ****. If Carrasco is not slated to start Thursday there is a good chance he comes in when Russell did and gets outs. So for those of you morons that think Contreras injury was a good thing (especially Terry Boers that ******) you are out of your mind. You made an already weak bullpen weaker.

Is the answer trading for Jarrod Washburn? Maybe…though I don’t think he is very good either- but at least Carrasco then goes back to your pen where he has been valuable this year.

I also don’t understand why Ozzie is so against bringing in Jenks. It is in your home park in the 9th inning. He isn’t going to be in a save situation anyway so why not let him pitch the 9th and hopefully go into the bottom of the inning down 2-1. It doesn’t make sense not too. Other managers do it all the time. Is he that brittle that he can’t handle one inning not in a save situation?

Williams said in a story at White that because Washburn is basically a fly ball pitcher that he doesn’t make sense for the Sox to try to get him. He feels the “in house” candidates are better….we’ll see won’t we… but the past 15 years have shown 9 out of 10 times, the “in house” Sox candidates are bad…I mean VERY bad…I’m talkin Felix Diaz, Arnie Munoz, Scott Ruffcorn bad.

You can’t pitch much better then Danks did tonight, but it’s hard to win games when the offense disappears.

The Yankees have absolutely killed the Twins in the Metrodome winning something like 25 of 32, I was hoping that would continue…guess not.

Now let’s see how tough the Royals play the Sox the next three nights. They play the Sox like it’s the 7th game of the series….then look totally inept against teams like Detroit and Minnesota.

Mark Liptak

Happy Anniversary Scott. Sorry the guys couldn’t pull out a win for ya.

It’s such a shame. Danks pitched his heart out, had a no hitter going into the 7th and offense just wasn’t producing for him. Again tonight, too many guys left stranded.

As far as Thornton goes, I honestly think the poor guy is just tired. I thought I heard Hawk say that this was the 58th game,or something like that, in which he’s pitched. So it makes sense to me that his arm is just weary. But the offense and pitching need to get clicking together again, challenge themselves and take their game to another level if they want to get to the playoffs.

Hopefully we can begin tomorrow by putting a hurtin’ on Kansas City. They deserve it.

p.s. I TOLD you guys Maria’s kids were gorgeous! And I knew Kenwo was either late 20’s or early 30’s just by his dialect. LOL!!


Bobby historically doesn’t pitch well in non save situations. He also doesn’t historically pitch well when he’s not starting an inning.

Ozzie probably factors that in when deciding what to do.

Hey they took 2 of 4 against Boston, that’s cause for a major celebration the way the Red Sox have slapped them around since 2003.

Mark Liptak

very true..i am not overly mad that they lost this game…it just makes me angry when a big late inning against a garbage reliever takes you right out of the game.

I am taking a day trip tomorrow. Won’t get back til after the game. Hopefully you all bring home a winner. This will be like the 2nd or 3rd game I won’t see in person, hear on the radio or watch on tv…yes i know I need a life!

Lisa my dialect only gets really wild when I am discussing White Sox baseball.

For kenwo4life:

As far as bringing Jenks in the 9th inning of this game, I beg to differ with you that a lot of teams bring in their closer when the home team is TRAILING. You do see it quite often if the game is tied, but very rarely do you see the closer brought in by the home team to hold a defecit (I’m not saying it never happens-it does but very rarely).

This is also not to mention that he already pitched an inning the day before and pitching him in the 9th today means he probably is not available if needed to save tomorrow’s game. I’m sure Ozzie is trying to keep from using him 3 days in a row as his history says that 3rd consecutive day is usually pretty shaky.

Let’s face it – he is your CLOSER. What is he “closing” if you bring him in when you are trailing?

In Matt Thornton’s defense, not just in tonight’s outing but in several others over the last few weeks – a couple of things have been happening that you really don’t have much control over. He has made some really good pitches that have either not been called strikes and changes the whole scope of how you have to pitch in a given at bat (i.e. – you are probably going to do something different under a 2-0 count as opposed to an 0-1 or 1-1 or 0-2 count) OR many of the good pitches he has thrown he has sawed guys off – broken their bat and they wind up with a “duck snort” single.

Personally I really think he is throwing better than the recent results indicate.

It doesn’t matter how they get on. They are getting on. If this guy is supposed to be one of your main guys he better get results and he hasn’t gotten them since June. He was good in april- june. After that he has been pretty bad. He needs to be better. I don’t care if it is a broken bat a walk and then a double. You can’t have it in a pennant race plain and simple.

Quit being a homer and open your eyes. he hasn’t been good. He has been part of the slide of the bullpen that includes Logan and Massett….2 of em are gone….Thornton gets more rope than the others but he HAS to pitch better.

First of all Matt Thornton should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Masset and Logan. He performed far better than either of them.

Thornton was getting killed with the strike zone tonight. Really in general the Sox got the shaft tonight, but that is what seems to happen when you face up against a guy like Beckett. Someone of that stature always seems to have a bigger strike zone than his opponent. It’s always been that way and always will be. Thornton had what looked to be some great late movement on his fastball that he was not getting called for a strike because after it crossed the plate AJ would catch it out of the zone.

I suppose he was garbage in June with a 0.75 ERA in 12 innings with 15K’s and 1 walk. So he has struggled as of late, who hasn’t? You back Contreras when he absolutely stunk the last two months he pitched, but you can’t back Thornton who has been rock solid most of the year.

I think it was brought up over the weekend that this bullpen slide all started with the injuries to Jenks and Linebrink and roles have been moved around. Hopefully Linebrink comes back soon and we can feel a little better in the late innings.

Hey I will definitely take a split with Boston. Considering the pitching they have it is acceptable. Glad Manny Ramirez was gone though. The way he has hit us in the past I’m not sure we would have fared so well. Of course that is when he wants to play.

I am not so keen on Carrasco as the 5th starter. He has been too good out of the bullpen. Right now he is probably pitching the best of any of them. He’s not stretched out to go more than 4 or 5 innings so that means we eat up the bullpen when he pitches. They’d be better off with Broadway who is normally a starter, and will be able to eat up more innings. The starters have not been going deep consistently and it is exposing a very thin bullpen.

Wow, what a performance by Danks. Took a no-no into the 7th against a team like the RSox. Nice job. Couple comments after watching all this…..

after danks lost the no hitter, cooper should have immediately gone to the mound and settled him down. you could see that danks was rattled and frustrated.

thornton needs something. while we could send the likes of logan and wasserman back to AAA, we have no such luck with thornton, since the cupboard is bare folks. we better hope he finds that rhythm he had the first couple months and fast.

junior just doesn’t seem in sync. don’t know if that’s american league pitching or what, but the early assessment on that trade is D-.

got javy on the bump tonight. time for a little payback with these royals.

Hi everyone, I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

I really didn’t go anywhere, I just have been busy trying to get this playhouse done – their picking it up on the 23rd – so, I am pressed for time – that’s the only way I know how to work – I do everything at the last minute!

Happy Anniversary, Scott! You need to share the secrets of staying in a marriage that long and not killing each other!!

It’s weird, I still am not believing the WS can make it to the post season (I don’t know if I am just preparing myself in case they don’t, or if I am just trying not to jinx it) and not because I don’t think their good enough, though at times I really don’t. I think I am more of a live in the moment kind of person – I don’t think about the future. Still rooting for them, of course!!

I did change my e-mail, I think I am the only Jennifer on here, but the old one was kiernand44- for any of you who are confused – TQ, Kenwo, JK!!

I am starting on a tribute video to Jose, I need some ideas on songs- please give me you opinions!!!!

Back to work!!
Hello to the new blogger(s)

Jennifer Kiernan

Happy Anniversary!

Jose we wish you the best.

The issue is not all related to pitching. I sit at the games night in and night out and no one has said one word about Jr.’s total lack of offense 7 games, 24 AB, 5 hits, 6 SO’s and 1 BB, not to mention the defensive liability he is. We can not hit to save our lives with runners in scoring position. Yet we are battling for first place in the division. We needed more pitching according to all the so called experts instead we acquire Jr. I don’t get it; additionally trade Brian Anderson if you?re never going to play him again.

Sorry for the rant

Very frustrated, fan

First of all, to Scott and Amy… Happy Anniversary… Amy, you deserve a medal for staying with this man during the times when things are going “somewhat” bad, and he may take his frustrations home with him… Helene has yet to see that side of yours truly… and i try to keep it in check…

Anyway… back to the game…

This team that they were facing was not the 2nd best hitting team in the AL for nothing… that is a tough order, one through nine… no softies of guaranteed outs… and when Danks’s 81st pitch in anger was parachuted into LCF by Youkilis… even if Dr Cooper could come out and calm him down… it STILL would not have been enough…because these guys are like those doggone piranhas up in Minn. … once they have you even somewhat on the ropes, or if they smell blood (ENOUGH ALREADY, Chumley… GET TO THE POINT!!!), they go in for the kill… and Drew provided that…

Those of you who are complaining that the pitchers are getting “squeezed” by the umpires… well that has been the case since forever… and it will always be the case… even if technology provided the “perfect” umpire… because each man calling balls and strikes has his own notion of where the strike zone is for that particular batter and those who follow in that particular game… If everything was uniform, and every batter stood up straight as a ramrod in the box, and didn’t try to get some sort of advantage… it would be like watching paint dry… or the Seattle Mariners…

You are NEVER going to have everything perfect… There are always going to be flaws… you work around those flaws, then you’ll be a success…

BTW, as far as the opponents in the Twin Cities are concerned… they are very, very lucky… because right now they are facing the Yank-mes when, I believe, Mussina is out of the rotation… because when anyone else but Mussina is pitching for NY… Girardi’s team is in capital “T” trouble… the rest of that staff does what people do through the business end of a straw…

All the boys can do is pay back the KC’ers for what happened two weeks ago there, and hope that better news comes out of the HumpDump…

YES< that is me… I don’t know why the made me go through all the rigamarole to sign in, but tomq is, indeed, your obedient servant…

As to the point about bringing Jenks into a tie game late…

Relievers these days are conditioned and trained to come in to close and save a game… NOT to come in in a tie situation and hope that your team scores later on to give you a win…
I have heard many times before that, if you ask a reliever if he would want a win instead of a save.. he will take the save 99 times out of 100… because the front office pays off in saves for relievers and closers, NOT wins… Wins are the property of starters or “middle” inning men…

Everything in baseball has become specialized…

It is still the sport I love… but it has changed a lot since I used to race home to see the boys on the TV on those rare times when Ch 9 would show them at old Comiskey…

And those days are never coming back…

I forgot to share a story with all of you – I know how everyone loves my stories:)

Anyway, Sunday, I had to go to Menards then grocery shopping, and my 3 and 6 year old were crying they wanted to go (I never get a break) it was early and didn’t eat, I stop at BK (Burger King) while we were in line there was a kid (21 years-old) and his girlfriend, they kept taliking to my 3 year old daughter (’cause she’s so dam cute, no one can resist her) we sit down and they sit next to us and we starting talking, they were from somewhere South of South Bend. They were the Hilliest of Hillbillies I have ever met, they were so funny, at first I thought they were brother and sister (they looked alike) then they said they were girlfriend and boyfriend. I guess they can still be related:) –
They were out in Valpo to play Grinder Baseball – I guess every Sunday at Deep River Park (not water park – just park-across the street – kinda – from Deep River Water Park)
They were telling me about the Grinder Baseball – they go by the rules from 1858 (hey TQ were you at the games back then, LOL, just kidding) they fine the guys for looking at the woman’s ankles!!
I found an article on it here,ptgbaseball.article
Check it out, it sounds pretty cool and it’s FREE!
If anyone decides to check out a game let me know and I’ll meet you there!!


Going to be silent from deepintheheartof tonight, heading to Minute Maid to see our boy Mr. Rowand play the Stros, but I’ll be sure to be watching the scoreboard –

Jennifer, where do you live, my brother and son live out not far from the water park you mentioned. My son might enjoy going to those games. He’s in Valpo.

For those who were interested in Freddy Garcia, he has signed with the Tigers.

Both Guillen and Williams had commented about 3 weeks ago that they did evaluate him, and did not think he would be able to help at this time. I guess we will find out, but I would think if anyone would have given him an opportunity if he was fit to be a contributor in a pennant race it would have been the Sox. I like Sweaty Freddy and hope he pitches at the MLB level again, but I sure do hope at the same time the Sox were right.


According to the story on he is more of a depth acquisition probably for next season.

The story said he’s still throwing only in the mid 80’s. With Detroit probably out of it he may be brought up in September just to see if anything is left.

Look at the good side…now maybe the Sox can run all over him the way other clubs used to when he was pitching for the Sox.

I’m not saying I’m happy with this or with Kenny’s comments about Washburn but “it is what it is…” The Sox feel the internal solutions are better.

History has shown given the state of the Sox minor league system that “internal solutions” haven’t really worked on the mound, since the days of Jason Bere in 1993.

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

Mark, Completely agree.

I really don’t like them using Carrasco though as the 5th. He has been way to valuable out of the pen, and any time he starts the pen will have to give at least 4 innings because he is not stretched out to start. With Garcia obviously not an option and Washburn not being a good option for this ball park we are in a big jam again because of injuries.

Personally, I’d like to see Broadway get the ball every fifth day, but he may just be the next Danny Wright. All they can do is try it and find out. I liked Clayton Richard, and knew he was not ready after seeing him pitch only once in AAA. Broadway should have been brought up in the first place.

Paul Byrd is going to Boston. Cleveland obviously was not going to deal him within the division.


I only have two names that I can quickly recall that came after Jason Bere — which doesn’t say a lot about pitchers from the system — but I think the contributions of one Mike Sirotka and Mark Buerhle cannot be overlooked.

There is no doubt in my mind that both Kenny and Ozzie would have given strong consideration to Garcia if they thought he had anything left. Freddy is like a brother to Ozzie.

Other teams must have questions about Washburn, too, since no one has jumped up with an offer that Seattle has accepted.

I have liked Carrasco’s work in the pen and personally would lean toward Broadway in the rotation and leaving DJ where he has been successful. But Ozzie is the manager and it is his butt on the line. If he is more comfortable with DJ starting, then he has to follow his gut.

And does anybody have any idea as to when this “stretching out” business started? I remember guys like Gene Nelson and Dan Spillner in the mid 80s (not pitchers from glory years but the first that come to my memory) going back and forth between long relief and spot starting. And both of them often went into the 7th inning or later. I hope Ozzie doesn’t feel he has to pull DJ after five Thursday, especially if DJ is throwing well.

Here’s wishing Jose a quick recovery!

TC – “Strecthing out” was a term that was added to the pitching vocabulary when the contracts of pitchers became expensive mulit millions for mulit years contracts. It’s all about preserving the arm and getting the optimal performance from the investment. Pitching is so valued today by every team that nobody wants to take any chances.

Scott: Happy belated anniversary to you and your wife. I hope continued your tradition with another tasty turkey club.

Thanks to those of you who commented on the good looks of my kids….. but enough already! They read this blog sometimes, and their heads just might swell up.

Looking forward to tonight’s game. Hopefully, the fire sparked in KC has died down. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of our team being pumped, but I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt. We need every last player that we’ve got.

Go Sox!!!

Has anyone heard anything at all about CREDE? I’m sure Scott Boras is trying to keep this as quiet as possible, but the fact that he’s two weeks overdue in coming back from the DL CANNOT be good for him or us.

as far as who becomes contestant #5 in the rotation, i really don’t know that it matters. carrasco has been effective as a long reliever for us. so whether he starts or has to come in the 2nd or 3rd inning really won’t matter. what matters is this 5th spot in the rotation is able to pitch 6+ innings with no more than 3-4 runs. that would be better than contreras. i’m sorry to see him hurt and wish him the best for a complete recovery, but despite what some others have said, he wasn’t getting the job done. this is 2008, not 2005 and his stuff is gone. i really doubt we’ll ever see him pitch for us again. they are saying 1 year to rehab.

mark l, or anyone who might know… the SOX get salary relief from the CAP when a player goes down? i suppose their could be clauses in the players contract or even insurance the SOX purcahse on these players in case they are hurt so the salary is paid by the insurance company.

CAP? What CAP? Is this the NFL?

Donna Oh Donna… What was the answer to your trivia question yesterday? I didn’t see any answers yet…. Go Sox. Put a hurtin on the Royals… j.k.

Games about to start and I will try something different. I won’t post after every 1/2 inning. At least I’ll try. I think all the posts get tedious… Go Sox….. j.k.

Stuck here waiting for my hubby to come home and take me out for a date night, so I thought I’d check in. Did anyone see the other sox scored 10 runs in the first inning against the Rangers? Guess we ought to feel proud that our pitching staff held them to so few runs after all?

Nice inning for Javy. 2 K’s already. GO SOX!!

Thank you JD. Glad to have the game back on comcast sportsnet. The broadcast on wciu is terrible.

And has anyone but me noticed that when the Sox are broadcast on the U, they always seem to lose? They are bad luck for our Sox!

Yes they are bad luck for the Sox! Is it also true that our Sox are broadcast more on the U than the northside team.

Okay, they are 8 and 12 when broadcast on the U. Not a great record, but better than I thought. It must be just the games I catch on the U that they lose. I can only remember seeing one game that they won.

Nice HR by JD. Our boys are getting good wood on the ball it seems. Would like to see a couple more.

Also, Yanks scored first against Minne. Hope Moose can pitch a good one tonight.

I can’t watch wciu, but from my perspective, we have a tough time winning when we are on wgn… I don’t know what our record is, but I don’t think it’s too good… Go Sox… j.k.

Carlos Quentin was scratched from tonight’s lineup because of pain from the HBP he took from Beckett yesterday. Just saw that Pedroia was scratched from the other sox’s lineup because of the bruise he received from John Danks, also yesterday. Hope KC takes that as a warning not to hit our guys!!

Just in case anyone is interested (and also because I am bored, hubby not home yet, date night is slipping away) the record for WGN broadcast games is 8 wins and 9 losses. As far as I can tell, Fox broadcasts are 2 wins, 1 loss (there may be more games that were picked up but I don’t have them on my schedule). But on ESPN, we reign supreme with a 3 and 1 record! Also, the only game shown on TBS so far was Sunday’s win against the Bosox.

Someone else can do the math and figure out how the Sox fare on Comcast. ;o)

That is what good teams do against pitchers from the Texas Rangers. The beat the living tar out of garbage them. Something we seem to struggle with when facing Texas. The guy who gave up the runs, Scott Feldman held our Sox to 4 hits and 1 run in six innings. Of course Boston is trying lose this game it is now 12-10 Boston’s lead.

Uh, there is no salary cap in baseball. The Sox are stuck with Jose’s contract whether he pitches next year or not. They could release him, but they still would be paying for it unless there is some sort of out clause.

Thanks nm….. Usually I watch wgn on sat. and it seems like we always lose. 8-9 isn’t that good but better that I thought.. Go Boys go… j.k.

Thank you swish

What a dreadful game going on in Boston tonight!!!!!!! 14-10 after just 5 innings. Boston got 10 in the first and Texas added an 8-run inning of its own somewhere in the mess.

There is nothing worse than a high-scoring baseball game. Terry Francona and Ron Washington might as well leave because no strategy you use as a manager in a debacle like this is going to make an impact.

This guy has our number better than Beckett did yesterday. Big difference is we came with the HomeRun swing today. Nothing wrong with that approach. Much better that being tied at Zero…. More runs would be good though… Go Sox.. j.k.

Yay, hubby’s on his way home so we can go out and watch the Sox and other baseball games at the sports bar! Go SOX!!

(Nady hit a 2 RBI double to put the Yanks ahead of Twinks!)

I just love AJ – Let’s just hope the pitching holds.

Uh-oh. Four runs and all on homers. The man in Idaho will not be pleased.

But we all know that the guy in Tucson is happy. What do ya JK, go Sox ’08!

Yes, I am happppppy… Go sox, and keep up the good job Javy… j.k.

You guys think they are booing in Fenway???? God’s greatest team (next to the North Siders, that is) in now trailing 15-14 after leading 10-0 after one inning!

Yankee fans (and Boston haters like me) are loving that current turn of events. Of course, by the time I finish this sentence, that score will change again.

That’s the beauty of baseball. On ANY given day ANY team can win. Odds might be against you or with you, but you still need to execute to win. Look at all the Cy Young pitchers we’ve faced this year, this game included. That’s why you got to love it…. Go Sox… j.k.

Just what the doctor ordered. Ailing bullpen? Give Javy the ball. Good job and I don’t think you’re quite done yet… Go Sox… Bostons pen has to be toast after tonights game… another reason to be amazed by baseball…. j.k.

109 pitches through 8. C’mon Ozzie, give Bobby the night off and let Javy finish this one. He’s the strongest horse on our staff anyway.

Ok – In my mind, O Cab just redeemed himself for everything crappy he’s done all season with that hidden ball trick – that had me rolling on the floor laughing! HILARIOUS!

Ok, following the game online has its advantages (I don’t have to listen to DJ and see the same commercials over and over again) but it doesn’t let me see things like this hidden ball trick.

What did OC do? And why use a hidden ball trick in a one-sided game?

So now Lip can be happy too. Five runs scored in the eighth with NO homers…. Tonight we RULE!!!! Nice job by BA and Chris Getz too. Way to go TEAM… Whoops I’m starting to look like Manausa! (for those of you who don’t know, Manausa posted in ’05 and used CAPS most of the time to the chagrin of the rest of us……… BTW,,, There is no crying AND NO CAP in baseball…. Go White Sox, Go Mark Buehrle… j.k.

tc: Getz got his first hit, the Sox bench called for the ball, OC caught it after it was thrown out of play, he had a ball in his other hand allready and threw the extra ball in the stands (he held on to Getz’s first hit). That was the hidden ball trick.

What a game.

Even DJ made a good call, 2 outs in the 9th, “lets see if we can get Getz a ground ball… next pitch, grounder to 2nd for his 1st put out. Beautiful.

Will the real Javier please stand up?

OC caught Getz’ first hit ball from Cox and then proceeded to hide it and throw another ball into the stands. Funny!!!

Thanks for the explanation. Yahoo doesn’t go into that type of detail, needless to say.

Keep rolling with the punches, Sox. The roller coaster will continue for 44 more games. Lets just have the coaster moving in the right direction (would that be up and gaining momentum, or down and cruising to a stop???? I never knew how to interpret that phrase!) at the end of September.

Yeah – what happened to MANUSA??? I miss that guy – he and his terrible grammar and caps. Kinda reminds me of “Don Wakamatsu” who posts on the Trib message boards.


That’s right because in the postseason,if the Sox get there, you have to have options don’t you? It can’t be “home run or nothing…”

On a night like tonight with Vazquez so dominant you just sit there and wonder, “why can’t he do this consistently?”

Mark Liptak

If Javy could do that consistently, he wouldn’t have been traded as many times as he has been.

Nothing wrong with home runs. Just ask the ’61 Yankees. They did okay in the postseason.

I love to score runs any way I can. And home runs are easier on everybody. You can trot, you don’t have to slide, and the umpire doesn’t have to make a safe or out call. All he has to do is see if it clears the fence, which has been a problem of late, hasn’t it?

What a nice game. Way to step it up Javy!! Great to see Getz get that first hit AND RBI all in one swing. He had such a huge grin on his face. Nice to see.

Did they play a football game in Boston?? Holy cow!!

Rooting for the Yankees in extras….TQ gave me permission.

Oh and Klein, only a chick would know my movie trivia. That would be from THE NOTEBOOK. (Save the groans boys!!)

Two awesome games tonight! Juicebox was heatin up here deepintheheart and I kept watching the Sox score go up and up and up…. sweeett! Even though the Giants lost, Aaron still hit a homer for my daughter in the top of the 9th. After a Lance Berkman grandslam it wasn’t quite as exciting but still fun for the 2 of us that screamed for Aaron on that hit!

Looks like the Yanks are gonna pull it off for us! 🙂

Twins Lost!!


Did you see my post from this afternoon?

I watched The Notebook Sunday (what a good movie) I balled my eyes out!! I don’t think I ever cried that much!!

What was your trivia question??

I’m not the one that asked about the Notebook (personally I liked the book better, no book has ever made me cry except that one but there’s an inside reason why), I was asking earlier today where you live as you mentioned the waterpark in Valpo and that grinder baseball game

Yes, I did read it. I live in Lofs between Valpo and Crown Point (Crown Point mailing address)

Believe it or not, I know just where you live! 🙂 I’m with ya… sent on that link to my son, he’s 18, thought he’d get a kick out going to something like that, little bit easier drive then heading into Gary for a Railcats game, although those are fun too. Thanks for the info.

TQ, jk –

I have changed my login to, this is my 100th time telling everyone!!

It seems like I am being ignored, and we can’t have that:)

To everyone – I am going to do a tribute video for Jose, I can’t think of a good song, if anyone has any suggestions let me know!!

For anyone who has not seen my previous videos, you can watch them here


Now I found a way to not have my e-mail address with my comments-
I get tons of spam mail whenever I comment, I think I will do it this way!

Nice work by Vazquez tonight, hope to see that consistently. We are going to need more of that to take a little stress off the bullpen.

Thank you to the Royals for a few physical and mental errors in the 8th to get us 5 without the benefit of a home run. Hopefully that means good things to come at the plate the rest of this series.

I changed my name again, I will leave it like this (atleast for awhile)

Got it TQ??

Got it jk??

Jennifer (mrskiernan)

Donna, My wife and I saw the notebook awhile back. I don’t remember that line though….. maybe that was when I was dozing?…..

Back in first! How about we keep it for good this time? Go White Sox. j.k.

hmmm…let’s see if this e-mail change thing really works…

ok – that’s weird…wrong “nickname” – let’s see if it works this time. By the way, to change your display name to a nickname, click the MLB logo at the top right of this page. Then click “My Account.” From the menu on the left, click the nickname link and you can change it to whatever you want – just don’t confuse us all!🙂 andrew_ryback

Jen (or should I say Sybil),

Just how many different personalities do you have???

And we’re not ignoring you. We just don’t know which Jennifer (bbmommy, mrskiernan, Jen, kiernand44, etc., etc.,) we are talking to!

And we can’t have that🙂

Hi everybody!! Great game last night!!! Just what the doctor ordered! It was so funny, when Getz came up to bat my hubby says ” come on Chris, Getz me a base hit” and he DID along with his first RBI. Cabrera’s hidden ball trick was priceless!!!

Donna, I LOVE the Notebook…it is one of my all time favorites. Of course I went out and bought it awhile back and like Jennifer I bawled. So did my 21, 16 and 12 year old daughters. BTW, Jennifer is my 21 yr olds name too, how’s that for coincidence.

Klein, I remember Manusa too and I am so glad he has found somewhere else to post along with Reifer and Kolsens…LOL!

I used to be able to post and watch the game simultaneously when my tv in the basement worked, but it was a really old one so it doesn’t work anymore and until I replace it, I have to save my posts for after the game. Plus that flooding in my basement didn’t help matters at all last week. Oh well.

Have a great day guys and let’s go for another W tonight.


someone else said it perfectly……will the real javy vasquez please stand up? if he can pitch like this the rest of the way, we’re in great shape. real nice job tonight, javy. you were overdue……..

Sounds like I missed an easy game. Figures….when I am watching it 90 percent of the games test how strong my heart is. All those close games….one day I am going to end up in a hospital bed! This is very premature and I do not think that he will be anything with the bat like the guy I am going to mention- but when I saw the highlight of Chris Getz single to center I flashed back to the mid 90s as his swing looked almost exactly like Robin Ventura’s.

This and That:

TC, actually I should have clarified my statement. I meant you have to go back to Bere as a pitcher called up in the middle of a pennant race and actually produced.

A few things here. First James Baldwin was actually the last to meet that standard when he came up in 1996, he started his career at 9-1.

Certainly Mark is a home grown product and I didn’t forget him, remember when Mark came up it was as a situational relief pitcher. The only reason he even got a chance to start in spring training 2001 was because of all the injuries (which says something about the wisdom of Manager Gandhi doesn’t it?) Sirotka was home grown as well only when he came up the Sox were far from being in a race.


Regarding Jose Contreras and his contract next year. One of the beat writers brought this point up to me yesterday (he’s going to check on it…) and it could have MAJOR implications for the Sox.

If the Sox have an insurance policy on Contreras THEY MAY NOT HAVE TO PAY A DIME OF HIS DEAL NEXT YEAR! Many teams take these out on players to help offset the cost of a contract if said player is injured.


Regarding Joe (this injury is just a minor thing) Crede. He got a shot earlier this week and Ozzie said he thinks he’ll start playing again later this week. We’ll see.

Considering Kenny went on the radio as well as was directly quoted in the newspaper as saying that Crede and Linebrink were put on the DL as a precaution, that it was a “voluntary” move, Joe’s situation and the time missed doesn’t pass the smell test, given Kenny’s comments.


Also the Sox so far this season on WGN are actually 10-9. I can give you the specific dates if needed.

Mark Liptak

Per Crede’s injury. It really doesn’t matter what was said when he was put on the DL and whether or not he called it minor. Of course he will downplay it. He is entering free agency in a couple of months. Anybody would downplay it in that situation.

What matters is that it is enough of an injury and enough pain to keep him out of the lineup. Who knows what will happen with him after this season? That is not a concern right now. The issue now is to get as many players as healthy as possible and win the damn division.

The biggest thing to look forward to is getting a healthy Linebrink back. I sure hope that happens for the month of September.

Another funny thing that happened in last night’s game was when John Danks had the bubble gum bubble on his hat. We were at a sports bar by that point so I couldn’t hear what anyone said about it, but the camera then focused on OC who appeared to be denying he was the culprit. Anyone know who did it?

After the game, during the post game show, first JD got hit with a shaving cream pie, they showed AJ in the corner of the dugout laughing hysterically, then when the interviewer approached him, Thome tried to get AJ, but missed. AJ threw the pie at Thome’s retreating back.

Just gotta love how these guys bounce back from losses and move on to the business at hand (which is winning games and having fun). Much better attitude than what goes on in some other clubhouses. That’s what a veteran team will give you, day in and day out.

Don’t bother with specifics, Mark, I was just bored last night.

LET’S GO SOX!!! GET ANOTHER ONE FROM KC!! (sorry about the caps, I got a little excited there!)

Check out the pic…Obama brought the Sox along to Hawaii.

Once again, the seesaw is in the “up” position…

How long it will stay there depends on the boys and the piranhas…

If Vazquez could pitch every game against the KC’ers, they would have to re-name the Cy Young Award to the Javier Vazquez Award…

My own fear is the recurring one that goes exactly like this…

Lots of runs and hits one game… lucky to get anything the next…

Remember the series with the piranhas earlier this season at the Cell ?… Two humongous (THERE’S a word from the thesaurus for ‘ya, folks…)offensive performances… the fear was that they used up their limit… but then scored a whold buncha runs again to sweep the series…

Whether that will be the case again this time is up to the fates… and the Royals (you’ll pardon the expression) pitching staff…

I don’t care HOW the piranhas lose, or ” whom they lose to… as the commercial says : “JUST DO IT.” …

As to last night’s pitchers duel at Fenway(say WHAT????)…

The day before I graduated from high school (yes, wisenheimers, I DID graduate… got the diploma on a stone slab, it was that long ago…) the boys of 1970 played the BoSox at the Fens…(I don’t think Hawk was there anymore…)The final score that Sunday afternoon?…

White Sox 21, Boston 11…

The immortal Floyd Weaver got the win over former Chi Sox Gary Peters…

‘Scuse me a moment, gang… I have to go to to confirm my story… be back shortly…

TC –
Not Funny!!
How come your not saying anything to Andrew, he changed his name, too.

I first changed it to jennifer@bbmommy because I was sick of always signing my name, then I went back to kiernand44 because I was thinking no one knew it was me, now I am mrskiernan (I wanted to be missjennifer, but they only allow max 10 characters)

Now, I need a good song for Jose’s video – ANYONE KNOW OF A SONG I COULD USE?????????????

Jennifer: Don’t get your expensive lingerie in a knot, your Majesty… Anything from Miami Sound Machine or anything with a Cuban or Latin flavor to it will suffice… mayber evn Desi Arnaz singing Irving Berlin’s “CUBA”… if you can find it…

I had to check for the final from the game way back in the Dark Ages of 1970 (56-106, 42 1/2 games back at the end of that season….. UGHHHHH)… The score (corrected)was WS 22, RS 13… Floyd Weaver pitched 5 innings in relief (a revolutionary concept, eh???)of the also immortal Jerry Janeski to get the W… It was 6-2 WS after 1 inning, 10-6 after 4, 18-9 after 6…and there was only one WS HR hit, by Beltin’ Bill Melton…The RS hit only 2 out that day, one by Carl Yastrzemski, the other by future WS Mike Andrews…

My point was… a bandbox such as Fenway has those kinds of games every so often… let’s hope that the three the boys have coming up there are not like that…

Let’s just get a win tonight… take care of your own business… then test the fates…

Jen, Jen, Jen,

You take everything way too seriously🙂 I wasn’t mocking you. Just having a little fun at your expense with your many name changes.

So, apparently Mr. Kiernan is back in good graces again since you have adopted the name mrskiernan. And I didn’t even see you two on Dr. Phil. Of course, I’ve never watched Dr. Phil.

I GET IT!!! But I guess I can never drive through Crown Point or Valpo without sufficient security🙂.

But we are fellow Sox fans so we gotta stick together.

tc… How many times do I have to warn men?…

NEVER have a “little fun” with a woman during “certain points” in the calendar year…(very delicately put there, Kissinger…) ESPECIALLY if they have ANYTHING sharp either in their hands, or nearby…

Getting back to baseball…(which, after all, IS the point of this little exercise, right?)

All of WS Universe should take a cue (not a TQ…) from the guys in the uniforms…and NOT sweat the small stuff…

Cliches aside, they do have the right attitude… in a 162 game season, you will have peaks and valleys, if you are a contending team… Sometimes, the least little thing gets MAGNIFIED 10 times normal…and everyone thinks that the end of the world as we know it is at hand…(Remember September ’05 ???)

All we can do is watch… all they can do is play to the best of their abilities… all the front office can do is try to get the best things to put the team over the top…in spite of the supposed efforts of the nefarious (oh, the thesarus is clicking TODAY…) opponents to foil said plans…

As a couple of expressions go…

This ain’t rocket science…

and don’t sweat the small stuff… You’ll live longer…

Enjoy while the Almighty gives you the opportunity… even if you DO want to continue your same habits and patterns…

You’re entitled…


First just a point in that I was responding to a poster who asked about any news on him.

And with respect I disagree with your comment. It is a serious issue when either a player is lying to the team about the extent of his injury or the G.M. is lying when he speaks to the media (and by proxy to the fans) about it.

And I don’t use that word loosely.

Someone is not or was not, telling the truth in this matter. I understand the reasoning behind it if it’s Joe (or his agent) but that still doesn’t make it acceptable. The White Sox have to make decisions and getting false or misleading information clouds their judgment…that can lead to decisions which ultimately are completely wrong and that could cause serious ramifications to the season.

By all accounts Joe’s “injury” was not serious, it was “supposed” to be day to day…well a day to day injury (much like Linebrink’s) doesn’t stretch into weeks (in Scott’s case over a month)

I guess there may be a third possibility that the doctors screwed the diagnosis up (much like in 2001 when Kenny numerous times defended to Sox medical staff to the media after time after time after time injuries weren’t discovered or were misdiagnosed) but I have no way to know if that could be the case.

Like I said earlier the biggest news to come out today is that Contreras may have an insurance policy on him which means the Sox may not be on the hook for ten million next season…which means the “money” excuse as far as not getting Washburn for this season or perhaps signing a pitcher this off season, may not be valid.

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

From my understanding all substantial contracts are insured, but I believe the player has to miss an entire season or suffer a career ending injury for the claim to be valid. It has been said Contreras could possibly return next year at some point, so I suppose for the Sox to be able to make a claim Jose would have to call it quits. I am not an insurance expert, but I am pretty sure this is the case.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand how Crede’s and Linebrink’s case can be construed as “lying.”

“Day-to-day” does not automatically mean the guy will be back in 3, 5, or 7 days. Sure, it usually does but in the case of a back injury, it could go on and on. Back injuries seldom are “cured” overnight. My guess is that Joe has been playing in pain all season, hence his abnormally high error total. He finally couldn’t tolerate it any longer.

And are you saying that Linebrink was lying too? The guy has a four-year contract. He was pitching better than he ever has in his career. His team needs him in a pennant race. He wants to play. Why would he lie about a sore shoulder?

No offense intended, but you are reading way too much into this. Yah, Kenny and Ozzie are ticked off because Joe has not communicated with them as much as they would like. But communication or no communication, he’s hurt and can’t play. And this was not totally unexpected. It was a surprise to just about everybody that he was ready to play on Opening Day. And Kenny knew this. Why do you think he hung on to Uribe after Ramirez claimed second base? Going back further, why do you think he even signed Uribe last winter.

I’m fine with letting Kenny be the GM, letting the team doctors make the medical decisions and letting Herm get them all ready to play. They know a heckuva lot more than me.

I’ll let you get Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteran on the case to do the “investigation.”

Good news today. Sox signed Gordon Beckham their first round pick. I for one am excited to see how soon he can contribute. Not this year or next year probably, but he should be here soon.

Those gosh darn Yanks couldn’t pull it out again! So for the afternoon, we are tied again for first place. Here’s hoping the Twinks DO keep playing under .500 during their up coming road trip(s) and the Sox keep winning series (or at the very least, splitting a few).

Have a good one tonight, Mark, and the rest of the good guys!

TC, i disagree. this whole mess with CREDE smells of cover-up and smoke and mirrors and Scott Boras pulling every string he can. Precautionary, voluntary, or “day to day” as you put it doesn’t result in missing a month of baseball. Lying is such a strong word with negative connotations, so let’s just call it MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS and let it go at that……..I agree we got to get all our guys healthy on back on field for the stretch run. Consider this as well…..if CREDE can’t get back for a few more weeks, his timing at the plate will be long gone. Then what? Another Griffey? ouch.

Mark L…… let’s hope we got insurance. When a player is hurt and can’t play like Contreras, does his salary (all $10M of it) still count for luxury tax calculations? I think that’s what MLB calls it. Someone got all upset when I used the word CAP the other day. Not that we are really that close, but I was curious nonetheless.

maybe i’ll change my name on here as well. then i can anonymously hit on blog women! LOLOLOL. XXXX

Here’s some interesting scheduling information. I was curious about this so here goes…….

Twins play 6 in a row at home….3 with Seattle and 3 with the A’s.

Twins then go on an 11 game road trip to end August. 4 games at the Angels, 3 at Seattle, and and 4 at the A’s.

Sox got 2 more at home with KC. Then 3 at the A’s. Then back here for 3 with Seattle and 3 with Tampa Bay. Then on road for 3 with Baltimore (4 when you consider the make-up game will be completed from May) and 3 at Boston.

FOX is reporting Carl Crawford of Rays could be done. Longoria is out for two more weeks with a broken wrist. Maybe they can start losing so the wildcard can come from the Central division.


Okay this Crede stuff has gotten way out of hand.

Cover up or not, the bottom line is he is hurt and can’t play. If he can come back and play and help us, that would be wonderful.

If he can’t come back, then we continue with Uribe and continue our push for the postseason.

Whether Joe comes back or not, at the end of the year he is most likely going to sign with someone else just as we all conjectured for the last year or two.

The Sox will not be on the hook for any money and just as Kenny and Ozzie had planned they will be starting someone else at third base.

But that is next year. Right now, let’s focus on beating the Royals tonight.

Oh, and as to the “Griffey? Ouch” remark. Griffey was not acquired to come in here, hit .300, hit 20 homers in August and September and lead us to a World Series title. He came as another proven left-handed bat with some pop and, most importantly, to add some versatility and depth to the Sox lineup. Anything we get from his is gravy. After all, nothing of long-term significance was really given up to acquire him.

He can hit .150 for the rest of the year. But if he hits a homer to win a game that puts us over the top, then he was worth the work it took to acquire him.

I do think Joe’s injuries have been covered up on Boras’ end….but really-I don’t care. I enjoy having Uribe at third. He plays good defense and does things that Crede doesn’t…(sac bunts, loose attitude) I don’t think it has been all that much of a big hit to not have Crede. He was playing like garbage the last 2 months anyway. Personally, I could see him signing a one year deal with the Sox because I don’t think anyone will offer him a huge contract. Lets face it- Magglio Ordonez at his worst is just as good as Crede at his best. I don’t see a team coming in and offering a huge deal like the Tigers did.

I think people are kind of crazy talking about Griffey. Sure he isn’t hitting how we would all like him to, but if he goes out and has a 3 or 4 hit game his average isn’t very bad…. conclusion- he needs more than 10 games.

Here is to a nice win hopefully tonight.

Swsafley… Good one! Change you name to Hunkman and watch the “BlogBabes” fall all over themselves to meet you!.

What I am surprised at is all the trades happening after the “trade deadline”. Adam Dunn went to the D-Backs yesterday. Who will be next? Seems like a lot of teams are moving talent with an eye towards the future.

Our future is now, however and we need a good outing from Mark tonight. Another W keeps us in first still and brings us within a game of our highwater mark for the year so far…(+16)….. Games coming on soon, so Go White Sox ’08…. Bring us home another winner…. j.k. (formerly Bozo the Clown) but then if you saw my picture at blog night, you already knew that…..

kenwo…this time i agree with you. crede was struggling a lot the past two months. probably his back. and uribe is playing inspired ball at third. I have to tell you i’ve been impressed with his play. when i’m at the games, he acts like he owns that spot (3rd) and I like that….welcome back juan……

So I’m gonna think about a new name, hit on the cuties and then we can make a video called “Sox blog babes gone wild!” ……

tc, your right. junior isn’t going to hit .300 any more. but he was dancing around .200 and he wasn’t brought in to do that either. to be fair let’s give him some time. he’s gonna need to have more than 1 HR to win a game to justify the $4M tho……..

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