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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH PK, 1B; Junior, CF; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B; Getz, 2B.   Buehrle pitching.


I zipped out to Washington, DC yesterday for some meetings and a game, and wouldn’t you know, I had to watch Santana pitch, yet again.

First-round pick Gordon Beckham agreed to terms today and worked out with the team before the game, taking BP and then speaking to the media.

His last round of BP included two line-drive homers to left field.

Great Quote

From Chris Getz after recording a hit and RBI in his first MLB at-bat.  When asked how he felt, he replied,

“I couldn’t feel my legs.”


Good start by Mark. As last night I will not post every 1/2 inning. That seemed to work… Hopefully it will again….. so until later… Go Sox…. j.k.

I have to ask….. Q is out for two days in a row now. Did he get hurt by that hit he took from Boston? If so, how bad?… Good job by Buehrle getting out of the 2nd… Go Sox… j.k.

I read the other day he was just banged up and Oz was giving him a couple of days rest… it’s on the website under headlines 5th down for further fyi.

What the hell is going on here. No one is talking…i am staring at the same 3 comments for the last hour…. all of you started getting on different names and now you are probably all on dates and I am left here watching the game by myself. Thats ok though…to hell with you all!!!!

Uribe is my hero by the way. buehrle has been playing with fire all day-hopefully it doesn’t burn him. not that any of you care!!!!

I’m here, my comment has only been on for about 20 mins. Don’t know what happened to Klein….

Surprisingly, I’m here too tonight. I can’t watch or listen to the game though, my tv in the basement clonked out and my stupid radio won’t pick up the am stations and i only have gameday at work. I only have the box score to look at. This totally sucks!!! But I refuse to go back upstairs because i just declared war on my entire household, so this is pretty much the only space I have to be at peace right now. So please keep me apprised of what is going on in the game. Klein, I kinda need your play by play buddy. LOL!!


Kenwo, I care, man, I care!!!!


It’s 3 to zip now. What happened and where the heck did everyone go?

still here, I have the olympics on tv too so I’ve got an ear on the computer and an ear on the tv so how we got 3, can’t help you with… Klein the man seems to have disappeared tonight… sorry to hear about the household war, doesn’t sound fun.

I am here…but I am nervous to talk since you declared war on everyone!

Nah! Just everyone in my household. How’d we get the third run?


I am also here. I’m just multi tasking – watching the sox, talking on the phone, working of lesson plans for school tomorrow. Mark is pitching a great game. Griffey made a great diving catch. Juan is just awesome. Let’s win this one to stay in first.


Uribe singled…getz singled….aj grounded out scoring Uribe

My household wars can sometimes be kinda fun. I usually win.

So far so good. I at least got to see Jr. get a base hit to contribute earlier.


Oh god…not lesson plans! I don’t have to worry about that til the 25th thank goodness. I don’t want to go to my meetings next week though.

My sister teacher kindergarten for CPS and has workshops this whole week. They don’t sound like alot of fun.

Hey! I’m here and read the poste every half inning. I just didn’t want to over do a good thing and since that worked to our benifit last night I thought I’d try it again… So far so good. Mark hasn’t been quite as crisp as Javy last night but he’s making pitches when needed. How about some more runs though? … Go sox j.k.

Funny how people that don’t know a teacher or aren’t a teacher don’t realize that their days just don’t end when the kids leave. My dad taught for 35 years in Gary for a few and then the Lake Central School System and the thing he hated the most was the plans and grading papers! Good luck this year to all our teachers out there, you guys are awesome, I could never do your job!

Who did you guys pick to click tonight? I chose Getz. Anxious to see more good things from him.


School started yesterday – I’ve been on the clock since the 4th. The only good thing is 186 days left. Kids are out on May 21. I’m in Indiana on eastern time – like those quick games go I can head to bed before midnight.

I second that one Kris!!!
Wait, Sox1966 is Kris right?


this guy makes me nervous…

Who Dotel?


yep, that’s me… here in Texas.. all alone – at least when it comes to sox fans… although at the Astros game last night, I’m still getting comments on my sox tee that I wear.. they still don’t like us very much! 🙂 Can’t bring myself to buy an Astros jersey.

Eastern time huh, then you’re a distance from Chicago aren’t you?

yea, a little, the bullpen in general makes me crazy, think I’ll focus on swimming right this minute😉

My pick to click was Griffey. Started out solid then faded. Thank you sox1966. Teaching is fun but I think some people think that it is a lot easier than it is. I teach in an alternative school-( I get the good ones that get kicked out of the regular school.) There are very few days when I don’t come home with a headache and bruises from physical managements and a stack of papers to grade.

However, I can’t complain too much. The days off are incredible.

Come on now! My guy Octavio is solid. that was a strong inning. Lets go sox…get a few for Klien for goodness sake

Alternative school, crikey, what would be so much more of an energy zapper – double kudos to you! My dad taught 6th for most of career, eventually got tired of the parent’s with ‘perfect’ kids, he was 65, it was time!

Ok, Dotel made it with little stress involved!

Actually just south bend. I grew up in Chicago. Always loved the Sox. My best friend lives in Houston. They attend lots of Astros games. When my kids were young she would send them Astros gear. They made a great tax deduction to goodwill. Back in 2005 I enjoyed bragging about our great world series sweep.

I KNOW people think it is a lot easier than it is. I used to teach Teen Dating Violence Prevention in several local area high schools when I worked for a nonprofit org. I absolutely loved the job but would come home absolutely drained…mentally and physically. It is not easy by any means. What you do is pretty admirable Kenwo.


Thanks kenwo… I’ll second that thought… Go Sox… j.k.

Kenwo, you’re right, but when games have little runs, I know how easy the bullpen can get lit up so I tend to run from the stress of it all!

I never understood those kinds of parents, Kris. If anyone should know how much of a pain in the butt kids can be sometimes, it should be parents. I know for a FACT my kids aren’t angels and I’ll be the first to admit it. Especially now. (ha ha)

I’m guessing Bobby will be coming in for the ninth, right?

Houston is way too hot for me for far too many months, miss my midwest weather. Poor Indiana is so messed up when it comes to who’s on what time! 🙂 My fam live in Lake and Porter county.. central time all the time!

Thats one thing I don’t really have to deal with much. The parents either A)don’t care or B) have heard it all before and don’t want to hear it anymore. We had parent teacher conferences and I had 40 students and 2 showed up. It is kind of sad…. but then again, I don’t ever have phone calls with parents yelling at me how I could possibly give their kid a B when he is a straight A student in every other class.

Come on Paulie get a big hit here.

Lisa, those parent’s are out there, I remember when my son was in middle school and I had to return a phone call to the principal where I had two kids going and when he answered I said ‘what did he do now’ and he just started laughing that I knew which kid it was and my kids weren’t bad really, no real complaints.

This game is feeling good so far, just wish the Yanks could’ve pulled that out of their butts today!

alright alright okay… another run our way!!!

Don’t I know it Kris! My mom was one of them. The only complaints I get about my brats are talking too much in class. Thank goodness. But my poor mom… brothers were terrors. They’ll deny it though.

So Paulie came through with a hit?


Hey! Dotel is in for the ninth?

Maybe Ozzie thinks Bobby needs a rest?


Oh. Okay. The picture just changed. it is Bobby.

bobby is in even though it is not a save situation.

Right. It has to be 3 runs or less for a save right?

Yes ma’am. That a way sox. 2 shut outs in a row. Knock another game off of the schedule. Hopefully we get a good start from Broadway tomorrow.

Three runs or less for a save, among other factors. But none of that matters as the White Sox have just shut out the royals for game no. two….. 18innings in the books and NO runs.. Good job Mark and the pen… Don’t stop now… The best way to make a statement is to not allow ANY runs in an entire series…. That’s wishful thinking, but we are in a good spot to sweep…. Go Lance Broadway ( is that a great name or what?). Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Woo Hoo!! Another win! That’s what I’M talkin ’bout!
Let’s go Lance Broadway! Show me what you got!!!

Oh, and good luck to all you teachers out there. We’ve been in school for ten days now ( one of my granddaughters has been in for over a month…. Year round scedule). But then Arizona has been more progressive than some other states (no names)… Once again.. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

All’s well on the southside tonight! Now I’m off to really watch the Olympics.. night all.

Great win tonight! Buehrle pitched fantastic, and the defense stepped up to help Buehrle tonight. Griffey’s dive and Uribe’s hard grounder really set the tone for the night that the Royals weren’t going to score tonight. What I really enjoyed was the situational hitting. AJ bunting OC over, and Uribe/Getz executing a flawless hit-and-run. Cheering for Broadway for the win tomorrow for the sweep. Go Sox!

Klien you can keep that year round schedule out in Arizona…. Don’t bring that back to Illinois with you! Talk about awful! The best part of teaching is june july and half of august-getting to go to day games like me tomorrow to see Broadway hopefully throw a beauty.

now that’s more like it. another good outing from a starter and timely “manufactured” runs. Sweet…….heck, even PK got an RBI when it mattered…..what the heck is going on here? LOLOL.

Looks like Broadway gets the start tomorrow. cross your fingers. carrasco on stand by if he falters.

Ok, so now i can hit on the female bloggers…..let me know if you ladies approve of my new email addy……..lololol….xxxx

Pitching wins pennants people. The Sox need this kind of pitching!

And kudos for getting the deal done with Beckham. He’s the guy they supposedly wanted and they didn’t screw around and potentially lose him. VERY well done! (Noe get Danks’ brother in the fold!)

We’ll see what happens tomorrow with Broadway. They NEED a sweep.

Mark Liptak

Ha Ha! Good one Swas! Good Luck with that one….but this blogbabesgonetosleep!!!! LOL!!


Stellar pitching from the starters. Grinder ball for offense. Highlight film defensive plays. Can there be any doubt this is White Sox baseball? Even without the big bombs???

(I guess once in a while its okay.)

Let’s get the brooms out for KC tomorrow. Lance got ’em last year in his first start for the Sox. Hope he’s still got it goin on. I love his quote when they asked him about coming in to pitch in the middle of a pennant race.

“Nothing changes,” Broadway said. “Whether it’s a pennant race or it’s not, I’m still trying to get every hitter out that I face. [The pennant race] is kind of for the fans and for us to think about after the game is over. The more outside things that you let into the game, the more things there are to distract you. And I’m not smart enough to focus on more than one thing at once.”


Did I miss anything? Besides the soxblogbabes something? Paulie got the shaving cream? Did he get it good?

I have been trying to fix my fridge all day and night, it wasn’t freezing or getting cold, had to take everything out and put it in the other freezer – cleaned the coils – took off the inside back panel and those coils were iced up – thawed those with a hair dryer – checked both fans – both running – checked the defrost timer (turned it on manually – then after about 15 min – turned off and system came on) Now I am puzzled – I checked everything I can possibly think of – there doesn’t appear to be any freon leaks, etc.

tc – You don’t know when I am joking!! I can joke with the best!

TQ – you have it on your calender when my friend’s coming?
That’s so sweet!

The best way to have a marriage work is to not talk to each other!

You want to know how ‘sweet’ my husband is –
My Mom is taking us (me, hubby and our 3 kids to Disney World on the 4th of September, she is paying for EVERYTHING (plane, hotel, park passes, food, EVERYTHING)
Now my Hubby tells me he is not going – he doesn’t want to spend his whole vacation time in Disney – My Mom has to eat 200 and something dollars for the plane ticket! What a guy!!

I don’t know if I’m just really tired – it seems like these words aren’t spelled right – they don’t look right!

Another thing about my hubby, you know how my fridge is not getting cold – my husband thinks maybe the seal is not sealing – so what does he do? HE PUTS HONEY (YES, I SAID HONEY) all the way around the door gasket seal. What an idiot!

I guess everyone is sleeping!

I’ll go to florida if i am offered the same deal he turned down🙂

The problem is the plane tickets are non-transferable! That’s the reason I am PO’d!

Broadway tomorrow huh. Sox need to go out and score early and often in order to take the pressure off of Lance. We should be able to put up 10 on Davies.

Mark, it’s a little too early to be saying that we need a sweep. We’re in first place.

Hey Jennifer – I’ll be in Orlando then too. My old roommate is getting married that weekend – so I’m flying back for wedding. Anybody who turns down a week in FL is crazy! Chick-fil-a for everyone! I certainly don’t miss living there during baseball season though…

mrskiernan,,,,it might be the freon levels. if its an older unit like the one in my garage that might be the case.

What a game by the Mariners last night against the Angels! Hope they play as tough against the Twins this weekend. Would like to see them take at least two out of three but maybe rumors of Ibanez being traded to the Rays will mess their chemistry up? Hope not. We need to gain some ground on those pesky pirahnas and soon.

Junior made the highlight reel with his diving catch in center field. Swish made it too for his “I-don’t-really-have-to-jump-to-catch-this-ball-jumping-catch” in left field. He knew it too, because he was laughing his butt off as he headed in to the dugout. And of course, the catch and throw by Juanny at third was another awesome highlight. I’m really starting to not miss Joe at the hot corner and with the way Juan’s been situational hitting, not so much behind the plate either.

So Jen, are you saying that your marriage right now is producing more “cold” than your freezer????

Hey, if asking questions like this is all Dr. Phil has to do to make millions, I’m in the wrong trade.

I gotta admit. Your hubby has some guts. Making his mother-in-law eat a plane ticket and saying that that flying to Florida with his wife, three kids and her is not something he wants to do.

He’s a braver man than me.

Fridge is about 7 years old – it’s a Kenmore SxS – How do I check the freon level?

My marriage is freezing cold! I have to chip away at the ice to see it.


I know nothing about refrigerators and freezers and less about marriage counseling (my own track record is not sparkling).

I’ll leave both topics for someone more advanced than I.

Just make sure you keep the beer cold. Isn’t that what fridges are for???


They need to pick up another half game. Minnesota is off today.

In a perfect world the Sox need more then a three game cushion the final week. Remember they have to go to the House of Horrors for three, where they play absolutely atrocious.

Mark Liptak

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