Thursday Matinee

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Griff, CF; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Miss, 2B; Uribe, 3B; Hall, C.  Broadway pitching.


No BP today as the team needs to be dressed for the game by 11 am.  Players are scheduled to take part in a special autograph session for kids from 11 to 11:30.

Two great plays last night, one by Ken Griffey Jr. on a diving catch and the second (actually first in the game) by Juan Uribe to save us two runs.

In the end, the staff felt that DJ Carrasco was more valuable out of the pen for us right now than making one start every five days.  Lance Broadway, who pitched well in a start against the Royals last September, takes the mound today.


Going to the game today. Hopefully I bring home a winner. Have a good one

Don’t forget your broom Kenwo!

Go Go Sox!

Fridge is about 7 years old – it’s a Kenmore SxS – How do I check the freon level?

My marriage is freezing cold! I have to chip away at the ice to see it.


LOL. I think there is a device needed to do that but if its not getting cold, that may be why. I had a pop dispenser that had the same issue and the electronics went bad as well as the coils froze up. Yuck.

As far as your marriage goes, well, hmmm. let’s just have a torrid affair and say the heck with the others…..LOL.


The Sox need to win more games than the Twins between now and the end of the season. That’s what they NEED. What does it matter if MN has the day off? Are you saying that if they were playing today a win wouldn’t be as important? While I agree a three game lead or more would be huge going into MN, saying that today is a must win is just ridiculous. I don’t see how today’s game is any more important than the other 161 games they play this year. They only games that are more important than the rest are the ones against the Twins.

HaHa! I wish things were that simple!

As for the fridge, everything that I have read indicates a system leak of some kind and it will cost big bucks to fix, looks like I need to go shopping!

I might have missed this in a previous blog entry, but can you explain why you call alexi miss?

tam tam, ‘miss’ is for the Cuban Missile.

MrsK – personally I think I’d duct tape the hubster IN the fridge while you’re away, see how that works for his vacation time and then you can replace both when you get home! : ) Sorry to hear things aren’t good there, enjoy Florida without him!


don’t know why this is saying I’m krisv now but this is sox1966 too… it changed it on it’s own when I signed in – weird

I am thinking mlb changed the blog – so they don’t show e-mail addresses – I know I get tons of spam from it – the while TQ situation – people were stealing our e-mail addresses!

That is a good idea, I should lock him in there, but then who would feed Mr. Buehrle? (our cat) I guess I could always put him in the kennel with our dog!

I have always known hubby was an a**hole, I married him that way – for some odd reason I like guys that are a**holes!

From the look of things Mr. Williams should think of maybe trying to get another starting pitcher, it’s still the first, maybe things will turn around!

the whole TQ situation (sorry)

where is everyone today – jk – where are you??

Poor CQ – think it was on purpose?

When are they going to realize Konerko is way too heavy to carry, he has done nothing this year offense or defense.
This is nuts.

I have given up on trying to figure out how Ozzie in his right mind fills out that lineup card every day with Konerko’s name as a starter. He’s flat out lost it, fielding is gone, hitting has been gone, he should be gone!

How many more games does he have to cost before he is yanked for good?

Ahhhh, what would a day be like on Inside the White Sox without some Konerko bashing???? I guess he can be blamed for all 52 losses.

i keep losing my feed on mlbtv, anybody else?

tc – No, but come on how many times have we seen the same story – bases loaded, 2 outs and here comes Captain K – pop out, strike out, I am not one to bash anyone on the Sox, but the story is getting old!

kris – where are you? I know you said it, but I can’t remember.

still lovin me some Juanny baby!!

hell, I mean Texas, one and the same this time of year!

where is jk? Maybe he is at the golf course.


You have to remember that Konerko will be up more often with the bases loaded because of who he hits behind. Sure, I’m frustrated with his performance. Probably not as frustrated as he is with himself. But I still like our chances with the bat in his hand better than some of the others.

The only way he will come out of this is to play. He has shown some signs of improvement this week. Let’s just hope he can get there.

I have always wanted to move to Texas, do you like it?

Come on CQ!!!!!!!!

nope, too hot and humid for me for too many months in a row, just sweating playing frisbee with the Rott – we had to transfer a few years ago, some folks love it, but I just don’t like the constant heat.


Yes, I know that, I actually feel bad for him, something is going on with him. I think he’s nervous on having that second baby, or maybe his wife is asking him to go get ice cream at 3 in the morning and he’s not getting enough sleep:) kidding!!

Thank you JD!!

tc how many times have you seen me bash anyone? You really need to take them blinders off!

nice job by JD……woo hoo…..

mrskiernan…i do believe the email addy’s have disappeared….now you’re safe and sound from us all…..LOLOL

TC he’s been playin all year it is August and we are in a divisional race. It’s not little league that we should wait for him to learn how to hit again. Sit him a week or 2, he’s not doing us ant good with the “let him play out of it” philosophy.

benchwarmers…you are entitled to your opinion. PK has struggled at the plate, but has played very solid D up until the last couple games. even that play in the 1st inning was tough to make. hawk and dj think they are smarter than the official scorer. i don’t even listen to those two anymore….stone and farmer are far better….

Good for PK, see I told you he’d get a hit:)

I’m not accusing any individuals of bashing. And I know how frustrating it can be to watch a guy struggle. But Konerko is no rookie. He is a proven big league hitter. We know what he can do. If he goes into another 0-fer-the-homestand slump, then, yes, he has to sit. But he does us no good on the bench either.

There is no solution. Except for him to get his swing back.

From Jen: I think he’s nervous on having that second baby, or maybe his wife is asking him to go get ice cream at 3 in the morning and he’s not getting enough sleep:) kidding!!

Or maybe he just needs a new fridge!

TC, bases loaded, 9th inning, down by 2, who do you want up now, Swisher or Konerko?

Today I’d take Swish. But back in May (I remember Swish taking a called third in that situation in St. Pete) it may have been a different story.

2005 I would take Paulie also, but this is now, we need to win now, not hold lineups like it is preseason. Sorry it is a what have you done for me lately, game.


I thought Texas was a dry heat?

My neighbor is driving me crazy (she is such a pain in my rear) Her dog loose and she wants me to get him (knowing that I am trying to watch the game) I am going to start taking my phone off the hook during the game!

1st – your name is too long!
2nd – what are e-mail addy’s?
3rd – I don’t have a 3rd!!

That was funny – looked like they were having a dance!

I’m following the game online. Did I read that right? Konerko stole second. Shoot, maybe he could be used as a pinch-runner off the bench!!!!!

tc the catcher dropped the ball

But it looks like a great jump and a nifty hook slide on the boxscore!!!!!

After Broadway settled down, he did a good job!

I like Konerko he just stinks right now. All there is to it.

Mrsk – tell your neighbor to catch her own damn dog, Texas is NOT a dry heat, not where I’m at, maybe out West and/or north, I’m about an hr from the coast. Email addys girl, stands for email addresses – I like soxblogbabesgonewild – has a nice ring to it!

BC, I’m sure Paulie himself would agree with you. But a pair of hits today may hep him go to the plate with a little more positive feeling.

The game is in the hands of the bullpen now. Where’s jk when we need him to cheer us on? He must be in Crown Point working on Jen’s fridge or chasing her neighbor’s dog.

hot damn! THOME!!!!!

I wish jk was working on my fridge!
My neighbor is just nuts! She’s not an old lady – I think she’s like 42, her kids are my kids age, her dog hates her and loves me, the dog always runs away from her and wanders down here (she’s about 6 houses down) she’s always asking me for something, her Husband left her because she got too fat (I am not joking) I felt sorry for her, but enough is enough!!

Does anyone know where the Hawk goes? DJ is boring!

You guys wanted to get rid of Captain K! He must of been reading the blog between innings!!

what was that about pk???? stand corrected yet? at least for today –

The bullpen can now thank Mr. Thome for a little breathing room.

Kenny may have a real decision to make. If Thome keeps hitting for the next 6 or 7 weeks like has has in the last month, he may have to think twice about whether or not he picks up that option.

Paulie, at least for one afternoon you made me look good.

Now, how about keeping it up for a little while.

love him to death!!! go missile!!!!!

What is going on? Is this Josh Hamilton at the Home Run hitting contest or what?

Keep putting up the numbers Alexei and maybe you can steal some thunder from the injured Longoria in the next few weeks in the Rookie of the Year talk.

I ate my words once this year already after Thome picked it up. Ready to do it for PK.

what the heck man……. this is awesome, wish I was at the game!

Four Home runs in a row!!!!!! WoW!!!!

WOW! Thank God for the homerun! Kenwo needs a new pair of underwear at this point!!

What in the world is going on at the Cell?????

The boys at the Elias Sports Bureau are scrambling for the books to find out the last time the Sox hit four straight jacks.

TQ, can you beat Elias with the answer???

Man, Kris! I wish I was there too!!!!!!

Way to break up the homer streak, Toby😡

Just kidding. Glad to see a HUGE crooked number go up on the board!

mksK….an email addy is short for email address….you know…like hint)…………

Ok all you Konerko bashers… crow at least 1 day. Yes it stinks when he didn’t get the hit in the 1st inning, but I think he made up for it… for at least 1 day……give it a rest will ya?


Be careful my friend. You have no idea how big or tough Mr. K may be! And I’m not talking about Mr. Konerko!

TC…I know…..LOLOLOL……wait a minute. someone’s knocking at the door and he has a gun…..OMG!!!

If you guys are taking about my hubby as Mr. K – he is a Police Officer and a black belt in Karate! So yes he has a gun! It might just be him knocking on your door!

You guys are a riot!!!
Swas, i hope you were kidding!!!


Well, instead of you, he really should be more concerned about the Maytag repairman.

Jen, is your hubby really a cop?

tc, sbbgw – I got a bridge for sale!!!!!

Who’s swas – soxbloggonewild?

You guys are confusing me!

Yeah, and Jen you better sell that bridge ’cause new refrigerators don’t come cheap!

How about you, Lisa (BTW thats what my nutsy neighbor’s name is) do you want to buy my bridge?

Paulie – my click to pick:)

Hell no! Do you wanna buy my hubby? i’ll sell him cheap.
Yes, swas is blogbabesgonewild. He cracks me up.
My daughters name is Jennifer. I know alot of crazy Lisa’s


Would someone at the Cell, please walk up to our starting and winning pitcher, shake his hand, congratulate him and give my regards to him???

Well, at least I beat TQ to the pun(ch)!!!!!!!

That was too easy. I feel so bad for stooping so low for a corny laugh.

We could do a swap – my husband for your husband!🙂

Lisa – does he know anything about refrigerators??

I don’t get it, tc!

And I think Swas would like to be included as the husband to be named later!

Ok Paulie proved me wrong today, and i hope I have to eat a whole lot of crow the rest of the year. No one (with the exception of Paul ) could be happier about him coming around. Let’s hope it continues.

Actually, I really don’t get alot of what you and TQ say (write)

Does your hubby do dishes, I could use a dishwasher in the restaurant

Maybe if we talk negative about him before every game – he’ll prove us wrong every game!

Jen, Jen, Jen,

This refrigerator issue must have dragged all your attention today.

The winning pitcher is named Broadway. Oh that’s right, you’re way too young to remember the song Give My Regards to Broadway. But Quaid isn’t. And when the old guy logs on, he’ll probably tell me who sang the song, when it was recorded, and what movie it was performed in.

Yeah he knows a lil’ somethin’ about refrigerators. He can open and close the door when he gets something to eat out of there and he is pretty good about keeping it stocked. He is even good at moving it when i need to mop under there. But he may be pretty useless at actually fixing it.


John Wesley:

Please show me where I used the word “must” in my post.

My point is the Sox need to blow apart garbage teams…before this series they had chances to sweep K.C. in K.C. and the Tigers twice and dropped the ball every time in the final game. This happened a ton in 2006 and it cost them dearly in the end. I want to put as much distance as humanly possible between the Sox and Twins before that final week because the odds are very, VERY long the Sox will do anything in the House of Horrors when the pressure is really on.


Now to this afternoon. Excellent job by Broadway keeping the Sox in the game after a shaky first inning. Well done…he gets another chance in my book.

A nice three game destruction of a really garbage team, about time in my opinion.

Hey maybe the Sox are serious about finally turning around their awful minor league system…Beckham AND Danks in back to back days. As Sox fan Richard Roeper would say, “two thumbs up…”

Now to that other House of Horrors, Oakland…..the mantra should be “just don’t get swept!” Maybe having Jack McDowell in the booth this weekend will bring the Sox some luck. They didn’t have these issues in Oakland when he was pitching for the Sox!

Very nice job the past few days…now keep it going!

Mark Liptak

Alright, who did it? swas do you have a myspace or you tc?

Which TV mouthpiece will be missing this weekend? Hawk or the dreadful DJ?

what did they do Jen?

Girls girls girls… my husband is pretty good, ‘cept for making us move here in order to keep on supporting us! He actually vacuum’s under the fridge for me if I ask (ie, lots of dog hair)- but you can’t have him, or the fridge for that matter!

The sox were amazing today, feels good leaving on a jet plane with that in our pockets! (who sings that song anyone?) now we need to continue the streak like the Stros and Milwaukee are doing! GO SOX!!!!!


I have no myspace. I’m lucky I have any space at all!!!! So, whatever it is, I am not guilty.

A game a half up, a little breathing room. Gardenhire was on ESPN radio the other day, ya gotta admire how those guys run that organization. Granted these guys here did a good job recovering from 2007 so quickly.

Hey what is happening with Jerry Owens?

How old are YOU, tc?

Lisa – that was really funny!!

bench – HaHa- ya right, my husband do dishes – the Cubs have a better chance at a ring!!

Hopefully DJ. He gets on my nerves.


tc – I thought the 1980 was the year you were born?


Old enough to be your ……uh ….. much older brother!

what do you guys not like bout Hawk and DJ – a little dry at times but they most certainly aren’t the worst I’ve heard. On mlbtv you hear whomever is the home team so trust me, I’ve heard all the American League and some of the National League announcers – Dodgers guy being the absolute top of the line best but he’s been doing it forever – and does it alone but he’s simply the best.

I got an e-mail saying Paulie wants to be my friend on myspace. It’s odd that I just got the e-mail as we were talking about it, I don’t know maybe not.

DJ to me seems to get a little too excited when the opposing team makes a play against us. That’s my beef.

Has anybody else noticed how little TQ has been posting of late? Methinks the lovely Helene is keeping him quite busy!
You go TQ!!!! (wink, wink)


Jen, go ahead….be Paulie’s friend!!!! On second thought, don’t touch that with a ten foot pole! Too many scammers out there….exluding the scam from this blog, of course!!!


I’m happy for TQ and the lovely Miss Helene – he seems pretty thrilled with her!

DJ is constantly repeating and agreeing with everything Hawk says. When he is funny, he is entertaining. He needs to try to injedt a little more humor into the telecasts. Of course, Hawk is the star of the show so he can’t step on anybody’s toes.

The Dodgers guy — Vin Scully, a true Hall of Famer — is the best baseball announcer that I have ever heard. And I go back long before 1980, the year that Jen thinks I was born! But I’m still trailing TQ. Just like the FBI is probably on his trail at the request of Helene to make sure he is worthy!!!!!!

I’m sure she is equally thrilled with him. I am happy for them both.


OK, I gotta stop picking on TQ since he is not here to defend himself. Besides, I’ve given him plenty ammo to fire upon once he does log on.

I think I scared swas! where did he go?

Lisa – I have all the player fans on myspace – I guess it’s a way of having the fans all connected – it’s not odd that I got the request – but just odd when I got it!

Maybe Helene has him handcuffed to the bed post and left him there all day!!


I think he ran to the library to get a book on How to Fix a Refrigerator!

Hopefully she turned the game on for him!


Actually Jack will be on the radio. Stone is taking a few days off. That from the Director of Broadcast Operations, Bob Grim, in a conversation I had with him a few weeks ago.

Mark Liptak

Don’t worry tc, TQ will catch up with you later to get you back!!! LOL!!!


I hope so – but I spent about 3 hours reading online about what could be wrong – and pretty much I think it’s done! (the fridge)

swas – it’s ok my husband is not really a cop!!

I think that since Stone was added to the team at the last minute during spring training, he pre-arranged for some time off. He missed a couple of series on an earlier West Coast trip and also missed a home series just prior to the three games at the overgrown dump with the vines growing on the walls on the north side.

Steak Night tonight, gotta go, 12oz ribeyes, 12oz new yorks, 16oz T-Bones….$11

Your guys are cracking me up today!! I think TQ posts from either the library or somewhere else, I don’t get the impression he has a computer right in front of him so after reading ALL of our convos today, he’ll be amused and will fire back without a doubt about refrigerators, husbands and what not!

Vin Scully is remarkable, ever feel like just listening to someone who’s got an ear for stats, log on to mlbtv for a night, well, I guess you can’t without paying but he’s pretty dang entertaining, one of the good things about mlbtv, not that it isn’t good, just not as fun as watching the boys on regular tv..

tomorrow is gonna be killer, the boys on wgn and the olympics, decisions, decisions decisions…. thank God for the recall button!


FYI. I’m just been told by a source Lance Broadway has just been optioned back to the minor leagues.

Something else may be in the works. Stay tuned.

Mark Liptak

Well Mark,

They don’t need a fifth starter again until Tuesday night vs. Seattle, unless they bump both Floyd and Danks up and pitch them on three days rest. I would be surprised to see them do that to a pair of young pitchers.

Maybe they just plan to call up another reliever for the next four nights and then recall Broadway again on Tuesday.

I’m sure Kenny’s cell minutes are astronomical every month, especially now in August in the heat of a pennant race.

benchwarmers………where??????? I want a steak for $11

Mark, keep us posted…..



I think he said Benchwarmers was somewhere southwest of the metro area in a small town. Has to be a small town. No where in the Chicago area would you find a steak for $11.

Even Konerko could go there tonight. At least after today’s game, Mr. Benchwarmers will not want to poison him!

What, why would they rid us of young boy so quickly when he really settled into what he was supposed to doing?

Mark, you said they NEED to win. How is that different from a must win? I just think you should relax a little bit. It’s not do or die time just yet. Save the anxiety for next month.

About today’s game, absolutely sick. Everyone in the lineup hit well, and all of our pitchers pitched well. That series was just an old fashioned beat down. Hopefully they can continue that in Oakland.


mrsK….its okay, i’m not a scareded…they guy at the door was a bad aim and missed……LOLOL. Btw, I did not use myspace, herspace or any other space to email so you must have a secret admirer. My only sin is having a warped sense of humor and telling some really bad jokes once in a while……

mark L—Broadway was sent back. Something is in the works. Not sure what, tho………

for whatever its worth, i do dishes, vacuum, cut the grass, do yardwork and dust. I don’t do windows or fix refrigerators tho……….

Hey Swas,

If none of the Soxblogbabes take you up on your offer, you can come over and mow my grass. There’s a beer or two in it for you somewhere. You see, my refrigerator WORKS.

No such thing as do or die next month. Every game next month is just as important as every game in April or any other month. If you miss the playoffs by a game you could look back at any game, not just during the final month or so. I look at every game as a needed win.

Today, I agree was a game they really needed. For one it’s been a while since we had a good outing in the 5th spot. And we needed to finish off a sweep. Also these Royals are pests to us something. It was good to put them in their place.

Wow, I heard Broadway got sent down about 5 minutes before Mr. Liptak reported it here; which means we heard it at the same time.

Chi lady’s Mr. got to see the 4 in a row today. ERRRR.

Best refrigerator for your new investment:

I ADORE, best selection ever: freezer on bottom with a double door fridge on top. You go into the fridge more than the freezer, and it is a BEAUTIFUL thing to not have to bend at the waist every time you need the milk.

tc, i do apologize…..wrong sex for moi…….LOL.




mrsK….if you buy another freezer i have two words of advice for you……extended warranty…..i pay about $300 a year for a freezer, refrig, stove, microwave and dishwasher and that also includes one free maintenance call on all 5…..a real bargain…..sears provides that as well.

But Swas,

The mower is bi-sexual!!!!

You know, this blog has really gone downhill today. I guess we can all blame Jen for starting us in that direction! Her and her refrigerator and husband problems!!!!


Benchwarmers Pub Fairbury Il

We have a map quest on the site

When we bought the house it came with the fridge, who knows maybe it does have a warranty!

swas – I was gonna say your still young – your like that way now, but men when they age their laziness gets worse! Then you say you have your own fridge, appliances – so, I don’t know – I give up, I don’t know how old anyone is!

tc – what fun is it reading what Lip has to say (sorry Mark)
I always have chaos in my life (that’s why I need to get back to writing my book)

Where is jk, TQ, Marie, Maria???????????
Maybe they are all out 2gether, their going to form an alliance!!

Put it on the boooooarrrrddddd…. 4 times… in a row.


Based on Ozzie’s comments it’s because of a bullpen need. There aren’t many options left that haven’t been tried via the minor leagues, maybe Link or maybe, just maybe a waiver deal is about to be announced.

I think the longest shot of all is having either Joe “Missing In Action” Crede or Linebrink suddenly coming back. I’d love for Scott to return but again that’s probably not going to take place for a few more weeks if then.

Mark Liptak

You guys are HILARIOUS! What a wild blog ride today!

I’ve been out of the pocket the past few days. Moved my oldest into her college dorm room yesterday. Such a whirlwind of emotion on that one. And today, we went to the Cell to celebrate my other daughter’s 13th birthday. The Sox couldn’t have given her a better present. For the rest of her life, she’ll be able to recall the exact date the Sox went back-to-back-to-back-to-back!

OK, I know all the inquiring minds in the Sox blogosphere want to know: where’s Peggy been for the past week? (You do want to know, right – ???)

Ans. – In Santa Cruz, CA, listening to all kinds of music and having fun at the beach boardwalk.

Nice to read that Lance Broadway did what I saw him do at last year’s (2007) Blog Night – beat KC. Yes, that is the last time he pitched in the majors, on Blog Night ’07.

i’m happy for the sweep, and hoping that the Sox can make me proud out here at the Coliseum (aka, House of Horrors). I’m taking some friends from Paris to the game on Sat., and I’d love for them to see our Sox win!!!!

I have no great ideas to offer about husbands or refrigerators, except that each can be useful for some things, and useless for others.

I forget who hoped Helene turned the game on for TQ, but my wish is that she turned TQ on for the game🙂

Where the hell is everyone??

Congrats, Maria, on both getting one daughter settled in at college, and arranging a perfect birthday celebration for the other!!!

I agree about the emotional whirl of taking a daughter to college (and leaving here there…)

It’s not like you guys have a life away from WS universe!!

It’s nice for you two (Maria and Peggy) to finally come back

Guess what?

My fridge problems are solved, my Mother is going to buy one for us! Anyone have any suggestions?

I am starting to really get worried about jk – it’s not like him to not post a whole day!! Did he say that he was going somewhere?

Jen, Thank you for all the caring remarks throughout the day. I had a job to do today and finished watching the archived game just a little while ago. I know I should have given some warning of my whereabouts, but my day started at 5:30 this morning and, well you all now know the rest of the story.

I just finished reading all the posts from todays pre-game to post–game and beyond. What have I missed? I know we won the game. Thank you Lance Broadway for a well pitched game. Thank you Paulie for coming through THREE times today, and thank you for the backtobacktobacktoback efforts of our team!

Now, I missed various comments about ( in no particular order), refrigerators, husbands, missing bloggers, (hi Peggy), name changes, Florida, and steaks….. just to mention a few. Boy! You guys and gals were busy!

I really thought we would sweep the KC’ers, and we did. Now all we need to do is to win the series against the A’s. This feat won’t be as hard as in years past, what with all their missing parts now, but you never know….

Pitching looks good, both starters and bullpen. Offense is producing. Situational hitting is working. Even small ball has had a rebirth recently. All this boils down to “watch out Oakland”. I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds by making that comment. Bottom line is stay tuned…. Go Sox ’08……. j.k.

A little more info for you all: I was busy the past two days installing new alluminum awnings for a mobile home carport that got damaged a couple of weeks ago. Boy, did I sweat my A** off these past two days. Thank goodness for cold beer at the end of the day. Tomorrow I’ll be golfing, but that won’t be a problem as we don’t play until late night. Saturday I golf again and hope to be back home in time for the end of the game. Sunday I’m home, and will be watching from the first pitch. Then we are back home and I can’t remember what I’ll be doing the next week. But for now, let me say, Go Chicago White Sox…….. later all…… j.k.

Back from the Cell (a while ago–had to wash the sunscreen off and feed the kids) and what a time we had! It always seems to be those games I can’t get anyone to go with me to where something amazing happens. Like Mark Buehrle’s no-hitter, or the game where the Sox gave up 6 runs in the ninth only to get those 6 runs back to keep the score tied (AJ won it later on) or the 19 inning marathon against Boston a few years back (Tadahito Iguchi singled in the winning run). You would think my husband would have learned by now, but he stayed home to “work” and ended up watching the game on TV. As far as I’ve heard, the 4-in-a-row homers had never been done by the White Sox before, which, when you consider the power of our lineup, would not be far fetched to think they could do it again before the year is up. Man, Toby Hall was really trying to add to that number, wasn’t he? (Missed it by that much . . .)

Sorry I don’t know anything about fixing fridges. We had a little one to keep drinks cold in the basement that my husband took outside to defrost (my idea) and as he was telling my son not to chip out the ice because you can put a hole in the freon coils, HE CHIPPED OUT THE ICE AND PUT A HOLE IN THE FREON COILS!! So we had to buy a new one.

I also heard from the talk radio rumor-mongers that Broadway was sent down and put on waivers so the Sox could do a deal for him, but the word was they were looking for a relief pitcher, possibly from the Mariners. Don’t have any idea who that might be. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

Keep those bats warm on the flight to the West Coast, guys! Bring home a winner (or three)! GO SOX!!

By the way, did someone say they were writing a book? What’s it about?

Thank God your alive, jk!! I’ll call off the Dogs!

Oh the book, I was writing a book (autobiography-that just doesn’t look like it’s spelled right) my computer crashed so I lost it all –

Now where is TQ – I wonder if Helene forgot about him and he’s still handcuffed to the bed?

I guess I should call the dogs, again!

TQ doesn’t have a home computer I don’t think, I’m willing to bet he’ll be around tomorrow. Don’t call out the dogs just yet.

Mrsk – we have a Whirlpool – dbl doors, etc.. no problems to date but I think they’re a little pricey, husband bought it when he moved in 4 months before I did so I have no idea what the price was.

What’s your myspace under, I looked under your name but nothing came up unless you’re either 18 or living in Ireland!!!

Now, Jen, let me see if I got this right.

First your mom plunked down mucho cash to take your whole family to Disney World for a vacation.

Then she turned around and offered to buy you a new refrigerator.

She must be loaded!!!!!

No wonder your husband married you!!!!!

(Uh oh guys. I’m in real trouble now. Been nice talking with you all.)

See my mom doesn’t do anything with out an ulterior motive, my husband has a trust fund he gets in 5 years, he’ll be loaded, she’s making sure we will take care of her when she gets too old. She knows my brother won’t do it.

A trust fund, huh? In 5 years, huh?

Now we know why you married him!!!!!

He didn’t have it then – his Mother passed away when I was pregnant with my 2nd – she died of liver cancer.

Mrsk-I added you as a friend, you don’t like Mr. Crede now do you??? LOL!!!!

Well Jen, my humorous attempts at your family will now cease with that sobering news.

Sorry that your kids lost a grandmother and that your husband lost his mom.

I will shut up about everything but the first-place White Sox. That will limit my faux pas.

It’s OK, tc! I like your humor!! Please, Don’t stop being you!!

kris – I got your add! You need some more WS friends – I got the Hawk, Ozzie, Soxman!

I like crede (just not the lusting like) I haven’t had time to change my page!

How many kids do you have? I see you daughter.

tc – what does the 1980 stand for or is it suppose to be 1880 – the year you were born! Ha Ha! Just Kidding!

Here’s an interesting note: The A’s are pitching “The Gio Gonzalez,” whom the Sox traded and got back twice. So far he’s 1-1 with a 4.09 ERA.

Also, all the “official” news about Broadway being sent down is only that Ozzie wants another arm in the bullpen on the road trip. Nothing about trading him away. Will have to wait and see whom they call up.


I guess I deserved that shot!

The 1980 refers to the year I graduated from college. You do the math.

Hi Guys (Jen),
Nice to see you were looking for me. I have been swamped at work lately and super busy tonight.

Hey on the way home tonight, I heard TCQ holds the records for 6 games in a row of being hit by a pitch. If he needs anything iced, rubbed, etc, he could call me. : )

Also, only 6 times in MLB history have 4 knocks been hit consecutively. Gotta love our boys today.

Mark L loves to take the wind out of our sails, doesn’t he? He can’t even leave it be for one day – this historic game, win, sweep, before reminding us of the past troubles of the White Sox in Oakland. Well, time to change history folks.

Have a good night everyone and talk at ya tomorrow!

Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, I don’t like this new name stuff. I need a cheat sheet to remember swas is blogbabewhatever, and sox1966 is krisv, and Jen, just to keep track of you.


Is anyone still talking baseball on this blog?

This looks more like a chat room than a baseball board!

Hey, Jim D, read my comment, right above yours.



Read my comments! ;0)


I have digressed way too much today. That’s what day games and working at night at the office on redundant things will do to a guy.

I’m always ready for some baseball talk. Besides, I’ve insulted poor Jen and her family enough for one day!!!

Marie – Thanks for some BASEBALL input. Seems that about 90% of the posts have nothing to do with baseball.

We have stunk against Oakland this decade. However if this pitching can keep it up I think we can sneak out of there with 2 wins. The Twins play a ton of road games the next three weeks. This is a big chance to build a lead.

tc – PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE stop, you didn’t!! We talked baseball!!
Good to have you back Marie!! I am still looking for a fridge, whenever I make big purchases I need to research for hours and hours before I decide.

We can thank the Republican National Convention for chasing the Twins out of the Cities for a prolonged road trip. Even though the convention is technically in St. Paul, the Twins are leaving town. Thanks Sen. McCain!

It seems to me that we managed one decent trip to Oakland (maybe took 2 of 3) in the past few years but maybe my memory is playing tricks on me at this hour of the night.

Herm better put some extra sedatives in his bag for Swish. That guy will be jacked out of his gourd to go back to Oakland and play his old team.

Nice time to catch the A’s as they have taken a freefall out of the A.L. West chase and are struggling a bit right now.

Of course, as baseball goes, “On any given day . . . . . . . “

Actually Jim the Sox weren’t bad in Oakland in 2000 and 2001. I think they actually won a series there in 2000….it’s been since then they can’t seem to do anything.

Mark Liptak


My last comment on the fridge (and I don’t mean William Perry). As long as it keeps the beer cold, it is good.

Now, back to baseball.

I just checked my memory and I was surprisingly correct. The Sox won two of three at Oakland in April, 2007. Lost three there later in the year. Finished 4-5 against the A’s for that ’07 season. Stand 3-3 right now after splitting 2-game and 4-game series with the As.

I hope that Ozzie goes with Anderson or Wise in CF for at least one game. Lots of territory to cover in that pitcher’s park.

Floyd is the right guy to get us off on a good start.

A series? I ran off some numbers about their record overall and at Oakland since about 2002 earlier this year. Too late to look it up now, but we had something like a 25% to 30% winning percentage against them.

I was actually living in Wash DC those 2 summers so I was not as in tuned to the Sox those years. Had to go to a bar to see them play, but did see them play live in Baltimore a few times. Great place to see a game for those that have not been there.

Pitching matchups will be interesting because the A’s are one of those teams where it seems like we are always facing new pitchers and soft tossers. This series we get 2 guys we have never faced, including Gio Gonzalez. The third guy, Greg Smith has a bad record, but is 1-1 against us this year. I’d be thrilled with 2 wins in this series, and if the pitching can carry over it will happen.

Ozzie mentioned that Broadway had to go down to get another arm for the bullpen. The reason this is happening is because of the mass amount of outfielders we have. They probably would have sent Dewayne Wise back down, but I think he is out of options. Anderson is the only one with an option left, but he is at least playing a regular late defensive role lately.


You’re right. Wis is out of options and is he is designated for assignment, I highly doubt that he will clear waivers. We need him on our post-season roster if we are fortunate enough to get there.

I don’t think we have too many outfielders. I actually think we have too many pitchers!!! But I guess I am still living in the 1980s when each team had 10-man pitching staffs and didn’t have 7th-inning specialists, 8th-inning specialists, one-inning only closers, etc., etc.

It just seems ridiculous to me to have almost half (12) of your 25-man roster be pitchers. It really limits your bench. Of course, the Sox have been carrying only 11 pitchers since the Griffey trade was made. But that still only leaves five non-starting position players on the bench, with one being your backup catcher. In extra-inning games, it really limits what the manager can do.

Saw it here first:

How did this happen on Monday and we still haven’t heard anything about it from any Sox people?

Are you talking about Franklyn German? I think I read about it in the Tribune the other day.

It doesn’t appear that he is ready to help us yet.

So who’s going to be our fifth starter?

Jen: I always find the Consumer Reports has reliable ratings for products. You might want to research them prior to making your fridge decision. If you want a copy of them, let me know and I can try to email them to you this weekend.

On to baseball… I hope the Sox carry their momentum into Oakland and find a way to put McAfee history out of their minds. Late night Olympics and now a west coast series. My sleep schedule is SO messed up!

Hey – I posted about that German trade on Monday! You’re all ignorning me now because I have a fancy new name instead of my e-mail “addy” aren’t you? I see how you are…

So every time the Sox hit a dinger yesterday, I ran by the IT dept and did the home run signal to the other sox fan here at work. He doesn’t have a radio in the IT area and he was watching it on the computer. I had to leave my office after the 3rd one thinking that was it. He came and found me and was twirling his finger happily when Uribe went yard!


Here you go: 6-27 in Oakland since the start of the 2001 season.


Also good column today by Rick Telander:,CST-SPT-rick15.article

Mark Liptak

J & M – so sorry, didn’t realize this was a board where a little humor couldn’t be thrown in when we’re winnin an awesome game that isn’t baseball related – sometimes it makes sittin here on mlbtv a bit less tedious with nobody to talk with really, were your comments because you had nothing else to whine about the game so you had to smack us down?

Oh Mark, that is a brutal stat! Let’s hope this trip puts a dent in improving it! Peggy, you going to any games?? We need you to root for our boys!!

Kris, when you say J & M, I hope you don’t mean me (marie) as the M, I didn’t whine about anything.

Go Sox!!


Nope Marie, I didn’t mean you.

Kris, nothing wrong with a little humor, but I don’t think the intention of the blog was to create a site for people to vent about their marital issues or talk about refrigerators. I’m sure there are plenty of sites out there on the web for those topics.

I try to skip that persons posts, and find the baseball related ones. But I found that difficult yesterday because of the quantity of posts.

Yes, this site was intended for us to talk baseball, but sometimes we like to have a lil’ fun too. Kris, peggy and Klein are out of state, so I think they like it when there is a little back and forth banter while the game is on and they enjoy communicating with whoever is online at the time. Plus, many of us have gotten to be friends and I think it is absolutely fine if we want to joke around with one another in the process.

I think your comment was rude and condescending. At least that’s the way I see it. Plus, if you don’t like it, then you can easily scroll past the posts. But you don’t have to insult those of us who are enjoying each other’s company on the blog just because it doesn’t suit you!

You really pi$$ed me off with that bull$hit remark.

George M Cohan wrote and sang “Give My Regards To Broadway.” … Jimmy Cagney did it as well in “Yankee Doodle Dandy ” for the Warner Brothers in 1942…

(“My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you… and, as for me… YOU DIRTY RAT… Whoops, getting my Cagney impressions mixed up…)

Oddly enough, Helene and I WERE together yesterday… Now I don’t know how all of you will feel about this, but I’ll write it anyway and look for the feedback…

As you all know, the boys have been my “passion” since I was knee-high to a batting tee… but now that I have found someone at my advanced age that makes me feel wonderful, I have decided that when we are together…the boys take second place to her… unless we go to the Cell…

So yesterday I did not find out about the bombardment until after 7 PM… and I heard about it on NewsRadio 78… not from the Score…

Then I saw the highlights package on Ch 2’s 10 PM newscast, put together by my friend , former co-worker at the immortal SportsVision, and sports producer extraordinaire Steve Goldberg…(who, as an aside, is doing EVERY sportscast from last night through this coming Sunday on his own…no other producer, no interns, no nothing… he’ll be seeing events in his sleep for weeks to come, the poor guy…)…

Four HR’s on a grand total of 12 pitches?… No wonder they didn’t have to take BP yesterday AM?… They waited until the middle innings to do it…

Now, for all you youngsters out there (since Stone Pony is AWL — absent WITH leave — this weekend…) I believe that is the fourth time in WS history that 4 HR’s have been hit in the same inning… anyone who attended Blog Night III and received a copy of the propaganda book… er, the Media Guide… I think that you can find it in one of the small boxes in towards the HR section…

And, if you’ll recall, someone a few days ago was wondering what the W/L records were on the various TV channels that cover the boys…

Well, since that’s the only way I keep track of them, being able to see with my own eyes… here they are… as of 8/11/08…

WGN 11/9 (11/8 with actual WS telecasts… 0/1 with the Flubs announcers…)
WCIU 9/11 (for those of you who hate “the U”… now I know why…)

FOX 2/2 (wins over Det and the Flubs, losses to the Angels and that debacle in KC two weeks ago tomorrow…)
the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network (Sunday Night Baseball) 3/1
Comcast All the rest…

8 games left on ‘GN, 5 on “the U”, and 2 on FOX (tomorrow and the following Sat vs TB)…

I would like some feeback on the Helene situation, choosing her over the boys when we are together, as well as other baseball related issues…

After all the Olympics can’t last forever, can they?… Neither can DA BEARS…

But hopefully the boys can…

Sorry you feel that way Lisa. I am not one to hold back what I am thinking though. I do like looking back at some of the banter after the game. Especially when it is about the game.

Whatever. As you can see I have absolutely no problem conveying what is on my mind either.


Yes, there is life beyond “the boys.”

I didn’t do the math, but did you take into account that the games with the north side minor league leaders that were not on Fox nor ESPN were telecast on BOTH WGN and Comcast? Both broadcast crews worked all those games, I believe. At least that is what they did a year ago and I assume they did it the same way this year.

SportsVision, huh? Now there is an entity out of the past. Ahh, the good ol’ days out in the studios in Oak Park. Then they grew up and became SportsChannel and then got too big for their britches and moved into the city as FSN and finally the move to Comcast.

TQ buddy, we are definitely showing our age.

I haven’t paid any attention to the A’s lately. Is Big Hurt on or off the DL?

TQ – good to have you back – I would live to comment about the Helene situation, but the Jackass might get offended!!

Oh, did I write jackass – I ment Jim, sorry I got the names mixed up, those J names are hard to remember!!


Please someone get the stick out of his a**!!

Hi Jen!

Is that allowed, Lisa? You don’t want to make anyone mad by saying hi!

Have to take my kids to Orientation, Lisa your gonna have to take everyone on for me!!

I gotta run some errands too. But you know I got your back girl!!! I’ll be back on later. I honestly don’t think there will be much of a battle here. Most of us are pretty friendly people.

tc… History lesson for you, sir…

The SportsVision location I worked at was at 301 E Erie Street, just down the block from CBS 2… We were there from May of 1982 until December of 1983…

As a matter of fact, the last night of the original SV, I was not working… but was invited to a combination New Year’s Eve/ last night of sidebar programming party…

They were off the air by the time I got there (remember they only went 3 or 4 hours at a time back then, not 24/7)…
so i went downstairs, opened the door to the office, and said to the folks congregating there for the NYE party…

“Excuse me, is this the place where they’re holding the garage sale?”

Then they moved on from there to all that you mentioned…

So much for TQ’s memories…

Getting back to baseball(okay, jim d?)… the double whammy faces the boys tonight… the West Coast “House of Horrors” in the East Bay, PLUS a pitcher whom they’ve never faced before… and a left hander to boot…

And the pathetic Mariners are having to face the piranhas at the HumpDump…

Get the rosaries out, kids… and pray real hard to whomever you believe in… that things turn out all right…

Once again… I ask my friends in WS Universe…

1) Am I doing the proper, gentlemanly thing by concentrating on Helene when I’m with her, instead of focusing on the boys? (I realize that most of you could give our proverbial rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn) about this, but humor an old man, will you?… I am rusty at this dating thing…

2) Can they get away from Oakland with their dignity, and the division lead, in tact?

3) Will Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point, and all the other Women of White Sox Universe find happiness and contentment?

Tune in tomorrow, friends, for the next chapter of “ALL MY SOX.”…

We now return to our regular programming…

Thank you Miss Lisa! I didn’t mean to start such a brew ha ha but my opinions don’t always stay inside either.

TQ – spend your time with the lovely Miss Helene, we know you’re out there cheering us on, whether you’re glued to the radio or whatnot. We hold you in the highest esteem!

So – how about the White Sox! Hope they do well in Oakland. That place always makes me a little crazy so we’ll just have to wait and see. I also see that Minn got the lovely and not so talented Seattle again this weekend… that just irritates me all to hell. They’ll have to bring the bats outa blazin!! GO SOX!!!! Oh, I read somewhere last night that Peggy is going to be there some time this weekend so those loud screams we hear will probably be hers!

Hey I’m not here to battle anyone, except for maybe Kenwo because we butt heads on a lot of baseball topics. Just want to talk about the games, and hopefully celebrate come October!

If I can offer an idea, and this is me trying to be helpful so those who have to watch on the computer can communicate. I have a program on my computer called Trillian. It uses IM screennames like what you have on AOL. You can do chatrooms on there. I use it for work all the time, and it is totally free. You can even do video chat with a webcam. I use it with the guys in my fantasy football leagues to talk smack on Sunday’s, because some of the guys are out of state and we can’t always get together.

TQ the playa brought up a nice point. The Sox had all of that offense yesterday without any batting practice. Maybe they should try that again tonight.

As far as your lady situation goes, I have also missed a couple games this season due to dates with certain lady friends. However, you have to be careful not to give up too much for them, because it’s like if you give a mouse a cookie. They just keep wanting more and more if you don’t put your foot down.

I really think Jim, Jen and Lisa should all hug it out, ’cause the saltiness on here is kinda foggin up the board. Maybe you guys should grab a cup of coffee and talk about your feelings.

Anybody have a guess as to who our fifth starter will be in four days?

I can’t believe we have seven more hours till game time. West coast games suck.


Tom – looking at those pitching matchups for the Sea-Minn series it looks really ugly. Hopefully Ichiro and the boys can pull out at least one win in that series. That is as long as we don’t get swept, and we will at the very least still be tied for first come Sunday night. The Twins schedule gets tougher as the month goes on. Our schedule is not easy, but we should have a chance to maybe get a little cushion going for us.

That 5th starter spot is a good question. I believe Broadway by rule can not return for 10 days after being optioned down. We have an off day I believe next Thursday so they could use Floyd and Danks on 3 days rest and then be back to normal after the off day. Another option would be calling up Calyton Richard again or maybe Charlie Haeger. I just can’t see them using Carrasco as the 5th as long as he continues to be so valuable from the bullpen.

For those who were interested in trying to acquire Jarrod Washburn from Seattle the Sox did not get a shot at him. The Twins put a claim on him and did it one of the days when we were up a half game. They did not work out a deal, so it may have just been the Twins blocking the Sox from getting a shot at him. It was also rumored that the Cardinals may have been the team trying to make the deal, but it turned out to be the Twinkies.

I think Clayton Richard would probably be the best option. I really like his stuff a lot. Unfortunately he has innings where he has trouble locating his pitches and ends up getting into trouble. Jim, you wouldn’t happen to know if there are any other names floating around out there as far as starting pitching goes? I really don’t think Washburn could have done much for us.

Yesterday’s game was indeed outstanding. Besides getting sunburned a little bit it was a fine time. Those homers kept coming. If Toby would have did it I may have bought my section a beer or something…..He gave it the old college try though.

As for Mike Devereaux battling me…you should stay battling with the ladies you MAY have a shot to win that one. just kidding i enjoy reading your opinions even though most of the time I think you’re wrong. As for the move of Broadway back to the minors..I don’t get it. Why on earth do they need another bullpen guy? I think carrying 12 pitchers is a mistake as it leaves you short handed with the bench. Maybe if he didn’t pull the pitchers after one out we wouldn’t have these problems. I think Broadway should have stayed up. He did a nice job. I am glad the Twins blocked Washburn because I do not believe he is a significant upgrade over whoever we throw out there (23-41 record I believe the last 3 years…they can keep him).

Quaid…make sure she likes baseball a little bit. My wife knows that when the Sox are on I am most likely going to be at the game, watching the game, listening to the game, or mad that I am not at the game, watching the game or listening to the game. If you don’t do that…like someone else said… they won’t let you go back to it! My wife wanted to get married in October of 2004….I refused-we pushed it back to March 2005 just in case the Sox made the world series….wouldn’t have time for that wedding garbage!

Part of me sides with my arch rival Devereaux on the back and forth banter because I don’t like seeing husbands get bashed on here…makes me happy my wife isn’t on this site!

I can’t say that I have heard any other names at this point. The Twins actually offered Boof Bonser for him. They have been trying to get rid of Bonser for quite a while now.

I’m guessing it will be Clayton Richard also if it is only for 1 start. He does have very good stuff, but the jump he made this year was probably a little too much. I think they were trying to play the hot hand with him, because he had just cruised through AAA after his promotion from Birmingham.

I would think we would have heard something by now because whomever they call up has a cross country flight to get to Oakland today.

If they do decide to start Carrasco on Tuesday then they should bring up Haeger. The knuckleballer fan fill that long relief role.

Kenwo, you are usually wrong, but you are right about Broadway. The way he battled yesterday after Konerko’s play that should have been an error and that pitch eating at bat by Alex Gordon showed a lot about him. Looks like he could be the #5 at the start of next year.

It is nice to have some versatility on the bench. Especially considering how fragile some of the veteran guys are, and to get better defensively late in the game.

I am starting my own White Sox Woman Blog – you Boys out there won’t be hearing from me anymore!!

Toodles!! TTFN!!

Ok I was able to get an answer finally. Clayton Richard has been recalled from Charlotte.

Ok, let me start out by saying that I don’t bash husband’s, mine never says a darn thing about my baseball, be it on tv or the computer or occasionally both – he’s the best on all accounts!

I don’t do stats, don’t remember a ton of pitchers names, etc, that doesn’t make me any less of a baseball fan right? 🙂 I don’t know how men remember all that stuff! I enjoy idle chatter but yea, last night probably was more than the usual, no disagreement there either. Perhaps it was just the sarcasm that lit the fire up under everybody. We’re all good, well, at least I am – I’m here for the enjoyment and the last thing I want is for this to become a big pissin session.

My real question is this, how do you guys find women that don’t like baseball??? I have yet to marry a man that liked it.. I know I know, still love him but he can live with or without it. Obviously he chooses to live with it and me but I made it quite clear that baseball season is just that, 6 small months (7 if you’re lucky) of the most glorious game ever played!

So, Richard is available for long relief in the next four games, if needed. It not used, then he probably starts Tuesday. If he is used to the point that he can’t start Tuesday, then who does start? Maybe Carrasco if he is ready or maybe they send Richard back down and call up someone else.

Or maybe they pick up someone in the meantime.

Or maybe Kenwo comes out of retirement and Mike Devereux signs with Seattle and we get the matchup that the Sox Bloggers have long been waiting for!!!!!!!

I was just listening to satellite radio, and the guys on the homeplate station or whatever it’s call have the Angels and Sox in the ALCS! What do you feel about that? Shocked me a little, pleasantly I might add.

TC – What do wanna bet the first pitch would be headed towards the right handed batters box!

Kris – I enjoy your posts and your enthusiasm for this team. As for remembering things. I think some men just have the ability to retain what is referred to as useless knowledge. Kinda like how women can usually recall dumb things their man has done years later and still hold it against them.

Pitching rules in the playoffs as we saw in 2005. If we can get back to where we were as a pitching staff the first 3+ months thsi season we could easily be there. And it all kinda depends because if the Angles have the best record they would get the Wild Card. And we would get the AL East winner. If we are going good at the time there is no reason why we could not beat Boston or Tampa in a 5 game series. Don’t know if Tampa will hold on though cause of all the injuries.

So it’s basically still a hold your breath kinda thing huh? I don’t do patience well, I want this to all go smoothly, no stress, no worries, no Minnesota, who just plain needs to go away somehow. Why do I get the feeling that it’s gonna be a ‘hold on tight it’s gonna be a rough landing’ type of 6 weeks or so?

My wife has learned to like baseball. She usually doesn’t have a problem with it anymore unless The Office is on…then I have to watch during the commercials and follow along on-line. Fortunately I like that show so it isnt a huge deal.

The toughest part is getting into the postseason. Once we are in there I think the sox could easily win. They aren’t over matched by any of the teams in the running. Sure we could end up losing but we would have a good shot at least.

First pitch to Devereaux would be up and in and then I would dazzle him with 2 outstanding hooks and finish him off with the high heater. No problem.

For tonights game- I would like to see Frank hit a pair of homers and we win easily 7-2…or something of the sort.

This and That:

Surprised that Richard would get the call. He was clearly in over his head earlier as indicated by an ERA of over ten.


TC and Tom:

You might find this interesting:

Plus this came out of the Eastern Sports Programming Network today:

I e-mailed her back and this is what I said:

“Le Anne, with respect the following column says more about what the Eastern Sports Programming Network thinks and does then anything Karl and the Baseball Tonight folks can come up with:


We’ll see if I ever get a reply back.

Mark Liptak


As you alluded to, Einhorn was a real visionary and was certainly jsut a few years ahead of his time with SprotsVision. Had the Chicago market been wired for cable (only a few smaller suburbs were at that time), it would have been much more successful.

I must say, though, that even though the Sox were on WGN prior to breaking off and going to WFLD, the Cubs still got more games on TV and still had the prime spots. At least they did in the mid-60s when I was a kid and first got to watch Channel 9.

Harry Caray “fell” into the Sox’s lap back int he early 70s after getting himself fired by Augie Busch (after one dreadful year of working for peanuts for Charlie O. Finley). Harry gave the franchise a shot in the arm with his enthusiasm and drew a lot of new fans for the team, including me.

Harry’s hatred for Jerry and Eddie (and vice versa) was really unfortunate. Harry probably never admitted it before his death, but the White Sox saved his career and if it weren’t for the acrimony between him and the new Sox ownership, he never would have moved to the Cubs. So, in a strange way, the Cubs, WGN and Wrigleyville can thank Jerry and Eddie for their boom in the ’80s and the billions of dollars they have made since then.

But while the Cubs got Harry and became the toast of the yuppies, they still don’t have one thing that Jerry and Eddie have — a World Series trophy.

Both franchises are thriving now. The business of baseball is cyclical. And the people that still are ticked off about the WGN/WFLD deals and the Harry situation need to realize that it was more than a quarter-century ago and it is time to move on.

Now, how about beating the A’s tonight. I think Swish will have a couple of good games.

Oh and Mark, one more thing,

I agree that Richard was in a little over his head in his first trip up but don’t pay any attention to the ERA. First of all, ERAs only mean something after a guy throws a significant number of innings. Also, ERA is the most over-rated and unrealistic stat in the game today. It is not a real reflection of a pitcher’s performance.

After a two-out error, a guy can give up 10 straight hits and not have his ERA damaged. Heck, a pitcher can make his own error and not have the runs hurt his ERA. I think that very few pitching coaches and managers even look at ERA’s.

Richard showed some promise and will have a nice big league career because he is left-handed and throws hard. If he can show some control, he’ll be eating, living and driving in comfort for the rest of his life.

The only thing i remember about sportsvision is my dad paid top notch to get a scrambler box. I enjoyed plenty of Ron Kittle roofshots and Lamarr Hoyt gems and Harold Baines game winning hits.

TQ: Make love, not war. Of course you should be more attentive of Helene at this stage of your relationship. You need to nurture this until there are firm roots to hold things together. At that point it would be natural to point out that you want to pay more attention to the game. That leaves about 21 hours a day to be with the lovely Helene.

Looks like a referee is needed on here now. JimD, TC, Kenwo, Jen and krisv (did I miss anyone?), Go to your rooms and no toys for you until you promise to play nice.

I had an early Tee time and so we decided to play 36. Thank goodness you get to average your scores, because my first round was excruciating! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I look forward to the Sox doing well this weekend in Oakland. These aren’t the same A’s that have feasted on our team the past few years. I think we will win the series and be at least tied with Minn. come Monday morning. We will see…. ONLY four hours to go til game time…. ugh! Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Kenwo you have quite a memory. You said you are 28 years old. The last LaMarr Hoyt pitch in a White Sox uniform was in 1984, 24 years ago. Wow. The only thing I remember from when I was four years old is that I don’t remember anything from that year. The Sox must have really made an impression on you.

I remember watching the ’63 World Series (Yanks vs. Dodgers, LA wins in 4 straight) but I was almost 6 years old by then. I can’t remember any baseball prior to that.

yep. My dad took me to the last 25 games that year. I was at the tito landrum game. My dad trained me well… leaving the seat when the game starts unless it is a huge emergency…. I always paid attention to the games. I was at the clincher in 83 and remember how crazy it was. I don’t remember much else other than the white sox and going to Dispenses Castle of Toys that early on. I am trying to train my son the same way..though it isn’t working yet- he is only 11 months. Hopefully by 2011-2012 he will be right on track. He did however pick up his foam bat and swing and hit a rubber ducky off of a coffee table though the other day…Progress!

1. What does TTFN stand for?

2. Am I the only one on here who’s single?

3. JK, I golfed this morning too. Shot a 96, which is good for me. I think if I learned how to put I could take about 12 to 15 strokes off my score. I missed three birdie puts that were less than five feet.

4. I am kind of confused by sending Lance down only to bring up Richard. I actually like Richard’s stuff better, but Lance was much more consistent in hitting his spots. He pitched better than Clayton has. Our bullpen has had some good rest the last three games, and Carrasco should be very fresh. Anybody have some insight to this move?

5. Anybody else younger than 28 on here?


TQ – I’m slightly surprised that you’re asking the questions you are. I know guys that got so wrapped up on one thing that by the time they got to an age where things start slowing down they were bitter and didn’t have much. It’s just baseball (though you couldn’t tell by the way I complain at times). The seasons come and go, but I’ve heard it said by a smart calculus teacher I once knew, that you can expect to meet three great women in your life. If this is one of em, it’s a no-brainer. Besides, once any season ends, all you have are memories. But someone you love? There’s no telling how long they’ll be around, and no telling if there will be another “season” or not. Hope that helps….

And what was going on earlier, I must’ve missed the earlier “insults” but I caught the newer ones. Geez people, relax. I didn’t expect to see some nice people writing the things they wrote. For that matter, baseball talk would be nice though (no disrespect intended).

What kills me about ESPN is the Cubs coverage. Actually, I dislike how they constantly cheerlead every potential story. They are just shills for every sporting industry. The Cubs are a good case in point, the AL has dominant pitching and offensive players, but the Cubs are mindlessly hyped as contenders. Please correct me, but these guys got swept by Tampa and lost their last home series to the Baltimore Orioles. Why, when everyone else can acknowledge the disparity between leagues does the concept never rear it’s head at that network.

Hope with all the selling going on at Oakland, we can put together a good series.

For the record though, I was disappointed that we couldn’t put things together for a 3-4 series against Boston. Those guys can hit, every last one of them. We just couldn’t snatch one from Dice-K or Beckett. Who did we beat? Lester and Bucholz? Oh well, maybe we’ll shock them at Boston.

Okay, done for the day….

Kenwo – Jim D and I made nice, we’re all good, a bit of the instigator left us with a ttfn, which btw stands for ta ta for now, (winnie the pooh). Kenwo – I also remember besides not getting up from your seat, you never left a game early, no matter what the score was. The only two games my folks ever left, one sox, one bears, they ended up missing the most exciting part of the game, we never left early again!

I hate late games, too long, too much anticipation, it’s making me crazy . . . . .

We left early one game back in the 80s….The sox were getting killed and my dad had seen enough. The sox didn’t make a huge comeback or anything-but George Bell of the Blue Jays hit a home run into the bleachers in center field (which was hardly ever done) Ever since then we never left a game early…(though I think that rule was broken a couple of times last year…that really really was a terrible ugly year….whatever happens this year at least we are talking about a pennant race in mid august)

Maybe not….

Minnesota, heard they were 6th in runs scored but twenty-something-ith in homeruns. Very interesting. I would be happy for this team to make it to the playoffs, BUT, I would not take any of the teams that could get there lightly. Looking at Boston, Minnesota, the Angels and even Tampa (if injuries don’t slow them down), these teams can beat you in so many ways. Minnesota will small ball and clutch hit you to death. Boston and the Angels can hit. And they all have deep pitching staffs. We’re showing signs of how we CAN play and I think this team is in good shape, but I ain’t looking past the other AL contenders. They are all tough, it isn’t about the usual suspects from the AL East this year….

kris, I agree with you on the late games. Almost three more hours before it even starts. Grrr.

Windycity, I hear what you’re saying about ESPN, but I can’t blame them for what they do. They are playing to their audience, and that is why they are successful. The Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox probably have the biggest following in the country, and that is why you hear about them so much on ESPN.


The way I interpreted Ozzie’s comments is that he knew Broadway would not be able to pitch again until the next start came up on Tuesday. He wanted another fresh arm on the staff for the next four games in the event he needed a long reliever if a starter blew up or a game went deep into extra innings. He wanted to protect his top three guys (Jenks, Dotel and Thornton) and not overwork them.

Richard can be used as a long reliever this weekend if the need arises. If he does have to do that, especially if it is Sunday or Monday, he certainly would not be able to start on Tuesday. If that happens, well Kenny and Ozzie will have to make another move.

I don’t think there was any dissatisfaction at all with Broadway. We’ll see him in September and he’ll probably pitch in a few big games for us down the stretch.

As far as the comment about the Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox. It pains me to say this but I understand why the Cubs are treated the way they are. Thanks to the yuppie fascination, the years of the Superstation coverage, and the trendiness of being a “lovable loser,” the Cubs have fans (and I use that word loosely) everywhere. I can understand the Yankees too because, like it or not, they are America’s team and were long before the Cowboys or anyone else that tries to use that moniker.

What I don’t get is the fascination with the Red Sox. I guess they had some of the “loser” feeling that the Cubs had but that ended in 2004 and even before that when you consider that they had been to a few World Series since the Cubs have (1945). Why are they loved so much??? Maybe it’s because a lot of people hate the Yankees and the Red Sox are the Yankees’ biggest rival.

There is nothing lovable about the Red Sox except for the fact that they play in the best old park in baseball.

Adn this national love for the Red Sox is relatively new. The baseball world was not going ga-ga over them back in the ’60s and ’70s.

No, not going on that angle, I agree with that point ‘johnwesley’ as far as markets go. Just I hate to hear how these guys talk reverently about the Cubs. I can see it in regards to the Angels or BoSox this season, but I don’t think the Cubs have seen near the competition that you find in the AL and what little they have seen, they didn’t do so hot. The Angels sweeping Boston twice, hell, that’s more than I want to know regarding them, I get the idea. But the way the Cubs are played up and have played no one…..

Last year ESPN hyped the NL West and it’s division race. For what….. The world series said it all. I remember the perfect metaphor was seeing Beckett (a big fella) on the mound and then seeing a little gangly dude (Cook maybe) for the rockies. Colorado HAD been hot, til they got hammered by the American League representative. The result might not have been much different had it been Cleveland or whoever. (ahem, please don’t mention 2006, it pokes a big hole in my argument, I’m not blind to it, but would rather not acknowledge it….)

I guess they don’t have much confidence in our starters. Carrasco is fresh and can do long relief, Russel is good for at least an inning, and Ramirez has only thrown 23 pitches in the last 7 days. I’m not upset about what their doing, it just seems a little odd.

Windy, I hear ya. I just wish ESPN had some decent competition, on TV or online. Maybe I’ll start my own sports network.

They have to hype both leagues. As much as we would like to think…the NL has plenty of fans too. Sure the AL is obviously more dominating now…but they aren’t going to cut the market in half. As much as I hate them…the Cubs should be getting a lot of attention this year. As should the Red Sox. The fact is more people care about the Yankees even though they aren’t in first and probably aren’t going to make the playoffs than the Devil Rays or Marlins..probably even in those teams home cities. It is supply and demand. Teams like the Red Sox, Yanks, Cubs, Dodgers, Cardinals and as the article said recently the White Sox are in Demand.

The only problem I have with ESPN is Chris Berman. This guy has bad mouthed the White Sox organization, players and fans for years. If they are a national broadcast they should not be “rooting” for or against a certain team in a playoff game. They are supposed to be neutral. This is the one thing that seems to be over looked. Marv Albert does a great job in the NBA with this. Unfortunately there are not many baseball announcers employed by ESPN and Fox that can remain neutral.

I understand that concept, it’s one I vocalized on this blog a year ago, I just would like to see some critical thinking on how teams stack up realistically. There’s this selling mentality of these commentators that are looking for drama that to me, seems ridiculous. But I’m not always right in what I percieve or the Tigers would’ve won in 2006. Got no beef with supply or demand, but the upsides of any given team seem to be played up too much in some cases yet not others. The Tigers suspect pitching and even the dirth of Yankees coverage hammered on their shortcomings, yet I’m not sure I’ve heard anything comparable with the Cubs. BoSox? Not much bad there from what I can see or for the Angels in that case. A reality check, someone to put things in perspective, would be nice…..

Sorry, I haven’t heard much negative coverage of the Cubs, where I’ve heard a bunch on the Yankees and even the Detroit ball club was getting attention at the start of it’s season over it’s pitching. No such attention to the North Side little leaguers….

I can’t agree with you. The Cubs are scum and their fans are worse….However, they do have a pretty solid ball club and if they get hot at the right time can easily cruise to the World Series. They have 3 solid pitchers, an above average bullpen and a bunch of sluggers. Would I bet money on them making it out of the first round? No…but it is possible. They also have the 2nd best record in the Major leagues….and by far the best record in the National League…… They also have the 2nd biggest lead in any division. They are going to be a playoff team…like it or not. There isn’t much negative to say about them right now. They went up into Milwaukee and beat the hell out of their closest competition 4 games straight.

Let’s face it, just about everybody except for White Sox and Cardinals fans and the fans of the AL champion (and we all know who we want that to be!) will be cheering for the North Siders if they somehow get to the World Series. The script is too Hollywood-ish. All the trendy, bandwagon, non-fans will be gleeful and pulling for the “lovable” Cubbies.

After typing that sentence, I think I am going to throw up. If I one more time hear that nursery rhyme they play after every win over Pittsburgh, Washington, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco or some other crappy team, I really am going to vomit.

Yeah, the nursery rhyme song, the pathetically child-like nickname (Cubbies????) and the ridiculous trotting out of a so-called celebrity to sing the song that Nancy Faust and Harry Caray made famous at Comiskey Park — it is all enough to make one embarrassed to be a baseball fan. Because that is not baseball. That is a made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime Channel. Lee Elia was right. Go ahead Kenwo, you can use that language when you talk about the North Siders.

Boy, 9:05 p.m. CDT can’t come soon enough.

You’e right Kenwo. They are a lock for the postseason. And I give the team credit. They are playing well and doing what they are supposed to do. They finally have a good manager and they’ve had a good GM ever since Hendry got the job.

But their “aura” and their surroundings are positively sickening. They are the Barack Obama of the 2008 baseball season. All the media wants them to win and all the people who know nothing about baseball want them to win.

They may very well be in the Series. Too bad they can’t lose a game seven at the dump they play in. I’d love to see a replay of the tears that flowed when the Marlins won games six and seven there in 2003.

yes TC I hate all of their lame stupid ****…from the ******* gay song to the D list celebs they get to sing the stretch. I hate their ******* fans….I hate their ******* neighborhood…I hate their ballpark and I would rather puke than see them win 1 game let alone the division and god forbid the world series.

However…taking all of the other stuff out and looking just at the players- they have the talent to win the world series. They have more talent then the Cardinals did in 06 by far. They have a pretty easy road in my opinion. The only way they can **** up the NL title is if they choke like we all know they will.

Ha that Marlins comeback was outstanding. Possibly my favorite non white sox baseball moment ever.

You read too much into my comments. The Cubs DO have the best team in the NL, and I would BET that they make it to the world series, I’m just saying, that record comes primarily from playing teams in the NL like those mentioned above by TC. That record should not carry any significance merely because it is 2nd best in the majors. It is 1st in the NL and that is what matters. Put a couple series in with another offensive club liken new york, boston and a good quarter of the teams in the AL and the record would be significantly different. Also, I’d say they potentially have 2 1/2 to 3 good starters. Look in the AL and you have teams with 4 or 5 good starters. If Milwaukee is the case in point, they seem only to have 2 good starters. I agree that they do have an AL type offense, or at least perform like it in the National League. While they blow out their NL counterparts, they didn’t have an easy go of it with a mediocre and good AL ball club in Baltimore and Tampa. Hence why the coverage seems to be more along the lines of wishful thinking.

Ahhhh, Kenwo,

Too bad you are too young to remember and have the pleasure of living through the Padres winning three straight to end the north siders’ dreams in ’84 (the ball going through Durham’s legs was priceless, as was Garvey’s homer to win Game 4) and the utlimate — the Amazing Mets rallying from a 9-game August deficit to run away to a 9-game lead at the finish in the 1969 NL East race.

I’ll admit, it was a little more fun to see them lose at home like they did in ’03 but the first two collapses were absolutely heavenly.

Okay, enough talk about the North Siders. My dinner is starting to rumble in my stomach.

Do you think Swisher got any sleep last night? He’s so hyper anyway that going back to Oakland has probably made him a basket case and his teammates are probably sick and tired of him by the time batting practice is over.

johnwesly; I’m under 28 years old! Of course that was in 1975. But then I AM ageless and timeless….. I ain’t a good golfer, but I hack at it. Maybe tomorrow will be better, it couldn’t be much worse. I get spoiled when the Sox play at home or in the East, because three hour games end by 7 or 8 at night, leaving me a lot of time for other endeavors,(wink-wink, say-no-more,say-no more) like sleep…. (Gotta keep these ageless-timeless wrinkles grooved properly).

Anyhow, enjoy the game all and let’s root for a White Sox Winner…. Go Sox’08….. j.k.

I remember 84 a little bit….Not much though. My dad didn’t expose me to the Northside very often.

I am hoping that Swisher will help boost the teams confidence in Oakland. We have struggled there but maybe he will be able to keep the boys loose.. In the meantime I am enjoying friday night wrestling before the sox….

Hahaha. Best quote ever:

“They are the Barack Obama of the 2008 baseball season.”

Another funny one:

“I’m under 28 years old!” Keep dreaming JK.

Can’t Seattle do anything right anymore? The Twins are gettin on my nerves, hardcore – I can’t stand them, I think I’m disliking them more than the Tigers!!!

As to the discussion about the Cubs – face it folks, unless they have major choke issues, they’ll be in the thick of things, not sure I can witness a world series with them in it but I guess I’d have wouldn’t I??? Let’s just hope beyond hope that somebody gets their number and causes a major collapse in the off season.

15 more minutes – great, just in time for Michael Phelps to swim towards another gold medal……

They (the North Siders who I said I wasn’t going to talk about anymore tonight but I’m bored until the game starts) are the Obama of this baseball season.

Think about it. All of those young 20-somethings that seldom or more likely never cared about baseball are all of a sudden DIEHARD fans because the cute and lovable Cubbies are in first place!!!! They can war their little pajama-looking jerseys with that cute little bear on them and drink beer and talk about how wonderful it is that they are going to break the curse because “It’s gonna happen.”

Now think about all those 20-somethings that seldom or never got involved with Presidential elections. All of a sudden they are excited because they have a new face and name with a big smile and two cute daughters that has promised to end the Republican curse and bring CHANGE.

And, the coup de grace, the mainstream media is in love with both of them. ESPN can’t get enough of the Cubbies. NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are all over the junior senator from the state of Illinois.

Regardless of how you may feel politically or who your baseball allegiances go to, the comparison is just way too striking.

Now if Senator Obama really wanted to win the election, he’d pick Piniella as his running mate. And since Lou is from Florida, he might even win that state.

Why am I blogging on this board? I should open up my own political consulting agency and book myself on O’Reilly, Meet the Press and Wolf Blitzer’s show and make a killing.

But how would I have time to watch the Sox win the AL Central??????

Ten more minutes to kill until gametime.

ok… that whole world series cubs talk totally flabbergasted my brain… read the sentence, I meant to say ‘I guess I’d have to wouldn’t I’ and ‘major collapse in the post season, not off season’… I think I’ve officially lost it!

tc – guess I’m not the only one tired of hearing about both of the above mentioned subjects!!!!!

it’s time to sit back, and strap it down – heeeere we go folks!

Game’s starting on wgn. I’ll check back with you all later… Go Sox… j.k.

Atta boy AJ.

way to go AJ

keep the line moving my boys

Nice first inning. Little bit of everything — a homer, single double, another single and the big sacrifice fly by a guy who’s been struggling.

C’mon Gavin. Enjoy being ahead.

damn, what the heck did I miss? I watched Michael Phelps — and flip back and wham, we have 3!

Am i the only american who doesn’t like michael phelps? I couldn’t care less if he won, lost, tied or drowned to be honest. Actually I don’t even care for any of the olympics.

nice little play there

Text book big frank shot into left. Lovely. 7 errors by an outfielder is too many by the way.

Don’t worry about his errors, Kenwo. The guy leads the frickin’ league in HRs and has carried us this year.

Im not too worried but that is a little high. Would like to see him cut down on it.

Kenwo, you may not care about Michael Phelps but what he has done in that microscope is amazing. Kind of like winning the Triple Crown and leading the league in stolen bases and fielding.

But enough about swimming. Let’s put a few more runs on the board.

couple years back they made a big deal over Marion Jones, well all know how that turned out. And Phelps can talk all he wants about his voluntary testing, but there isn’t a test for HGH, they hope to track it over a span of time looking for deviations, but if the testing starts after HGH use is already happening, well, the testing is for naught. As for Phelps and all his golds and world records, if it sounds too good to be true….

I honestly tonight, was hoping our other U.S. boy would pull it out – Crocker I think his name is, he didn’t but I was hoping, I too am tiring of the Phelps talk a little but I can’t help but watch.

Not overly impressed with our defense so far tonight.

The most boring olympic sport is Beach Volleyball. Granted the outfits are HOT…but whoever is serving is going to lose the point most of the time..very predictable

but who am i to complain about 20 year old women frolicking around diving in sand in bikinis….

Yeah, but Kenwo, who watches for the scoring??? That sport was added strictly to add to the TV ratings.

what the hell is that horn thing sounding in the background of this game, I can’t handle this **** all game long! Is that Oakland’s way of annoying everyone or is that a fan making that noise, does anybody know?

It’s gotta be some idiot fan. They don’t draw flies in Oakland so every individual noise in that stadium can be picked up by the tv mics.

omg, it’s about time to mute the tv I think – I would think the Oakland powers that be wouldn’t care for that and track the sob down and beat him with it!

Good outing so far for Gavin, albeit a bit nerve racking. Keep throwing strikes, oh, and how about a couple more runs????? Go Sox… j.k.

gavin did ok tonight. threw too many pitches but was pretty effective. Frank was supposed to get the homer not cust!…. oh well….lets get some runs for klien and myself.

I’m sure that Kris and I could use a few runs, too.

Frank has hit enough homers off us since his departure. He doesn’t need to hit anymore until we leave town. Maybe he can hit a few against the friggin’ Twins.

Finally a nice inning from thornton. Haven’t seen that in a month or two. Please get some runs for goodness sake

thanks tc, had to go pick up a kid at the school, satellite radio is the best though while I sat forever and waited! Who made it 4?

Keep adding to that HR total Carlos!!!! From almost not making the club in spring training to a top MVP candidate. An amazing story.

Konerko. 0-for-2 but a sac fly and a walk. Positive steps. Keep battling Paulie.

We must lead the league in getting guys thrown out at home.

Why oh why does he send them – I knew he wasn’t gonna get in there!


Ok, I’m trying to work at my office and follow the game online. But Yahoo just said that Anderson (who was on 1st with Swisher up and an 0-1 count) stole third (?) and was thrown out at home.

What the hell happened?

What the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF is up with Cox? That’s twice this week he’s made a boneheaded call sending a runner…this is driving me crazy. And now the usually lights out Dotel gives up two dingers…AARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Why can’t we win in Oakland?

something like that tc, basically, he got waved on, didn’t steal anything, they threw the ball away, would’ve been safe at 3rd and whatshisface waved him on home, no way he was gonna get there, and he didn’t. Now my all time ‘favorite’ stress factor raiser just got lit up for two homers, I’m not happy right now!

Dotel is more susceptible to the long ball than our other relievers. But he also gets the most strikeouts. Tonight, the HRs (2) outnumbered the K’s.

Time to manufacture a run and get Bobby on the mound.

DAmn it again!!!! w hat the hell

That was a piss poor job by Guillen leaving Dotel face Cust. Dotel gives up some homers and all Cust does is hit homers. Why is Horacio Ramirez even on the team if he isn’t brought in in that situation. I told my wife it will either be a homer or a K..sure enough i was right. Hopefully we get into the 10th.

We deserve to lose this game by the way. Drop pop up by Uribe, 3 runs in the first and then nothing til Quentin’s homer….. Dotel facing Cust. Awful job tonight by the offense, manager, set up man.

well folks, let me know how it ends, I turned the damn crap off

This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way they should pitch to suzuki here. He should be walked to set up the double play.

**** patterson is on deck. Scratch that you probably won’t get him to hit into 2….well we need a K


so much for that…you gotta be kidding. In the bag and then we give it to them.

Tough loss. It’s been a while since we let a late innings lead get away like that.

You win by the sword and you lose by the sword. All six Oakland runs scored on home runs.

Let’s hope Dotel can forget about this night and be ready to come back if needed tomorrow.

Don’t get too depressed Sox fans. Nights like this happen.

I have an awful feeling about the ramifications of this game. This is the kind of game that can send a team reeling and we can’t afford to reel for an extended period of time.

On the other side of that…there have been a few games that I thought were of that variety (including Saturday against the Red Sox) and the White Sox went on to shake it off. I sure hope they can be resilient again. We need another awesome start from Danks tomorrow. The A’s pitcher, Greg Smith, has given us trouble in both of his starts against us this year. It also wouldn’t hurt if the Mariners could step up and win a game or two vs. the Twins.

It is absolutely mind boggling how whenever the Sox go to Minnesota or to Oakland they wet themselves, time and time and time again.

Why should we expect anything different?

Three runs in the first, comatose the rest of the night.

Oh T.C. just Monday night the Sox had a lead in the 7th inning, lost it and lost the game. Not as far back as you were thinking.

Now we wait with breathless anticipation to see how they’ll screw things up Saturday afternoon.

Mark Liptak

26 and 34 on the road isn’t going to cut it. We have just been lucky that minnesota has been almost as bad as us (26-31). If we make the playoffs…right now we would be playing 3 games in Tampa and with our piss poor record A)on the road and B) in domes on the carpet….make me very nervous.

Also I guess I can’t blame Ozzie for having Dotel pitch to Cust, when you’re only other left hander is Clayton Richard, I’ll take my chances with Dotel thank you.

A second quality left hander out of the pen is something the Sox badly need and the Boone Logan’s and Clayton Richard’s of the world need not apply.

Just another example of how Linebrink’s “soreness” since no one seems to know what the hell is wrong with him is badly hurting this club. If he’s available maybe Dotel pitches first before Thornton.

Oh well what do you expect it’s Oakland.

Mark Liptak

Liptak…at the time of that at bat Horatio Ramirez had yet to pitch. He should have been in to face Cust. Eh whatever, he probably would have walked him anyway i guess. Sox gave this one away…and two of my personal favorites played a big hand in it…Uribe and Dotel. Maybe tomorrow.

Very predicatable. We find a different way to lose every time we play in Oakland.

Hawk mentioned after the game that the A’s had just lost something like 24 of their last 27, and letting them win a game like this just might get them on enough of a roll to do some damage to the Sox the rest of the series.

This really killed my buzz!!!

Hi all! Yes, Donna, i will be at the game tomorrow, and cheering loudly along with friends from Paris.

Hope things go better tomorrow than they did tonight!

G’night, everyone,

I have heard him…very entertaining stuff usually. Bubba will sometimes have strippers in studio pleasuring themselves on the air and good stuff like that🙂 Quality audio programming. Thanks for the article.

Kris, going way back to something you said before the game. You guys were talking about leaving games early. I was not there, but my parents were at the game when Robin Ventura hit the walkoff grand slam against Texas I believe it was and Big Frank picked up at home plate. One of the most memorable moments from that era of White Sox baseball and they left early. My Mom still brings that up cause Ventura was her favorite.

Kenwo – Chris Berman makes me want to puke on a plate and then eat it. He is terrible at calling a baseball game, and for a long time his big thing was football highlights and the NFL draft. He butchered that stuff so bad it was disgusting.

TQ, my suggestion re: Helene is to share your love of baseball and the Sox with her. Let her be a part of your passion for the Sox, and be sure to share in her special passions.

And I will get a program for you tomorrow!

Yeah…when I was 12 years old and just got into fantasy football i thought Berman was slightly cool. That was back in 91-92…I have really not liked him for probably 10 years now. His act grew old and he is pretty much terrible in the studio and far worse doing play by play. The way he was rooting for the Red Sox in 05 was truly disgusting. If he is a red sox fan he shouldn’t be doing the damn game

And as liptak wrote in his article that he linked….the way Berman acted during the 2003 all star festivities toward the Sox fans was also low class. I have been watching all star games for years. The home crowd always booo’s its rivals. There is nothing new in that at all and he went on to say that it was low class for the fans to booo the al central teams and the cubs and cheer carl everett like he was harold baines even though he was only on the team for 3 weeks….. At the time of the game Everett was an all star in a White Sox uniform at the White Sox home park. Of course he is going to get cheered. What an ******** Berman is. I am getting pissed just thinking about it

BTW – TTFN is from Tigger, but I got from a movie, I think Witchboard, friends have a ouija board, there’s a girl in the movie who always says it.

Yes, I did watch the game, but there’s nothing good that I have to say about it – if I can’t say nothing nice, then I shouldn’t say anything at all!
CQ tied with the most HR’s in ML?

Wish Carrasco would of hit Suzuki instead of giving him a HR!
6-28 record since the start of ’07 – WOW!

6-28 record since the start of ’07 (in Oakland)

Why doesn’t Dotel have an effective off-speed pitch? It just seems pretty easy to hit off of a guy when you know exactly what’s coming, even if it is a nasty fastball.

Well, let’s go take 2 of 3 from them now.

Boy, did we ever have to work to lose that game! All we needed was to keep the lead and send Bobby to the mound in the ninth and we win…. but it didn’t happen. All we needed was for Juan to catch that foul tip from The Hurt and there would have been one less run in the sixth for them… but it didn’t happen. All we needed was for Dotel NOT to groove that pitch to Cust and we win… but it didn’t happen. All we needed was for Brian to not hesitate rounding second and WE score our fifth run and win… but it didn’t happen.

Team loss, end of story. You talk about the House of Horrors, Oakland is the Village of the Damned! Absolutely baffleing how we can’t seem to win there. These guys aren’t the same group we’ve lost to 28 times since ’01, and yet they are the decendents of a once good team, and that seems to be all that matters to the Good Guys. Now today becomes the most important game of the year for us. For them it’s just another game playing out the string. I hope we can put last nights problems behind us, because we need todays game. At least the game isn’t on WGN…. I think I’ll blame them for this loss….. Now I’ve got to get ready to hit that little white ball around the desert…. Oh what fun….. Keep the faith everybody…… j.k.

Till last night Oakland was 4-27, that’s right 4-27, in their last 31 games.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? That didn’t stop you yesterday……

Liptak, it seems as though in recent weeks, we have a tendency to go up 4 runs or less on a team, not score very much more and lose the lead. Do you have a stat for us?

Last night sucked, I’m too old to be staying up to watch crap like that…..

Here’s hoping Peggy is our good luck charm!! Bring us home a winner Peggy!!

Go Peggy!!!!

Tell me how Fox really thinks in Texas that the Dodgers and the Indians are going to get any viewers??? This is a serious question? I didn’t really expect to see the Sox on down here but stil, La and Clev????? Do they choose this stuff in the begininng of the year???

6-28 in Oakland since the start of the 2001 season is beyond a statistical anomaly.

Way beyond.

It’s not like the Sox were sending garbage teams out there (most of the time) and it’s not like the A’s had 100 win clubs either (mist of the time). This situation is now 100% per cent, totally and completely mental. Period.

They expect something strange, bizarre, unusual is going to happen and it does. The suggestion becomes reality.

If you don’t think this is the case by all means offer something else to explain this insanity.

And I didn’t realize Oakland had gone this badly in the tank, that makes last night and probably today or tomorrow that much worse.

Not being able to win in Oakland, not being able to win in Minnesota, not being able to beat the Red Sox in Chicago (7-17 since the start of 2003) is KILLING the chances of this team making the post season year after year after year.

Yes other teams don’t win a lot in Oakland, or Minnesota or against Boston but they win SOME games more then the Sox have been doing.

NO TEAM IN BASEBALL is worse in Oakland than the White Sox…none. And there are only a few teams even in the same ballpark (no pun intended) as the Sox when it comes to falling apart in Minnesota.

Like I said it’s all mental now.

Mark Liptak

The Gregg shorthand notes of old and new business…

Blog Night record 2/1

My personal record last 6 games in person 5/1

WS in Oak… stinks on ice… 6/28 last 34 games…

Anderson running… does a great impression of Thome… who can’t run either…

Dotel in relief… totally UNACCEPTABLE… 6 ER last 9 2/3 innings… supposed to hold the fort, NOT surrender it…

Helene… going with her girlfriend to see “The Full Monty” at Marriott Lincolnshire…

Yours truly… sitting in front of the Fox box, watching the boys… and looking not to get strafed by the Air and Water Show…

More at a later time… if the computer gremlins ever get the hell away from me…

Just curious but why the hell does the homeplate umpire continually give these POS Oakland hitters time, over and over, when JD is in the middle of his windup ?

Had to post after the second straight bases loaded in two innings situation…. Man Danks is LIVING on the edge.. Throw strikes and set them down… Now GET some runs… Go Sox… j.k.

Going into the bottom of the 7th, and NO margin for error. Hold ’em and please score some more runs….. Go White Sox… j.k.

O.K. It’s showtime…. Come on Bobby, shut them down….. Go Sox ’08 j.k.

That game absolutely sucked and I kept waiting for the Sox to blow the lead…but it didn’t happen. That was a very large win for the sox. They have done this so often this year…they have a game that makes you think they are going to go on a losing streak-yet they come out and win the next day. Outstanding win. Maybe just maybe we can take this series which I am sure all of us would be absolutely thrilled with (except for some of you Gio Gonzalez lovers). Way to go my boys. Tough Ugly win.

Thank you yet again Bobby! Good job by Matt and DJ too, not to mention Danks… Tough game, but a very good win, especially after last night. Now, come on Seattle, how about it? Get one more tomorrow against Gio Gang… Go Sox,,,, j.k.

Nope. Minn. wins too. We need to win tomorrow, and go 17 games over 500 on the year for the first time this season, and force Minn. to keep pace with us…. Go Sox …. j.k.

Well so much for the fighting Mariner…..Still tied. Thats ok though. We are gunna have to do this on our own and keep winning

You’re right kenwo. That was an ugly game. But a very gutsy performance by Danks when he obviously didn’t have his good stuff. I’ll take a win like this any time, but especially after that tough loss last night. One more tomorrow Guys… j.k.

The rest of White Sox World may now contribute to this site…… j.k.

Peggy is our good luck charm!! Maybe we should pitch in and get her another ticket for tomorrow!!! 🙂

It wasn’t pretty but a W is a W. Nice pitching today.

Couldn’t get it on tv today, couldn’t stand to listen to the Oakland radio announcers, game time is too slow, only glanced occasionally at the scoreboard, maybe I’ll try that strategy tomorrow and we’ll win again. Sickeningly disappointed about Minnesota… we’ve got to go on a W streak to beat all winning streaks and leave them saying, wtf happened there??? Is it possible, sure it is, if they come out and play the game we know they’re capable of each and every single day here on out!!!

My God…STOP THE PRESSES…they won a game in Oakland!

It was brutal though, 11 hits….two lousy runs…still considering it’s Oakland, you take the win and thank heaven.

Hopefully the “good” Vazquez shows up on Sunday because the Mariners aren’t going to do a damn thing in the Metrodome.

Mark Liptak

Okay I pulled a JK and hit the golf course today but did manage to see most of the final three innings. Great win. Showed a lot of guts. Hung in there and got the job done. It goes down as a W and that is all that counts.

Now, Liptak, I can understand that you might be able to find a way to claim that Crede is “lying” about the extent of his injury since he is in his free agency year. But Linebrink???? Absolutely no way.

The guy is under contrat for three more years. Face it Liptak, he is hurt and cannot come back until he regains pain-free strength in his right shoulder. Only the most negative person in the world could conjure up an excuse like that one.

On another note Mark, I guess I wasn’t real clear with my comment last night about not having any late-inning losses recently. I meant ninth-inning or extra-inning walk-off type losses.

And as to your comment about the White Sox not being able to defeat Boston shows how little you actually think before you type. I seem to remember the White Sox winning the the THREE most important meetings between the two clubs — and two of them were at home — and they were since 2003. Do you remember the 2005 ALDS Mr. Negative!!!!!

And blaming the losses in Oakland as a “mental” thing makes no real sense. Hell, these have been different teams, different years, different players, different situations. It’s not mental. It’s just baseball and strange, unexplainable things like the 6-28 in Oakland are the types of things that make bseball such a great game.

Liptak, you can’t wait for the Sox to lose Sunday so you can be right with your gloom and doom prediction. How about having some guts once in a while and not taking the easy way out. It is always easy to predict gloom because if it doesn’t work out that way, you can say you are happy that you are wrong. If you tried to play baseball in the big leagues, your negative attitude would have you released before camp even opened.

We need to stop worrying aobut the Twins and just do our own thing. The Twins won’t lose this division, we have to win it.

I’ll second that one tc…. We DO have to win this division….. You always have to beat the best to BE the best…. And,,, to all of you out there in White Sox World,,,, All the Best….. j.k.


Since the start of the 2003 season the Sox are 7-17 at home vs. the Red Sox. Feel free to look it up. Those are the numbers and you can’t fabricate them.

And yes it is mental, I’ve had a member of the Sox front office tell me the exact same thing. (Guess you can call him negative too… feel free to rail against him. I’ll be happy to pass along to you in private their name)

Yes they’ve changed players but you know what, everyone on that team hears how things have happened, what has gone on, the fluky plays, the weird bounces (a la the Metrodome) and it becomes a self fullfilling event. As soon as the slightest thing goes wrong, it snowballs. It gets inside their heads and the results speak for themselves.

Like I said feel free to give me a reason why good, talented Sox teams fold up like a cheap suit or better yet the Washington Nationals, when they go to Oakland, go to Minnesota or host Boston.

I do not buy your “it’s baseball” answer.

Horse hockey.

This has gone far beyond the simple “law of averages.” Teams with the talent of the Sox this decade DO NOT LOSE 28 of 35 games in one location. That’s ludicrous. I’m trying to find an answer, you may not like it, you may think it’s wrong but at least there’s logic behind it unlike your “well it’s baseball…”

Mark Liptak

And on the subject,here’s Frank Thomas’ thoughts on the A.L. Central race. (TC you can call him out as well since he basically says the Sox are one dimensional…)

Mark Liptak

You’re right about one thing T.C., the Twins won’t lose this division…they are very skilled in the fundamentals, they won’t beat themselves.

The Sox may win it, they may not but I’d feel better if the Sox weren’t relying on the fact (as many of the fans apparently are doing) that “well the Twins have a 14 game road trip…” Using your “well it’s baseball” philosophy those guys might just go 12-2 on it. The Sox need to keep playing well and see what happens. But the fact that they are lousy in Oakland, lousy in Minnesota and lousy when playing the Red Sox isn’t helping matters, it’s not increasing the odds in their favor is it?

Other teams don’t seem to have to overcome things like this, like the Sox (which is why maybe they’ve only made the playoffs twice this decade…so far…) I’m speaking just for myself but I’m damn tired of basically “writing off” ten to 12 games a year because this franchise has a mental complex when they have to play in certain locations or when they have to face certain pitchers (Santana, Sabathia…)

It’s frustrating and damn costly in the long run.

Good teams adapt, overcome and improvise wins.

If that’s “negative” then I plead guilty. To me that’s more reality and less Pollyanna.

And I never said a word about Linebrink “faking” an injury where you came up with that is strange. I said no one seems to know what the hell is wrong. You don’t have “soreness” for six weeks, I know from personal experience. There is always a medical reason behind it. These aren’t the dark ages. If somethings wrong, find the damm thing and fix it.

Mark Liptak

I do agree that there is something mental to it. The reporters and the fans hype ideas up and they get back to the players. Then when something fishy happens in a game the players think “damn maybe they are right”.

I don’t know why the Red Sox keep getting brought up though. We just split a 4 gamer with them and Manny (who was a huge part in all of those losses) isn’t there. In my opinion when Manny left, some of that Red Sox mystique left.


Simply because over the long haul, from 2003 through last week, the Boston Red Sox in Chicago are 17-7 in the regular season, against White Sox teams that usually have a winning season and usually play very, very well at home. To me, that’s just as bad as the antics in Oakland and Minnesota and it proved very, very costly in the past (i.e. 2003 and 2006 for example…)

It’s just another hurdle that the Sox find themselves having to face, it seems, every year and when you get the number of anomalies that seem to be happening only to them, it adds up and eventually proves fatal as far as getting enough victories to make the post season. You can handle one, maybe even two of these but no club can handle three of these bizarre situations.

And for what it’s worth, I’m not making this stuff up, a senior member of the front office used the exact same word, “mental” (direct quote) to describe what happens in Oakland and in Minnesota in a conversation I had with them. T.C. (or anyone) can believe it or not.

Mark Liptak

It’s super late in Chicago, but I just saw my Paris/Chicago friends off to their bed and breakfast here in Palo Alto, so this is the first time I can check in with all my blog buddies!

Hey, Liptak, how about some credit for the fact that the Sox won 1) in Oakland; 2) a 1-run game (which hasn’t been such a trend this year); 3) with no home runs.

Gotta say, Danks made it interesting every inning (except the 6th), but he was able to get out of any trouble he got into. Even the bad plays/errors didn’t spook him into any disasters. A tight, good game, if you overlook waaaayyyy too many runners left on base🙂

Nice to see Danks strike out big Frank.

Need to tell you, I was sitting in a pretty good Sox cheering section, behind their dugout. Had a blast with a couple of Sox fans (guys) who gave some major grief to some females nearby in Cubs attire. My friends from Paris and Chicago enjoyed the game and the Sox fans, and we were all happy with the outcome. Bobby was superb in the save role!

Hope we can take the game tomorrow, and win this series. I won’t be there, but some of my family will, so hopefully they bring home a win🙂

Best to all,

Its never nice to see anyone strike out big frank…settle down there

By the way…did anyone see that pus arm Jeremy Reed’s attempt to throw out Mauer at home in the bottom of the 9th? It wasn’t even a deep fly ball and it wasn’t even close. Awful throw. Thank the good lord we got rid of this ******. He made Podsednik look like Jose Guillen, Jesse Barfield, Roberto Clemente and Ken Berry (for all of the veterans on the blog…yes i am only 28 but I’ve heard stories of Berry’s arm).

“The house of …. oh wait…. holy crap we won a game there”

I’d like to think that today may have been a big moment for the Sox. It was an ugly win in a place where we have not seen an ugly win in a long time. Usually everything ugly goes against us. Just maybe today they were able to chip away at the mental issue they have in Oakland. And I am a firm believer it is in their heads. It starts with the manager and the vets like Konerko and Buerhle, who has been a tough luck loser many many times in Oakland, and it just spreads like a disease.

I am obviously not a big fan of Uribe, but man did he come up big with an RBI and some game saving plays on defense. Sure they were rather routine considering the speed of frank Thomas in both those double plays, but I’m not sure I would have had confidence in any other 3rd basemen we’ve had this year to make those plays. I’m really starting to open up to thought of him coming back as long as we can be sure guys like Konerko and Swisher will be hitting. Sacrificing Uribe’s bat for his glove work is ok with me as long as he is the only bat we have to sacrifice.

I think Matt Thornton has returned from his hiatus.

As for Linebrink it is odd that soreness has lasted this long. Could be something like tendanitis. Linebrink is no spring chicken so something like tendanitis could cause long lasting soreness. You would think the Sox would have to know what is going on, but it is making me curious because they are keeping it under wraps like an NFL team.

Because I am obviously a loser with nothing to do at 1:30 AM….I looked up the “Franchise Player” thing that Baseball Tonight is running. Out of all the teams that the results were in…Tony Gwynn of the Padres got 90+ percent of the vote. No one on any other team is within 15 percent of that. Frank Thomas won the White Sox one with 50+ percent. I believe Nellie Fox was voted in 2nd. Of course this is just the fan voting part. Did anyone catch the episode? If so who did they choose? I imagine it had to be Frank but it would be interesting to hear their 2nd and 3rd.

I told you Uribe is alright. He got bashed unfairly by the fans.

Good morning White Sox World! It’s 6 AM and all’s well in first place still and looking to stay there after todays game. (only 7 more hours to go before it starts). I think I’ll do some work around the house, so I’ll be back later.

Under the “I wish I could think that fast” department: A man boards a plane with six kids. After getting them all seated comfortably, a woman leans over to him and asks “Are those all your children?” No he says. ” I’m a condom rep and these are customer complaints”…. Later all… Go Javy, Go Sox…. j.k.

I am so sick and tired of people using the “it’s mental” excuse. And it’s not just the Sox in Minnesota and Oakland that I refer to.

For years the Bears supposedly have not been able to win in a dome beacuse “it’s mental.” The Red Sox couldn’t beat the Yankees (until 2004) because “it’s mental.” And back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, North Side team couldn’t win the Astrodome because “it was mental.”

What a bunch of nonsense. Put the blame where it belongs. They just didn’t play well.

And Liptak, there is nothing unusual about having a losing record (even by a large margin) to Boston since 2003. Many teams have just that. Seems to me I remember seeing the Red Sox play in October in just about every one of the years since 2003 and they won a couple of Wrold Series titles since then too, if my “Pollyanna” mind remembers correctly.

And keep spitting out that 7-17 home record vs. the Red Sox too Liptak, because as I said earlier, in the three most important games the two teams have played against one another in those three years, the White Sox are 3-0. But I guess the regular season games count more than the A.L. Divisional Series contests, at least in Idaho.

Well, heck. We should be 2-0 on this trip but let’s settle for winning the series today.

Yes its refreshing to see Uribe play ball. Losing your job and realizing you got one last chance to find a home on the Sox will do that to you. At least Juan has stepped up to the challenge. Good for him…..good for us.

there was a rumor going around that KW was looking for a middle reliever….if that’s true, then linebrink might be done.

still no word on CREDE……..

50% of baseball is 90% mental……….and they pay ya cash, which is just as good as money…….

javy back on the bump for us today going against our former “kid” gio……..


The point, as you apparently missed again, is simply this….keep losing AT HOME to the Red Sox, keep tanking on the road at Oakland, and at Minnesota and you aren’t going to get a hell of a lot of chances to beat ANYBODY in the post season because you’re not going to be there a lot.

And that’s EXACTLY what history shows has happened particularly this decade and especially in 2003, 2006 and (maybe) 2008.

But if you’re satisfied with one World Series title every 88 years, two World Series appearances every 90 years, and five playoff appearances in said 90 seasons, then God bless you!

I understand your reservations about using the “mental” game as a crutch and in that I agree with you. It’s just that it’s simply the only explanation that I can find (good, bad or indifferent) that explains this bizarre set of circumstances.

Like I said, at least it’s an honest effort to offer some sort of logic behind it.

Oh by the way did you see this? Would you like Ozzie’s e-mail address so that you could “discuss” it with him?

“Every time we come here, you always think something is going to happen in a negative way. And we’ve got to try to start thinking about not thinking that way.”– Ozzie Guillen to Mark Gonzales, Chicago Tribune.

It’s mental, T.C. pure and simple.

Mark Liptak

WARNING: before you e-mail him – think of something really good to say!,0,308554.column?page=1


Setup man Scott Linebrink (2.31 ERA in 42 appearances) has been out since July 23 with right shoulder inflammation. A timetable has not been set for his return, but the team is optimistic he can return by September.

“It is taking a little bit longer than originally expected, but we’re trying everything we can to get it healthy,” said Linebrink, who hasn’t been able to long toss. “It’s not 100 percent by any means. We’re battling through some stuff and there’s some discomfort, but that’s part of it. I just have to accept that and work through it.”

Over the past month, Chicago’s bullpen has been among the shakiest in the majors.

Also, there is no timetable for the return of third baseman Joe Crede, who has been out since July 22 with a bothersome back. He took an epidural shot last week with the hope that the pain would reside enough to begin a rehab assignment soon.

More on Crede-
Guillen said doesn’t know when Crede, out with a back injury, will return.

“He left a message for [Ken Williams] the other day saying ‘I’m fine, I’m better, I am going to start hitting flips,'”

Williams want Crede and Linebrink as healthy as possible for the playoffs. While we are still in first place – why have them both come back and risk getting hurt again? I guarantee you if the Twins take a big lead – Linebrink and Crede would Miraculously be healed!! Or if we keep the lead and in the playoffs, they will Miraculously be healed!


My point is this. I don’t live in the past. I don’t care about the numbers from 2001, 2003 and 2006. Whether Boston beat us at home or Minnesota or Oakland beat us on the road then doesn’t matter. It is inconsequential.

What matters is what is happening right now. That can be controlled. Nothing can be done about the past, except to dredge it up like you constantly do.

You want reasons for losing in Oakland and Minny??

How about this. Oakland is a pitcher’s park. Lots of room, both foul and fair in which to make outs. The Sox, as you so often point out, are more of a home run hitting team. That park is not suited for the play. And defensively, the Sox don’t have the great speed to chase down balls in the gaps and in the foul ground.

At Minnesota, it is a little different. True, it is a home run hitter’s paradise. But you must also have speed to win there. The turf is not as fast now as it once was, but you have to be able to run down line drive singles because at that place they can easily become balls that go all the way to the wall through the gaps. You have to be very quick defensively and have good arms from the outfield. Plenty of opportunities to throw out runners at third and home with base hits that take quick bounces to a waiting outfielder and in an outfield that is not real deep.

Speed is a real necessity at the Dome. Again, as you repeatedly remind all of us, the Sox have not had much team speed in recent seasons.

There. Two actual baseball reasons that have nothing to do with the “mental” part of the game.

Heck, even Ozzie is beginning to believe the stuff that the writers keep saying. We got to get him on the damn Internet!!!!!!

I really don’t care about how many post-season appearances we have made in the past. I just want to make one this year, and, if not, then next year.

Only Cub fans live in the past. And why do you think they have suffered so long? Because all they do is wonder what happened in the past and not think about what they need to do in the present and in the future. The Red Sox fans finally learned that. And you can see what has happened with that team’s “mental” approach since winning the WS a few years back.

O.K. Here we go again White Sox Fans. The game is about to start and we need to win. Minn. is trouncing the Mariners as we speak, so it’s up to us to stay in first place. Again, don’t worry about what the Twins do as long as we take care of our own business. I actually have to say it’s good to be back on the computer instead of the tv. That sounds weird I know, but it’s what I’m used to after all these years. So as Hawk would say… Sit back, relax and enjoy White Sox Baseball…… Go Javy, Go Sox… j.k.

Oh, yeah, don’t forget to strap it down….. Go Sox…. j.k.


Thanks for the update. That sure as hell beats “well it’s sore…” for a diagnosis.


That’s much better then “well it’s baseball…” I can at least listen to and understand that line of reasoning thank you.

And you are right a one dimensional offense consistently makes life more difficult for them than it needs to be or should be.

Never underestimate the mental aspect of things, you’ve got Ozzie and s enior member of the organization saying the same thing. You can dismiss comments from a fan or a media media if you choose but it’s hard to dismiss things when they say it, as you have often pointed out they know more then we do, so I guess you’ll have to accept their comments as gospel.

Hope the “good” Vazquez shows up today. Seattle was totally horsedung against Minnesota.

Mark Liptak


One other thing, the Red Sox finally won a World Series because they decided to spent 130 million on payroll a year to get great players.

There is a correlation between the two as everyone from Proud To Be Your Bud to the MLBPA has shown and stated often since the last labor negotiations in 2002.

There are some exceptions Florida 2003, White Sox 2005 but for every one of those, there are five showing you spend big, your chances of winning are bigger…MUCH bigger.

Mark Liptak

Atta Boy Juanny!. 3-0 going into the bottom of the 2nd. Go Javy, Go Sox… j.k.

Joe who? Juan has certainly picked up his game when given the opportunity.

AND… Atta Boys Q and JD….. Keep going Javy and go Sox…. j.k.

One more “Atta Boy” goes out to Javy…. zero runs only two hits through six….. keep it up…. minn ” hung on” to win, So Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

I just listened to a real nice interview of Dave Henderson, by the A’s announcers ( Ray Fosse). What a nice man and a real fun loving guy. ” I don’t root for any team, I live in Seattle, I played for Boston, I love Oakland. But I still hate pitchers. Grand slams don’t bother me at all”.

Who else gets a klein Atta Boy? Alexei, and Wise for getting that rbi single…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Finally a great big Atta Boy to Peggy’s family members who helped bring home a White Sox Winner…… Have a wonderful evening everybody. 17 games over for the first time this year and coming home to face the Mariners tomorrow night… Go Sox…… j.k.

well thats about right! way to go gentlemen. 2/3 in Oakland is outstanding. Now we get Seattle….Unfortunately we get Washburn and King Felix in the series….but the Twins get Duchsherer and we missed him so i guess it all evens out. Nice to see an easy win after yesterday’s struggle. Good way to close out the summer as I have to start up at work in the ******* morning….oh well.

By the way, maybe we could trade back for Gio and trade his *** again for Manny Ramirez or Prince Fielder or something. I know it is only one start but I am thankful we got rid of that guy. All he was throwing were fastballs out over the plate and a curve he couldn’t get over.

Vazquez on the other hand was outstanding. He has really turned it on as of late. Hopefully it continues next week. Go Sox.

Good luck tomorrow kenwo. What grade do you teach, and/or what subject(s)?… Go Sox.. j.k.

Someone pinch me. 2 of 3 in Oakland? It only took 8 years, but it was nice to finally get it done! Melton said after the game it is the first series win and the first time they even won two in a row out there since 2000.

Maybe I was onto something in regards to yesterday’s win. Maybe it just simply took actually being on the right end of an ugly game in Oakland to get them past the mental and physical roadblock they face playing there.

TC – I liked your explanations for why the Sox usually struggle in Oakland and Minnesota. Both are very accurate of those parks and the Sox deficiencies. However you can not deny that there is a huge mental aspect in all sports. If you go into a game thinking how are we going to lose today? or I hate playing here cause bad stuff happens. Bad stuff will happen and you will find a way to lose.

Comparing the Sox to the Bears issues actually shows the how important the mental side of the game is. Grossman has a million dollar arm, but a two cent head. If he had any mental toughness he’d be the QB they have been searching for the last 50 or so years.

The White Sox win a meaningful series in Oakland for the first time since August 2000.

OUTSTANDING WORK. They get a gold star, extra dessert and a “two thumbs up.”

Considering they were in Oakland while the Twins were hosting the horsedung Mariners, I’m sure the Twins were thinking they could go up a game, maybe two.

For the Sox to remain tied after the way this series started is a huge “get” for the White Sox! (as long as they don’t throw it all away by losing to the garbage Mariners the next few days…)

Hopefully they enjoy the plane ride home.

Mark Liptak

I heard Farmer say this on the radio after the game and noticed that someone above also attributed a similar remark to Melton.

As tough as series wins are to get in Oakland, let’s not forget that the Sox won 2 of 3 in the first series out there last year. The two straight wins this weekend are the first since 2000.

Don’t count on Duchserer to provide a lot of help tomorrow in Minnesota. Like his team, he has really struggled since the break.

The secret is to not worry about Minnesota at all. We (and the Sox) can do nothing about the Twins’ fortunes until the three games we play there in late September.

The Sox just need to take care of their own business. If Minnesota wins one day (or two days or three days like it has been doing) there is no need to worry. Just keep playing your own game. If the Sox play like they have the last week, they will be right there at the end.

I really like the signs I have seen this week from the pitching staff. Granted, KC was not swinging the bats as well as it did on its last visit to Chicago and Oakland is a weak offensive team, but the Sox pitchers allowed runs to be scored in only 5 of the last 45 innings. Unfortunately, 3 of those five innings came on Friday night.

I get the impression that the Sox and Ozzie have done a great job of not scoreboard watching. There are still 39 games to be played. Way too early to get caught up in what the “other guy” is doing.

Way to go White Sox! Great game today. Are there still mancrushes out there for Alexei? There should be!

In listening to sports radio lately, Juan Uribe is finally getting some lovin’ and respect as well. Today on the Score they took a listener text poll that if Crede came back would you want him back in there or Uribe? The poll came back 50/50 for both guys. What do you bloggers think? Who would you want at 3B? Crede or Uribe?

Also, Mark, I was so happy reading your post, I was thinking, wow this actually positive! Until, of course, I got to your parenthesis’. Please one time – forget the negatives!!!!

Just curious, at what point in the season, do you get to just be happy they won, good, bad, ugly? And just be happy for the win?


I would get Joe some at bats if he comes back but I wouldn’t be expecting too much considering the amount of time he has missed.

But Joe is still Mr. Clutch so I would try to find a way to let him contribute offensively.

Personally I would rather have Uribe. He has a knack for clutch hits, has played better defense (minus that pop up he dropped the other day), he is faster and most important is he in my opinion is more of a team player. This guy was basically written out of town like 10 times this year and has stayed and has done well. He is going good right now and even if Crede came back tomorrow night i would stick with Uribe until proven otherwise.

JK- Thanks- its just BS meetings for the first week. I teach high school geography and careers at an alternative school (meaning we get the kids that get the boot from regular high schools).

Still riding high on 2/3 from the A’s. Lets have a great homestand now!

Well lets see here at the stats:
Crede in 2008-
775 innings – 19 errors (1 error every 40 innings)
310 at bats
79 hits (1 every 4th at bat)
17 HR (1 every 18 at bat)
RBI 54 (1 every 5.74 at bats)

Uribe in 2008
183.1 innings – 5 errors (1 error every 36 innings)
212 at bats
50 hits (1 every 4.24 at bat)
5 HR (1 every 42.4 at bat)
RBI 25 (1 every 8.48 at bat)

I would take a healthy Crede over Juan any day!
I think everyone is just relieved that Juan is doing the job well – we were so used to seeing a hurt Joe at 3rd, (remember in April, May and June he was on fire) then Football star turned baseball player Fields playing 3rd – at that point I would of rather seen Jeff Cox play 3rd!

Here comes Uribe – doing the job a MLB should be doing – everyone gets all excited and forgets about the 2nd best, possibly the best of the best, 3rd baseman in all of MLB (when he’s healthy)
Don’t get me wrong, I like Juan – if Joe’s back doesn’t get better – I am happy to let Juan have the job, BUT if Joe can get his back better – I would not even think twice about having Joe back at his home (3rd base) I think 90% of the people would agree!

OMT – that stat for Uribe is for 3B only (not SS) and for the year 2008 (of course)

Speak of the devil –
OAKLAND — The status of Joe Crede, the White Sox injured starting third baseman, was brought up prior to Sunday’s 13-1 drubbing of Oakland to complete a rare White Sox series victory at McAfee Coliseum. And for a moment, manager Ozzie Guillen took a humorous double-take to reacquaint himself with the All-Star.
“I forgot about Joe Crede,” Guillen said with a laugh. “Wow, it has been so long. Is Crede still around? No, when we get back to Chicago we will have a better idea and see where he is.

“Right now, I don’t expect to have him anytime soon. We have to be prepared for that. I think [Juan] Uribe has been doing a good job playing third base. We just are focused on what we have here. When we get to Chicago, we’ll see exactly what it is.”

Read the whole article here

Can you find the error in this article,1,6039562.story

Linebrink has tendinitis behind his right shoulder!

Uribe or a healthy Crede? C’mon guys this isn’t even close. Crede is a much better third basemen than Uribe, even when he’s slumping. Uribe has done a tremendous job filling in for Crede at third, but you have to keep in mind a couple things.

1. A lot of the plays Uribe makes at third that look spectacular, is a play that Crede makes look easy. Crede is having the worst defensive year of his career numbers wise, yet is still an upgrade defensively over Uribe.

2. “He (Uribe) has a knack for clutch hits.”
Sorry Ken, but Crede is Mr. Clutch. He has had WAY more game winning hits than Uribe. You’re right that he’s faster, but more of a team player? How? I need an explanation on that one.

3. Overall Crede has Uribe beat offensively and defensively, so I see absolutely no argument here.

As a Uribe hater and someone that was hoping he would have been traded this past off season I am happily enjoying some crow right now.

wsworld – those are very telling numbers, but what we need to know is are we getting a healthy Joe Crede or are we getting someone just flung back into the lineup because of the pennant race? (That is of course IF he does come back). Right now when I see a ball hit towards third I have a comfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach that the play will be made. I used to have that feeling with Crede there, but not this year.

Also keep in mind that Uribe had 2 errors in 3 games at third where he was not even starting, and another when he was sharing time with Fields. It was something like 3 errors in his first 5 games, and believe me I was keeping track because I was hoping Fields would succeed. Really since he took over the last few weeks he has only had 2 errors. Which at 3rd base is quite good for someone who has played extremely limited there in the past.

So Marie to answer your question I do have some love for Uribe right now. As long as everyone else is hitting I am happy to sacrifice his bat for his glove. And you never know he may just go on one of his patented 10-14 day tears at the right time and help carry us to the division pennant.

wsworld – would that be Jose Uribe instead of Juan. I remember Jose with the Giants about 20 years ago.

Apparantly it was tendanitis as I had suggested last night. Not good considering as you get older that never really goes away and will just pop up from time to time.


As a guy who works shift, there is an excellent show on Fox News called RedEye on at 2 A.M. The sidekick on the show is a guy by the name of Bill Schultz (sp?) who is a huge White Sox fan. He was complaining on the show recently that he hasn’t gotten an opportunity to throw out a first pitch. As someone who greatly enjoys his humor, especially to get me through some long nights, I would like to nominate him to throw out a first pitch if at all possible.


johnwesley – you make very good points, but I doubt that Crede will ever be healthy enough to get back to where he was 2 years ago. The kind of problems he has don’t go away.

Did you know he got killed in an auto accident?

Mark Gonzo must have got them two mixed up – they were both short stops, interesting!

And he was Juan’s 2nd cousin!

Ken, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you have such a soft spot for Uribe? You keep commenting on how the fans treat him unfairly and how he’s so much better than people think, but have you looked at his stats? He has been very solid defensively for us at short, and now third. He’s no gold glover, but he’s been fairly consistent for us. However, he has been atrociously bad offensively for us. He had a good year in 2004, but after that these are his numbers:

2005: .252 AVG / .301 OBP
2006: .235 / .257
2007: .234 / .284
2008: .236 / .289

He’s stolen a total of 16 bases while playing for the Sox.
He has struck out 412 times, and has only drawn 127 walks while with the Sox.

I mean, those just aren’t kinda bad numbers, those are terrible. Can you really blame fans for being hard on him?

Also, why the hatred for Konerko. He’s been a much better player than Uribe. I’m not gonna list his stats, but trust me, they’re much better.


I love Red Eye.

Spelled ‘Schulz’ btw tpk.

Jim, I’d still take the Joe Crede of the first three months of the season over Uribe at third.

If the rest of the team is hitting, you don’t notice Juan, but with Konerko, he’s the Captain, I guess he’s not allowed to be in a slump. For K it’s a slump, for Juan it’s expected! So when Juan does get a good hit, some people just notice that. As much as Ken says he watches the game, it makes me wonder, common sense says that someone who watches every game, no interuptions, would be sick and tired of Juan at the plate in the past, let’s say – you only watch half of the game, your only seeing half of Juan’s at bats (the hits that he gets) But, with K he’s in the heart of the lineup, you pay more attention to the heart. Not saying Kenwo is not watching the games, but is he REALLY paying attention to it?

Good morning White Sox World!. Congratulations to the Sox on winning their 70th game of the season yesterday. We didn’t win #70 last year until late Sept. ( exact date is not important). With that win yesterday the Boys stay in first place, tied with Minn. But we are also only 1/2 game behind Boston in the wild card race. I still want to win the Central title, but it’s nice to know there is now something else that’s in play too.

I hope our guys keep bringing the pitching this series with the Mariners, because they scored 17 runs against the Twins in their three games just concluded. I don’t want to give up that many in the next three days.

Joe or Juan! Right now it has to be Juan as he’s our best option. A HEALTHY Joe would be the best pick of course, but who knows if/when he will return to us healthy? Juan has gone through a lot of adversity this year and to be playing as well as he is is a bonus for us I think. He has cut down on his wild swings lately and has had a couple of big at bats for us. His defense right now is better than Joe’s was right before he went out (excepting that dropped pop foul ball), and his arm is stronger than Joe’s too. I hope Joe will return, but if not, we have ourselves a veteran who can help us win it all.. Go Sox….. j.k.

Good dialogue about CREDE vs. Uribe. My two cents…..

Before his back injuries, CREDE was the Gold standard at 3rd. The best. Had a magnet for a glove and had clutch hit after clutch hit. Phenominal.

The reason I like Uribe at 3rd NOW is that he’s fielding the position and he is getting some good, timely hits for us. It’s not fair (god am I saying this?LOL) to compare Uribe with the Joe Crede of yesteryear. That CREDE no longer exists. We have to hope that this recent version of Uribe keeps having some discipline at the plate, unlike his evil twin who played SS and 2nd for a bit for our SOX.

The CREDE of this season had 19 errors (worst in American league) and while starting out hot at the plate in Apr / May, hasn’t had much success batting since then. I attribute this to his back. I really think that Joe was playing hurt from day 1. As the season wore on, so did his back. I rub my lucky rabbits foot in hopes that CREDE can somehow get back to his old self, but given the secrecy of his back the past 30 days, something is seriously wrong and we aren’t being told what that is…….

Mark’s back on the bump tonight. As long as these Mariner’s are used to being swept on the road let’s continue that trend! Go Sox!

I really wish Seattle would have won at least one this past weekend. And not just to have given the Twins a loss or two.

What concerns me is that the odds are against a big league club losing six in a row, especially one that hits the ball as well as Seattle does.

Nice discussion on the Crede vs. Uribe topic. Think back to when the Sox designated Pablo for assignment and so many people were complaining that it should have been Uribe. Now I loved Pablo as a bench player as much as anybody did, but aren’t you glad that Kenny and Ozzie opted to keep Juan instead? Pablo could never have played third base on a daily basis at the level that Juan has.

There is something to be said for Uribe’s presence in the clubhouse as well. From what I have heard and read, Uribe is a favorite of the players and he adds a lot in terms of keeping the guys loose and having fun. That may also have come into play with the decision of Uribe vs. Ozuna. I am really glad they kept Uribe too. I don’t think Ozuna has what it takes to be an everyday player.

And, also I agree that we have to look at the NOW Crede versus the USED TO BE Crede. Not sure we have that Old Crede anymore. I noticed when I was at the games in late April and May that he just wasn’t moving the same coming off the field and in the batters box. They don’t show that on TV, but if you kept your eye on him, you could tell even early in the season, that his back was not “back to normal”. Pun intended. Also, when did he get that weak back? About a week back? HA HA

I’m a little nervous too about tonight’s game. Seattle is due for a win and as far as we are concerned, as of late, coming off a huge hitting game, I hope we aren’t ready for a one-two hit effort. We have to pound the Mariners and take advantage NOW. Let’s go get ’em SOX!


Joe who? Seriously thanks for the memories but some other club will be left holding the bag because of his balky back soon enough. The Sox will no longer be held hostage over it.


I just realized this…both the Sox and Minnesota are only a half game out of the wild card spot right now.

The Sox now have two legitimate chances to make the post season.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if both the red Sox andYankees were golfing the first week of October?

The Eastern Sports Programming Network wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

Mark Liptak

Yes, Mark. I am praying the Redsox and Yanks ARE golfing the first week of October. Good call.

That would be nice Mark, but the injuries in Tampa are piling up. I think the Red Sox have a little more depth, but I really don’t pay that much attention to the East. Don’t care about them unless we are playing them.

TC – Seattle has lost 7 of their last 8. So odds would say they are due for a win or two. However their pitching has been giving up 8.125 per game over those last 8 games. Even in the game they won they gave up 7 runs. While I thought the same thing after they were swept by the Twins I felt a little more comfortable after seeing those numbers.

Catharsis in 18 innings… or the last two games of the series in the East Bay…

As lousy as PARTS of the bullpen were Friday (hello, Octavio…), that is how 180 degrees better they were Saturday… and they HAD to be, because there were at least four chances to pad the lead that went by the boards…

11 hits, only two runs?… That is TOO MUCH like the bad old days…

Sunday… The hitting togs were brought out… WERE THEY EVER!!!

Anyone who had the WS in the “13 run pool”… collect your money…

But then I noticed that a lot of other teams besides the boys scored a bushel basket full of runs yesterday… which means, overall, that… 1) We are getting to the point of the season where the pitching staffs of some of these teams become pitching “stiffs”, thanks to the overall delution of talent, due to expansion… Pitchers that wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the major leagues 20 years ago are showing up all over the leagues… and are getting their a**es kicked, BIG TIME, in the process…

And 2) SOMETHING has to be done about this to solve that situation… but I know, and everyone else knows, that NOTHING will be done by Bud Selig and “the usual gang of idiots” at MLB… The reason?… People like offense, the young people like action, the video game generation wants action every five milliseconds… and we have reverted back to the days of Quo Vadis…(No, NOT “QUAID VADIS”… QUO VADIS…)… the Christians versus the Lions (Lions favored by six… old joke…)…

Now then, the lousy Mariners are here, while the lousy Pathectics are up in the piranha tank… Oakland has their best tonight in Duchscherer… The Ancient Mariners have, supposedly, their best tonight in Washburn…

From the “waiting for the other shoe to drop” department…

Things will stay status quo in the Central until Friday…

My prediction, and my prediction only…

Well, TQ, about the point you raised in No. 2 above (concerning the pitchers that have gotten where they don’t belong) . . . . . .

Your favorite commish (and Liptak’s too) tried to do something about that a few years back with an act of “contraction” but too many legal and other issues came to the forefront. And then the Twins turned around and won a division title and added a few more (as Liptak has told us time and time again — gee, I must have been doing my Rip Van Winkle imitation and missed those seasons so I have to be continually reminded of how many times the Twins have made the postseason — but I digress).

Really, not much will be done until more pitchers (and players) can raise their game to the big league level. There will not be a reduction in teams but only more expansion and probably global expansion.

Lions by six, huh? Let me know when they are playing the Raiders. The line may go up. ‘Cause even the Christians in Rome are better than the Raiders in Oakland … and probably the Bears in Chicago this year.

OH, while listening to the FOX broadcast the other day, they did toss out some interesting factoids….for instance…..

the twins play 24 of the next 30 games on the road!! beginning thursday, they have 4 in Anaheim, go to Seattle, go to Oakland, go to Toronto….whew….come home for 6 and then go out again, playing AT TAMPA and Baltimore of all places!

That make up game with Baltimore could be HUGE if when we win it!

I’m keeping a close eye on those RSox too, I think the yankees are done so I’m not worried about them. The RSox have 6 games left with the Yankees, Rays and Jays, and 3 with us, among the more noteworthy.

Do not be surprised if the wild card comes out of our own Central Division.

Tampa’s injuries may eventually catch up with them. But even more likely than that is Boston’s pitching going in the tank and the arrogant Red Sox joining the arrogant Yankees out of post-season play.

There is still a lot of baseball to be played. Most teams have 39 or 40 games left. That equates to almost 25 percent of the entire season. Who knows what might happen.


I know when you get to a certain age the memory starts to fail. Always happy to be of service to you!

Mark Liptak

Regarding Crede I see where Mark Gonzales wrote today that because of his back, and the possibility according to Chris DeLuca that he might be done for the year, Crede may take a one year offer for next season should the Sox decide to offer it because he may not get any other nibbles.

This I think would be a mistake. We’ve seen Joe have serious issues two years in a row…what makes anyone think it won’t happen a 3rd time?

Personally I’d love to have the Sox go out and accomplish what I’ve been hearing they would like to do. Sign Chone Figgins for 3rd base, move Ramirez to short and sign Orlando Hudson to play 2nd base.

Figgins and Hudson give them speed, bat control and some veteran experience without being “over the hill.”

We’ll see.

Also I really didn’t like reading DeLuca’s comments that Linebrink may also be done, they are now saying a September return at the earliest. Keep in mind if he has ANY chance of pitching this year in the post season, he needs to be on the big league roster by August 31st to be eligible.

I’d take him even if it’s only an inning every three days (which is still better then Richard or Boone Logan).

Mark Liptak

Congrats to Javy for co-winning the AL Player of the Week award for his last two tremendous outings. (Would like to see all of our pitchers getting accolades like that.)

Go Mark on the bump tonight! Now that Swish is back HOME, he can relax and put some numbers on the board, yes! Same to Junior–about time for that first White Sox dinger! Paulie, keep up the good work with the bat–same to JD and the rest of the boys. I don’t care what anyone else says, Juanny’s my main man at 3rd for now.



I think since Linebrink is on the DL, he is still technically part of the roster and can still be activated any time prior to the playoffs. After all, they can’t make players be off the DL on Aug. 31 in order to allow them to play in the post-season.

But, as you pointed out, age has done things to my memory.

I wouldn’t sign Crede to a one-year deal unless it were loaded with incentives. Bad backs can be okay for a while and suddenly go out at the flip of a switch. I don’t blame Joe. He worked hard to come back this year. I’d really love to see him back this season and contributing. But there is no more painful injury than a bad back.

As long as Linebrink is on the 40 man roster he is eligible to be named to the post season roster on August 31st, whether he is still on the DL or not. And I believe if he does not come back by the start of the playoffs he can be replaced by another guy on the 40 man roster.

T.C. & Jim:

Many thanks…that’s good to know. At least that doesn’t force the Sox into activating him to protect themselves yet can’t use him for awhile.

Scott Merkin in his mailbag addresses these issues as well, as did Gonzales and DeLuca. Merkin thinks Linebrink will return in early September although he stated that the duration of this injury has taken both Linebrink and the Sox by surprise. Crede, he said, he simply doesn’t know.

The consensus from the three writers seems to be if anyone returns it’ll be Linebrink. Two of the three writers were pretty positive that Crede is done.

Also last week I talked about the possibility of the Sox having insurance on Contreras and may not have to pay him a dime out of their own pockets if he can’t play.

Gonzo told me that Contreras would have to be on the DL for the season for that to kick in, he thinks the Sox probably have insurance on him and that he can’t see Contreras “retiring” this off season. He might never pitch again but if he retires then he has to pay for his rehab himself…if he doesn’t he rehabs on the Sox dime.

The Sox are going to need another starter next season, since Contreras is out till the break, probably forever. Given the price for pitching and the Sox aversion to paying that price since December 2006, it’ll be very interesting to see where they expect to get it.

Mark Liptak

Oh, Scott! Wherefore art thou, Scott? Must we wade through an entire weekend of blogosphere to comment on tonight’s game?

Hey, nm, there was good stuff this past weekend, so start wading….. And Mr Liptak…. you must have missed my early morning post re: the possibility of the Sox or Twins making the postseason via the wild card. Actually when I posted that this morning I thought you might rip me for even suggesting anything other than the Division Crown… Who knew?… anyway all is forgiven… Go Sox we need to keep winning ( let’s NOT give Seattle 17 runs this series like the Twinkies did)……. j.k.

With Washburn pitching, I really expect to see the Sox put a lot of runs on the board. Could be a lot of fireworks at the ballpark tonight. If Buehrle pitches half-way decent, it should be an easy win.

nmbrott – I agree with you, was just going to inquire the same thing, takes forever for the page to finish downloading when he doesn’t post for a length of time! Please Scott, we need you.

Mark, I know he has only pitched against the Royals (though they do have a number of players who hit the Sox well) I think Lance Broadway might be a viable option as the number 5 next year. I would not be shocked if the rest of this season is his also for that spot, except for this Tuesday of course since they had to send him down this week to protect the bullpen.

He showed me a lot surviving those first two innings and going 6 only giving up the runs that should have been unearned (guess Lance should have called the scorekeeper) against KC last week. The Danny Wrights, Jon Rauchs and Arnie Munoz of the world would have blown up in that game and not made it through 2 innings. If you can get that kind of fight out of your #5 starter that would be fantastic.

Once again our defense costs us a couple runs.

Not a very good start to the game. Big WHOOPS for OC on what should have been and inning ending DP… O.K. We spotted them their runs, now it’s our turn… Go Sox… j.k.

A little small ball, a little long ball. Yummy. Let’s keep it going.

Alright! all square. Hold them down Mark…. J.k.

Let’s start putting a hurtin’ on Washburn…. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

Good job Mark, holding Seattle to just one run in the fifth. O.K. Guys, you have my permission to pick up several runs now… Go Sox…. j.k.

Oh, yeah!!! four runs qualifies as several, but don’t stop now, bring JD home…… 7-4 bottom of 5, only one out… Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

JK – thank you for finally giving them permission to score runs…🙂

whoo hoo – good evening all!

alright alright alright!!!!!!

Everybody’s hitting! I love this Seattle pitching. 9-4, don’t stop it now Uribe.

SIX!!! Runs….. Good job everybody……. Keep shutting them down, Mark…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Aryback, It was my pleasure…… What do you think? Nine runs enough? Save some for tomorrow and wed? Nah! Keep them coming… Go Chicago White Sox… j.k.

In listening to the game tonight on the radio, Steve Stone said Joe Crede is heading to Charlotte tomorrow to begin his rehab stint. I hope it goes well for him.


Okay guys help me out. I missed the first few innings. A post above said that OC gave them a pair of runs on what should have been a DP ball. But Yahoo says we have no errors. Did he forget to cover second base or something on a ground ball?

tc, there was a mix up between Ramirez and OC on who should cover second on a double play ball. Buehrle threw to second but no one was covering. No error, just stupidity. Cost us three runs.

That’s exactly what happened tc. Only on retrostect it was Alexei’s cover not OC’s. No error because they did get the runner at first…. Go Carrasco. Go Sox….j.k.

What do you guys think the chances are of Aaron Poreda being the 5th starter next year?

Well, as I’m sure Buehrle (being the great team player that he is) will admit that the failure to cover second base only cost us three runs because he failed to get the next hitters out.

Mistakes happen. Pitchers have to be tough in those kinds of situations. Just because a guy makes a two-out error behind you, it does not give you a free pass to be bad the rest of the inning.

But Buerhle kept us in the game even with a subpar start.

tc, I agree Buehrle would say that, but to defend him a little bit the next two hits were bloopers that he jammed them on.

My man Alexei does it again!!!!!

If it were up to me, he’d have to clear out some room on the mantle place for the Rookie of the Year trophy.

And he could take it with him to visit Quentin and see the MVP trophy.

The two best acquisitions in the A.L. this year and both by Kenny Williams. Kenny, I have to give you your props on these two moves.

I walk away, and look what happens…. think I’ll walk away again… hoping Oakland can hold on in Minn.

You know, following a game online must be a little like the days 70 years ago when radio announcers called the play-by-play at home while reading the ticker tape.

Online, those two hits Buehrle gave up in the first could have been line drive smashes to the gaps. Or, as John Wesley points out to me, they were bloop shots on good pitches.

But they were hits and they drove in runs so Buehrle is still probably ticked at himself.

Funny line of the night….

DJ says, “When Alexei comes up to the plate, he’s not an imposing figure, he’s more of stick figure”. Hilarious. But a powerful stick figure at that.


Did they announce yet who our starter is tomorrow? Go Sox… j.k.

Clayton Richard.

Of course it worked that way. Had Ozzie kept Broadway up to start Tuesday, one of our weekend starters would have blown up early in Oakland and we would not have had the long guy to come in and pitch.

So, we get through the weekend with three quality starts, and now Richard gets the start Tuesday instead of the more deserving Broadway.

But I can’t blame Ozzie. He had to make the move that made him comfortable. Nothing worse than an uncomfortable Ozzie Guillen on the bench. Just ask guys like Walk and Bainesy who have been with him for over 20 years.

Man! Seattle has a lot of hits! At least they didn’t amount to a lot of runs….. Let’s shut this one down and get ready for Clayton tomorrow…. j.k.

As my teenager would say, CQ IS A BEAST!!!!!

So, has the MVP chant started yet at the Cell???

I can’t believe the year this guy is having. And I’m sure the folks at Chase Field in Phoenix can’t believe it either.

tc, they’ve been chanting it all game for him, but they really picked up after that homer. This would be a fun game to be at.

13 runs two days in a row. This must be what it would feel like to play every day in the National League.

Btw, how come you aren’t watching the game? Are you outside of the Chicago area?

Come on Oakland, please get three more outs!!

Just trying to get caught up at work at night when it is quiet. Of course, there is this minor distraction of a pennant race going on.

I haven’t watched much in the last 10 days or two weeks and they’ve done pretty well. Not that I’m superstitious or anything . . . . . . . . . .

Just saw online that the Twins lost.

hot damn!!!!! way to go boys!!!!!

And so did the Mariners. This game is “o-vuh.”

Fun game tonight. Let’s keep it rolling tomorrow. Have fun with the work tc.

Tampa Bay beat the Angels tonight. The Rays are for real. We gotta cool them off this weekend.

Time for me to get back to work. Way to pull the guys through tonight jk, kris, johnwesley, blakeheem and anybody else lurking here tonight.

No Jen tonight. Maybe the new fridge arrive and she is busy cooking and stocking it with food and beer for her beloved hubby!

Clayton Richard is due for his first big-league win tomorrow.

Way to go Sox!! Very satisfying win tonight. I hope we left some runs in the bank for Clayton tomorrow. These Mariners can hit. I guess they did that in Minn. over the weekend too. Have a great night all. We are back up by a game….. Woo Hoo…… Go Sox…….

Scott Reifert, Calling Scott Reifert….You may post again now…….j.k.

Was this a Comcast game? If so, who did Toby give the pie-in-the-face to after the game?

Very nice job this evening.

And here’s the quote of the evening. You have to love the shot across the bow of the Eastern Sports Programming Network:

“Most people around, if they didn’t know the standings and just watched SportsCenter or read the paper, you’d think the second-place team in the Central had no chance at the Wild Card. It always just seems like they assume that whoever loses the [AL] East will be the Wild Card, but that’s not the case.” — Paul Konerko to Scott Merkin / White

Mark Liptak

Fox, TBS, ESPN and all the other television partners of MLB would have to put anti-depressants in the water supplies that feed their office water fountains if the Rays win the East and the Twins (or Sox, but I prefer Twins) win the wild card.

So we’re a half-game back of Boston. Let’s catch them and then put our sights on Tampa Bay. After that, put a bullseye on the Angels back.

Hey, we have 38 games left to finish (37 full ones and one extra-inning affair in Baltimore) so the best record is not out of reach.

Boy, it sure is easy to start feeling greedy when you’ve won three in a row and have scored 13 two days in a row.

I know, I know it was against Oakland and Seattle. One over a rookie pitcher we traded away twice and one over an old pitcher that we haven’t traded for but many people wanted us to.

Okay, I’ll get back down to earth. Mr. Richard, keep the ball down tomorrow. And Mr. Quentin, keep hitting the ball hard.

Toby Hall attempted to give a pie in the face to JD, but was denied by JD with a karate chop. I heard Toby tweaked his shoulder in the process. I think enough is enough with the pies. It was cute at first, but now it’s just annoying.

Unconfirmed report today by Scott Merkin at White says the Sox radio guys said, Crede starts a rehab assignment Tuesday.

Just FYI.

Ozzie said basically that’s great if it’s true, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting his job back.

Mark Liptak

Mark L. I see the announcement about CREDE on the sox web site but during the postgame show nobody in the Sox organization was confirming it. Here’s the announcement;

Great job by the boys of summer last night. The power stroke was working for us. I was a bit surprised to see Carrasco in the game, given he’s slated to come in if Richard can’t get the job done tonight.

Going to the game tonight, and we’re gonna bring home a winner! Keep rooting for those A’s to beat the twins again.

Don’t expect this every night, folks… not all the AL pitching staffs are as crappy as Oak. or Sea…

Don’t expect a win from the Pathetics tonight at the piranha tank… Their best went LAST NIGHT…

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to all this offense… I am from old school…

But we DO expect this kind of offense every night, TQ. That’s why Kenny got the kind of players he’s got for the park he is in charge of. That’s why some folks whine when they don’t hit the long balls. That’s why we have the type of pitchers who pitch to contact so our stellar defense can make all those highlight plays (yeah, so we have a few mistakes now and again, so does everyone else).

C’mon bloggers! We’ve shown the passion for the White Sox. Where’s the swagger? Go check out the blog on the Tigers website and you will hear the same kind of complaints being posted on this website as are posted on theirs. The only difference being the White Sox are in first place in their division and the Tigers are pretty much done for this year. I for one am enjoying this ride and anyone who doesn’t believe can get off the bandwagon right now!!!



Did you happen to notice that Duchserer (sp?) only went 2.2 for Oakland last night? He allowed 3 hits and no runs but the bullpen did the bulk of the pitching.

He may be hurting. Maybe that is why he was rumored to be on the trading block at the deadline.

Oh, and Mark about your earlier post (which follows)

Unconfirmed report today by Scott Merkin at White says the Sox radio guys said, Crede starts a rehab assignment Tuesday.

Just FYI.

Ozzie said basically that’s great if it’s true, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting his job back.

Our very own Marie on the board posted that info on this board last night during the game after she heard Stone report it on the broadcast.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a confirmed report.

Plus, the Sox sent out an official release earlier today.

About Duke:

“Duchscherer will fly back to Oakland to have his right hip examined. He had season-ending surgery on the same hip midway through last season and said he first felt discomfort during his last start.”

O.K. everybody, are you gearing up for another White Sox Winner? It’s almost game time, Yeah!! I noticed that the Sox have scored 100 runs more than they have given up… 639-539 for 18 games over. Checking the other teams that are meaningful: Minn. 625-576, + 16…. TB: 570-495, +28 games over 500, Bos. 643-526, +19… Angels 580-520, +29… Cubs: 672-506, + 28…. Seams some teams are getting more for their run differential than others. I’m still happy to be pulling for the White Sox…. Go Team, Go… j.k.

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