Wednesday Hopes

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Junior, RF; Missle, 2B; Swish, CF; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.


With 184 home runs, the White Sox top the majors, while our +105 run differential ranks second to Boston in the AL … Carlos Quentin’s 35 home runs lead the majors by two (ahead of Philly’s Ryan Howard and Arizona’s Adam Dunn) …our .137 winning percentage improvement from 2007 ranks second in the majors to Tampa Bay (+.234) …

Scheduling Fun

Front offices throughout baseball currently are featuring a unique hobby, running through the remaining schedules for contending teams to try and forecast how the standings might end up … one trick is to go through optimistically, once down the middle and once pessimistically (all of us from Chicago will understand that third method) …  so how many victories is it going to take to win the American League Central?

White Sox Remaining Schedule (72 victories entering today’s game)





at Bal (completion of suspended game)

at Bal

at Bal

at Bal


at Bos

at Bos

at Bos

at Cle

at Cle

at Cle












at NYY

at NYY

at NYY

at NYY

at KC

at KC

at KC


at Min

at Min

at Min




and for Minnesota (71 victories entering today’s game)


at LAA

at LAA

at LAA

at LAA

at Sea

at Sea

at Sea

at Oak

at Oak

at Oak

at Oak


at Tor

at Tor

at Tor (All White Sox fans should stop and give thanks for Republicans, regardless of your own political preference)








at Bal

at Bal

at Bal

at Cle

at Cle

at Cle

at TB

at TB

at TB

at TB








Now, see how many times and in which ways, you can drive yourself crazy.


We love how our fans keep their own personal W-L record for games attended during a season (I heard from one guy who is 10-0 in 2008 with Nick Swisher having homered in the last six games).

So, I want to hear from you … any great, amazing records this year?  Any streaks in tact?  Any tremendous stories?

Let me know.  I’d love to hear them …


Having a newborn at home I have not been to as many games as usual, but I am 3-0 this year. However, every time we dress my daughter in Sox clothes they win. Unfortunately that stuff is expensive for baby clothes so maybe the Sox could send me some more clothes to ensure her winning streak. Unfortunately I doubt the same luck will work for the Bears!

I had a Cubs fan friend give her some Cubs onesies and we used them to clean up an overflowing diaper!

Unless either the Twins or White Sox completely fall apart, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and reduce the schedule to this…the final week, which includes three games at the House of Horrors.

Given the Sox track record there I am hoping they have at least a three game lead when that series comes around.

Mark Liptak

Living in California adds a twist to my W streak…I have attended at least 7 games from the 2005 season forward (roughly computed as: 2 at the Cell, including 2 ALCS with the Angels, 2 regular season with the Angels and 1 with the Dodgers) and my record is 7-0. (now I am jinxed).

Get the sweep…Go Sox!

8-3 this year! I’ve seen Crede’s Grand Slam on Opening Day, Alexi’s amazing glove flip to 1st base against Texas, the back2back2back2back home run game to go along with the four homer game Monday night.

My top two games to witness in person:

Buerhle’s No Hitter and 1983 Division Clincher against Seattle

J. Mietzner
Go Sox!

2-1 this year. Haven’t been able to get to many because of our west coast trip. I don’t have the great stories, but great memories with the kids, blog night, and was at the game Monday with the start of the MVP chants for Quentin.

I’m hoping to be able to really, really thank those Republicans for that nice long trip on the road the Twins are taking. Let’s take care of our business though

I will try and look for it later, but anyone know off hand how we are doing with those early season predictions we made ???

Nice start against the knuckle baller!

Jim Thome a late scratch today. I hope there is nothing wrong that will keep him out. He has been hitting very good the second half.

My streaks – I seem to be watching or listening when a player hits his first Sox HR.

Thomas (watching on my little b/w tv in my room
Bo (at the game after his hip surgery return)
Pablo (tied up the game for us)

Ok – so it’s not really a streak, because I try to watch or listen to most of the games anyway…

Going back to the debate over how to spend money or grading the organization, I really didn’t think Dallas or the Bay area were big markets. Now Houston and Philly most definitely are. I thought Dallas was about the size of Detroit and the Bay area being split between two teams, whatever. I would just like to see a decent mix of spending money with a strong farm system. You know, I think ESPN does some kind of efficiency rating as far as who puts together the best team for the money spent. Be nice to see where the Sox rank in that….

Someone put this link on the board earlier this year, and I found it very interesting. I forget who it was, but I saved it as a favorite and look at it weekly. It shows team salary vs. performance.

Hey, that was me Jim D. I’m glad I found something useful to share. It is pretty good. Looks like both Chicago teams are doing ok with their money.

That is a great link. It tells a lot about how having a huge payroll does not guarantee anything unless you spend it wisely.

If Alexei keeps this up, there will be no question as to who the AL Rookie of the Year should be.

I think the Rays will be facing a better offensive team than they did in St. Pete at the end of May.

Well so much for that 8.25 runs per game Seattle had given up their last 8 games. We just beat them up for 11 per game over the series. I’ll take that any time!!!

Agreed TC, I think the Sox will provide a lot more fight against Tampa this weekend. That had to be the worst series for the bats all year. If we hit at all we walked out of there with a sweep because ouor pitching was excellent that whole series. It was a wakeup call though because the bats did wake up the next series against KC which was right before we swept the Twins in that 4 game series.

Those four games in St. Pete are a thing of the past. All that counts right now are the next three at 35th and Shields.

Junior got off the schneid. Maybe he will relax and start hitting the ball a little more consistently.

How nice was it for Ozzie to be able to rest Dye, learn about a Thome scratch just before gametime and still be able to plug the holes with guys like Swisher and Griffey. That is a perfect example of why Kenny made the deal for Griffey.

A day to rest and then back at it.

This and that:

First off, this is how you deal with a horsedung team and a horsedung pitcher. VERY well done. Enjoy the day off and take it to the Rays. Now is the time….no Crawford, no Longoria, no Percival.



This direct quote may be of some interest, it’s from Proud To Be Your Bud. (Granted it’s a little dated but the point certainly isn’t)

“The record is clear. From 1995 through 2001, a total of 224 MLB postseason games were played. Only five were won by clubs whose payrolls were in the lower half of the industry. None advanced past the division series, and no team, other than those whose payrolls are in the top fourth of payroll, has won a World Series game during this period. The seven year post season record is 219-5 in favor of the high payroll teams.” — Proud To Be Your Bud to ESPN’s Peter Gammons.


Yes, spending money foolishly guarantees nothing, (just look at the Orioles under Peter Angelos) however spending big money apparently does statistically increase your chances of making the postseason and once you get there anything can happen.

Why? Simple….better talent costs bigger bucks. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that one out.

Just something to consider and discuss. For every Florida Marlins there appears to be four Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Braves (big spending teams at that point in time) who are taking playoff spots and winning titles.

Mark Liptak

Tampa just took 2 from the Angels, and the Angels took two full series from Boston. A ‘streak’ may not be the explanation for why our bats ‘couldn’t get it going’ against the Rays a while back. Tampa is tough and has good pitching. Our bats were stymied by Beckett and Dice-K a week or so ago. We tend to have difficulties with solid pitching. I hope these guys can prove me wrong this weekend….

Once again, more comments about the past from Liptak. Geez, let me guess. Your favorite class in school was history!

Yes, money makes a difference. So do a few base hits, a couple of nice plays and a few bloops followed by a few blasts.

Since 2001, I think you will find those numbers to be not as Yankee-dominated. One franchise earned the bulk of those high payroll wins.

But even with the high payroll, they still had to make the plays.

All your talk about high payroll winning flies against your messages of the past couple of weeks about how Minnesota and Oakland have managed to earn numerous postseason appearances. Not much money being tossed around in either of those two franchises.

There is no one correct way to win. If there were, then there would be no reason to play the games.

Ah, the Rays and the Cubs are tied for best record in the majors. If they both win today then they will remain tied with the best record. Except one team will have beaten the Anaheim Angels while the other will have beaten the Cincinatti Reds. Not all records were created equal…..

And the Rays swept the minor league leaders earlier this year.

Thank you TC, that they did…..

Great game guys!!! I only missed the first two innings today, then watched the rest of the festivities on WGN. So now I’m posting, (just to let you all know I’m still here). I will have to go back to the archives and watch the first two innings later. Oh, what fun.

As far as my record goes: I’m 2-0 in Chicago this year.( kinda hard to get out there you know). The fourteen inning winner against Detroit and Blog night. I am also 4-0 this year at spring training. So Scott, if you want to fly my over to Anaheim, or back to Chitown later in the year, I’d be more than happy to put up my perfect record (for the team of course)….

I’ve got to get back to work, so I’ll leave for now…. Whatever happened to Jen and Dleeun???…. Go Sox…j.k.

Jen must be shopping for a new fridge. Dleeun????? Who knows, maybe Kenwo finally followed through on his threats and Dleeun ran away (just kidding of course, Kenwo).

I am not saying don’t spend a ton of money. I just want it spent effectively. If we can get more wins for our $120 mil than the Yankees get for their $200 mil I am all for it.

Normally I agree with you on just about everything, but I have to believe that because of the economy the market will take a downturn, and yes it may result in 3 or 4 teams having all the top paid players. People on a tight budget cut out luxories and companies cut down on expenses. Eventually it will have a ripple effect on ticket sales and players salaries. Of course there will be exceptions with teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs. They will always have the money to spend for multiple reasons. And the history of ownership says that money won’t be spent unless butts are in seats.

Now I could be wrong here, but the 1997 world series Cleveland and the Marlins if I remember correctly(I was a drunk college student at the time). I gotta believe at least one of those teams if not both were in the bottom half of salaries.

Schedule looks tough for the remainder, Tampa, LA, NY, Boston. Twins only have one series vs Tampa. Not to look past Baltimore, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, KC or Oakland…..

While I just got back from the game, so that makes me 2-0 now this year, my other win being blog night. Had season tickets the last two years, but unfortunately sometimes life throws you curveballs, so I’ve only made it out there twice. I’m hoping to attend plenty of playoff games tho.

Jim, I can’t say I’ve ever seen the economy have a huge impact on ticket sales or player salaries. The economy will always be going up and down (the business cycle), but I don’t think it ever has a cross over effect to baseball. It’s been a down year in the economy, yet ticket sales will probably set an all time record high for the fourth year in a row.

I think that idiot from earlier today planted a virus of some sort on here. When I used my other log in, it says “thanks for logging in, fireozzie.

great game today. bats were alive. let’s hope we kept some of that fire for this weekend. that’s a BIG BIG series for us. we were 1 of 4 in their house, time for a little payback.

windycity…twins have 4 against the angels beginning tomorrow. regardless of who they play, they have 24 of 30 on the road.

Hope I’m erring on the side of caution, but I will guess 22 more wins for the Sox and 19 for the Twinks.

We have seen some tremendous games this year and not too many disappointments (how could we, they’ve only lost 19 games at home this year). Bringing my friend, Donna, or my son, Adam, seems to pretty much guarantee a win more than anything. Donna was with me when Mark threw his no-hitter. Adam was with me when Thome hit his 500th and when the Sox went back-to-back-to-back-to-back (actually took both of them today and look what happened!). And if I am at a game the Sox are behind in, I just wait for my husband to go to the bathroom and the fireworks are sure to follow (he always manages to miss the good stuff).

When I am not going to the game, I always try to wear something with White Sox logos to bring them positive energy. But not the green White Sox socks because they always lose when I wear them!

Have a good rest and see you back on Friday! GO SOX!!

O.K. I checked out a couple of scenarios for both the Sox and the Twins for the remaining 36 games of the season. Sox have 16 home games and 20 on the road, Twins have 12 home and 24 away…. advantage White Sox. Both teams play Detroit at home for 3. Both teams play Balt on the road for 3 ( Sox play 4 counting the make up game). And both teams play the Indians for 3 on the road.

We have common foes in Tampa (3 for us @ home, 4 for them on road). Angels ( 3 for us @ home, 4 for them on road). Toronto (4 for us @ home, 3 for them on road). And K.C. ( 3 on road for us and 6 @ home for them). Advantage Sox.

Now, while we are playing the likes of Boston (3), Yankees(4), and Minn. (3) on the road, and Cleve,(3) @ home, they are playing Seattle (3), Oakland (4) on the road and K.C. @ home… advantage Minn.

My worst case scenario for us is going 17-19 the rest of the way for a total of 90-72. Worst for Minn… 18-18, record of 90-72. Best case scenario has us winning 23 more games and going 96-66. Minn. best case is winning 22 more for a final record of 94-68. Slight advantage for the Sox ( I hope)…

Even though the Twins have four more games on the road than we do, they have an easier schedule, so as our pal Lip points out, it may very well boil down to what happens the last series in the HHH Dump….

The solution to all of this? Keep winning. Then there is nothing to worry about…. Good job today Boys. You’ve earned a day off, to get ready for the Rays and some payback…. So, keep those gloves oiled up. Keep those bats warm and keep your balls….. well, never mind about that one…. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.


I’m disappointed in you. All you had to say was “keep your balls . . . . . in the fairway.”

After all, the guys have the day off at home tomorrow.

Like you said above, the solution is keep winning. We don’t want to over analyze the final 36 games of the year. Remember, this is baseball. Very little happens according to Hoyle.

Who was Hoyle, by the way? Where is Quaid when you need him? Ohhh, that’s right. The boy’s in love. I forgot about that.

At first I thought maybe DLeeun switched his name when everyone else did….but I quickly dismissed that as you could tell it was him from 300 miles away. With the sentences making no sense and all. As for Jen….maybe she’s shacking up with Crede in Charlotte. Or maybe Mike Devereaux scared her off…. continuing the trend he set long ago with the ladies!

In any case…I have been to a whole lot of games and haven’t kept track of my record. I do know I was the jinx back in April- most games i went to were losing efforts. I have since turned it around though. I think the last game i was at was 20th of July and before that 4th of July. I am hoping for a bunch more W’s as the year continues.

I’m going to agree about that virus or whatever, I got a “Thanks for signing in, scotties22.” Anybody else having that problem?

I’ve paid my dues to the Sox this year, and have the record to show it: 7-2! Seems I have to go with my brother, though, which isn’t such a bad thing.

I was at the game when AJ hit the walk-off in the rain, and the back-to-back-to-back-to-back HRs (my friend sitting next to me acutally caught Uribe’s HR ball when O-Do-Tell threw it up out of the bullpen!) Seems that was a pretty popular game to attend, reading the above posts. Of course, all the games were amazing, and it visiting the Cell never gets old!

It would figure Jr. would get his first Sox HR when I’m at school and don’t have a TV yet to watch the games…

AP (Shortstuff)

Well, not sure how this ‘virus’ thingie is working but I didn’t get any strange message.

I’ve got no real record to speak of with the Sox, being here, only get to go once a year, usually when I’m watching on tv though, they don’t do so hot so today’s win was quite pleasant, obviously!

Sometimes I hates days off, feel like they might lose momentum or something and Lord knows they’re gonna need it big this weekend. Here’s hoping momentum doesn’t wane, TB gets violently ill and Minn starts to die with the Angels!!!!!

My record this year is pretty good: 4-0 (the sweep of the Giants in May and the *win* (by one run) in Oakland.

I agree, Kris, I hope the day off doesn’t cool things down. They need big time momentum going into this series with the Rays.

Regarding the payroll discussion, my recollection is that the Detroit ownership really opened their wallets this season. The team they put together sure looked good on paper – balanced, with pitching, defense, and power. I do realize injuries have played a role in the fate of the Tigers, but most teams have had significant injuries this year, so I think it mostly proves that what matters is how a team looks on the field, not on paper.

This year I am 22-4…. It helps that I work there, so I get to go a lot =)

I am 3-1 when I go to the games for fun.

Glad to see Griffey finally put one out.


As unbelievable as it sounds I am 12-0 this season (could be 11-0). As much as I would love to claim that my presence alone gets Sox winners, statistically there is only a 0.1% chance of this occurring. Whether it’s my heckling at the batboy Strubin for baseballs or my quoting Ken Griffey Junior Baseball from N64 when Griffey is on deck, I’m doing something right.

Oh, and I’m willing to take one for the team and take a break from school and head up to Minnesota for our last series of the season there! πŸ™‚

Hope to see you soon,
Kevin Buzard

Can’t say that I have much of a record to speak of. I just know that sometimes when I don’t watch and flip channels during the game, that usually works. of course, I miss the good stuff so thank goodness for instant replays.

I can’t speak for jen or dleeun, but as for myself, JD chased me away. And I don’t mean Jermaine Dye.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching and reading, though. I still do everyday. I told you guys I was addicted. : )

Our guys have really been kicking some butt as of late, let’s just keep it going! Hopefully Jr. will keep the momemtum going and hit a few more dingers with men on base in some of these upcoming games.

I thought I saw something about instant replay being utilized to assist the umpires in making difficult calls. Almost like football I guess. But it was late and I was delirious when I saw the report. Can anybody expand on that for me?

I didn’t receive any weird messages when signing in either, so that’s a good sign.

Btw, the ceremony for my dad was absolutely wonderful. I have two articles that I am willing to share with anybody interested, I think Kris V asked me about that before. Just email me and I’d be happy to forward you the articles via email. Sorry Jim d. don’t mean to “clog up the site” with what you feel is mundane gibberish. Feel free to scroll right past my post.

hey, hey, hey, cool out there trouble maker! No need to beat a dead horse.

Well, I’m 1-1, a road win against Detroit and a home loss to Boston. I saw Quentin hit a home run in the first game, and I saw Boone Logan on the mound for the last time, well, as far as milestones go, ya take what ya can get…..

who are you calling a trouble maker? I’m not the one that started this mess in the first place. Why don’t you go back and read the posts before you start namecalling.

Don’t worry about it Lisa. If they didn’t like the little bantering that we all enjoyed last week then they can just scroll right past all the posts.

And don’t let anyone run you off. We’ve got a division to win!

Thanks tc. So did YOU hear anything about instant replays being utilized to assist the umpires?

The replays will be used ONLY for home runs. Whether or not they actually cleared the fence or are fair or foul. Nothing else.

Oooooh, okay, thanks.

To put an end to this I never meant anything against you. And the story that you shared about your Dad was very nice. I don’t consider that mundane compared to some of the other stuff. In fact if I recall it was your reason for not being able to attend blog night.

If I may be of help in regards to your instant replay question. Yes the commissioner is planning on instituting instant replay for home runs calls that are close to the yellow line at the top of the wall or close to the foul pole. There is supposed to be a meeting this week, but supposedly the umpires are planning on protesting and not being present. Personally, I think it is long overdue considering the video technology they have available.

Thanks Jim, I agree on both points. Consider our disagreement ended. And, I also think that this is a good idea. After all, umpires are humans too (I think) and are apt to make mistakes as we have seen them do in several instances. I kinda wish that the instant replay utilization role be expanded to other parts of the game, like being called out on base when the runner was actually safe and those dreaded calls on check swings. I’m not surprised that the umpires plan on protesting though. Do you think part of that is ego and feeling as if their “power” is being diminished?

I was an umpire for about 6 years doing high school level games, and I can tell you from personal experience it is ego. You never want to be proven wrong because the coach will hold it over your head the rest of the game if not longer. And you can see that some umpires, kinda like NBA refs think the fans are there to watch them rather than the players.

I love the NFL replay system. They have streamlined it over the years so it is quick and efficient. Hopefully MLB has consulted with the NFL in setting this up.

tc… Thanks so much for the mention… Helene is going to be in Wisconsin all week on vacation with her daughter and her daughter’s fiance… So I am by my lonesome… with nothing but the boys to keep me company… since the Olympics will end (FINALLY!!!) Sunday night… I heard that the USOC is planning on cloning Michael Phelps and the beach volleyball ladies for life…

And as far as the Peacock Network’s coverage of baseball in Bejing?… BASEBALL??? What is this BASE-BALL?… If it doesn’t swim, do indoor gymnastics (maybe THAT’S where Queen Jennifer is…),play beach volleyball or have Kobe Bryant and Le Bron James attached to it… in our opinion…
IT DOESN’T EXIST!!! (some of that Eastern Sports Propaganda Network mentality has creeped over to 30 Rock…

In case none of you remember an earlier post that I came up with, let me refresh your memory…


MY ONGOING RECORD: 5/1… the 5 wins in a row, after the freeze bowl against the Indians April of ’07…(thanks AGAIN to Maria and Pat for THOSE seats…)

And how many times must I opine my feelings about what Lip and the others have been going back and forth about concerning the “in order to MAKE money, you have to SPEND money” philosophy of MLB…

As you folks might well be aware… my feelings on this subject are very clear…

I have YET to see a checkbook, or a P & L (profit and loss)sheet or any other financial statement go out on a field and hit, pitch or catch a baseball in order to insure a victory or a loss…

Let these other b**tards go out and spend money up and out of their rear apertures (hi, Dawn)… the team that is hottest ON THE FIELD at the end of the year wins…

I am sick of hearing this back and forth crap… and I’m also sick and tired of Bud…

He’s a former USED CAR DEALER, for cryin’ out loud… How many of THEM can be trusted to tell the truth on the odometer of life???

I went to the West Coast in May and was 1-1 in Anaheim and 2-0 in SF. At home, I am 14-7 and still have 8 games left – 2 this weekend and 6 in Sept.

3 – 0 this year! Thanks to the kids club my 9 month old son attended his first of many white Sox victories. I spent the majority of time with my 7 & 3 year old daughters at Fundamentals hearing about how I let them down because I didn’t see a reason for them to bring their gloves in. Luckily my 7 year old refused to leave before the game was over, so we were able to see the 10 – 8 victory in Clayton Richard’s first start. Unfortunately the 4th game I was supposed to go to, the person who got the tickets didn’t like the way the weather looked & decided we would skip the game, but they one that one any way.


With respect, I’m sick and tired of hearing some other things that have been thrown around a lot on this board. However it’s a open board and we can discuss whatever we wish as long as it is not racial, sexual or vulgar.

Feel free to skip over the posting that don’t interest you.

Mark Liptak

Remember Tom this started with a discussion of the job Kenny Williams has done in his tenure as G.M.

I gave him a solid B, it was asked why a “B” and I replied because the Sox have made the postseason one time in his stewardship (ya like that word?)

The discussion about the economics of baseball followed. You don’t have to believe Proud To Be Your Bud (I certainly don’t) but the NUMBERS speak for themselves. Look up the payrolls, look up who makes the playoffs, look up who wins the World Series.

And for the record, I think the Sox have done a very good job in the salary department. My concern is the immediate past (post December 2006) and the future.

Pitching is the backbone of a franchise, pitching wins pennants. I have spoken to enough people who should know what they are talking about, and they have all told me the same story.

When the Sox saw the price of pitching at those winter meetings they were shocked and backed off. Now they are going to need at least one starter next year (Contreras is through until after the break, if he ever returns…)

If the Sox don’t want to pay the price for free agent pitching (and one beat writer told me that starting next season they don’t even want to trade for it because the price is high) and they can’t produce it (yet) at the minor league level….then where is it going to come from? Maybe they can pull it off a tree like apples in Virginia.

Mark Liptak

Seems to be alot of that going around today. Something in the water perhaps?

And to Mark and the rest of you who have been getting carpal tunnel syndrome typing furiously about “the need to spend” to procure a winner… I opine some more…

And I am NOT talking “apples and oranges”… or ‘pomegranates and peaches” or any other fruit basket items you can bring up…

What other business, outside of Hollyweird, has a budget given to it, and then is told to OVERSPEND up the wazoo to keep up with the rest of the idiots who think they have to do the same damn thing to make everybody happy?

I wish the terms “major market”, “mid-sized market” and “small market” had NEVER been coined to refer to the cities where professional sports franchises are operating… mainly because every jamoke around uses those terms, as if they know what in the f*** they’re talking about, when it comes to the subject of spending money…everybody is an instant expert on the subject, and has a thousand and one opinions on what to do and how to do it…

Let me ask the women of WS Universe about spending… You married ladies have a budget, correct?… If you overspend, how do you think your equal half will react?…

Dr Phil wouldn’t be able to take all of you on in just one show…

Maybe it’s because I have never had much disposable income in my life…and may never, ever have the opportunity to obtain some… but I just feel that MLB and all the other revenue producing sports feel as if they are playing with Monopoly money… like it’s a game, like it’s not real… Trust me, folks… it IS real…

Let’s get off the soapbox of finances, and talk about the boys, shall we?

I am STILL not used to seeing 46 runs and 14 HR’s in just 4 games time…

These are not the WS I grew up watching… the ones who parlayed a walk or single, a stolen base, a sacrifice bunt and a sacrifice fly into a rally… and then had the pitching to make that run stand up for the margin of victory…

These are the teams like the Yank-mes and the Red Sox and others… the ones who hit the beejeezus out of the ball for boxcar numbers of runs, hits and HR’s…

I come from the “waiting for the other shoe to drop” club…
You know, the one who sits and watches as the niagara of runs, hits and long balls suddenly dries up… and turns the club of sluggers into the human equivalent of the Mojave desert…

Can this happen to the boys?… You bet your life it can…

But we hope not, for quite some time…

All they have to do, and all they CAN do, is to continue to win… as long as they do that, it really doesn’t matter what the piranhas do… because they would come up a game short…

Some thing the WS I grew up watching were painfully good at…

There are a lof gripes people make about the way this team is constructed, but one thing is for sure. When the lineup is healthy and the pitching is doing it’s job this is a very good team. A team that should regularly make the playoffs.

We consistently struggle with the home runs early in the season, and have tough times with certain pitchers. Both of which drive me absolutely crazy sometimes.

If not for injuries in 2006 and an awful bullpen last year we might be looking at our 4th straight playoff appearance. Injuries and unexpected performances happen. It’s why we play on the field rather than paper. I’m sure the Yankees would love to play the game on paper.

Teams turn their rosters over so frequently and so fast nowadays that a so-called dynasty is achieved with a totally different set of players. The Yanks and Atlanta had great runs but with the exception of a Jeter and Rivera, or a Maddox and a Jones (Chipper, that is) most of the faces were different from year to year.

Just look at the 2005 WS champs from our own neck of the woods. Only the right fielder, third baseman (who has missed much of 2007 and the last month of this season), first baseman, shorstop (now playing third, was playing second) and catcher are still here from the starting nine in ’05. Add one starting pitcher (2 if you count the now injured Jose) and our closer and that is all that is left from just three years ago.

It really makes it apparent that you can’t look at the past and really can’t predict the future.

lmunoz: that was intended to be tongue in cheek and not serious. You need to relax, it is just a blog. But thanks for making an assumption on whether I’d be petty enough to ‘namecall’. Grow up.

I really dislike days without baseball. Watching the Bears tonight will remind me how good we have it with the Sox. Hopefully the Sox will be in it come October because the Bears probably won’t be.

I am dreading bears football. Orton is no stunner by any measure.

I do not remember my overall record, but for the 2008 season I am 5-3. Breaking it down, I am 3-3 away and 2-0 at home. I haven’t seen Buehrle win a game I have attended at the Big A. The Angels always seem to rough him up, and it’s usually Big Vlad that does the damage.
May 12th, 2008 – White Sox vs Angels: L ( Buehrle ) Buehrle Roughed
May 13th, 2008 – White Sox vs Angels: L ( Danks ) Danks Pitched Gem
May 14th, 2008 – White Sox vs Angels: W ( Contreras ) New Lineup, Quentin Slams
May 15th, 2008 – White Sox vs Angels: W (Vazquez ) Jon Garland
June 24th, 2008 – White Sox vs Dodgers: W ( Buehrle ) Buehrle WINS!
June 25th, 2008 – White Sox vs Dodgers: L ( Floyd ) Offense takes a vacation
June 29th, 2008 – Cubs vs White Sox: W ( Buehrle ) Completes the sweep!!!!
July 1st, 2008 – Indians vs White Sox: W ( Danks ) Danks matches Cliff Lee; Alexei ties game in the 10th; and OC had a walk-off single

Well how’s all my blog gals and pals today, some seem slightly grumpy but that’s ok . . . everyone has their days I suppose. Cheer up gang, or I might sing! πŸ˜‰

Anybody gonna watch Minn vs Angels tonight online? I’m curious as to how this will all unfold. Wish I could watch the Bears – bummed that I can’t, you think the Bears are bad, try watching the Texans every freakin Sunday!! UGH!!! The Bears are my team, just like the Sox, win or lose, I’m there, was raised with Walter and Jimmy and Mr. Ditka EVERY Sunday. . . my mother is/was insane!! πŸ™‚

To hell with the Bears and their two terrible Quarterbacks and their junk stable of running backs and the horrible set of receivers. I am not a fan of the Bears. I am not a fan of Bears fans either. To me they act just like Cubs fans. I cheer for the Raiders myself who are also garbage but at least the fans aren’t whiney like the Bear fans are.

I am in a good mood today…other than the fact that there is no White Sox game on. Hell we have clubbed the ball lately, my fantasy team is rolling and Jen isn’t here to post about her marital problems (I got enough of my own..thanks) . What else could a guy ask forπŸ˜€

I have to be honest….I do not care to attend the game tomorrow even though I have a ticket waiting. I am hoping my dad finds another person to go. I really don’t like Elvis night. Not that I am not a fan of the King, but if any night at the Sox game resembles a Wrigley crowd- this is the one. Not many pay attention to the game or care what happens if they are paying attention as long as they hear a fake Elvis singing Kentucky Rain at the end of the night they are happy. It is actually very annoying to me. Hopefully we win in spite of the goofyness that is Elvis night.

Hi Kris,

Yes, I am following the Angels/Twinks game on line. Glad to see they drew first blood. Let’s hope they stay out front tonight.


Thanks for the couple people that thought about me – I am here, always read – don’t want to bore anyone about myself anymore. (Too bad, some crazy things happened)

White Sox have been doing awesome! Hopefully it lasts – I guess we’ll see how good they really are this weekend.

Congrats to Junior on his 1st homerun with the WS!

2nd inning Angels are winning, keep up the lead – Sweep those twinkies!

Lisa, I’m glad you had a good time at your Dad’s ceremony!

That’s all folks – have a good night!


Raiders, what a freakin joke! I resent the Bears fans comment, I know not ONE that has or will ever whine about stinky teams year after year anymore than you think your precious Raiders don’t!

Minn has tied it I see – what is it about them, they just don’t quit!!!!!

Yeah, today was pretty much a grumpy day for me. I think it’s because there wasn’t a game tonight. I really wish there were because the guys really had the momemtum going. Here’s hoping they get right back into the swing of things tomorrow. Can’t wait.

The Raiders are tough! Don’t talk smack in the Black Hole!

That should be a great 4 game series between the Twins and Angels. Hopefully the Angles can take 3 and get the Twins off to a rough start for their road trip.

Kris, I wish I had seen your post earlier tonight. The Bears were a national game on Fox tonight. Orton looked solid, but the defense looked bad.

I didn’t know they were national, crap!!! I was just talking to my son who’s in Valpo and we saw that they lost but the score was pretty high so sounds like they held their own. Oh well, watching beach volleyball, I know, nobody likes the Olympics but we like vball down here . . .

Minn still tied with Angels –

btw, when was the last time the Raiders had a winning season?????

Kenwo if you consider 19 – 61 in the last 5 years tough then yes the Raiders are tough. Can’t say much about the Bears since they have more wins (20) than that in just the past 2 years.

Too bad Bo Jackson never worked out for them though because of that injury. That guy was incredible. Probably would have gone down as a top 3 RB of all time. Of course it was nice to have him with the Sox. Left us with some very memorable moments.

2002 was their last winning season. That was the year they lost to Tampa in the Super Bowl.

I saw that Bears game tonight. Jim D nailed it with his analysis.

Extra innings for the Twins & Angels.

Twins had men on 2nd and 3rd in the 8th with no outs and could not score. The Angels got an out and walked Mauer, and Morneau grounded into a DP. How come he can’t do that when we play them! Seems Morneau just kills the Sox.

I officially hate Minnesota!

I finally found something that I agree with Ken on! That stupid Elvis night. I know a lot of people enjoy it, but it is very annoying to people trying to enjoy the game. Plus, what do you think Elvis would have thought if he saw a stadium full of people doing terrible impressions of him? I’m thinking he would be offended. Besides I’m not sure why people celebrate that cliche image of him in the jumpsuit, since he had lost every ounce of musical integrity by that point in his career.

It’s not the flubs I hate, it’s the idiot fans they attract. No, not the ones who actually follow the game and understand it–the ones who go to drink themselves into oblivion game after game. The ones who come to the Cell on the off chance that the Sox might lose a game (thanks for supporting our team financially, by the way). The ones who gang up 3 to 1 and beat other baseball fans so they end up in the hospital (made the headlines twice so far this year). The ones who get themselves kicked out of the Cell during the Crosstown Classic with their obnoxious behavior and whine to the media about how they weren’t “doing anything.” The ones that can’t sleep and have no life and think blogging with the enemy is fun. But enough about you . . .

Darn those Angels. Couldn’t they string together more than a hit an inning? Probably felt that let down after playing the Rays and figured they’d steamroll over the Twinkies pitching.

Well, on to better things. LET’S GO SOX!!

Crede update from the Charlotte Knights box score for last nights game: Joe went 0-3 with 2 fly outs (1 advanced a runner) and 1 GIDP. He threw out two runners at home plate in the 5th and did not make an error. The coach took him out after the 7th inning.

BTW, Charlotte won the game on a Josh Fields homer. He was the DH.

There is not much I need to add to your post about Scrub Fans – Very well said, nmbrott! Said like a Class A WS Fan!

-Now that we just have screen names (not e-mail addresses) I am sure we will get alot of that, especially when the Scrubs Choke in the playoffs. I am certain LAD will send them home with their tails between their legs!

My boys started school (K and 1st grade) the gym teacher is a big Cubs Fan, I said to him on Tues. “I bet your happy about the Cubs”, he said “yes, and the WS are doing well too” I asked him if he’s ready for a World Series in Chicago and he said (in quotes) ” I hope the Cubs and WS do not play in the World Series, I know the Sox will win and I would never hear the end of it” (end of quotes)

I saw the Twins won last night, Are they that good of a team? Or do they just get lucky? Their players aren’t anything to write home about, maybe a couple.

Come on Boys – you got to take atleast 2 of the 3 this weekend, 3 would be nice, but I’ll take 2!
I hope their day off doesn’t affect their hitting streak. They don’t need anymore day offs:)

Back to work!



You’re not “lucky” for five months of a baseball season. The Twins are good, like with the Sox, pitching has been the difference and since June it has been very good.

These guys aren’t going anywhere, it doesn’t matter if they have a five, 14 or 20 game road trip and Sox fans better not think that they are (and more importantly neither should the Sox players)

The Sox need to win and keep winning because it’s going down to the end.

Mark Liptak


wb…’s the new fridge working?

twins won because the angels were tired. they had to fly back from florida late wednesday and god only knows when they got home. twins are a good team.

sox need to focus on 1 game at a time. no doubt about it. this series could set the tone for the final push.

going to the game tonight…..i almost forgot its elvis night……hubba hubba hubba……don’t be cruel……….lol

okay tc, I think you might be trying to get Jen in trouble by asking about her new fridge. Just Kidding.

I am going to disagree with you about the excuse you gave for the Angels losing last night. I don’t think it was because they were tired or because they had jet lag from flying late. Look what happened in the first game of the ALCS in 2005.
Everybody thought the Angels were going to lose that first game due to similar reasons and, well, we all know what happened that first game. And we all know what happened after that! : )

Let’s just go ahead and give credit where credit is due and state that the Twins are a really good team this year. But, I still believe that we are better. I believe how this ends up is in our own hands. So we better bring our A game tonight and slay those Rays!!!

TC, Kenwo and johnwesley: Have a great time at the game tonight and bring us back a W!!!!!! That’s a direct order !!! LOL!
p.s. Long Live The King!!! (Elvis, that is…)


The Sox have more talent, but the Twins play smarter baseball. When you put that together you get two teams that are fairly even. If you go back to 2000 these two teams are even on total wins (total vs all teams not head to head). Sure the Twins have been in the playoffs more, but it is pretty interesting that they are that close over 9 total seasons.

I certainly hope I am not intruding, but I sent those of you I could get their e-mail addresses, an e-mail from my restaurant.
Because it goes out to more than a 1000 people I had to be politically correct supporting Chicago Baseball. The consolation i have is taking money from the cub fans that come in.
I believe The Rays will see a different Sox team this time.
Go Sox

Good afternoon all, morning for our Western states – just found out that I not only get to see our boys on TBS on Sunday, but they’re on down here on FOX too on Saturday!!!!! I’m pretty psyched about that, hope they don’t disappoint!

I have a good feeling, it’s intuition, woman’s type, I’m usually pretty on target with it, hope this time is one of those times.

My mom said Chi-town is really talking about the WS being there, not sure if that would be good or not, might get really really ugly, seriously. I think our rivalry is more vicious than that of the Mets and Yanks, least ways it appears that way to me. Never heard stories of their fans beaten the snot out of one another. I just hope the Cubs choke, but, like with the Twins, we must give credit where credit is due, and as my mom says, ‘those damn Cubs keep winning’ πŸ™‚

Good Luck tonight boys, prove me right!!!!!

Yes, the damned piranhas are good, no doubt about that… but, conspiracy theorists out there, is it possible that since the Angels are lapping the field for the third time in their division, they are taking it easy, hoping that no one like Hunter or Anderson or Vlad the Impailer get hurt and screw up their chance for October glory?

Knowing the history and the reputation of Scioscia, I kind of doubt it… but… the possible thought remains…

As to the boys, last night was a sort of Catch-22… They needed the day off to rest up for this stretch of games against opponents who could give them trouble… BUT they also hope that all of the firepower of the previous week doesn’t fizzle out when they face Jackson, Kazmir and Sonnanstine this weekend… and that the Rays are looking ahead to any head to head matchups with the Red Sox that could determine if they win their first title of any kind, and knock the Carmines and the Yank-mes out of post season play…

Wouldn’t that be SOMETHING… to have the Rays IN the post season… and Boston and the Yank-mes OUT?… The Eastern Sports Propaganda Network wouldn’t know what to do with itself… (I have some thoughts of what they COULD do… but… as Liptak has written, some things don’t deserve to be in a family-read blog…)

krisv…(don’t worry, kiddo… I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND WHAR (as the folks down thar say…) YOU ARE…)As far as any rivalry goes here as opposed to the Rotten Apple… think of it this way…

In NYC, the Mets fans HATE the Yank-mes fans with a passion… same thing here for WS fans against the Flubs lemmings… In NYC, the Yank-mes fans, just like the lemmings who attend Jurrasic Park at Neverland, totally IGNORE the fans of the opposite team…they look down their noses at them, kind of like the tenors do at the Metropolitan Opera, or the Civic Opera here…(not that I know of that lifestyle… my only exposure to “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA” came from the Marx Bros…)

Lisa…..You have me confused for TC??

Aside from battling the wannabe Elvis’ at the game, the weatherman might play a role as well. Sunny now after a downpour an hour ago…….hope its over for the day.

Be interesting to see who starts for us tonight against the Rays rightie…….Wise is out for sure… line up would look like this; 1B-PK, 2B-Missile, SS-OC, 3B-Uribe, C-AJ, LF-Q, CF-Swish, RF-JD, DH-Thome………

Don’t know if anyone saw the replays from the Twinkies game last night, but they won it because our old buddy Torii Hunter dropped a fly ball in extra inning for 3 bases in the 12th. They gave Punto credit for a triple but he missed the ball. Hunter is still killing us! – Mark

Oh the irony is thick…perhaps Torii was helping his former team knowing that his current one is safe and the Twinkies need a boost? Another reason why I can’t stand the guy. If he would have come to the Sox, I would have had a really difficult time liking the guy. I know AJ was a former HumpDumper, but I like the way he plays the game, so I enjoy his presence. Thank you Kenny for whiffing on Hunter.

Let’s continue the hit barrage tonight. I’ve got the house all to myself as the fiancee is out riding horses tonight! Go Sox!

Sorry blogbabesgonewild….I could swear you were tc!!!! LOL!!!
Anyway…who the heck are you? LOL!!!

I love Willie Harris.

Lisa, I think it’s Scam.

Where’s our little Scrubs Fan, now??

Completely Useless By September!!!!

I am getting ready. I have my can of beer next to my left hand. The bowl of mixed nuts by my right, and a couple of moist towlettes for keeping my keyboard clean, somewhere in the middle. Go Sox.

I got back a little while ago after 36 holes of golf, where I did much better than last week, but not so good that I’m ready to start playing for money. Still under 100 with four pars and one birdie is good for me. Go Sox.

I thought the same thing about Hunter from last nights game. Was he bribed to miss that catch? Did he dog it so his old team could win? I don’t think so, but it’s maddening just the same. Go Sox.

I have a great story about a friend of mine, ( a fellow golfer). He and his wife went to Laughlin, Nv. for a couple of days to relax and play some games. While Chris my Yankee friend was playing roulette, four Sox fans came to the table and joined him. A short time later a Cubs fan walked by and was given the Raspberry by the Sox fans. That led to a discussion about baseball. The question was asked of my friend, what was his favorite team. He calmly replied, my team is the greatest sports franchise of all time. One of the (drunk) women said, ” Oh, He’s a Cowboys fan”!!!. Pretty funny, even if a Sox fan was the brunt of the joke. Everybody laughed. Go Sox.

We need to come out patient tonight against Jackson, and make him work. Go Sox…. j.k.

lmao!!!! Klein, that was pricelessly funny!!! Freakin Texas people think everything they have is ‘the greatest’. That and waking up, (yep, snoozed a bit this afternoon) to find that the Scrubbies lost.. huge, didn’t even realize Willie Harris was still playing!!πŸ™‚ What a great way to start a weekend and we all know the Cubs KNEW they were going to win that one!!!!

Time to stretch out the kinks, let out the dogs and wait another hour until we’re rollin… LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!

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