Elvis Night Extravaganza

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tonight’s Schedule

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Missle, 2B; Jr., CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, SS.  Danks pitching.

Ozzie Pregame

I finally got a chance to listen in to an Ozzie pregame today, where he spent a lot of time complimenting the Rays, a much different franchise, he noted, from when he played there.

“They are one of the best stories in baseball this year,” Guillen said, “Maybe in the past 10 years … well, not better than us when we won in 2005, and maybe Boston when they won, but a good story …”

He nominated TB manager Joe Maddon for manager of the year.

“It’s not even close,” he said.  When a reporter mentioned Guillen for the award, he scoffed.

“It’s a great honor and I love having the trophy in my home to look at, but players win that award for you, not the manager.  It’s a player award.  There are some pretty horse(bleep) managers who have won Manager of the Year.”


Anyone else tired from staying up to watch the Angels-Twins game last night?  Torii, ya killed me.  Nothing like staying up late and then going to bed angry because of someone else’s game …  Chris Chelios of the Redwings will be in the ballpark tonight with the Stanley Cup … Dave Wills returns to his hometown this weekend … a very few ticket remain for tomorrow and Sunday, so act now so you are not shut out.


Laughing before the game, some staff members remembered El Duque’s heroic effort in Game 3 of the 2005 Division Series at Boston.  With the bases loaded, El Duque was summoned in from the bullpen …

“Can you imagine what it was like,” someone offered.  “The phone rings in the bullpen and guys are shaking in fear on the bench.  Duque stands and says, ‘That is for me.” (imagine a heavy Cuban accent)

After getting out of the jam and after the White Sox won that game to advance to the ALCS, Duque offered …

“Those situations, they are easy,” he explained.  “Everyone wants to be the hero, so they swing at anything and get themselves out.  Just throw sliders out of the strike zone.”

And what about that final 3-2 pitch to Damon with no place to put him, pretty tough to throw that slider then?

Front door slider.  Probably the only strike he threw durng the at-bat.

A piece of White Sox history.


Apparently, my request for W-L records has caused some division, even within families.

So, to clarify …

1. The tickets must have been purchased (you know who you are on this one)

2. The tickets had to have been used (no fair counting a game, say like Picnic In The Park, when you didn’t use the tickets and helped cost us a victory by not going … again, you know who you are).




Hi Scott. I’m still golden at 6-0 for this year. 2-0 at U.S. Cellular, and 4-0 at tep in spring training….. I still will gladly accept airfair and tickets to any upcoming games to help “ensure” other Sox victories….. Go White Sox ’08…. Devil those Rays…. j.k.

Good start Johnny Danks!.. Keep it up… Go Sox.. j.k.

wonder if the ‘charming’ kenwo got ‘rid’ of his ticket…

loving the sounds of excitment as I make dinner from across the room…

where’s andy the camera man going…. I missed something here….

Too bad. We had a chance, but couldn’t get a run across. I have a feeling this will not be a blow-out game… Like, Duh!! None-the-less, let’s try to make it a blow out… Go White Sox.. j.k.

Now, there’s som OUTSTANDING defense!! Good job Q, Great job JohnnyD! Zero runs after men on second and third and no outs…. Way to go… j.k

We need to find a way to score some of those runners. Five left on after two innings…… Go White Sox.. j.k.

Happy Birthday DJ!!!

klein, didn’t you see hawk say he’d miss andy the cameraman, is he leaving or what happened, do you know?

Great out!!!!

Another good job getting out of trouble by JohnnyD. Let’s get some runs now….. j.k.

Andy Passed away on Wednesday before the game. Rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends… j.k.

Some of our guys are being very patient. Some are not. Q was overanxious in the first and struck out. He later walked in the third. Alexie was way too aggressive in the first and popped out, then in the third he hit into a DP. Hang in there guys and let Jackson get himself into trouble. Go Danks, Go Sox… j.k.

O.K. going into the bottom of the fourth inning. Now is the time for our Sox to get a run or two…. Go Jr. Go Sox… j.k.

lovin me some Nicholas Swisher!!!!!!!

Alright Swish!!!!!..j.k.

oh dear, I just read what you put about Andy, that’s so sad, he didn’t look very old. Condolences to everyone who knew him!

Two Zip Sox…. Two Zip Sox… Go JohnnyD and Go White Sox… j.k.

O.K. 2-1 now. Is this a playoff type game or what?…. Go White Sox. More runs are required, please,,,,, thank you… j.k.

I guess it’s just you and me, krisv…. let’s hang in there together and bring home a White Sox Winner… j.k.

Time to get back to work… Go Sox.. j.k.

I’m here Klein – seems we are alone tonight. Not loving this tie – we need to win this outright, and now!

Keep holding them, JohnnyD, Go White Sox… We need this win.. j.k.

ill join the party too guys. finally convinced the wife to pick up mlbtv for the rest of the season. Pretty nice too. Need to be patient at the plate and maybe change an indicator with our signs.

Hello J.K. and Krisv,
I don’t get to see many Sox games on TV here in southern Indiana. I would really like to see tonight’s game. On Sat I will get to see them on Fox. Sun they will be blacked out on TBS. Can you believe that? Oh well, let’s win this one tonight!!

Danksy didnt pitch too bad tonight, really.

Now we are behind. We need to hold them here and let our offense get back to work. Thanks for joining the party, blake and rburt… Together we can’t lose… keep the faith and Go White Sox… j.k.

blacked out, that’s crazy, I get it here in Texas – welcome rburt, tell the wife that mlbtv is well worth it if you a zillion miles from Chicago and it really isn’t expensive! I’ve had it for, I believe this is my 2nd year now, love it. Although would prefer real tv, this has to do for now. Where are you located?

way to go Matt!!!!! time to turn up bats!!!!!

Yea Matty……………….lets get some runs!!!
go sox!

Good job again by Matt. Danks did pitch well enough, but not quite enough offense so far, So, how about starting up now against Chad Bradford???? Go Sox..j.k.

im out here in toledo oh.
right here with all the dumb cleveland & tiger fans

way to start it out Juany, now bring him in…. no more stranding tonight!

oh rburt, I’m sorry, you are in the heart of it aren’t you, least there not a worry to us this year so you don’t have to hear any smack talk!

Man!!!! their outfield plays shallow. You can’t go from first to third on a single to center. That’s at least the third time that’s happened. I guess these guys know what they’re doing… Come on Q, base hit please… j.k.

The Tampa pitchers have bent a lot, but so far they haven’t broken. We need to hold them in the eighth and BREAK them in the bottom of that inning… Go White Sox ’08….j.k.

wow, Q and JD. That hurt

com’on oz, its not dotels night!!!!

What’s up with Ohh Do Tell???????? Now 6-2 Tampa… That’s not good..j.k.

Games not over, but Go Angels…. j.k.

my last comment was before the 2nd dinger in the inning. 10 total bases in like 6 (guess?) pitches.

yea, put that on the board!!
good start, JT walk, Ram with a smack!!!!

Nicely done Alexei… Hold the Rays and let’s win this game in the ninth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sox. j.k.

blah, why can’t we win without drama?

website has a nice article about Andy Cam . . . how sad is it but I suppose he went doing what he loved best… sounds like he was a helluva man and colleage for Oz to pay tribute for the rest of the season to him…. again, my condolences to his family.

this has turned to crap quickly . . . bullpen didn’t need the day off

Just another night that our bullpen makes me sick. Few and far between but just enough to do the job.

The wheels are falling off the wagon tonight. I guess we need to regroup and wait for tomorrow. Still three outs to go, but I don’t like our chances being down by three….Go Sox…. j.k.

Minnesota has scored first, my experience, they usually win the wons when they strike first…. will the seesaw dip back the other way… that’s tonight’s underanswered question!

great grammer there, ‘win the wons’ I have to correct it, my daddy didn’t raise me to speak or spell incorrectly… it’s supposed to be win the ones…. you already know this but the mom in me has to fix it! That and this game has me irritated all to hell . . .

ok, thats enough. Talk to you guys tomorrow. Hopefully better results. Go Angels.

What are the chances we get 5 in the Bottom of 9th?


The “road trip” doesn’t seem to be bothering the Twins one iota so far.

Leave runners on base early with a chance to blow the game wide open and it winds up biting you on the rear end almost every single time.

Maybe Boston will lose so at least the wild card lead would be in play.

Mark Liptak

Nice thought Jen, but I wouldn’t bet on it…. The Angels still have a shot at tonights game, otherwise it looks like we will be 1/2 game back facing Kasmir tomorrow afternoon… Go White Sox.. j.k.

Boston a winner, lousy night all around.

Angels in their worst “slump” of the year having lost 6 of 8 heading into this evening’s play.

Typical White Sox luck…the Twins draw them when they are flat.

Mark Liptak

Damn those day offs!!

wow… what a waste . . very disappointed, good night all.

Good night everybody…. j.k.

Let’s hope our boy Javy can give a us a MUCH NEEDED WIN this afternoon!

Let’s hope our former boy Garland can help us out, too!

It’s very simple fill your bullpen full of KC rejects and you get bad results. You can have Dotel and his BS attitude. I hope he never pitches another game this year.

Ouch. We gave that game away last night, but it should serve as yet another wake up call to Ozzie and this team….when you get bases loaded with 1 out, men on 1st and 2nd with no outs…..you gotta make contact and put the ball in play and score runs……the heck with this hitting for the fences mentality…….Alexi is having a great first year, but until he is taught how to bat in strategic situations, we can sit back and watch him swing at the first pitch and pop up with bases loaded.

The entire bullpen, except for Thornton, stunk the place up last night. I heard Ozzie on the postgame show and again in the paper today saying that the fans were wrong to boo dotel and that we must be waiting for the Sox to fail……now I like Ozzie…..he’s got a lot of gumption….but that is utter nonsense……..the fans booed because dotel gave up 2 HR and a double and didn’t even come close to getting anyone out…….they booed the performance. i always find it interesting that ozzie figures he is above reproach when it comes to managing……

let’s hope javy can right the ship today with another strong performance….let’s hope ozzie can put the correct players on the field as well……..why you sit PK against a rightie is WAY beyond me……….

Is there any way of bringing the Mariners back in?…

The “haves” and the “have nots” of the AL have come to the South Side recently, and have shown why they are in those categories… Seattle stinks on ice, and the formerly bad Rays are now the bad a** Rays… what a difference a year can make…

As for Dotel… does anyone out there except for the supporters of Damaso Marte see any resemblance between Octavio and the Marte of August and September of ’05, when the sphincters were tightening up in WS Universe as the Indians were making their charge?… The resemblance is that Marte couldn’t get a key out to save his, or the team’s soul at that time… same thing for Dotel…

Memo to the manager of the White Sox… Ozzie, this is NOT Jurassic Park at Neverland, where seldom is heard a discouraging word… and Mr Dotel has been TORCHED his last few outings… whether you or Cooper want to admit it or not… It was still a ball game when he was brought in… but, after three batters… THREE batters, mind you… school was out… and, literally last night, Elvis had left the building…

What would anybody like to bet that today they come out like gangbusters against another very good pitcher, Kazmir ?…

If they do, and it gets close late… If either Ozzie or Cooper even THINK of bringing Dotel back in… heaven help them…

On another topic, as had been chronicled by my favorite kiddo DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS… I do not have access to a laptop, nor the facilities to transmit during a game… Rest assured, if I did have said equipment… I would be right in there, literally every game…

But there are a LOT of things I wish I had that I don’t… not now, maybe not EVER…

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