Saturday Heat

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Swish, CF; Q, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Missle, 2B; Uribe, 3B; Hall, C.  Vazquez pitching.

Andy Cam

Many of you saw the article on our website or saw the pregame tribute or listened to Ed and Hawk last night, but Andy Lock, our longtime scoreboard cameraman, passed away on Wednesday prior to the game.  He was just 52.

Andy worked for the Sox (as well as Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks) since 1990, was a 10-time employee of the homestand and covered something like 180 sporting events each year and something like 1,280 Sox games during his career.

Even more important, he gave freely of his time and expertise on behalf of others in need, working for decades on events like an annual Easter Seals telethon.

There were many tears shed here over the last couple of days and Andy will be missed.



Hi, Y’all. I’m back from golf today and have to listen to the game instead of watch because of the national blackout. Bottom of four and no score, no hits. I guess that counts as a close game. Hopefully the Boys have put yesterday in the past and can come through today. This game is very important. And as I speak, it’s now 1-0 JD…. Way to go. More later….. j.k.

Atta Boy Alexei…. Triple! We need to bring him home…. Come on Juan. Good job Juan… 2-0 Sox…. Make it stand up… Go Sox.. j.k.

O.K. Javy. Way to regroup. Sounds like he was in total control until the top of 6. Now 2-1 Sox. We need some more runs……. Get to kasmir and the Rays pen…. Go Sox… j.k.

More JD!!!! 3-1 Sox now… Keep it coming… j.k.

Hi Klein. . . game is on FOX here, who is your FOX showing???

Game is about to go squirrely I’m afraid, wish it would rain, they’d call it and we’d win!!!

Lots of trouble brewing. Bases loaded and no outs. So exactly why did Ozzie leave Javy in after the first two were on??? Go Sox…. j.k.

They’re showing the Dodgers and Phillies here… Ugh… Go Matt…. j.k.

Javy was doing so well too . . . bullpen is either on or waaayy off… a bases loaded walk, what crap is this!

Here we F’n go again!

We must be living Murphy’s law. What can go wrong will go wrong…… Tie game, bases loaded, no outs. Not good…..I would take a monsoon downpour that wipes out the eighth inning……….. 5-3 Rays now…. Oh Brother…. j.k.

Come on offense!!!!!!!!! We need this game…. I still don’t understand why Ozzie left javy in after the first two men were on in the top of the eighth. He ALWAYS protects his pitcher so he can’t lose the game….. If Thornton comes in with only two on the inning may have been different… Go Sox.. j.k.

The games not over yet, but once again I say, Go Angels…… Beat the twins tonight and tomorrow, then after we defeat the Rays tomorrow we will regain first place. Yeah, that’s the ticket… Go White Sox.. j.k.

It’s showtime…. Three runs wins it!! Go Sox… j.k.

The show is over……. Tomrrow we win!!! j.k.


If anyone didn’t think that Tampa Bay was indeed one of the best teams in baseball (and their record right now is the best) then they should have no reason not to know now.

They just battled back on the road to win two games against the Sox’ two hottest starters and they did it without having anything giftwrapped for them.

The big play today was the walk by Iwamura in the eighth. One of the best at bats of the season. He fouled off at least eight straight 3-2 pitches and finally laid off a pitch that was a little high.

That came right after a ground ball that was no more than a foot or two away from being a 5-4-3 double play.

Then after the walk, Cabrera gets screened and has no chance on another ball that could have been a DP ball. A little luck, mixed in with some good baseball, and all of a sudden the Rays have control of the game.

They are having the kind of year that we all enjoyed on the South Side in 2005.

Liptak, I know you hate to “tip your cap” to the opposition, but in this instance I have to. The Rays are playing championship baseball with two everyday players and leaders and their closer on the shelf. They have beaten the leaders in each of the other two divisions this week. They are for real.

Now, Mark, I am not saying that you don’t agree with my assessment of the Rays. I only mentioned your name because of your aversion to the “tip your cap” phrase. I really don’t like it either but in this case it fits.

One thing we have seen this season, though, is that the Sox rarely let tough games get them down. They’ll come to play tomorrow and hopefully we can salvage one game in the series.

There are 34 more games to go. Lots of time. A lot can happen, and will.

This is the weekend from hell period.

TC, no offense taken. The Rays are an excellent club in part because THEY CAN MANUFACTURE RUNS without having to “hope” they hit a home run.

Those solo shots today really did wonders didn’t they.

Yep that Chad Bradford is “garbage” (according to some fans… a 2.08 ERA) the Sox didn’t need him in their set up role. LOL.

You give the Rays some credit T.C., only some…the Sox bullpen helped give them the game. Someone must have turned the clock back to 2006 or 2007.

You are also right T.C. things will happen in the next 34 games and considering it’s the White Sox it’ll be bad and they flush another golden playoff opportunity right down the toilet. They’ve been making a habit of that this decade don’t ya’ know.

Mark Liptak

“They’ve been making a habit of that this decade don’t ya’ know.” MP
So, I guess 2005 was not in this decade?

Also T.C. I’m hearing talk… trying to confirm it, that on that ground ball, Bartlett screamed something as he was in the area of Cabrera and that distracted him.

Let’s see…what team did Bartlett come from? Oh yes the Minnesota Twins.

Little things win games.

Mark Liptak

You’re right Mark, a lot can happen in 34 games and a lot of it could be bad. That’s part of the game. If it were easy to win, there would be no reason to watch the games.

I’m hoping for the best. That is that this team will continue to outperform what I thought they could do back in spring training. I thought the Sox were an 83-86 win team. So far they have been better. With a little pitching improvement, they can reach 90+ wins and maybe find their way into the playoffs.

The bullpen let it get away Friday but I can’t really fault the pen today. Thornton made some great pitches to Iwamura and finally lost the battle. The only solid hit of the inning (off the pen) was Pena’s single.

And Mark, how many times do I have to tell you that I DON’T CARE about what has happened in the past decade. I refuse to live in the past.

It’s no wonder that someone mistook you for a Cub fan a few weeks ago on the Tribune blog.


Do you remember 2003? How about 2006?

Maybe you were in a coma in those years.

Sorry, with this talent and this payroll, one playoff appearance every seven or eight years doesn’t cut it in my book. Yes they won the World Series God bless them! but that doesn’t give them the rest of the decade off.

Hell even the baggy pants buffoons on the North Side are about to lock up their third playoff appearance in six years while the Sox may be on the cusp of blowing their third one in that same time frame.

Mark Liptak

From the replay, it didn’t look like Bartlett said a word. I don;t know how he would have had time to since the ball got there pretty quickly.

Could someone explain to me WHY Javy got the lost today and not Thorton? Thorton is the one who came out and gave up 4 runs.


That’s your choice and I respect it.

It drives my out of my skull when the Sox keep throwing away chances. You anger the baseball gods T.C. and they find a way to cut your throat.

I’m not living in the past, we’re talking five years and two years, we’re not talking a century here are we? Please don’t exaggerate. I’m living in reality when a team can’t stand prosperity and keeps finding a way to fall short. This particular core group of players some of whom have been around since 2003.

There has to be a reason T.C. considering the “so called” talent that the “experts” always say is on this club.

Then one simple question…why can’t they win? Why do the Twins keep beating them out and laughing at them over it?

That’s an important BUSINESS reason, find the answer to it and things might get a lot better. Ignoring it because you don’t want to live in the past, doesn’t solve the problem does it?

You’re a smart guy T.C. I’m sure you’ve heard this one: “those you don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it…”

I guess that guy was “living in the past…”

Mark Liptak


Because the runners were originally put on base by Vazquez, they are charged to him.

Mark Liptak

Let’s see. 2003 and 2006. How many players are on the Sox roster now that were on the 2003 team? For that matter, how many coaches are the same? We know the manager isn’t.

And to take it even further, how many players were here in 2006? Not as many as you would probably think.

Do you really think that guys like Alexei, Cabrera, Quentin, Swisher, Danks, Floyd, Dotel, etc., etc., are sitting at home tonight worried that they just might do the same thing that happened to the Sox in 2006? Do they even know whatr happened in 2006? Of course not.

The only thing that matters to these guys right now is what happens on Sunday. And not what happens in Anaheim or at Clark and Addison but what happens at 35th and Shields.


I apologize, bad typing. “those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Mark Liptak


The manager was the same as in 2006. And I think (I’ll have to check) seven guys were around in 06 and three (?) maybe more in 2003.

Mark Liptak

Okay, Mark, so if three or five years is not the past to you, how many World Series have the Twins won in that time? For that matter, how many have they played in?

I’ll take one World Series title over a few playoff appearances any day of the week.

And I am cure that the Twins’ fans will agree with me.

So seven of 25 players were here two years ago. And a ******** total of three were here in 2003.

That is what I mean. Teams turn over so much that looking at results from a few years ago (even just two years ago) really does not give a true reflection.

I don’t know why the word I used above was censored out. Believe me, it did not start with an F. Maybe they thought I was Kenwo talking about his boy Konerko.


You can’t win a World Series if you don’t get to the playoffs can you?

The Sox have appeared in two World Series since 1919.

The Twins who were born in 1961 (after moving from Washington) have appeared in three if memory serves since then, winning two. The more playoffs chances you get T.C. the better your chance to win the entire ball of wax.

And we’re not talking a “few” T.C. A “few” is two. The Twins have four this decade in the bank looking for more.

This isn’t a question of “either”/ “or”… World Series or playoff spot. There is a direct correlation between the two.

Oh I just noticed something, you’re “living in the past” T.C. That World Series was almost three years ago. By your definition, that’s living in the past. What have you done this season, today, now?

That’s the world of pro sports T.C. fair or unfair.

Mark Liptak

Now Boys, calm down, you now why they lost the past 2 games?



I was reading that the Olympics (which BTW, I have never watched a day in my life – I am actually an alien – not registered to vote, and don’t watch the Olympics) they want the best of MLB to play baseball in the Olympics and they said the only way possible is to have a 2 week break during Allstar break and have it then. That’s crazy and stupid! It will Never happen, let’s hope!

I only made the comment for your sake Mark since you wanted to talk about the last 3-5 years.

I enjoyed 2005. But that seems like a long time ago.

All I want to do is win tomorrow and then start thinking about winning the next one.

I have better things to do than sit around and count up how many playoff appearances the Twins have made in the last decade.

And I am sure that Kenny and Ozzie and the players are not wasting their time counting those Twins facts either.


Don’t worry. The players union and MLB would never allow that long a break in the season to form an Olympic team. Besides, the Europeans on the IOC have managed to cut baseball from the Olympics for the time being.

An alien, huh? Always knew that there was something different about ya. Maybe it was the four or five different “names” you chose that one night last week.

Your crazy, tc! I only had like 2 names!

Has anyone seen that Cops with Tony La Russa? He gets pulled over for Drunk Driving.


As I keep telling Mark, I am not a history major so I have a tough time remembering even last week. But I seem to recall you changing names more often than the NL and AL changed pitchers in the All Star Game.

Jen, glad you chimed in. I was getting tired of hearing about how many playoff appearances the Twins have made.

Just trying to change the mood, I don’t want to talk about the WS losing. We needed more runs, the bullpen wasn’t that bad, our offense was. If JD didn’t get those HR’s then it would have been 5-1. Javy knows it and he is pret-ty pi**ed that the offense couldn’t get some runs!

Atleast some appreciates my nbdjewhfhweiffhw blabber (or whatever Jim called it)

I am so freakin’ relieved – The people came and got the playhouse today – ITS DONE- I’M DONE! I have been working non-stop for 2 weeks trying to get that finished – this is the first chance I have got to sit down. Now I am going to relax for the rest of my life – I hate being rushed and I hate being on a timeline.

Atleast someONE – I forgot the One part

I feel like klien,

Is anyone here tonite? Everyone at the game?

I am sooooooooo hungry!! I have not eaten for 2 days! Been too busy!

I got my new fridge – it’s alright (the french door style, freezer on the bottom)
It’s still basically empty, I have been too busy to fill it!

Sorry, I know I should be mad that the Sox lost, and I am, but I am more happier because I am done with that big, huge, P.I.T.A. playhouse!


Maybe you ought to sell Jim D a playhouse. Then maybe he wouldn’t mind reading your nbdjhgsl blabber on the board. I think he mentioned a young child in his family.

In the meantime, sit down, have a beer and watch some of the Olympics so you won’t be considered an alien.

I don’t drink beer, just Vodka! Kidding!

If I am going to drink (which is probably 3x a year – I like the girly drinks

And I don’t like the Olympics!

With as many sports as they have, you’ll find one you like at the Olympics.

I gotta get back to my work. Will check in later and then be ready for game No. 129 tomorrow.

7 months to the day it will be my B-day!

Here’s my trivia question for all of you, whoever gets it right, I’ll buy you a beer, or a girly drink-
Who on the Active Roster of the Chicago White Sox shares a B-day with Miss Jennifer (me)?

Dear Jen,

You feel like me? I’m sorry. That must mean you feel like an old fat bald man. You have my deepest sympathy……..

Tomorrow is another day and another chance to get back into the win column. This team has been streaky all year. We just won five in a row, 8 of 10. So we lost two. Tomorrow my friends. That’s the most important game of the year so far, and we have Mark on the bump. Our guys haven’t hit much for the past couple of days, so we’re due…. Go Sox… j.k.

jk – I meant I feel like you because I have been blogging to myself!

– I saw your pic – your an attractive man!

Awe!!!!! Now I’m blushing. I was just kidding anyway…..Congrats on the completion of your big project, enjoy a few days off and help me root on our Sox…. j.k.

Guess what, Minnesota can lose, and did lose . . . at least we didn’t lose anymore ground tonight . . . but both these losses have GOT to be fixed, they were unexceptable!

As a rule Jen, after a crappy day loss, not much action on here, for obvious reasons…. nothing to talk about, at least nothing worthy of my time usually, ie the game, not to say that talking about your projects isn’t worthy, just watching my other favorite, the Olympics . . really ought to try it, you have to have an appreciation for all sports, although I’m not sure how BMX is a sport but they apparently do as far as the mlb going to the Olympics, this year is the last year for both baseball and softball, the powers that be think the USA wins too much and that nobody can beat us so they’re doing away with it, for now anyhow.

Jen, the answer to your trivia question is our boy, hurly buehrle! Let’s hope that brings him good luck tomorrow!! Unfortunately, I had to look that little nugget up… You can keep the drink, as I dont personally enjoy the consumption of alcohol. Have one for me, however!

My roommate is up from the STL tomorrow (perhaps another reason buehrle will do well?) and is bringing up the TV, so I can FINALLY watch a game for the first time in a week! With my luck, I’ll probably be welcoming back returning students and not get the opportunity…

AP (shortstuff)

Il take the drink if scottie doesnt want it. I will need plenty of drinks if the sox keep playing like this. If i wasn’t at a family get together today i would have broken my remote for sure. Good lord. DJ should have started the inning…I called it during the game. He comes in and makes it look easy. Thornton looked disgusting, Dotel was disgusting yesterday..the whole pen is in shambles.

However, I still think come October the White Sox will be playing. I am not sure if it will be as a division champion or a wild card winner but i think the Red Sox are doomed, opening the door for the Boys or the Twinksters. Anyway- we need this win tomorrow. Then we need a big series in Baltimore. That will be tough as we don’t have a closer in that series. Vs. the Orioles I could do a better job than Jenks has done.

Mark, I love your post – (she says rolling her eyes)

Then one simple question…why can’t they win?

Mark, the eternal pessimist, they are 1/2 game out of first place. They must be doing something right.

On to today’s game, and the rest of the season, there’s a lot of games left.

Go get ’em today boys!


It’s not streaky play, when it comes down to it, the offense goes on vacation when some of these teams with tough pitching comes to town. Teeing off on Seattle is nice, but you’ve got to be able to hit some of these staffs that have helped carry their teams to 1st place. I think the streaky play was more in line with the Sox’ struggles with teams like Toronto, Texas, KC and the like. While some luck was definitely involved, Tampa outplayed us at our own field. So that 3-1 series at their dome wasn’t a fluke…. How many of our guys were left on base the last two games?

I went to Friday’s game, but took a precaution, I brought my deadbeat cousin (who I might add is the worlds luckiest guy in all respects, a living good luck charm). Guess the Rays were luckier….

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