Makeup Monday

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup for Game 1

Picking up where we left off:

Q, LF; Crede, 3B; BA, CF; Uribe, 2B; Swish, RF; OC, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C.

H. Ramirez pitching.


I was surprised that the reaction to AJ’s baserunning/obstruction from yesterday was that he “cheated.”  As baserunners caught in a rundown, you are (or at least I was) taught to do one of two things:  1. run directly at the glove of a fielder who is trying to catch a thrown ball so that the ball hits you; or 2. look for a fielder to run into (i.e. obstruction).  AJ did just what he was supposed to do … how is that cheating?

But that’s just my opinion … what’s yours?




Not happy to see Crede back. From all the reports I got it didn’t seem like he was ready. Plus Uribe has been doing a great job. Anyway, I don’t think it was cheating. The umpire called him safe. It isn’t like he was the ump on a backyard school field calling himself safe or anything.

Anyway lets win 2 for god sakes. Stay away from Jenks- go to Carasco!!!!!

The only way you can “cheat” in baseball is by using a foreign substance or altering a piece of equipment (baseball, bat, etc), IMO. The slo-mo replay looks like AJ went for the player, but clearly the player hit him first and then he “flopped” a bit more. He did the right thing and I’m glad we have a player who’s heads-up enough to make that happen.

Cheating is cheating, whether you are taught it or not. Running into the glove might be a smart play. Throwing an elbow and flopping while begging for a call, is not smart play, its cheating. Doesn’t matter if its your team or the other. Everyone wants to put an asterick, everyone wants to complain about records and integrity. Cheating is still cheating.

when it involves AJ, it is always seen as cheating…

I find it hilarious that a smart player and one that plays the right way has such a bad reputation. Maybe the fundamentals have been lost for so long and the days of the mentally powerful are so far gone that AJ stands out…

Just like the case with the dropped 3rd strike, AJ did exactly what he was taught, to run just in case…. in both instances, things happened to work in his favor but that doesn’t mean he did anything wrong.

AJ is one of the smartest players I’ve ever seen and it’s been a pleasure to watch nearly every game he’s played in a White Sox uniform… He does exactly what I was taught as a kid, he is always thinking about what he’s supposed to be doing in any scenario before the pitch is even thrown


By activating Crede tonight the Sox have one more player available for the suspended game. Crede was in that lineup, Uribe was in the game at 2B and Ramirez had already been removed from the game (I think). So if Crede weren;t here, then Getz would have to play and there would be one less player on the bench.

It will interesting to see if Ozzie starts Joe at 3B in the regularly scheduled game.

Simply put, it was not cheating. AJ did exactly as you said you were taught to do Scott.

I am surprised to see Crede back in the lineup as well. It’s good to see him back tho. I hope his back is better, and he can contribute to some clutch hitting as he is known for. So far, Alexei has been doing well in that department. As for AJ, I am sure he has made a new batch of friends in Tampa. He will be treated as well as Angels fans greet him at the Big A.

Here we go Boys and Girls…. White Sox Baseball coming at you from Camden Yard, home of the White Sox……Go Sox, let’s try to make this quick, o.k.? j.k.

Absolutely not cheating. It’s the fielder’s job to get out of the way if he doesn’t have the ball, and the call was a sound one. And even if we were to grant the play as somehow unethical, ethics don’t win you divisions.

I’ve long said that A.J. is the best leader on this team; he is consistently the guy who will stick his neck out for the good of the team. I suspect he is also one of the few vocal leaders on this team of “good guys.” He should be wearing a captain’s “C” for the White Sox.

The Orioles announcers were mentioning the last time the White Sox played a suspended game, and Harold hit a home run to win it in the 25th inning… Buck Martinez said, ” everybody in the truck just fell on the floor”…. Go Sox… j.k.

If they are not done with this game by the time the new game is suppose to start 6:05, do they just keep playing the first until it’s over or do they resume after the second?

Come on Jen, you know the answer to that… They keep playing and push the start of the other game back… j.k.

Question for anyone using MLB.TV. I just purchased it today and I’m trying to watch the game, but it just shows a black screen. Any idea about what’s going on?

How do you cheat in baseball?
Having a cork in your bat, yes, but putting your elbow out then falling down – How is that cheating?
It’s absurd!

TB Fans get off our Blog – for you to come and cry about something that is so ridicules – your just making yourselves look stupid – so you lost one game – boohoo – your still in first place.
We hope you boo AJ when we come to your field – it fires him up – so please, Boo all you want!!

AJ did not cheat! That is the way Aj plays the game.. If he is on your team, you love him for things like that and if you are playing against him, you hate him for the schemes he comes up with

With a completely different line-up in this game from what we normally see, it will be interesting to see if we can get a couple of hits to tie up this one… Come on AJ, Paulie and Q…. j.k.

You might have to install that new windows program – windows silverlight?

Sorry jk – didn’t mean for a stupid question – that’s what I figured – but, just wanted to make sure!

John – do you have dial-up or high speed?

I know I already asked this question – but there seems to be different bloggers
I have Directv, there is this annoying buzzing sound always for the game on CH 26, sometimes Comcast – not on any other channels – does anyone else have this problem????

So now we will win the regular game…. in about 1/2 hour… Go White Sox… j.k.

If I never have to see another KC reject pitch for us again I will be happy. Please dump these bums (Dotel and Ramirez)!

Scott, its not cheating. Stretching the rules, maybe, but not cheating.

We live by the sword and die by the sword. Everybody wants to be a hero and hit a home run to win the game. god forbid we string together a few hits. Oh well, maybe we’ll do better in game 2. Back to being tied with the Twins.

ok, folks, mlb is totally screwed up, they’re saying the final now was 3-3 but a minute ago the website said 4-3, so I’m assuming we lost 4-3 . . total retards at work tonight, hope I don’t have a hard time seeing the 2nd game ’cause right now they’re not even showing it on the mlb website

johnwesley…. it doen’t matter now, but i logged onto the official site of major league baseball to watch as it wasn’t avail. on the Sox site…. Come on Boys… j.k.

Why didn’t the White Sox go after Guadardo? Oh that’s right he didn’t pitch for KC? Is McDougal still available or perhaps Sisco?

Kris….no, we lost alright…..blew it is more like it.

so klein, are you having a hard time with mlbtv tonight?

did i see the bases loaded but to no avail???

BC……LOLOLOL…….ya know, we could have gotten a damn good reliever for the balance of this year for $4M. That was the price of admission for Junior and I ain’t seen $4M worth of hitting from him.

Yes Kris you did, AJ struck out but tried to advance the lead off hitter on two bunt attempts, Crede had a rip at one that was right at the right fielder and JD popped out weekly.

BC: You mean “weakly”, not “weekly”. Bite your tongue!

I stand corrected.

NO problems for me on, krisv, except for the final score. Our pitchers didn’t lose this game, it was out offense. We stranded something like 19 runners. You won’t win too many if you can’t score your baserunners. I had the thought that the guys were expecting to end this VERY quickly with a HR. That didn’t happen, leading to our last chance in the 14th when we did try to move runners along. Geeze, I’m sounding like Lip now, but it’s true. If we played for the hit instead of the homer, we would have won this one…… Now we need to regroup and go for the jugular. The O’s are NOT the same team they were in April… Go White Sox’08… j.k.


I agree the O’s are not the same and certainly in the 13th the boys were swining for the fences. Crede just missed tying it up with that laser. He had two good rips in that game. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

looks like all is working for mlbtv and is squared away now too. . . nothing irritates me more than incompetance!

We need this . . we need em all . . . GO SOX!

As for all the AJ cheats crap . . I remember, 05, they called us cheaters too, Cardinals fan they were, not Cubs this time and I flipped out on people at the office .. . . . . I can not STAND to be called a cheater, like someone earlier said, how can we ‘cheat’ when we’re not the ones making the calls, good or bad . . . nothing will fuel the heat hotter in my furnace so to speak than the word CHEATER so for all you whiney people on our blog . . shut the hell up or get the hell off, you will not make any friends here with that crap!

OK, the 400K and 800K is working, but the 1.2M isn’t. I purchased the premium package.

JW, I have no idea, I just go with the cheapy package, wish I could help.

Mines working johnwesley… Go Sox… j.k.

these o’s announcers are talking about aj being in the middle of everything, wait, look at this, another something something with aj….

Go Sox, go..Go Sox, go..Go Sox, go…. Runs coming this inning… j.k.

Good show Junior…. Joe should have taken a pitch… Go Sox.. j.k.

Yeah,,,,, there were runs that inning, unfortunately they had three and we had only one…. 3-2 O’s now… come on guys……….. Go Sox.. j.k.

If AJ had been batting, people would be saying that he cheated to get that balk.

I’ll take a run scoring balk any day,,,, just so long as it’s for the Sox… 3-3 now. Hold these guys Clayton… Go Sox.. j.k.

we got some smarties on our team now huh…. forced a balk, that’s what these announcers called it ……. lovin it….

you’re right jw….

oh, yeah, go Sox ’08… j.k.

I thought Quentin won the first game. That was disgusting to lose that game and now we are struggling in this game…even though we just tied it on a balk. (I suppose Quentin is a cheater asking for time, not getting in, stepping back in and confusing the pitcher).

We gotta win this one. The orioles have had our number lately as well. But they really are not a good team if Guthrie isn’t on the mound. I still love Nick Markakis though. What a ball player.

So true… Once again the O’s announcers are right on. When Uribe picked that slow roller at second and threw to Paulie at first for the out, Buck Martinez said, ” Konerko saying his prayers that Uribe isn’t going to gun that 30 foot throw at 100 mph”… Go Sox … j.k.

O. K. Jimmy,,, Now WE have the lead. This is going to be one of those back and forth games….. I hope NOT…4-3 White Sox…. Go Boys, go… j.k.

sorry im late,
sucks about the first game, no bats.
looking good so far in #2.
also, regarding the AJ incident, some people have to realize that this game revolves around the human element. By that I mean that no other sport is given freedom like baseball. Well for a little while longer anyway. But seriously, Footballs always stopping for replays, they do it in basketball too. Not a big fan of anything else, but thats what great about this sport……. the human element! And if AJ ever gets in that situation again i hope it plays out the same way. Sometimes you get the breaks.

Good job by Clayton… Should we name him CR for short? Put up a couple of more runs Boys and this game is yours…. Go White Sox…. j.k.

It’s really unfortunate that any game has to be suspended and then not re-started for almost four months. But, that’s baseball and it was the same for both teams. Of course, the Twins and Boston probably won’t have to do that at any time this year.

I’m really surprised that Ozzie didn’t start Thornton in the suspended game. I wonder if Matt is feeling okay. Ramirez pitched two very good innings. Probably a stretch to have him pitch three in an extra-inning game.

And don’t be so quick to jump all over Junior. Without him, we lose yesterday’s game. And I’m sure he will win a few more before the season is over.

It is obvious how poor the quality of available relief pitchers is today when the Twins, in a pennant race, re-sign “Everyday Eddie.” He, and many others, are really stealing money.

Hanging on by our fingers. Going to the bottom of the 7th. Now is the time for Matt, Carrasco and Jenks to step it up… Go White Sox…. j.k.

Check that,,, Go Oh Do Tell…… j.k.

boy, these announcers suck!!
almost as bad as that guy in cleveland.

Dotel needs a good outing. He’s made us all nervous the last few times out.

Oh Do Tell………..nice work.

That’s the way. Back in the Saddle. Good job by Dotel. Hey, here’s a novel idea. How about we get a couple of runs and let our hearts rest for the remainder of the evening…. I know I would appreciate that, and I’m sure Lip would too, now that he’s OLD…..(j.k…. just kidding)… Go Sox.. j.k.

those of us that aren’t ‘quite’ that old yet would appreciate some runs . . . sick of sittin here freakin at every inning! 🙂

AJ didn’t cheat…hes a smart player. I didn’t like how ESPN showed all of the plays that he “cheated” on. Also everyone check out ESPN’s sportscenter. They interview Obama and he totally backs the Sox. He also sort of rips the Cubs. So that is pretty cool, check it out. If he is President maybe he would throw the 1st pitch out for a Sox game.

NOW it’s time to say Go Matt, Go… j.k.

thats why ozzie makes the big bucks. what a great move…’on Matty!!!!

welcome back joe!!

I know that Thome has 500+ homers. I know you can probably count on one hand how many times he has bunted. But with 1st and 2nd, no one out, a 1-run lead on the road, you gotta move the runners. C’mon Ozzie!!!!

GO JOE!!! So much for bein questionable!!!!! 🙂

Of course I am trying to follow the game online, so for all I know Thome may have fouled off two bunts and then flied out.

I see the Cubs are spanking another victim . . . folks, I’m afraid they’re as good as they’re seeming – that certainly doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies that’s for sure!

Whew… Good job Matt… The ninth is now set up for Bobby, but how about we make it a non-save situation?????? Sound good to everybody, young and old alike????? Go Sox.. j.k.

Somebody get all possible projectiles out of Kenwo’s reach or his tv screen may get destroyed because we all know who is going to pitch in the bottom of the ninth in Baltimore.

Unless the Sox come up with a really big crooked number in the top.

lets get a couple here, while the big guy warms up!

AJ has just been terrible today. Ramirez really needs to learn how to steal bases.

roberts is a plays a decent 2nd base.
Lets hose em down BOBBY!!!!

Well, AJ couldn’t “cheat” a run or two home.

C’mon big fella. Make it easy tonight. 3 up, 3 down for a change.

We tried to get you another run Bobby, but you’re gonna have to do it as is… Go Bobby, Go Sox… j.k.


thank you boys, now I can sleep easier –

Attaboy Bobby!

Two would have been nice but at least we bounced back and got the split.

No worries! Bobby does it again. All’s well in the kenwo household… TV still on it’s stand, remote still in his hand. Now Lip can enjoy the rest of his BD….. That’s one.. One more tomorrow Boys… Go Sox… j.k.

couldnt agree more there tc

Now I know this may sound funny, But, Go Mariners………. j.k.

Haha Jenks made it look easy tonight. Maybe he should throw two innings like yesterday more often. Nice relief work all around in this game. My TV is still intact. If youre gunna split a double header it is always better to win the last one. that way you go to sleep happy. We really need to take the last two in this series. (i guess we don’t need to but it would be nice for goodness sake). Go Mariners. If they could sneak out a win we will gain a half game tonight even though we lost the first one.

It counts as a doubleheader but it really didn’t feel like one. Always better feeling to win the full game and not the one that started in a freezing rain in Chicago back when Alexei was not yet the missile and wasn’t even batting his own weight (which ain’t saying much).

Some thing about the Sox. They must like everyone to have short fingernails. No good back scratching by White Sox fans.

Richard did a great job tonight. The folks in Lafayette, Ind., can be proud.

That Obama interview on sports center has me thinking he is the man to get my vote. Anytime someone praises the sox and backhands the cubs makes me think he is a good man.

I just was thinking the same thing kenwo!! Here’s a link for those who didn’t see it……,obama082508.article

Scott: ?If the Cubs and the White Sox both make it to the World Series?

Obama: ?I would be going.?

Scott: ?Who would you root for?

Obama: ?Oh, that’s easy. White Sox. I’m not one of these fair weather fans. You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball. Southside.?

Go BO!!

Well, at least the junior Senator from Illinois has his baseball priorities right.

As far as the rest of his priorities, no comment.

But hey, I have to be nice. He and our fearless leader Scott Reifert are practically neighbors.

Do I understand this correctly? Some of you are going to vote for Obama because he is a Sox fan? I sure hope you have other reasons to vote for him than that…….

Nevertheless, Go White Sox.. j.k.

I’m personnally leaving the whole Obama thing alone . . . I’m with Klein on this one, completely! It’s great he’s a fan but he’s got to have a ‘bit’ more on his agenda than that.

Twins just lost on a walk off by Beltre in the 11th. We are a full game up now. Hopefully we can keep it or gain on it.

C’mon guys, just trying to have a little fun with the Obama thing. Do you really thing that would be my reason to vote for him/not vote? Just thought it was cool that he was loyal to his team unlike those flip floppers who will say what he thinks the crowd wants to hear. Pointing out a loyal fan and how cool it is. Not trying to get political on anyone!

Thank you Seattle!

I don’t particularly care for good ol’ senator McCain. Not that I am the biggest Obama fan either….but one of em is a sox fan and one of em isn’t…..thats the tie breaker!🙂

Way to go Beltre. Wow what started out as a terrible night really ended in fine fashion. I was convincing myself that the make up loss was going to cost us the division…then 5 hours later everything is beautiful again. I think this is why my blood pressure was high when i went to the doctor yesterday haha

Nice waking up to the Sox 1 WHOLE game over the Twins! Keep it up, Boys!!

Don’t worry jk – I am not registered to vote – good thing, because that would be the reason I would vote for someone – I am not into politics – but baseball, the White Sox – well that’s another story – so if someone running for president knows that Cubs Fans are a joke and WS fans are for real – well – he would have my vote – and that is the reason my friends – I will NOT vote!

This and that:

1. I LOVED the Obama comments. Here’s a link to the story:

2. Just wondering…if MLB had forced Baltimore to come to Chicago at the end of the year (if needed) to finish that game would Quinten’s fly have gone out? Kind of makes them allowing the O’s to get away with hosting this important doesn’t it?

3. Final follow up on my birthday. Despite the Sox losing the first game (and they had their chances to win it), I was revived by them winning the “nightcap” and then with the Marinators besting Minnesota…even better.

It was a good day. Went to ISU practice and did a newspaper story, found out finally the ISU women’s schedule for this year. My first game for them behind the mic will be (ironically enough) when they play DePaul on November 15th in a tournament at the University of New Mexico. (I hope to hook up with former Sox announcer Lorn Brown while I’m there). They also have non conference road games at Loyola Marymount (another tournament), Utah State, Boise State and Colorado…so it will be nice to see some of the country.

The downside is that I won’t be with my wife for Thanksgiving or for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Zoe and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and for some presents I got from her the 7th season of Cheers and the 1st season of Barney Miller.

Overall not a bad day and thanks again so much for the good wishes from folks that I’ve never actually met…it’s appreciated!

Mark Liptak

Texas Roadhouse…did you have to climb in the saddle?? Glad you had a good birthday!!

What a nice thing to wake up in first place. Let’s blow this thing open the next few weeks….would hate to have that series in the dome mean something!!

My FINAL thought on le contretemps du “Lightning Rod”…

It’s considered cheating if the other team thinks of doing it first… and gets away with it…because your team is too damned stupid, or honest… or both…

This roller coaster between the boys and the piranhas is going to last for quite some time… because, in my opinion, neither side has the ability to blow out to a big lead and coast in, like the Angels are doing…

Mark… I sometimes wondered where Lorn Brown faded away to after leaving this area… a good, serviceable announcer… not totally memorable, however… I mean, when was the last time you heard someone quoting Lorn Brown?… The next time would have been the first…

As to the OTHER sport/circus going on at this time in the Rockies… I do not feel that it is my business to state my political affiliations… because no one really gives a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn)… but I have known someone who has a way down the line connection to Senator Obama… One of my good friends for many years now is the aunt of the Senator’s wife, Michelle… so she, of course, is greatly interested in what is going on… and she is also very concerned for what some out there might do to try and eliminate the Senator… a sad thing to say in this day and age…but nevertheless true…

Back to Lip for a moment… and excuse me to those of you in WS Universe who may not know, nor care, about this statement I’m about to offer…

Mark… when Zoe married you, were you in the radio business, wanting to do what you are getting the chance to do?… If so, then she knew what she was getting herself into… that she would have to share you with the audience wherever you would be working…

So don’t feel TOO bad about missing some of the holidays… that is the crappiest part of the PBP industry… no REAL holidays… because you gotta do what you gotta do to make the money to make life worthwhile…

Looks like Thursday is when History starts (or ends?)-

Ok, the cardiac kids dodged another bullet. We’re all gonna be crazy before this is over.

Before I start my rant, I want this team to make the playoffs darn it! In the worst way……

I got two problems that stand in the way of that happening. By putting it out here, I’ll reverse the jinx and they will make it… goes…..

Musical chairs. Ozzie has too many players now, and he thinks he has to play them all….trouble is, by sitting any one of them for a game or two, they lose their rhythm at the plate. This is not the way to run your ball club. Our hitting has improved dramatically and the line ups should be set. Just look at the other teams that are in contention. You don’t see the twins playing three CF’s or 2 1B’s or 3B’s. And what’s with CREDE coming back and automatically starting after Ozzie boldly stated (rightfully so) that he’s gonna play the hot hand at third….somebody must have got to him. Uh huh. I hope Joe hits better than he did last night…..This will bite us……

Relief pitching…..OMG… about helter skelter… day they are good, the next day, train wreck…..and its too late to do anything about it……linebrink is done……

father forgive me for i have sinned. and bless these sox!

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