Tuesday With The Birds

Tuesday, August 27, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Swish, CF; Q, LF; JD, RF; Griffey, DH; PK, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; Cree, 3B; Hall, C.  Floyd pitching.


A group of White Sox players, led by Scott Linebrink, visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center today before our game to spend time with military personnel rehabbing and recoverng at the hospital.  One participant in the visit called the experience, “life-changing.”

Joining Linebrink were Javier Vazquez, Mark Buerhle, Jim Thome, John Danks and Horacio Ramirez, along with Staci T from our CR staff.

Andy Cam

Along with many White Sox staffers, we travelled to Kankakee this morning for Andy Lock’s (aka Andy Cam) funeral service.  Gene Honda, one of Andy’s best friends, read a nice note from Ozzie Guillen to the family, and just to show you what kind of team we have, Mark Buehrle and Jim Thome both sent the family flowers for the service.

Andy as very active in the annual Easter Seals telethon in Kankakee.  Anyone interested could certainly make a donation in his name to that great cause.

It has been a day to remember what is most important in life … your family, friends and those who are willing to donate their time, energies and even their lives, for others.



I don’t understand why Thome isn’t in the lineup. Besides Quentin and Dye he is the guy i want in the lineup. Griffey has been ripping lately though and so has swishy…..so i don’t think it will cost em. I would really like this win. Lets get it. Thanks for the post…it allowed me to take Thome out of my fantasy line up and insert Griffey.

I don’t like that Uribe isn’t in the line up. This guy should get the time. Hopefully Crede will prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

kenwo….i’m with you on this. this business of putting players in the game because its their turn or for some other reason is gonna cost us……I hope i’m wrong too…..uribe should be playing third…not CREDE……

Thanks Scott for sharing the Walter Reed story. Too often we hear negative stories about athletes. We can all be proud of our White Sox players. Now let’s go out and win tonights game.

I agree with you both about Juan needing to be at third base, however, I’m not so sure Uribe would have made those several plays in yesterdays second game. Bottom line is that so far Ozzie seems to know what he’s doing, so I will defer to his line-up and not complain.(too much anyway)…. We should win this one, but ya gotta play it anyway. How about we run out to a big lead for a change, and then cruise…. Go White Sox, (regardless of the line-up)…. j.k.

Thank you Swish. Great way to start the game.

ok, I’m here after some technical difficulties that nearly caused me to blow a gasket, all’s up and runnin!

Did get to see the start of the game, just not hear it… that was quick, they need to add more, many more!

So far so good, but we do need to knock this pitcher out of the game…. Go Sox ’08…j.k.

How about that!? The O’s has trouble throwing to second base costing THEM a run…. Go Sox… j.k.

O.K. One run each inning works for me almost as well as 4 or 5 in an inning…. Keep it up and keep throwing zeros, Gavin… Go Sox..j.k.

Watching Toby chug along the bases is great entertainment. I’d like to bank a few of these runs for tomorrow night

Can’t bank runs unfortunately, so let’s get more, then we can get another bunch tomorrow….. If we could band runs we’d have about 90 wins already… Go Sox… j.k.

That’s bank, not band… Go Gavin.. j.k.

Joe’s looking good at third second night in a row……. A couple of more runs ought to do it. Lets get a hit for Peggy’s BA… Go White Sox.. j.k.

ok, anybody know what the signing of the bat thing is that Uribe is doing? Wonder if it’s for charity or something . . Klein, I know you’re watching online, did you see what they were talking about?

The O’s announcers said they’d never seen that during a game. Buck Martinez theorized that Uribe was getting his teammates autographs, but that doesn’t sound like juan to me. maybe for a family member of Gavins??? Go Sox.. j.k.

didn’t sound right to me either, that’s why I’m asking . . . I thought maybe some charity event or something coming up but one would think they’d do that at a different time… maybe Scott can help with this next time he posts.

Maybe so, in any event, we have a good lead and Gavin is throwing well. Keep it up and we will have a White Sox Winner… j.k.

Through seven we have a five run lead. Good job. Stay focused and we will win. A few more runs wouldn’t hurt either. How about BA gets on and Q cranks one???? Stay tuned… Go Sox.. j.k.

Love to see the hits tonight boys. Keep it up Gavin.
go sox!!

way to go griff. Really knocked the cover off that one!! haha.

Good to see Gavin coming back out for the eighth. Give our Pen a rest… Go White Sox… j.k.

One more inning to go then we can switch gears and root for the M’s…. Go Sox ’08…j.k.

Com’on vulture!!!

Good win Guys, even with the theatrics in the bottom of the ninth… Tomorrow for the “Sweep”… Go Sox.. j.k.

little scary there adam, but way to get it done!
Danksy on the hill tomorrow.
Playing like we should against these kinds of teams is whats gonna win us the division.

Good win. Lets grab that win tomorrow and I will be very happy going into beantown. Cmon Mariners

feels good to win like that!

Well played, well done. Now go after them tomorrow.

Mark Liptak

Nice win tonight! Let’s go Mariners!! Give us some cushion!!

Oh and by the way, apparently there will be some happy folks in blog land……


Thanks for the good news Donna – looks like I can once again buy the Sun Times.

GO SOX!!!!!!


How about that!!… Thanks Donna…. j.k.

I found this quote somewhere, not sure where but I like it, it fits…. they need to work this into they’re every day, every inning, every at bat, every play, here on out!!! ‘

Think big, think positive. Never show any sign of weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. Fear…that’s the other guy’s problelm.

loved the comments on the article… funnier than hell! Glad he’s a goner!


Na na na na, na na na na, HEYY HEYY HEYYYY, GOOoodBYEE!!!!

That a way Seattle….my guy Jose Lopez with the game winning hit! Go Mariners! We’re up 2! Keep it going tomorrow

Thanks Seattle!, very nicely done. Go JohnnyD, go… Go Sox… j.k.

Why would you people rather see Uribe at third over Crede? Crede is a much better third basemen than Uribe offensively and defensively. Uribe did a nice job of filling in, but you can’t play him over Crede. Uribe’s average is so bad that Paulie is creeping up on him. And, oh yea, his OBP is absolutely dreadful as usual. If Crede’s back is good enough to go, than he should be out there as the starting third basemen. And anyone who disagrees with me is a communist.

Just got done watching reruns of Frazier and he says ‘good night Seattle, we love you’ couldn’t have said it better myself! GO SOX!!

Then give me a red outfit and call me a commie cuz I’ll take Uribe. Did you see the ball crede flubbed last night in the 9th? I did. He isn’t what he used to be. Its not like Crede’s average is all that spectacular either

Very Nice, AWESOME to wake up and see we have a TWO game lead over the Twins!!

Few things – did you see Toby Hall chuggin around those bases – CLASSIC!!

Kenwo – you know Crede’s agent has somethng to do with him playing and how Ozzie changed his mind!
I have said this before – if we could have a HEALTHY Crede – I would take him over Uribe. I also like Uribe – but a HEALTHY Crede is better! He did make some good plays – the error he made – I don’t think Uribe would of made that play – they were saying that it should have not been an error, and were going to try to get them to reverse the call and say it was a hit.
They were talking last night about how Uribe’s value went up and he was being scouted. Who knows what the future holds for our ’08 WS, let’s just think day-to-day to the World Series!

Color me red as well. The CREDE that’s out there now should not be confused with the CREDE we had before his injury. Hey, I’d take a healthy CREDE in the line up too, but he’s not healthy. After making a nice play last night when he had to lay out for the ball, did you see the grimace on his face…..the man is in pain…..watch closely today if he plays……….This isn’t about living in the past or playing favorites boys and girls, its about winning games NOW. He’s got 1 hit since coming back in 2 ish games. If Ozzie is going to be stubborn enough to keep playing him at 3rd (and he will cause Ozzie plays favorites), feel free to make a liar out of me, Joe.

As far as Uribe being scouted…..KW is insane if he moves Uribe now or in the off season…….if/when CREDE goes down again, and he will, we have NOTHING to turn to…….NOTHING…..we already tried the Fields experiment, not once, but twice….we all know the result of that debacle…….

Danksie on the bump for us tonight. Let’s get out of here with a W and then rest up for those pesky Carmines…….

I am not saying that Crede is Healthy, but we know Ozzie will play him!

Great win last night! Who would have thought that Gavin would have 14 wins in August…Professor Cooper at work.
Scott, any word on Dirty 30. That was a nasty foul off of his shin. Can’t afford any injuries at this point. Hopefully it’s just a bad bruise. And a big Congratulations for our MVP candidate CQ for his 100th RBI of the year. – Mark Z

First of all, if Ozzie were playing favorites then Uribe would be playing. He’s always been Ozzie’s boy. Heck, I think Ozzie likes him even more than Kenwo does.

And if you think that Ozzie is listening to Crede’s agent, then I have some beachfront property in Arizona (that JK is taking care of for me!) that I would like to sell to you!!!!!

Jeez, I doubt if Ozzie even listens to his own agent. For that matter, Ozzie doesn’t listen to anybody. And I’m sure his wife will attest to that.

Ding dong, the witch is dead. Adios Heiny Bird, you won’t be missed!

It’s hard to top this, a two game divisional lead and Mariotti gone!

Yes newspapers are dying Jay, in part, because of so called journalists like yourself who think readers are more interested in you then in what you are supposed to be covering.

Maybe if you did your job better, actually went into a locker room and got your own quotes and actually wrote about the game, more people would read the Sun-Times and they might stay afloat longer.

Mariotti is gutless and worthless and I’m ashamed that he is in the same business that I’ve been for almost 30 years.

Mark Liptak

Preach on Lip! What I really hated is how he often claimed he spoke for the fans or at least acted like he spoke for the fans against one organization or another. He never once had a similar opinion as me and he never had fans’ opinions in mind as he typed his drivel.

And ironically Ozzie was right wasn’t he?

Ozzie said he’d be around longer then Mariotti and it’s come to pass.


Like Al Michaels said “blowhards on parade” thanks in part to the Eastern Sports Programming Network.

Mark Liptak

Aw, shucks… I HATE coming in to a party when all the good news has been passed around already…

But… to the Weathervane…

You will be missed… like an abcessed tooth after it’s been pulled…

It says in the Tribune article that he is “talking with a lot of Web sites”…

SURE you are, Jay… and your fellow garbage collector in the AM, the “hot dog boy” who used to pollute the morning airwaves at the Score, had a lot of other stations that he was talking to…

And when was the last time we heard from HIM???

Face it, dummy… Guys like you are anethema to people who actually THINK before speaking or writing…

Lotsa luck to ya… don’t go blowing all of that raise that the Some-Times gave you in one place…

Hey, maybe you and North can co-invest in some sort of business…

No, come to think of it, there are enough fertilizer distributors to farms in the Midwest already…

I also read the sidebar story about the visit to Walter Reed…

And I was gratified by the comments made by Linebrink and Thome concerning their visit with the recovering military…

This visit should be standard operational procedure for ANY of these jabronies who b**ch and moan about not having enough, or not getting this or that out of their contracts…

When they meet men and women who almost gave their lives, and did give of their all, towards defending this country and our way of life… I DEFY any of them NOT to be moved by them… and grateful that they still are able to walk and have the ability to do whatever the hell it is they do to make a living playing children’s games…

I think that the same visit should be made to Hines Veterans Hospital here in this area… it should be REQUIRED of some of these prima donnas… just to give them a moment to be thankful to the Good Lord that they are able to do what they do…

Instead of being where the folks they’re visiting are…

Oh, by the way, the boys have a chance to sweep the regularly scheduled series tonight… and then see what happens out in Seattle…before they take the day off tomorrow in Beantown and the piranhas move into the East Bay…

Kenneth, you’re the only guy I know that would defend a guy who has had a .230 average three years running. And oh yea, his OBP has been under .300 all three years as well.

I’ll take a Crede with a bad back any day over Uribe. Did anyone else notice how many balls got through down the third base line after Uribe took over? Did you notice how many balls went in between third and short after Uribe took over? Those of us without blindfolds on didn’t.

Ozzie playing favorites with Crede? Haha yea right. Ozzie being influenced by Boras? If anything Ozzie wouldn’t play Joe just to spite him. It just goes to show you that Ozzie knows who the better third basemen is.

I wouldn’t mind Joe having plenty of days off down the stretch to try and keep him as healthy as possible, but he should be starting there in front of Uribe.

And if you disagree with me, than you are probably a Canadian.

That’s funny jwesley… now kenwo can wear his “Commie” red suit to the Mounties Day Festival….. j.k.

Love those routs!

Mariotti gone! Twins lose 4 in a row while the Sox are winning games. Does it get better?

I can’t wait to hear what Hawk has to say tonight about Mariotti. I’m sure it will be great.

Remember I told you in June I was hearing that Mariotti was saying at the NBA Finals he wanted to work in Boston.

This just came from my media friend Boston:

“It appears Jay will be joining boston.com as a blogger, the Boston Globe as a columnist and a TV host on NESN taking over from Bob Ryan who is retiring as a writer.

The Globe has been revamping boston.com as they are prepared to do battle with weei.com which will relaunch when the Pats season begins. Both the Globe and WEEI have raided writers from the Boston Herald which is on life support and is now printing 90 miles from Boston at the Wall Street Journal plant in Western Massachusetts which is making it almost impossible to have late night scores in the paper.

Ryan wanted to cover the China Olympics but is expected to join weei.com as a blogger and do some radio work which as a Globe staffer he was not allowed on WEEI as the paper has a ban against Globe employees being on the station.”

It sure sounds to me like this “quitting” was contrived.

Also this story has some interesting comments:


Congratulations Boston, hope you like him! LOL

Mark Liptak

They will enjoy him more than we did. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

In the interest of fairness I also have to pass this along…(gulp)

Just spoke with a friend who is a columnist for the Tribune. He says there is a rumor going around the office that Mariotti is going to start doing work for tribune.com.

God I hope not. I’m still thinking he goes to Boston based on what my friend in the media there was telling me two months ago.

Mark Liptak

Teddy Greenstein was on ESPN1000 this afternoon. You probably know he covers college football and Chicago sports media. He addressed Marriotti to the Trib and he said there would be very very upset people there if that happened, including himself. He basically shot it down.

One of Marriotti’s biggest gripes with the Sun Times (besides Telander) was the website. The Trib’s website is worse, and Greenstein all but admitted that. (Can’t talk bad about the company that cuts your paycheck). Since the newspaper business is tanking he needs a good website, and that won’t happen with the Trib. And I am sure he would insist that his mug be placed at the top of the home page like it was with the Sun Times.

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