Wednesday in Baltimore

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Q, LF; JD, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Alexei, Missile; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.


Jim Thome and his dad, Chuck, are scheduled to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, tomorrow on our off day.  Jim will deliver the baseball from his 500th home run and tour the Hall with his dad.

If you remember, Jim and his dad tried to reach Cooperstown in January/February, but were snowed out.


Interesting news on the media front in Chicago.

I am going to refrain from commenting, but do know that what I am hearing on the street is much different than the public spin from my favorite columnist.  It seems to be much more about who got to write today’s column on Obama than the Chinese revelation that newspapers are failing.

No matter your reaction to the news, this (from Crain’s) has to be one of the greatest “see you later” quotes ever from a boss to an exiting employee:

“The Chicago Sun-Times had the best sports section in the city before Jay Mariotti came to town — that’s why he signed up with us — and his departure does not change that,” Sun-Times Editor Michael Cooke said in a statement Wednesday. “We wish Jay well and will miss him — not personally, of course, but in the sense of noticing he is no longer here, at least for a few days.”


What a great quote, Thanks for sharing, Scott. Now, it’s about time for tonights game to start, so get to it Boys and pluck the Birds… Go White Sox.. j.k.

Yea, so long Jay!!
lets complete the sweep!!
go sox!!!

No Q? Enjoy your day off…. Pick up the slack Guys, Go JohnnyD, Go Sox… j.k.

Where is Carlos?

got a well deserving night off weeden.

Twins just won, so we need to keep pace by winning also. Go White Sox…. j.k.

Hello all!!!

Alright Paulie…. j.k.

Nice shot there PK!!
Your turn Griff!!

wtup kris

same ole same ole, in front of the computer every night, don’t know what to do with myself when they’re off . . . hoping we’re gonna win this easily tonight, so far not looking too good on the easy part!

JohnnyD not looking so sharp so far… Come on Boys, pick him up…. Go White Sox ’08… j.k.

agreed, hopefully danksy sharpens up and the bats get active.

markakis has a gun there JT

It looks like we’re itching to hit. We just need to stay patient and all will be well. Another good baserunning play by our favorite “cheater” AJ, to get into third on that hot smash by JD. Now is the time JohnnyD to set them down… Go Sox… j.k.

There’s the bat signing story from last night, it was the bat NIck fouled the ball off of himself with so they ‘retired’ it because it hurt him! They all signed it, guess it’s all his now! πŸ™‚

is that really what happened with the bat?

Here’s the story about the “bat” from last night. Uribe was getting a bat signed by everyone on the bench, and from what Buck Martinez said “Ozzie told me that the bat was the one that Swish hit his shin with. Uribe said that bat’s no good for you anymore, so we are going to retire it”. ..

Come on Danks, hold these guys and wait for our Boys to start hitting this over 7 era pitcher…. Go Sox… j.k.

That is the story.

rburt, online, we’re hearing the opposing announcers, not sure if Hawk and Dj even noticed it or talked about it.. these guys just thought it was strange that during a game Uribe was asking people to sign a bat.

Crede makes that play.

I agree with you jwesley. We’re still in this game, so now would be a grand time for a few hits… Go White Sox.. j.k.

O.K. Now we got them where we want them. Hold the O’s and we win…

From the O’s announcers: AJ was voted the player most people wanted to see beaned, in a recent SI article… Big surprise…. Go Sox.. j.k.

yea kris, im watching online too, but i must of missed the two announcers talking about it. I did see it last night though.

what the hell was that?

That bloop hit was ******* ridiculous. if griffey can’t catch that he shouldn’t be out there. That was just awful. I like Griffey a lot and he has hit well lately but he should not be a center fielder if he can’t make that play. BRUTAL

I didn’t see Jr. call for that. Ramirez needs to make that catch.

And BA or Swish makes that catch in center……… I guess the stats showed we had this game, so it’s not really necessary to play it…… ARGH…… Come on Sox…. j.k.

a ****** play like that may have just taken us out of contention to win this game. the sticks better get hot in a hurry

rburt, they casually mentioned it but were laughing about it, I miss a lot too online, hard to stay glued to the screen all night some nights.

unbelievable, absolutely un*******believable

yes it is kris, starting to get a monitor burn on my face.

I like how Gary and Buck are trying to get ribs sent up to them.

Well when your pitcher only goes 4 innings you shouldn’t be winning that game anyway. On to Fenway…disgusted

We were getting ahead of most of their hitters, but couldn’t put them away, and to their credit, they were able to find holes. So far they want this game more than we do, BUT that can change…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Hey Kenneth, not sure if you realized, but there’s three innings left.

Sounds like they finally got their ribs.

ya know im just not sure that lance is a middle relief kinda guy. this sucks losing to these birds.

the ribs sound good . . . this game is causing me to get very sleepy tonight, we need to move it along with some more runs….. lots of em!

Come on White Sox, Hold your heads up and go for a win. It’s not too late yet,,,, j.k.

Yah it really looks like they are going to make a comeback. They look like crap tonight. Chalk it up to a bad day. Only problem is I have to live with this loss through tomorrows off day. I hate off days.

We all have to live through this sad (so far) effort. The line-up was a bit screwy, we couldn’t get a timely hit, and JohnnyD looked bad tonight. All adds up to a 2-2 record in Baltimore…. That’s what I thought we’d have, but I expected the Twins to win two in Seattle, so I guess we gained a game anyway…. j.k.

this blows tonight, ’bout to just turn it off and head to bed…. that sleepy for some reason… yikes

Another ball Crede would have had.

Uncle, Uncle…. I will follow the lead of our Boys in grey…. Have a good night everybody and a great day off, and get ready for the Red Sox of Fri….. j.k.

Wesley shut up you with the Crede woulda had it bull crap. He leads the league in errors and he isn’t the same crede from a few years ago. He has been pretty awful this year actually. He isn’t going to “have it” if he can’t bend over. It wouldn’t make me sad if I never saw him in a Sox jersey again…until the year 2025 when they celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the 2005 world championship

Kenneth my friend, did you miss the last two games? I think he was bending over just fine. Enough with the selective memory already. And why exactly are you in love with Uribe? When’s the last season he had any offensive production. Oh that’s right, 2004. He’s a good backup, but that’s it.

kenwo, I really don’t understand your need to be so pissy with Crede or anyone who mentions they like him better or whatever. . . doesn’t matter who ‘could’ve got it’, what does matter is that nobody got it that time… no matter who the hell it was… you wanna be a total Crede hater, I’d prefer you’d do it more quietly! If anybody needs to shut up, perhaps it’s you.

Oh Broadway, this is brutal.

Just got back from my kids Open House at school – WOW – we are getting Rocked!!

As I was reading all the comments and catching up, my 6 year old says to me “UH, Mom, I don’t think the Sox are going to win”
I taught him how to read the score the other day!


First of all….you know that isn’t going to happen.

Second of all he is the one who keeps saying who would have had it and who didn’t

Third of all I can hate whoever the hell I want and I will indeed make it known

Neal Cotts
Boone Logan
John Wesley
Riefert for saying Quentin is in the line up tonight. I left him in my fantasy line up and he didn’t play…I expect you to be on top of things for god sake
My co-workers for cranking the ******* air conditioning

Now lets get the Red Sox for god sakes

Where’s the LOVE tonite?

I understand you are frustrated with the loss, but we’re all on the same team! We have to be a team here, stay as one, love each other!! It doesn’t matter who could or didn’t catch it – I don’t think we would of won if Juan did catch it – but then again I don’t know I only caught the last 2 innings!!

OK – let’s move on to another more controversial subject – I heard the ****** cubs will be on the score tomorrow, because some crap that their station is doing something else?





Now, I feel better, Thanks!

I believe it is the Bears who will be on the score tomorrow..

Bad, bad loss. Garbage pitcher with a high ERA who walks five guys in five innings…yet only allows two runs.

This one hurts plenty.

Mark Liptak

Is it the Bears? OK sorry about the post – but, I still HATE the Cubs and their Fans!!

Eh liptak i would rather get cranked like this than lose in the 9th or something. Not going to win every game.

Oh Kenneth, tell us something we don’t know. You know, you’re pointless ramblings are starting to bore me. You just keep yelling the same things over and over. I know you think Uribe is a first ballot hall of famer, so I’m just going to remind you of what he’s done since ’04.

2005: .252 AVG / .301 OBP
2006: .235 / .257
2007: .234 / .284
2008: .236 / .289

Hey guess what, the first three guys on your list up there have all outperformed that.

Now go have a good nights sleep, and think about something new to banter about tomorrow night.


The first FOUR guys on your list.

BTW, shouldn’t you have known something was up with the lineup after seeing two guys listed at first base?

Now let’s don’t get too worked up about one bad loss on the road. In 162 games, everybody has a few of these.

Forget about it, move on to the next series and try to cool off Boston and get 2 of 3.

Still up a game. I guarantee the players won’t let this loss get them down. It will be forgotten by the time they wake up tomorrow.

Mrs K – there is no love from Kenwo, ever! He is starting to sound like my teens… on and on and on, with nothing to talk but smack.. why do you even support this team kenwo?

I used to tell him that he sounds like my 8 year old cousin. I don’t think he cares tho.

i don’t think so either . . .

on to Friday, whatever will we do tomorrow night! πŸ™‚

I have been one of the most positive bloggers all year. Before the season started I said they would win the division. Everyone else was all over cleveland and detroit. i wasn’t even negative tonight. annoyed yes…negative no. You two are tools and don’t hold a candle stick to fine bloggers like Klien, Mike Devereaux, Maria, Lisa, Donna and myself. Hell even Quaid, TC and Liptak bring something to the table. All Wesley says is “crede would have had it” and all Krisv says is “i am here staring at my computer screen with nothing to do”… If you don’t like it get comcast and order the MLB Package for god sake so i dont have to hear you moaning about it every night.

OK, lets be honest: we all have our little ways and “usual subjects” to comment about. Liptak has random facts and stats, jen talks about her family, etc. Kenwo, you complain about mackowiak and dote on uribe. We all can choose to read what we want, and comment on what we want. Nothing should be personal – we are all on the same team! In the grand scheme of life, this ranks as fairly trivial…

Everyone take a chill pill, it was only a loss. Do you really want to be fighting over nothing, especially with an off day tomorrow?

Wow Kenneth, you are so right, that is all I say. I just went back and read all of my posts over the last couple of months and that is the only sentence I have ever said on here. Wow, thanks for enlightening me of my ways.

Seriously tho, way to read back about ten whole comments and suggest that those are the only things Kris and I have ever said. It use to be that you were just immature, but now you are bringing your intelligence into question as well. I like how your only defense to people calling you out on something is to just scream louder, and make even more ridiculous statements. Congrats on being a grown up.

I just hope for the sake of your students that you are a completely different person while in the classroom.

As someone who is not a big fan of Uribe I think he did a very good job filling in at a position where he had limited experience. Is he as good as Crede defensively? No, but the current Joe Crede is not as good as the pre 2007 Joe Crede. So it is probably a wash. I’m not backing Kenwo and say keep Uribe on as the 3rd basemen of the future, but we will never see the real Joe Crede again.

It was also nice to see how hungry Uribe was to play. A lot of guys after getting benched would just dog it when they get time, and just wait to move on to a new team the next season. That says a lot about Juan as a person and teammate.

I would expect to see someone signed through free agency. I used to think Fields was the future, but his play and injury problems now have me thinking otherwise. I appreciate the individual contributions of both Uribe and Crede, but I can’t see either one as a long term answer.

Had there been a clear picture on Crede’s health the Sox may have dealt for Adrian Beltre from Seattle. They were really trying to get rid of him at the deadline.

Thanks scotties for a voice of reason…..

I know he’s not (by admission) 35 years old, yet but I WAS planning on writing in kenwo for president…… kenwo, buddy, you’re breaking my heart with your recent rancor……….NO MORE MUD SLINGING!!!!!!

Go White Sox… j.k.

Griffey Jr. can not be put in center any more. I can recall a couple plays tonight that he did not make. He is my second favorite non-Sox player behind Cal Ripken Jr, but he is NOT a center fielder any more. I know it limits his playing time if he is only spelling the corner outfielders and Thome, but he is a liability defensively. You can tell he is afraid to get hurt again every time he pulls up and lets a ball fall in front of him. I love the guy, but we got him about 10 years and 4 or 5 injuries too late.

Mike D.. I agree with you on both counts. When Griffey is in center you gotta hope the ball is hit at him. If the ball is in front of him he does not go after it. Sure this may not happen every game, and you don’t notice him every game, but yesterday that ball should have been caught easily. Even if he did catch it we lose, but it would have kept us in it more.

As far as Uribe, Crede and Fields goes…you are not going to sign Crede to a deal that is any longer than 1 year. If any team gives him 4 years they are out of their minds. Fields isn’t ready to become a third baseman…i still think they should try him at first. Uribe probably is not your answer to start next season at third either- but I would rather have him than the other two. Adrian Beltre would be a nice addition….but i dont know how many quality third basemen will be available.

There’s something wrong with your list of fine bloggers . . . you figure out what it is.

I won’t get comcast because well, when you have others in the home it’s called compromise, my husband prefers what we have and since he’s the general bread winner it’s whatever he wants, he does give it up on wgn days so really… your point is mute although I do appreciate you insight on to what’s available with the mlb package. Really, I do!

As far as my complaining about ‘nothing to do’ apparently you’ve never really read my statements in any great depth. I’ve discussed many many things with others thruout the night just because you choose not to read into them isn’t my fault. So I don’t know stats, so the hell what, I’m not an encyclopedia of info. I personally love Uribe, I always have, I never trash him nor do I jump on the Crede bandwagon everytime there is one rolling even though I like him too… I don’t frankly care to trash anybody on our team to a point where it’s downright mean. Sometimes the things you say are really mean and I’m just stating my opinion that ‘hating’ someone isn’t supportive of the team.

Scotties 22 is right though, arguing with you is pointless since you never appear wrong . . . but in fact we’re all on the same team.. so I’ll continue to disagree with you and I’ll continue to ‘moan’ about my computer watching even though I don’t really recall doing it and frankly, I believe I’ll just ignore whatever stuff you sling because well… I’m taking the high road and gettin out of the gutter . . . JohnW and I among others like it up here…..

A quick question: Who would you rather play on the road? Oakland or Boston?

Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me, I know this one! Of course if you said Oakland, you’d be correct. Still, even with the Twins playing the A’s and us going against the Red Sox, we have no choice but to play the games and see what happens after the weekend is over.

Awhile back I compared our schedule with that of the Twins and wrote down what I expected to happen. So far I’m a game back of where I thought we’d be: I thought we’d win two from TB and split with Balt. We lost two to TB and got the ugly split….

I thought the Twins would split with the Angels and they did. I was expecting them to win two from the Mariners, but they only won one. So far this road trip has maintained the status quo.

Moving ahead, I forsee us winning one vs. the Red Sox, and two against the Indians, while I had the Twins going 3-1 vs. Oakland and 1-2 against the Jays.

If all the above happens, we will be 1/2 game ahead of Minn. come Tuesday morning. Well, that’s not much of a lead, so somehow we simply have to take both these upcoming series and go from there. Prove me wrong Boys, play like champions and you will BE champions…. Go White Sox…. j.k.

wow Klein, I like the way you keep track of things, makes it easier on those of us that just don’t seem to have the time… what’s your opinion on this instant replay?

Instant replay is a wonderful tool…. use it. I wouldn’t just use it for home run calls though. Give each Manager the chance to “throw the red flag” once during a game. How many times do managers come out on the field to express their views vs. an umpires call? Once or twice a week? Probablly much less. So in my opinion, any call is fair game, whether it be a home run or botched play at second or a trapped ball in the outfield, anything. The time of a game would not be affected, since the manager would request a replay instead of yelling and then getting tossed.

The strike zone must be standardized by electronic means, period. Let “K” zone or something like it make the ball and strike calls. No more favorable interpretations of the strike zone, but a REAL strike zone. The home plate umpire would still be there for all plays at the plate. Batters and pitchers alike would NOT be able to complain about the strike zone any longer. period!

Fair and equitable rules will make the game move along faster and then the talent on the field won’t be held hostage to the whims of the Umpires….. That’s my two cents worth (that’s about all it’s worth too)…. Go Sox.. j.k.

For the record – I don’t talk about my family anymore – unless it is about the WS. I know you guys miss it (especially on these days off) – but – I will honor Jim (Mike) D. What is his real name?

Just one quick comment about the list of players that Kenwo admits to hating.

I guess he must not have enjoyed the 2005 World Series Championship because . . . . . .

Crede got more game-winning and clutch hits than anyone in that magical season and played a tremendous third base. His HR in the extra-inning home win over Cleveland late in the season stopped a tailspin that nearly drove even Tom Quaid to jump off the ledge.

Konerko was the most productive offensive player of that season and his hot bat made it possible for the starting pitchers to easily throw complete game wins in Anaheim in the ALCS.

Rowand was the emotional leader, the glue in center field and a critical piece of that team.

And Podsednik …. Well without him, there is no division title, no pennant and no World Series rings. He set the table, he made it possible to manufacture runs, and he was the most improbable author of the most important and memorable home run in the history of the franchise.

Granted, Podsednik was not much help after 2005 due to injuries, but he was the difference between a good team and a championship team for that one season.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress . . . . . . . .

jk – With your accuracy can you also please predict the lotto numbers?

I agree with your predictions for the next couple series’. Bascially I don’t see either team grabbing much more than a 1 or 2 game lead the rest of the way. I was shocked when the Twins lost and gave the Sox a 2 game lead the other day.

TC – Don’t forget about Neal Cotts in 2005. He was lights out all year. Like Podsednik he busted out the next year, but he was a huge piece of the bullpen. He does not like Pods because it cost Carlos Lee to get him. Granted it was a trade that boggled my mind at the time, but without that first half Pods had in 2005 we never would have had that huge lead to play with in the second half of the season. And boy did we play with it, damn near lost it.

Yeah, Cotts did have a great 2005 season. Relievers, though, are prone to having great years, then really bad ones. Look at Cliff Politte. It happens all around baseball. Relievers cannot be figured out.

Kenwo loved Carlos Lee so I know that is why he hated Pods. But face it, without Pods there is simply no chance of a 2005 banner flying at the Cell.

Wow, this has turned into an adult day care center.

Interesting dialogue about days gone by…..unfortunately they are days gone by……..this is 2008, not 2005.

before we toss uribe out and debate whether or not he gets to a ball, remember that position players set themselves based on how the pitcher will pitch to a given batter. danks missed his marks all night, so if uribe or even crede is playing off the line and the pitch misses and its pulled down the line, NOBODY makes the play….NOBODY. When CREDE was healthy he was GOLDEN, the best at his position….unfortunately the facts for 2008 paint a different picture of Joe. Before he was hurt, he led the American League in ERRORS at 3B… 19… before we debate whether he can or can’t get to a ball….you might remember that…..I wish it wasn’t true, but it is…….

so all this comparision based on how players performed several years ago is just mind numbing rhetoric.

let’s hope to boys get rested up…..i’d love to see us take 2 of 3 in Boston…..Go Sox…..

soxblog, etc… Funny you should bring up taking two of three in Boston … what a set-up… Thank you very much…

I was doing some figuring after the game… They currently are 76 and 57… There are 9 series remaining, 7 of three games each, 2 with 4 games in September… Toronto here and then the last visit to East 161st Street and South River Avenue, Fort Apache, the South Bronx… the House that Ruth Built and the City rebuilt… (I digress briefly here… everyone and their grandmother is mourning the passing of Yankee Stadium after this year… WHY??? THEY’RE GOING ACROSS THE DAMNED PARKING LOT TO BUILD THE NEW ONE — SAME DAMNED THING THAT THE WHITE SOX, BREWERS AND CARDINALS DID… BUT BECAUSE IT’S THE YANK-MES DOING IT… IT’S A BIG DEAL…)

Now that I’ve gotten THAT rant out of me… no visible scars, by the way… If the White Sox continue to take 2 out of every three games, and maybe 3 out of four in the other series… they wind up with 96 and 66… which would definitely see them in the post season… If they take two of three, and split the other two series… that still gives them 94 and 68, which, you would think, make them also eligible for the post season…Heaven forfend they should go “into the tank” and make us all sadder than sad… Let’s not even THINK that…

For those of you in the area… pick up and read Phil Rogers’ column in the Tribune today about why the Flubs should avoid the Sox in October… I think it would also be on that Teddy Greenstein approved (???) Internet site… As well, pick up the Weathervane less S-T today and read the sidebar column by Chris De Luca from Baltimore about the reaction to Jay’s departure… I am surprised he has any skin left on his fingertips, with all of the acid and bile he let go with…

By the way, does anyone know what happened to Joe Cowley?… I noticed that Rongey has been doing the segment with the beat boys on the road with Mark Gonzales the last few times out on the radio… I hope that the cancer has not gotten to Joe… that he is just doing chemo…

kenwo… Thanks for admitting that sometimes I bring something to the table every so often… I can see that my carpal tunnel syndrome has not been in vain…

Jennifer: Your most Royal Majesty… I do not understand why you rant and rave so at the Score… I do not know what event would preempt the other stations… perhaps it is the Northwestern football game Saturday… as the Flubs are playing during the day as well… and NU wants to have a listening audience for their initial tilt… the Score provides them with that outlet…

All I say is this… Outside of the pre game and the game itself, I do NOT listen to local sports talk radio here in town… because there are too many dopes who think they know everything when they know jack… and there are too many dopes out there who want to hear themselves on the radio for their 7 seconds of fame…SPARE ME, PLEASE !!!

“You two are tools and don’t hold a candle stick to fine bloggers like Klien, Mike Devereaux, Maria, Lisa, Donna and myself. Hell even Quaid, TC and Liptak bring something to the table.”

This is funny, bloggers arguing over who’s cooler than the other. Let’s argue over who plays dungeons and dragons better next.



Cowley’s wife had another child and I believe he had another cancerous mole removed. He’s on chemo and is expected to return on September 1st.

Try this story as well:

Mark Liptak

Read this article in the Becket scratched from pitching tomorrows game agains the White Sox

< Back to Front Page Text size ? + Beckett scratched
Link|Comments (0) Posted by Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Staff August 28, 2008 04:46 PM
Red Sox starter Josh Beckett has been scratched from his scheduled start tomorrow night and will be sent to see Dr. James Andrews in Alabama.

In a postgame interview, manager Terry Francona said Beckett was seeing Andrews as a precaution. There was no indication the tingling sensation he felt in his pitching hand had returned.

“I think the best word I can use is we’re just trying to get some closure,” Francona said. “We never want to send anyone out there that’s not 100 percent. We’re no more pessimistic about him today …”

Beckett had been given the thumbs up to pitch Friday night at Fenway Park against the White Sox after his side session on Tuesday, but now will be pushed back for the second time in a week. He hasn’t pitched since an Aug. 17 start in Toronto in which he gave up 8 runs in 2 1/3 innings.

“I think scary is probably a good word for it,” Beckett said Wednesday. “I’ve had some sleepless nights thinking about all kinds of stuff. You generally think the worst.”

Elbow tenderness and an awkward sleeping position may have contributed to the tingling, but no one claims to know the source of the problem.

“We’re trying to figure out what’s causing it and go from there,” Beckett said Wednesday. “Right now it’s just day to day and I’m dealing with it. We have a great medical staff. We’re trying to be cautious. We’re not talking about just the end of a season, but about the end of a career. Some organizations would do anything they could to get a player back out there. I appreciate what they are doing for me here.”

The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy contributed to this report.

Does not say who will take his place. We’ll have to wait and see. This is good news for the Sox I hope. depending on his relacement.

Becket is scratched from starting Friday’s game and Matzousaka is pushed back to Friday from Saturday to pitch against Javy.

A pitcher named Dave Pauley who is (0-0) with a 10.38 ERA will pitch Saturday agains Buehrle.

Has anybody heard anything about Pauley. I sure hope The Sox can hit him considering they probably have not seen him before, but his ERA is huge.???

Pay no attention to the kid’s ERA. He probably only has an appearance or two and one bad inning can jack up an ERA.

He probably has good stuff or the Red sxo wouldn’t have called him up. Plus, the Sox hitters haven’t seen him so he has an advantage there.

But you don’t want to overanalyze a situation like this. Just show up, swing the bats and get the job done. The approach has to be the same no matter who is pitching.

Tc’s right! Look at what we did/didn’t do against Liz yesterday. That guy had a 7* ERA and a BA against of something like .310 and all we could get were three hits and a couple of runs off him. If the Guys are swinging well, it doesn’t matter who’s pitching. First things first though, we need to bring it against Dice K… Go Sox…. j.k.

TQ –
I was misinformed – the Cubs were not on the Score – the Bears were (just as bad) Thanks to Kenwo for the heads up!

I don’t take back my comments on how I feel about the Scrubs or the Score for that matter. I am so sick of getting in the car and all I hear is the Cubs this, the Cubs that. They advertise White Sox radio, all they talk about are the Cubs. I have never listened to the radio station the Cubs play on – take that back – I did once in Spring Training when they were playing the Sox, Ron Santo was announcing with whoever the other guy is – The one guy was ok – but Santo – terrible- I know alot of people feel bad for him, whatever- I just don’t want to have to listen to him again!
Do they ever talk about the Sox? (on the Cubs Station?) As much as they talk about the Cubs on the Score?

The Score is a chicago sports station of course they are going to talk about the cubs. wgn radio is a news station so they will mention the score of either teams games the night before. Personally I would rather hear the score talking about the cubs than the bears…after all this is baseball season

The reason the Bears got moved to the Score tonight is because 780, being the news station they are, wanted to cover Obama’s speech tonight.

Ron Santo was a very good if not great player. (I am not old enough to have seen him play, but will go on what I’ve been told) However he is one of the most painful announcers to listen to. I would take Singleton and DJ working together before ever having to listen to Santo. He is basically a mascot for the Cubs.

His partner, Pat Hughes deserves better. He is very good, and just gets dragged down by Santo. I hear lots of cuts of Santo during games on another station, and they just tear him apart. I do feel bad for the man though. He is sick, and probably won’t be around much longer. I hope he can save some face and retire so he can enjoy the time he has left.

Stop the presses!!! Ryan Sweeney just scored the winning run for the A’s in the bottom of the ninth on a double by Kurt Suzuki……. Sleep well White Sox World…. j.k.

Now it’s good morning! I have a big day adead of me, and won’t be able to join with you for our game later tonight. I know it’s still 10 hour away, but after golf today I have stuff to do around the house, then bowling starts up tonight. The end result is I won’t be here until after the game is done…..

You will have to carry on without me and bring home a White Sox Winner if at all possible. Be stout of heart and strong of limb and direct all your energies to the task at hand and there will be no stopping you…. Go Sox ’08…… j.k.

Thank goodness good ol’ Klien was here to hold down the fort for that Oakland victory. I don’t know about tonights sox game. First we play the BoSox…tough enough in its own right, then we face Dice K…makes it even tougher…and now i find out Klien is bowling tonight and won’t be here to hold it down? Thats awful news. It will now take a miracle for a victory.

O.K. kenwo, with all that flattery, I’m back on your side. Who said you can’t buy votes? Anyway, now I’m really gone, Good luck Bloggers and Go White Sox…. j.k.

Read Ebert’s goodbye to Marriotti, pretty classy and sums it up pretty well. Missed last couple games, but I’m guessing I didn’t miss too much from the above postings ; ) Boston? I’m looking for 2 of 3. A real coup would be a sweep, who knows?

Saw that game against Tampa last friday and spent the weekend with my cousin in Little Village. Took a pass on ‘El Volkan’ tho. Man I love Chicago, but dammit those Cubs. A buddy of mine was griping about playing a series against Arizona. I about smacked him….. Even ole ‘Kevin’ Cowherd (hello TQ) posed the question whether their playing in the National Little League was a contributing factor. He’s the only one I’ve heard ask that.

Phil Rogers column on the Sox having nothing to lose was a joke. The Cubs should be afraid of the all the top teams in the American league. And for the record I think the Rays got the least to lose, they got nothing, no fans, no money. They’re playing for pride as far as I can tell. I would imagine that other than drama the Cubs should want to face the Sox for reason of the on again off again offense. We’ll see I guess…


If the Cubs were to play Arizona in the first round, they’d have the “pleasure” of having to face Brandon Webb (probably N.L. Cy Young winner), Danny Haren and Randy Johnson 1-2-3. Not very easy no?

Personally I still think the brewers will win the N.L. pennant…Sabathia and Sheets can beat anybody, that’s a big advantage because as we all know PITCHING WINS PENNANTS.


Regarding this series, I’m in the broadcasting booth tonight for high school football so I hope the Sox can at least show up against a guy they had trouble hitting with a ten foot pole just two weeks ago.

This is a MAJOR series, very big. They are playing Boston at home and need to play well to keep the lead in the division but also to help in the wild card chase. Insurance never hurt anybody gang and that’s what the wild card is.

Mark Liptak


Thanks for the update on Joe C. … I will be talking to the Higher Authority about making his chemo a lot less strenuous… and making the new arrival’s lifetime a thousand or more years…

Also, best wishes to you and your crew as you embark on yet another season of HS football broadcasts out there in Idaho…


Back in the day… the football season did not start until, perhaps, mid-September… and it played ‘second fiddle” to baseball until after the World Serious was over… at least it did as far as I was concerned…

jk… Good luck with your bowling tonight… just remember that the ball is a lot bigger…and it is SUPPOSED to go straight down the middle of the lane… like you wished all of your golf shots went…and instead of a hole, you’re shooting at 10 other items to hit… unless you go Brooklyn(a term that old-time bowling fans would recognize…)…

Jen: My thoughts on the radio broadcast team on the North Side are these… The color commentators on WGN for the past 20 plus seasons, COMBINED, couldn’t ad-lib “help” if they were drowning… they are NOT considered as professional broadcasters… Instead they are “icons” of the teams they played for and covered… Dick Butkus with the Bears, the late coach Ray Meyer at De Paul (not a player, but a coach forever)and, most aggresiously, Mr Santo…who thinks he’s still on the bench, instead of a broadcast booth…
WGN Radio likes all of their sports announcers to have the same attributes… a good voice, somewhat of a knowledge about the sports they cover… and a massive dose of tunnel vision…in other words, “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.” …

That is why Steve Stone supposedly got in such hot water with the management and players at Clark and Addison a few seasons back… they felt he was a little too “strong” in his criticism of the players…

Hell, folks, they should have been considered fortunate that the late ’70’s Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall weren’t around… Those two would have absolutely ROASTED those guys to a fine turn… and left nary a crumb to survive…

I know that WS fans have their problems and their gripes with Hawk especially… but the other side of the tracks…Pat Hughes, Len Kasper and Bob Brenly… well, let’s put it this way…When something dramatic happens for their side, like the HR Ramirez hit last night is concerned, they get rightfully excited… but if the shoe is on the other foot, they sound as if someone shot their dog right in front of their eyes… they just reflect the feelings of the lemmings of Jurassic Park at Neverland…

Enough of my soapbox about the people north of Madison Street…

I have mixed feelings, as I always do, about the boys going into the Back Bay Fens for this weekend… Let’s just hope that the news is good… because there are STILL four weeks left, beginning Sunday…


Geez, you’d think I was a baseball man, wouldn’t you?

And my above comments go DOUBLE for ANY and ALL of the local sports talk radio hosts… David Kaplan and Jim Memolo at ‘GN… the local Cub apologizers… the mid-morning duo and the afternoon drive trio at AM 1000… and most ALL of the hosts/potential Zanies standup comics at the Score…

As written earlier, I will listen to the pre game and the game broadcasts themselves…NOTHING ELSE… because I do NOT need to have my intelligence insulted afterwards…

The national hosts at the radio branch of the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network are fine with me… because they have a NATIONAL agenda… not just a local ax to grind… and because they also do NOT, for the most part, take phone calls…

Jen thanks for the wrestling videos of AJ….good stuff. I recently hung out with AJ when a few WWE wrestlers were in town on Monday the 18th. Hes a pretty good guy-picked up our tab.

As far as that Crede article goes- sure he may have glimpses of his old self but he will never sustain it for any length of time. A healthy bad back is a ticking time bomb to being unhealthy again. If you make one turn, twist or bend a little bit wrong you will be on the shelf another 2 weeks. He had a great month (2005) and year (2006) and had a good april this year….However I seriously doubt if he will ever again be able to achieve even 70 percent of his former self.

OK TQ, I asked the one expert I know and he didn’t have the answer. I know you will. Where did the expression “bean town” come from in speaking of Boston?


Another interesting Mariotti column. Apparently he was doing things that would have immediately gotten you or I fired. (Nice management at the Sun-Times eh?):,CST-NWS-stein29.article

Mark Liptak

Ah, Liptak, we were both comparing series, I’d rather face Arizona than Boston. Bostons lineup is stacked top to bottom in addition to their pitching. Not easy, but I’d take my chances with Arizona…

Boston Baked Beans?

weeden, you’re right, I just ‘asked jeeves’.. that why it’s beantown!!!

Sorry to disappoint some of you but I too will be at a hs football game tonight so you must go on without myself and Klein and Liptak… yikes…. hope this isn’t a jinx! I get to root for the ‘cleveland indians’, you heard it right, the cleveland indians from Cleveland Texas…. friggin Texans can’t figure out their own darn names so they have to steal someone elses!! πŸ™‚

Bring in a win boys . . . GO SOX!

I myself have 3 bulging discs in my lower back- not pressing on any nerves, yet, and 2 in my neck that are on my nerve. The doctor says its probably because I played sports my whole life and because of back-to-back-to-back pregnancies.
I could try the shots in my neck, but have not. I know about the twist or turn – your down for 2 weeks. Happen to me over the winter, I was in Costco and went to pick up something, and could not move. I couldn’t move for a good week. Took another week to get back to where I was.

I don’t know the extent of Crede’s back, I imagine pretty bad since he had surgery. I would think because of his resources, he can take care of it. I use to go to the chiropractor once a week – my back felt alot better -my neck didn’t – I would think if he got his back adjusted everyday and with the excercises – I would think he would be ok – But – I am sure he’s scared to make the moves he does, because of that one little twist or turn, BAM he’s down!
I am still scared that my back will go out like it did – I hate not being able to move – it sucked – not being able to tie my own shoes!

Hey…guess what? If Uribe was at third this game would be 0-0 still! Unfortunately the wrong guy is there and it is 1-0 boston. maybe he can make up for it with his bat? doubtful but you never know

Right about now i wish I was at a high school football game. Actually not really. That is pretty lame unless you have a kid playing in it or are like Liptak working it. I didn’t go to any of the high school games when I was in high school. Basketball was more the ticket at good ol’ Argo high.

I knew we were in trouble when I woke up and Klien said he was going bowling. C’mon Klien this is a pennant race!

It does seem everytime jk is not here we lose!
JK it’s all your fault! How can you go bowling when the Sox need you to root them on!! No more going anywhere for you!

I got home a little while ago and had my wife run the archived game for me so I wouldn’t see the score. The game I watched lasted about 45 minutes. We were totally overmatched by DiceK and his red sox.

If it’s my fault for not winning this game I apologize. It won’t happen until next week. But, I did leave the game in your capable hands if you remember and that didn’t work out too well. Who knows, maybe I’m the good luck charm that will win the whole thing? If that’s true, then I want some recognition of my “talents” and of course some prime tickets…….. j.k. ( just kidding).

I didn’t expect to win the game against Dice K, but I was figuring we’d be up by one game after beating Beckett. That didn’t work out like it was supposed to. Now we are faced with an unknown tomorrow. I should be here for the game barring problems in moving my sister-in-law….. Go White Sox… j.k.

wow, glad I was at the football game. . . this game was ugly!

Kenwo, I’m with ya on the hs football games, I too much prefer basketball, (hey, look at this, kenwo and I agreeing… LOL) but my daughter is a Senior and involved with stuff so I go…… at least they won… did we have a major meltdown or what, I don’t even want to look at the stats of the game…..

Second consecutive garbage effort. Really nice guys.

If Dice-K pitched against the Sox every night he’d never lose a friggin’ game.

Now they get to take their hacks against an unknown rookie with a 10 ERA who’ll probably look like Cy Young against them.

I knew they’d lose tonight but at least bother to show up and try a little. Disgusting.

Mark Liptak

Isn’t Dice-K something like 16-2??? No surprise he can shut out a good hitting lineup. Other teams obviously have had similar problems against him.

Just have to go back out and try again Saturday.

If I got disgusted with every loss, I’d be the most miserable person in the world. Of course, some people may think that already!!!

Boston’s starting pitcher tonight is Michael Bowden, who is making his major league debut. Michael is from Aurora (Wabaunsie Valley H.S.), so being a Chicago-area kid I wish him much success in his major league career.

But only after he loses his major league debut.

Amen to that tc… Go Sox (of the White)….. j.k.

Quote of the Day:

“We don’t hit, we don’t play defense and we don’t pitch. That’s the result. I think it feels like we had another day off.” — Ozzie Guillen to the Tribune’s Mark Gonzales.


This wasn’t just a loss T.C. this was a flat out miserable effort. They acted like they didn’t even want to be on the field….that’s what got me.

You’d think given the stakes, with Minnesota blowing smoke up their tailpipe and with a chance to tie Boston for the wild card lead, they’d show a better effort.

Guess that was a lot to ask of them… I could care less who is pitching.

I’m in the studio today for the Idaho State-Boise State game. I’ll find out what happens against this rookie, no name when I get back home about 10PM MST.

Mark Liptak

Liptak I am going to call into your post game show!


I didn’t see the game so I can’t comment on how hard they played. My only point was that it appears that Dice-K was pitching so well that it really didn’t matter how hard the Sox played.

Yes, the games are getting bigger as we approach Sept. 1. But this game Friday night is now behind them and they have to move on from there.

We need to get at least one of these next two. Granted, we are playing the defending world champions and they have played very well the past several days. But I’ll gladly take a split of the next two and move on from there.

uh-oh! Mark, you better have the censor AND the dump button at your fingertips if Kenwo calls into your post game show! LOL!!

Hey there everybody! I leave the blog for a week and all hell breaks loose……without me!! Bummer!! LOL!!

In regards to Mariotti, all I can say is Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. Supposedly this all went down on Wednesday and I didn’t even find out until yesterday!!(Friday) That’s how out of touch I have been this week. So thanks to everyone who shared and lnked the articles.

Jen, I know the videos were meant for kenwo, but I peeked and really enjoyed them too!!!

Klein, you are forbidden from ever leaving the blog on game night again!!!! (just kidding)

Anyway, today is a brand new day so let’s shake of the misery of yesterday’s outcome and come out fresh and fired up today!!! Go White Sox!!!! Go get you one today, boys!!!
Lisa M

Hey Lisa, where were you?
The videos were for everyone, obviously – I don’t think I could stop everyone from watching! I know kenwo likes the wrestling – so I figured he would like them the most.

Are you here tonite jk????


JK said last night that he would be online for tonight’s game “barrring any problems moving his sister-in-law.” Hopefully, his sister-in-law isn’t that big and will be easy to move (just kidding jk, just kidding!!! But I am here all week!!!).

Anyway, we don’t want JK to throw out his back moving someone. Crede’s bad back has already caused too much tension on this board. One bad back in the “family” is enough. I guess makes that two since Jen related her back woes yesterday. And, believe it or not, her husband didn’t get blamed for that too (I like stirring the pot way too much for my own goodπŸ˜‰ )

so, in jk’s words, “go Sox, ’08”

Oh my, this is stinky already! What the heck’s going on?????

Won’t be on here much tonight, game being on tv and all. . . . Klein still hasn’t appeared huh . . hope he does soon!

my electricity may be going the to the way of Mr. Gustav come Monday night or Tuesday so if I disappear for a few, don’t worry, I’m far enough inland, hopefuly, we’ll just lose power and get a ton of rain but this is my first major storm since I’ve moved here so i’m I’m a little apprehensive. I’ll check back soon . . .

Buerhle has really struggled on the road this year. Two innings and he’s in a big hole already.

As jk would say, “let’s get some runs.”

What a dog this ****** Buehrle is. We might as well mail in this season right now. This is the first time this year I am jumping ship but for goodness sakes. They are facing a guy making his major league debut, they don’t have manny, they don’t have Youkilis, they don’t have Mike Lowell and Buehrle comes out and gets his ******* *** kicked. If we can’t beat a depleted Red Sox team then we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Hopefully within the hour I regret posting this but I doubt it.********* fluke year. Liptak was right all along

Easy now Kenwo. This is ugly tonight, I’ll admit that. But last time I looked, we were still in first place. And the worst we can be after tonight is a half-game back.

I’m not saying that you are wrong, but don’t give up yet. There is a lot of baseball to be played in the next month. Let’s just hope it is better than the ball that Buerhle has pitched tonight.

It doesn’t matter who is pitching for the other team or who is in the lineup for the other team if your starter can’t get anybody out. Simple game, this baseball is.

If they can’t beat this red sox team….why should i believe we will be successful in New York? Toronto? Minnesota? Hell the Indians are hot as well….. The first 2 innings of this game are the deal breaker. It is going to be a long winter unless something changes in a HURRY

Another thing…this guy OBVIOUSLY doesn’t have it. We are down 3 runs right now. Why doesn’t he take him out while we are still in it? Another inning or two and it will be 10-2 and the game will be over. Not that anyone they bring in will be good but they have to be better than this don’t they?

Real fast – my husband wants to know how tall and far back the green monster is!

Tell him to look it up on the Internet like any of the rest of us would.

I like Swisher but he takes way too many third strikes. Even more than Konerko. Can’t get two runners in scoring position home doing that.

I did – never mind!

Atleast Mr. B calmed down – why can’t we drive these runs in??

So – if its 310 feet from home plate and 37 feet high – how many feet high and long would it take to get the ball over??

-Where is TQ when you need him?

Sorry, Jen, like you I was not a math major. And even if I was, the last time I took a math class you were probably in diapers.

Just like i said. why didn’t they take him out earlier. They dick around and leave the pitcher in way too long. With buehrle you can tell when he has it and when he doesn’t. IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS HARD FOR GOD SAKE

Kenwo, we’ve been watching Ozzie manage for five years now. He almost never takes a starter out early. Doesn’t want to wear out his entire bullpen in one game.

I’m not saying that I totally agree with it, but that is the way he does it.

HEY! That was the one bright spot. They showed a Ron Kittle Rooftop home run! That was a bomb. Boy do i miss those days. I used to like the players. now there are very few i care for. Since when did this ******* Pedroia become the next Sandberg for god sake? hitting bombs, making unbelievable catches and annoying me to no end.

What in the hell is wrong with the sox. Have they gone soft? Pedroia is 8-8 or something this series…they have kicked our butt twice….you got a hard thrower, dotel, on the hill….WHAT DO YOU NEED A FLAG????!!!???!!! DRILL THE *******. right in the fricken neck

He may be better than Sandberg by the time he is done. Great player.

They don’t come any better than Ron Kittle as far as being a good guy goes. The difference is he actually cares about people and has never let the money or the lifestyle go to his head. And he still makes his home in Jen’s neck of the woods near Crown Point I think. You’ll never get him to leave NW Indiana.

And, yes, he did hit some bombs. And he hit knuckeballers better than anyone I have ever seen. TQ can probably comment on that as well.

Well, Kenwo, maybe the back side but not the neck.

Pedroia has been gettin on my last nerve for two days straight already!!!!!!! Enough of him already!!!!!!!

Looks like Pedroia better never run into the dynamic duo of Kenwo and Lisa.

After tonights debacle here are my predictions:

8/31 Boston- 0-1
9/1-9/3 Indians 1-2
9/5-9/7 Angels 2-1
9/8-9/11 Blue Jays 1-3
9/12-9/14 Tigers 3-0
9/15- 9/18 Yankees 1-3
9/19-9/21 Royals 2-1
9/23-9/25 Twins 1-2
9/26-28 Indians 3-0

That would leave us 14-13 to close out the year giving us 90 wins on the season. The Twins would have to lose 14 of their remaining games to get us the central. It could happen…I don’t know.

Hey Jen! I was on vacation all week. Didn’t really go anywhere but had to catch up on all my errands. You of all people know how hard it is to run a household efficiently. Plus, the kids are going back to school so had to do some last minute school shopping plus I have a wedding tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy!

WTF! Man on second and third for us last time I checked and we couldn’t do crap with it…..again!!!! What the heck is wrong with these guys that they allow the offense to dry up against “good” teams?
This REALLY sucks!!!!!

Alright…AJ needs to get a talking to and a benching. This is ridiculous. He made that bone head baserunning mistake that ended up to be a bad call in our favor vs. Tampa- he has missed numerous easy pop up fouls (the one last night leading to the blow out) and now he makes the same stupid mistake again getting caught between 2nd and 3rd….Come on AJ you are supposed to be one of the leaders. maybe this is why people in san fransisco couldn’t wait to pack your bags and get you out of there. BONE HEAD

And then you have the two supposed MVP candidates dogging it on a double play ball….they shouldn’t have gotten either out for crying out loud. Wow am i getting very very annoyed.

Just walk away from the television Kenwo!! You may need it again tomorrow. So are you really gonna call in to Mark’s show?

OK here is the Twins schedule

I will count todays game since it is 0-0 in the 2nd

8/30-8/31 vs A’s 1-1
9/2-9/4 Vs Jays 1-2
9/5-9/7 Tigers 2-1
9/9-9/11 Royals 2-1
9/12 – 9/14 Orioles 2-1
9/15-9/17 Tribe 1-2
9/18-9/21 Rays 2-2
9/23- 9/25 Sox 2-1
9/26-9/28 Royals 2-1

That would make them 15-12 finishing with 91 wins leaving the white sox in 2nd place.

This is just plain piss poor playing . . . AJ screwed up on the bases again, maybe it’s the blond dye, but his brain on the paths seems to be completely BLOND-like!

Any clue why they sing Sweet Caroline in Boston? I’m sure there is a story behind it…. anybody know?

haha no. i don’t know the number plus they probably wouldn’t let me on anyway since i know as much about idaho football as i know about not breaking remotes (went through another one tonight). just getting him thinking!

I don’t know the story behind Sweet Caroline but they have been playing it there for years. And they always sing it when they are winning so I never like to hear it.

I like the Red Sox about as much as I like broccoli.

Hi Y’all, I got back from moving my sister-in-law ( only took a 20 ton crane tc) and then I glued myself to wgn on the tube from the third inning on. I stopped watching after the top of 8, because I don’t really thing we have it in us to score at least 5 runs in the ninth to tie it up ( I hope I’m wrong but the odds are against it). I will be here all day tomorrow to watch us demolish Wakefield, so that at least will be one win in BeanTown….. I”m sorry if I let anyone down by not being here…… ( the way I look at it though is I picked two good games to miss. Go White Sox…. j.k.

P.S. Go A’s too ( although against Liriano I think that’s a lot to ask for.)….

That bright sunshine-y attitude I woke up with this morning and managed to maintain throughout the day has now diminished. UGH!

So we give up something like 30 runs or so in the last three games.

I don’t think Coop will be sleeping well tonight.

TC how could you compare the red sox to broccoli? Broccoli is enjoyable if its cooked with lemon and olive oil and steamed properly….. The red sox are never enjoyable. They are the only team i would have to really struggle with rooting for in the playoffs if they faced off against the cubs. Obviously I probably would just to annoy the jerk cub fans…but it wouldn’t be easy like any other team.

What do you guys think about my remaining schedule predictions? I didn’t do it on purpose to leave us one game out….those are my true feelings… sure i gave the sox 2 losses vs. the tribe but i have em beating the angels 2 times….maybe my 1-3 records vs. the blue jays and yankees are a little tough- but the way things are going the sox don’t stack up well against any team in the east..or any team with decent pitching for that matter. I hope i am wrong.

I hope you are wrong too Kenwo. I think the Sox can take at least 2 from the Indians next week and at least split with Toronto and the Yankees in that last series.

Hey Kris, I hope Gustav takes a detour before any damage can be done. Those Hurricanes do NOT sound fun! Makes me grateful we don’t have to endure them here. Good luck, God Bless and try to keep us posted.

You may be right on all counts Kenwo but with how inconsistent the Sox have been this year it is almost impossible to accurately predict things for a whole month.

But really, was it Kenwo that made that post or was it Wolfgang Puck??????

That is no typo. I said “Puck.”

I’ll tell you what, if the Sox don’t get their heads out of their a**es – they might get lucky and win one more game –
Totally LIFELESS!!


Come on guys – you can’t give up now – you’ve come too far!

Jen, you’re starting to sound like a combination of Kenwo and Liptak.

And who says the Internet can’t influence people!!!!

Thanks Lisa for the good wishes . . . it just hit Cuba as a Cat 4, 5 being the worst.. I don’t think this one is going anywhere . . Houston won’t directly be hit I don’t think but we’ll definitely get serious weather out of it…. I’ll try and keep you updated but I don’t think the computer will be something we’ll have plugged in if we have to go to a generator.

Kenwo, I too hope you’re way wrong but so far this weekend, I’ve seen nothing positive at all about anything. What did Ozzie say in his post game?

Probably things with lots of asterisks, number signs, question marks, and other symbols that are normally reserved for Ozzie statements and Kenwo posts.

no doubt about that . . . these losses have just been beatings, no excuses… I mean, friggin 30 hits in two games, who does that man???? That’s insane!

Just about all the teams in the AL can hit so it is not surprising when the defending champs — even with some key guys out — get a bunch of hits. But the pitchers have to perform better.

You can hide a hitting slump with good pitching and defense but it is especially hard to score enough runs every day to hide a pitching slump.

But hey, it could be worse. We could all be living on the Gulf Coast right now. Hang in there Kris.

Why don’t they make plain white sneakers anymore?

Jen, you’re coming out of left field again????

Tonight’s game sucked. I like broccoli, but I surely don’t like these red sox. I was listening to the game on radio while I painted my bathroom. Quite the life I lead, on a Saturday night. I was listening on XM Satellite radio so it was the Boston announcers. To make my night suck even more, turns out this Bowden kid grew up a flubs fan and was thrilled to get his first win against the WS. I hope tonight was the highlight of his career and it’s all down hill from here kid.

Hey Kris – good luck with the weather heading your way and stay safe!


tc – shopping makes me feel better – takes my mind off of the horrible game the Sox played -(atleast for a little bit)

looked at over 2100 pairs of sneakers online – can’t find one pair that I like (I have a shoe problem – not just for me but my kids too – my daughter has more shoes then an average person has had in their lifetime – they’re like $80 pair of shoes) I know I have problems – I blame the WS – if they wouldn’t stress me out – I wouldn’t have to shop!

Some people drink. Some people shop.

Me, I vote for drinking. And I think Ozzie probably does too after these last three nights.

Mrsk, I needed plain white shoes for work and I found mine at payless! πŸ™‚ LOL

Thanks to all about the best wishes for the weather. . . sure, we get warnings, but sometimes the anticipation is worse than just a quick tornado coming thru!!! πŸ˜‰ Gosh I miss a simple snow storm!

tc – have you ever woke up with a hangover with 3 kids screaming in your face? Have it happen a few times – you’ll never want another drink again!!

I am going to Disney World (Florida) on the 4th – this hurricane isn’t going near there is it??

The storm could make it that way. It’s really hard to tell.

And no, I haven’t had the “pleasure” of three kids screaming to a hangover. Then again, I’ve never had three kids.

this one isn’t but there is another, Hanna, that’s heading towards landfall too… think it was on the atlantic side of florida.. might want to check into that.. seriously.

My 3 never screamed the day after booze….. it’s like they knew better! LOL


5000 pairs of shoes and nothing!!
I give up – anyone know how to make shoes? I would like to design them myself – what is wrong with these designers – they can’t make a decent shoe.

I am going to bed – the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow- the WS will win! I’m not bettin’ on any of my shoes! If the Sox win the World Series – I’ll give up all my shoes and run naked down LSD w/ Ozzie!


White shoes are on their way out…the darker shoes are back in (so my students tell me) because it is too much work to keep the white ones sparkling. I doubt the hurricane will make it into the orlando area. Probably lots of rain though.

I will join Ozzie and Jen if the Sox win the series…..


naked people running in late october in chicago, that I want to see!!! LOL

Actually I may take a jog down 159th street in the nude right now since the A’s found a way to beat the mighty joe nathan in the 9th! Way to go Oakland!

On a sad note- Big Frank was put on the DL for the same quad injury…maybe the big man’s run has finally come to an end. ::Moment of silence::

that is sad . . I’ve always liked Frank

A royal suckfest this evening. Lifeless, brain dead and gutless. Made another rookie, no-name pitcher look like Cy Young.

Ozzie himself said it best to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune:

“It’s all or nothing,”

A “contending” team doesn’t start to fall apart when the going gets rough. That’s 6 of 9 folks.

The Sox were 1-for-10 with runners in scoring position, one night after placing one runner in scoring position in a listless 8-0 loss.

Nice numbers eh?

Mark Liptak

Oh and Mark Kotsey continues to be a grade A, royal Sox-killer. He murdered the Sox with Oakland and he’s hitting the ball all over the place with the Red Sox.

Me thinks the Sox need to change how they pitch to this guy or is that asking to much of the coaching staff?

Mark Liptak

If you had to pick a way to lose….would you rather lose like the sox did…getting bombed and never having a chance of winning- or like the twins did…game in the bag and you literally throw it away. Id rather take my beatdown. maybe the twins can lose the remaining games on their schedule and we won’t have to worry about winning many.

That’s an interesting opinion.

I personally can take losing games to garbage pitchers with high ERA’s like Liz Wednesday because I’ve seen this “all or nothing,” in the words of Ozzie Guillen, offense do it this decade.

I personally can take losing games to rookie pitchers just called up from double A who look like Cy Young to the Sox “all or nothing” hitters. Specifically the kid tonight and those ‘all-stars’ the Rangers brought up to face the Sox earlier this season, because I’ve seen the Sox do it this decade.

That’s is their M.O. under Kenny Williams and Greg Walker.

WHAT I CAN’T TAKE and neither should you is the BAD baseball they have been playing the past ten days.

Throw out the won/loss record….how many absolutely stupid base running episodes have we seen lately? (including A.J.’s in that Sunday game with Tampa that he got bailed out of…)

How many boneheaded plays have we seen in the field? (that route Dye took on that fly ball this evening which broke the game wide open was priceless…)

How many bad pitch decisions have we seen?

If the Sox lose, at least get beat by a better team, don’t help them along because you are mentally off and are making mistakes that high school teams don’t make.

That’s my biggest beef lately and with respect to anybody it’s a legitimate gripe. You can not throw away games to teams in the heat of a pennant race because you’re tired or flat out stupid baseball-wise and can’t execute simple fundamentals And since the Tampa series the Sox have been doing this A LOT.

Keep it up and they’ll be sitting home the first week of October…of course they’ve done that a lot this decade too.

Mark Liptak

Hey, kenwo… In response to your predictions for the rest of the season: you mirror my predictions from about a week ago pretty closely. At that time I figured two scenarios, a best case and a worst for both us and the Twins. Worst case for us both are exactly the same results as you had…. 91 wins for them and only 90 for us. But, my best case scenario has us winning 96 games and them only 94. So IF… we both start winning as we should, The Sox will still be O.K……

I must also mention that I had the Twins winning five of seven from The M’s and A’s, and so far they have won only three of these games with only one left to play… Advantage Sox. I thought we’d win only one from the Red Sox, and we still have that oportunity… If everything else plays out as I predicted, we win the Central by two games. There is still a lot of games to play so we will have to maintain and stay tuned…. Anything can and probably WILL happen… Tomorrow my fellow Bloggers….Go White Sox ’08….. j.k.

O. K. Lip, I hear you, (again)… By the way, I hope your Idaho team won its opener tonight and that you had a grand time announcing it….

Perish the thought they may have lost ( and I have no idea what the outcome was). It would be simply brutal by my way of thinking if your “kids” lost or even made any mistakes, because no matter the outcome, if they played poorly, you would condemn them ( if you are consistant comparitively speaking with the Sox) and probably ruin their entire season. Any team can and will lose games….. Sometimes teams even lose to inferior ones (we all KNEW the Patriots would beat the Giants in the super bowl, right?) How do you explain the A’s beating the Twins tonight? That shouldn’t have happened…..

So we lost a game to the World Champions….. Woe is us! I say regroup and forget yesterday…..Win on Sunday and go from there. What else do we have? To moan, point out mistakes, lapses or possible lack of hussle is of NO value…. Either to your Idaho team or the Sox…. To do so only demoralizes the team (If they listen to you) or points out the obvious to professionals who know far better than ANY of us what it takes to win. ….

All season long you have badmouthed the Sox and only recently have you stopped listing our shortcomings numerically. The Chicago White Sox are in first place in the Central Division of the American League. That is a fact! We have only about a months worth of games left to play for the right to enter the postseason. I challenge you to JOIN us other Sox fans in pulling FOR our team (win or lose) for the remainder of the season, and let the chips fall where they may…. What do you say Mark? Go Idaho,,,,, Go Sox….. j.k.

Amen, Brother Klein. Amen.

Not even Jerry Reinsdorf and the club’s investors — who stand to lose a lot of money if Liptak’s gloom and doom comes true — are as harsh on the team as he is. And Mark is not footing the multi-million dollar bill like the Sox investors are.

Tonight’s game, and the previous two and a few ugly ones in the past are history. They cannot be changed. And, like I’ve said so often, I don’t live in the past and neither do Ozzie and the guys in the uniforms.

Let’s get Wakefield on Sunday and light him up.

And let’s get Pedroia out a few times so Ozzie can stop calling him a jockey. If you missed those quotes, read tonight’s game story on this website. At least Ozzie is still keeping his sense of humor. Maybe that will help relax the club. No manager has proven to be better at taking the pressure off his team than Ozzie has over the past few seasons.

Good Morning Sox Fans and Happy Sunday!

Yes, last night stunk but we have today to go get ’em.

JK – you win post of the year. That truly was one well written post and I would bet mirrors 99% of the feelings on this blog. I hope Mark accepts your challenge.

Five hours to go till we start again.


Hey, dleeun…………………where are you?

Goodmorning to all!!

First, I have to say I agree with Lip on this one (sorry, jk)
I have been the WS #1 cheerleader from day 1, but when they forget how to play baseball – well, someone has to step up and ask, “What the Hell are you guys doing?”
They are not playing good baseball – how many times (when we lose because we are playing sh*tty) do we say ok, forget about this game, let’s get ’em tomorrow? Are you going to say that on Sept 25 when we play the Twins for the last time and we lose it because we forget how to run the bases? Oh yeah, there’s always next year!

Someone needs to get on their a*sses NOW (I am sure Ozzie will) We are only a half game up, how many more games do you think we will win playing like this?
I think we are getting lucky the Twins are losing games they should be winning, maybe their getting tired, too.

It’s time to wake up, WAKE UP!!!! If your too tired to fight, maybe Ozzie can bring in some AAA players that want to fight for The World Series!

They need to play like there is no tomorrow, play every game like it is your last –

Another thing, I personally would want a coach (for myself or for my kids) that tells the truth, tells us that we are playing like sh*t.
Kids, people in general can get lazy, I would want a coach to tell them to wake up – now, if they were playing to their full potential and TRIED their best, there’s nothing you can say except “we’ll get ’em next time”
Do you think the WS were playing their best? To their full potential??

I am as upset as anyone about how this team has played but how do you think the Twins fans feel? They have had their hearts broken with walkoffs twice this weekend.

Go steal one in Boston and all will be fine.

Sorry, but I don’t care about the Twins fans or the Twins. I care about the WS and how they are playing.

Do you think the Twins Fans will feel sorry for us if the Twins beat us and send us packing in 30 days?

Now is the time to step up!!

Come on Jen, do you REALLY think Ozzie isn’t telling these guys the truth? Since when does Ozzie not say exactly what is on his mind????

Maria – I KNOW Ozzie is!! – I said it in my 3rd post up.

When I was talking about the coach – I meant Lip. Read jk’s comment – I was commenting on the post that jk wrote.


Nope, lost this weekend. The high school club lost 26-23 when the opponent scored with :36 seconds left.

Did I bad mouth the team? Nope….considering they lost every game they played last season and are now on an nine game losing streak, just the fact that they had a lead and a chance to win in their case is good enough.

How bad is this program? (mainly because kids don’t want to go to the school) Well last year they scored a total of 72 points…. that’s in the season, and allowed 252.

Like Charlie Finley once said of Bill Veeck, “you can’t ballyhoo a funeral.”


You asked for some numbers? Here you go buddy…..

The Sox have hit 192 home runs this season…119 OF THEM HAVE BEEN SOLO SHOTS. (So much for that working the court and increasing the on base percentage…)

And here’s an “encouraging” piece of news…the White Sox have lost this series in Boston, meaning they have not won a series against a team with a current winning record since sweeping the Cubs on June 27-29 at U.S. Cellular Field. They haven’t won a series on the road against a team with a current winning record since taking two of three from the Tampa Bay Rays on April 18-20.


Klein… my philosophy is best summed up by something I was told in an interview on Tuesday with a member of the Sox organization.

As you know I try to look at things as they are, not how I’d like them to be. I happen to agree with his comment 100% and I post it here. Again this will be coming out “officially” in less then a month:

?Sox fan are less forgiving then other fan bases like the Cardinals, and I think a lot of that has to do with history. St. Louis, for example, has had 12 championships including two in my lifetime? until 2005 there were very few Sox fans alive who remembered 1917.?

What this person is saying is true, I’ll be happy to become a Pollyanna when the Sox over time give me a reason to do so. Blowing golden chances to make the post season, which happens for them as often as Republicans become Mayor of Chicago isn’t the way to go about doing that.

I “challenge” the White Sox to stop repeating the mistakes of the past (1964, 1967, 1996,2003 and 2006).



According to people that I have interviewed and also spoken with “off the record,” it’s been years since the Sox “lost money.” I suggest you change your statement to “who stand to not make as much money if Liptak’s gloom and doom comes true.”

We’ll see what interesting things develop today…remember they’ll probably lose to Lee tomorrow as well. He goes for his 20th win and the Clayton Richard’s of the world go after whatever it is the Clayton Richard’s go after.

Mark Liptak

And so, Boys and Girls of White Sox World…. Here we go again. I think we can all agree on ONE thing at least….. We want the White Sox to win todays game. Anything/ everything else really doesn’t matter. Whether we win or not is dependant on many things as we all know….

We need some good pitching from our guy Gavin. We need some good defense behind him. We need some timely hitting. Even a homer or two would be encouraging. If we got a little luck added to the above, that would be o.k. too. Now all we can do is sit back (relax, hopefully) and enjoy a White Sox Winner.

Lip, from your response I can see that you won’t join me in rooting for the White Sox. ( I guess you do that in your own way). You think blindly rooting is in essence sticking your head in the sand to the truth. I believe rooting for the Sox without admonishment is a healthy diversion from daily reality and I won’t stop in this. So here’s a truce “Buddy” and a hope I’m sure you will agree with. Go White Sox….. Enjoy the game everybody…… j.k.

Okay, there’s a good start to the game. Come on Gavin, come on White Sox… j.k.

Whew!!! And Oh Brother. This isn’t what I had in mind when I called for a relaxing game. Nice job getting out of trouble…. Runs, lots more runs….. Go White Sox ’08…. j.k.

got out of that mess didn’t they? why does it always have to be stressful… remember 3 up 3 down… those were the days! Congrats to Thome on catchin Mickey Mantle . . . wonder if the guy that got that ball realized that it’s a record ball, did they go get it from him, flippin the channels back and forth to weather (Gustav).

Klein, is this not on your tbs?

It is on tbs, but I’d rather be here with you all, at least for awhile… Go White Sox….. j.k.

i’ve got ‘custody’ of both the tv and computer – spoiled that way sometimes!

Congrats on the “coup”, krisv…. Here’s hoping Gavin can have an easier inning than the last couple… Go White Sox… j.k.

News flash!! News flash!! We got Pedroia OUT!!!!!!! Go Gavin… j.k.

Be patient Boys and we will get to Wakefield. Go Sox….. j.k.

I’m going to check out TBS now for a bit… Go Gavin,,, Go White Sox….

every friggin inning has to be drama filled?

I guess it’s just you and me krisv….. We still have the lead, but a couple more runs sure would be nice….. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Hi again from the left coast! I got to watch yesterday’s game, since it was on WGN, and boy, it wasn’t fun to watch! What I don’t understand is why, when Coop and AJ can see that Mark is leaving his pitches up, they don’t break the rhythm of the game, go out to the mound, and say something, anything, just to give him a little encouragement. Other teams, notably the Yanks, do this all the time. I think it breaks up the opposition momentum a bit, and gives moral support to the pitcher. I almost *never* see the White Sox do this. Can’t figure out why.

I also can’t figure out whether Walker does any during-the-game coaching, when he watches what the opposing pitchers are doing, and how our hitters are (or aren’t) adjusting to that. I often wonder if the players talk to one another about opposing pitchers, especially “new” ones, like Bowden.

Let’s hope we can get one today, and that the Twins keep losing. And absolutely, the Sox have to take care of their own business, and *not* depend on the Twins to bail them out by losing. It’s up to our guys to *win* as we say in Chicago, “early and often.”

Go White Sox!!!

Atta Boy, Paulie…… Hold them down Gavin… Go Sox…..j.k.

I don’t understand why they do a lot of what they do or don’t do . . . Mark clearly wasn’t hittin much yesterday yet he stayed in longer than I would’ve kept him in . . . course I’m no mlb manager and I don’t claim to be but I guess they have their reasons for everything…

This game is too close for me, hate these. Seems like everytime it looks like someone is going to hit a homerun it doesn’t go and vice versa…. I hate this field!

Hi Peggy….. Go White Sox…..

the Chipper and the Skipper??? Oh lord, please make em stop!!!!! πŸ™‚

we’re on TBS again next Sunday? that’s weird, 3 Sunday’s in a row, is that because we’re on top of the AL or is that just a pure coincidence? Do they make out their schedule at the beginning of the year?

Very good job by Gavin today. Now hold ’em right there, Matt and all…. Go White Sox… j.k.

O.K. this is working…. Watching on the tv, then running to the computer room to post…. So far so good, but how about a run or two more? Come on…. What do you say??? Go Sox…j.k.

Yeah!!!! That’s the way to chunk-it. Good job Oh-Do-Tell….. How about one run????? Please???? Go White Sox… j.k.

Klein, works for me a lot of times… that’s what I did in 2005 too… I had it on two tv’s and the computer . . . if I got nervous, I got up and went in the other room.. same game but seemed to work for me….

Hi Klein – Let’s hold Boston in the 9th and get this sweeeeeet win!

What do you know… A clutch hit… Way to go Joe… Way to go Alexei…. We got that run, now it’s Bobby time…. Go White Sox.. j.k.

By the way, glad to have your good luck charm on this board today!!!

When is the last time the Sox turned a double play? Anybody know?

omg – why do they have to do this all the time… get the sob out and be friggin done with it… why doesn’t ANYBODY cover 2nd… ever?? Do they not trust Hall to throw the guy out?? WHAT??? Someone answer me!

thank god for carlos once again…. geezuz and Mary, I’m tired of these tight *** games!

Woo-hoo!!! Way to go Q! Great to get the win!

Happy Labor Day to all!


Just walked in and saw the final out. That is all I needed to see.

Let’s got to Cleveland and get some work done.

I think this is a huge win on many fronts leaving Boston the way they played still leading the division is huge. Hopefully, the A’s can make it 3 in a row!

Hey, hey hey!!! the White Sox DO-DUE-DOO win!! We moidered them red sox!!!! At least we can now enjoy the company of our friends and family for the rest of the day….. Way to go Boys, just what the doctor ordered… And thank you very much…… Of course now ALL my hair has fallen out, and my nervous tic is worse than ever, but we won….

Now we need to play Cleveland the way we all know we CAN play them and build on this one game….. Go Sox ’08…. Happy Labor Day everyone….. j.k.

Gavin Floyd has been outstanding this season. Sometimes he is a little shaky, but more times than not he seems to come through. He has been lights out after tough tough games. Good for him. Good job by the bullpen (though Jenks made me mad for a while)…. I am glad that so far I am 1 game off of my prediction. Hopefully the A’s can come back *they are down 3-0 now*

I am nervous about this Cleveland series. Tomorrow Richard vs. Cliff Lee almost seems unfair…then you have Frosty Corona against us on Wednesday, and although he hasn’t been too good this year because of injuries he can dominate the Sox. We shall see. Personally I think Klien being here had a lot to do with this victory!

We might as well not play tomorrow’s game since Liptak has already put it in the win column for Lee and the Tribe.

In fact, why do we even bother to play the entire season???

I suggest major league baseball just does the following.

Issue standings in July with the White Sox in first place. Then issue standings again in August with the Twins just a game or two back.

Then, finally, put out the end of the regular season standings with the Sox losing a three-game lead in September and the Twins winning the division.

This way, everyone saves a lot of time, money and heartache.

After all, Liptak insists that it has happened this way all decade (and since 1917 for that matter) so why even bother going through with the effort???

Oh, and I’m really happy that White Sox “front office members” have plenty of time to do “interviews” with Liptak. Of course, there are no better experts in the game of baseball than marketing, broadcasting and ticket sales executives. I bet Peter Gammons, Tim Kurkjian and other national media are camping at the doorsteps of US Cellular to get the “inside” scoop from these executives.

Oh, and by the way, I seem to remember that the last time Lee started against the Sox, the team from the South Side won.

And the Clayton Richards of the world go after things with a much better fastball than announcers from Idaho do.


The WTBS schedule is partially made out in advance. They plot out ahead of time the games in April and May…after that they try to choose the best matchup’s possible.

Part of the reason the Sox have been on a lot lately is because each team is only allowed nine national broadcasts by either WTBS, Fox or ESPN. That’s nine appearances combined by everyone. These network’s practically had the Red Sox and or Yankees on every week and those teams are now out of appearances. The Sox / Minnesota race is currently the best going and that’s where they are focusing.



Feel free to root for the Sox in the way that you are most comfortable with. I’m not bashing you for that, I only get upset at those who decide to rip those who aren’t all ‘sunshine, lollipops and rainbows’ (with respect to Lesley Gore! LOL)

My personal opinion is that I think it’s wrong and dangerous to give unquestioned loyalty to anyone or anything, be it a religion, a government, a political party or a baseball team. To my knowledge there has only ever been one “perfect” human being and He came from different circumstances.


I am more relieved today that they won a game then happy. That’s honestly what I’m feeling right now.

But in a spirit of cooperation to those who look at things in a different spectrum I offer this for what it may be worth:

A. The White Sox went 17-12 in August. The Sox have had a winning month, EVERY month so far this season. March/April (combined because they only played one game in March), May, June, July, August.

I don’t know if the Sox have ever gone through an entire season without a losing month. Perhaps that’s something for Scot and his staff to look into.

B. The Sox only need five more wins to guarantee themselves a winning season and removed the stench from 2007.

On to Cleveland.

Mark Liptak


Some good shots there buddy! I give you credit.

You and Mark McGwire should be kindred spirits. After all he refused to “live in the past” and was “only going to look ahead” before Congress and came across as looking like a complete doofus.

I’ll let the public determine what they think of you, I’ve already drawn my own conclusions.


Regarding who I interview regardless of whom it is… player, broadcaster, former broadcaster, senior front office member, former front office member or former player, every single one of them knows more about the game then any fan (those are your words partner not mine…)

So I assume by your words that also includes you.

If you don’t like who I talk to and don’t like what they say feel free to go out and get your own interviews and do the work yourself.

Mark Liptak

I think sometimes I get pissed off at Liptak because he is from the same school as my dad. The sox could win 25 in a row but as soon as they lose they jump all over everything. I am not as bad as that, but growing up with my dad I have plenty of those tendencies as well. I agree with Liptak about not being 100 percent for anything without using a critical eye. Both of my grandmothers both suffered from this. One would vote republican every single year and one would vote democrat every singe year. It wouldn’t matter if you ran a **** on a stick, if it had the republican (or democrat) title they would vote for it. That blind loyalty annoys me.

However it also annoys the hell out of me when you can’t enjoy a win. Ever. Even if you win, you come up with 50 different things how they could have won more easily. That gets very annoying as well.

I personally don’t believe that front office marketing type people know a whole heck of a lot about baseball. I would put my knowledge of the game up against Brooks Boyers’ any day. To me they are company “yes” men to Jerry. However, I am sure that whoever Liptak interviews can provide some sort of insight to something. Plus he is just doing his job and doesn’t have ESPN helping him out along the way. So TC, give him a break.

Yes, kenwo, that’s the proper word…. annoying…. But in the spirit of de’tant I will not use it in connection with our “Buddy” from Idaho. Whoops….

I went to highschool in Phoenx and during my four years there that football team won only two games…. Very frustrating and almost laughable, so I can commisserate with the trouble that Idaho is having right now. Some years later though, the same school won the 4A title and became a force for years to come. So the pendulem (sic) has a way of swinging from one side to the other if you give it a chance. I wonder if there’s any connection to their winning and me no longer being at that school? Hmmm.

Personnaly, I’d rather surround myself with friends who have similar views ( I expect like most people do) than to complain all the time over things not even in my control. Pay attention to detail, change what you can and don’t sweat what you can’t change. Sounds kinda like a prayer doesn’t it…… Oh yeah, I forget the part about giving me strength……. Give the Boys strength too for the upcoming series against the Indians, but then I don’t want to sound blasphemous, so maybe I should just say Go White Sox and end it right there. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do….. See you all tomorrow…. j.k.


I know Liptak is just doing his job. It’s just that eveytime he interviews somebody for the other website, he has to tell us all that he did it. Evertime Mark Gonzales answers his email, we hear about it. I swear, Liptak’s ego must be bigger than most of the millionaires who put on uniforms in the big leagues.

I try to look at the positive side but by no means consider myself a pollyana. I get just as frustrated as everyone else. But, I realize my place in all this and know just how tough a job it is for Ozzie, the coaches, the GM and the players to do their jobs under such scrutiny.

I feel that I am very realistic and I refuse to dwell on the past.

Are the odds good that the Sox will beat Lee in Cleveland tomorrow?? Of course not. But it is possible and that is why they will play the game.

But, I can rest easy and get a good night’s sleep now that I know that Liptak has already drawn his own conclusions about me. I was so worried about his opinion.

Now, back to important things like how can anybody in their right mind eat broccoli and not be repulsed by it?????


I’m not going to pretend that I’m good enough to work in the Chicago market but I will say this, I haven’t spent nearly thirty years in my job because of “luck” either.

“I Know A Little” as Lynard Skynard once intoned.

There are plenty of people who work in major markets who are absolutely dumb as a post. And you know that as well as I do. Hell you see them every day just in Chicago. Jay Mariotti was making between 200,000 and 250,000 thousand a year just from the Sun-Times and I don’t think he’d be confused with a Rhodes Scholar.

People get where they are for a number of reasons… right place, right time is a factor, “knowing” someone (as Vince Lloyd and I once discussed) can be a help. Today, what ethnic background and what sex you are definitely plays a part. And the individual has to decide if he or she wants to faces the pressures and the cut throat mentality, the sensationalistic approach that permeates today’s media ESPECIALLY in a major market.

The Chicago media I grew up with isn’t there any longer and frankly I don’t think I’d have the stomach for the way things are today.

The only thing I personally resent from your comments is the implication that because I (or anybody else for that matter) don’t work for the Eastern Sports Programming Network or work in Chicago or Dallas or Pittsburgh that we don’t know jack squat.

That is complete, unadulterated, BS.

I do my jobs with professionalism, integrity, preparation and thoroughness and I defy anybody to say otherwise.

I’ll personally send you the link when I start doing the ISU women in New Mexico in November and you can listen for yourself.



I appreciate your comments and can’t find fault with them. Keep in mind though when I interview Brooks for example, the topics I discuss are different with him then what I ask Roland Hemond about or Billy Pierce or Greg Pryor or Carlos May or Jack McDowell or or Milo Hamilton.

I’m not saying that Brooks doesn’t know baseball, he still probably knows much more then practically any average fan but his focus is in a different area and I act accordingly.

Mark Liptak

don’t think this girl’s gonna jump in the middle of testosterone at its best… πŸ˜‰

Minnesota is wiping their ***** with Oakland so… so much for that bright note to add to our bright win today . . . I thought Oakland was better than this!

Cubs lost two in a row, when was the last time they did that . . . one could hope this is the beginning of their demise but I’m not going to count on it!


For the second time I’ll address your comment on my “quoting” the people I talk with. I did it before and either you didn’t see it or you ignored it.

Again let me be absolutely clear on this. My “ego” has ZERO to do with why I do that.

I do it because, in your own words ‘fans don’t know the game.’ I’m a fan, therefore based on your logic, what I say has ZERO meaning to you.

Therefore when I talk to someone and what they have to say dovetails with my opinion, I let you know about it. You think my opinion is refuse, but when someone else that I assume you respect, says or feels the same way, that offers credibility to my position. (and subsequently weakens your stance)

That’s not so hard to understand is it?

Mark Liptak

Okay, this has gotten way out of control.

First of all Mark, my only comment was about how I wish you would stop telling us all about who you have interviewed. I know you mentioned it before but I still see it as namedropping and that gets old fast.

I never — repeat never — made any attempts to denigrate your work because you are in a small market. For one thing, I’ve only seen a couple of your pieces on the other site and I have never read your newspaper work in Idaho or heard you over the air so I would have no base for even attempting to criticize your work. All I have criticized is your negative “gloom and doom” that you constantly preach on this board. That gets old too, as jk pointed out last night and as Marie and others have pointed out at other times.

And my memory is not as good now that I have started my second half century, but I sure don’t ever remember saying that fans don’t know the game. I know a lot of fans that are very knowledgeable. Many of them are right here on this board. If I didn’t care about what fans had to say, I wouldn’t waste my time reading this board every day. I don’t read any others so I can’t comment on what is written there.

I only made the reference to the ESPN and national reporters to point out that the opinions of front office types (and I know many people who have worked or still do work in MLB and pro sports front offices but I won’t drop their names) are not really the ones that matter much to any media or any fans. Sure, I’d like to hear what the GM says or what the owner (at least some of the owners) says but unless it pertains to off the field issues, then the opinions of the front office people mean very little outside of their own world.

I wish you well with your high school and college broadcasting. I have done much of that myself over the years and will never knock it for being small-time. In fact, high school and small-college athletics are the only real, true athletics that seem to exist anymore. Kids playing for the love of the game and the chance to improve themselves. No million dollar contracts. No free agency. No shoe deals. Just play, have fun and try to win. It is a great atmosphere to be around.

It sounds like you have a great job and a great life for yourself in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. That is why I get so surprised and shake my head when I read your depressing, negative and sour remarks about the White Sox. The White Sox play the same game as the kids you follow every day out there. Sure, the stakes are a little higher financially and the attention is certainly greater and much more widespread. But in the end, the goal is the same — play the game to win. Sox players are nothing more than grown men playing a kid’s game and earning a tremendous living doing it. I’m really happy that there are some players (Ron Kittle, Jim Thome are just a couple that come to mind) who realize that and have not let the big money put their lives and their feelings out of whack.

Enough for my Sunday sermon. I guess I must not have liked the one I heard at church today. Or maybe I slept through it!

As jk says, “Go Sox ’08.”

That is TOTALLY what it is, Namedropping. Ugh.


I can only tell you it isn’t, it’s not my intent to do so and if you take it that way I can only apologize. I know what’s in my heart and in my head.



I am what I am and you are what we are. The common ground that we share is that we are both Sox fans perhaps we can find common ground in that and move on from there.

I’m willing to lower the temperature on this discourse if you will.

Mark Liptak

Considered it lowered. Let’s beat the Tribe tomorrow and deny Lee his first shot at No. 20. I don’t think he has had any starts yet since getting No. 19.


Also I’d have to go back and reexamine each post so I’m paraphrasing but you said along the lines of ‘fans and the media can’t possibly know the game as well as the players. I’ll take their word before anyone else’s…”

That’s why when I speak with folks who should know the game I ‘name drop’ (your words). Obviously based on your comment I have to justify my opinions and that’s the only way that I know how which fulfills your requirements to give you proof that someone else feels the same way.

Perhaps in the future I should just paste the link and you can read their comments for yourself?

Mark Liptak

Okay, okay, who was knocking broccoli? You people sicken me. Gotta say, the italian broccoli is better (also known as rapini or broccoli rabe)….. Cool it on the broccoli, I am serious folks >:-(

Alright, I leave you guys for a few hours and all hell breaks loose! I read every post (well ,skimmed) and I didn’t see any name dropping – what’s the name? Who is it????? Huh, huh??

You guys all need to chill, you are so mean to each other, can’t we all just get along?

Now for the WS winner, it was nice to see them have life once again – Bobby is going to give me acne! I hope we can take atleast 2 of 3 in Cleveland. Really nervous about the homestand coming up – the Angels.

What are you guys gonna do w/out me for a WHOLE week?? How will I watch the WS – I guess I could call home to find the scores out from the other half.

Did anyone see the play where Sabathia fumbled the ball and the official scorer called it a hit? What do you think, do you think it was a hit or should it have been an error?


I just read the name dropping, there’s alot, it doesn’t bother me, though – I don’t get impressed with people who know celebrities, or celebrities themselves. They all bleed red like the rest of us (maybe not Michael Jackson, he might bleed green or white)

-When I went to Picnic in the Park – I felt sooooo stupid going up to the players and asking for their Autograph – I personally like to take pics with them instead.-

tc- I am with you on the whole broccoli thing – plus it gives you bad gas!!

Hey Jen,

News flash! They have tv’s in Florida that will have ESPN and other sports stations that will not only give you scores of the White Sox games but maybe even a highlight or two (although some guys on this board will dispute that).

And guess what??? Some of the hotels even have computers in their lobbies that you can log onto to check email, internet, etc. So you can read about my total disgust with how broccoli looks and Liptak’s total disgust with how the White Sox play!

So there you have it. You won’t even have to call your “other half.”

Seriously, stay safe and don’t hesitate to bolt if the storms turn that way. I need you safe and sound in the never-ending battle against broccoli.

I like broccoli….. Go Sox…. j.k.

Jen, Have a wonderful time (weather permitting) at the magic Kingdom…. And stay safe…. Go White Sox… j.k.

I don’t like tomatoes or avacados…. Go white sox ’08…j.k.

I like Clayton Richard….. But not as much as Jen likes Joe Crede…… Go Chicago White Sox….. j.k.

“Burma Shave” ( that one’s for you TQ)…. tomorrow everyone. I’m going back to playing with my granddaughter…..

I think you’ve all lost it a little… see what tight races and tight games does to people. . . I don’t luv broccoli but with cheese, it’s yummy . . . avacados… nada and tomatos…not so much either. . . I’m just plain chocolate and red meat! πŸ™‚ She needs to watch for Hanna the possible hurricane . . . this weekend. . . Gustav isn’t really going to do anything to Florida ‘cept some rain . . . who goes to Florida in Sept, don’t the kids have school???


You ask who goes to Fla in Sept???

Well, we have Gustav and Hannah now so we are only an Isabella (or something with an I) away from Hurricane Jen hitting the Orlando area in a couple of days!!!!

lol – this is true! That’s kinda frightening in itself!!! Personally, I wish the damn storm would hit already, the anticipation and constant weather updates drives me insane, what I wouldn’t do for a good snow storm right now!

I’m off to bed, tomorrow might prove to be a long worrisome day and night – hope to see ya’ll tomorrow night at game time! GO SOX!

So in the Midwest and Plains we get snowstorms and tornadoes. In the Northeast they get snowstorms. In the south and on the Gulf Coast you get hurricanes (and tornadoes in the south). In California, Oregon and Washington, you are susceptible to earthquakes.

I guess the only place where you are relatively safe from natural disasters is where jk is in Tucson. And he gets to play golf almost year round. And he has a granddaughter to play with.

We should all go visit jk and maybe even move there!!!!

wouldn’t that be fun, all of us living near one another . . . some how, I don’t think that would work very well . . too many strong personalities in one little area with so much to argue about . . . could be fatal! LOL

You don’t like avacados? I like avacados… and broccoli…. and tomatoes… and chocolate…. and red meatπŸ˜€ Why are we talking about food anyway? Now I am hungry and I don’t have anything good here. What the hell people.

I am not too fond of oranges…but orange pop is one of my favorites. go figure.

Especially if me, Kenwo, and Liptak were all within physical reach of one another!!!!!

We are in first place on Sept. 1. It hasn’t been an easy ride but it’s nice to be there. Of course, it doesn’t mean squat if we are not there (or in the wild card) come the end of the day Sept. 28.


I’m hungry myself. Time to raid the fridge before hitting the sack.

And I guess it was my broccoli comment yesterday that started all this. Well, at least we’re not talking about Crede’s back.

Hey boys, just found a show on FSN called Baseball’s Golden Age . . I’m willing to bet it’s on ya’lls Fox Sports Net too . . . it appears to be about the Brooklyn Dodgers . . . it’s on again tomorow afternoon . . . might want to check your menus… I mean baseball is baseball and as hardcore as we’re all into it.. you guys might like the show too…

It would be wonderful if you all lived out here. We could golf, BBQ, swim in the pool every day. We could watch beautiful sunsets together and sing songs while holding hands…… What am I saying, You’re right tc…. we’d KILL each other……

A visit maybe, but anything long term would do us all in. Look what happened to dleeun, and Harkins(from last year). They both live(d) in Az, but haven’t been heard from for a long time….

Talk to you all later…. Go Sox (so glad I don’t have to specify which ones any more) ’08…… j.k.

Good morning to all!!

I,m glad everyone had such a blast w/out me last night – I waited for someone to respond and I gave up – so I went to bed. Waking up at 7:30 is killing me.

Well, you guys will have to put up with me until Wed night, we are leaving at 5am on Thurs. We are taking a limo to the airport! My kids have never been in a limo! We decided to go in Sept because the kids WILL be back at school, it won’t be so crowded. I don’t think my 1st grader and Kindergardner will miss too much:)
We are staying at the Disney vacation club – they might have a computer somewhere –
I remember 2 years ago when we went to Disney and I would watch Espn to find the scores, and I would have to watch for hours before they talked about the WS, and it was the May ’06 right after they won the fricken’ world series. They still didn’t talk about them! I won’t hold my breath.

Kenwo –
you shouldn’t eat right before bed – you’ll get fat and have nightmares!

I think we should all do a reality tv show like Big Brother! And we could throw some Cub Fans in there – that would be a seller!! I come up with all the good ideas – I’m gonna sell it to ABC.

jk – you don’t need a roomate, do you! Because I’m there on the first plane, especially with the winter coming (I hate – HATE the winter, the cold, the snow)

I don’t like tomatoes, but I love ketchup (whats up with that?)

Jen, I’m quite sure my wife would veto the roommate idea, but it would be nice to meet you nonetheless. Actually, we get snow here too, sometimes. About every three or four years we will get maybe a couple of inches. You should see the people try to drive…… Hysterical!…… Go Sox… j.k.

How about a live-in maid or you could adopt me and my kids:)

I know, you could be my long lost younger sister. Then I would be responsible for you and my nephews, and of course, my long lost Aunt, your Mother….. This is getting complicated. Have fun with Mickey and Donald…. j.k.

I’m thinking this blog is starting to sound like a mixture of Julia Childs and All My Children…… Go Sox…. j.k.

Hi Everyone –

Happy Labor Day to all! I am ready to cap off this beautiful three day weekend with a White Sox win – how about you guys???

Let’s go get ’em tonight boys!

Marie (the one with the -e and who likes broccoli but not tomatoes)

And I forgot to ask………………….WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU SCOTT?? We need a new post!


I’ll second that thought MariE, We do need a new post from Scott. He must also be enjoying the holiday…. , Don’t allow Lee to be the first 20 game winner this season… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Haven’t we seen this movie before? First two get on, then left stranded….. Come on Richard…… Go Sox… j.k.

Excellant catch JD…. Now let’s go to work again against Lee….. Go Sox…. j.k.

Soooooooooo close Jimmy, but no ceeegar.

Be patient Boys, put the ball in play and we’ll be O.K….. j.k.

what the hell, first we have defamation of broccoli and now I have to see anti-tomato and avocado propaganda…..

gas? what kind of broccoli are you eating anyway?

Very good job by Clayton to minimize the damage…. Now it’s our turn. Start us off Alexei, Joe, OC, etc… Go Sox…. j.k.

Funny, windy….. Go Sox… j.k.

Well, urging our Guys on didn’t work. I’ll have to think of something else. In the meantime,,, Go Clayton… Go Sox… j.k.

Why does Clayton throw the ball like my Mom when he isn’t on the mound??

Hmmm, Dreaded leadoff walk =run…. Error = run… Come on Guys, you’ve got to tighten it up…. Go Sox… j.k.

That’s the way to do it. Unbelievable play to turn two started by O.C….. Good job… Go Sox…j.k.

I hate broccoli. Also, Jen was right windy, it is one of the top producers of gas for many people, along with beans and cabbage and other veggies.

Sweet DP btw.

That’s 11 in a row set down by Mr. Lee….. We need to be more patient and drive up his pitch count. Hold ’em Clayton… Go Sox…. j.k.

Well, an hour into the game and I see I haven’t missed anything spectacular except the continued discussion about the pros and cons of broccoli – – – appears to be more exciting than this game so far.

I’m pleased to announce and weirdly a little disappointed that the ‘storm of the century’ as the Mayor of New Orleans called it puked out on us and we barely got any rain even.


Glad to hear that Kris! I’m happy you were spared the bad storm.

Avacados are good! But the big question looms….what about cauliflower?

ANything’s better than this game to discuss.

Come on boys, give us something good to talk about!


Do we have anyone warming up in the pen? I think it may be time.

Richard is missing by inches and the Indians are just pounding him.

O.K. let’s try this… We need baserunners….. down four.. Go Sox…. j.k.

I can’t wait until the Sox have a natural center fielder starting out there everyday.

See what happens when our guys don’t eat a balanced diet including many different veggies?

Seriously though, we gotta get some runs on the board…

OK, Oz, it’s not working! It would if we could get some runs, but I’m pretty sure we need hits first!!!!!!!!!

Now it’s 14 in a row set down….. I know… a couple of errors and a dinger and we’re right back in the game. Then their pen blows it…. Yeah, that would work… Go Sox… j.k.

Cauliflower is good too… j.k.

4 run lead for Lee, ain’t looking good. I’m keeping the faith for a couple more innings

Beans don’t give me gas, neither do White castles, I don’t think broccali does, but I read somewhere it did. Nothing really gives me gas. I kind of like cauliflower, I really like carrots!!

We can come back. I gotta keep the faith. Come on boys a couple of bloops, and a couple of blasts. That’s not unheard of. We KNOW you can do it and colletively on this blog, we are gonna will it to happen.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!, not Mike Macdougal, they called him down for September call-ups. That is one WS player I cannot stand!!

Right MariE… We will WILL the Boys to Victory….. But it would be a good idea to get another hit or two…. Go Sox… j.k.

Hmmm, another Hmmmm. I was thinking that Cliff Lee missed the start time of the game tonight. He gave up two hits in the first, then realized it was time to start pitching, so he did. And boy, has he ever so far…. We still have three innings to work with, so, come on Boys, hold them and then get a run, or two, or three,…. j.k.

Doesn’t Mike MacDougal look like a really tall lepruchaun?


That’s too funny, MariE! Red-Headed step child, I was thinking, but I like yours better!


If the score stays the same or if the Tribe adds on, the thing I will hate the most will be listening to Lip complaining about the game….Now we have Boone Logan coming in. Another blog favorite…. Come on Boone, come on Sox… j.k.

If anyone wants to step-up tonite and be the 1st to get a run, I won’t hold you back!!

Oh look, it’s our fav back, ole’ Boonie!

Does anyone know if the garbage men will come tomorrow?

My scheduled day is Tuesday, but with today a holiday, will they still be on schedule?? (Garbage Men)

Good job Boone, but then what did we have to lose? maybe Ozzie is seeing what he has today… Come on Boys….. A walk, hit, error, passed ball third strike call… anything… go Sox.. j.k.

Just close your eyes and hit the damn ball!!

Maybe we can trade Mac for Cliff Lee? I’ll wake up now!

I don’t have time to write inbetween innings anymore. We Gone Too Quick…..Go Sox……. j.k………

Looks like he swallowed a ball, he’s all adams apple!

I got the computer right here in the tv room (family room, whatever) So I can watch and type all at the same time!!

Geez did we go back in time a year?

Three up three down for the Indians… Good job Mac… Boy has it been a long time since I said that…… Could this be the harbinger ( one for you TQ) of things to come for the Sox……?????? j.k.

What I wouldn’t do for a real White Castle right now, not the frozen kind! Carrots. . . eww…. leave me gackin just like this ball game . . . sorry to say, I didn’t even turn it on today, just had a feeling it wasn’t going to be pretty, and it’s not, just following it on mlb scoreboard. Why we sinking folks – – – hope this is just one bad game.

OK, let’s pretend for a moment that MacDougal becomes really good. (My kids and I came up with this early in the year). So, anyway, he’s so good they make a commerical with him in it (like they did for Thome, AJ, Dye, etc). And it is Mike McDougal striking someone out and they show him doing the Irish jig with a kilt on, on the mound. Since he is a giant lepruchaun and alll.

OK, how about a hit? Someone, please??????????


Thank God!!
Maybe he’s gettin’ tired!!

HOw about for once, we at least move Paulie over.

HaHaHa – MariE!!

Jeez…..Alexei, we needed you. If you aren’t careful, tc won’t love you any more.

OK, maybe we have been just holding back until the ninth to make it exciting????


Games not over, BUT….. We lose to a leading Cy Young candidate, so what? We will take two from Cleveland the next two days and still be in first place when we come home for Thursday… Go White Sox.. j.k.

Don’t worry, Marie, Alexei is still my man.

And I wish Cliff Lee were pitching for us because in 2008 he has been THE man.

He’s not about to be 20-2 by accident. And he has done it in the stronger league and on a losing team. Really quite a story.

This game is driving me Freakin’ crazy!!!!!!

Kris, glad Gustav wimped out on ya! LOL!

And thanks to all of yesterday’s posts, now I”M hungry!!!
I like broccoli, tomatoes are okay, LOVE avocados but absolutely DO NOT like cauliflower! Chocolate and red meats are my favorites. What can I say, I’m a carnivore.

Happy Labor Day Everyone! It looks like our team kinda took the day off too huh?
Oh well, let’s ALL get back to work tomorrow! (That means you too White Sox!)

Oh yeah, and as far as all of us living in the same neighborhood? ……..yeah, I doubt it would work, and I’m usually a pessimist! Go figure!


Well, if we have to lose one, at least we lose to a really good pitcher. No doubt about that. AND, the twinks didn’t win today (ok, they didn’t play today), but even IF we lose we are still in first place.

HEY, let’s make it interesting in the 9th. Whaddya say???

Hi tc, glad you made it!


Was that a cub fan in the crowd?

Well, there you go.. Congrats to Cliff Lee. Now let’s get them tomorrow…. Go Sox… j..k

Atleast we won’t have to face him in the playoffs!

Well, being a pollyanna and all, there’s always tomorrow and we are still in first place. Just because we lost doen’t mean we stunk, we just got beat by a better pitcher. (at least it wasn’t a no name pitcher – so there’s one thing we won’t have to hear about shortly).

Have a good night WS fans and I’ll see ya all back here tomorrow, same time, same place, different result.


Interesting strategy by Ozzie tonight.

He was faced with either A) using Richard tonight against the soon-to-be Cy Young winner Lee and throwing Danks on an extra day tomorrow against Carmona or B) matching up Danks — one of his best — against the Tribe’s best tonight and then throwing Richard against the less-imposing Tribe starter tomorrow.

I guess if you look at the logic, it makes sense. Of course, I am such a stubborn competitor that hates to give in to anybody at any time so I probably would have challenged them with Danks tonight.

Naturally, that explains why Ozzie is managing the Sox and I am sitting here typing on this blog and throwing broccoli out there for public discussion.

Oh, and Marie and jk, just to save you the time of having to wait for Liptak to chime in, it will go something like this —–

Well, folks, that was disgusting. Absolutely a disgrace. Not so much the loss but the fact that they didn’t show up. Lee may be 20-2 but he spent part of last year in the minor leagues for goodness sakes.

It’s not like we were facing Randy Johnson or Roger Clemens in their prime. This is gonna be another 2006, 2004 (etc., etc.).

There, now you don’t have to wait for the report from the Mountain Time Zone.

Right! tc, keep that broccoli coming our way…

With your same logic mariE…. Four of the last five Sox games have been less than stellar ( trying to beat the Lip to the punch), But we are still in first place. Tomorrow is another day and we can/WILL get them and remain in first… Go White Sox… j.k.

Yours was MUCH better than mine tc… Good Job… j.k.

Thank you tc, for the condensed short report. Much shorter than it will be, I fear, from the potato capital of the world.

And, to continue on with vegetable talk, I do LOVE me some potatoes.

Let’s go get ’em tomorrow boys.


It’s nice to still be in first place (and to have been there at the start of the day on Sept. 1) but all that really matters is being there at the end.

I know the Twins can’t wait to get home but neither can the Sox. The Twins are finishing a 14-game trip but we are putting the final touches (and certainly not real good ones) on a 10-gamer.

The Cell will really look good to these guys come Friday.

After rereading your last post tc, I’d have to say that it was not only outstanding, but clever and Way ahead of it’s time (maybe an hour or so). Also very funny and topical…. all I can add is Go JohnnyD, Go Sox, Go (away) Lip…. Naw,,, that wouldn’t be nice… He does add to this blog with his stats and his passion (albeit mostly negative)….. (Sorry Lip)…. j.k.

We are TIED for first place!!

My brain must have been fried earier. What I meant to say was…I am usually an OPTIMIST. (Freaudian slip or what?)

BTW, where the heck has Maria been? Haven’t heard from her in awhile. Hey Maria!!!! Where are you?

Maybe she is where Scott is because neither have posted in a while. Things that make you go hhhmmm……….

MariA and Scott,,,, Hmmmmmm : More of As the World Turns….. Whoops, dinner time… later all… j.k.

Dinner time? I’m making my kids get ready for bed for school tomorrow. YES!!!! They hate it, I love it.

Careful now Lisa!!! Let’s don’t get our man Scott in any hot water here.

Thoughts like that may get you banned from US Cellular Field. Of course, with a mind like that you should be working on political campaigns.

Funny story for ya all, not baseball related (well, sort of, it’s about my big fat cat Mr. Buehrle, name after – you know)
Anyways the other night, I hear a big crash, so I went downstairs and there’s Mr. B standing over the cricket keeper and there’s big crickets jumping around all over – we have two Whites Dumpy frogs and they eat crickets, I thought I got them all, but I just saw one, they are big, like an inch long – that cat is always doing naughty things!!


No offense taken. I’m actually not upset at all. I knew there was no chance to win this one and had already written it off as one of those 60 automatic losses that even the best teams get every season.

All the positive energy in the world can’t help hitters when Lee was pitching the way he was. These guys have trouble beating rookies and double A call up’s, they weren’t going to touch him.

Mark Liptak

Ahhhhh, there’s the negative jab we have all been waiting for. And there’s the Mark L. we all know and, well, you know.

See you tonight WS fans, when we get ’em tomorrow.


I meant see you tomorrow, but you guys knew that, right?

Funny thing about facing the hot pitchers, Mark. I know this is a note from the past and I am bringing it up but it was so unique that I remember it like it was just last week. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the ’08 Sox.

Back in ’86 when the Red Sox were rolling on their way to blowing a World Series to the Mets, they had a young pitcher having an incredible year. Some big kid from Texas named Clemens.

He was on sort sort of amazing win streak and he and the Big Bad Carmines were coming to Comiskey to face the severely underachieving White Sox in a Monday night game to be televised by ABC (Michaels, McCarver, et al.)

The infamous Jose DeLeon (who Hawk acquired for some young left-handed hitting slugger named Bobby Bonilla) was facing Clemens.

Of course, DeLeon threw a gem, and Clemens — well he threw a fit on a questionable call by Greg Kosc at first base and got himself tossed in something like the fourth or fifth inning and was down 2-1. He went on to get the loss and slow down his express to the Cy Young.

A couple of Mondays later, the same two teams were to meet in Fenway Park, again in front of Alphonse and the ABC audience. It was DeLeon against Clemens again. Again, the Whites beat the Reds, this time by a single run and the winning run scored on a sac fly in the eight or ninth off of Clemens by none other than the unforgettable Julio Cruz.

I think Clemens lost 4 or 5 games all year (prior to the postseason) and two were to Jose DeLeon. And who said Hawk didn’t know what he was doing when he traded away Bobby Bonilla!!!!!!

So, there were two instances when the 60 or so games you are supposed to lose did not happen. Of course, that ’86 team was supposed to (and did) lose a lot more than 60. And I’ll bet that Quaid still has his scoresheets from both of those games!

Those two games are also proof to me why it is absolutely crazy and idiotic for anyone to ever wager money on a baseball game. Too many goofy things happen.

Sorry Marie…facts are facts.

I’m not knocking you for trying to get everyone to think positively and that somehow that will transfer through the either to Cleveland to help the hitters. If you think that, more power to you. Scientifically though I just find that a tad hard to believe. (I don’t think you were being serious by the way just having a little fun with you…)

Like the wise man once said, “the Lord helps those who help themselves…” The only people who can really help the Sox are the players themselves.

They’ll be facing some tough pitchers in the next week or so…Weaver, Saunders, Halliday and Burnett I believe.

We’ll see what happens. Maybe being at home where they seem to play better will help.

Mark Liptak


You can say that about any pro sport though if you think about it which is why I don’t gamble money.

But I think you’ll agree that the odds were very, very, VERY long on this one and that’s a lot of how I judge things, ‘is there a reasonable chance?’

Tonight I would say no.

What’s funny though if you go to WSI and read the post game thread there were folks who posted that they had written this game off last week! LOL

And yes I do remember that season and those games you were referring to. After that though if memory serves, (and I’d have to look it up) Clemens thoroughly kicked our behinds for the next ten years.

Mark Liptak

Yes Clemens did straighten himself out against the Sox. As he did against so many other teams in baseball.

Minnesota has three tough ones in Toronto so it would be nice to get these next two in Cleveland. And then maybe we see the good Mark Buerhle when he comes back to the comfy feelings of the Cell.

tc and klein: I didn’t mean it like that!

Men. Minds always in the gutter…tsk, tsk. LOL!


Well this was a bad game tonight. I like Liptak had this one written off long before the game started though. Didn’t much like the odds. Unfortunately I don’t much like the odds tomorrow either. Fausto Carmona (or Frosty Corona as I like to call him) was one of the top pitchers in the league last year. This year he has endured some control problems and injuries but this game will not be a walk in the park. I think Frosty won 19 games last season. The sox better step up against some of these tough pitchers this week or we will be outside looking in.

As for cauliflower, it is great when you use them with bread crumbs….Yummy

In my predictions from the other day, I picked the sox to drop 2 of 3 and I am afraid the 2nd one will be tomorrow.

“Maybe she is where Scott is because neither have posted in a while. Things that make you go hhhmmm……….”

(A post from Lisa earlier tonight)

Lisa, just how were Klein and I supposed to take that????

If our minds are in the gutter, then they are only following yours to see what is there!!!!

Okay Kenwo. You’re even.

My food comments late last night on the blog made you hungry and your post about Frosty Corona has now made me thirsty!!!!

I say bring him on. My man Alexei is due for a big night and I have a feeling that Konerko (if he plays) is ready for a big night as well.

I like this…. Reasonable Liptak…. Well said. you made your points without insulting anyone and with humor also. I’m proud to call you a fellow Mountain-Time-Zoner… Now where is the REAL Liptak? (HAHAHAHAHA)…

Tc, I remember the season, but don’t clearly remember those two games. Seems to me that the Sox used to have Clemens number there for awhile… Thanks for the visit down memory lane though…

Lisa…. When I last wrote, it was about 7PM our time…. What are the other possibilities?….(that question to your post of 10:22 above)…

Just one game gang, and only one game matters: the one tomorrow night, So go get it….. Go Sox… j.k.

Anyone know what the Sox’ record against Carmona has been? I sure hope the bats haven’t gone to sleep again, the way they did in the early part of the season. These games are all vital, and no matter how well our pitchers pitch, we can’t win without scoring runs.

I was hoping the whole team would be inspired by the bunt single Alexei got last night. Not that they can all bunt for a single, heaven knows Paulie isn’t nearly fast enough to do that. I just hoped it would ignite a spark, cause the whole team to focus on getting on base, and getting around the bases. Lately, they haven’t looked like a team that’s doing whatever it takes to get on and around the bases.

Anyway, they are all talented, know how to play this game, and will probably win tomorrow, right?

Good morning all, and a very belated Right! to your question from last night Peggy…. Go Sox… j.k.

Yeah, well, take this game for what it was. The best pitcher in the American league showing everyone why…….what’d we get, 3 hits?

Pitching aside, Ozzie’s game of musical chairs AINT getting it done. He needs to find the player who’s hitting the ball and making the plays and play them. When someone is hot, keep them in the line up for god’s sake! This one game on two games off nonsense is just that.

So who’s not hot? Swisher. He needs to sit down………..for those that haven’t paid attention lately, he’s 0-17 on this recent hitting streak and his average is now 10 pts below PK’s (.226 vs .236)

Who’s warming up dept. PK. Yes, that same PK everyone was bashing. He should be playing 1B every day. Playing him one game or two and sitting him two is ridiculous. The irony is he’s now one of the few who is hitting. End of story no further discussion. and I don’t wanna hear about the ball that caroomed off his glove last night.

Who is hot dept.? Thome. He should be the DH. Every damn day.

From the what happened to Brian Anderson dept. Why isn’t he playing Ozzie? He hits better than Swisher, plays defense better than Swisher or Griffey…..and now that Griffey has a sore leg, he should be in CF.

Ozzie was quoted today as saying he doesn’t know when the call ups are gonna play due to they (SOX) has to win and win. Well then play the right players.

Aside from all this, I can give you 1,390 reasons the Sox will make the playoffs………that’s what I paid for the post season tickets I got the other day…….LOL……

Tonight’s gonna be a winner and the twinkies will lose to toronto. Go Sox.

Pretty honest, straight forward account, of the final stretch of 25 games and what ultimately may prove to be the difference in who wins and who makes tee times the first week of October:

Mark Liptak

I feel like I just finished pouring over a tip sheet at a race track. After doing this, here are my findings:

Sox, 25 games to play…. 12-13 record by my calculations…

Twins, 25 games to play…. 14-11 record…..

Key series for them: Vs. Toronto for the next three days, I have the Twins winning only one of these… Vs. Tampa Bay, I have the Twins winning only one of these as well. That pretty much HAS to happen because the rest of the Twinkies schedule home and away is against sub 500 teams, (excepting us of course).

Key series for us: The next two against Cleveland, I had us winning only one here, so if we can capture the next two, that would be good….Vs. NYY for four, Angels for three and Toronto for four, I have us winning only four of these 11 games. We must do better here. Then there is the series all of us are expecting to “make or break” us later against the Twins….

Conclusion: We need to get hot for a week or ten days. Cleveland recently won 10 games in a row, So did the Twins earlier in the year. We could to…. But it won’t be easy… I wish my news was better, but we still can take this thing. It’s all up to the Boys and how they play…. Starting with the game tonight… Go Sox… j.k.

Well, let’s see… what has been going on the last few days?…

Jerry Lewis raises over 65 million dollars to fight muscular dystrophy… (Even with the economy of this country in the crapper the last few years, that is a tremendous accomplishment…) “HEY, LAAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYYY!!!”

A contestant finally broke through and won the $ 1,000,000.00 on Deal Or No Deal… (I love Helene with all my heart BUT if one of those D or N D models came around…well…)

And… oh, yes…

The White Sox once potent offense has been emasculated by some very good pitching…

“Weekend in New England”… Good title for a song by Barely Man enough… I’m sorry, Barry Manilow… but it was a lousy idea for the boys…

They got shredded by Dice K and the kid from Waubonsee Valley HS on the mound… while the WS pitchers gave up 30 hits the first 2 games… half for extra bases…13 doubles, a triple and a HR… Dustin Pedroia had his own personal batting practice… Who would have thought that Big Sloppi would have been held in check, while the rest of the Carmines waltzed around the bases… Heck, folks, they were (as they would say DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS… right, kiddo?) plum tuckered out Sunday… but almost took that game too…

Yesterday on the shores of old Lake Erie, in the shadows of the Rock N Roll HOF and Quicken Loan Arena (not TOO much corporate goings on there, eh?), Cliff Lee cemented the ’08 Cy Young Award with his performance… But by the way the Cleveland fans and Lee himself reacted to the Pierzynski stare down in the dugout after the game… you would think there was a grudge between them…

One of the bloggers to the Plain Dealer story on the game ( region/ clevelandplaindealer)is “… sick and tired of Pierzinsky the punk and his stupid hair and fat mouth. It would be fine by me if the Indians threw at him every time he came up and made him eat dirt… And the only reason Guillen gets away with all the crap he is always spouting off is because he is Latino… If a white manager made as much noise as that a-whole (his spelling)he would get suspended. Both of these guys are bad for baseball.”…

Well, to that Einstein in Ohio, I say this… If you had Guillen as a manager, and Pierzynski as a catcher… you may not have had such a bad season as you’ve had… the Tribe are finally playing ball the way they should have 5 months ago… much to the chagrin of the WS…

Four weeks to go… Can they hold on?… Can they get the bats back with time being so precious? Can Queen Jennifer go down to Orlando and not come back with Cinderella’s castle as her very own?… Can anyone realize that, with proper cooking, most ANY vegetable can taste good? Can there be peace on earth between tc and Lip?… Can Mayor Nagin of New Orleans ever learn to trust radar again? Can the Moore-Van Ettens ever get the you-know-where out of Texas?

Stay tuned to find out…

BTW, jk… tomorrow’s game is on WGN… That’s the good news… the bad news for you is… First pitch is at 9:05 AM Pacific Time… So have your breakfast with the boys…

Thanks TQ for the heads up about WGN. I knew the time and was looking forward to it. Three hours to go to the start of a White Sox winner… I can hardly wait… Go Sox.. j.k.

Thanks TQ for the heads up for all of us about the wgn schedule!!

J Dye is a nominee for the Clemente award. Good luck to him! Hope all goes well tonight, hate losing, tired of it… we need a winning streak and we need it now!!! Minnesota needs a good spanking too – come on Toronto, do it to it!!!

Unless someone can find my better half an equal or better paying job with 5 weeks vacation, we’re stuck here for now, but any prayers or good wishes sent our way to getting out of here is always appreciated, every little bit helps!

Onward ho guys and gals – it’s time to put the metal to the pedal and get this in game and winning streak in gear!!! Good Luck!!! BTW – where the heck is Scott????

Dearly Beloved White Sox Blog Fans, We are gathered here again to celebrate another momentous game. We bow our heads and close our eyes and cross our fingers and hold our collective breaths, and urge on our faithful Charges…. In other words, Go Sox…. j.k.

ok, this might be a weird question but on Sept 16th, we play the Yankees, why on the schedule is there a picture of Darth Vadar?? Does anybody know??? When you dangle your mouse over it it says ‘the force unleashed’ it’s really strange – any insight, just curious?

Klein, you’ll be on your own for the first of the game tomorrow, I’ll be working until 1 45 my time (central). . .it’s all up to you baby!

I’ll do my best, but right now that game doesn’t exist…. Focus Boys and put up some runs tonight…. Go White Sox… j.k.

What happened to Q???? j.k.

I don’t know – was going to ask you the same thing

Without Q, this is another strange looking line-up…. We need JohnnyD to be at his best tonight I think… Go Sox… j.k.

no doubt, hope he has it . . . a lot of full counts just aren’t going to cut it – wonderful, a lead off single . . . (she says with much sarcasm)

‘Left fielder Carlos Quentin was originally penciled into the lineup in his usual No. 3 spot, but was scratched around 3:30 p.m. CT on Tuesday because of a sore forearm. Ken Griffey Jr. was also held out of the lineup for a second consecutive day as he continues to nurse a sore lower back’

Here’s what I just found –

Keep throwing the leather OC…. Good play,, Go Sox.. j.k.

Paulie beats out an infield single????? go Sox… j.k.

Thanks for the info on Q, krisv. I hope it’s nothing serious… j.k.

Oh wonderful, let’s walk Peralta ahead of Victor Martinez…. Smooth…… Come on Guys….

me too… I just happen to go searching and it was already posted… what the hell with the homerun, heard these jokers yell from clear across the kitchen!

The extra day of rest for JohnnyD isn’t working so far…. Go White Sox…………. j.k.

Well that was huge shutting them down after loading the bases with one out. Hopefully this is the turning point for the game.

neighbor with the chainsaw behind me is giving me ideas . . . if this game doesn’t switch around soon…..

I think Owens should be in the leadoff spot if he is going to be playing. I wouldn’t mind seeing him take playing time away from Swisher in center. He can’t hit any worse, and his defense is a huge improvement.

Two run lead isn’t much, but so far in this series we haven’t shown that we can get ANY runs…. Easy 1-2-3 inning JohnnyD, please and then we can go to work… Go Sox.. j.k.

What are you saying krisv? Are you going to finish off your TV or should I warn the authorities to protect your family?….

O.K. I suppose that 1-2-3-4 works for our purposes….. Runs, We want Runs. Runs, We want Runs. Runs, We want Runs………….. j.k.

How about it JK? We haven’t scored A run since Sunday. How about one little run boys? We’ll start there, and then work on getting the second one.


Is it me or do our Boys look P.O’d? Frustrated looking and trying too hard, could be time for Ozzie to get tossed…. Come on Guys… Go Sox… j.k.

well – I don’t know, the chainsaw theory was running thru my mind as a, well, maybe I shouldn’t say here online in case someone up north there has a ‘chainsaw accident’ . . πŸ˜‰

I think it’s time for a minor brawl or something – what was this ‘stare down’ thing with AJ and what’s his face from last night, I must’ve missed that. Something needs to fire these boys up . . . Minnesota is ahead 3-0

**** **** **** **** ****

We in trouble Boys and Girls…………………………….j.k.

well, this thing ‘x’ out my whole sentence – – – it wasn’t a string of words, it was one word repeated and not the real bad one either!! LOL

All that’s left for me right now is to get a Beer……. Come on Guys……. j.k.

I’m going to start cheering for runners in scoring position…. WooHoo,,,, Way to go Joe………….. Oh Brother………. More beer….. j.k.

wish I could get a beer, have to go pick up a kid sooner than later . . . I’ll imagine you, j.k. poppin the top… psssst – there we go, we popped a beer together . . hopefully it’ll help.

Tastes good, krisv, but it would go down MUCH better if we were winning…….. Come on Sox. Game plan….. Be patient, accept a walk. Make Carmona WORK…. There’s still time.. Go Sox….. j.k.

alright alright . . . a walk, come on Jimmy, wait, he hit it. . . let’s go, time for a run or 3 or more! Do it to it Paulie!

A run!!!

whatever it takes – whatever it takes!!!!!

Run!!!!! (sqeaky voice)….. Mommy,,,, What’s a rruunnn???? … MORE please… Go Sox.. j.k.

keep drinking jk –

time for Mr. Nicky to do ‘whatever it takes’ that’s a Nick Swisher quote my friends!

Another run!

Hahahaha. Ramirez for an Oscar!

folks, I think we have a new actor among us! πŸ™‚

Kris –
The 16th is when The force Unleashed comes out on Video games! No idea why MLB cares – nothing to do with baseball!

We are only down by one – Keep it up, Boys!!!

ok, jk – keep drinking, I’ll turn down the volume and turn on the soap I was getting ready to watch – here’s a new chant ‘score more, score more, score more – – – – everybody . . .score more, score more, score more!!!!! πŸ™‚

It doesn’t feel as if we are in this game, but the score says otherwise…. Nice acting job by Alexei… Way to go Guys… One more… j.k.

How about a bunt basehit Jerry???

ok, so maybe the beer worked – 3 up 3 down – – – let’s go!!

Three runs…. WooHoo. Would have been real nice to get a hit by Owens….. Next inning… Hold ’em down DJ…. Go Sox…..

Amazing isn’t it when we get a run or two, how the adrenaline moves up….. Keep it rising…. j.k.

Hawk or DJ say what happened to Joe?

And the Oscar goes to…………..Alexei. Way to do what you have to to just get on base. Nice inning. Top of the order next inning. Let’s hold them here and get 3 more.


When we win tonight, it will be in spite of Ozzie. First, who in their right mind starts Owens ahead of Anderson? Anderson has hit against Cleveland this year, but more importantly, has hit MLB pitching while Owens could barely hit against AAA. Second, they should have yanked danks earlier. There is no margin for error, from our players or our coaches. The sooner they get that, the sooner we win the division.

I totally agree soxblog….everytime I see Jerry Owens tonight I grumble about it. Ozzie just does not give BA a chance. Here’s a guy who has really turned himself (his attitude)around and is playing well. Owens get the start over him? Complete and utter BS.

I know this is old news but we really got blessed with DJ Carrasco. What a gift he has been. And you don’t even hear much about him. Just quietly goes about getting people out. I don’t get nervous when I see him come in. I can’t say that about most of the bullpen.


Blue Jays are now leading the twinks.

I disagree sws, Brian Anderson has not had any kind of offensive production this year. Owens has more speed and is a better defender in center because of it. Also, it is very easy to say that a pitcher should have been pulled before he gave up the runs, after the fact. It is much harder to say that before it actually happens.

What do you all think? Should I have one more beer???? Yessss! Get ahold of one for me Jimmy…. Go Sox… j.k.

Well this beer tastes good too, but we’re still behind… Keep holding them down DJ and we will come back in the eighth… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

johnwesley….the facts don’t support what your saying. Have you been watching the games this year? If you had, you wouldn’t say BA hasn’t produced at the plate. He has countless times. I think what you meant to say was Owens has done NOTHING this year in MLB. NOTHING. Anderson has had clutch hits all year and played stellar defense when he’s in the game. Or did it escape your attention that it’s Anderson who has been put in CF late in the game for defensive purposes? I’ll give you the 20-20 hindsight on Danks, that may be true. But if the coaching staff has been watching the same pitcher the past four outings we all have, then they should have kept him on a short leash.

This beer tastes like crap… Come on Pen. we have to hold these Indians right here…. j.k.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this… Logan against Choo… Come on Boone…. j.k.


Ozzie can’t be pulling starters in the second or third inning. This is not the seventh game of the World Series. We still have 24 games left. He can’t mess up the bullpen for one game and then not have it ready to go for the next three or four.

We may be desperate later but we aren’t right now.

Bad-Bad feeling………. Throw strikes…… j.k.

Visualize klein’s head shaking slowly side to side………

Looks like we’ll have to rely on Toronto tonight. Bullpen feels like 2007.

Logan? Now you can start criticizing Ozzie.

Is anyone happy that Boone Logan is back with us??????? There’s always tomorrow…. go sox… j.k.

I am watching online now and just saw that Ozzie brought Logan in. Why, Oz, why????? It’s the seventh!!! Logan should not be used in a tight game until he proves that he has gotten his game back together again.

Great, a walk. And now a hit. Boone, it’s been nice knowing you but there is a mop for you in your future for the rest of September. At least I hope.

The Cell is REALLY gonna look good to these guys come Friday.

Oh my god, its a house of horrors. TC run for cover!

Bonehead “back from the dead” Logan? Ozzie, are you kidding me? Let’s see, walk, hit, hit, bye bye. Ah so he is still dead! And now McDougal? Say it ain’t so!?! I thought when you expanded the rosters in September you brought up players that could help. The idea is to win!!!!!!! What are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!

Facts? You want facts. How about a .235 AVG. How about a .273 OBP. How about going 1 for his last 8. How about his 39 strike outs vs. 8 walks. When you say countless, I think you mean 36. He has only 36 hits in 153 at bats. Those are facts.

You’re right Owens hasn’t done anything this year in the MLB. That may of course be because he hasn’t played at all tho.

Anderson just isn’t a good defender in center, he is great. I have been saying all year that he should be out there and not Swisher. But the reason Owens is better, like I said before, is because he has more speed. He is probably the fastest guy on this team. That’s is why he brings more to the table than Anderson.

TC…….you might be right. The CELL will look good, but if they pitch like this the BOOS will rain down on them like no tomorrow.

Did we go on a time machine? Feels like July ’07!

-What the F**K Ozzie

I think Joe is about done – he should maybe look for another career – he left because of a stiff back!

Right now I wish Owens were a left-handed reliever that could throw strikes.

Relievers will drive you crazy. They can be damn near perfect for several months (like Logan was) and then be absolutely horrible.

McDougal has to be looked at as a mopup guy and they felt obligated to add him to the callups since they are paying him so much. If he ever gets in during a tight game when there are other options, then we know Ozzie is having a meltdown.

johnwesley……..okay, sure, he’s hitting .235. but he plays every 6-10 games and many times for only an inning, maybe two. that’s pretty darn good in my book. and its true owens has speed. but none of that matters if you can’t get on base.

TC, okay, but we got all this great new talent in the bullpen, right? Logan is back. Mcdougal, all the head cases. So my point is, I’ll take the chance on winning tonight and tiring my bullpen rather than paint myself in the corner tomorrow.

HEY, what happened to CREDE tonight? Did he hurt his back again? I saw Uribe come in and get the big hit, but missed why he came in. Anybody hear anything?

Yeah, this one is almost in the books. About all you can say is come on Toronto….. Tomorrow morning…. We really, REALLY need ONE game in this series…. j.k.

Anyone got a long pin, I would like to take it and pop that adams apple! (Mac)

I really tall leprechaun (MariE?)

mrsk said sore back again, sorry to say but I agree with her, I think his time is over….

wth – I leave to go pick up the kid and WHAM all hell breaks loose!

Our really tall leprechaun frienD!!

I am so frustrated – I can’t spell or make sense!

Well, at least the news from north of the border is good.

I hope Ozzie resists the temptation to throw Linebrink right out there in his 8th inning role immediately. We need him healthy and ready in that role but he has to get a few appearances under his belt.

Boy, would it be nice to get back to Thornton/Dotel in the 7th, Linebrink in the 8th and the big fella in the 9th.

The Indians announcers are having WAY too much fun…. We need to do something about that tomorrow… j.k.

How do you know he can’t get on base? He’s only been in one game. And speed does matter when you’re playing defense. Especially in center field.

I dunno why Logan is on the team and pitching. It’s a mystery.

Crede left with a sore back.

We must be lucky – the Twins lost!- I don’t know how long we can stay this lucky!

Swas, I wasn’t just talking about tomorrow. Tearing up the ‘pen tonight when you are down early could screw up the pen for the whole weekend. And it is already screwed up enough.

And I don’t include MacDougal and Logan when I talk about the bullpen. McDougal was in his role tonight. Mop up. And that is where Logan should be. Neither should ever see a close game unless it is the 17th inning and they are all that is left.


Sorry if what I say bothers you. The truth hurts I guess.

If you think the past ten days have been good baseball or even mediocre baseball then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Like the old folk song said (changed slightly) “where has all the offense gone…long time passing…”

They are urinating away the chance again T.C. I know you don’t like to hear it but you don’t have to listen to you, you’re an “educated” Sox fan you can see for yourself.

The Twins lost but how long are the Sox going to keep relying on someone else to help them out? Sooner or later that fails.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

24 games left and considering the strength of the remaining schedule….we’ll see.

And yes Boone Logan needs to be traded this off season for anything the Sox can get for him. He is mentally weak.

Mark Liptak

I turned them off long ago, couldn’t take it….. Toronto won, thank god for small miracles! This game is ****!

FTR – I said Joe left with a sore back about 14 min ago!

31 hits in the Braves/Marlins game, one run difference, talk about a crazy game . . . rather be watching that one at this time…

We WILL not win too many more games playing this way – I know we are still tied for first (actually, up .5 games for another 5 min) But, if the Twins start playing good we are F**CKED!!!! (Excuse my Lang)


When did I say that the last 10 days have been good or even mediocre???

When did I say that the offense wasn’t gone?

All I said was at least the Twins lost.

And yes, the strength of the remaining schedule definitely favors the Twins. And has for a while. Everybody was talking about the Twins’ 14-game road trip (on which they are a very mundane 5-7 right now, I think) but they seem to have fogotten that the Sox were on a 10-game trip at the same time.

Talk about “urinating away” a title is not just being said by you and others who love the Sox. I’m sure the fans of the Twins feel the same way. But I cannot concern myself with how the Twins’ fans feel.

Mark, I’ll gladly take your criticisms but not when they are aimed at something I did not say.

And while the offense has fizzled the last 6 games, the pitching is of the biggest concern to me. Only Floyd and occasionally Vazquez have been decent as starters and we just never seem to be able to get to Jenks but when we do he has been effective.

I got nothing left…. tomorrow everybody… j.k.

See ya tomorrow jk.

Ozzie is just banking on Linebrink saving the bullpen. That is a lot of pressure to put on a guy who hasn’t thrown in a game for a couple of months. Until he proves that he is close to being his old self, Ozzie better have a better plan than Boone Logan in a 5-3 game in the sventh with the bags full.

Yes, the Sox have not played well of late. But look at what the Twins have done. Their pen — and that includes the almighty Joe Nathan — has blown at least two games on this trip, maybe three. Tonight, their starter let a 5-1 lead get away. They could just as easily be 9-3 on the trip and four games up on the Sox.

Somewhere in Twins land, there is a TC (and I don’t mean Twin Cities) blogging and arguing with a Liptak (probably from North Dakota since that is Twins land) about how the Twins are “urinating” away a chance to win the division.

I’d say that both Gardenhire and Ozzie will have a few sedatives that come in 12 ounce cans or bottles to help them get to sleep tonight.


I say that (and I apologize up front) because of your optimistic bent… if you were on the Titanic you’d be saying how nice the ice looks. It’s just not your nature to look at things realistically and I’m not saying that’s wrong, that’s the way you are. Just once I’d like to see you let it out and rip these guys apart. They deserve it.

If they lose tomorrow I’m very sure the moment they start to roll over and die Friday night to the Angels the boos will rain down like manna from heaven and if they Sox continue to play badly, I hope it happens. I pray it happens. They need to be held accountable for their pathetic performances.

As you said, I’m sure Twins fans are saying the same thing… however last I looked they haven’t been in first place for over 120 days of the season.

I don’t even think I’m angry anymore, I can see the writing on the wall and I’m scared. I know you don’t like this but the comparisons, especially to 2003 are staggering.

If (and mark I said if) they urinate this season away like 2003 and 2006 “it’s time” that Kenny do some serious surgery this off season and break up this complacent team.

It is shameful to me that a team with less talent and that’s acknowledged across the board, might win ANOTHER divisional title.

Losing 8 of 12 in the heat of a pennant race isn’t what I’d consider “championship” caliber.

I don’t know if it’s any consolation but from what I read around the other sites tonight my comments are mild compared to a number of other Sox fans.

Mark Liptak

I don’t know what everyone is so surprised about. I told you today would be a tough one. I just don’t understand how you can bring Boone Logan into a game of this magnitude. How stupid are you? I think Ozzie has done a good job this year but my god that was just disgusting. Looks like Crede is done again….big surprise….. He should have never been let into the line up anyway. Now Wesley is pushing for Jerry Owens? Dude youre a terrible fake GM. Owens is brutal. He is nothing more than a pinch runner.

By the way…I like Carlos and understand the godly figure he has created for himself….BUT IF IT AIN’T F’ING BROKE GET OUT THERE AND PLAY FOR GOD SAKES. His forearm is sore? Poor baby……He is 26 years old for christ sakes. Get your pansy *** in the line up. You got all winter to rest your sore forearm.

I’m too antsy to go just yet, so I’ll just ramble on for awhile…

They say that timing is everything… I agree. I was really hoping that the way Baseball has ebbed and flowed, not just this year, but forever, that the Indians would have beaten the M’s three more, making them ( the Tribe) ripe for beating. That didn’t happen, now we are becoming their whipping Boys…..

24 Games left….. If we split, we win a total of 89 for the year, and I don’t think that gets us into the playoffs. We really REALLY need to have a very good home stand… something like 7-3 would be helpful…. and of course more troubles for the Twins…..

I’m losing my train of thought,,, must be the beer, so I will say farewell for the night…. Go White Sox… j.k.

Whoa Mark, you said a mouthful, and I agree . . . I’m scared too, I’m scared and pissed that they’ve lead us this far and they’re gonna crash at the end . . . it sickens me to have to listen to other announcers when we are losing . . I’ve come to turn the volume down and go do other things.. the last thing I heard tonight (satellite radio is amazing) on my way home from picking up a kid was ‘well, we’ve blown this wide open’****** them . .. . pissed me off! UGH!!! Glad I’m at work tomorrow during the game!

I am realistic, but I choose to be optimistic about the future rather then pessimistic. I see the holes on this team and saw them in March when I pegged them for a fourth-place (maybe third place) finish and a barely over .500 year.

I do not agree with your comment that they will roll over and die. This team has not quit at all this year. They have played hard enough, but not nearly well enough.

They may have more talent, but they are seriously limited. Vey little speed, no true centerfielder, and with the exception of Thome no power threat from the left side until Griffey came and he has offered very little power in his first month with the Sox.

Still, in spite of all this, they remain in a first place tie with 24 to go. The schedule does not favor them, but they are still right there.

And don’t try to use the absolutely useless stat of how many days a team has been in first place. All that counts is one and that is at the end of September.

Of course, the only reason we are having this discussion …. the only reason the White Sox and the Twins even are noticed right now …. is because two much better teams in Cleveland (who had to lose three straight last October to stay OUT of the World Series) and Detroit (who was anointed champion of the Central and all of baseball last December) have both come out and played WAY, WAY, WAY below expectations. If you think you are disappointed Mark, how do you think Eric Wedge and Jim Leyland feel????

It’s a new season and it starts again tomorrow. too optimistic for you, huh? Well, that is because I do not prepare myself for losing. Only losers prepare for that.

What’s your answer for center field Kenneth? Since none of them are hitting, you might as well go with the best defender and the guy with the most speed.

BTW, I don’t pretend that I would stand a chance as a GM, as I’m sure you realize that you wouldn’t either. I’m just offering my opinions in order to engage in interesting discussions.

What good would it do any of us to just come on here are rip the team? Do you think they will read it and then go, oh, gee, the fans are sad so we better play better? Do you really think you coming on here and just ripping them apart tells any of anything we all don’t already know? We all have two eyes (or some of us 4) to watch the games or two ears to listen to them. You really think we ALL are disgusted and disappointed? I for one will be happy if I never see BOOne Logan again. But really, what good is just ripping apart a team we all LOVE? This team is like our kids, just cuz they have a sucky day doesn’t mean I need to rip them apart.

TOmorrow is another day and another day to get a win and by the way, we’ re still in first place.

And, wasn’t it you that said as long as they make the playoffs, then it is a good season? Well, so far so good.



From what I read, Ozzie pulled Carlos. He did not take himself out of the lineup.

I believe strongly in defense so I would have to lean toward Anderson or Owens in center, especially in a big ballpark. But I know that if Griffey doesn’t play center then he doesn’t play at all because we have to keep Thome in the lineup. He is swinging a good bat and is the only left-handed threat.

Right now Swish is scuffling more than anybody.

We need someone to pick the offense up and carry us. It might be Konerko (he is showing signs) but we have to get runners on for him. Ramirez may be showing the effects of a long season. but you have to play him or you have almost no speed in the lineup.

All it takes is one good run, one good stretch of 5 out of 6 or 6 out of eight, and the team could be off to the races. I know, easier said than done, but they are professionals and they have to find a way to do it.

My number one wish??? That Buerhle and Danks start throwing like they are capable of again. That would do wonders for the club.

You really think we ALL are disgusted and disappointed?

I MEANT to say You really think we ALL areN’t disgusted and disappointed?

Totally changed what I meant to say the first time.

Dang it.

The train just came through ( I couldn’t tell if it was the silver bullet though).

Here’s what has me bothered the most. We Blog Fans have only a limited amount of sway ( read none). But each of us does have his/her own personality, and all of us have become accustomed to the flavor of our individual posts…. What’s bothering me right now is we seem to be more complacent than we were in previous months. Myself included. Lip is reading the handwriting on the wall, and most of us can at least see the same writing, (for some it’s more clear while for others, it’s still a bit hazy) But it seems to be there nonetheless….

There isn’t too much naysaying, just a resigned acceptance…. We need to change this attitude! If we aren’t completely for the Boys and believe in them, we will certainly be doomed to repeat ’03 and ’06. All we can do is root for the team we have NOW. This team won’t change for the rest of this year. We are either For THIS team or not. Next year doesn’t matter, ’03 and ’06 don’t matter. All that does matter is the next 24 games… We win or we don’t. Either way we NEED to continue to pull for the Boys…

I feel better now, even with the loss…. Now, all together…. Let’s go White Sox,,, Let’s go White Sox,,, Let’s go White Sox… Let’s go White Sox….

Now i will see you tomorrow… jk

Very true, jk. The rosters are set. We live or die with what we have.

Two years ago the Cardinals were in a similar position. In fact, they were barely over .500 at this point.

And look what happened. They got hot at the right time. And they weren’t exactly loaded with talent.

It’s baseball. It’s unpredictable and strange things do and will happen.

You’re post fired me up jk. I’m blasting the fight song over my speakers now.

Amen jk!!!!


Let’s see if they are in first place a week from now or better still three weeks from now with the Horse of Horrors on the horizon. This contest between the Sox and Twins is degenerating into a tallest midget competition.


Seriously, read this quote. All sarcasm aside it speaks volumes doesn’t it?

“It seems like we’re tired, it seems like we’re dead. I don’t see the energy. I don’t see the grinder [mentality]. I don’t see a lot of things we’re missing now.” — Ozzie Guillen to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune.

24 games left, the middle of a pennant race and guys are TIRED? Say what????? With Ozzie giving guys time off throughout the season specifically to prevent this?

What was it Vince Lombardi said… something about tiredness being an excuse for the weak minded?


Also regarding Joe Crede from what I’m hearing tonight this “injury” is not good. Ozzie is also being quoted now as saying he will not use him the rest of the year because playing him once a week to save his back isn’t doing the team any good.

At least this gives closure to the White Sox career of Joe Crede. Maybe things would have been different if he’d changed agents like he said he would a few years ago and had his back surgery when the Sox originally wanted him to instead of refusing to do it until the end of the 07 season.

Joe thanks for what you did and good luck wherever.

Mark Liptak

Here’s another Amen for JK! Let’s just cheer madly for the Sox – even if it doesn’t help them, it helps us more than kvetching and gloom and doom will ever do!


Regardless of if the Sox can hold on or do what seems to be second nature to them, blow golden opportunities, they’ll still be the only team I root for.

That doesn’t change.

If singing songs and turning a blind eye to things is what keeps you sane and going the final 24 days, God Bless You.

No problems with it… but as you said we each try to cope with the White Sox in our own ways.

With respect, if the Sox flush this down the commode, please don’t expect me to stand up and cheer in support while they are doing it.

Mark Liptak


You still don’t think that Joe is truly hurting, do you? You still think that his agent is playing games, don’t you? Why else put the word “injury” in “quotes”.

You sound as if Crede’s back injury has personally insulted you.

Hey Mark. Joe’s back is hurting him more than it is hurting you.

Mark, You’re the most pessimistic man I’ve ever encountered. Your glass is ALWAYS half empty and I just don’t get it.

What I understand from us “blind-eye song singers” is that we will root for our team, win or lose. We will boo poor play. We will moan after a tough loss, and we will complain about it. But we will not be brought down to your level of dispair. We will continue to pull for our team, and enjoy the games no matter how bumpy the road.

With respect to you also, it seems like you can hardly wait for your prophesy to come true. This will add another notch in your “stat belt” for future years. If we get to the playoffs this year, you won’t be happy at all unless we win the world series. And I’m not so sure that will even satisfy you.

We all can see what is happening with the Sox, but we choose to take the high road and hope for the best. Pointing out our difficiencies contstantly is being redundant and is non-productive. I know you don’t agree. I know you like to stir the pot of controversy, and I know you can hardly wait to say I told you so….could you just hold off until after the season though?

Now, Go White Sox…… j.k.

Mark L, I don’t buy the notion that CREDE would fake an injury or be playing games with his back. The truth is it was imperative for him to come back and show he could play out the season for him to have any chance at a decent contract with anyone. With his departure last night, there’s no chance of that.

I’m not sure what its going to take to shake this team up. I’m so mad right now I could spit cotton. Ozzie is right about one thing, they seem complacent. Why I’ll never know. Where’s the fight in this team? Someone needs to kick some A**!

When the line up is set for tonight, Q had better play. I’m just so sorry about his “sore” arm, but be a man, dammit. If this is supposed to be our MVP, then act like it! Suck it up! If this team doesn’t get their collective heads out of their A** and wins some games, he’ll have October-February to let it heal.

I’m going to watch this line up REAL close from here on out. If PK isn’t playing first again tonight (.364 in last 22 games) and he plays Swisher at 1B, then as far as I’m concerned, Ozzie is giving up or he’s just plain stupid.

While I’m on the topic of Ozzie, I’m getting sick and tired of poor Ozzie this and KW and Jerry R coddling Ozzie. I give him credit though, Ozzie’s real good about playing reverse psychology on the club, KW and Jerry R. Since 2005, whenever this team hasn’t performed as it should, Ozzie rants to the press, fire me! Well, maybe its time for a little housecleaning. In 2007, Ozzie got a free pass due to all the injuries. You can’t win in MLB with AAA players. This year, Ozzie has no such excuses. If he can’t put the right players on the field and you can’t manage your pitching staff then he should be the first to go. Cooper is next on my list. He’s gotten all this credit as a genius when we pitch good, well let him take the credit now that we’re struggling.

I refuse to believe we will not win this thing. The opportunity is right in front of us. Our character is about to be tested. Stay tuned for the results.

It’s pretty simple pitching and defense win games, they always will. Considering both have fallen by the way side of recent, the White Sox stink and by the way so do the Twins!

Two hours and 15 minutes until game time. No matter what I still enjoy listening to the games at work and watching them at home. I LOVE MY TEAM.

And, as for Ozzie’s quote or whatever, I truly believe they are trying their best and not mailing it in.

I see Alexei playing his butt off and having a shot @ Rookie of the Year. I see TCQ as playing his heart out and a contender for MVP. I see Paulie struggle most of the year but not give up and is getting hot at the right time. Thome is way better the 2nd half. Swisher couldn’t not be motivated if he tried even if he’s not having the best year. AJ is playing hard (a couple of baserunning errors does not a loser make). You really think Griffey isn’t giving all he’s got and would like nothing less than a world series win?
And, the bullpen, for even those guys, I doubt are heading to the mound saying, hmmm, let me see if I can screw up my career.

We have these same conversations in the past – when they are losing they LOOK complacent, lifeless. Its because they are losing. The view looks different if they are playing the exact same way and winning.

Now, there’s just 2 hours and 5 minutes – so LET’S GET THIS GAME TODAY!


Funny how I can agree with every positive or negative post since last night. Regardless of how they come out, I’ll still love em and I’ll still defend their honor. They’re suckin it up right now, no denying that but lying (Crede, ain’t happenin), ‘being a pansy’ (Quentin) doubtful, I heard Oz pulled him, not himself. Griffey, not sure what we really got there but a name but I’ll leave that alone, I haven’t been all that impressed frankly. Swish – gotta luv him, no matter what, he juices up the dugout and gets in there more than not. We’ve had a w inning season people, it’s not over yet, fat lady ain’t singin . . . we’re not the only people struggling that are at the top, the Cubs, us, Minnesota . . . we’ve all hit a skid of some sort or another and look at the freakin Astros, they’ve won 7 in a row, to what end, doubtful it’s gonna get them anywhere near the playoffs. . . baseball is a streaky game, we all know this, why is it such a surprise? Does it suck, yep, no doubt but it is what it is . . . we’ve lost a battle or two but we haven’t lost the war . . . OORAH!!! (little marine corp additive in there!)



Firing the manager and the pitching coach is not going to solve your issues.

And before you rip on Quentin, maybe you should ask to se his injury or get the word from Herm Schneider.

You know, I love the Sox and live and die with every loss too, but life is way too short to get this angry over a 3-6 (to date) road trip.

I do question why Thome is not playing today and Fields is in the lineup. If Thome is healthy, he should be playing. He hits so well against the Tribe, regardless of who is pitching.

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