Cleveland Frustrations

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Missile, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B; Fields, DH; Hall, C.  Vazquez pitching.

We definitely need to show some life, score some runs and win a game?

The good news is that despite our struggles on this road trip, we remain tied with the Twins.


Interesting lineup for the most important game of the season to date. BA hitting 2nd, Fields DH. Guess that shows Q and Jr. are still hurting.

I’d say this is more like a baffling line-up, than interesting. I knew Q wasn’t going to be in there from Ozzies comments yesterday, but what about Thome? Or AJ?….. I will be watching on WGN, so I may not post much, but here’s hoping for a White Sox Winner and a much awaited day off… Go Sox… j.k.

Some information: Good or Bad, you decide….. Sox record in September: 2000, 16 wins, ’01.. 15 wins, ’02.. 16 wins, ’03..13, ’04..19, ’05..19, ’06..12, ’07..13. Lip’s angst about ’03 and ’06 seem justified, but we don’t know what is going to happen this year….

Nice to hear from you again Scott…. Go Sox… j.k.

I’m happy to see BA in there today. He’s my pick to click today.

Fields is 3 for 5 against this pitcher – maybe that is why Ozzie is giving Fields a chance? At least he can’t screw anything up at 3B. I would much rather see Juanny there.



You’re right, we don’t. But looking at who is left on the schedule and the way the team has been playing the past two weeks it’s a bad combination. Throw in Ozzie’s comment from last night about the “state” of the team for want of a better word and there is legit cause for concern.

Maybe Ozzie is trying to send a message with this lineup…maybe he thinks that because they are facing a pitcher who is 2-7 he can get away with it…we’ll know in slightly over three hours.

Mark Liptak

First, I need to ask a question – especially to kenwo- for some others as well, HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL?? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO PLAY 162 GAMES AND NOT HAVE A DAY OFF (one day a week) HAVE TO PLAY 3 – GO TO THE NEXT CITY – PLAY ANOTHER 3 – GO TO THE NEXT CITY, ETC.
If you have (which I have no idea) then you know what it’s like, if not then you have know idea what it does to you physically or mentally. As for CQ, Ozzie said he pulled him because while watching him in batting practice, he was having trouble. If you are hurt, obvious it will effect the way you bat, throw, run, whatever. Ozzie is being cautious, IF we do end up making the playoffs, we need our good guys out there.
Ozzie is thinking “OK we are tied at first, we have 24 games left, if I can rest my guys now – get everyone healthy, and we fall a couple of games behind – we could still come back and win this thing” What good is it if we push our guys now, then when we play the Twins, everyone is so beat up, we won’t be able to beat them (Twins).

AS for Joe FAKING his injury, why? How would that benefit him?

It’s very frustrating when you want your team to win and know they can, but they’re not, do you think that they are kicked back in the clubhouse not wanting to win – think how frustrated they are.

Lip – I know you are just trying to let everyone know the stats and the odds are against us and whatever else you do to bring everyone down, but how about taking it somewhere else for the time being, for the next couple days atleast, lets bring some positive energy here. If someone is in your face everyday, telling you your not good enough and you will lose, well, it’s hard to think otherwise.

Maybe the Sox need to be in 2nd place for awhile, maybe that will fire them up.

For any WS fan to boo their team, if they are losing, that is just awful. I could see if Ozzie puts in the wrong player to do the job, but booing a player for not making a play or striking out, what will that accomplish?

Ozzie’s lineup – he’s trying to put the guys that aren’t tired in there, maybe it will make a difference?

Stay positive – Win this one today, we will worry about Friday, well Friday!


Juan is playing 3rd – Fields is DH

Wow, a fired-up QJ (Queen Jen)…. Nicely stated, Mrs.K… Go White Sox, now I’m off to the TV… j.k.

Day game after a night game explains the AJ day off. I still don’t understand Thome not being in the lineup, except for Fields’ past success against Sowers.

All games are important. No one game (with 24 left) can be deemed the MOST important. Win or lose, the Sox are still very much alive on Friday.

Also, I’m with Jen on the booing thing. It is classless. I’ve never liked it and never will.

There are better ways to voice displeasure than taking the simple way out and booing.

Wait a minute, on gameday Paulie is the first batter up. Is this right?

Oh it is the bottom of the second now. I am at work. Duh!!!!

Exactly Jen – I’m thinking Fields is getting a chance to DH, given he’s had a modicum of success against this pitcher. I’d rather see him DH. I don’t want to see Fields at 3B, I am glad Juanny is there.


I’m glad to see Vasquez pitching well. Too bad Sowers is also. Come on, let’s hit this guy.

O.K. Boys, time to get a hit or two… Make Sowers work a little… Go Sox.. j.k.

Alright BA!!!!! Way to get a basehit!!!! Keep em coming.

OK, we can’t lose this opportunity to make something happen here – First and Second, no outs. The time is NOW boys.

JD has been struggling. He is overdue!!!

Just got back from class, looks like I haven’t missed much

No, hotcorner, you haven’t.
Paulie was Pi$$ed!!!!!!

OK, I am starting to give up hope. These are the opportunities we can not waste.

I’m sure Mark L must be happy.

We’ve proven we can get a hit, how about now we show we can get a run? Come on White Sox… j.k.

Woo Hoo!!!!! You GO Nick!!!!!!!

Thank you Nick Swisher.

Ask and ye shall receive… Keep the faith Sox Bloggers… Go Boys, Go…. j.k.

Thank you Swish

Now THAT”S what I’m talkin’ about!!!! Keep going boys!!!!

Good job Javy, good job.. Another run or two would be most appreciated… Thank you…. j.k.

Nice to see the boys and blog getting their spirits up!!

Have to go do some errands, for the big trip –

jk hold the fort up!

If anyone knows how to text and wants to keep me updated when I’m in Disney, let me know and I’ll e-mail you my cell phone # – I know it’s a BIG responsibility – but, just asking anyway – I’ll bring you home a souvenir!!


I will be happy to text you….I’ll send you an e-mail so you can reply with your cell #.


Thanks!! Marie!!

Thank you Alexei! You have just made tc’s day.

That a way Alexei… He’s tired huh? Good for him… Keep it up, we need a cruise type game…. Go Sox.. j.k.

So much for me making out the lineup card???? Fields proved Ozzie right.

And Alexei may look a little tired but still getting it done.

Swish is too much… But he needs to consult either AJ or Alexei on his acting career… Go Sox.. j.k.

This game is giving me a stomachache. Anyone have any Rolaids?


I need a Tylenol!!! A Tylenol 3!!!!

I am having flashbacks to 2007.

OK, I feel better…..I am really happy BA is in centerfield today.

Whew!!! Are we having fun yet??? How about one more run for us?… Come on Guys…. Go White Sox ’08… j.k.

Ok, MariE, Lisa, jk, Jen (whenever she gets back), you gotta pull this one out. I have a meeting to go to.

You know, if it weren’t for having to have a job, life could be pretty good!

That was scary. Glad it turned out well for us.

Should we be nervous or confident Linebrink is going to pitch the 8th??

I don’t know about anybody else hotcorner, but the bullpen ALWAYS makes me a bit nervous!!

Alrighty now!! Here comes Big Bad Bobby Jenks!!!!
Go get em big guy!!!!

Do you think Jenks will pitch in the 9th also?

Thank god for Jenks

Bobby! I never feel good when I see Jenks in the 8th, but that was awesome.

I am REALLY HOPING that Bobby comes back out for the ninth.

Come on boys! Give us a nice 5 run cushion!!!!

Hawk loves Squirrel’s

Of course he will Lisa, he’s our closer.

It’s kinda hard to focus on the game and my customers at the same time, so bear with me thru my idiot phase John. Sorry. And btw, quit picking on Kenwo (just kidding)

Oh Yeah! This ballgame is ova!!!!!!

Check it out, we totally just won that game. Nice.

YAY!!!! A White Sox winner!!!!!!!

Now, I can get back to work and breathe a sigh of relief!!!


what a relief!! I still need Tylenol though.

In Bobby we trust…. Good game White Sox…. Now get some rest and see if you can take two from the Angels…. Go Sox ’08… j.k.

I just got back and see that you guys did nice work.

4-6 ain’t what we wanted on the trip but we’ll have to take it.

Some others who shall remain nameless think that this team has given up.

I’m the kind of fan that refuses to give up. And I know that most of you on the board share those feelings. And guess what, the day that this team gives up is the day that CNN endorses McCain and that Fox News endorses Obama.

23 to go. They may all be nerve-wracking so don’t count on having long fingernails for a while.

Haha, sorry Lisa. That’s pretty impressive multitasking.

Hey tc, CNN has a lot less bias than MSNBC.

Javi was dealin early. Good stuff. Nice to get out of there with a win.


MSNBC has way too many letters for me to remember. Plus, I don’t watch anything with Keith Olbermann on it. And that will include NBC’s Sunday Night Football pregame show.

But I wasn’t trying to start a political or TV debate here. The world has enough of those already.

I was just trying to point out how insane it is for anyone to suggest that a team that has been in first for most of the season and was — at that time — tied for first could possibly be accused of giving up.

Disregard my analogy to the TV networks and the presidential candidates. I read enough about them everywhere else so I don’t want to read about them here.

Like I said yesterday, the Cell will look mighty good to these guys come Friday.

Very badly needed win. It will make the plane ride home a lot easier that’s for sure.

Maybe Toronto can help them out again this evening. We’ll see.



Just curious…how else are fans supposed to voice their displeasure if not booing? (I can think of worse things, like the stunts they pull off at Wrigley Field for example when those drunken idiots get out of hand.) Or do you think the fans who actually pay the freight for this sport aren’t entitled to do anything?

And before anyone gets their nose bent out of shape, this isn’t a rip at ol’ T.C. just asking.

Personally I’ve always felt there is absolutely nothing wrong with “booing” as long as the comments aren’t racial, sexual, directed towards their families or vulgar. If they are, then I agree, those folks need to be tossed out on their rear ends.

These are professional athletes… not high school kids or college guys. They’re big boys, they can handle it. If they can’t, then then don’t belong in the pro ranks.

Mark Liptak


Of course they can handle the booing. I’m not trying to protect adult millionaires.

I just think it looks bad for the individuals who are doing the booing. But, that’s only my opinion and not really a big deal. Fans pay their money to go there and they have the right to voice their opinions.

Has anyone heard any specifics on Buerhle? I just read in the Sunny(nomorejay)Times that he left Cleveland early to be with his wife for “medical reasons”. I hope all is ok on the home front and he’ll be ready to go on Friday.


Hey Mark. Who do you think will win this division?

Yippee, I come home from work to happy posts!!! Can’t tell you how that makes my day! You guys did good today . . maybe I should go away more often and not watch… don’t think I can do that though. I’ll be keeping an eye on Minn tonight though, can’t help myself, I know, I think I need a life! 🙂

Well since I have not had much good to say about the Sox lately I have been avoiding the frustration of writing about it. Thankfully though they gave me a little confidence back today. Nice win, wish we had more of them on that trip. We basically wasted the first of Minnesota’s two long road trips.

Ozzie’s comments about Crede pretty much closed the book on his White Sox career.

It was nice to see Anderson in the lineup today. Not a great day for him, but he had to be ticked that Owens played over him last night. I hope Kenny trades BA this offseason so he can get a real shot elsewhere.

After last nights performance if Guillen ever puts Boone Logan is a game that is less than a 10 run difference he should be FIRED! How sad is it that they brought him up before 8/31 so he could be added to the playoff roster. SERIOUSLY!!! What can he do for you in the playoffs? I’d rather see Richard in the pen if we are that desperate for a lefty. At least he throws strikes.

When I left my little cave to come downtown to do this, they had just brought Manchild in… I had bad thoughts in my head on the trip down, because I have been conditioned over nearly 50 seasons of following the boys to expect the worst and rejoice for the best…

I checked MLB Gameday when I got started on the computer… and I was rewarded with the rest of the info on the day’s events in Ohio… Jenks gets the four out save for Vazquez and the boys escape Cleveland…and I know a lot of people who wish they could do the same… and the road trip ends on a successful note… 2/1, with a brief loss at Balt., 1/2 @ Fenway against a desperate Red Sox team… and 1 and @ the former Jake against an Indians team trying to do in 4 weeks what they haven’t done for 6 months…

A contending team normally can overcome injuries and play competitive baseball… the Tribe read their press clippings all off season, when they and the Tigers were supposed to be battling for the AL Central all season…

The meaning of all this?…

Don’t believe the hype… because the prognosticators can be wrong more often that they are right…

As for booing a team… the fan pays their way in to a game, and today they PAY… BIG DAMNED TIME… and when they are dissatisfied with what they see… they register their disappointment vocally… That’s been the way it’s been since time immemorium… The players who can’t take the booing and the criticism should go into another line of work…like, perhaps, a monastery… You don’t get booed there when you mess up but watch out for those lightning bolts that come crashing down because the Big Boss is unhappy with you…

As to the next to last home stand… the Angels come in Friday on their third lap around their division… the only suspense is if Frankie Rodriguez will break Thigpen’s all-time single season saves record this weekend or next week… so they could be ripe for the picking… The Blue jays are playing for next year… but they could be spoilers for someone…beginning tonight in Rogers Centre against the piranhas…Then the Tigers come in for their last gasps against the boys…

All that the Sox have to do is continue what they have had at home all year long… do that, and tell Boone Logan that they never want to see him darken the door to the bullpen ever again… but, if you criticize him to his pitching coach, Dr. Cooper looks at you as if you peed on the flag, or kicked an old lady down the stairs…

Maybe at the end of the season, whenever that may be… Coop will pay for the sins of the rag arms he’s had to babysit…


I’ll give you a couched answer because my heart is telling me one thing and my brain another.

I hope the White Sox win it, they have come so far from the stench of last season and have played well at times this year. They’ve also been in first place for over 120 days (that’s 2/3 rd’s of the regular season for those scoring at home…) and have had what could turn to be breakout seasons from guys like Danks, Floyd, Quentin and Ramirez (they could also be fluke seasons but we won’t know that until next year and a few years to come…)

My brain is saying look at their track record, not just the past six years, not the past three years but this year. The constant troubles against certain pitchers, the difficulties on the road, the all or nothing offense and the inability to manufacture runs and the final overriding circumstance, unless the Twins fall off the face of the Earth, those three games in Minnesota at the end of a ten game road trip are going to be meaningful. And the Sox are flat awful in Minnesota. This year 1-5.

We’ve seen how the Sox reacted in the same circumstances in 2002 and 2003. In 02 they only needed to win one game the final weekend for a winning season, Buehrle was also going for his 20th win (if memory serves…). They got swept.

In 2003 they had a two game lead with 17 left to play. The Twins won the final two of a four game series in Chicago then swept the Sox in Minnesota the final week to nail it down.

Normally what T.C. says has some merit, the past does not automatically predict what happens today but I think it does have an influence (especially when you have your G.M. and field manager making the Twins in the Metrodome out to be like supermen) when the issues appear to be more mental then physical.

Like with the game Monday, if the Sox go to Minnesota in a must win situation the odds are very, very, very, VERY long that they come through. That’s just a guess based on what I’ve seen. I’d say the odds are about the same as beating Cliff Lee Monday with a rookie opposing him.

We’ll see, the schedule even before the final week is tilted heavily against the Sox.

I hope for the best, I expect the worst…these are the White Sox remember.

Sorry if that doesn’t answer your question exactly.

Mark Liptak

That’s alright Mark, I was just seeing if you were going to commit one way or the other. If I remember correctly, back in July you predicted the Sox would be the division champs, right?

Nice to hear from you Jim. I also would like to see BA get a real shot somewhere, but I would love to see him as our backup for next year.


That’s true. They had that 6 1/2 game lead and while I didn’t think the Twins would go away I was expecting the Sox to take control of the division by the throat.

They just weren’t able to do it.

Mark Liptak

Great and much needed win today. I’ve been wrong before (Jenks as closer, etc.) and have taken some well derserved heat for past mis-statements on this blog. That said, just for grins using the winning percentages for the SOX and twinkees so far looks like the SOX finish the year 91-71 and the twinkees finish 90-72. GO SOX

Good job today, WS!
Jenks you are going to give me a heart attack!

I am off to my Mom’s, we are leaving at 5am to go to The Magical Kingdom, so this will be the last time I post for a week, I will try to find a computer to read what’s going on –

Thanks to Marie – she’s going to keep posted on the scores!

Let’s hope I can borrow some of Mickey’s Magic and get some more WS winners!!


Have a safe and happy trip Jen!

Lookie lookie – , the latest ‘king of the hill’ game is ours again! Annnnndddddd – Scrubs lost, again – sweet!!!😉

Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! A whole game lead. I’ll take that!

Have a good night all you WS fans and enjoy the day off!


It may be too late, but have a wonderful trip Jen. Be safe and return happy… We’ll hold the fort down for you and do our best to give you a happy return….. Have fun… j.k.

No i have not ever been a professional baseball player. Even so….this is a God forsaken pennant race. You play. Even if you are hurt. Who isn’t hurt about now? Linebrink and Quentin should be playing. Linebrink missed 2 months of the damn season and didn’t have a torn rotator cuff, blown out elbow, broken leg…he just collected his check. Awful. Now Quentin isn’t in the line up (and i don’t care if Ozzie benched him…that is just as stupid). They got lucky they won a game with this line up. I have to seriously question Guillen’s seriousness in this pennant race. Even though they won, throwing out a line up like that after playing like crap for the last week is ridiculous. Does Ozzie think they will not win this division?

Just like when Torii Hunter PLOWED over Jamie Burke and then ozzie went on to slob Hunters knob and say how great of a player he was…when he should have had Mike Jackson plunk Hunter in his next at bat. If Ozzie wants to go manage the Twins, have relations with Gardenhire…then let him. I am sick of his defeatist attitude when it comes to the Twins. The Twins ******* suck for god sake. They have 2 hitters in the line up who Ozzie constantly gets burned by every single time. Walk those guys and pitch to the 7 minor leaguers and you will be fine.

A 1 game lead isn’t enough. This was supposed to be the time when the Twins imploded….and they did….but the sox couldn’t do anything about it. Just awful.

I got the sox winning 2/3 from the Angels. I am pretty confident they will win Friday and Saturday. Sunday may be a long one with 4 inning Danks on the mound.

Here’s to hoping the Twins lose every game..which they may in fact do.


I agree that the Sox let a chance to put some distance between them and the Twins get away. But let’s remember that while the Twins were playing 14 straight on the road (inlcuding Thursday’s game to come), the Sox were playing 10 of 13 on the road and the three at home were against one of the two best teams in the American (superior) League.

And while I don’t agree with Ozzie praising Minnesota all the time, I do agree with him sitting Quentin. If Quentin is hurt, he is not blaying like Quentin and we certainly can’t afford to have him hurting for the last three weeks of the season.

I guess from Mark’s comments, we will be using the pitching staff and players from the 2002 and 2003 teams in the final three weeks. Let’s see, Cabrera was in Montreal back then. Thome was in Philly, A.J. was in the dreaded Minnesota, and Ramirez was in Cuba. I wonder what they were thinking when the Sol let that 2-game lead “get away” to Minnesota.

I know what I am thinking….I am thinking the players we had in 2003 were better than the current guys we have which makes me even more nervous. Carlos, Maggs, Frank, Everett, Valentin a healthy Crede….the only constant is Konerko because he was terrible that year too. So maybe if he can play well this last month we will be in better shape.

Kenwo… What happened to you? You’ve been positive this year for the past five months. Don’t lose it now at the most critical time of the season. As curious as yesterdays line-up was, we still won the game, so maybe Ozzie knows what he’s doing after all.

As it turned out resting Q may be a very good thing. If he’s even mildly hurt, he will have to be better after a couple of days off. As far as Linebrink goes, who knows about him? He’s back on our team, and I’m sure he’ll be in there sometime soon.

There have been a lot of games this year that we should have won but didn’t. Those games are gone and can’t do anything for us now, so forget the past and focus on the final 23 games especially the ones beginning tomorrow night. While we’re playing Anaheim, the Twins play Detroit, so our lead may shrink again. Then we play Toronto and they get KC. Another “paper” advantage for Minn.

The biggest advantage we have is a couple of weeks from now when we play KC and they visit Tampa. By then the Rays will probably have clinched, so they may be resting their regulars, so even that series may not be much of a help. We will just have to wait and see how it plays out. On paper, we have a much tougher schedule than the Twins do, but as we all know so well the games aren’t played on paper. Anything can happen….

Just hold it together for a little while longer everybody and the season will shake out. We win the Central or we don’t. At that time we can be either jubilant or pissy. Only time will tell. Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

TC – I have to disagree. Splitting with Baltimore (whether you want to consider that completed game or not as part of the last series) is not acceptable. That’s a bad team we should have taken 3 of 4 from. Boston with Beckett hurt we face a kid in his major leage debut and he baffles us(gee where have we seen that story before, it’s like the movie Groundhog Day!). That is win #2 we missed out on. And then going to Cleveland and losing 2 of 3 is unacceptable as well. That is 3 and possibly 4 wins we missed out on. Could be a 4 game lead coming home.

Per Buster Olney this wrist injury for Quentin has been a lingering thing. Could have been from one of the HBP’s he has taken this year. And notice how much his productivity has dropped lately too so it is pretty believable that he has been and still is hurt. We have capable bodies, obviosuly not as good as Quentin, but I’d rather have a healthy Quentin a week from now than have him and his stats suffer the rest of the year.


I’m not saying that the 4-6 (and yes I count that suspended game because, unfortunately, it counts in the standings like every other game) was acceptable. Far from it. I was just pointing out that the task to gain ground and extend the lead on the Twins was not going to be easy just because the Twins were on the road.

Looking back on the trip, getting 2 of the 3 regularly scheduled games in Baltimore was okay. We really needed that suspended game and had the edge because we were the home team (like we said when we were kids, we had “last ups).

In Boston, I can deal with losing 2 of 3 to the defending champs. And the kid Bowden didn’t exactly baffle us. He did okay but the difference that night was that Buerhle couldn’t baffle a single batter.

We really needed 2 of 3 in Cleveland and the difference maker was game 2. Lee beat us (like he has beaten 19 other teams this year) the first night and that is no surprise. We had our chances in game two after we closed to 4-3 but the bullpen (I don’t want to get everybody’s juices flowing again so I won’t mention the name of the southpaw) couldn’t keep us in the game.

At least we are coming home with a lead. The schedule hasn’t done us any favors but you have to play what is handed to you. We need to step it up and hope that the Twins stay in their little funk for a little while longer.


I’m trying to make sure I word this properly.

Because I feel the issues in places like Minnesota and Oakland are more MENTAL than physical it really doesn’t matter who the players are in the uniforms.

They hear what’s gone on, some were on teams that played the Sox in Minnesota and Oakland…now throw in both the G.M. and field manager making comments that ‘pump up’ the ability of the Twins and the House of Horrors known as the Metrodome and you better believe the choke jobs the Sox pulled there in 2002 and 2003 come into play.

That’s just my take…naturally you’ll disagree because you feel what happened in the past has no bearing on the present. (Funny how insurance companies don’t have that same philosophy) As stated I think there is some truth in that statement, just as I think there is more truth that the past can be an indicator of the future.

Let’s put it this was, Ozzie was directly quoted as saying that he hoped the Sox clinched BEFORE they had to play the Twins….that says a lot doesn’t it?


The Quentin situation is very strange to me. Perhaps someone else (Scott?) can clarify.

Mark Gonzales in his story today says that Quentin is out until at least the Toronto series and may be gone longer then that.

Joe Cowley in his story today says both Quentin and Griffey have progressed enough that they may be in the lineup Friday or at least this weekend.

Obviously both writers can’t be correct….so what is going on here?


Finally the Sox apparently are catching a break (well maybe…) Angels pitcher Jared Weaver suffered cuts on his pitching hand and is being held out of the weekend series. He’s 10-10 on the year but has absolutely owned the Sox who apparently can’t hit him with a ten foot pole based on his numbers against them.

He’s replaced by a kid named Moseley who is 1-3 Friday.

Normally this would be a great thing for the Sox. Except we have seen numerous examples of how they do against pitchers they don’t know a lot about.

Weaver or Moseley….I guess it’s a little like pick your poison and hope the antidote is nearby.

Mark Liptak

Piece of relatively good news this morrow! Jeff Weaver, who was scheduled to pitch against us friday, has had his start pushed back to Monday. Apparrently he suffered a “metal cut” on two of his pitching fingers, so we get Dustin Mosley tomorrow. Name sound familiar? Same Mosley that gave up big Jim Thome’s number 500! He doesn’t sound like an easy tagret, but we will hopefully fare better against him than Weaver.

Story off

Thought’cha all would want to know!


Aw man, Liptak stole my thunder!


I agree with Ozzie. I’d rather have it clinched before going to Minnesota too. Of course, that would be the same feeling no matter who the opponent was that we were fighting with for a division title.

The fact is, any games on the road against a team that you are competing with for a title are going to be tough games. Going to Minnesota is not pleasant. But neither would going to Detroit or Cleveland in the same situation.

Mental issues are just excuses. Excuses for not doing what you are supposed to do. Apparently Ozzie has been listening too much to you and the rest of the media.

And I don’t care what you say. What happened to Jose Valentin, Frank Thomas, Carlos Lee and the rest of the Sox in 2003 will have absolutely no bearing on what will happen to Jim Thome, Alexei Ramirez, Orlando Cabrera, Gavin Floyd, John Danks, Nick Swisher, etc., etc., in 2008. Hell, Ramirez probably doesn’t even know who Valentin and some of the rest of those guys are.

I guess form your comments we should all call our insurance agents to see who is going to win the Central.


The point being, and you know better… I know you aren’t that obtuse or dense, is that if the past has absolutely no bearing on the present then why do managers play the “hot hand?”, why do managers like Tony LaRussa for example have all those computer printouts saying what Joe Blow did against Tom Fast on Tuesday’s in odd numbered months?

It obviously has some bearing in their minds and they react accordingly when making out their lineups and in the decision making during a game.

You simply don’t subscribe to the notion and have made it very clear, that you don’t accept the mental aspect of the game as having any bearing. I didn’t play at the pro level, I played in college though and I’ve seen it factor in, with a number of players.

If Ozzie thought like you he could have said something like, “well we’d like to have clinched before we go to the Metrodome but if not, I’m not worried, we’ll play well and take that series if we have to…”

He didn’t say anything close to that did he?

Based on his past comments (and let’s not forget Kenny’s recent ones to Joe Cowley in late July) he knows better then to do that.

Could the Sox win if they had to in Minnesota? Of course, that’s why they play the game…but the law of averages and the odds don’t seem to be on their side.

If somehow they pull it off there then that changes the mental outlook for next season and my thoughts will adjust as well. But right now I have nothing to go by except what they have done there as recently as THIS YEAR with the same players, not Frank Thomas, Mags Ordonez or Jose’ Valentin.

It’s not that hard T.C. really, I know you can understand it if you try. I have complete faith in your ability to do so.

Mark Liptak

Just great!!!… A day off and we will have nothing but “Dueling Bloggers” today…. See you all later… Go Sox ’08… j.k.


This is one of those statements that can’t be “proven” exactly but I have a good hunch that if you were to poll the Sox players on where they’d rather play a “must win” series, at Detroit or Cleveland or at Minnesota, the answer would be overwhelmingly at Detroit or Cleveland where they have had success in the past (particularly Detroit) and where the ball hasn’t bounced funny against them.

Mark Liptak

I will take anyone over Weaver. He has owned us. Considering we will probably lose to Saunders this gives us a shot to win the series.


I hear ya, Lisa. I miss my Sox, too. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Heard from someone at work who’s brother who is a nurse: TCQ just left with a cast, out 4 weeks. Fracture from slamming his bat down after a K, allegedly. After all the balls he takes off his arm, he hurts himself slamming his bat down on home plate.


Wow. That better not be true.

Okay, I promise, my last rebuttal of this off day to Liptak.

The numbers you refer to concerning Tony La Russa and other managers who use past history in making their decisions. Those are numbers based on individuals facing the SAME individuals. Those are RELEVANT. There are very few variables in those statistics.

And yes, how the Sox have done this year in the Metrodome is RELEVANT. Even last year may be since many of the players are the same from a year ago. But how the Sox did in the dome with almost an entirely different team in 2003 — NOT relevant.

And yes, I’d pick Detroit or Cleveland over Minnesota too. Those ballparks definitely suit the Sox better.

And yes, the mental part of the game is critical. But by mental, I mean doing the right thing, choosing the right pitch, throwing to the right base, anticipating where the ball is going to be hit, etc. The mental part of the game is not being scared sh**less because the teams in the past have lost at that stadium and the fans and the media keep telling you that you can’t win there. That’s not the mental part of the game. That is making excuses.

Ok, enough of my dueling. Enjoy the night off and resume the playoff push tomorrow.

Well, if billb’s report is accurate, then it is a really good thing we added Griffey and let’s hope he can produce.

If Q is out, we’ll just have to win the division or the wild card and welcome him back in the playoffs.

Injuries suck. But let’s see what the rest of the guys are made off. Let’s hope that report is not 100 percent accurate.

I have been googling my brains out over here. Nothing.

The only thing I have heard in relation to TCQ is that he came home ahead of the team to have his arm checked out.

I hope that report about the cast is not true. That would totally suck.


The only thing I have heard in relation to TCQ is that he came back early to have his arm checked out.

If the report about the cast is true, that would really suck!


Sorry about the double post, this web site whacks out frequently for me.

We’ve all been there.

Normally I don’t put much stock in unnamed rumors and I’m not trying to diss the person who wrote that but I am concerned with what is going on, especially with the starkly different accounts written today by Mark Gonzales and Joe Cowley.

Something just doesn’t seem right. I don’t know exactly what though. It seems like all of a sudden something is wrong. I mean he just played Sunday for example and looked O.K. in Boston. Strange.

Of course if this is true it’s very, very bad to say the least.

Mark Liptak

Mark Liptak

Say it ain’t so, billb, say it ain’t so… j.k.

If you missed it, here are the two differing accounts. First Mark Gonzales:

“The Sox’s task becomes even tougher with the strong possibility that slugger Carlos Quentin probably won’t be available until at least next week’s Toronto series?and maybe MUCH longer.

“That’s our hope,” manager Ozzie Guillen said of a return Monday by Quentin, who has 36 homers but has been hampered by a sore right forearm near his wrist.


Now here’s Joe Cowley’s:

“Outfielders Carlos Quentin (right forearm) and Ken Griffey Jr. (back) remained on the shelf Wednesday, but Guillen received good enough reports on both that he felt they could be back for the series opener against the Los Angeles Angels on Friday.”


If he was sent back to Chicago early as Marie said then you wonder if the “report” that Cowley talks about was something Ozzie heard yesterday (although that doesn’t make sense from a time standpoint unless he left for Chicago Tuesday night

Like I said this si strange.

Mark Liptak

For what it’s worth.

Just heard from someone in the organization. I asked about this rumor. The reply that I got was that “something’s up with him…heard it wasn’t good.”


Mark Liptak

The longer this goes without being “confirmed” by the mainstream media the better I feel but with these things there are always extenuating circumstances. We’ll just have to keep waiting, remember it’s also an off day.

Let’s just hope this rumor is not true.

Mark Liptak

I sure hope TCQ isn’t hurt badly, and isn’t out for four weeks! That would be a real blow, especially with Crede’s back situation. Let’s all hope for the best!!

I wish we could get some confirmation or denial of this whole thing. This is Really big for us, and the longer it takes, the worse it gets as far as I’m concerned. Nothing anywhere I’ve looked, and the info we are getting from Lip isn’t too positive….

Whatever happens, Go Sox ’08…. j.k.


Keep in mind what I was told can also be interpreted as “wasn’t good” meaning if he were to miss even five or six games.

When you only have 23 to play missing even that amount has an impact.

It doesn’t automatically “confirm” the posted report although I can see someone making that assumption. Hell I’ve done it myself.

Mark Liptak

So in the meantime, while waiting for some good news about Q, I’m watching the Rays beating the yankees 6-0 in the 5th, and of course……. also watching the Twins, Jays game in the 6th… Score now is 3-0…… enough suspense… the jays are ahead…

Now 4-0 Toronto in the 7th…. j.k.

Thank you Mark, for helping me with my angst over this situation….I’m safely in my chair at the computer and all is “well”… Go Sox ’08… j.k.

Me too Klein, wish we could find out more about ‘Q’ though, only thing I found was ‘undisclosed’ as to what the injury was, etc. Why would they keep this from us is my question?

6-0 now in Toronto. It looks like the Twins are going down again. Amazing. As poorly as we played on our last road trip, the Twins played even worse…… 8-0 Jays…. Game over….. 11/2 game lead for the Good Guys in Black…. ( That’s us….. duh)…The only thing bothering me (other than the Q situation) is the next nine games. I have the Twinkies winning six of their next nine.(Det, KC, and Balt on the road). We need to keep pace too, albeit against the Angels, Toronto and then Tigers…

Go Q, Go Sox… j.k.

Maybe some very good news on Quentin. Joe Cowley has just updated on the Sun-Times saying the initial reports on Quentin’s wrist and forearm are good.

They are waiting on more test results Friday. If those are good as well, he could be back in the lineup Friday night.,sox090508.article

At this point you’d have to say the rumor that Bill posted is untrue. Still doesn’t explain though the wildly different opinions of the situation printed by Cowley as opposed to Mark Gonzales and the Sox own Scott Merkin, or the comment from my friend in the organization.

Very strange indeed!

Mark Liptak

Twinks are spanked – love it!

Glad reports on Q are improving, truly a nurse shouldn’t or wouldn’t say something about someone else with all the privacy issues so that post was questionable to me to begin with, one would hope the ‘nurse’ would maintain privacy issues of patients even with a friend.

Thanks again Lip. I guess I will assume that no news is good news for now….. and hope an a** is not made of you and me…. Go Sox… j.k.

It’s golf time again!… I have an early one today, but I’ll be back later to say hi and check about Q…. Go Sox… j.k.

Thanks for the article, Lip, it is a great relief. In retrospect my post may not have been the brightest idea. I apologize. Just trying to keep up the internets reputation of being based solely in unsubstantiated facts, rumors and innuendo.

Will everyone please quit changing their addy!!!!!!!
I am sooooo confused!!!! Help me out here!! I am guessing that wsoxfanbb is billb…but I still haven’t figured out who Incredeble is……


Hoping for the best on the final results for Quentin. (The Sun-Times said the final tests are done and the results are now in but the Sox are keeping quiet. The Sun-Times says the results will probably be announced before game time this evening.)

Also hoping for a good performance tonight against Dustin Moseley.

I’ll be doing football so when I get home I’ll check the internet for the score.

Mark Liptak


This weird story / situation continues.

Apparently Jesse Rogers just reported on the radio it may be a fractured wrist.

I’m completely confused at this point in time and apparently the media is as well.

Kind of reminds me of spring 2001 when Sox pitchers were dropping left and right, MRI’s were supposedly good yet guys couldn’t pitch.

We’ll find out soon enough I guess.

Mark Liptak

OK, Lisa. I confess… I’m inCREDEble. See? It looks a lot better when the CREDE is accentuated. Otherwise, I appear to be just another self-centered fan who can’t spell. Seriously, the changed functionality for the login name was really ticking me off, but I think I have it figured out now. (WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?!)

Hope all my fellow bloggers are well. Lot of arguing going on here lately, though. C’mon you all… where’s the blog love?

Bruce Levine just reported that there is a strong chance Quentin has a slight break in his wrist, but they will not confirm 100% until later today.

Do any of you out there remember a game that you would play at a party, where someone would whisper a rumor into your ear, then you would pass it on to someone else, and they would pass it on, etc., etc.,… until the rumor was blown up all out of proportion?

This seems to be the situation with the Quentin story…

Gonzales in the Trib has one story, Cowley in the S-T has another, whomever the beat writer is for the Southtown has a third angle, the writer for the Daily Herald has their say… and, of course, there will be the OFFICIAL pronouncement from the PR department at the Cell…

As the X-Files put it… “The truth is out there… somewhere…”

Of course, all that we need to do to see obfuscation (THERE’S a word from the thesaurus for ya, folks…)in action is to look at Clark and Addison… where NO ONE knew what had happened with Zambrano and Hardin… but they were tap dancing nonetheless… you could almost hear “Tea For Two” being played in the background…

As for the boys… IF Linebrink was alright, he would have been pitching as soon as he was activated…

And IF there are all these bumps and bruises this late in the season… all I can say is… a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER overcomes all these obstacles and presses forward… they band together and form one cohesive unit…

Can this be said or written about the 2008 Chicago White Sox?

Well that sucks. TCQ done for the year. I can’t imagine any worse news for the rest of the season. I just pray he is healthy and fully recovered by March of 2009.

Damn, this sucks.

Is it football season yet?

Kevingrt1313: Has that been confirmed?


Maria!!!!!!!!! Hi there! I’ve missed you! Glad your back!!!


You and I have been around the block long enough to have seen this happen before.

Remember the names of Dick Donovan, Sherm Lollar, Joe Cunningham, Bill Melton, Maggs Ordonez and Frank Thomas?

All key guys who suffered bizarre, freak injuries at exactly the wrong time. We all remember how those seasons turned out from a post season standpoint.

I guess you could say that sooner or later, the law of averages says the Sox will be able to overcome and band together to get to the promised land when this happens…maybe this will be the time.

Typical White Sox luck.

At least they only need four more wins to have a guaranteed ‘winning’ season.

Mark Liptak

On a different note. It’s time for the White Sox Army to stand and deliver.

WGN at the end of the month (for some reason – probably because they think the Cubs are winning the World Series) is having an all time Chicago team special. They want your input on the best of all time.

I’m sure the lemmings on the North Side will be stuffing the ballot box so you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Mark Liptak

IT IS OFFICIAL NOW!!! Per Bruce Levine Quentin will have surgery early next week on a fractured right wrist. He will be re-evaluated 3 weeks later, but is most likely done for the season.


TCQ get better quickly. They said there is a slight chance he may return in 4-6 weeks in time for the offseason. I’m not holding my breath though. What a time for this to happen.I thought it was from all the HP’s he took now they are saying it was from slamming a bat down in frustration after a bad at bat.

Maybe it is a sign for all those other big bats who have been in an on and off slumber most of the season to finally wake up and carry this club into the postseason just as TCQ has done for the season.

I’m not giving up hope though and trying to be optimistic that all the other guys will step it up and carry this club into the promised land. GO WHITE SOX!

Jim D……..I just heard the exact same thing on news radio, 780 AM, WBBM. Surgery Monday for a fractured wrist – has to have a screw inserted.

OK boys, who will step up and fill TCQ’s shoes? That’s what championship teams do.

Go Sox!


Sep 5, 3:24 PM EDT

AL home run leader Carlos Quentin has broken wrist

AP Sports Writer

CHICAGO (AP) — American League home run leader Carlos Quentin has a broken wrist, and the Chicago White Sox left fielder will have surgery Monday that could sideline him for the rest of the season.

Quentin was removed from the lineup before Tuesday’s game because of what the White Sox described then as a sore right forearm, and he hasn’t played since. The team said Friday that he was hurt during last Monday’s game at Cleveland.

A screw will be inserted into the wrist, and he will be re-evaluated in two to three weeks. Quentin is batting .288 with 36 homers and 100 RBIs.

Quentin missed two games after he was hit on a forearm by Boston’s Josh Beckett on Aug. 11. When Quentin returned Aug. 14 and was plunked by Kansas City’s Kyle Davies, Quentin became the first player hit by a pitch in six straight games since at least 1920.

Quentin has been hit 20 times in all this year, the most in the American League.

Chicago said Quentin will be operated on by hand and wrist specialists, Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. John Fernandez along with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University.

Anyone see Apollo 13?
With all due respect sir, I think this will be our finest hour.

Mr. Griffey and Mr. Swisher. It is time to show us what you are made of.

This is why Kenny wanted the depth and made the Griffey deal. Also may give Brian A. yet another chance to show us he is major-league worthy.

Let’s bet the Angels tonight and forget about our injuries. It’s time to focus on the Halos at 7:11 p.m.

This is now getting beyond weird. Gonzales says the Sox feel the injury happened Monday in Cleveland striking out against Cliff Lee.

HOWEVER Joe Cowley is writing at the Sun-Times that the injury may have happened when Quentin punched his locker in Boston.

What the???

Could Quentin possibly be that stupid? Or is this Joe Cowley being Joe Cowley?

Mark Liptak

Didn’t someone say that it was when he struck out and then smacked home plate with his bat??? That or the locker – either one is S.T.U.P.I.D.

Sounds like he did something in the not so smart category, must have a temper – damn, I do not like the looks or sounds of this, some boys better step up to the plate and overcome this new obstacle . GO SOX!!!

I had a lot of fun playing golf today. I played pretty well too (for me anyway). Now my day is set back Big Time after reading the news about Q…. Good luck Q, and heal well and quickly…. Now it’s time for the team to pick YOU up…. Go OC, go AJ, go JD, go Paulie, go Jimmy, go Missle, go Jr. , go Swish, go Juan, go Mark…. Go Sox ’08…..j.k.

It was reported on ESPN 1000 that the injury occurred when Quentin slammed his bat after a strikeout.

If Jr. Isn’t 100% then Ozzie needs to be playing BA or Owens in center.

Oh, Q. Hope you heal fast and come back as good as ever, be it in ’08 or ’09. As for the rest of the team, now’s the time to step up. We all know Q’s not the only power bat in our lineup, so c’mon guys…. turn it up a notch! Go White Sox!!!

I’d take BA over Owens in centerfield any day of the week!
Best of luck Q! I hope you heal quickly!!! I echo previous posters in calling out the rest of this team to step it up!!!!

What a ****** Quentin is. In the middle of a pennant race this ******* ****** bag slams his bat down and breaks his arm? For god sakes…..didn’t you get the memo about Troy Tulowitzki doing that same retarded act and suffering a huge cut in his hand putting him on the DL? AJ is next too…he does the same dumb thing. Now he will suck too at least next year because once you hurt your hand or wrist you are not the same for at least a year. great job you hot headed assbag. Bo Jackson you aren’t.

Now Griffey can play left and hopefully the sox can survive this morons crucial mistake. Here is to hoping they smack the ball around for the next few weeks….. I will be there today. Hopefully I bring home a winner

Kenwo, is your constant name calling really necessary? Don’t you think for one minute that if that’s truly how it was fractured he’s not thinking the same things you are. Name calling, yikes, dear, that’s for children, which I’m assuming you’re not.. yesterday’s post was a bit over the edge with the ‘knob’ mentioning. I’m not trying to scold you like a ‘mom’ but really. . . you can still rant and rave without calling them names can’t you? I can only imagine your road rage!

There have been three printed reports on this.

1. The Sox and Mark Gonzales are saying it happened in the first at bat Monday against Lee when he struck out.

2. Cowley is saying the injury may have happened in Boston this weekend when he supposedly punched a locker.

3. Yesterday on this blog the rumor first appeared that he had his wrist in a cast, out four weeks and that the injury supposedly happened when he slammed his bat on home plate after a strike out.

The Sox officially are saying it happened Monday so until the media can personally speak with Quentin that’s all we have to go on.

Like I said I hope he wasn’t that stupid. I guess the Sox should have brought Crash Davis in to speak to them about punching things!

Mark Liptak

I’m going to have to agree with Ken, if these rumors are true, Quentin is a new member of the assbag’s!

Right now the guys are having to deal with a slap in the face, a gut check, a test of their character. Yes it sucks, and hurts. But this is a team sport, and we have guys on this team who can step up and lead us into october. Once we do get to post season we all know that anything is possible. Just need the right guys to be hot!! Godspeed Carlos, see you in the spring!!

Com’on boys show your intestinal fortitude.
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without Quentin, we are in deep trouble. Didn’t Da’Coach break his wrist by punching a locker? What a tool. I guess he won’t win the MVP. What a waste of a great year.

Does it really matter when the injury occurred? Whenever it happened, it was probably temper-related and that would be stupid.

But the fact of the matter is that he is hurt and out and probably for the rest of 2008. How he did it or when he did it doesn’t change the important issue.

And that is how the rest of the team will respond to losing the best run-producing bat on the club and one of the top players in all of baseball in 2008.

The talent is there to pick up the slack. Griffey, Swisher, Dye, Thome, Konerko … lots of potential offense.

But, with or without Quentin, the pitching still has to get the job done.

No excuses. Injuries are part of the game. Forget about it and go out and beat the Angels tonight.

Man, how quickly they turn on you! Minnesotta may have the pirhannas, but Chicago has the sharks. If you do something wrong, make a mistake, hurt yourself and end your season, the sharks go after you in a feeding frenzy that makes it look like you’re only a piece of chum thrown out into the water.

Q made a mistake. However he hurt himself doesn’t matter. He knows he blew it. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re trying so hard to do your best and fail. Emotion takes over and accidents happen. Feeling bad isn’t enough for the sharks though. You need to tear him apart and devour him. I hope you feel better now, I’m quite sure that Q does not.

Stupid mistake? Yes. Unfortunate timing? Yes. Season ending catastrophe? Who knows. Only time will tell about that and the ability of our team to pick up one of their own.
I know you’re dissapointed, and angry, so am I. But I’m also ashamed and dissapointed at you for behaving in this manner. God forbid one of your friends hurts themselves, your lack of compassion would wound them to the quick.

I’m wounded just from reading all your venomous blather. I’m done with you…. Go Chicago White Sox….. j.k.

Ok whatever guys…. you guys get mad at me for using inappropriate language but when your mighty hero Quentin hits a pop up he yells *********************************** (something that rhymes with duck) so loud that every camera in every stadium picks up on it. Then you tell me what a great manager Ozzie is and he swears more than anyone I know and that is quite an accomplishment….. so lay off of the “you sound like a kid” routine when you are in love with Guillen and Quentin who do the same thing on a nightly basis.

That is all


It’s one thing to swear. But it’s really over the top when you throw in sexual references. Maria once said her kids read the board. I’m sure others do to. Now I know the kids hear even worse all the time at school and with their friends but it still isn’t right to display it on this public forum.

I’m no saint nor am I an angel (especially not the next three days) so I don’t mean to preach.

All I really care about tonight is getting a few runs and having Buerhle go back to being Buerhle again.

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