Angels Arrive

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griffey, CF; Misle, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Buehrle pitching.

Today’s News

I’m sure you’ve all heard/read the news about Carlos Quentin suffering a fracture of his right wrist on Monday.

It is in a splint and on Monday, Carlos will undergo surgery to insert a screw that will help with mobility during his recovery.  They’ll wait 2-3 weeks and see how it has healed.  That will determine if he can come back this season or if he’ll be done until next spring.

“It’s disappointing,” Carlos told media before the game, “especially at this time of the season.”

“I need to just focus on what I can do to get better as fast as possible,” Quentin said.  “And stay positive.”

Quentin explained that he hurt his wrist during his final at-bat Monday night in Cleveland.  After fouling a ball off, he hit the head of his bat with a closed fist of his right hand (you can see it on video of the at-bat), stepped away and re-adjusted his batting gloves.  It’s a move he does often — hitting his hand on the top of his bat — but this time it was costly.  Quentin said he did not feel any pain initially but felt discomfort about 40 minutes after the game ended.

Ozzie Guillen addressed the news as well.

“I’ve got more problems than that,” Guillen replied.  “We need guys to step up and fill that hole.

“It’s unfortunate the way it happened,” he continued.  “Guys get frustrated at the plate.  You’re not going to win.  You’re always going to get hurt.”

“We’ve got to move on.  I’m not making any excuses.  I am going to put out the best lineup I can, and hopefully that works.”

Joe Crede

Ozzie said Joe Crede continues to battle back pain.

“I don’t expect him to be back anytime soon,” Guillen said.  “I tip my hat to Joe Crede.  He was playing in a lot of pain.”

First Place

Guillen joked that it was tough to remember the White Sox actually enter this series in first place.

This season, we’ve lost … Thome, Konerko, Crede, Jenks, Linebrink and now Quentin (did I forget any others) and sit 1 1/2 games ahead with 23 to play.

Let’s see what happens.  We certainly have the talent in our lineup for someone to step up over the next three weeks.




Griffey better start producing big at the plate, or else his presence in center field isn’t going to make much sense.

I know that everyones attitude went a little south today, and really no one can blame us, but keep in mind we still have a solid team with guys who are capable of carrying the team for a couple of weeks. It really comes down to how bad they want it. So with that being said I think the mourning should end with the first pitch tonight!! I hope the team responds and rallies around each other and gives this city an enema heading into the playoffs.

Give this city an enema??????????? What?!

You missed the injuries to Contreras and Uribe, and when Dye had some troubles with his groin too. I remember him missing a few in late April, I think.

Anyways, let’s forget it, move on, win this series, win the next, and keep it going all the way to the end!

Go White Sox!

Looks like we are responding well so far.
Nice shots Juan and Paully.

Well we seem to be responding pretty well so far. 2 shots by Uribe already, 7-0 Sox!

Several thoughts tonight. I watched the beginning to stand up for cancer. The opening was filmed several weeks ago before a White Sox game. Very touching moments. We all must remember baseball is a game. This team might just look at the adversity of Q’s injury, pull themselves up by the boot straps and surprise us all. The boys sure are enjoying being home.

Who needs Carlos Quentin………we have Juan Uribe.

In all seriousness, I hope TCQ heals up quick, but I sure hope the rest of the team steps up. So far tonight, they sure are!

Go Sox!


What a fun game to watch tonight. Go Sox!

Good sticks tonight, even better pitching!!!
Nice work Mark.

Weird – our score and Minns vs Det score — exactly the same – that’s like a cosmo oddity isn’t it????

Didn’t get to see any of the game, Friday nights are busy around here right now – but caught what I could on the satellite radio during my travels!

Bring home another tomorrow!!!!! GO SOX!

mwass, I was at the game where the taping of stand up to cancer took place, losing my dad 4 years prior to leukemia, it hit home hard, we actually had to rehearse the standing up stuff, etc, it was really neat to be a part of it, I actually thought they were taping the opening in multiple places and we’d hit the cutting room floor and was pleased that we were actually in it. Pretty proud moment, felt dad there with us.

btw – the Cubs lost again by the same score we won by, 3 games all 10-2 – kinda weird folks….


The Cubs loss to the Reds was by the same score as well.

Nice effort tonight from what I can tell, just got back from a 47-42 game that I did for a Salt Lake City station.

They sucked it up for one night at least. Kudos to them.

Mark Liptak

Nice win, and took advantage of a not-so-good pitcher. Hopefully that was the start of a huge homestand. It would be nice to get 2 or 3 from Anaheim while they are playing with a lot of complacency right now. Almost had three 10-2 scores in our favor tonight.

Just maybe Juan Uribe started one of those two week runs he is good for at the dish tonight. That would be real nice to help get us through the rest of the regular season, or at least 2 of the last 3 weeks.

Moments I really enjoyed about last night’s game:

1) PK’s foul ball that wasn’t.

2) The infield fly RULES!

3) JD’s hot glove.

4) Oooh, Oooh Uribe!

5) Seeing so many callups get a few innings of playing time.

6) Linebrink, back in action.

7) The final score.

Not an all-inclusive list, but just a few memories to hold onto. It was really a great night at the ballpark.

Things I DIDN’T enjoy:

1) Seeing so many empty seats. C’mon fans. We’ve got a first place team, we’re in the thick of a pennant race, and we’re letting seats collect dust? And during a game against another first-place club? This is insanity! (Scott: This economy has made it tough for a lot folks. Maybe a little help from the Sox as far as discounted seats? Better to have a full house and a slightly less full pocket than nothing in the pocket at all. Just my 2 cents.)

2) Witnessing an adult grab a Pride Club t-shirt from the clutches of a young girl. What an unbelieveably classless display. The guy even had kids of his own. Imagine how they would have felt if someone had done that to them.

Overall, I’m pleased as punch at last night’s showing. Looking for more of the same tonight. Let’s Go, Go, Go White Sox!!!

What a great night at the ballpark! That was HUGE for us to win game 1 of this series. HUGE. Could of had a bigger crowd like Maria said, but 32,000+ was nice.

We really needed that outing from Mark. Let’s hope he can string together a few more just like it.

Uribe was hot, JD was hot, PK was hot. Both JD and PK made some stellar plays in the field. If we get PK to keep on keeping on, his late season surge might help fill the void of Quentin. The paper said he’s batting .459 in his last 13 home games. I think in the last 18 total games, he’s hitting .375+. Better late than never Paulie! Give us more! !

Our young players (Quentin and Ramirez) have exceeded all expectations. They still make boneheaded plays, and have a lot of growing up to do, but hey, its their first year. The future looks bright…..Note: Ozzie says he saw Q smacking himself all year, so why didn’t he say something to the kid to get him to stop?

Good to see Linebrink back, but he sure was shaky starting out. Carrasco was a bit off too, but fortunately both persevered through their innings.

Floyd’s on the bump tonight. Going against a really good pitcher for the Angels. Ought to be a close game….Keep that ball low and away Gavin! I said it before and I’ll say it again. Our character is being tested. When you guys go to the games, scream your heads off. Go Sox.

Hi Guys,

Just sittin here drinkin coffee before I go cater a wedding. So I am surfin on the web and go to the Cubs Blog, Something like “vineland”, and look at the last 4 posts, all recent, and not 1 comment on any of them. What does that mean, sarcastic answers very acceptable. Just goes to show, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT, I don’t comment very much, but I do read them all the time. Keep up the good work, and Mark keep your chin up, it’s been a good year. Will be at the Game Wednesday, Club level 348 if anyone wants to stop by.

Go Sox and Go Bloggers


I guess Morrissey is entitled to his opinion. But frankly, it’s been less than 24 hours since the story broke, and am so tired of hearing about how “stupid”, “silly”, “selfish” (Seriously? You think CQ wanted this to happen?) and “inexcuseable” this injury was. Hindsight is 20-20. Yes, it stinks. But move on. It’s time to stop throwing salt in the wound already.

I hope that Morrisey is as harsh on Zambrano for every time Z goes ballistic and kicks the water cooler in the dugout. Heaven forbid he should break a toe. Ugh.

Amen, Maria!!

I do believe that last night’s game proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that baseball is not a one man sport…

Senator Clinton said “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Well, it takes 25 players, or as many as they have on their cuurent active roster, to raise a pennant… or a World Series banner…

Having said that, I saw the dugout press confrence with TCQ… He seemed to be very remorseful and chagrined… He knows that he did a stupid thing…

And I think that he knows never to do it again…

Maria… The columnists in this city, NOW that a certain dope is out of the picture, are going to be equal opportunity chroniclers of the actions of those idiotic enough to jeopardize their careers with moves such as the ones that Zambrano does with regularity… rest assured of that…

The solution?…

As the old joke went about the man who went to the doctor and said “It hurts when I do this.”…

The doctor said ” Well, then, DON’T DO IT!!!”

BTW, just on a personal note or two…

Happy belated b-day to Hawk…

Another year on the board???? YESSSSSSS!!!!!

And there are officially 11 shopping days left until all of WS Universe can officially ignore the kid’s 56th…

All I would want, really, would be a win over the Yank-mes that night in the South Bronx…

And, maybe, a “little somethin, somethin” that Lady Helene could provide…


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