Saturday vs. the Angels

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Jr., CF; Missile, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.

Sights of the Day

Ed Farmer and clubhouse manager Vince Fresso watching their Irish struggle in the first half against mighty SDSU (and former Hawkeye Chuck Long).


I showed Jose Contreras my scar from my 2000 Achilles repair and talked to him — as best I could — about my experience.  Of course, I tried to explain that he is a World Class athlete and I certainly am not. 

An observor tried to convince Jose that I tore mine dunking a basketball.  I did do it on the court, but it was an over-the-hill jab step that was my undoing.



Notre Dame is losing, Michigan won, and the Twins are losing. This could turn out to be one happy day.

Tigers win!

Yeah Tigers!!-don’t say that too often!! Wouldn’t it be nice to blow it open about now?

Hey Tom, good to see your post, haven’t heard from you in awhile! I have to say I snickered at that last comment!!

Gotta agree that what is done is done. The Quentin situation stinks, but stuff happens. From what I understand, he’s done that more than a few times before, just dumb luck this time. We just need to take it a day at a time worry about winning our games and let the schedule tick away and things fall into place.

Ok boys, lets take care of business tonight!!

Notre Dame won!!! 🙂

Guess J.K. must really be bent, haven’t heard from him all day . . . wish he’d come back soon!

Not even the Irish-loving Ed Farmer can be happy with the “winning” performance. Looks like another good year for haters of the overrated team from South Bend like Quaid and I.

Tough night so far but it sure is nice to see Paulie heating up like he has the past couple of weeks.

I live in South Bend, but am not an Irish fan. My neighborhood is loaded with not only Irish fans, but Cub fans. I wear my Sox clothes proudly.
Let’s go Sox. We need this win tonight.

Another closer fails during a non-save situation. I don’t get it.

let’s get some runs

Man on – no outs – we need a rally boys

Runners on the corners! No one out – here we go boys!

At least we have a tie game – poor base running by Owens.

Isn’t that Harold’s job to tell him whether to go or not? Anyway, it’s nice to see Rodriguez not being able to throw up his arms and yell like a monkey like he does after every save.

AJ is again causing the Angels grief – come on boys we need to pick up a game on the Twins tonight.

Our Sox are showing a lot of character the last 2 games. Now let’s get AJ home.

That looked like the White Sox of April and May. First and third nobody out, zero runs scored.

That was PAINFUL to watch. Come on Sox!!! Let’s hold them here and get something done in the bottom of the 11th.

Sunday mornings I play pick-up ball with some guys in the neighborhood. It’s competitive but friendly. But I tell you this, if I did anything like what I just saw the White Sox do in the 10th, they’d kindly ask me not to return next week. Let’s hope that’s the worst inning we’ll see the rest of the season.

Yes, this is painful – poor base running. But the boys are not giving up. We can win this game.

Can AJ make up for his base running error? I sure hope so.

Nope. At least not this inning.

Now I’m having a tough time staying positive and upbeat. Hold ’em boys.

It was nice to see an outing like that from Mac.

Well now that they’ve ruined my Saturday night plans, they better win the darn game.

I agree – they better win this game.

Josh Fields had taken two called thirds in extra innings. This shows us why he did not make the club out of spring training.

The worst part about a game like this that goes on forever is that not only do you need to win it (because you are in a tight September pennat race) but you have to blow out your bullpen for the next several days in trying to win it.

Jenks probably shouldn’t go tomorrow and Thornton definitely cannot.

Yes, we have to play them one at a time but with a 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 game lead with 22 to go, we have to keep our bullpen in shape for the stretch run. Ron Gardenhire is loving the fact that we are playing 16 or more tonight.

Every time we having a pitching change I hold my breath. What will this long game do to our line up tomorrow? Will they be half asleep tomorrow afternoon?

I think the reason Fields didn’t make the team out of spring training was because we had Crede. There was no point in having Fields sit on a bench.

OK here we go again. Let’s get some runs and put this game to bed.

PUT IT ON THE BOARD – YES! Thome gets the shaving cream tonight. That a way boys!

WAAAAYY BACK!!! I think that was in the very last row.

Back in the first two or three months of the season, a lot of people wanted to dump both Thome and Konerko.

Thank God the Sox weren’t listening. Without Quentin, those two guys amy have the most important bats in the Sox lineup.

Nice job by the bullpen tonight.

I may have been a little hard on Fields with my earlier comment, but taking called thirds in extra innings is awfully hard to swallow. And to do it twice is even harder to take.

But all is well in Soxland tonight.

Very true about Thome and Konerko. Q was hot when the others weren’t. Now is the time for the veterans to pick up the rest of the team. As for Fields I agree. In extra innings you just can’t look at a third strike. I would rather see a player go down swinging – you can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing the bat.
On to tomorrow. We have a 2 1/2 game lead tonight. Oh for a sweep on Sunday.

One last comment – our win was the top story on Sportscenter after the Florida/Miami game.

A great, great win. Way to go, Sox. It was nail-biting and frustrating at times, but the result was AWESOME.

Way to go White Sox! AWESOME win tonight. Good to see the bullpen throw as well as they did. I may even get some confidence in MacDougal. I am going to the game tomorrow. I will do my best to cheer loud enough to bring home a sweep!

Looking forward to just one post and a short one at that from Liptak. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!

GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JK, where are you????????/


Did Thome get the shaving cream pie???????

Well just like I predicted in my predictions a week ago the sox have taken two. I hope I am wrong and will take the third tomorrow but I am not too confident in Danks lately. Great job to come back with Swishers homer.

In my opinion, AJ made a good base running play in the 10th inning. If he didn’t dance like that they would have turned a double play with Konerko speed walking down the line. I don’t get why everyone was mad at that play.

Nice job by the bullpen today. Dotel, Thornton and Macdougal were good….as was Ramirez and Wasserman. Jenks should have kept throwing heat to that bum…even a bum can pop a hanging curve out of the park.

Go get em’ tomorrow. Danks we need 7. Man up


I was waiting for someone to finally make that point. I agree that AJ made a good play, with one exception. All he needed to do was get Figgins to look at him. He took it too far by going an extra step after Figgins looked at him and then he got caught.

If Figgins fields the ball and immediately throws to second they have a very good chance of doubling up Konerko.

Well whether he got tagged out or not really is irrelevant. The fact is because figgins went after him, Griffey was able to bat in the inning and came very close to ending it. If AJ just heads back to the base it is a 5-4-3 EASY.

That being said, I also don’t know why they didn’t pinch run for Dye that inning with Bourgois or however you spell his name, or Getz or Anderson. Any of those guys steal second and AJ scores on Griffey’s fly. As a matter of fact why wasn’t AJ pinch run for when you have 2 extra catchers on the bench?

Eh whatever, they won… I’m happy. Get em tomorrow and make it easier for god sake.

By the way after a 15 inning affair..sure the sox will be tired tomorrow but the Angels played in the same game. They will probably bench Vlad…maybe Anderson or Hunter. These games don’t mean very much to them so if any of them are sore they will get benched.

The Sox don’t have that luxury and in my opinion AJ should be the only one to get the day off. You cannot expect a catcher to come back in a day game after a night game that went 15 innings. Any more “off days” than that would irk me.

The Angels are playing for best record which would mean home field throughout the postseason and that is something to play for.

I don’t get the pinch-running for Dye theory. Not that Dye is a better runner, no way. But no matter who is on first and whether or not they steal second, Thome struck out and Konerko’s ground ball would have produced at least one more out which would have eliminated the possibilty of Griffey’s drive being a sac fly.

I’m sure AJ won’t play. And Griffey may get a rest if his legs are sore after 15 innings.

You got me on that one TC good catch…he wouldn’t have scored anyway. I just don’t get why the sox never steal second vs. relievers who do not pay attention to the hitters…..same thing with Alexei…if i was coaching he would have been sent first pitch vs. KRod. I don’t know the stats but I would bet that when KRod is on the mound baserunners who steal are very rarely thrown out. with his crazy motion and pitches constantly in the dirt I think I could swipe 2nd and the only Sox players I am faster than are Konerko and Toby

Well Kenwo, you got me beat because I don’t think that I could even beat Konerko or Toby these days.

We have gotten to KRod twice this year. That’s 2 of his 6 blown saves. Might bode well for a potential playoff matchup if we are able to hold on.

Let’s just hope the Twins keep “urinating” (as TQ would say, Hi Lip) games away. They’ve dropped 10 of their last 14 and have let leads get away in over half of those losses. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team (at least in the AL).

Hey, stop the presses. The minor league leaders actually won tonight.

Why are you guys up so late?

I think this off-season Alexei is going to have to spend a lot of time learning how to steal bases. With the speed he has he should be stealing 30 bases a year.

Very gutsy performance Saturday night. They overcame their baserunning mistakes and got the win. Caught the last few innings when I got back from the studio.

You know things are going well when Mike MacDougal is actually getting some people out.

A sweep would be nice but just the fact that they have won this series, in the wake of the Quentin situation does say something.

Mark Liptak

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