September Sunday

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Missile, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B; Fields, DH; Hall, C.  Danks pitching.

How About That

With his dramatic, game-ending home run last night, Jim Thome (537) passed Mickey Mantle for 14th all-time … this was our fifth game-ending home run of the season and 38th in USCF history (regular season, that is, as well all remember one in October 2005).

If you’re going to play 15 innings, you might as well win it.

Elias Sports Bureau Note From Last Night

Jim Thome’s home run in the 15th inning gave the White Sox a 7-6 win over the Angels in Chicago.  It was Thome’s 10th career home run in extra innings, the most by any active player.  Adam Dunn, Jason Giambi, Ken Griffey, Jr., Chipper Jones, Jeff Kent and Albert Pujols all have nine extra-inning homers.


This is the third time in club history a White Sox team has had three hitters reach 30 home runs in a season … the others?   2004 (PK, Carlos Lee and Jose Valentin) and 2005 (Crede, Dye, PK and Thome).


Our 207 home runs lead baseball by 21 …our 48-22 record at home is third-best in the AL behind Boston and Tampa Bay.

Calling Fans

Any White Sox fans interested in watching the taping of experts picking and arguing over the All-Chicago Team, head to Harry Caray’s at 33 W. Kinzie on Tuesday at 10 am.  Ron Kittle and Steve Stone are scheudled to appear as Sox experts …


Hey Scott,
I think you mean the 2006 season where PK, Thome, JD and Crede had at least 30 homers.
Obviously, Thome wasn’t with us in 2005.

Not sure why Thome would need a day off. I’m sure that home run trot wasn’t that exhausting.

Come on Sox, get Johnny Danks some more runs!

Just for curiosity’s sake, I checked the Twins official blog (their counterpart to this blog) last night. I wanted to see how their fans were dealing with the AL Central pennant race, the road trip, and so forth.

The date of the last post – you will hardly believe it – is *July 16th*!!!

Realizing how many comments pile up when Scott doesn’t post here for a few days, I looked to see how many comments there were for that old, old post. And the number is….???…. ONE! Uno! A single, lone comment!

And a final note: a message on screen said “You are not allowed to post on this blog. Sign out.”

Since I have never, ever posted *anything* on the Twins blog, I can’t imagine why I’m “banned” from it! Anyone know what this is about?

Go Sox!!!


Peg, can’t imagine why they would ban anybody, but I’ve noticed on other blogs, nobody posts as much as we do. I once posted something about Aaron Rowand when he played for the phils and the guy that wrote the post responded to me but nobody else even seemed to be ‘out there’ like they don’t know it exists or something, I’m not sure.

Tigers tied it! Come on Tigers, keep it up!

Hey Kris, how are you? Seems like it’s just you and me today – where is everybody?

Hi Peggy, not sure where everybody is except that the weather is beautiful, maybe they’re outside… it’s actually been way too quiet all weekend ever since the ‘discussions’ about Quentin Thursday and some hot heads, it’s been almost frighteningly quiet. Hope everyone comes back soon. Did you read my email?

Way to go Dye and Swisher. The two of you had a combined IQ of about 30 today. Thanks for the loss.

well crap, that didn’t end the way I wanted it to…. I don’t like that dude ‘k-rod’ somebody couldn’t come up with a bit more original name than that . . . plueese – whatever…. hold em Tigers-please!

Sorry to lose this one today, because it was winnable, and *if* Detroit beats the Twins, we could have really gained some ground.

Seems like the Sox don’t particularly shine when they are on national TV.

I was hoping you could tell us Sox fans tomorrow if Swisher did indeed decapitate Frank Rodriguez he left his locker room. I mean one point to the sky is okay but six is a little too much. Swish did not look too pleased.

And would you consider Rodriguez a polytheist because he points to so many gods?

It feels a little strange to say this, but right now I LOVE the Detroit Tigers.

Keep taking 2 of 3, with maybe a sweep worked in to offset the inevitable losing 2 of 3, and we’ll be okay.

Things weren’t so nice at the Cell today but at least the Tigers helped and the Reds put a smile on my face for a few minutes.

Well they won the series and more importantly another day is off the schedule with the status quo maintained.

The Sox are now getting into the situation where as long as they hold the lead the pressure is going to multiply on the Twins. I realize the joker are those three games in the House of Horrors and that’s a mighty big one, but if the Sox were to go to the Metrodome up 2 1/2, knowing Minnesota HAD to sweep, they might respond differently.


Also regarding Saturday night, according to ESPN radio the 15 inning White Sox win was the longest game in MLB history in September / October between two teams in first place.

Mark Liptak

I didn’t see the sac fly that Dye caught, but in the eighth inning of a tie game with runners on second and third and a lineup as potent as the Angels, it is tough to give up a sure out in order to prevent one run from scoring.

What if Anderson hits the next pitch to the gap to drive in two or hits a three-run homer?

If it were the ninth, then maybe JD could have gambled and let it fall. But not in the eighth.

Also the play was very close to the line. It was a snap judgment call. If he pulls up and it drops fair, two runs score.

That didn’t lose the game today, it was the fact they couldn’t score any runs without a home run (but that’s nothing new…)

Like I said, you got the series and increased the lead on the Twins and knocked another day off the schedule.

Win all around for the Sox.

Now the white hot Blue Jays are going to be a different story. They need to play better to split the series considering the pitching they’ll be facing.

Mark Liptak

Also regarding the WGN Cub propaganda known as the All Time team, associate sports editor Bob Vanderberg of the Tribune better be one of the “experts” asked to have input in this.

There is no man alive who knows more about the White Sox then he does. He’s written four books on the Sox and has access to the Tribune’s library of information.

Seriously this guy knows everything about this franchise.

Mark Liptak

Overall, that was a great series. I was fretting it going into the weekend, but to take 2 of 3 puts a big smile on my face. Great job, guys! And thank you, Deee-troit, for beating up on the Twinkies. The assistance is much appreciated.

I hope all goes well for Carlos tomorrow. My new Quentin jersey and I are really looking forward to seeing him in a Sox uniform for many years to come, so let’s just get him better.

Time to pluck the feathers out of the Jays. C’mon White Sox!!!

You don’t trade an out for a run in a 2-2 game in the 8th inning. You don’t play the game with what ifs. The ball wasn’t even close to the line. JD knew he was far into foul territory when he caught the ball a foot from the stands. On a day when your offense is non-existent you cannot consciously choose to give up the lead. Our pitchers had already prevented 5 guys on third base from scoring. Catching that ball tells your pitcher you don’t have confidence in them to get out of the jam. It was just plain stupid.

Yah Yah…..Wesley you moron then Garrett Anderson deposits the next pitch into the bullpen like in the world series, the all star game or the home run derby. Youre a real genius you crede lover.

not world series…alcs…same thing. My miscue doesn’t change the fact that you are a blabber mouth

Stop the presses again. Kenwo and I agree. God, if this keeps us, it may be Kenwo, Lip and me sitting together and calmly watching a playoff game at the Cell.

Now I won’t go as far as Kenwo did and call anyone a moron, but hey, we do agree on the strategy argument.

Oh dang, I’m sorry. I forgot that you can predict the future Ken. It’s nice to know that you have faith in our guys to get out of a jam tho. You know, like they had already done six times in the game before that. Thanks for making my day by giving me a laugh tho. Kenneth, the master of the most pointless and immature rants, calling ME a blabber mouth? Now that’s funny. Hey, if insulting others for expressing their opinions on a baseball blog is what it takes to make yourself feel big, then you need to spend more time working out your own issues. Godspeed my friend.

Oh, and I’m putting my hat back on.

I’d better do this now. I’m not sure I would if I waited to gather my thoughts by tomorrow. I want to be succinct, but my thoughts keep playing hide & seek in my mind, making it hard to be clear. But here goes anyway.

I received a phone call today from a fellow blogger who expressed concern on her part (and that of several others) about my well-being. Thank you Maria, Kris and MariE for your kind thoughts. Thank you also to those of you who share my beliefs and passion for our White Sox. I believe we are in the majority.

I’ve had a lot of fun being part of this site, getting to meet you all, no matter how you felt about our team, or how you expressed those thoughts. Most of the time those thoughts are positive and well intentioned. Sometimes though, the views expressed are meanspirited, hostile, vulgar, or rude. That’s why I stopped posting.

I don’t agree with negativity, but I can understand the frustrations that might lead a person to lash out, especially in a forum such as this where there is no face to face encounters, emboldening some to emote a “bit” more than they otherwise might if in closer proximity.

I stopped posting last Thursday after reading the scathing remarks written about Q. It’s incomprehensible to me that some of you can so cavalierly ignore this mans contributions to our team and accuse him of being “stupid”. That my friends was MY last straw and after a lot of introspection, I decided it best not to come back at those of you who felt that way.

The person who thought I might be “bumed out” was right. I fully intended to not post again this year, and I offer this as explanation to those of you with similar thoughts and pride in our team. It’s a shame that the attitude of the few can dictate to the many, but that’s the way it is these days. Participation however, is not mandatory! Whether I post again is still to be decided, but I do, as always say……,

Go White Sox ’08



Not having jk post here will leave a big hole in this blog. I hope he’ll change his mind and we can also as a group, try and be respectful to each other and the team while still expressing our opinions and points of view. Maybe if we all try using TQ’s thesaurus, we can thoughtfully and originally express our views?? Just a thought.



I hear where you are coming from and hope that your passionate feelings for the Sox will not be diminished.

About the Q injury — now that I have seen the replay of how it happened. It really looked harmless and, like Ozzie said, was something that we have seen him do hundreds of times this year. While you hate to self-inflict such a major injury, I hardly will put his act into the category of someone punching a water cooler or a locker. It’s unfortunate, but the team must — and has — move on.

JK, I get just as frustrated with the negativity and the name-calling as you do. And I probably only further some of it with my quick replies to try to counter the negativity. I sometimes have to catch myself to not reply in a manner that would only compound the issues that are brought up.

Your post should make us all think twice before we say some of the things that we say. I know it will for me.

I hope that your daily watching and cheering on of what we hope are the 2008 AL Central Division champs (and then some) will continue and really hope that your golf scores continue to just barely creep over TQ’s age (not to mention yours or mine!).

Go Sox ’08.

Klein: Come Back!!!! I, for one, look forward to your posts because I know they will be upbeat and positive and you and TQ, for me, are the staples of this blog. Yes, the negativity does get to you after awhile and I am admitting to participating in the negativity from time to time. But most of all we like to have fun and rib each other every once in a while. You’re right. participation on this blog is not mandatory but boy do I look forward to it. Will you come back if we promise to be good? (feel free to email me)

p.s…. johnwesley and kenwo are grounded for a week!!!!!


I have been in business a long time, and when I started my Father told me, if you serve 1 good meal that person will leave and tell 5 people, if you serve a bad one, they will tell 25. And oh that is so true. That is because people are negative by nature.
There are a million feel good stories out there, but the papers print negative crap all the time. Front page the most horrific news they can muster up. A cat. 5 hurricane prints much better than a 1.
It takes a lot of work to keep the negativity in this world from really affecting you, and one of my ways is baseball.
I am a fan but it provides a distraction, from the everyday problems, that I look forward to.

Now JK I dislike the negativity also, but for the most part I don’t read it, let alone let it get to me. You should not let it get to you. Life is to short to be a glass half empty person.
Sit back and enjoy, JK, the positive things on this blog, and continue to be a positive part of it.
Gotta go now Have to do payroll (ouch there is a negative thing)


Hey, JK, welcome back! I was one of the group who missed you and worried about your absence.

I explained to the others that I got slammed with work and didn’t really read all the posts about Quentin. That’s probably a good thing, in that I believe it’s ridiculous to criticize the player who carried this team for months. The not as good part of missing those posts is that I didn’t chime in with my own thoughts, which are that I wish CQ well, am sorry he is in pain, and hope he heals very quickly. Given his intensity and love of baseball, I doubt any of us feel as badly about his missing the playing time as he does.

I think some folks deal with the perennial disappointments that come with being a Sox fan by expecting the worst, and being happily surprised when the best happens. I’ve even known people who believe the key to a happy life in general is low expectations. I’ve never been able to buy into that for myself, but it works for others, I guess.

My preference is to hope for the best, but not let my very happiness depend on the best outcome, especially for a sports team.

Finally, I think this blog is usually a very special “virtual gathering place,” particularly for Sox fans like us, who live far from Chicago but still have a part of our hearts on the south side. See my earlier post above about the Twins blog (from which I am, apparently, and inexplicably, “banned,” although I have never even attempted to post anything there.) Imagine having to go through the ups and downs of this last month of the season without the support we provide each other – that would be really awful, for me!!!

Go Sox!!


We all also have to remember that we are here as guests of Scott Reifert and the White Sox. This blog is a privilege and we are lucky to have it. After reading some of what is posted here, if I were Scott, I’d just say forget it and we’d be all forced to posts on those huge message boards which are really obnoxious. And, worse than that, we’d lose contact with each other. Well, maybe for some of that wouldn’t be so bad – ha ha!

On to Sox talk….I just read in the Suntimes that Paulie has hit homers in three straight games (9/5-9/7). Last time he had a streak like that was when he hit 4 on 9/4-7 in 2005. And, we all know what happened in 2005, don’t we? I hope Paulie sends one air mail tonight just so we can get that 4 in a row as he did that year.

7 hours and counting until first pitch tonight. With a win (I know it will be tough against AJ Burnett), we go up 3 games with the twinks having the night off.



This blog is a community. As Webster put it: A community is ?an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location?. Various kinds of individuals. Yup, that?s us in a nutshell.

So what happens to your community when you personally feel that an undesirable element has moved in? A) You can try to eradicate or change it. B) You can move out and let it take over. C) You can learn to live with it.

Depending on what that undesirable element is and how much you like the community, ?C? might be the best option. Don?t get me wrong. I would love to put a kibosh on the mean-spirited and rude behavior. But getting other people to change? Well, good luck.

JK, I?ve been there, too. Sometimes the comments posted here are so unbelievably harsh and maligned, I find it hard to believe that the writer considers themselves a Sox fan. To me, they are the Mariotti?s of our blog and I want no part of it. Personally, I would get no joy out of baseball if I spent the majority of my time criticizing, insulting, and second-guessing the team. But there are various kinds of fans. It?s up to each of us to choose the type of fan we want to be. And to this day, JK, I think you?ve set a stellar example for me and the other so-called ?Pollyannas?. There have been times when I?ve been feeling a bit negative, and your posts have turned it around for me. No lie.

If you leave, you?re letting them win, so to speak. (Jeez, who said blogging was ever intended to be a win-lose activity?) But if you get enjoyment out of the blog, then don?t leave. Stay. So many of us here truly enjoy your presence and your opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to condone the idiotic comments of certain bloggers. Just post that they’re out of line, and take the high road. Besides, I don?t think I could bear to lose one more of my fellow Kleiniacs because of the Reiferians. (Long live Bethany and Dawn!)

I hope you think it over and we see more of your witty and inspired posts in the days, months, and years to come. Go Sox and Stay JK!


You do what you feel you need to do, but know that your presence is a big part of this board. I know you are frustrated, but I think Maria said it all more beautifully than I could ever do. As we go down the stretch here, we need some good vibes!!

mariA, mariE, Peggy and Dave: Loved your posts!! Keep em coming!!
Klein, really looking forward for your play by plays tonight, buddy! Come on back!
As for this weekend! as the old song says…..two out of three ain’t bad! And for tonight’s game…like Kris said, let’s “pluck” those jays and come away with at least 3 out of four….yeah, that’ll do!
Happy Monday Everyone!

Everyone! To hear that I am missed is truly a humbling feeling and I appreciate it very much. I’m reminded of the saying, ” be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”. Therefore, since you have gone so far out of your way for me, how can I refuse? I will come back, but remember, you asked for it…..

Now, on to baseball!… In looking at the predictions I made a couple of weeks ago, we are exactly even with where I thought we’d be. Minn is FOUR games behind where I thought they would be.

If things play out like I have it written down, we will win 10 of our final 20 games and wind up with 90 wins. I have the Twins winning 12 of their final 19 games ending up with 90 wins also. That would lead us to a playoff game for the championship of the Central.

With the teams the Twins have left of their schedule, it’s hard to believe they won’t get to 90 wins, but then they underachieved against the Tigers, also Seattle and Oakland on their last trip, so anything is possible.

As long as we take care of our own business, we won’t have to worry about the Twins anyway. So instead of splitting with Toronto, let’s take 3 from them. I know that’s a tall order the way the Jays are playing right now, but we CAN do it, so LET’S do it. The rest of the games are on hold for now. Concentrate of Toronto for the next four days and increase our lead over the Twins…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Peggy, I noticed the same thing about the Twins blog site that you pointed out. I wasn’t disposed of the way you were though….. Maybe the Twins don’t like people from San Francisco?…. just a thought… Go White Sox… j.k.

Well, jk, after all who does like anyone from San Francisco???? Just kidding, peggy, just kidding.

Welcome back jk. The Sox now enter tonight’s game at full strength (except for Carlos and Joe, of course).

Why am I grounded? Because I refuse to roll over and be a punching bag for Kenneth?

I don’t remember ever putting anyone down, on here or on the team, but if you feel like I have been out of line lately, and if that’s the way others feel, I will gladly take my punishment of a one week hiatus from here. I’ll see ya guys for New York.

p.s. I’m changing back to my old name, so “johnwesley” will be gone forever.

johnwesley, what was your old name? I just thought you were new! I think if we change our names to the nickname then you should pick a name that sounds like the other name so we know who is who! This is too confusing.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY welcome back JK – we need your good vibes.

Also jk, can’t you rearrange your wins for us to come up with 92? That was what I predicted way back when!


johnwesley made reference to a cap the other day. He may be Scam. If he is, then he just “scammed” us all.

YEA! My computer buddy is back, see what one tiinny little email can do! 🙂 So glad you’re back man, you don’t even know. Johnwesley, I don’t think you need grounding, I don’t lay down either when the name calling begins, matter of fact, I think we were on the same side one time weren’t we?? Anyway . . glad things are settling down a bit here, Maria put it best when she gave us the A, B or C choices, ‘they’ aren’t winning in my book so we’ll deal right?

GO SOX!!!!!

I was just kidding about being grounded anyway. We are all welcome here.

Guys! Quit changing your names! Your driving me nuts over here!!! Hubby thinks I’m crazy enough as it is!!! LOL!
johnwesley, remember, if you’re not grounded anymore than neither is kenwo! LOL!

It’s not gonna rain all day is it?

Wonder how Jen’s faring at the Magical Kingdom.

Seriously, I had no idea Scam became johnwesley. I had some good back and forth with Scam and then poof, he gone.

JK – Hope you decide to stick around for more fun. Our AZ contingent is very important. Plus when it is Sox vs. Dbacks in the world series this year we are all gonna need a place to crash!!!

I remember one negative post from a certain person about Quentin, but after I found out it was official I was too depressed to get into the blog. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that he is a quick healer and can come back some time in October.

KenWo was never grounded to begin with. If Good ol’ Klien wants to quit the blog because I said (and still believe) that Carlos Quentin is a moron for breaking his wrist in the fashion he did….so be it. It figures JohnWesley is Scam… I should have put 2+2 together since they are both “switch hitters” if you know what I mean. At least it should be a partially enjoyable week without him around.

Anyway drama queens, its coming down pretty hard today. Hopefully we get this game in. I believe tonight is our best match up to net a victory. I don’t have a good feeling about this series at all. We usually struggle against the Blue Jays and with their 4 main guys going we might be in a bit of trouble.

Who would have thought I would have ever said this but I miss my good buddy Mike Devereaux. At least he was all about talking baseball (negative or not it didn’t matter). In my opinion this blog has been overran by females (Jen, Lisa, Kris, Scam) and is going right down the tubes. It reminds me of when females get too involved in little leagues and the focus goes off of playing baseball and onto getting ice cream no matter who wins. Pussification of America…right here on my Sox Blog!

Hey! Mike Devereaux! Speak of the devil. At least Devereaux has some testicular fortitude in him.

I still want to know what happened to dleeun?????????? Where oh where is he?????????? Is it possible he changed his name to

I hope the rain gets out of here tonight. I want to see that game.


please don’t ever compare me to that slow learner.

Please don’t ever stereotype White Sox Universe women.

I know more about the Sox and baseball in general than a lot of my guy friends, who apparrently should be genetically programmed to know it all. I think I can speak for the other women on this blog, especially Jen in Disney, when I say that following the Sox isnt a gender thing, its a dedication thing. And its not your blog.

Kenwo is that kind of guy that when the line is drawn in the sand —- he just HAS to cross it. When the dare is made, he just HAS to take it. When the shot of Crown Royal is in front of him, he just HAS to drink it (and he probably wouldn’t be alone on that last point).

And when something a little over the edge doesn’t even have to be said, he still says it.

But, that’s America.

I still can’t believe he would choose a presidential candidate just on which team the candidate likes. But again, that’s America.

Looking at the weather, doesn’t look good for a 7:11 start – hope it’s wrong but it’s showing 98% chance of precip until 8 where it goes down to a 75% chance – looking kinda doubtful for tonight girls!

Amen scotties!

And thank you tc – we can always count on your support!

I didn’t say ALL the women….Just a certain few. Personally I think Marie and Peggy are excellent contributors (unless they compare me to DLeeun).

I know plenty of women that are good fans. Even my lovely wife has gotten a lot better. I never said anything about women Sox fans….I was talking about people getting too sensitive on the blog.

TC…Personally I don’t really care for either McCain (or his nut of a running mate) or Obama. My candidate did not make it out of the primaries. I like to do my civil duty to vote and since Obama is a Sox fan- I’ll throw him the vote. Not that it matters anyway since he will easily carry Illinois. Plus I believe Joe Biden is a good guy. Personally I wish he was running for president.


I really don’t care about your politics and shouldn’t. Besides, this is a baseball board and I was just throwing out the comment to illustrate that you tend to make statements that on the surface can be a little off the wall. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

But it is a baseball board and baseball is always more fun to talk about. And a lot less dangerous. Political arguments can get downright testy and can ruin friendships.

Back to baseball, weather permitting. Our pen is not as well suited for a doubleheader. But, it would give the guys who threw extra on Saturday (Thornton, Jenks, MacDougal) another day of rest.

Of course, a DH tomorrow would screw up the rotation come Saturday when someone would have to start on three days rest or else we use someone else.

But that is why Ozzie gets the big bucks.

Tonight’s game may be in the hands of Roger Bossard. He reads that radar better than Tom Skilling ever did.

Kenwo, just a couple weeks ago when you were fighting with Kris and john, you added my name to a list of “good” bloggers. Now, I’m one of the bad guys? what’s up with that? And to think I actually stuck up for you a few times!
I know i said I was gonna do my best to stay positive but i just can’t help myself on this one, so I’ll keep it brief. Hey Kenwo….bite me!

That’s OK, Lisa. I was on Kenwo’s good list too, but since I rallied hard to have JK come back, I’m sure I’ve been demoted to his POA list.

Kenwo, I thought you were a teacher. Aren’t they supposed to have class?

Game off. Split DH tomorrow.

Don’t understand that. This game doesn’t even need to be played if it doesn’t impact the outcome of the divisional / pennant race.

If it did, it can be played in Chicago the day after the regular season ends. And make those clowns fly in here to play it which is what MLB should have demanded the orioles do.

Mark Liptak

Too bad the game was post poned, was looking forward to gaining another 1/2 game. Lisa, Kenwo apparently doesn’t know from one day to another who he’s mad at or doesn’t like so what’s the point in arguing with someone who crs!

I know more about baseball then a lot of men too and have been following the Sox for years, he’s just sputtering about because nobody rally’s for him to come back when he occasionally disappears. Wonder why huh?

Did I come back too soon? Maybe I should have waited for a sunny day to make my return?

Kenwo. We’ve had a decent relationship this year for the most part. A little give, a little take, but if you’re saying I have your permission to leave this blog, the answer is no. I know you keep your knife sharpened at all times and continually look for chances to stick it into someone with a different opinion from you. (that’s probably why you continually mispell my name), but you aren’t getting rid of me. And to think I once suggested YOU for president. WHAT A JOKE!

Go Sox ’08… j.k.

The games off? I was looking forward to it….. Rest up everybody and get ready for tomorrow….. That’s all we can do…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Bummer, I was looking forward to curling up on the couch to watch the game on this crummy day. The only good thing about the DH tomorrow is that it will brighten up my work day. I apologize in advance to all my customers who will get neglected after 1 PM Tuesday.


I don’t want to get rid of you… all i am saying is if you want to stop posting because I think Quentin is foolish then so be it. I never even realized I was misspelling you’re name…. I played baseball with a Klien who spelled it my way so I guess i just automatically type that. Lisa, ever since Jen came to the blog you have been getting too emotionally invested in conversations *IE getting pissed at Devereaux for no reason* I never questioned anyones knowledge of the Sox….except for Scam. I personally think he has no idea what he is talking about. Lisa be careful what you wish for…… I bite hard **wink wink** OH BEHAVE!

Maria, I was just typing quickly… you’re still ok in my book. Aren’t you special!?🙂

Liptak there is another guy that I don’t always agree with…. but he is a good sox guy. Other than his dirty comment about Jose Contreras injury being a blessing (i still don’t get that since he at least blew out his achilles actually playing the game and not acting like a hot headed goof) is a good sox fan… I may still call into his college football postgame show!

Man…. I am really contemplating taking tomorrow off of work and heading down to the game. I have the devil and angel on my shoulder now…… I have tickets for the night game but am signed up for night class and wasn’t going to go…… but if i take the day off … HMMMMMMMMMM a double dip? VERY INTERESTING.


MLB’s policy is to always attempt to get the games in without having to play wait and see and then play them after the season. For one thing, there might be more postponements after tonight and that could give the Sox multiple games to make up. And that day after the season is also reserved for a potential one-game playoff, like the Colorado-San Diego situation last year.

Had the Baltimore game never gotten started back in April, I’m sure they would have made Baltimore come back to Chicago on a day off and play the game. Since it was suspended and in extra innings, they saw no need to fly a team in for what might have been six outs. And I have no problem with that. The Sox had their chances that night in Baltimore and just didn’t get it done.

Glad to have everyone back! Thanks for the kind words, Kenwo .

I’m was a bit surprised to see a game postponed so far ahead of the start time. Not because that’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not usually done.

Mark, about the game not needing to be played, is there not some kind of obligation to the folks who purchased tickets? Wouldn’t they have to get a refund if a game were cancelled and not played at all? (Can’t imagine any team or owner wanting to refund all that $$.)

I’m not picking a fight here, just wondering what the rules are for this situation. For instance, what if a rainout happened on the last day of the season, and the rained out game would not affect the standings no matter the outcome? I can’t recall if a game like that was ever just cancelled. Has that happened? Are there players union issues (for example, if a game is cancelled, the players theoretically miss chances to achieve certain stats – for some, it could be a statistic that affects their contract terms or some “milestone” statistic, like an Nth win for a pitcher, or save for a closer, or hit, home run, etc.)

It’s been raining here still about noon today and the weather guys are saying it isn’t supposed to stop until after midnight. Personally I am glad they called it early enough to catch most of the fans from heading down there. That happened to my twice this year. You make the trek there, park, haul your butt from the parking lot inside just to stand around and then told it’s rained out. Frustrating. Then you get to do drive home and just go back the next day. I was happy to hear they called it around 5:15 PM.


Of course there is a solution to all the BAD weather we’ve had this year. Two solutions actually…..

One. Only play home games from June through August.

Two. Be like the Angels and rename our team the Chicago White Sox of Tucson and play here………. Oh goody!!!!! Manana all……. Go Sox…j.k.

Moving to Tucson is not an option…. Plus I always was taught I before E except after C….if your name was KCEIN that would make sense…… I don’t think YOU can spell your name🙂

Kenwo, let me be the devil on your shoulder, take the day off and go for the whole day! I certainly would if I could! Kenwo, ever hear that old song ‘why can’t we be friends’ let’s try that for the rest of the year, how ’bout it? 🙂

Sounds like the weather is crappy all around everywhere. Sticky and hot here but again, we’re watching another huge hurricane to possibly hit this weekend. And then thrrains will really hit!

At first i was bummed about the rainout, wondering what the heck I’m gonna watch instead, but i think i’ll curl up with my novel. But now that i know tomorrow will be a split double header, it makes me happy because i have the day off tomorrow and can enjoy both games uninterrupted all day. ; ) Good thing i cooked alot these past two days, now I don’t have to cook at all tomorrow…even better!

Peggy, that is a really good point you brought up about a rained out game that wouldn’t affect the standings. I know if i were a fan that purchased tickets, I sure would want my money back! Although i suppose it really does count and I am glad we’re making it up right away because we could gain a game (hopefully two) tomorrow over the Twins and not have to worry so much about that last series against them if we continue to play well.

I know you out-of-towners couldn’t watch, but did any of you see the baseball blooper stuff they played on Comcast tonight? My son and I laughed our butts off. It was all so funny. The Kevin Millar stuff, the cat in the outfield, Tommy LaSorda with the Philly mascot. Oh man, if you can get a copy of that, it will cheer up anyone!

Let’s get a twofer Tuesday tomorrow boys!


Kenwo – No need to worry I am still here to disagree with you 90% of the time. With football season starting and having a 4 month old at home my energy has been low lately. Oh how are your Raiders tonight? hmmm not so good! Now 24-0.

Mark is it Idaho State that you work for? I can’t recall. I was watching them on the Altitude channel Saturday night taking on Idaho.

This series with Toronto does worry me. They shut us down big time earlier in the season. We scored a ******** 5 runs in that 4 game sweep, two of which we got shut out. Granted that was back in early May when nobody but Quentin could hit a bull in the *** with a snow shovel, but they still worry me a lot.

I do not like the DH tomorrow, but not much we can do about it except win them both. If all goes right we can extend to a 4 game lead tomorrow. Keep in mind too that the Twins head out for another long trip this coming weekend.

I think the word restriction is a little tight. For some reason it **’d out the word w-h-o-p-p-i-n-g.


First of all, it is still baseball season! Why are you concerning yourself with football?????? Of course, I love football too but my football watching will be somewhat casual until the Sox’ season is over and I hope that is not until the end of October.

Secondly, I also made the mistake of using the “W” word that you used and it got ******’d out as well.

Toronto does have the hottest pitching staff in baseball right now. They just did a nice number on the Twins for us and Minnesota is hoping they will do the same to us. Let’s hope that the Cell magic continues in the next four games over these next three days.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurants or bars around the Cell? Anything within walking distance (not more than 15 blocks) is fine. I need to kill some time between games today and could use some ideas.

No comment on my Raiders at this time…. other than they absolutely suck.

So the devil won out on my shoulder…….I will attend both games today. The deal breaker was I woke up and the sun was shining….looks gorgeous out- no clouds in the sky. Excellent day to see a double dip. Gotta use those personal days wisely🙂 I am a little nervous about the games- but I personally like it that it is a double header….. It is very tough to sweep the home team in a double header so I am banking on at least one W…Plus it gives the Jays a day to possibly cool down. They have won 8 in a row coming in….doesn’t that mean they are due to have a bad day?


Try Cobblestones Bar & Grill. The address is 514 W. 39th Street. If you go in an get something to eat, you can leave your car there. That way you avoid paying for parking! They have great sandwiches and are within walking distance.

Have fun – bring home 2 wins please!


Don’t give out the tip about the free parking too loud….the sox probably don’t know about that and will work to stop that.

Don’t give out the tip about the free parking too loud….the sox probably don’t know about that and will work to stop that.

TC – I am lucky a sports fan, and lucky that my wife enjoys sports too. She let me build a corner unit next to our big screen and put two LCD TV’s in it. So I am able to watch football and the Sox at the same time. Sometimes the Sox on mute is better🙂

I wish the two seasons did not cross over as long as they do. Granted most years it is only 4 weeks. Hopefully this year it is 8 weeks. However going from Game 1 of the WS to Bears vs. Ravens the next day and back to Game 2 of the WS in 2005 made for my best sports weekend ever.


Yes I do. This week they finally get to play a division 1-AA team.


Well it’s going to be a long and pensive day. Two games against one of the two hottest teams in baseball, while the Twins play the Royals…..

The lead could be four by midnight, it could be one by midnight or somewhere in the middle.

Considering everything I’d take a split, at worst then Minnesota only chops 1/2 game off the lead.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Mark Liptak

Amen to that Brother Liptak. I will take a split too. Get ready, get set, time to play ball! Go White Sox… j.k.

YAY, jk is here today. I am stuck at work and listening on the radio. Glad to have you with me for game one!!!

CRUSH the blue birds boys!


Oh, I almost forgot – Congratulations Alexei on Rookie of the Month!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job Javy! keep chunkin’. Now it’s our turn to bat. Come on Boys, fast start… Go Sox… j.k.

I’m delighted to join you MariE… Go Sox ’08… j.k.

I think we need to look for the fast ball against Burnett, and go to hacking, especially early in the count. I don’t think the patient route will work with him… Go Sox… j.k.

All right Javy. Keep it up, you’re looking good. Hey Offense, how about a run? Come on, you can do it…. go Sox… j.k.

I guess it’s still up to you Javy, so keep throwing like you’ve been….. Go Sox… j.k.

jk, i’m here….sorry, I was posting under Scott’s new post of today…


Yeah! Javy…… You da Man. NOW….. All together ( i guess that means you and me MariE) Let’s go White Sox, let’s go White Sox, let’s go White Sox…. j.k.

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