Konerko Update

Word on PK:

Mild sprain of his MCL.  X-rays were negative but will undergo an MRI tomorrow to confirm initial diagnosis.


The way Konerko went down and the pain that he looked to be in makes me skeptical of the x-rays. The MRI will tell the truth tomorrow and I am afraid it will not be good news. Usually even with an ACL or MCL tear you can walk and put weight on it. Of course if you have never experienced a knee sprain before it can be pretty scary. Hoping for the best, but even if it is a sprain he will be out for a week or two. And we don’t need that now!

Well that may have been the worst decision I have ever made. What a terrible day at the ballpark. I ALMOST would have rather worked.

Game one- Guillen was terrible. How many times are you going to call for a bunt. Uribe couldn’t do it, AJ couldnt do it twice and Ramirez couldn’t do it. You are down 2 runs in the 9th…you have a home run hitting team…. you have one of your most clutch guys at the plate …. and you have him bunt? Come on…. Who is going to get a hit even if he gets the bunt down? Uribe was pretty terrible all day and Swisher has been pretty terrible all year. Then Ozzie takes out Thornton for no reason and lets that goof Macdougal pitch…. I suppose it was better than letting Logan pitch…. but where in the hell is Dotel? Awful again.

Game two- The Sox are trailing by 5 in the 8th when Jermaine Dye with one out hits the wall. They put in jerry owens to pinch run?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? this is a pennant race for goodness sake….. If Thome comes through you are down 4. One swing of the bat can drive in 4 runs and it would have been right around Dye’s turn up if that scenario played out. Thank god it didn’t because you would have had jerry owens up because the manager gave up before the players/fans and everyone else. Awful.

Paulie’s injury looked bad. It will probably be a minimum of a week (best scenario)….. If this was about a month earlier I would say go sign Kenny Lofton or (you will love this) Barry Bonds. However, being so late in the game it wouldn’t be worth it as they would have to ease back into playing. Richie Sexson? I don’t think so…. I think we need Griffey to step up and hit like a hall of famer.

I will say that the firework show was one of the best of the year. And I did enjoy the taco salad I ate in between games at Tacos Erendera on Halsted and 31st. Good mexican food if you are ever wanting some after a game.

This may be one of those doom dates that you circle on the calendar…like the torii hunter bulldozing jamie burke day. i hope not but it was truly awful.

By the way i think it was vazquez mother in law that got hit with the foul. She got drilled too. Uribe hit a foul- The ball hit the backdrop (above where hawk sits) and came back and got her in the back of the head. She fainted a couple of times before the EMT’s could finally get her on the wheel chair. I hope all is well. Looked pretty bad.


You mentioning the BB name made me ill right before bedtime. The day that the White Sox sign BB is the day that I stop supporting them until he is gone from the roster.

We’re still up one game, but you’re right. Griffey has to step us. As do Dye, Thome, Swisher, A.J. and Cabrera. The veterans need to show what they can do.

Hey…..whatever it would take to win. We have lost 2 1/2 (crede) good hitters. We have run thin….. Say what you will about Bonds but he still could get hits and still would walk a ton and still would strike fear in the pitchers to a tune of a 400+ OBP. That is better than anything we currently have. Like i said, however, that isn’t an option because it is too late in the season. If all of this happened at the beginning of August…I’d be all for it.

Terrible day at the ballpark? Is there really any such thing? It looked like a beautiful day to me sitting 1700 miles away viewing on my computer screen. Sitting with other like minded folks urging on your favorite team sounds just like the place I’d rather be on ANY day.

So we lost two games. To the hottest team in baseball, to a couple of the hottest pitchers, stuff happens. Go to the game tonight kenwo and after we win there will be redemtion and joy. Even Doc Halliday has lost nine games this year, so he is beatable, so let’s beat him..

If I was in Chicago I’d be at tonights game. To me baseball is better than golf. Cheer or Boo or raise a hulla-balloo, at the ballpark tonight… As TQ might ask, ” How much does it cost these days to raise a hulla-balloo anyway?”….. Yada, yada, yada….. Go (to the game kenwo), Go White Sox…. j.k.

It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame, right? Well, here’s your chance to go to tonight’s game on me and Pat. We can’t make it downtown due to the kids’ school commitments, so if you want two free tickets, they’re yours. Sec 143, row 28… not a bad view, I promise. First one to contact me at mariawagener@attadalepartners.com gets ’em, and I’ll email them to you. (You have to print them out.) I’d rather give them away then have them go to waste. All I ask is that you stay positive and cheer on our boys. Go Sox in ’08!

Yesterday was NOT the twoforTuesday I was hoping for. But as klein said, it’s a hot team with some hot pitching.
I really hope Javy’s mom-in-law is okay. And Lord please! let Paulie be okay. We really need him right now. It is such a shame too because he was just finding his stride again. DAMN!

Kenwo, I blame your presence for the losses. Just kidding don’t get psycho on me.
But if you want REAL mexican food you can find it in mine or my mom’s kitchen. : )

MariA, it is Open House at my daughter’s school tonight, dagnabit, this is the 3rd time I’ve missed out on your generosity. I hope to NOT make a 4th. BTW, I seem to be having some issues with my email acct. so I need to know if you and Kris have received my emails. I sent you two and Kris one. Please let me know if you got them. I’ll email you both an alternate email address for myself later.

WE WILL WIN THESE NEXT TWO GAMES!!!!! I figure if I scream it loud enough, they’ll hear.
Go White Sox!

(we all know how far we can trust them, but hey we could all use some good news)

Konerko knee injury not serious, may play Friday

September 10, 2008
Paul Konerko’s injury isn’t as serious as it appeared Tuesday night as the White Sox first baseman’s injury is being described as a slight sprain to his right knee.

Konerko may be ready to play Friday.

Hello to all in WS Universe! I am back from the Magical Kingdom! Had a great time, weather was beautiful! Only rained one day, 90’s the rest of the time! Alot of people from Chi-town – I wore my Cubs Suck shirt one day -and was getting thumbs up from quite a few people!

-After an hour of reading all my e-mails and reading all of your posts-

Two crazy things happen – my mom rented a car the 2nd day (anyone who has been to Disney with little kids knows how hard it is to wait for the buses) the first day she rented it we went to Hollywood Studios – when we left we go to the parking lot and we couldn’t find the car – we walked the parking lot for 2 hours – I thought for sure someone stole it. I was looking for a bright red Ford Escort, but it was actually a maroon Chevy Colbolt. And the battery was dead in the key remote. Imagine walking around the parking lot with 3 kids – 90 degrees out – for 2 hours – (good thing we had those margaritas before we left) Maybe thats why we couldn’t find the car!

Second thing – before we got on the plane to get home, we were at the pool, my mom brought a sub sandwhich to eat while at the pool. When we went through the security check at the airline, we put our bags through, and my mom had a knife in her bag (to cut the sandwhich) of course they asked her about it and took it away, she got lucky. She also had water bottles they took away too. My mom is such an airhead! But, We made it home!

I will comment later on your posts about the WS and CQ and KENWO!!

I come home to no toilet paper! I have know idea why hubby could not stop and get toilet paper while I was gone, probably same reason he couldn’t put bills in the mail!~

Thank you MariE for keeping me posted, Espn did show me 2 second clips of Jim Thome walk off HR and CQ’s wrist! And the latest scores.


Lisa: Got your email from this morning. Check your inbox for my reply.

Everyone else: The tickets for tonight’s game are still up for grabs. Did I mention that THEY’RE FREE??? If you live in the NW burbs, I’ll find a way to get the parking pass to you, too. Please… don’t let my seats collect dust! And don’t miss out on a beautiful night of baseball!


I can use the tickets if you still have them. I tried emailing you, but they keep getting kicked back as undeliverable. You can email me at billb@msinet.com if they are still available.

Welcome back Jen! Glad you had a good trip!


Welcome Back Mrs kiernan! Did you buy me something? (just kidding) I know you are glad the weather was cooperative. Welcome back to the Wonderful World of White Sox Baseball!!!! Although I wish we were in a lil’ better position though.

Catching up with the community since last I wrote, I find that jk did something that I did a couple of years ago when the naysayers out there were winning the battle… but then he came back, as I did… which only goes to prove that you can’t keep a good Sox fan down for long…

The “nattering nabobs of negativism” (thank you, Pat Buchanan, for writing those words for the late Spiro Agnew)do get to all of us after a while… which is why those of us who are passionate about the boys tend to break away for a while… some, longer than others…

Eventually, though, we do return to the written flock… as we advise those who are negative to “get the flock away from us.” … or something like that…

Having written that, let’s get back to business, shall we?

Saturday night, I was getting my second scoresheet ready…I have room for 15 innings… when, as I said aloud but quietly, “THE OLD MAN DID IT!!! THE OLD MAN DID IT!!!”

Taking two of three from the Angels was fine… because the piranhas were going down as well… and I was thinking that the lead of 2 1/2 games could possibly be improved on or extended with the Jays coming in…

Silly me…

Monday was a crappy day because it rained all day long, and into the night, and then some…

Yesterday was crappy because 1) the Sox can’t bunt to save their souls… they are too busy thinking about putting three run home runs out with nobody on base… the fundamentals stink on ice… 2) Nick Swisher is posing for a statue or a picture… he sure as hell isn’t singing the bat… Memo to “Son of Swish”… DO NOT TRY TO OUTGUESS THE PITCHER WHEN YOU’RE AT BAT… YOU WILL LOSE EVERY TIME… JUST REACT TO WHAT HE THROWS UP THERE…

Come on, Nick… You have been around the block more than once… that previous advice should be common nature to you by this time…

Peggy: Did he do this same thing with Oakland?… Because I know of a few fans who are fed up with that…

Let’s face it, folks… the Jays have their number… seven straight wins, 14 of the last 22… and lifetime, the Torontos are + 16… 171 to 155…

And the matchups don’t look none too good for the next two nights… Halladay, with 18 wins, a 2.64 ERA and 8 CG’s… versus Buehrle, who has allowed 9 ER’s over 17.1 IP his last 3 starts…

Thursday, young Marcum, 8 and 6 with 116 K’s in 142 IP…7.35 K’s per 9 IP as opposed to 2.92 BB per 9 IP…

And the boys down some significant numbers due to injury…

No TCQ, no Crede, maybe no Konerko…

In the famous words of Chester A Riley…


And with the piranhas taking on a team that quit some weeks ago (KC), except for giving the boys agita… all I can do is look on and say honestly…

By the time Thursday night is over with, they will be lucky to be only 1 game out in the division…

As the song says “… If it weren’t for bad luck, there’d be no luck at all.”

I hope I’m proven wrong…

Swish may be singing in the batter’s box, as I just incorrectly wrote, but he is not doing what they pay him to do… then when he stands there and looks back at the umpire, I think he is more mad at himself than at the call…

As he should be…

Lip, BTW, just going off the board for a moment… did you happen to see that Vin Scully said he is coming back next year with the Dodgers?… That would be season number 60, unless my math is faulty…

It’s a shame he can’t find steady work, isn’t it?

Thanks MariE and Lisa,
I know I won’t be getting any welcomes from the men!

Reading all your comments about CQ –

jk – How does that saying go – Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one??
I totally agree with you – some of these bloggers are way too hard on our WS players – I understand MLB players make ALOT of money – but that doesn’t mean they are not human. CQ doesn’t make alot (doesn’t make enough for what he has done for us) For some of you to call him names and say he’s stupid, yatti yah – Yes, he wasn’t thinking, but some time emotions take over your thought (right, kenwo?)

You guys should go back and read the comments – you sounded like a bunch of little kids – bickering back and forth-
if I were to just come on this blog – I would think you all hated the WS –

Lip – I was very suprised when you said besides your family, you care about the WS – REALLY?? – the way you talk about them – I honestly thought you weren’t a fan (I am not being sarcastic or mean)

Now to you KENWO———
You know, I am not even surprised about the comment you made about woman or me for that matter – I had you pegged from the very begining – you are alot like my husband and think like him to- so for that, I will let your wife deal with you – I don’t even want to go there with you, you have your own issues to deal with! I am not going anywhere, so I guess if you don’t want to hear us woman talk nonsense, then don’t read it! Have you ever read Allyssa Milano’s blog on the Dodgers sight (I know you know who that is – the hot one from Who’s the Boss, I don’t think your to young to know who she is) If you ever get a chance read it, it’s pretty good! For a female!

For the females out there in WS Country – (Lisa, Peggy, MariE, MariA, Kris, Donna, Scottie, I think that is all of them) There might be more woman on this blog then men! Don’t let Kenwo get to you – he’s a typical male chauvinist!

-Glad to be back to watch the boys play (I missed them) – and to root them into the Playoffs!!



Lisa, I received your email – like 6 times, lol, so I don’t know if there are issues about NOT receiving but there is something going on with sending too much! 🙂 No big deal though, read all of em, just to make sure they didn’t say something different!

Welcome back Mrs Disney traveler you… glad you had a good time.. but truthfully, the 90 degree weather sucks after a period of time like we’re into our 5th month of it… ya’ll can have it, I want your weather right now! Mr. Ike is about to be upon us and looks as though we’ll get the ‘dirty side’ of the storm, which isn’t good so again, if I disappear off the map Friday night thru the weekend, you’ll know why.

Hope the Sun Times is right, and we’ll get our Paulie back Friday night. I’m not even gonna comment on yesterday’s fiasco since I didn’t catch much of either game.

Go SOX!!!!!

Ah, Jen, welcome back! Certainly missed you around here, we had a lot to deal with (sox-wise and otherwise). Maybe you can get the boys to reboot and start swinging again? We worked it out through the Halos series, but these Jays are something else…

Knew you would have my back with Kenwo. He never actually singled you out (I’m the one that mentioned your name), but I knew if you had been here you would have defended as quickly as I had.

As far as the eternal Liptak debate goes, I think we can lighten up a bit. Yes, things tend to come out a little negative, but who are we to dictate how he thinks? It balences the rest of our positive thoughts, keeps us checked. (Plus, I like his inside resources and stats.) Don’t like it? Skip it. The end.

Boys are back to work tonight at the Cell. Don’t get WCIU here at school, so clue us all in to the sights and sounds!

Dewayne Wise in LF tonight and Owens in CF. I REALLY want to know what Anderson did to Ozzie because this has to be personal. In a double header yesterday all he does is pinch run when you have a 100 year old center fielder playing both games. SERIOUSLY!!! WTF!!!

I give BA lots of credit because I would have lost it by now and would have gone Latrell Spreewell on Guillen!

I agree Jim. Especially since Griffey has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this team since….I don’t know when. I would feel alot better with Anderson’s defense in centerfield. Griffey just doesn’t have it anymore, in my opinion, and I just trust Anderson’s defense over Swisher’s.
– Sorry kris….guess I wa just anxious to answer huh? lol!


No offense taken. My philosophy has always been that I expect them to win….a lot… and when they don’t I react accordingly. I don’t suffer fools gladly… to me losing has never been cute, cuddly or something to glorify (as opposed to the lemmings on the North Side.) When they aren’t playing well, if the players aren’t hustling, if ownership tries to win on the cheap, I call them out. I care that much, I’ve given them the heart and soul of my loyalty, I expect nothing less in return.

I take it personally and have now for 48 seasons as a fan. That may be right, that may be wrong but it’s my life and I’m comfortable with it.


So with that I make this serious offer, no qualifications, no conditions. If my comments bother the board that much I’ll be happy to vacate until the final weekend of the season. You decide.

I know everyone, be they Realist or Polyanna, is going to be under pressure the final two weeks watching to see if the Sox can hang on or give it away again. This may help take some of the pressure off, remove some of the hard feelings or the edge. I’ll check back after tonight’s game (which frankly I expect to lose) and act accordingly.

Mark Liptak


In his prime there was no broadcaster like Vin. S.I. just ran a story on him this week (Alabama on the cover.) And to think for so many years, he was doing it all by himself, no color analyst.

Truly remarkable.

Mark Liptak

Mark: I don’t look as being a Realist OR a Pollyanna as mutually exclusive. While I’d be coined as a Pollyanna in your book, I also consider myself to be fully aware of the facts as they are, and try not to disallusion myself. What I refuse to be is an NNN. (See TQ’s earlier post.)

As for my thoughts on your presence here through the end of the month, you have my vote to stay. Although your and my reactions to various situations and outcomes are often drastically different, it doesn’t usually bother me too much. And if it does, I’ll say something or I’ll ignore your posts for a while. :o)

Mark – Nicely said!
This is America, freedom of speech, right?
If I don’t want to read it, I won’t! But, I do read what you have to say, just like I enjoy when the WS are on ESPN and Fox –
In Jennifer’s perfect world the WS would be the greatest team and win every game, but it’s not, and they don’t, I like to hear the real story, not what other Fans would like the WS to be. I try to stay positive, even though my head is telling me otherwise. They (WS) need LOTS of help – I know that and I think everyone else knows that also, but we all try to stay positive – in the begining of the season – I had them ending up in 3rd (season is not over, yet) I am shocked they are still in first, as them being in the World Series, only the baseball Gods know that one.

And please, I did not mean that in a negative way at all (the last post) I just could not tell if you were a Sox Fan –

I have no right to judge people and I have no right to tell people they cannot voice their opinion, please I would not want you to leave! I just wish you could be a LITTLE bit more positive, (for the sake of others) even though your head tells you something different!


Check out the lastest WS poll on the home page of whitesox.com!
What kind of question is that?

Which player would make the best President of the United States?

Jim Thome37%
A.J. Pierzynski35%
Paul Konerko13%
Jermaine Dye12%
Brian Anderson3%

How could you not vote for JD as President. He is a twin of the guy that was president on the TV show “24” Everything I saw the show it made me think JD was running the country!

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