Toronto Arrives

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008, Game 1

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Jr., CF; Rami, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.


This series scares me.  Toronto is a very good team.

Don Gutteridge

Our sympathies and condolences go out to the friends and family of former White Sox coach and manager, Don Gutteridge, who passed away at age 96 on Sunday.

When I called Bill Pierce yesterday to let him know, Billy responded with, “He was the last one (coach) left from 1959.”  As Billy explained to me that the Pierces and Gutteridges had exchanged Christmas cards for the “last few year,” Billy’s wfie, Glorida, shouted in the background, “40!”



This series scares me too.

jk, how about we break up this no hitter right about now??


OK, that was a close one Jimmy, next time, OK?

Way to get out of that jam Javy!

OK, I’m with you again MariE… Go Sox.. j.k.

Keep it up Javy, our Boys are starting to gear up… Hold a little bit longer… Go Sox…. j.k.

OK, it’s time to pick up Javy and how about we start it with at least a hit. Come on boys, the time is right now.


Too bad. BUT,,,,,,,, There’s a lot of time to get to Burnett… Hey, MariE, you know you’re not supposed to talk about no hitters right? Well Burnett has a no hitter going. Did you hear me right? I said he has a no hitter going……that was a no hitter……. Go Sox…. j.k.

Yeah, OC…. that took care of the no-no,,,, now let’s take care of the shut out…Go Sox… j.k.

Now is the time…. Toronto is handing the game to us… Take advantage.. NOW>.. j.k.

OK, we just MANUFACTURED A RUN. Whatcha think about that? OK Paulie, you know what to do, right here, right now.


Thanks for your effort to break up the no=no!!!

Alright. We got the hit. We got the run, but we were’t able to get the lead….. That is coming next inning… Hold ’em javy and we win… Go Sox ’08… j.k.

I’m surprised Javy isn’t out there one more time… Go Horacio… Go Sox… j.k.

Hey, maybe I missed it all along or it is new, but on the gameday feature to follow the game online, there is a new gameday “mini”. It’s so much less conspicuous while I focus on the game while here at work. it rather a cute little thing!


Okay, jk and MariE, it’s about time you two finally put something on the scoreboard. I thought I was going to have to come in here and show you guys how to produce a hit!!!!!

And Kenwo and MariA are both at the game and evidently they can’t get it done either. Of course, let’s hope that they are seated on opposite ends of the Cell. After Kenwo’s “POA” remark of yesterday, I don’t think MariA would refrain from rebuttal (lol).

Let’s battle back and get this one. Will take a lot of pressure off Richard tonight if we have a win in the bag already.

I hope Javy’s okay. It is unusual for Ozzie to pull him early. He’s our horse.

I’ll have to check it out. I don’t remember seeing that before. I usually only use gameday when the Sox play a day game on Sats. and are blacked out….. O.K. it’s your turn Erin…. Quality pitches…. Go Sox ’08… j.k.

hey gang, I’m home!! Need to get this one going . . . retired the side . . . the make the ‘stretch’ worth it and go out and win this… now… I want it wide open!

Welcome tc and Kris…. We’ve been lulling them so far. I expect us to come out swinging and get a couple or three hits and take the lead this inning… Go White Sox… j.k.

Too agressive that inning……. We need to get to their pen, Burnett is Too good today… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

I never noticed the little mini gameday either . . . kinda convenient if you’re at work.

Ok, the Jays have made 3 errors and we’re still losing . . . what’s up with that? Anybody wanna fill me in?

Good job Erin Wassermann!. It’s so nice to be able to say that again…. Do your thing Matt and THEN we can get a couple of runs… Go Sox… j.k.

The short answer Kris… We only got one hit…. j.k.

Way to go Matt….. Now Boys, NOW…..j.k.

jk, I realize that! LOL –

bottom of the 8th . . . let’s go, we need some runs!!!

Ugh! …… Go Sox GO…. j.k.

Ugh!!! Can’t get the bunt down and then hit into a pair.

Yeah, AJ really needs to practice his bunting “technique”…. So do the rest of the guys though… One more chance…… Go Sox…j.k.

Sometimes Ozzie goes too much by the book. Matt was pitching great and only faced two batters. Should have left him in even though it was a righty coming up….. O.K. Mac….. Good pitches please…. Go Sox.. j.k.

I agree jk. I trust Thornton over almost anyone in our pen.

crap weasel!! Come on Mac!!!! Get him out!

It would be a shame to waste another good starting effort because of impotant hitting. Just like Sunday.

Lose this one with Richard trying to pitch this evening and the pressure will really be on.

Mark Liptak

impotant hitting, I like the description – perfectly describes the hitting effort I’ve seen since I’ve walked thru the door an hour ago!

That extra run was huge….. Come on Boys, You can still do this….Go White Sox… j.k.

This lack of hitting is no surprise. The Jays have been throwing zeroes on the board against almost everyone, including the Rays this past weekend and the Twins before that.

Another sterling relief performance by Mac screwgle.

You guys hearing this dude screaming in the background, bet it’s Kenwo!! LOL

If the Sox have any jobs open for guys that will swing the bat with 2 strikes or that can bunt please let me know. I am pretty sure I can do both.

Booing, really . . . was it a crap game, yep, it was but I don’t think booing our own team is really necessary. I don’t know, my opinion, I know it’s not shared by others, just voicing.

I’m off to clean little luvbugs off my vehicle – Klein, I’ll be late this evening, daughter has a vball game . . . see ya later buddy!

Anyone else SICK of seeing Swisher look at third strike????


Swisher has had some big hits for us this year but his propensity for taking a third strike is driving me crazy. He probbly has more called thirds in critical late-innings situations than anybody on the team, if not in the league.

Aaarggghhhh! I felt good about this game even with two outs…… OK, now it’s up to Richard…. It needs to be the Good Richard and not the Bad richard……..Go Sox… j.k.

Actually, I think it’s more up to the guys swinging (let’s hope) the bats. We can’s ask a rookie to do more than keep them under 3 or 4 runs.

Burnett is tough. This was not unexpected. A bad offensive performance tonight, though, is not expected.

Let the fans boo Kris if they want. But ask the fans booing how much they have enjoyed the 47 or so wins at the Cell this year too.

True that TC –

Sick of a lot of them watching 3rd strikes go by – it’s not just Nick – hope tonight is much improved! Hope KC can bring on the whatever they bring when they beat the crude out of people –


Just a thought in regards to Vasquez being pulled early…Farmer and Stone were talking that either Javy or Richards would have to go on Saturday on short rest. Maybe they were thinking to pull him early for that reason? Not sure.


That may be right, Marie. But he was close to 100 pitches. And Ozzie know that we have to win this one before worrying about Saturday.

About the called thirds, I know that others have done it too but I just seem to remember Swish’s more. For such an aggressive hitter and player, it makes no sense for him to take as many backwards Ks as he does.

It was reported after the game that Javy’s wife was hit with a foul ball. So depending upon the severity that may have been why he left earlier than most expected. They said he left the clubhouse immediately.

Wow! I hope she’s alright. That was a tough game to lose. Actually two tough losses in a row now. We’re still up 2 over Minn. and at worst will still be up 1 after the day is done. Just keep playing and we will be ok. A W tonight will be a good thing… After all Toronto can’t win all their remaining games, so we may as well stop their streak at nine… Go Sox… j.k.

Just before gametime. We need this win tonight. But if we lose? We’re still at least one game up and we have Mark pitching tomorrow. One game at a time and we WILL be o.k. And it all starts now in eleven minutes….. Stay tuned for developments as they occur… Go Chicago White Sox… j.k.

I hope Clayton is just getting all the bugs out early. Our defense can pick up our pitcher. Go Sox!

I feel a rally coming on. Only saw a little of the afternoon game. When the last of my students left I turned on the tv. Game was over by the time I got home from school and purchasing a hot water heater. Don’t think I missed much. All that doesn’t matter now – new game now. Make the Jay’s pay for that walk.

Way too many chances wasted this year… Kenny MUST address this issue for ’09… But that is then and we are only concerned with the NOW. So throw quality strikes Clayton and get some hits with runners in scoring position… Yeah, now that’s the idea!! Go Sox… j.k.

Good second inning Clayton, now it’s time for our offense to do something. Come on guys nice and easy, don’t overswing, but make solid contact and you WILL get those hits…. Go Sox go….. j.k.

3-1 Twins going into the third….. Let’s go Sox…. j.k.

I agree – way too many wasted chances. Does anyone keep statistics on the number of double plays we’ve hit into?

Alright DeWayne,,, now just a hit JD… come on… Go Sox.. j.k.

I was an inning off for my rally. Here we go. We need runs.

That’s it JD,,,,, nice approach,,, your turn Jimmy…Go Sox.. j.k.

OK, up 2-1. That’s a good start… But only a start…. Send these Blue Birds of Happiness back to the other side of the border….. Go Clayton, Go Sox ’08…j.k.

Good job Clayton pitching over the error… More runs Guys…. Go Sox. j.k.

Another chance, but no cigar… Keep chunkin’ Clayton….. Go Sox ’08…… j.k.

DJ Carrasco, You pitch Brotha’….. Clayton got rattled and poof his lead is gone and still no outs, runners on first and second….. hold ’em here DJ…. Go Sox… j.k.

Paulie’s injury does not look good. Injuries are beginning to get the better of this team.
How many times have we given up the lead off walk that comes back to bite us?

OK, I’m out here on the left coast – more info please – what injury to Paulie?

I sure wish I could fast forward this game… I’m not having much fun so far….. Now Paulie? What’s going on here? This is NUTS. Hopefully he will be ok. As I type, I’m shaking my head….. Crud…. O.K. Regroup and start again…. Go Sox. j.k.

Oh NO, here come the 5 run homer swings…. Come on Boys…… Get back in the game…. Go Sox… j.k.

Peggy, Paulie planted his right foot on a run down and it slipped out from under him. He looked like he was in a lot of pain holding his right knee…. not good…. j.k.

Paulie was starting to throw to second base. He went down with a knee injury. Had to have help getting off the field.

Hawk and DJ said that he was holding that knee before the rundown. But Klein’s right, it looked like it twisted kinda funny. And he was clearly in pain, face grimmacing, not being able to put pressure on it as they helped him off the field. Pray that we can get our Paulie back soon!

Meanwhile, the Twins are ahead of the Royals, 7-2… No big surprise there…. Go Sox… j.k.

Great Big SIGH!!!! Wake up everybody, Wake up Sox. This game ISN’T over yet, so stop playing like it is……… j.k.

I shall remain positive. The rally cap is on. Come on boys – we need some runs.

Strike Zone needs to call balls and strikes, not umpires. ONLY then will we have a consistant Zone…. It will never happen, but I can dream…. j.k.

This game isn’t looking too good, so we may very well be only one game up on the Twins after tonight is over. What I want to see though is an effort to get some (a) hits and maybe a run or two, to set the table for tomorrow. We can still win this one (though doubtful), and we can still split with Toronto… Go Sox… j.k.

Mild sprain of the MCL in the right knee. MRI’s tomorrow, stay tuned for more info.

Hawk and DJ just said x-rays on Paulie were negative. Unfortunately, x-rays give limited information. So now we continue to pray for Paulie’s health.
Nice throw home Alexi.

I’m calling it a night and hoping to wake up to a surprise on the scoreboard in the AM.

Night all…


Farmer and Stone reported the MCL strain.

By the way, one more thing, who ever decided to put Hawk and DJ out in centerfield tonight was smoking something. They are useless out there and can’t see anything.


Mercy! Uncle! Stop!

I can hardly wait to hear the comments from Lip and kenwo. That ought to be entertaining. We ain’t dead yet you two, so save us the vitriol (courtesy of tq’s thessaurus)….. go Sox… j.k.

I believe Hawk said something about being in the outfield if the Sox were 15 games over 500.

where is TQ anyway? Maybe he and the lovely Helene are in the Bahamas….(too dangerous) Maybe they’re in Rio…. Ooh-Laa-Laa… j.k.

Hey, a bit of a rally going on here in the 8th inning? GO SOX!

Hawk lost a bet, so they are on the Fan Deck. Some friend bet that the Sox would be 15 games over 500 by the ASG, and Hawk, hoping it would happen, accepted. Now they get too see the same view all us lowley fans do!

Let’s go, boys! Only 5… make that 6 runs to tie!

The question of the night. Can we score runs in more that one inning on this day? Go Sox, go…. j.k.

That’s supposed to be more thaN one inning…..j.k.

oh my, I get home from a huge vball game to this? Paulie hurt, we’re losing and this other guy, Wetz, fractured wrist too. Who’s in the outfield since Swish came in to 1st??? This is crazy, the injury gods aren’t doing us very well are they?

Mercifully, this ballgame is Ova…. Tomorrow is another day all you positive Bloggers out there. Hey, it’s another day even for the negative Bloggers out there… Go White Sox… j.k.

The injuries just keep coming – even Javy’s wife in the seats gets hurt??

Best thing about this doubleheader is it’s over.

Best news is Sox are still in first place. Go get ’em tomorrow!

G’nite, all!



Injuries are coming in droves.

I’m not one to make excuses, but this is getting a little ridiculous. In a little over a week we have lost the leading candidate for MVP, our hottest hitter over the last three weeks and our third baseman who — while having a subpar year — is still one of the best late-season clutch hitters on the club.

And then add the previous loss of Contreras, the loss this week of our backup utility infielder. And, then, just to make the day even worse, our starting pitcher leaves a game early because his wife got hit by a foul ball. This was a day when the White Sox should not have even gotten out of bed.

Bak at it tomorrow and hope that Konerko’s MRI produces positive news.

If Boston hadn’t gotten hot this past week, Toronto would be right in the thick of things. That pitching staff is impressive.

Well the good news is that they are still in first place.

The bad news is that this offense has decided to revert back to what they were doing in May. Unfortunately it’s mid September.

And before anyone says ‘well they are facing tough pitching’, let me best the first to remind everyone that the Sox won’t be facing the 2003 Tigers or the 70 White Sox pitching staffs in the post season.

Hell they still haven’t even guaranteed themselves a winning season….with 18 games left.

At least this roller coaster season will most likely be done in 2 1/2 weeks… then we can all finally rest.

Injuries are part of the game gang, that’s where a little thing called “depth” comes into play. Unfortunately the Sox minor league system is in shambles and can only produce players the likes of Clayton Richard.

So when does Roy Halliday get his shot?

Mark Liptak

Well Mark, you say you can rest in 2 1/2 weeks.

Gee, I haven’t lost any sleep over the events of this season. And I won’t. Baseball is a great game but since I don’t draw my paycheck from it, it is not my life. But I’m a competitive SOB and a diehard fan and I’m not ready to give up. Why follow them all the way to Sept. 9 and give up when you are in first place?

And the depth is there — at least with the position players. It just has to produce.


Like I’ve told you before I take these things personally. The only items I value more then the White Sox are my wife and my son and his family.

Yes I won’t be getting a lot of sleep tonight again.

To answer your other question, maybe it’s because I’ve seen a few things in 46 years as a fan and most of them… well….these are the White Sox remember…let’s just say the memories of seasons like 64, 67, 03 and 06 still are alive and well.

And as Shakespeare once wrote “therein lies the rub…” if the position players had been producing all season, the Sox wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

Mark Liptak

Also T.C. losing 11 of 18 doesn’t exactly inspire confidence I guess…I know call me crazy.

Mark Liptak

Since all star break SOX are 25-24.

I agree Mark, the position players have not produced. They have to step up.

And yes, the 11-18 (or whatever it is) does not inspire a great deal of confidence.

Using that logic, though, Minnesota’s recnet run doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

And I’ll be sure to get that memo off to Scott Reifert tomorrow that demands that Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen and all the Sox owe you a personal apology for offending you.

Good thing we are not in the same division as Toronto. They’d go 19 – 0 against us. We’ve see the Sox just stink against certain teams for stretches of time, but this is ridiculous we are 0-6 with 8 runs scored against them this year. And it is not like we have been bad the past few years against the Jays either.

Thank you Franks for putting this “mess” into proper perspective. 25-24 since the all star break isn’t great, but it is competitive. Let’s get them tomorrow and go from there.

Hopefully Paulie will be o.k. As much as he is needed for his bat, I think his clubhouse influence is just as great.

Just another crazy down day in White Sox World. We’ve seen this before, and we’ve survived the hit. While we have fewer go-to guys now, this team can still be dangerous and make it to the playoffs.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Toronto is this years Colorado and WILL win the rest of their games. If that does happen, and the way they are playing now (especially their pitching) you can’t totally rule it out, they could get in as a wild card from the East. Wouldn’t that be just dandy for the rest of the American League?

Returning to reality: We will win tomorrow and derail the train known as the BlueJays…. Go Sox ’08….. j.k.

Whatever T.C.

At the rate these guys are going I hope the three games in the House of Horrors actually means something. Yes the Twins haven’t played great either…of course you “forget” (I know it happens) that they had a 14 game road trip.

Buy hey anything can happen right, we might get THREE WHOLE RUNS off of Mr. Halliday tomorrow.

Mark Liptak


Just my opinion but the only way the Jays make the playoffs is if they win something like 20 in a row coupled with a complete collapse by the Rays.

Neither of which is going to happen.

Mark Liptak

And while the Twins were on that 14-game road trip, the White Sox were on a 10-game trip of their own.

You know, I’m beginning to think that JK may have been right earlier this week. I’m finding it harder every day to have this negative, sarcastic, self-serving bull thrown at us on this board every time things don’t go right for the Sox.

Hell, Halliday can throw a perfect game and we’ll still be no worse than tied for first place with 2 1/2 weeks to go.

And Halliday better win or you won’t know what to say, will you???

Really Mark L, can’t you take your negativity somewhere else for the next 18 games???????? You make me wonder how you can possibly be a fan. You sound like someone who take joy in the White Sox set backs. It allows you to tell all of how right you always are. Why not just type out your bull crap and just NOT hit the submit button. You’ll get it off your chest and we don’t have to hear you moan. When they win you are quiet as a mouse, but when they lose you have to rub it all in our faces. And if the WS and your family are the only things you care about? You need to get a life.



As Kenny Williams would say, “it is what it is.”

Funny isn’t it that things I say (and others) are ‘negative’ but when Ozzie Guillen says the same thing… well that’s O.K. he’s the manager, he’s entitled to say it….a fan though isn’t.


Here’s today’s example: “When we don’t hit home runs, we’re not going to win games.” — Guillen to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune.

The Sox are 8-32 when they don’t hit a home run.

It sounds like some of you ‘good’ fans are getting scared to death this club might blow it again and are taking it out on the wrong people. That’s not my fault, nor is it my concern actually.

I don’t say a lot when they win Marie because I EXPECT them to win, I’m showing my confidence in them by doing so. I don’t think the Sox or anyone should be “rewarded” by being praised when they are just doing their job. There have been plenty of times I’ve made positive remarks after an exceptional performance…stop using ‘selective memory’ Marie, it doesn’t become you.

And how it’s “rubbing it in your faces” when my guts are twisting and I need to blow off steam is beyond me. My comments are never racial, never sexual and are accurate.

If I need to ‘get a life’ Marie you need to get some backbone.

Mark Liptak


If the Sox beat Halliday tonight, I’ll be estatic. It’ll be a much needed, BADLY needed win and that’s the most important thing of all.

Ego’s and attitude’s from the Pollyanna’s and the realist’s are all secondary at this point in time. Wins are important.

Mark Liptak

EXACTLY Mark – you proved your own point. We don’t need you to tell us what we ALREADY know, read in the newpapers, hear on the radio, or watch on TV.

You being the one who continually just quotes everyone else needs to find an original tune.


I have plenty of them, just that according to you if I try to post or comment they are “negative” and when I post positive or congratulatory remarks you “happen” to overlook or forget them (I can cut & paste every single one of them this season, if it will help jog your memory if you wish and you know I’ll do it…)

So please tell me exactly what you want, you can’t have it both ways you know.

While we’re on the subject of being “optimistic” (yeah, rah, rah go go White Sox —how’s that?) just last week (how soon you forget) I was cautioning everyone about the Quentin reports including the rumor that was posted here. When Joe Cowley’s report came up that he could be in the lineup Friday, I commented on it and how that appeared to shoot down the rumor. (Silly me to think that it would be correct) I was really hoping for the best, naturally these being the White Sox, the exact opposite happened.

I’m sorry I can’t have your outlook on life and the White Sox, like the Doobie Brothers once sang “tell me what you want and I’ll give you what you need…”

I put up with you and your ilk, you can put up with me.

Mark Liptak

Hey Marie:

Here’s a “golden oldie” for ya! (all the way back from Sunday none the less!)

“Well they won the series and more importantly another day is off the schedule with the status quo maintained.

“The Sox are now getting into the situation where as long as they hold the lead the pressure is going to multiply on the Twins. I realize the joker are those three games in the House of Horrors and that’s a mighty big one, but if the Sox were to go to the Metrodome up 2 1/2, knowing Minnesota HAD to sweep, they might respond differently.”


“Like I said, the Sox got the series and increased the lead on the Twins and knocked another day off the schedule.

Win all around for the Sox.”

Beats talking about the weather and broccoli every time don’t ya’ think?



My apologies for not getting back to you with this sooner. MLB historically have had dozens of years where teams did not play the full allotment of 162 games. In 1974 I think, this is just off the top of my head, the White Sox went 80-80. They never played two games which could have given them a chance for a winning season.

Perhaps the biggest example of how this affected a pennant race came in 1972 when the Tigers beat out the Red Sox for the division by a half game. The reason was because they played one more game then Boston in the strike shortened season. MLB never even attempted to make it up or have a playoff game for the division, Boston was just out of luck.

To the best of my knowledge there is no obligation by baseball to the MLBPA or to season ticket holders to play a “full” schedule or a full schedule of 81 home games.

Mark Liptak

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