Mound Showdown

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Missile, 2B; AJ, C; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B; Owens, CF.  Buehrle pitching.

PK Update

I am sure you all saw, but the MRI this morning confirmed last night’s diagnosis of a mild sprain of the MCL for Paulie.  He hopes to be able to return to the lineup in a matter of days.

With a hoard of media waiting by Konerko’s locker, PK was in the trainer’s room with an ice pack on his right knee.

“Do you want me to go out and read a statement to the media for you?” Carlos Quentin kidded his injured teammate.

“We need to take it up a notch,” manager Ozzie Guillen told the media before the game.  “And then another notch and another notch.”

Buehrle vs. Halladay

Tonight marks the sixth time these two marquee pitchers have matched up in their careers, the third time in the last two years.

Buehrle has gone 1-1 with a 3.03 ERA in the previous five matchups, while Halladay is 1-1 with a 2.50 ERA.  The average time of game when these two start against one another is 2:26.

With 115 victories since 2001, Buehrle is tied for fourth in the majors, one behind Halladay, who has 116.  Roy Oswalt leads the majors during that time with 126.



First of all Jen….if i remind you of your husband you must have one hell of a guy🙂 congratulations!

Second- I was at the Buehrle Halladay game last year….what a great game that was. Owens won it with a homer for the sox. Hopefully more of the same for Jer Boy tonight.

Third- I am not sure why Anderson does not ever play. Personally I would play Griffey every day and hope and pray he catches lightening in the bottle because I think an old Griffey still gives us more of a chance to win than Wise, Anderson, Owens or any other minor leaguer we pull up.

Fourth- lets go…we need a win.

Klein- no game for me today…. a double header yesterday and a bad history against the jays is enough of a reason for me to stay home with my boy and watch this one on the tube.

I am going Friday however. Half way to St. Patricks day….. I enjoy the green pin striped jerseys. I saw a Griffey one in the gift shop and may have to make that purchase…..sweeeeeeeet

Glad to hear that it is only a sprain for PK. He has been doing very well for us lately. Would be nice to have him around for the final stretch seeing Q is out and all. I’m keeping my chin up. If we can just make it into the post season, anything can happen. The only way we are getting in is winning the division. We are on top so it is ours to lose. Let’s hope the boys look in mirror and realize that it is time to step it up, and up, and up. It is not impossible.

Jim D, I have been asking all year what BA has done to Ozzie. Just trade the poor kid if you aren’t going to give him a chance. He is by far our best defensive CF. I know his bat hasn’t been the greatest in the past, but he’s given us some clutch hits this year. Perhaps if he played regularly, he might find a groove. Somebody tell me why this poor guy isn’t getting a shot–and I’m not just saying that cause he’s my guy!

Mark, I personally want to see you still around. I’m one of the pollyannas, but your posts always offer something interesting. Don’t leave us now!! Just like Klein, the board wouldn’t be the same without you.

I’ve got a good feeling about tonight. Let’s hope I’m right!!

I hate when I fail to notice a new posting from Scott, and wind up making a comment to an old post. That being said, I wanted to make sure Mark Liptak saw the following:

Mark: I don’t look as being a Realist OR a Pollyanna as mutually exclusive. While I’d be coined as a Pollyanna in your book, I also consider myself to be fully aware of the facts as they are, and try not to disallusion myself. What I refuse to be is an NNN. (See TQ’s earlier post.)

As for my thoughts on your presence here through the end of the month, you have my vote to stay. Although your and my reactions to various situations and outcomes are often drastically different, it doesn’t usually bother me too much. And if it does, I’ll say something or I’ll ignore your posts for a while. :o)

Let me be the second guy to welcome you back Jen. Happy to hear you had such a good time. How could you not in that place?

Very happy to see that Paulie isn’t hurt that badly. Come back as soon as possible… you will be missed until you do.

Lip, I vote for you to stay also. Your comments infuriate me on many occasions, but your insight is excellant and the inside info you share brings us closer to the game.

All that’s left to say is Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Mark, don’t go, we need ya bud, it wouldn’t be the same without you! Your posts don’t bother me, I too try to be on the Pollyanna side, which I’m not always successful at but I try . . you stats blow me away so I occasionally skip em but.. you know your crap and you left us know it too!

Klein, sorry I was the ‘devil on your shoulder’ and sent you to that dbl header, I wouldn’t have sent my worst enemy to see that one! 🙂 Seriously… enjoy the ball game with your son and hopefully we’ll bring home a winner. I’ll be sitting here at the ole computer, watching, listening and hoping they call off school tomorrow!!🙂

Can someone explain to me why FIELDS is in CF tonight while our best centerfielder (BA) sits on the bench yet again. I truly do not understand it.


NO SCHOOL!!! Now I’m really getting nervous! 🙂

I’ve always liked BA too . . . really, what has he done that’s so wrong? I suppose Scott can’t really answer these questions can he? I guess we’ll never know unless the big Oz answers it personally for us…

I know BA is on good terms with Ozzie Jr…… I went out partying with them 2 and AJ a few weeks back. Maybe that is the problem…to much hanging out with Ozzie’s kid. I know my parents didn’t like some of my friends haha

While I am new to the blog, I do appreciate your comments. They always give me something to contemplate. Hope you continue to write.

Great defense has this game starting out right. Now let’s get some hits of our own. Go Sox!

Wow. Mark was hit a ton, but for once the other team made baserunning errors. Good throw JD to get Wells as second and end their threat. It’s up to our offense now. Halladay has lost 9 games this year. Let’s make it 10… j.k.

Thought I’d join you all tonight. Nice baserunning by Wise. Oooh… the bats are lively and Wise just scored. I like it!

Finally! Clutch hitting with 2 outs. Way to go, AJ!

Wow AJ gets a 2 out single. Situational hitting. Two runs already. Maybe this will be our night for victory.

We need to keep this up…. I just missed the whole first inning screw off with other stuff but . . . I’m here no1


Way to go Guys!!! Nice start. Real nice AB by JD and AJ. Hold ’em Mark and get more next inning…. Go Sox… j.k.

Hi there MariA….. Go Sox….

Can someone help me out here, please? What is a “matabatacola” (sp) that Hawk always refers to? What’s it mean and what’s the origin? Is it another Hawkism? I’ve heard him say it a kazillion times, never bothered to question.

matt abatacola (spelling)? is the producer of the boers and bernstine show on the score between 2-6…don’t know why he has his own hawkism though

Good inning Mark….. Keep doing what you’re doing…. And Offense…. Put this Doc guy away… Go White Sox… j.k.

Glad you asked. . . I was wondering the same thing, seems like a mouthful!

Good D by the Jays. This may be another low scoring game. We got the lead, so hold on to it Mark… Go Sox…j.k.

Mark – Nicely said!
This is America, freedom of speech, right?
If I don’t want to read it, I won’t! But, I do read what you have to say, just like I enjoy when the WS are on ESPN and Fox –
In Jennifer’s perfect world the WS would be the greatest team and win every game, but it’s not, and they don’t, I like to hear the real story, not what other Fans would like the WS to be. I try to stay positive, even though my head is telling me otherwise. They (WS) need LOTS of help – I know that and I think everyone else knows that also, but we all try to stay positive – in the begining of the season – I had them ending up in 3rd (season is not over, yet) I am shocked they are still in first, as them being in the World Series, only the baseball Gods know that one.

And please, I did not mean that in a negative way at all (the last post) I just could not tell if you were a Sox Fan –

I have no right to judge people and I have no right to tell people they cannot voice their opinion, please I would not want you to leave! I just wish you could be a LITTLE bit more positive, (for the sake of others) even though your head tells you something different!


Thanks for the info, kenwo. I just sent Hawk an email asking him the origin. Let’s see if he answers.

Great game so far. Let’s keep it going!

Last post is to Lip Mark – not Mark Buehrle, didn’t want to confuse anyone!

Hi, JK. Are you watching on TV or is it gameday for you?

Watching on as I usually do. Go Sox…. j.k.

Who announces those games? Is it Hawk & DJ?

I’m confused about the call on Wise. Can someone give me a good explanation?

That was too quick. Now we need to be patient and get Haladay’s count up… Go Mark, Go Sox… j.k.

Lets hold on to the lead!

JK-I am glad you are still here – I can’t leave you guys alone again – gone for a week and you guys drive jk away! Almost!

The home team announcers have the game unless it’s not picked up in whatever city we are playing in. so it’s always Hawk and DJ at home and only occasionally them on the road… Go Boys Go… j.k.

Thanks Jen. I was gone. The ONLY reason I came back was due to the caring and kind words from a couple of your Sister-Bloggers…. Buy, I’m here now and I say Go Sox… j.k.

Yep, we didn’t want to lose our J.K. just like we don’t want to lose our Mark Lip!!!

So far so good . . . sigh of relieve after every top half!

I hear that Kris…… Go Sox ’08….j.k.

KC needs to do something to help us . . . why can’t they win against them like they can against us???

Hi everyone!

Welcome back from the Magic Kingdom, Jen!

Mark L, please do stay around and give us your insights. Even when they are accompanied by negative thoughts, I find your insights valuable.

Tom Q, Swisher’s performance seemed to me to decline with each season (Maybe Mark L has the stats?). If anyone recalls, I was the one not so very thrilled with this particular trade. I do think Swish brings enthusiasm to the clubhouse, but we need production on the field, and that’s been lacking. He *used to be* better at working the count than he has been this year. Again, I turn to Mark L – does the difference in his ability to work the count (to some extent) represent a difference in the quality of pitching in the AL West compared to the AL Central?

I’m not sure if saying the following makes me a Pollyanna or a realist, but here goes. The Sox were picked to finish fourth, this division “belonged” to either the Tigers or the Indians, depending on your preferred sports pundit. With all the trading done, the Sox never acquired a real leadoff hitter, didn’t build a particularly balanced offense, and never acquired real speed – which was something Ozzie supposedly wanted. Now, they have suffered significant injuries to key players. And they are still, at least as of this moment in time, in first place! To me, that shows some kind of talent, spunk, determination, grit, or whatever. Some will say luck, and I will grant that, but there is always an element of luck in sports, and the Sox have not benefited from any particularly great amount of luck this season.

I’m proud of this team, and will cheer them on to the last out. My prediction was that they would not win a huge number of games, but would win the division, and I’m not caving on that now. My hope (and it is just that, a *hope*) is to come back for the Red Line Series! I say that not because I have any luv for the flubs, but because it appears they will make the postseason, and if they do make it all the way to the Series, I want them to play the Sox🙂

I am breathing a sigh of relief. I would sure feel better with a couple of more runs. Let’s see some offense. Go Sox.

All right Mark…. You Go Boy….. (just getting in touch with my younger self) I now return to normal…Go Sox ’08….j.k.

nice running by J.O!

Another blown oportunity…… BUT you have to hand it to Haladay this time i think… hold them down Mark… Go Sox… j.k..

Oh yeah!!!! Another good job by Mark…. Keep it up…. Going to the bottom of the sixth… How about ONE more run?…. Go Sox…. j.k.

We have another opportunity — we need some runs now.

does thome have a goatee??? poor guy, really can’t run very well can he?? has he always been slow or just as he’s gotton older?

I just love AJ. We cashed in on this opportunity.

hot damn people, there’s a couple more for ya jk

In game update…. YESSSS!!!!!!

I was wondering the same thing at Thome and the goatee. He is fun to watch run or attempt to chug along.

Come on J.O., LET’s GO!!!!

Oh my gosh! A successful squeeze. The White Sox Gods are shining brightly tonight.
I wonder what comments Lip will have tonight.

Wow. there’s the MOST basic of fundamentals… Maybe there’s hope for our guys yet… Go team go… j.k.

Mwass – fun or amusing? He really does chug a lug doesn’t he??

Awesome inning! I want more!

And that my friends is how to play baseball!!!!

Have you ever seen Toby Hall run – now that is amusing!!

Every aspect of the game is fun and amuzing when we are winning. If we could just get a little help from the royals.

Mark B had a nice, quick top of the 7th!

It ain’t happening tonight for the Royals. But tomorrow is Their day…. AND ours too… j.k.

Nevermind Thome’s goatee… Is that Carnac the Magnificent in the Scout Seats? What kinda hat is that???

I think it is Carnac! How funny

ok, who the heck is carnac the magnificent??? please explain that one!

Oh, Kris. You don’t know who Carnac is? You missed out on some classic Johnny Carson humor. Briefly, Johnny would portray a psychic who was able to determine the answer to a question in a sealed envelope. It would go something like this: “Sis-Boom-Bah”. Then he’d open the envelope and read the question: “What sound does an exploding sheep make?” Some of the humor was probably not politically correct by today’s standards, but boy, it was funny!

Dang. Well, let that be all we give up, guys. Hold ’em from here.

**** fire!

Why did Ozzie pull Buehrle – pitch count, or just because of one walk, or…?

I do remember that now… soon as you said it it came back, Mr. Carson days, I was a little younger than some… had more important things on my mind and not Johnny usually! 🙂 I wish I’d seen that guy now… shoot! But I can imagine!

He only threw 104 pitches according to hawk. No idea why he was pulled. I hate the pitch count…it also is attributed to the pussification of america!

I guess knowing about Carnac shows our age. Peggy I was wondering the same thing. Don’t pitchers have complete games anymore?

Did not Swish look like the weight of the world was off his shoulders with that double?

ya know Kenwo, oddly enough, I have to agree with you on the p***** of America… seriously, the ‘whoever’s that be have taken away a lot of the fun we all used to have as kids because something isn’t politically correct or someone might get hurt, ie… dodgeball being barred from schools, etc… it is ridiculously assanine….

wow, Hawk does not like Anderson on the bench, least it sounds that way to me!

And Brian with the clutch hit AGAIN….so what does he have to do to play before the 8th inning????

OK. I hear what you’re both saying kenwo and kris, but the terminology? Eeeeeww. Can we come up with a name that’s a little less crass? Not to mention that it points the blame at women. Surely you don’t think that, right?

My crush continues….a stolen base to boot!!

Your Boy, Donna… Good job, BA…. Set them down…. and on to tomorrow… Go Sox. ’08…..j.k.

No, Maria, I don’t, that’s why I personally put the little stars on mine, didn’t feel right typing that… maybe Kenwo can come up with something a little less crass… we’ll see! 🙂

Love what Ozzie just said, ‘they don’t want to fight, they fight me’ lol…. he cracks me up! They sure are showing their fight tonight!

I hope Ozzie realizes sooner, rather than later, that BA can be a real asset to this team. I think his hitting would be even better if he played regularly.

Let’s go Bobby, get us this win!

I agree, Peggy and Donna. I really like BA, too, and I think he’d only improve with more playing time.

Oh, Bobby. No drama tonight. Please.

C’mon Bobby, I can’t take the drama!!! I just want to go to go to bed with my team still in first!

One more big guy….

Bobby is putting my stomach in the spin cycle – let’s get this win and be done already!

he gone – way way too much drama in the end. Oh how important was that double by Swish and single by BA. We can all sleep better tonight after this win. Now on to tomorrow.

OH YEAH!! Doesn’t matter how it happens as long as we have more…told you I had a good feeling about tonight!! BA with the game winning hit. I’m going to start the campaign to get him more playing time!! The Twinkies should wrap it up with a win, but we are still there and first place is still ours. If we take care of our own business we are good. Sweet dreams all!!

Nice win, could have done without the drama!!

I walk away and almost had a stroke when I came back, thank God that’s ova!!!!!

Great game, Sox. A little crazy in the end, but hey – a win’s a win. On to tomorrow! G’nite, Sox fans.

Holy Mary, Mother of God…. ( and I’m not Catholic). I may have to purchase some Rosary Beads though, if it’s going to be like this EVERY DAY…!!!!????? Oh for the easy win……. Good job in the end, But……. BP 220 over 115……… Thump,thump, thump….. I’m OK. Really I am…. Tomorrow we need to put up a ten spot….. Early and often…… O.K. now I’m really feeling better….Yikes… Yeah, the Sox win….. I knew it all along….. the Jays are done….Go White Sox….. j.k.

jesus christ I almost drove down to the Cell and challenged Jenks to a brawl. He is lucky that he got out of that and now i can relax. good offense tonight. jerry owens looked pretty good. I still think Buehrle should have gone longer.

Tomorrow will be tough against Marcum. He was the league leader in ERA before he got injured. He was great his last outing as well. It may be a tough one but I think Gavin will do a fine job.

O.K. Now we can get on to really important things…. Like you may remember Johnny Carson from the Tonight Show, but what was the name of the daytime gameshow he and Ed McMahon hosted before he took over for Jack Paar?.. TQ knows, but who else??

It seems to me that Hawk explained Matabatacola once awhile ago, but I can’t come up with the definition right now… (once again….TQ?).

The Sissification of America has been going on for at least the past 40 years. It is a conscious effort by the Feminists to gain power and promote their agenda of equality. Not a bad idea in theory, but the results haven’t turned out for the benefit of either Women or Men…. You decide…

That’s enough controversy for me now. I’d better be careful or I may be thrown out after all…. G’nite everybody…. Go Sox…. j.k.

J.K., you’ll never be thrown out…. I have no idea to the answer to the Carson trivia question…. I’m still a baby by this blogs age group… I think . . . well, maybe not a baby but, you decide, I have a kid that’s almost 21… guess that makes me old (er) huh?

Kenwo, challenge Bobby to a brawl, that would have sold tickets.. not sure Bobby would’ve won either! LOL! Seems between the holy mother of God and JC, we’ve pretty much all hit our knees and gone to prayer and with J.K. and his high bp and my almost stroke, prayer definitely works!

Well, I am kind of glad I was out tonight with no access to TV or radio. I came home in the bottom of the 9th to see Bobby scare the crap out of me, but still get the W.

Maria, Kris, how about WOA? Wussification of America?

G’night all!


I like that, or Klein mentioned sissification of…. they both work for me!!

I’m off to Walmart before all highways head north and I can’t get back home! Preparing for Ike!!! YIKES!

Good night all, and good luck Kris with Ike and whatever else happens. Stay safe!

Good luck Kris, I’ll say a little prayer for you.

Well the public has spoken (remember I gave you a chance…)

Scary, scary at the end but a win is a win is a win.

A one game lead with 17 left is still better then a one game lead with 18 left. Could they come back and get the split after the way things started Tuesday?

Honestly didn’t see how they could pull this one off tonight especially with the Triple A lineup they had in there but miracles do happen I guess.

Regarding “pitch counts” there are many former pitchers like Jerry Koosman, Bert Blyleven and Goose Gossage who abhor them. They think (and I tend to agree) that pitchers are “babied” to much and that “protection” actually helps cause more injuries because the arm and shoulder muscles aren’t developed enough.

Pitchers need to throw every single day (even in winter). The best work out I’ve heard of is to throw ten pitches from thirty feet then work your way out to ninety feet. You go in ten foot increments and throw ten times at each distance.

That’s 70 throws a day, every day including during the season (the only ‘day off’ you get is when you are actually starting the game…and even then you are throwing in the game itself.)

Mark Liptak

My God,

I’m out for a day and night and miss two big things — A White Sox winner (I miss you Roon) and a chance to tell Liptak to leave the board!!! Just kidding Mark. This is America. If a guy like Ron Paul can run for President, then you can certainly have your say on the board. I will seldom agree with it, but if everybody agreed with everything, we’d all be as boring as Len Kaspar and Bob Brenly.

And Jen, add me to the list of guys welcoming you back. And, by the way, men don’t need toilet paper all the time. The bathroom hand towels will do just fine!!!

OK where is Scam or whomever he is now to defend Jenks pitching in non-save situations? I know it was only a 4 run lead and it seems like it has been an eternity since he pitched in a game, but he just does not pitch good in those situations. When I saw him out there to start the inning I said to my wife “Here we go with Bobby Drama, they will get him for at least 3.”

And on to the good. I missed it because I was still at softball, but I saw the replay of the squeeze play. AMAZING!!!

Brian Anderson coming through big time with what seemed like a meaningless RBI at the time, but turned out to be all the insurance we needed. I’ve been supporting this guy from day 1 in 2006. He’s never been given a fair shot. Had they let him play through his struggles at the plate like they did with Crede when he was in his first couple years who knows how good he might be right now. He has always had a ton of talent, but talent is no good if you don’t get to use it and fine tune it. Nobody gets better or reaches their potential sitting on the bench.

TC – I will probably get blasted for this, but Len and Bob are way more entertaining than Hawk and DJ. I do get to enjoy some afternoon baseball in my office and occasionaly watch that other team. I think the fact that they talk to each other the whole game is kinda nice. They have a David Letterman kinda of humor that I guess not all enjoy, but I do. And it also seems like every time I watch they lose so I guess that helps too.


My complaint with Kaspar is he is always talking about music. C’mon Len, I know it is the National (Minor) League, but this is a baseball game not the Grammy Awards.

And I am not going to make comment on Hawk and DJ. Let’s just say that as a fan that follows announcers very closely (and has all my life), there are many that stand ahead of all four current TV and radio teams in Chicago. And Hawk was part of one of those teams when he worked with Drysdale in the early-to-mid 80s.

And TQ, no baseball announcer will ever surpass the great Vin Scully. A class announcer and a class man.

Ozzie and BA have not been pals for a long time. But BA did get a pretty good shot in ’06 and did not produce. And his dedication to the game and work ethic were often mentioned as reasons why he fell into Ozzie’s disfavor.

But I give him credit. He comes off the bench and makes good contributions.

But, even though he has not yet gone off any kind of streak, I still would play Griffey more just because our offense needs his potential right now. But then again, the day I manage this team is the day that Len Kaspar stops talking about bands and music. Thank God I hate the team he works for so much that I don’t listen to him very often.

TC – I like music so I guess it is more to my taste. I do agree with you on Vin Scully though. One of the best things about MLB Extra Innings is being able to tune in to a Dodgers game just to hear Vin Scully. I was introduced to him as a kid when he was calling the Saturday afternoon game of the week on NBC back in the early and mid 80’s. He has always had the greatest baseball voice I have ever heard.


My opinion is that Kasper (the Ghost) is as bland as watching grass grow and that after what happened with Steve Stone, Brenley wouldn’t dare say anything “negative” about the Tribune Company’s pet project, not if he wants to keep getting paid.

Mark Liptak

And while we are on the subject I’ve noticed that Hawk and DJ have been much more critical of the team the past week or so.

D.J. saying on air they are a bad fundamental team, Hawk just about ready to rip out Dotel’s heart the way he was pitching.

Personally I welcome it, it’s as if they have realized (Hawk in particular) this club just isn’t going to put together a ten game winning streak and easily pull away. They are feeling the pressure too and wondering about missed opportunities earlier in the season. That’s starting to come through in their comments.

Mark Liptak

I agree with you Lip… (I agree with the Lip?)….. Both Hawk and DJ have been more critical of our team. They are expressing the same frustrations we all have since the beginning of the season, or at least since our early year trips to Toronto and Tampa.

The answer to last nights trivia question is “Who do you trust”. Carson was the host in a show patterned after the Groucho Marx show “You bet your life”. It was very funny.

A win today after the Twins lose this afternoon and we will be back up 2 games….. I know you all knew that, but it’s good to see it in print…. Go Sox… j.k.

Hawk and DJ are definitely showing the frustrations that the fans have had with this team this year. It is definitely refreshing to hear it too.

Looking at the rest of the schedule – What do you guys think??

Tor @ Home – W

Det@Home – W
Det@Home – W
Det@Home -L

@NY – L
@NY – W
@NY – W
@NY – L

@KC – L
@KC – W
@KC – W

@MIN – L
@MIN – L
@MIN – W

Clev@Home – W
Clev@Home – L
Clev@Home – W

10 Wins – 7 Losses

Twins Schedule:

KC@Home – W

@Bal – L
@Bal – W
@Bal – W

@Clev -L
@clev – L
@Clev – W

@TB – L
@TB – L
@TB – L

WS@Home – W
WS@Home – W
WS@Home – L

KC@Home – W
KC@Home – L
KC@Home – W

8 Wins – 8 Losses

I think what will save us is the series the Twins have with the Rays! I hope!!


Mark, you would be surprised with Brenly then. He is pretty critical of the players when it comes to bad play. I’ve heard him on a number of times get into guys when they do something dumb or don’t get a job done. Stone’s situation was blown way out of proportion because of the players reaction. That was all Dusty Bakers fault for not coming down hard on the players that went after Stone.

I have this funny feeling that this will end up in a tie. There should be a coin flip to determine where the tie breaker would be played any time now if it has not already taken place. I almost want to play a tie breaker in Minnesota so we can go up there and exorcise the demons.

Jen, your predictions and mine are very close. The only difference is I have us winning only one game in Yankee stadium, giving us 9 more wins and a total of 90 on the season.

I have the Twins winnig 10 games (losing three of four in Tampa) giving them also 90 wins on the season.

There is a lot of things that can happen to either or both of these teams in the next 17 games. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and root for the Sox. I really don’t want a playoff…….. Go White Sox… j.k.


Here’s the joker to keep in mind regarding the Twins / Rays series as well as the White Sox / Yankees series next week.

For the Rays, that series comes so late in the year that’s it practically guaranteed they’ll have a post season spot clinched. They may also have already wrapped up the division. So do they play their regulars or not? If so, how many??

That could loom very large as the Twins may find themselves playing against basically a Triple A lineup.

As far as the Sox series with N.Y. the Yankees are done…so the same question…do they play their regulars? Start mixing in kids? Rookie pitchers?? (Normally that’s a good thing but given the Sox history against unknown pitchers maybe not…)

My guess is that being they are the Yankees and the fans would boo them out of the stadium if they showed any sign of “giving up” probably not, but it’s still something to watch closely.

That’s why I don’t place a lot of stock in game by game predictions, you just don’t know what the situation is going to be in late September with teams out of the race or having already clinched a playoff spot.

Mark Liptak

Jim, I hate seeing Bobby in non-save situations. Just like I hate seeing Bobby come in during the 8th inning, and just like I hate seeing Bobby come in with guys already on base.
For some reason most closers just do not do as well if it is not a save situation. However, if the only time Bobby pitches is in save situations, then he would only have pitched 31 innings this year. You can not pitch only 31 innings in 145 games and stay sharp.

I know you think that he’d be just fine if he throws on the side, but that simply is not how it works. You cannot simulate throwing in a real game during a side session. You can’t simulate the adrenaline, you can’t simulate the the hitting of a real game, or the unexpected situations of a game. You can’t simulate how your fielders might play behind you. There is such a huge difference between pitching at practice and in a real game. For a guy who could be needed at a moments notice when the game is on the line, for any game during the year, he needs to constantly stay active, stay sharp, and stay in a rhythm. Believe me, this is coming from someone with personal experience. And if you don’t believe me, ask anyone in baseball, and they will agree with me.

This might have been the perfect game to bring Bobby in. He needed the work, and we had a comfortable lead. He was flat out awful, yet we still picked up the win. Maybe this game help him get back into a groove, and when we do need him for a save opportunity, he will be on his game. That’s the hope at least.

Mark, the reason why I think Tampa will still have their starters in and not letting up at all, is because they will be competing for the best record in the AL. I’m hoping they will not be letting up at all against the Twins.

Scam, I totally understand what you are saying, and I want to agree with you. But when something is proven not to work properly common sense says don’t try it again.

He’s only had 31 save opportunities, but has been in 50 games even having had missed about 3 weeks. Close to his yearly average. He pitches well too in home games that are tied in the 9th or later, another situation where the closer is used other than a save situation.

Jenks, alike most closers does not get the job done in non-save/big lead situations. It’s always seemed like a mental thing. I know the way a pitcher mentally prepares daily for his role is crucial. He damn near blew that game last night, and had he done that we may as well not even bother showing up today because this team would have been mentally beaten too.

I definitely understand where you are coming from as well. The inability of closers to pitch well in non-save situations has always caused me much confusion. It seems like you would want to be in the same mind frame no matter what the situation is. Even if you think you have a safe lead, wouldn’t your own stats be enough motivation? I don’t know. Maybe it’s beyond something we can explain. If anyone else has any ideas as to why closers do not perform as well in non-save situations I would love to hear them.

Scam’s back!

Hey, hey! Scam, where ya been? We’ve missed you!

Just remember the old saying guys — “Overanalysis leads to paralysis.”

Trying to figure out pitchers is tough enough. Trying to project game-by-game wins and losses is even harder.

I tend not to worry about who we play next week or who the Twins play. Remember, just a couple of weeks ago in KC the Royals fared okay against the Twins. And just about everyone — not only Liptak which was a given — wrote off last night’s game before it started.

It’s baseball. It’s unpredictable.

Argh…. Anyone want my tickets for tonight’s game? I’ve got a last minute doctor appointment for my daughter, so now I can’t make it. Email me at (It works now.) I’ll email you the tickets and you print them out. But hurry! I have to leave my computer by 3:00.

Looks like KC is really holdin on for us. Do you ever wonder if they have an opinion on who they’d rather see win it if they can’t? Always wondered that. Anyhow . . .

Just got done testing the new generator – it works.. it’s loud and obnoxious but it’ll be better than sweating to death!

See ya tonight – GO KC! GO SOX!!!


Who’dve thunk it? Thanks, KC!!!

WooHoo!!!!! Thank You Kansas City!!!!!

Thank you KC!!!! Now we need another win for us, a little light in between! GO SOX!!!

Well, well, well… It seems that the title of “horseshoe up the hinie park” should be passed back from the piranha tank to Jurrasic Park at Neverland…

The KC Royals BEATING the Minnesota Twins? In the HumpDump?

That’s like Regis Philbin being shouted down by Katie Couric…

Speaking of females (WHATTA segway, eh???)… let me be among the last to welcome Queen Jennifer the First back from his visit to the Magic Kingdom… and I am a bit surprised that she did not come back with the deed to Cinderella’s castle to deposit in the middle of scenic Crown Point, Indiana(the preceding line was dropped in by the Scenic Crown Point, Indiana Travel and Tourism Bureau…)…

As to last night… If I had the cash money and the gift of flight to the Cell from my little obligation, I would have rewarded Jerry Owens for the successful squeeze bunt in the 6th inning last night… especially after the crappy job the boys did in the day/night DH the day/night before…

Small ball DOES work… if the execution is done properly…

Now, as to tonight… with the lead now being a game and a half, let’s hope that they come out with a similar effort to last night… well, not EXACTLY like last night… with regards to the 9th inning…

Farmer always says “There is no such thing as an easy save.”… Well, he should know, as that is how he made his living while in a WS uniform… But, come on, Manchild… don’t you realize that there are people out there with weak hearts and weak stomachs, who cannot stand to see an inning with THAT much drama?

The “magic number” is now Sweet 16…

As to other business:

Lip… Don’t even THINK about leaving this site… you are too valuable to all here… because you make people think about what you write, right or wrong…

Kris: Kiddo, you KNOW how I feel about your situation… I got your e-mail, and some extra thoughts are going out to the Higher Authority about the safety of you and Eric and the other kiddos down there…

jk: Yes, I knew the answer to the Carson trivia… Now, answer THIS portion of the question…

What program came on immediately AFTER “Who Do You Trust?”…

Maria: MY favorite Carnac, besides the “sis BOOM bah” answer, was this one…

The answer: “EL PASO”

The question: “What are a Mexican quarterback’s options other than El Runno or El Kicko?”

And a final, somber remembrance of seven years ago today…

What baseball team was in New York City, getting ready to face the Yankees that night? They had just come from a wrap around weekend series in Cleveland…

The answer: You’ll be watching them try to beat the Blue Jays tonight at the Cell…

I will never forget that Tuesday as long as I live… and I don’t think anyone else will, either…

I know this has nothing to do with baseball but, i just wanna say, especially today, God Bless America, and please Bless our Troops. We Will Never Forget.

Hey TQ! When did you sneak in? I hit submit and see you beat me to it! LOL!!

no BA tonight in the lineup.

Hey Jim. Where did you see tonight’s lineup? Dang, I need to put a buzz in Ozzie’s ear about BA. Give the kid a chance already!!!!!

Welcoming Queen Jennifer back from HIS visit???

Boy, oh, boy… I ought to be horse whipped for THAT blunder…

Someone go out and find a horse, will ya?(Groucho Marx, 1930)…

BTW, a “matt abbatacola” is a Hawkism for a broken bat…

Just like “duck snort” is his term for what I call a “parachute” hit… gently wafting down from the sky into no man’s land…

Lisa… You mean you didn’t hear the fanfare when I came in?

No I musta missed the fanfare. But, riddle me this…WHY does he use matt abatacola to describe a broken bat?

Well I wish I wasn’t off at school, or I’d be jumping all over those tickets Maria.

In caps cause I don’t think you heard me the first time I asked. LOL!

Lisa, I believe Matt Abbatacola asked Hawk to coin a phrase for him, and Hawk thought his name would sound good for a broken bat hit. That’s just what I’ve heard tho.

Are you serious scam or is that just a joke? i honestly can’t tell with you.

Haha, I’m serious. I don’t know if it’s 100% accurate, but that’s just what I’ve heard.

Well, I must say, that is the silliest thing i have heard all day. And that is saying something because some of my customers are weird with a capital W. LOL!

Thank you and Amen, Lisa. Our troops deserve all our respect (regardless of your opinion of the wars) and prayers for what they give every day of the year. On behalf of my two military Sons, thank you.

TQ, I’ve got no idea, you’ll have to give me a hint. I’m sure that only you and me will remember it…..

Why are you all so surprised that KC beat the Twins? I ordered that up last night/early this morning…. Just business as usual, and after we win today, we’ll be back up by two… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

sorry Lisa, I WAS BUSY WITH WORK. Sometimes work calls and I have to be distracted for a little while.

I heard the lineup on the radio on ESPN1000. They usually have it around 4pm.

My new slogan–Quit being a DA and start BA!!

Oh. okay. Thanks Jim!

Good one obrn!

Thanks Lisa! OK White Sox friends I’m off to school, cheer me on a winner tonight to make it an even 2 up!!

Great Slogan!

I like BA too Donna, but I’ve got to say that last nights line-up worked very well. I’m behind Ozzie however “strange” his line-up may look to me. Hey, he’s the boss anyway, and knows more than I do about it.. I expect BA will get some more playing time, but not much more than the past because of the time of the year….We will see…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Hello, TQ, don’t worry about the HIS, I didn’t even notice it until you wrote it the 2nd time!

LISA – Who would of thunk it??

BA is a smart*ss! He parties alot, and he B*tches alot!!
Just imagine kenwo in a WS uniform!!

jk: You want a hint?… I’ll give you one, that will confirm what I’m talking about…

“I give it a 78… It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.”

This show was around like all of us… for a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time…

I just read the wikipedia list of Hawkisms…

The term for something unique to a sportscaster is a “signature”

Hawk has more “signatures” than the dadgum Declaration of Independence…

American Bandstand? If that’s it, no wonder I don’t remember it. I had other priorities back then…. Go Sox… j.k.

Ozzie has really lost it, and it will be a miracle if he doesn’t throw away what should be a shoe in for the playoffs…….

He plays Josh Fields in CF over BA? Are you frigging kidding me? Ozzie! YOURE AN IDIOT.

BA comes in and hits the winning RBI…..If I was BA, I’d look Ozzie in the face and say…HOW U LIKE ME NOW YOU A******? Note to WS… BA and let him go to a team that sees the talent.

He continues to play Dwayne Wise when he drops and misplays balls in the field. Maybe he’s Fields brother?

Griffey continues to underperform. What a waste of money….

On the positive side of things…….Watching Owens lay down that squeeze was sweet….Nice job by the kid. We’ve gotten some good outings from our pitchers. Buehrle, Danks, Vazquez… we need Gavin to step up tonight.

We are soooooo lucky PK will be back. Latest rumor is Monday. I was at the game when he went down and like everyone else, I thought he was done. Maybe the Gods are with us…….

American Bandstand!!

I google searched it! I wanted to look smart!

Who the H*ll is fireozzie?????????????

Maybe it’s BA!!

Now, if I was working the games (that’s right, Chumley…keep dreaming…), this would be my list of “signatures”…

After the first half inning… The (team) is coming to bat… at (the Cell, or whatever location it would be…)

With every long HR: “THIS BALL IS FAR, FAR AWAY !!!”

Double plays: RING IT UP !!!

Strikeouts: GOT HIM SWINGING (or LOOKING, as the case may be…)

At least once a game, on a ground out to a Sox infielder…
“HE’SSSSS OUT !!!” (tribute to Bob Elson)


The other way: “That’s the ball game.” (Guess what happened?)

On a return to the game after a commercial break, usually about the 6th inning: “Tom Quaid back with (color commentator, engineer) … and a cast of thousands… (A tribute to Cecil B De Mille and Ringmaster Ned of Bozo’s Circus… You had to be growing up here in Chicago in the ’60’s to understand THAT one…)

Those would be my “signatures”…

TQ – Why are you giving away your secrets?


Um, fireozzie, Guillen has never played Josh Fields in center field.

Tonite’s lineup
Wise – LF
Thome – DH
Ram – 2B
AJ – C
Junes – CF
Swish – 1B
Uribe – 3B

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