Need One Tonight

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Missile, 2B; AJ, C; Griffey, CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.


Give me your thoughts on this …

One of my overly-paid consultants was arguing with me today that we needed to come up with a theme, a slogan, a song, something to create combustion (and that for whatever reason this year’s edition of the Sox was missing that). 

These things tend to happen naturally.  Players come up with something.  Fans, opponents (Winning Ugly) or announcers do.  A song becomes popular (Don’t Stop Believin’), etc.

So what do you think about the 2008 White Sox. 

Does Ozzie’s recent “Paws Up, Ya Gotta Fight” mini tirade provide anything, or do some of you have other/better ideas?

Let me know what you guys think …



Cool, Jen…thanks!
I gotta get back to you on this one Scott. I’m thinkin’. Can you smell the wood burnin’?

You hit it right on the head. Things like “theme songs” happen naturally. In 2005, it was great timing when Don’t Stop Believin’ came about for us but it was something that started off small and escalated on it’s own.

I think it would be highly “inappropriate” to try to force something like that.


How about the Doors…. Light my fire…..
How about Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas ( only change the Vegas to White Sox). How about “Tumba la Casa” (Tearing down the House” by Sancocho…..
How about We are the Champions…. Too early for that one How about Somewhere over the Rainbow by Judy Garland ( for when we hit one over the fences). How about The Monster Mash also when we hit a homer. How about I shut up now by yours truly……. Okay, that’s the one…. Go Sox..j..k.

Hey Kris, what town do you live in?

On another note – did you catch Hawk making the statement (I believe it was Tuesday nite during the 2nd game of the day-niter) about how strongly he feels that this will be an all-Chicago world series? Rather odd timing I thought given how both teams are currently struggling.

I was also glad to see him agree with something I’ve been saying all year too. This by far, has been the worst “umpired” season I’ve seen in a long long time. Not just calls against the Sox, but all over baseball. What ever happened to “accountability”?

Jen: I do not know who saw that Fields was in the starting lineup tonight… but whomever it was was capital W…


This, I believe, is the same lineup that Ozzie put out there last night…

It worked then, maybe it will work tonight…

As to the trivia… Yes, boys and girls, it was American Bandstand that came on right after “Who Do You Trust?”

NOW… (I’m gonna get you on THIS one…)

What show came on in the MIDDLE of Bandstand’s time slot? This program was a buffer between Dick Clark’s Clearasill commercials back in the day…

I DARE anyone to “google” THAT one… if you can…

TQ – That wasn’t me who said Fields was in Center – it was someone ‘fireozzie’ whoever that was!

I have a good theme song – it’s a 3rd WS video I have been working on (I should have it done tomorrow) I will wait until I am finished to tell you the song!

tomq – was it a game show? i’m old enough to remember a lot of things and I do remember that “buffer” time and the only thing I can think of off hand was a show called “almost anything goes”.

Buddy Deane Show??

Nah – that’s not it – dang it – at that time it was on ABC I think — and we’d always watch Bandstand and then Wide World of Sports – but that was a long show back then (along with bowling – LOL)

Slogans and songs come naturally they don’t get forced. If it gets forced it gets old very quick. Your consultant is a jagbag…. I could do a better job. What they should have is Nancy (or i suppose a recording) of her playing na na na na after EVERY homer like the old days. Also it should be played when the pitcher gets the hook (sometimes they still do that)….

By the way everyone said on the last thread *i dont like to predict a month in advance* or *you can’t predict a month in advance*

I have predicted every series correctly so far. I had us beating the angels 2/3 losing to the tribe 2/3 and i picked us to lose 3/4 to the bluejays. Hopefully I am finally wrong. I will tell you though- I picked a bunch more wins for the twins than they have been able to muster up. Hopefully their slide continues.

The Mickey Mouse Club?

Hi Scam – Cleveland – about 30 miles North of Houston up hwy 59

I think ‘fireoz’ is Kenwo – he mentioned he was at the game the other night and Kenwo was

Alright, here I am, rooting on our Boys. Top of second and no score.. Good job by Gavin getting out of trouble in the first… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Are we in blue hats to remember 9-1-1?

Yep, Hawk just said it!

OK, No score into the third…. Go Gavin, Go Sox… j.k.

go go go!!!!

Do you all agree with me for Swish NOT to use his crossover move at first? Hawk seems to like it but moving away from the ball means you don’t catch it as quickly as you could….. Go Sox… j.k.

Kris just talked to a girlfriend on the west side of Houston. The kids are excited for a day off of school. They plan to tie everything down tomorrow. My son is up in Ft. Worth. He expects wind and rain. Be safe. Good luck riding out the storm.
Now to the important stuff. Gavin is hanging in there tonight. So far so good. Now let’s get some runs.

yea, you’re right Klein . . . that was a shoddy call earlier btw

JK: Was it “Soul Train”? And yes, I agree with you taht Swisha needs to change his mechanics at first.

Yeah, Be safe, Kris… Go Gavin, Go Sox… j.k.

Do You Trust Your Wife???

As Hawk says 1, 2, 3 inning. Let’s put a few hits together and score some runs.

Good inning Gavin….. It’s almost time for us to get a run…. Maybe…… Oh what the heck, let’s get one…. Go Good Guys…. j.k.

Yes I trust my wife…. Oh, that was your answer to TQ’s question earlier…… Go Sox… j.k.

:o) Yes, it was. C’mon guys. Let’s make something happen here.

mwassn – hubby has the generator all ready to go, we had off school today and tomorrow, we’re right off a main vein for evacuation, just found out our county has a mandated evac but we’re staying, good solid brick house, we’re boarding the windows tomorrow. Neighbors are staying too . . worse case scenario will be spin off tornados, ie tree falls on house, etc. no electricity is almost a certainty, just for how long we don’t know . . yippee friggin skippee… gotta luv cold showers! 🙂 We won’t have problems with flooding up here. Thanks for all concerned!

Off the storm stress. .. . we need to put some runs on the board… a lot of em too! GO SOX!

Once again we get the runner on 1st and can’t advance him. Frustrating. Hold em Gavin until the bats come alive.

Keep chunkin Gavin…. Go Sox… j.k

Good D Alexei and Gavin…. Now is the inning for runs…. Go Boys, Go…. j.k.

Come on man, I need a win . . must start with a run or two or 10.. whatever… let’s go!

that’s MY boy!!! URIBE!!!!

Keep on holding them Big “G”…. Go Sox… j.k.

what’s with the first base ump tonight?

I didn’t realize that MLB was hiring blind umpires. Go figure.

this umps blows – I’m no expert but damn, that was piss poor!

too bad we’ve had to get 4 outs in more than one inning! discusting!

Who’s payroll is that umpire on???????? Good job Big “G” getting out of trouble not of your making…… This the inning????Go Sox..j.k.

this umpire is a ******* moron. He is randy wolf , the pitcher on the astros, brother. He is obviously drunk. Maybe on coke. He should be stripped from his duties.

Kris- when have i hidden my identity while expressing more controversial topics than that. I don’t need a clark kent…this superman never hides.

What do you mean MLB WAS hiring blind umps. I commented on that earlier. All season long – not just in White Sox games – this has to be the worst display I’ve seen in 20 years. Again I ask – where is the accountability?

Biggest issue with me is balls and strikes. Too many umpires are going by “catchers mitt” position when the ball is caught rather than where the ball is when it crosses the plate (as the rule says it is supposed to be).

And there is no relief in site – the “older” umpires for the most part seem to be OK – the younger ones – don’t have a clue. No ump is going to get every pitch right – not when you call 300 or more in a game – I get that. But when they miss 50-60 of those 100 – FLAT OUT – MLB needs to do something.

What’s worse – even the base umpires who used to boast a 99 1/2 accuracy percentage – that’s even dropped considerably. But hey, instant replay on perimeter calls (just for th record – I am AGAINST instant replay in any way, shape or form in MLB) will solve it all. What a joke.

50-60 of 300 I meant to say in that last post – not 100

Kenwo – very true, very true, you definitely don’t need nor want to hide!!! Then I have no idea who that would be. Couple of new names tonight.

Do the umps get fined or at least in ‘trouble’ when in fact they do look at replays and such and they have actually made the mistake?

Hawk probably comments once a game on the the plate ump calling balls and strikes based on where the ball is caught not where it crosses the plate.
Great job holding the Jays scoreless.

Way to go Big G and nicely done Juan….. This inning?????? Yeah, let’s get a run,,, what the heck…. Go Sox….

I think this is called a pitchers duel…….. Keep holding them Gavin………

Nice game by Gavin….. Get these guys out Matt…… Go Sox… j.k.

doin things here, walked away, who’d oz put it… damn it, now we’re losing 3-0

3-0 isn’t the end of this game, but we need to start thinking up the middle/other way… kinda like the Jays….. Go Sox… j.k.

So much for the pitchers duel I just spoke of……… Sigh….j.k.

6-0…great job again by ozzie bringing in another AAA pitcher. They should have never expanded the rosters because it gives Ozzie much more of a chance to **** UP. Marcum has pitched well though. I don’t want to hear how he is a nobody as he led the league in ERA through much of the first half then got injured. I like how Hawk and DJ are getting on Ozzie about the lefty/lefty righty/righty match up. Ozzie follows that way way too strictly.

This game is just adding to my already stressed stress headache!!!! We’ve got a lot of work to do, they better get on it quick!

I wonder what might have happened if that umpire had make those calls? Two more outs for Gavin. Who knows, it might still be zero-zero…..The Iniquity of it all. It’s hard enough to overcome injuries, but when the umpires are against you too??? Let it go Klein…. Play ball. j.k.

Guess we can wonder about that until the end of time!! HOT DAMN!!! I’m lovin our goateed Thome tonight!!!!! Back in it boys and girls!!!

jackets and sweatshirts on . . oh my I’m jealous!

Thome needs a napkin, he forgot to wipe the ice cream off his face:)

BTW – Nice HR!!

Good to see you still with me Kris… Go Sox, Go…. j.k.

That’s why you don’t bring in a minor league pitcher in a close game.

And you too Jen….. The three muskateers!! Go Sox…. j.k.

God dammit if Guillen brings in Dotel or Linebrink we would probably have the lead now….Now we are chasing the 2 runs Ozzie gave them….. I am doubtful we will come back with AJ Swish and Griffey coming up here…. combined 0-8. I suppose they are due. First we have to hold them at 6 though and we have had a lot of trouble doing things like that lately

Jesus christ…Horacio ramirez? Well we will probably need 3 or 4 in the 9th

It’s not over yet…. The Boys are not quitting, neither should we… Go Sox…. j.k.

Surprised Blue didn’t call him safe! Jackass!!

still here Klein – tomorrow I probably won’t be (she sheds a tear) . . .

that didn’t take long for him to depart did it?

Stay safe tomorrow Kris. And give us an update as soon as you can.

Atleast the Twins lost! I know we have not lost yet, but if we do, atleast the Twins lost and we are still in first place.

Holy Sh*t! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have Maria’s cell number now so I’ll either call or text her when I can. . . I have no idea about how cell towers deal with this kind of weather so we’ll just have to see what happens I suppose.

every freakin game has to be stress filled . . . . why oh why oh why? Boone Logan – I’m leaving – – – well, I’m just gonna walk away briefly

Are you freakin kidding me, Boone! Come on Ozzie!

How many runs will Logan give up….1?2?3?4?5?100?500?18,000?

Ozzie must of threatened him!!

it took 3 crappy relievers but they held them somehow….lets get some ******* runs for crying out loud

whoa – he did it – I’m pleasantly surprised, hopefully this will pump up the guys to make this a winner… 3 runs, that’s not so much.

Kenwo – I like the 18,000!

Kris: I’m finding myself checking out between innings. Please stay safe! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

This game is another nail biter. Good (and surprising?) job by Boone in getting it done. Time for a rally! Go Sox!!!

anything is possible with the booner

My poor kids – I won’t let them go to bed until the games over – is that child abuse?

bruises on the butt . . . whatever it takes….

Ok gang, just got back from school hoping to catch the rally!! Looks like I didn’t miss much till the 8th!


Jen, me too! My daughter couldn’t sleep so she came downstairs, and then the Sox put 4 on the board. I told her she couldn’t leave until they got the win. She’s a good luck charm, so I’m doing it for the team’s sake. :o)

those first two strikes to griffey were balls. they weren’t strikes for thornton thats for sure. The umps used the vasoline on us tonight thats for sure

If Swish stands there and strikes out, I’m gonna throw up!

i’m sick of this ****** swisher. he is pretty bad. i have given him the benefit of the doubt for basically the whole season. but he has really sucked.. I think Juanny will tie this game.

well he didn’t tie it but he didnt make an out either…..come on orlando

Still alive….everyone keep your kids where they are!

Hey all… keep it clean. Abby is reading every word tonight!

lord in heaven

Wish I could see Ozzie’s post game rant on this one . . . you guys need to fill me in

chalk that loss up to Ozzie , Kenny and the crap *** bullpen. Peggy was right with this swisher…..he’s a joke. he can have all the energy he wants but he hits like **** so get off of my team.

blue jays took 3/4 just like i predicted. close the book on that. luckily the twins have done way worse. I have us sweeping the tigers. I think that is very doable. hopefully the first series i am wrong on is the new york one.

Well, I still think my kids are good luck charms. Maybe not for the Sox, but definitely for me.

Would have been great to get the win and put a little more distance between the Twins, but what are you gonna do? Get a good night’s sleep, everyone. Especially you, Kris. I think you’re going to need to stock up on energy.

All the best.


Not quite….. Ozzie didn’t lose this game kenwo. we were hosed by the umpires…. I know you’re supposed to pitch over the bad calls, but there were SO MANY. It just caught up to us.

I have us winning two of three against Det. I hope you are right…. Go Sox… j.k.

haha sorry maria..but i didn’t say anything she wouldn’t hear from ozzie….. tell her to put on sunglasses when reading my post like how vince vaughn told his kid earmuffs when he was about to rant

Klein i understand the bad calls….but when you call out Wasserman, Horacio Ramirez, DJ Carrasco and Boone Logan you are bound to lose. To me the calls that really hurt us were the phantom strikes on Griffey. That was terrible.

I think the biggest challenge this weekend will be tomorrow’s game. We usually blast Verlander but Danks has had one good start in his past 5. I think Saturday we will be ok with Javy. The Broadway vs. Miner game will probably have more scoring than the bears vs. panthers but i think we will come out on top. In my opinion this will be a fun weekend (and hopefully not the last fun one) at the Cell

Well at least the Twins lost, thank God for small favors.

Offense decides to take the night off again until it’s to late.

Unless something totally unexpected happens the three in the House of Horrors is going to decide this.


Mark Liptak

And Scott is right. You can’t force something like that down Sox fans throats, they aren’t like the lemmings up North.

If you win you’ll get all the enthusiasm you need. Winning is the best theme song of all.

Mark Liptak

The Sox just can’t seem to beg, borrow or squeeze any momentum right now.

The injuries aren’t helping sure but neither is the offense thinking it’s May 1st, the pitching blowing up at the wrong times or Ozzie deciding that because his roster is about 30 guys, he has to use them all, including the Triple A players.

I recently read something that expressed it perfectly…”children shouldn’t play in September when September means something.”

Maybe they can break out against Detroit, a sub .500 team going nowhere…they absolutely have to…the Tigers are one of the few bad teams left on the schedule for them.

Mark Liptak

Well that was pretty much what I expected tonight. Marcum dominated us back in early May, and he did it again tonight. Lefties with halfway decent change ups just flat out dominate this team. And credit to Marcum too, he has had a fine year.

I never have understood and have quit trying to figure out Ozzie’s use of the bullpen. He just does not get it.

1-7 against Toronto this year. Let’s put this awful series behind us and take care of business against Detroit.

No theme song this year. Trying to force something is just dumb. The way they came up “Don’t stop believin” in 2005 is the way it is supposed to happen. Sounds like your consultant is just looking for some billable hours!

Best wishes to our Texas contingent that is awaiting the hurricane tomorrow. Be safe!

HI guys, that was me from day before yesterday asking why Fields was in CF. I’m telling you – it was in Scott’s original line up = he must have went back and corrected it. After I typed that, I went and double checked as I was sure I was seeing things and it was there. And, I would never say fire ozzie!


It’s time for me to make the rounds ( at the golf course), I may be gone all day, what with bowling later, so hold the fort down for me and I’ll catch up later…… Go Sox….. j.k.

I hope this weekend we actually get these games in. The weather dude this morning said this weekend it will be either raining, about to rain, or just rained. It has already started this morning and I don’t think it is supposed to stop until some time around Monday. Bleh.

Hey Kris, time to hunker down in TX. I hope you and your family are safe and kick some Ike butt! We’ll try and take care of the kitties for you this weekend.


Kris – Stay Safe!! We will be praying for you!!

Just wondering – with all the starting pitchers that will be free agents at the end of the season (who are on a non contending team) WHY can’t we make some deals with them?? I don’t really know how it works, but it could be possible, right?

If we do make the playoffs, don’t we need another 1 or 2 starting pitchers – we don’t know if Danks will be any good and with Jose injured – what will we do, go to a 3-man rotation??

What are the options, what will Ozzie do, or can do?

I don’t understand why we don’t try to get another starting pitcher NOW! OR, is that even posible? Someone help me out there, I don’t know how it works and I don’t understand why we would not add some more arms??????????



Golf all day??? Then bowling??? Then watch the Sox??? And all this while living in Tucson????

How can we all get a life like yours??????

I think we are past the trading/deal making deadline. SOmeone correct me if I am wrong…but it is too late for that. Also, we only need a 4 man rotation when we go to the playoffs. That is generally what all the teams do, go with their best 4.


We can buy out someone’s contract or get them through waivers?

If Danks is tired, then who will we use?

Do you think we need more bullpen help, also??


We have twelve guys in our bullpen. If they can’t do it, then we are screwed. Danks will be ok. I think deadline has passed on all trades including those on the waiver wire.


You can continue to pick up players actually through the last day of the season. In the past few years I recall a team getting a left handed relief guy SPECIFICALLY because of whom they were playing in the next to last series of the year. HOWEVER anyone who is acquired after September 1st MAY NOT play in the post season.

So even if the Sox were to say get a pitcher from the Rockies they wouldn’t be of any use in the playoffs.

Should the Sox make the post season they’ll go to a three man rotation (best of five) in the first round and a four man one in the ALCS. That’s SOP for teams today.

You have a valid question in your post but it should be applied to this off season. Contreras is done… if he’s back it would be after the All-Star Break at best. The Sox are going to need a reliable starting pitcher. Will they pay the price for it? Remember they were stunned by what they found in December 2006 when pitchers like Gil Meche got fifty million dollar deals.


On another note, this really hits home and shows you the 2008 season has very little time left. (The White Sox offense
might want to understand this…)

All season long on the main page at White they have the “next home stand” section where you see the logo’s of the teams coming in for the next three series. Today they only have two logo’s. That’s all they have left at home.


“Heavy” Stat:

So this is why they can’t run…

According to this weeks Sports Illustrated, (Brett Farve on cover, pg. 32) the White Sox are the heaviest team in MLB averaging 226.6 pounds per player.

Texas is second at 217, Arizona 3rd at 215.8

The lightest team in baseball?

The A’s at 200.2

If the reports are to be believed that “stat” is about to change big-time this off season as the front office is apparently determined to finally get themselves a running game. Let’s hope so.

Mark Liptak

The trading deadline is July 31 and then they have to clear waivers. That deadline is end of August I believe. The rosters expand on 9/1. Then, whatever you have on that date is it for the rest of the season and the postseason. So, Jen, what you see is what you get.

I think they do that so those teams out of it, won’t just dump their big buck guys and then that wouldn’t be fair for the small market teams that may not be able to afford those guys and the big market teams that have all the big bucks couldn’t just buy them the last few weeks of the season. That’s my theory behind it. Not sure if that is correct or not.


Thanks for the info, I had no idea if they required after Sept. 1 they wouldn’t be eligible for playoffs.

That is very interesting, they mean weight, right? They are really that heavy? I thought Hall was the heaviest? No one else really seems that heavy! Ozzie better get them all on a diet!

What do you think are chances are on getting to the playoffs and how far do you think we go, assuming we get to playoffs??

I don’t know, but I am about 70/30 getting in the playoffs, 70 being we will not.

The pitching really scares me.


God, I DO NOT want to be the one that said, I told you so with Ozzie, but after watching this, what’s a guy to do/think?

Jen, you can’t blame the umps for the uninspired baseball we saw tonight.

The boys just aren’t getting it. This pitcher was 8-6 coming in and I DON”T CARE what he did against us in Toronto earlier. If this team cannot get fired up when they know in advance the Twins lost, then we have lost……Watching us play thru the first seven innings was an embarrassment…no other way to describe it.

And our fearless leader, Ozzie doesn’t get it either…….why wasn’t anybody warming up going into the 8th inning? Don’t tell me about pitch count, why wasn’t anyone warming up going into the 8th inning? This is a DAMN pennant race!! Ozzie and Cooper have to hope for the best and plan for the worst……

Here’s the quote from Ozzie, that sums up my gripes against him…..from the daily herald today…….Ozzie talking about Griffey…”I don’t expect him to hit balls out…..I expect him to get RBI. He’s Junior. He has a few RBI (11 in 28 games) for us….Hitting balls out, that’s not an easy thing to do……hitting with men on base, that’s easier…..that’s what i expect from him….Somebody tell me Ozzie’s not serious!?! Griffey is one of the top home run hitters of all time, ahead of Thome and Ozzie doesnt expect him to hit home runs in a ballpark made for just that………I have to laugh, cause it hurts too much to cry…….

Many of us have said that this season will come down to the series in Minnesota……and I want this team to make it as much as the rest of us, but after the past two weeks, I have to disagree……we will be out of this race by next weekend. Swisher can’t hit, Griffey can’t hit…..3 tough games with detroit and then 4 in NY…..not good.

Keep in mind that with ESPN Sunday Night Baseball now having the game with Detroit, plus the possibility of rain, the Sox will be getting into NYC about 5 in the morning for a game that night…not very condusive for a “White Sox Winner.”



Ultimately to me, what decides ‘in or out’ are the three games in the House of Horrors. Everyone knows how the Sox perform there so I ‘d have to say I’d probably agree with your percentages.

They simply can’t generate any momentum and the odds of them even pulling off a modest win streak (three or four games, which would be very big right now) seem small.

Mark Liptak

The good news is that if we were Twins fans, we’d be saying much of the same thing right now, except we’d be a game behind instead of a game ahead. We would have just had Liriano on the hill at home against the Royals and would have lost in extra innings. We would have just had a 3-3 home stand against Detroit and KC, two teams that we should easily have gone 4-2 against and more likely 5-1, considering the home field advantage of the Metrodome.

The bad news is that both teams stink right now. I don’t know about you guys, but 2000 doesn’t exactly stand out in my memory as a great baseball year just because we won our division. We were promptly swept by the Mariners, and it was pretty much the same feeling that I would have had if the Sox didn’t make the playoffs at all. To me, there’s very little solace in reaching the playoffs just to be knocked out of the first round.

With the way we are playing right now, even if we do make the playoffs, it would be extremely difficult to win in the first round.

Obviously, anything can happen in the playoffs (Cardinals of ’06), but most likely, the best/hottest team is going to win, and I can’t see how we will be either of those two going into it, assuming we make it.

We definitely won’t be the best, but it’s possible we’ll be the hottest. But for that to happen, we need to put together an extended winning streak, play solid baseball with timely hits, stellar defense, and good pitching all around, not just from the starters. I haven’t seen any of those three on display for a consistent stretch in a long time.

I do think we’ll make the playoffs because the Twins are playing just as poorly if not worse than us. That’s not really what worries me. What worries me is will we be able to make any noise once we get there.


To me even if the Sox were to get swept in the first round not scoring a single run it would be worth it.

For two reasons. One, this team was at best expected to finish 3rd, to go from 72 wins to let’s say 88, is impressive.

Two, the Cubs are about to make their 3rd playoff appearance in the past six years. The White Sox need post season appearances to remain relevant in the city, the area, nationally and in the media. There are only so many fans, only so much money to spend on entertainment. The Sox need to make sure they get a share. Making the playoffs MULTIPLE times, not just once every eight or nine years helps to ensure this.

Mark Liptak

Wow, these posts are about as dreary as it is outside today! But, for once, I must agree with all. It does not look good for our playoff chances if we continue to drop games like we have this past week. Now is the time to, as Hawk says “cinch ’em up and hunker down!” If we can’t do that starting today, we are in trouble.
Kris, you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I’ve been watching all day and can’t imagine having to worry about all that goes into prepping for safety from a hurricane.
Maria, if Kris gets disconnected from us, please let us know how she is faring.
As for tonight, as always, I will park my Pollyanna butt in front of the boob tube and root, root, root for our White Sox!!! Let’s go boys!!!!


The White Sox could make the playoffs for nine straight seasons and win 2 or 3 World Series while the Cubs make it just once or twice and nothing would change. The Cubs will STILL be the more popular team in Chicago, in the eyes of the nation and in the eyes of the media. It will not significantly change.

And guess what? Despite the Cub paranoia that lives out there, it doesn’t matter.

I hate the Cubs and I don’t want to see them make the postseason but I couldn’t care any less that they get all the attention and have more so-called fans.

What they do has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what happens between the white lines at the Cell. I know that the marketing people and the broadcasting people care about what the Cubs do and they should because it affects their day-to-day jobs. But as far as Kenny, the baseball operations staff and the field staff are concerned, what the Cubs do — how many postseason appearances they make — how many tickets they sell — etc., etc. — is meaningless. What the Twins, Tigers, Royals and Indians do is far more important.

And I know you will reply with the comment that the ticket revenue will give the Sox the money to compete for free agents. Well, the simple answer is this. Regardless of what the Cubs do, the Sox will generate enough ticket revenue to have the money to spend for the players they WANT to spend it on.

As a fan that doesn’t make my living based on Sox ticket revenue, all I really have time to concern myself with is how they do on the field. I’ll let the others worry about all that Cub Paranoia that seems to exist and paralyze Sox fans.

And as I have said before on this board, my sentiments are much like RML604. Now I know that to win a World Series you have to make the playoffs first. So, yes, I definitely want to make the playoffs. But getting in the playoffs and getting swept in the first round (like in 2000) is just as disappointing, if not more disappointing, then not getting there to begin with.

Regardless of what happens in the last 16 games, this has been a very entertaining year and a good one for the entire Sox organization. And what the Cubs do or fail to do will have no impact on how I view the 2008 Sox season.

The only reason I care what the Cubs do is because if they win the World Series, I have to get a Cubs tattoo the size of my fist anywhere I want on my body. But if the Sox win, my roommate has to get a a similar tattoo of the Sox logo.

I’m hoping I didn’t pick the wrong year to make this bet!!

As for making the playoffs, getting swept, but still being happy because we were expected to be so bad, would you be happy with almost making the playoffs? Wouldn’t a competitive season that comes down to the end still be more than you expected when the season began?

You’re right, they’re doing much better than most expected. But my expectations aren’t the same as they were when the season started, so I won’t be happy knowing that they were better than expected.

My pecking order on if you have a “good” season is as follows:

1. Have a “winning” season

2. Win the division or short of that make the playoffs as a wild card.

3. Win at least one series in the playoffs.

4. Win the whole thing.


Notice the bare minimum is to have a winning season so you’re damn right that making the playoffs, even if you get swept in the first round, is a sight better then not making the playoffs at all.

It looks a hell of a lot better on the Sox resume to at least say “we got there…”

The Sox have made tremendous progress this season but the name of the game is to play in October and if after having led the division for over 130 days, they blow it at the end, yes, I’ll be disappointed.


T.C.: If the Sox were to make the playoffs four times in five years or eight times in ten you damn well better believe the “casual” fan, the “bandwagon jumpers” would be spending their time at U.S. Cellular Field. Notice the attendance jump after just one post season / playoff winning appearance in 2005.

That’s the nature of fans. Especially with the Cubs getting new ownership and being saddled with what could turn out to be some bad contracts.

The Sox need to be cognizant of what happens with the Cubs, whether they like it or not. They are facing them for the entertainment dollar in a finite marketplace.

The Tribune Company and their overpowering marketing division won’t be owning them much longer.

I don’t want to play second fiddle in Chicago to them in ANYTHING. The Sox indifference to them starting with SportsVision in 1982, is precisely why they are where they are at today.

Only in Chicago I guess could fans be content with being second class citizens. I could never see that happening in New York or especially now with Arte Moreno in L.A.

Oh well, to each his own.

Mark Liptak

Also this week in the print edition of The Sporting News starting on page 48 is a long conversation with Ozzie Guillen. It includes an interesting comment from a certain unemployed writer formerly of the Sun-Times.

Mark Liptak

FYI, MLB has done the coin flips and Minnesota will be playing in Chicago if there is a tie breaker!!

And despite all the great things that Arte Moreno has done with the Angels franchise and the winning that the Angels have done (including the 2002 WS title), the Dodgers — the franchise without a postseason series win since 1988 — are still the kings of LA. And they always will be.

I agreed that the Sox are fighting the Cubs for the entertainment dollar. And yes, I hate being second fiddle to them or anybody else in anything. But I refuse to be paranoid and complain about the media favoring the Cubs or the fact that the Cubs get all the attention.

Yes, the Sox got a lot of bandwagon fans after 2005 but the Cubs didn’t suffer from any lack of attention.

I’m not going to argue this point any longer. There are way more important things to worry about then the damn Cubs and whether or not they are going to win.

Final point. Has the so-called media bias helped the Cubs win any games in the last decade, quarter-century or century?

Still here, nothing happening yet, hoping the storm comes after the ball game…. all ready to roll.. I hope!

GO SOX!!!!!

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