Rainy Friday Night

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye,  RF; Thome, DH; Missile, 2B; AJ, C; Griffey, CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.

Rain, rain go away.


Trivia first…

Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point is… CORRECT!!!!

The Mickey Mouse Club was the bridge between the first half hour of Bandstand and the last half hour of Philadelphia’s gift to curbing juvenile deliquency…That was back at the time when network TV usually didn’t BEGIN until
about 2 PM or thereabouts… “Who Do You Trust?” came on at 3:30, Bandstand at 4, the Mouse at 4:30, and Bandstand resumed at 5…


But that reference is going back to the days or radio… You kids know what radio is, don’t you?… TV without the pictures… something that made you use your imagination to figure out what was going on, instead of having it plopped in your laps…

Gawd, I am sounding like such an old f**t… maybe it’s because # 56 is coming up next Wednesday…(hint, hint…)

MariA… You mentioned a title in one of your posts guessing about this called “Do You Trust Your Wife?”… Well, that was the predecessor to “Who Do You Trust?”… The ventriloquist Edgar Bergen was the host… with his figures (can’t call them dummies anymore… not PC…)Charlie Mc Carthy and Mortimer Snerd…

(Useless information… I tell ya, this jerk is FULL of it… Yeh, he’s full of SOMETHING, all right…)

Now, back to baseball… There may not be a game tonight,because the tarp has not been able to be taken off the field as of an hour or so ago, from what I saw on TV…So, there may be yet ANOTHER day/night DH on Sunday…Something that Ozzie likes about as much as a case of measles…

But there is nothing that can be done… when the forces of nature take hold… (Kris… if you’re reading this later on… hope that all is much better with you and yours down DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS, kiddo…)

As to the gripes about the popularity btween North Side and South Side… This argument has been going on since I was a small child… and it continues now that I am a middle aged man (#56 next Wednesday, remember?… hint, hint…)

Whichever team is doing consistently better will have those who jump back and forth going to see them…

As much as I strongly dislike the North Side followers… and anyone who has read this site for three plus years knows that for sure… I have to give them one thing… they have the greatest marketing tool ever designed in the history of American sports in that “shrine” at Clark and Addison…

You could put nine penguins out on that field doing “the nasty”… and open the gates, and they would draw 36 to 40 thousand in the stands… and a 20 rating and a 38 share on WGN…

While the White Sox have struggled, scuffled and done everythig possible to continue to compete with them… In the 1960’s, when the Sox were constantly in the chase and the Cubs stunk on ice… the only problem, supposedly, about old Comiskey Park was the neighborhood it was located in… which was then, is now, and ever will be, a crock of crap…Wrigley Field, up until 1984, was in JUST as bad(supposedly) of an area as the old Comiskey… street gangs roamed freely, the L stop was unsafe… sound familiar?

And the only places to go after the game for an adult beverage were Ray’s Bleachers and the Cubby Bear… The Wrigley family used to CLOSE the upper deck during games during the week…

Then came ’84, and Harry Caray, and success… and voila… It became the trendy spot to live work and play that is is today…

Thus it was… and thus it ever shall be…

So I thank the Good Lord for giving me the ability to choose where I show my allegiance… I was a Sox fan at age 7, right before the ’59 World Series… I went with my late father starting the year after… I was with this team when they were 56 and 106 in 1970(shudder…). I was with them when they were “Winning Ugly”… and we all know where I have been the rest of the time… and I will be a Sox fan when I am six feet under as well…

So let the bandwagon jumpers do what they want…

As Clark gable said in “Gone With The Wind”…


I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to look very hard to find the answer, I even called my Mom to ask her, but she didn’t know (she’s 51), she might have been too young for that, I was going to call my Grandpa (he knows everything) but, I didn’t want to bother him.

The big mans B-day is next week………

It doesn’t look like too many games will be played this weekend (Thanks, IKE)

I have done some stupid things in my past, but betting your roomate over a Cubs tattoo – WERE YOU DRUNK???????????

Oh yeah, GO WHITE SOX!!!


Hopefully a rain delay/postponement will reset the Sox Mojo

All’s well here still, wind has definitely picked up . . . but nothing besides that… sorry to find out the game was postponed, 6 other games were too! Crazy weather!!!

Sending good thoughts your way Kris. How about this weather…seems half the teams are rained out!! Are they seriously going to try for two tomorrow? One can hope but it isn’t looking good from what I’m seeing on the weather forecast! Stay dry everyone!!

Well, I had a wonderful day in the sun today. 36 holes of golf and then on to bowling tonight. I got back home about 9:15 and was ready to watch the archived game of todays Sox win, but there was no game. I guess I picked a good day to be gone all day long….. Hoping that this extra day off helps the Boys for the final push.

TC, all you gotta do is move to the southwest ( not Texas, sorry Kris) and the weather is great almost every day. It did rain here last night around 10pm (just like Camelot).

How many days have we either been rained out or had to play in the rain/sleet/snow this year? I know there have been a lot of them….. See you all tomorrow… Go Sox… j.k.


I know you think you are getting old, but at 56 you could not have been listening to anything but baseball, news and rock and roll on the radio when you were a kid. I’m not that far behind you my friend, and many of those shows that you have made reference to were favorites of my parents who were both born in the early ’20s and used to listen to Bert Wilson and Hal Totten call Cubs games and the occasional Sox game on the radio in those early years.

And Jen, you really know how to make a guy (make that two with TQ, no three with JK, no four with Liptak) feel old when you tell us that your MOTHER is only 51 years old.

And TQ, thanks for your take on the North Side fans vs. the South Side fans. I know that everyone is probably sick and tired of my continual rants with Liptak, but that Cub paranoia that exists with so many Sox fans just drives me up a wall.

If a media bias helps someone, than tell me why the Democrats have only won three of the last 10 presidential elections. And not even the Cubs have as many fans in the media as the Dems.

Now I’m not trying to start a political argument here. I’m just pointing out that the Cubs can have all these “wonderful” advantages they want. They still haven’t won diddly squat in 63 years and haven’t taken the big step this year yet either.

The rain has stopped for at least an hour out hear in the south suburbs….could it be we might get some baseball in???

Has anyone heard from Kris??

Sorry tc, tq, jk and Lip for making you feel old! If you guys have half the energy and youthness (is that even a word?) of my Mom – you’re in good shape! I know Klein is!! What a life you have!

Did Noah and the Ark get to Illinois, yet?

I wish I was back in Disney!


What do you all figure the chances are that they’ll get the first game in? I have tix, but dont know if i should shend the time getting there and then possibly finding out its called…

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