Rain and More Rain

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game 1 Lineup

OC, SS; BA, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Ram, 2B; AJ, C; Griff, CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.


Rain, rain, go away, cause that worked so well yesterday.

I’m done trying to forecast …

Ticket from Last Night

Can be exchanged for any future White Sox game, this year or in the future, for a ticket of equal or lesser value …exchanges need to be made at the USCF Box Office.


Maybe you saw the press release, but Steve Stone has agreed to move over to the television booth and join Hawk for White Sox telecasts in 2009.  His new deal is through 2014 with a club option for 2015.

Also, Darrin Jackson has been offered the radio analyst position for next year and the club is waiting to hear back from DJ on if he wants the position.  DJ’s contract was up after this season, and the club declined to exercise his TV option for 2009.

Clubhouse Humor

I stood looking at a box of Krispy Kreme donuts this morning.

Nick Capra, who is with us in September as an extra coach and BP pitcher walked up.

“I’m trying to decide,” I told him.  “I worked out this morning, so I can treat myself.”

“Oh, so you’re playing for a tie,” he replied.




This and That:

1. Great move sliding Steve over to TV. I hope DJ decides to stay on as he has gotten better over the years and is a part of the White Sox family, but if he doesn’t, fear not. There is another Chicago native, a dedicated Sox fan is the final year of his deal in Tampa that would be a perfect replacement. (And I understand that option is being given serious consideration…)

2. I just finished reading the extensive interview with Ozzie Guillen in this week’s print edition of The Sporting News.

Amazing, uncensored, unbelievable. Pure unadulterated Ozzie. I question the man’s moves at times (like any good fan should) but I’ll never question his love of the game, his love of Chicago and especially his love of the White Sox as a franchise.

He talks about everything and anything, from the best players in the city, to the best manager, to Cub fans in general, to MLB as an organization, to having to be ‘politically correct.’

First rate interview.

3. In case you are wondering about ‘rain outs’ and who decides. The White Sox have the call until the first pitch is throw, after the first pitch is delivered the game is in the hands of the umpires. WITH ONE EXCEPTION. When it is the final time into town by a team, the decision is completely in the hands of the umpiring crew, the Sox organization has nothing to say in the matter.

Mark Liptak

Lip is exactly right… which is why it was so amusing to see Ozzie and Humperdinck (aka Jim Leyland) jump all over poor Roger Bossard last night… Roger looked like Stan Laurel trying to explain something to Oliver Hardy last night… He must have told Ozzie “Don’t take it up with me… talk to the crew chief.”

As to your first point, Mark… Do you SERIOUSLY think that Dave Wills is going to depart Tampa after three seasons as top dog to come back here and play straight man for Farmio?… I sincerly doubt it… I think that DJ had better consider saying “YEEEEESSSSS!!!” to the offer… otherwise the pickens are going to be slim(get it, Slim Pickens?… Blazing Saddles, Dr Strangelove?… I don’t know… sometimes I feel I’m too smart for the room…)

tc… Thanks to old time radio programs that have bben played on the radio for the past nearly forty years, and extensive reading… I am a compendium (read junk collector) of old time radio trivia…

Baseball… You freeze in April and May, then roast in June, July and August… then drown in September… the refreeze in October…

Let’s TRY to play two today/tonight…

Seems like a slap in the face to DJ

For those wondering about Kris’ wellbeing: She texted me this morning indicating that they’d lost power at 2 am. They have sustained a bit of damage to their property (fence, shingles, trees), and were still being hit with wind and rain. Not sure when we’ll hear from her next, but I’m sure she knows we’re all thinking good thoughts for her.

Thanks for the update Maria. Please send all our well wishes to her. At least THEY are safe so far.

As for the DJ thing. I couldn’t imagine that Stone would stay on the radio side for long. I think that writing was on the wall when he came aboard. DJ and Farmio might be entertaining together.

Even here south it is raining again. I don’t like our chances of even getting one in!

And folks wonder why DJ has been much more critical of the team lately? He knew he wasn’t coming back (at least on TV) so he didn’t hold back any feelings.

This move does not appear to be a slap at DJ. It is simply a move to put one of baseball’s best analysts in a position where he can be heard and seen by more White Sox fans. It has been one of the world’s worst-kept secrets.

I know Wills is from Chicago but Quaid has a legitimate point. Farmer is under contract to be the lead announcer. Wills is currently working for one of the best young teams in MLB. Granted, the Tampa/St. Pete market is no Chicago, but he would be coming back to be No. 2. But if Wills thinks that coming back to this role will help him take over whenever Farmer departs, well that is up to him.

My hope is that Stone can make Harrelson the announcer he was back when Hawk worked with Drysdale. Of course, Hawk was No. 2 back then and his ego will never allow him to be No. 2 again. We’ll see how he meshes with a strong guy like Stone over the course of a full season.

Get ready, though, to get sick and tired of the “Stone Pony” remarks by Harrelson. But, in spite of that, I am looking forward to hearing them work together. They were great a year ago when Stone filled in for DJ when DJ went home for the birth of his son.

Just heard on Fox that both games today are postponed. Oh boy.

Tom & T.C.:

I stand by my comment. It is being discussed among the higher up’s. Dave would give serious consideration to returning home under certain conditions.

I am not at liberty to disclose what those conditions are.

Home is home, Dave is from Chicago and while the Rays are doing well for this year, nothing is guaranteed in the future with that franchise, including existence, especially when they are drawing like they are.

That’s all I can really say on the issue.

Mark Liptak

blah to hell with wills. I didn’t care for him all of those years with melton on the post game show. I would personally try to get Ron Kittle to do it. He has great baseball knowledge, is funny, has lots of fans and connects well with the audience. He should have been hired when they made the mistake of bringing in Singleton. Kitty in 09!

Wills is a good announcer, but I’m sure that The Score will have a big say on who the White Sox hire. And I have to believe that they would like a bigger name to feature on their airwaves then Wills.

I am not knocking Wills. And I am not saying that I agree with the Score. I prefer to hear baseball announcers rather than former players (i.e. Singleton, DJ, etc.) that cannot accurately or fluidly describe the action.

Mark, I know you are pulling hard for a friend, but being in the business you know how radio station managers and club broadcast personnel often feel about their hiring procedures.

It will be interesting to see who they hire. And how well that person works with Farmer. Stone was the kind of guy who could work with anybody. I sensed that Farmer and Singleton had some problems working together.


You are correct, they did.


When I interviewed Brooks Boyer he said that both WSCR and the White Sox have an equal share in the decision making process for broadcasting hires. They are partners in the process. He also said that both parties have basically a “veto” vote (for want of a better word.)

He used the example that if WSCR decided they wanted Mike North on the broadcasts, the Sox would immediately say ‘no’ and that would be the end of it.

I can’t say what the percentage figure is of Dave returning. All I know is it’s been discussed, he would be willing to do so under certain conditions but whether those conditions would be met or could be met is another story.


As Kenwo said Ron Kittle would certainly be an option. The three finalist for the position before Chris Singleton jumped into the picture were reportedly, Kittle, Tommy John (who was considered the strong favorite) and Steve Lyons.

Mark Liptak

Kittle would attract people to listen. But would he keep them listening over the long haul? He is a great ambassador for the Sox and the entire Chicagoland area. But that alone is not enough to get him a job doing 162 games, plus spring training, plus postseason.

It is amazing how easy some people think the job is. Calling 162 games is a grind. Especially if the team is not competitive and over half of all the broadcasters in the league have to deal with doing games for bad teams.

Stone has made Farmer a much better announcer. Let’s hope that Farmer can continue to improve even without Stone by his side.

Kittle does a fine job on radio shows and has been interested in doing it in the past. His kids are grown now and he loves baseball. He is my “pick to click” if DJ does not accept.

Well, levy a bit of critcism and you get deleted from the glorious blog……LOLOL.

For anyone to say that DJ didn’t see this coming, guess again. The day the Sox hired Stone it was with the idea of moving him into the TV broadcast. DJ has done an admirable job, but certainly nothing special with the commentary I’ve listened to these past few years.

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