Wash Out

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today’s doubleheader is washed out.  We will try to play a split doubleheader tomorrow, Sunday, with games at 1:05 pm (on Comcast Sports Net and WSCR) and 7:05 pm (ESPN and WSCR).



thats gay. what a hell of a way to lose your fantasy league. why wouldnt they hang around- maybe we could get one in for god sake

Fantasy league???? The Sox are embroiled in a pennant face and all you care about is your Fantasy League????

These Fantasy Leagues have taken sane human beings (and I am including the football fantasy leagues as well) and turned them into pyschos.

I did a Rotisserie League in baseball once — back in 1984 — and came in second place and won about $500. But it wasn;t worth it. The idea of depending upon a relief pitcher for San Diego to get a few strikeouts and a save against Montreal in a meaningless game was insane.

I learned my lesson. But I guess that some people are making millions by running these operations so they will continue to exist.

I wonder how many marriages have ended and jobs have been lost by people who have become too engrossed in these things???

Oh well, to each his (or her) own.

Hey this rainout does the white sox good. It allows the pitchers to get another day of rest and allows the team to move further and further away from the debacle of the toronto series.

However, my fantasy week ends today and I have multiple white sox players. So these two rainouts back to back basically has killed my week. I was winning 9-4 at the end of thursday. I enjoy the fantasy leagues. I didn’t care about football really until I got involved in one. Baseball is tough not to pay favorites as my team is mostly filled with white sox and former white sox. However, it keeps you in tune with the rest of the league. Plus it gives meaning to watch a Houston vs. Washington game to see if Carlos Lee can hit you a homer. Try it-its enjoyable.

This freaking rain has cost the Sox first place!! I don’t see them playing on Sunday either. How the hell do we make up three games?

Well, it looks as though we might get the evening game in tomorrow (looking at the hourly forecast for tomorrow)

I watched 3 movies today, and ate and ate and ate, I really hate the rain! My grass is like 10 feet tall!

Rain, Rain PLEASE go away, We want our White Sox to PLAY!!

Hope you having a good time, jk!

Where IS everyone tonite??


The Twins are kicking the crap out of Baltimore!

Jennifer: Like you were expecting something different?

The O’s gave up the ghost a hell of a long time ago…they are just playing out the season… The piranhas have a lot to play for… division as well as wild card…

As to “soggy Saturday”… The umpires who were in charge of things may have panicked and thought that the field would have been a (Randy) marsh… They screwed up BIG TIME… I put this decision squarely on their shoulders…

They could have played at least ONE damned game… but NOOOOOOOO…

What if Ike shows up again tomorrow, like it is being forecasted?… What THEN, geniuses?

The days are dwindling down to a precious few…and the boys can’t afford any more lost time…

Holy crap…my ace Tim Lincecum just threw a complete game shutout to advance me in the playoffs of my fantasy league even with the Sox rainouts. YAH BABY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

Hi Ya’ll. I thought I’d check in to say hi!. Since there will be no more baseball this season due to rain EVERY day, we need to come up with other interests to keep ourselves pumped up…..

We could….1) come up with the over/under for kenwo’s fantasy team… 2) guess how tall Jen’s grass will grow in the next week….3) think of a trivia question that TQ doesn’t know the answer to ….4) Predict kleins score for his next round of golf…. 5) all get together again and drink beer….6) think of more inane things to pass the time of day with….

And the winning suggestion is…….All the above!!!!! While guessing about Jen’s grass and kenwo’s fantasy league, we all go golfing and then drink beer and swim in klein’s pool afterwards, while discussing trivia questions for TQ…. Now that sounds like fun…. Who’s in?????

And just in case we play a ballgame again this week…. Go Sox…. j.k.

jk – I’m in!

I heard the weatherdude say that the rain should stop between 2-3 PM today, so maybe they will get the games in! Late – but still play!

Alright! MariE… And thanks for the hopeful news about a game(s) today. It seems like forever since we last played…… Go Sox….. j.k.

Count me in too guys! I live on the South Side, about 20 minutes away from the Cell and it is still coming down! It’s only 10:30 though so we may get a couple soggy games in. But it might be a doubleheader instead of a split one though depending how heavy the rain is falling by, say, 2:00.

JK, what the heck were you doing posting after 1 am chicago time? wasn’t it past your bedtime? LOL!

Hi Maria! Any Kris updates? Still thinking about her, and hoping all is well. They said on the news that some Texans may be without power for weeks! Yikes!

I’ll be listening to the Bears, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning the house all day long while hoping to get a couple Sox games in so i’ll be checking in periodically.
Later all! Go White Sox! take back first place today!!!!!

Oh, and Go Baltimore….. ( now that’s a joke)….. j.k.

Hey, Lisa… You’ve got your place reserved….. Your news isn’t so hopeful as MariE’s was. hopefully there will be at least one game today. Anything less would really screw up the end of the season. AND, Lisa, I’ll have you know, that sometimes I stay up til midnight here.(not very often, but still). Nah, I was up reading and thought I’d post before beddy-bye time……. see you all soon I hope… j.k.

Last I heard from Kris, it seemed like the brunt of the storm had passed. They are still without power, and at times, without cell phone service. (TQ, that was the reason Kris missed your call.)

Good to hear Kris is alright!

Looked at the hourly forecast for Chicago – looks like 8pm is when the rain stops, how is everyone doing??
Anyone flooded?
We are one of the highest lots, my two neighbors are lower then us, they get all of our water – sorry!

I’M BACK!!! At least occasionally – working off a generator but it’s a biggin so we can computer for a bit but like not watch tv at the same time, etc. No air conditioner at present but it’s overcast and rainy – again, so we get to compute. I think the sox didn’t play because I couldn’t watch . . 😉 my family is up in nw indiana and my brother works for Amtrak and they actually cancelled his train to St Louis this morning.. guess Carlinville is under water. Sounds pretty messy up there too and I think you’ll get some water from Ike as well.. sorry. We have limbs down and lost our chain link fence, it got smashed by something and the yard is a disaster area but the house is fine … took in a bit of water by the french doors (which I had boarded up) but nothing significant. Trust me when I say this, this girl ain’t staying for a cat 3 or bigger..2 was plenty for me!!!! Thanks for all you well wishes and prayers!

GO SOX!!! How do we make up these games?

Thanks for the update Maria.
Hi Jen! No flooding on this end. Thank Goodness! The streets are flooded, especially under the viaducts. But Eric, (hubby) cleaned out all the gutters last week (I think) to ensure that they wouldn’t get clogged again. last time it rained like this they were clogged so we had some flooding, but not nearly as bad as those near the DesPlaines River.

I’m very happy to hear from you Kris. Sorry about the damage done, but I’m grateful for you that it wasn’t any worse. It sounds like you all are dealing pretty well with the adversity… Hang in there, all our prayers are with you and of course your fellow rain-soaked sisters in other parts of the country….

Will there, or won’t there be any game(s) today/tonight? What are the radio/TV stations saying? I’ll check in later and keep my fingers crossed for a “sunny” update…. Go Sox… j.k.

Great to hear from you kris!! Glad you didn’t sustain any substantial damage. Aahhh! The power of prayer, I tell ya!
Well you haven’t missed much anyway. The boys were just waitin for you to check in so they can start playing again.; )

Hey Jen, if your grass grows tall enough, your kids can play one heck of a game of hide-n-seek. LOL! Have you finished your third youtube video yet?

I really don’t know anything about Fantasy football or baseball, so I won’t be of much use under that topic of discussion.

In the meantime….still rainin’…but it has slowed down.

God Bless you Kris…glad the damage is minimal!

Still coming down good here in the south suburbs and looking at the radar I’m guessing this is staying awhile. Maybe tonight??? Isn’t it a Sunday night baseball game too? That probably throws a wrench into any waiting for game 1.

Lisa – I am about 45 min from being done! This weather has made me very tired – all I have been doing is watching movies – I am watching one right now – my allergies are so bad right now from all the rain, I can’t breathe – And my back is killing me from the rain too! I sound like a 70 year old woman! Feel like one to! Hopefully I will be done with it soon!

TC – Actually my Mom is 55, I talked to her this morning and asked her – I could of swore we were having her 50th B-day last year! Time flies!

JK –
I don’t think they will be playing at 1pm, but maybe at 7pm!

Kenwo – did you watch the Danny Bonaduce fight last night?


Go to http://www.670thescore.com/ and you can listen to the Chicago Sports.

Kris, I’m glad to hear you’re all OK. Fences, trees, carpeting… all that stuff can be replaced. But people cannot.

My gut tells me that the rain will let up enough to get both games in. I think the first game won’t get underway until 3-3:30, and then we’ll be “dry enough” for the rest of the day. With that, I’m piling the kids in the car and hitting the road in an hour. Keep your fingers crossed!

Game 1 is suppose to start at 4pm!

Jen, where did you hear that? Is it definite?

Have fun Maria and kids!
Check back in later.

Well baltimore has a 4-0 lead in the second! Let’s hope they can keep that going!

Heard it on Comcast!

Well, it’s now 6-0 Baltimore in the fourth… They need more runs…. I will have to go now and will check back later. It’s time to go to my daughters 34th birthday lunch…. Hold the fort down for me if the game starts… Go Sox’08…..j.k.

Kris, thanks for checking in, I’m glad to hear you and yours are safe, even with the damage sustained. Hope you get power back soon, and can watch our Sox *win* some games!!!

Kris glad to hear you and your family are safe. Rain rain please go away. Northern Indiana has been hit with flooding like Chicago. I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to keep my basement dry inbetween football games. Would much rather be watching the White Sox. Sorry to read in the tribune that Crede cleaned out his locker.

OK my guy Nick Markakis and my Baltimore Orioles *my second favorite team of all time* beat the Twinkers today….. Hopefully we can take care of business here. Javy looks wonderful so far.

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