What A Weekend

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We intend to play two games today, starting with the first pitch of game one at 4:15 p.m.  Rain should be out of our area then and we are clear through the night.


OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; Missile, 2B; AJ, C; Griffey, CF; Swish, 1B; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.



Lets finally get some baseball played!

We drove around the neighborhood, there’s some pretty bad flooding in the streets and backyards – We had to check on our boat, you can’t even see the dock – the boats ok! Our friends down the street have 3 feet of sewage in their basement. We are lucky that are basement has not flooded – Everytime it seems the rain is going to stop – it starts right back up, again.
NO School for kids and my Husband’s work called and said everything is flooded! Wonderful, another day with him home, UGH!!🙂

Atleast it’s not Snow!!!!!!!!!

We got to win these games!!

What’s this????? A baseball game!!!! I just got back from the restaurant and now it’s the top of the second inning… Wow, what a crowd…. Way to go O’s…. Now let’s go White Sox…. j.k.

Just realized the game started. Still raining in South Bend. We’ve had over 10 1/2″ of rain. The cell is empty. Just glad to have a game played.

Good job Javy…… Runs Boys, let’s get some runs… 91/2 inches of rain!!!! at the cell, Hawk said…. That’s just shy of our yearly total here….. Wow….. j.k.

keep holding them down, Javy… Go Sox… j..k

Javy looks wonderful so far. I think the few extra days of rest may help the team.

Thata Baby, Javy….. Go offense, go….. Verlander is just waiting to fold like a limp noodle, like a wet suit, like a bad haircut, like a ,,,, well you get the idea…. Go Sox ’08…j.k.

Hey jk – how’s the weather by you – yah, I know, sunny, DRY – must be nice!!

Yeah, Javy looks good, but so does Verlander so far…. Keep holding them down Javy until our Boys bats warm up…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Hey Kenwo – did you watch the Bonaduce fight?

Sunny, dry, a very pleasant 88 degrees (fall is in the air).. hahaha… j.k.

Javy struck out Bozo!

Sorry I asked, jk! Even though I already knew that answer!

I think the sun is trying to peak out between the clouds. officially south bend is at 11.50″ of rain. Javy keep up the great pitching. I bats needs to wake up.

Another good job, Javy…. Come on offense, start your engines…….. Go Sox…j.k.

yeah, Hawk, I love the bunt too… Don’t waste it… come on JD… j.k.

Familiar story. Our problem is that the wrong guys are always coming up when we have first and second and no out. IF JD could bunt the bases would be loaded. At least we didn’t hit into a DP…. Keep holding them Javy, we need you today… Go Sox… j.k.

Congratulations Javy!

Congrats, Javy on #2000 and #2001. Now it’s up to our offense to give you something to really celebrate… A WIN… Go Sox…. j.k.

Thank you Juan! Javy looks great. Keep holding those Tigers

I second that last post …. j.k.

That was quick… YES!!! Keep it up, but how about another run or two?… Go Sox’08…j.k.

2 successful bunts in a game! We are playing fundatmental baseball. Now let’s score another run

Wow what a play Uribe to Alexi. Javy has the help of a stellar defense.

There’s been a couple of unusual plays today. The one just now Juan to Alexei at first for the out, and OC running into on out at third the previous inning. Add the two sac bunts, one for a hit and this is shades of ’05…. Runs Boys, runs… Go Sox.. j.k.

Great time for an Alexi home run. Now we have just a little more breathing room. Will Javy pitch the 8th? I hope so.

Javy will be out in the eighth, and I hope he still has his shutout and will go out for the ninth too….. Go Sox… j.k.

I guess it’s just you and me again Maria….. We are the die hards… Go Javy… j.k.

I’m with ya jk. Just been too busy going back and forth between other things to chime in. Not in front of a TV right now so you guys are giving me the play-by-play.

Javy must be dealing.

Nice standing O for Javy. Now Matt needs to come in and get the out.

This moron Guillen why in the world is he taking Vazquez out. The guy has a shutout is barely over 100 pitches and hasn’t been in trouble all day. Granderson isn’t doing anything. Why panic. Christ sake.

Great job Javy….. Now shut the door Matt… Go White Sox… j.k.

Javy was dealing tc, nice to have you on line….. Hi there kenwo…. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Great job Matt. I few insurance runs would be nice.

I don’t care that he did strike him out. This Guillen is so into the lefty lefty match ups it is ridiculous. Leave the starter in. Why tamper with success.

And there you go kenwo…. maybe Ozzie knows something about baseball after all…. Hhhmmmmm????? A couple more runs now would be just fine by me…. Go Sox… j.k.

Ozzie is not alone in the lefty-lefty, righty-righty philosophy. they all do it. I think one of the requirements of being a major league skipper is you have to play the lefty-lefty, right-righty card.

The way he has been using the bullpen lately leads me to believe he doesn’t know anything about pitching. Vazquez was on. He didn’t have many pitches….now you have to count on Thornton and Jenks to also be on. You know what you have. Why fix it if it isn’t broke.

Hi all! I’m here, for a bit . . . kenwo, I agree . . I’ve only been following the game via this blog but why would you need or want to take out someone that has a shutout going?

Klein, you need to send some of that weather our way . . we’re supposed to get a ‘cool front’ but shut, something needs to give in the humidity department!

We got an insurance run! Oh boy. Keep ’em coming home.

The bats are warming up. Let’s keep them hot for the second game.

That’s better. Now leave Matt in for the ninth inning and save Bobby for the nitecap…. j.k.

Hi Kris….. did you get your power back or are you on generator still? Happy you and yours are all well… Go Sox… j.k.

I’m still here, too! I had to give my kids dinner.

Looks like Bobby is coming in?


Scratch that comment about Bobby – I am losing it, I don’t know what I’m talking about!

And here comes Leyritz to bring in a righty for Alexei…. I wonder why he’s doing that???? Must be Managing 101 or something….. I personally would still save Bobby for the next game and not bring him in even though the next hitters are right handed… but, that’s just me, and kenwo, and there must be others out there too… One more run… Go Sox… j.k.

Hi Jen,,,,What’s for dinner????

Actually, I guess I was right about Bobby! The water has gone to my head!

I made baked mushroom Chicken Breasts with green beans and biscuits.

Here comes Bobby, no real surprise even though we are up 4-0… Three outs guys and Javy will be happy, the team will be happy, the bloggers will be happy, and that’s all there is to it….. Go Sox…. j.k.

Wow, that sounds better than the Italian we had for my Daughters BD….. j.k.

And I have choc. chip cheesecake for dessert!

Come on Bobbayyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Hopefully I’ll have a WS winner for dessert!!

generator . . . we’re actually running the frig, tv, two computers right now . . . but I’m getting ready to shut her down for a bit.. more you have running the quicker the gas goes, planning on watchin on espn tonight. No gas in the entire county and no food supply either . . . all’s well here for now, have enough gas for about 5 days my husband thinks. I’ll be sparadic with my postings . . .

To everyone, Maria, TQ, thanks for the phone calls and texts, they meant a tremendous amount to me. TQ, you made cry. When you go thru something like this you feel isolated from the world a little bit, all they have on tv here is ‘clean up Ike’ info which is important I know, but couldn’t even get a football game today. Worried about my mom and family in NW Indiana . . . she didn’t answer so hopefully she went to my bro’s in Valpo . . you guys stay as dry as possible. Thanks for all the well wishes!!!

GO SOX!!!!

Hi Kris,
Glad to here from you! The rain looks like it finally stopped here, Thank God!

Oh Crap! 4-2, why do all former white sox players kill us?

Are we glad for those 2 runs in the 8th? Maybe Bobby should sit in these no save situations.

Yes, this ball game is over. Great game Javy. He pitched the type of game this team needed. Now let’s go out an win 2

Kris – I know you told me before, where in Valpo do they live? Lots of roads shut down there, power is out alot of places! – LOTS of flooding out here – the Calumet River is up to 20 feet!


well good victory. I still think Javy should have went the CG. We would have won 4-0 and Thornton and Jenks wouldn’t have had to pitch. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to Macdougal and Logan in the 2nd game unless we are up or down by at least 10.

Lets get this game two for god sake. YAH MAN!

What would a Sox win be without a little bit of drama? One down and one to go….go….go….White Sox… j.k.

Going to take a shower before the 2nd game starts!

See ya for round 2!

KENWO – for the 3rd time – did you watch the Bonaduce fight last night??????????????????????????

I think Kenwo will need a new TV. I’m sure he fired the remote through his screen when Jenks came in and gave up the homer.

I would have saved the big fella for the nightcap and let someone else — maybe Carrasco — finish it up with a 4-run cushion. But, again, that is why I am in front of the computer in the ninth and Ozzie is managing the team.

Hey Jen, save some leftovers for the rest of us.

Let’s get the second game and go 1 1/2 up and stay 2 ahead in the loss column.

Lets hope alot of Brewers fans go to boo the Cubs!

tc- there are leftovers – I have to force my kids to eat real food!

javy looked pissed going to the dug-out, you think he wanted to stay in? He did a good job.

I’m going to take my shower!

No broken remote today. If Shef would have gotten a hold of one I may have needed a new tv and a new window from throwing the tv out of the window. No i didn’t see that fight. who did he fight? Javy should be pissed and should have stayed in. Pitchers like Javy don’t like coming out of the game

Very nice Win today, Boys. It was a huge game and you did what was needed. The game started out like Thursdays, 0-0 through 51/2 and I thought oh-oh here we go again, but Javy was brilliant and the pen did just enough (read Bobby) to hold on for the W…

I will be watching on ESPN rather than the computer, so I won’t be here like usual. I will check in from time to time and comment on the doings. Bring home another White Sox Winner tonight Boys and go to NY on a HIGH… Go Sox… j.k.

That’s twice Jen has threatened to take a shower. It is important that we all keep tabs on things like that.

Who cares about Danny Bonaduce??????? Obviously Jen does, but does anybody else give a rat’s rear aperture (hi tq) about that idiot????

So glad we came out on top for this first game. Let’s keep the momemtum for this second one.

Congratulations Javy on your 2001 strikeouts!!!
Boy, Bobby sure does like to make it interesting huh?

So I’m FINALLY done with all my chores. Cooked, laundered, cleaned. We’re ready to go for the rest of the week.
Found a bit of flooding in certain spots in the basement, had to clean that up. So Glad it has stopped raining.

So now I’m going to go relax and watch this second game.
I’ll check in later.

We were supposed to have a Mexican Independence Day Parade in our neighborhood today……nope, rained out! Ha Ha! I’m glad cause visitors hog up all the available parking.
BTW, anybody into boxing? Anybody see that Marquez vs. Casamayor fight last night?

And to answer your question tc, the only time I was into Danny Bonaduce was when he was on The Partridge family! Ha Ha!

Kenwo – he fought Bob Levy – from the Howard Stern Show

tc – I don’t care about Bonaduce either, but I thought since kenwo listens to Howard Stern…….
I wanted to see if he watched it!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What a refreshing shower, after cleaning up a little and eating my cheesecake I am ready for some Baseball!! Come on Johnny!

Great way to way to start off the 2nd game.


Not good baserunning by JD

Where is Lip?

539 Put it on the board – YES! That a way Jimmy


Hi everyone, so sorry I’m late to the party!

mwassner – so happy to see your name Mollie – I didn’t realize you were a female – woot! I guess it is Jen, Mollie and me tonight – where did jk go?


I love BA!

WAY TO GO BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see him Jack One!!! I wish he’d get more of an opportunity! But, glad to see him contribute when he’s in there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suh-WEET!


Maria I thought you were at the game!!

You’ll have to wrestle me for him😉

Hi Scam!

JK is watching the game on ESPN. He’ll be back later!

Nice shot Jr!


Hi, Donna and all. Yes, the kids and I were at the first game, and let me tell you… it was EMPTY. On the plus side, we were able to get a seat upgrade and wound up sitting first row behind the Sox dugout. I’d estimate that there were maybe 500 people in the ballpark at first pitch, and that’s probably generous. Great game overall, and the kids absolutely loved the view. (OK… I loved it, too.) As for why I’m home now? Well, the kids thought it best to leave after the first game because they have school tomorrow. Seriously! They are already showered and in bed, so I’m enjoying the game on the big screen. And an enjoyable game it is!

Hey Marie. I just got home in time to see all the scoring. I think they were waiting for me.

As far as the managing of the pitching in the first game, I was surprised Ozzie let Javy come in at all in the 8th since he was at 100 pitches. At this point in the season and with the double header, I can’t blame Ozzie for wanting to not extend him too far. However, bringing Bobby in? In a non-save situation after he had just pitched, and in a double header? I didn’t get that.


Nice to hear all the talk on a national stage about Alexei and Rookie of the Year. The one announcer guy definitely thinks he should get it. Nice for it to be recognized on a national level! Go Alexei – go White Sox! Also, I think I heard that last double by Jr. was his 500th two bagger. If I heard correctly – congrats!!!!!!

“If there is any justice in the world, to be a White Sox fan frees a man from any other form of penance.” – Bill Veeck, Jr.

Is this some kind of cruel joke? You break into a Sox game to show us a no-hitter by the Cubs? Do I give a frack?

Maria I was thinking the same thing!! wouldn’t it be some kind of weird karma if a former Sox player breaks this up with 2 out in the 9th???

Oh, god. Where’s that Stanley Steemer number? I just threw up on my carpeting. I was really enjoying my night, too.

Does it count if you throw a no hitter against a single A team?

What’s the point of going to Milwaukee? Might as well play just play the game at Wrigley.

That is such bullsh*t!
First, Astros have to play a home game against the Cubs in Milwaukee (why would they even agree to that? There were more Cub Fans then at Wrigley) Then, they have to cut into the WS game to show us – it’s a conspiracy !

My Husband is a Moron! He is yelling and trying to change the channel to boycott ESPN, because they switched over to the Cubs!


I had to boot up the computer just to bitch about this espn **** . . . I was throwing a fit, loudly and verbally my husband was just looking at me like I was a crazy woman . . . sunburn and exhausted, I’m allowed to be loud about that break in ****…. damn was I pissed! Was hoping someone would crack the **** out of the ball… so sad they didn’t!

Glad they’re back on now . . how’d Detroit get 2?

Is ESPN so clueless that they don’t know the very last thing the Sox fans want to see is a flubs game? This is really disgusting!

Hessman homered with Santiago on base.

I heard that Houston had the option of playing in Atlanta but they didn’t take it. Instead, they ok’d playing in Milwaukee. Whoever in Houston OK’d that ought to be fired.

See what happens when ESPN cuts away to the flubs? Made me soooooo mad!

BOOne Logan does it again.

WHY OZZIE, WHY?????????????????????
How many freakin times does this guy have to F*CK-UP to prove he does not belong in the Big Leagues???????????????

It’s just us woman tonite!! Where are the men?

why is the wgn news at 9 on at 10 tonight, I just looked at the schedule.. wanting to see what’s going on up there.

Jen, my brother and son are 200 e something, don’t know the address exactly, don’t know where the address book is . . . not sure how to describe exactly where they are, took my brother 1 1/2 hrs to get from Schererville to Valpo tonight… I don’t know the valpo area all that well being I havent lived in Indiana since 86. They are near that drive in in Valpo

I think Ozzie is still holding out hope that Boone returns to his first half form. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen tho.

Scam’s here, too. Scam and the Women. Sounds like a movie title.

Haha, I like the sound of that.

Give ’em hell, Dotel!

klein is watching on tv, surprised we didn’t hear from him during that little ‘break’ they forced us to have.

Houston had more on their mind that where to play the games I’m sure, but I certainly wouldn’t have chosen to play somewhere where cubs fan can get to easily enough . . . make the damn Cubs travel more is what i would’ve done!

C’mon OD get us out of this!

Please, oh please, let us not blow a 7-run lead! We need this game.


****** A . . . wtf

And Danks gets screwed over once again.

UnF*ckinbelievable! So much for the great Bullpen we have, right Kenny Williams??

Ok survey….which bullpen hurts you more, our pen last year or this year??

seems as though we women, have potty mouths!! lol! This is such ********! Swish really made a sweat lil play there!

Well Dotel is going to have to learn to get that breaking ball over, because it looks like the league has finally figured out his fastball.

Ask me on September 29. Last year, hope was gone early on. I’d hate to come this far in ’08 and have the bullpen be the primary reason for our demise.

Positive thought… positive thoughts. J.K… where are you???

sweet sweat – – whatever, can’t see the dang keyboard, I get off a key you guys get mispelled words! no news on wgn here still…. don’t get it, wanted to watch the wgn news!

Our bullpen this year is about fifty times better than last year’s. They’ve been getting roughed up the past month, but had been solid all year. Our bullpen was terrible for five months last year.

I think our pen is better, but because we are in the hunt for the title those blown leads hurt me more.

Ok I’m thinking positive–Toby is coming through for us. He’s due for a pie in the face!!

I think this was a case of Ozzie managing for the next game, more than this one. He probably pulled Danks with the thought in mind of the games coming up. Ditto for having Linebrink pitch only one inning. Well, now, he will have to play this game, because it’s a whole new ballgame.

I agree, Peggy. I hate the thought of going into extra innings tonight. The guys have a long flight ahead of them and won’t get settled in NY until the wee hours of the morning.

C’mon, Sox win this game!!!!

peg. i’m sure that’s why he pulled john but the here and now is just as important isn’t it? very frustrating evening, let’s blame this on espn who pulled our game out from under us when the damage begun!

that’s a huge help!

Yes…CMON BA!!! You’ll have some happy women here with a basehit!!

OH CMON! He hits a HR today and he is taking him out!!!

Sorry Donna, I read your question wrong originally. It does hurt more when it actually counts for something. Last year it wasn’t very surprising when they would blow it.

Yeah, how ’bout it? Although I liked the way Wise played in the earlier game.

hot damn dwayne!!!! comin off the bench, gotta luv it!


OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I love Wise!!!

OK, I will apologize to Ozzie, he knows what he is doing!

Maria, did you get my voicemail earlier today?

come on Matty boy!!!!

OMG, that was soooooo amazing! Great job, Wise!!!

Kris: I’ll check. I didn’t notice anything on my phone, but I may have missed it.

Way to pull that one out boys! This is a good way to head out on the road trip of the season. Good night ladies and scam! (and anyone else who shows up!)

have to shut down for the night, going to do dishes so have to run the water, ie, the well pump… message wasn’t really anything Maria, just to let you know I’d gotton your message… talked to tq twice today too… he’s really a neat guy to talk to!

Way to go boys… nice wins today/tonight!

Kris: I did get it. Sorry!

Really great job today, guys. That 2nd game was a little crazy, but all’s well that ends well. Have a great road trip. We’ll be watching and cheering from home.

I’m off to bed to dream of more W’s to come. Have a good night, everyone!

Great doubleheader – let’s keep the momentum going on this very important road trip!!!

It never seems to be easy but we got two big wins and now have a 1 1/2 game lead with a 2-game cushion in the loss column.

With the schedule we have left, that is really critical.

Would love to be at Yankee Stadium the next four days. Yanks still holding on to extremely slim hopes but not ready to quit. Sox in the heat of a division race. And the great city of New York as a backdrop.

Shaping up to be a great series. Let’s hope that the Sox make it a great one for them.

Good lord. Even if we do make the playoffs we won’t go very far. This bullpen is ridiculous. A 7-0 lead? Are you kidding me? Linebrink gives up 2 Logan 1 Carrasco 2 Dotel 2….way to go guys. At least it seems thornton may have straightened it around a little. He is the only one i trust right now.

Hopefully they can hit well in NY. Don’t like facing Mussina on Thursday but the rest are winnable. Not if the bullpen doesn’t step up though.

Now I’m back. Sorry I didn’t post earlier, but I recently got a DVR and recorded the Az Cardinals while watching our first game win. Then I got the great idea to record our night cap while watchinng the football game and fast forward the comercials…. Great idea…

So when I started watching our game again we were doing GREAT and JohnnyD was throwing very well, and we were up 7-0…. Yahoo, White Sox win!!! But then, but then…

As it was getting toward the end of my recording (8PM) I had to start viewing the game in fast forward mode because it looked like it might go past the three hour record mark I had it set on…. And I got to see it become 7-2…. and I got to see it become 7-3…. and I got to see it become 7-7, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I turned off the DVR and watched the rest of the game live….

At least we won this game. I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand this game may be what it takes for us to focus and fight on this ten game road trip and take the Division. On the other hand, the fact we blew a 7 run lead so late in the game might give everybody the jitters so much that NO lead would be safe.

Danks should have won this game, but didn’t. The Sox DID win and that’s really the main thing here and what’s the most important. We won five games this home stand and that’s what I thought we’d do. The good news is we went 5-4 and not 5-5. That is a positive.

Another positive is that Minn. now has to face a couple decent teams on the road: the Indians and the Rays. Like Lip mentioned a couple days ago, the only thing I worry about in Tampa is that they may already have clinched and will be resting their regulars… We will have to wait and see.

We Have a tough schedule ahead of us, but after today/tonight I really believe we will hold it together long enough to get into the playoffs. Thirteen games left ( unless we have to play the Tiger rain out at the end of the year). That won’t be necessary if we are 11/2 games up on the Twins at the end.

All we can do is take it one game at a time, and take a lot of tylenol/ aspirin/ barbituates/ Budweiser/ Jack or whatever else may be called for to help get us to Sept 28th on top…… Whew! I’m done for now….

P.S. I thought I would see you Maria, what with the park so empty and all, but I didnt. And with that, I will leave you all…. Pleasant dreams everyone, and Go Chicago White Sox ’08….. j.k.


Considering everything that happened in 2007?and for that matter considering everything that has happened this season, this deserves to be noted and commented on.

With these wins, the White Sox have guaranteed themselves a ?winning? season in 2008.

That means even if they don?t win another game from here on out, they will have made an eleven game improvement over 2007.

Further the White Sox stayed relevant in the market, especially in the wake of what the Cubs have accomplished so far this season. That was very important for the long term health of this franchise.

Everyone?from the front office, to the coaches, to the players, deserves congratulations for this accomplishment.

Of course everyone hopes this is just the beginning of what they can do.

Historically this is the 7th ?winning? season this decade, to go along with 00, 01, 03, 04, 05 and 06.

That means this is the most successful decade, under these specific parameters, since the 1960?s and the end of the ?golden age? of White Sox baseball. That decade saw the Sox have eight ?winning? seasons from 1960 through 1967 inclusive. (On top of the nine winning seasons in the 1950?s ? from 1951 through 1959 inclusive. 17 straight winning seasons, the 3rd most in MLB history.)

Again well done.


The only comment specifically I have about today’s game’s is this. Just a few days ago Ozzie says he’s going back to Thornton or Dotel in the 7th, Linebrink in the 8th and Jenks in the 9th.

So why does he pitch Linebrink in the 7th inning?

Mark Liptak

Just like I predicted long ago the sox swept this series…even though we lost one game to rain. I had them winning all three which I believe would have been accomplished if not for the monsoon. Now we go to NY where I don’t think things will be as bright. I think we could win 3…..but I will stick with my predictions and say we will go 1-3. I hope to the Lord I’m wrong. However, with the Yanks barely hanging on to post season hope and the final home stand of the Stadium makes me nervous. I think the first two will be our best shot. Go get em

Mark, I agree with you again (will wonders never cease?). Ozzie specifically stated that he was going back to using Linebrink in the eighth and then he changes course and puts him in for the seventh.

Now I don’t really think that that is a big deal. Seventh or eighth with a 7-run lead really isn’t much different. But if he wants to get everyone back into their comfortable roles where the succeeded so much in the first half as the best ‘pen in baseball, then he should have used Dotel in the 7th and Linebrink in the 8th.

Oh well. Ozzie is Ozzie and who am I to question the guy that led us to our first World Series title since even before jk and TQ were born!!!!

The Yankees whether they want to admit it to their fanatical fan base or not are done. Stick a fork in them, they have ZERO shot for the post season.

That being said, they’ll still play hard (what choice do they have? If they tank it, their fans will riot…) and it won’t be easy.

And they have a virtual unknown going Monday night.

I thought over the weekend Greg Walker’s comments to WSCR radio were very interesting and revealing. Walker said part of Swisher’s issues this year were that he was trying to hit home runs and that some members of the team (he wouldn’t specifically say whom) don’t like to be told the tendencies of new, rookie or virtually unknown pitchers.

I assume because Greg said this directly that he knows what he’s talking about so that explains A LOT the trouble they have had with those type of “pitchers” (and I use that term loosely…)

I’m also surprised that wasn’t brought up here on the blog although perhaps with all the nutty weather it was lost in the cracks.

Mark Liptak

Watch out there tc…. you’re treading on thin ice mentioning OUR ages, when you are in the same ballpark as we are……. Ah it’s good to be “mature” and have a bit of perspecrive isn’t it?…..Even Lip showed his sanguine side this evening…. very refreshing…. Go Sox, Blow up the “Bombers”….. j.k.

Hey jk, I may be nearing your age and even nearer to TQ’s but my kid is not 34. Okay, so he’s 30, but he’s not 34!!!!!

As I sit here waiting for my school to call me to tell me we are closed (my wife’s is closed I suppose we are still on)…. I read Ozzie’s comments on not having Dotel be the set up man. Ok….that is fine. He has been giving up the long ball a lot lately. However, who in the hell are you going to replace him with? Carrasco has been awful lately, Macdougal is Macdougal, Wasserman has been bad, Adam Russell has been bad, Boone Logan should be hung, Ramirez has been awful …… there is NO ONE that has been pitching well. Thornton being the only exception and he can’t pitch everyday. Jenks has even been bad lately. Ozzie needs to let his starters go more than 100 pitches. Besides Buehrle, Vazquez, Floyd, Danks and I suppose Thornton even though I don’t trust him either….there is noone I want to see on the mound right now. That is a scary situation to be in. Hopefully we continue to pound the ball….. but I guess we need more than a 7 run lead for the bullpen to hang on.

TC…… OUCH!…. j.k.

TC… I guess I shouldn’t mention that particular daughter is my YOUNGEST…. another OUCH!…. Remember, though,,, I am ageless and timeless….. j.k.

TC, I do have a Son though who is “only” 31, so there….. nanananana…. j.k.

After reading the pitching matchups for the Yankee series, it doesn’t sound too good for tonight. Mark is 1-5 against them with a 6 ERA. That’s another OUCH!…. Maybe he’s “due”….

I had us winning only one of these games, so if we can manage two somehow that would be very good…..The good news for me is the game starts at 4PM out here, so it won’t interfere with my bedtime….Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Wow! What a day yesterday huh? I am SO glad that we were able to come away with two wins.

I was LIVID when they broke into our game with that crap! I would think that the national media would know by now that Sox fans could care less about ANYTHING the Scrubs do, so why in the name of everything that is holy would you interrupt OUR game with that Bull$hit!!!! I thought about calling, emailing just to give them a piece of my mind but don’t know what good that would do. And then of course, right after they resume OUR coverage, our bullpen implodes. What a joke! Thank God for Dewayne Wise and Congratulations. He can play on my team anyday!! Oh well, All’s well that ends well, I say.
Now, let’s go to New York and WIN this series!!!

I can hardly believe it. How do you blow a 7 run lead? And we almost blew a 4 run lead. At least they won. We should be happy for that. Looks like every game will be a challenge and we will win or lose based on Fearless Leader’s picks on bullpen wheel of fortune from here on out. Nice to see Thornton have a good outing. Darn Linebrink didn’t look good at all. Nor did Carrasco. And Logan pitched, too? Wow, we should let my black lab ozzie have a go at it.

Get the Maalox out, we’re in for a wild ride these last 14.

A note on the Sox broadcasting carousel.

Dave Wills just last week, signed a three year extension and will remain in the Rays employ. That hasn’t been made public yet apparently. So if there was any chance of him returning to the area that is now off the board.

It will be interesting to watch as this progresses.

Mark Liptak

I was mad too that ESPN did that – but they would of did that to any team – Zambrano made history – they didn’t care who was playing – I believe they did it for Buehrle, too. It would have been nice if they could of left the game on in the corner of the screen!

Hey LIP,
Couple questions for you regarding Joe Crede – I happen to read your comments about him on WSI (for anyone who wants to read http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=105777 )
I don’t understand, please concur…
I read numerous times here on this blog you referred to Crede as ‘Faking’ his injury, how does one actually do that? If Joe was – he should be an actor, he convince me and 95% of the other people that watch! Joe has been with the WS right out of HS. Being the trustworthy, dependable person that he is – I just cannot fathom that he would go behind the WS organization’s back!
I have not found out the other reasons why his locker was cleaned out and nameplate was removed (if that is even the truth) I am not sure if the WS could do that to him, he is still part of the team? He is still on the active roster. He is going to Dallas this week to get a second opinion, he might play in the post season (if we get there) I just don’t want Crede to get a bad rap, when the sources are not 100% accurate – If they do turn out to be correct, then you can say all you want.
I just had to get my 2 cents in!



I don’t know where you got the impression that I said Joe was “faking” his injury. I believe that term was used by another posting accusing me of thinking that.

Which for the record, I do not.

Joe’s situation has been getting more and more confused over the years starting with his famous (or is it infamous) comment that if he thought his agent was standing in the way of a long term deal with the Sox, he’d get another agent.

Given the history between the two, (i.e. his agent and the White Sox,) the fact that he is still Joe’s agent precluded any type of deal being struck even before the back situation. I won’t go into the disagreements over the years between the two parties dating back to the days of Jeff Weaver and Bobby Seay. Kenny Williams (according to published reports) said he asked about a contract extension last year while Joe was injured and said that his agent told him directly they had no interest, that Joe was going to test the market.

Now add the fact that Joe didn’t have the back surgery when the Sox asked him to (giving him more time to heal) and that he opted for a non-evasive procedure which didn’t do any good… and that probably didn’t help matters.

The last straw may have been the fact that, according to a source whom I spoke with last week, Joe’s agent met with the Angels twice while the Sox were in Anaheim this year. I presume it’s logical to think that whatever was discussed in those meetings found it’s way to Joe since he was in town.

Like I said, I was told that Kenny wants to find evidence to press tampering charges and went so far as to talk with some trusted mainstream media members asking them, if they found anything, if they would please pass it on to him.

That’s all I know. I don’t know if Joe’s locker has been cleaned out or not but given his injury and the fact that it hasn’t gotten any better in three months it’s pretty safe to say that unless you believe in miracles, he’s probably played his last game in Chicago.

The Sox aren’t going to give him the deal his agent expects, not with a balky back and the issues that have divided the two sides over the past few years.

Mark Liptak

If DJ has good sense, he will just accept the offer for him to take the radio spot alongside Ed Farmer.


I just don’t understand why Joe , or anyone for that matter, would think that he could get a big contract going down at the end of the season. I know some players did get the money they wanted after being hurt, but why is that?

I also read that Boras wants Joe to take it easy so he doesn’t re-injure himself – that’s why he is sitting. Something’s not right about the whole situation. I can see Boras lying – I just can’t see Joe lying. Unless Joe is so naive that he is letting Boras walk all over him. I know KW doesn’t trust Boras, I don’t doubt that he had a meeting with the Angels, but I just am having a hard time believing that Joe would intentially be apart of it. I don’t know, I guess we will just have to see what happens.


OMT – Joe said that he didn’t have surgery the first time, because his doctor wanted him to try the physical therapy, first.

I know for a fact that is what doctors tell you, having a bad back myself, that is what 2 Dr.’s told me, too. There is a risk of being paralyzed with surgery. I am sure that is why he decided to try the therapy first. When that didn’t work, the only other option he had was the surgery.

Just adding to the Crede discussion, I happen to be close to a member of the Schneider family, and Herm and all of Joe’s current doctors at the time told him that he should get the surgery. Apparently Joe went out of his way to find a doctor that would back his decision to avoid surgery. I have been told that Joe is very hard to work with when it comes to the medical issues.


I don’t know if Joe is a part of this or not, but his agent works for him remember, not the other way around. If Joe felt that his agent was a handicap to things with the Sox or if Joe felt his agent was doing some things he shouldn’t be doing, he has the right to fire him or to certainly make inquires.

If Joe really wanted a long term deal before the back issues started he could have ordered his agent to get it done.

Looking at this from the outside and granted without complete information, I just find it hard to think of a situation where Joe couldn’t know what was going on. He’s a smart guy. I don’t think he’s naive.

And I’d still be willing to wager that even with his back issues he gets a deal next season. It may only be for one year however to prove his back will hold up, then his agent will have him go the free agent route again. That deal though won’t be with the White Sox, I’m confident in that particular statement.

Remember too, the Sox apparently inquired about his health last year and were basically shut out from information by his agent (same as with Magglio’s knee injury). You can’t blame them, if like with Maggs, they refuse to plunk down 40-50 million and don’t even know the health status of the guy.

Mark Liptak

Ned Yost fired by the Brewers with his team tied for the wild card and just 12 games to go. Gee, I guess a new manager can make his team hit better in the last two weeks.

Sounds like a panicky owner to me. The GM, Doug Melvin — a very well respected guy — was almost apologetic in his initial remarks.

Some owners are just plain nuts. But, it is their own money they are playing with so they get to make the decisions. And the players have no room to complain since they have gone 3-11 this month.

Thank goodness the Sox have an even-keeled guy like Jerry Reinsdorf. There is no better owner in all of professional sports.

Half hour to go before gametime. I’m wearing my “rained out shirt”. I wore it Monday and friday. We will see if it is anything else when we come up to bat in the Bronx… Go White Sox…….

As far as Joe Crede goes, I’m afraid Lip is right. He Gone! I don’t see any was Joe will come back with us next year. It was fun while it lasted and I wish him nothing but the best in his future. Go Sox….. j.k.

I can’t imagine CREDE getting much of a deal from anyone that guarantees him anything. First of all, we’re speculating that he will play next year. I’m not so sure he’s not going to need more surgery. Even when he playing was playing Ozzie and crew said you could see the pain on his face. My two cents……CREDE has played his last game as a SOX. If the Angels are dumb enough to buy damaged goods, more power to them.

A bird in the hand (URIBE) is worth two in the bush (CREDE/FIELDS).

Something new has been added to MLB.TV…. I can now access the away feed as well as the usual home feed of the game. So I will be able to listen to the dulcet tones of Hawk and DJ calling the game…. Go Sox… j.k.

klein, where do i find hawk and dj?

ssafley – great comment!

I am not disagreeing with any of you guys (regarding Crede) I am certainly not saying he will be back – I just didn’t want Lip giving Joe a bad rap (as I stated in my previous post) –
Lip – not saying you said anything that wasn’t true, but the bloggers on WSI were saying some bad things about Joe after your comment – considering he is STILL a WS player, I just thought let’s keep it to a minimum while he was still a WS player and until we know the accurate story.
I don’t like to see any of the players get a bad rap – i.e. – Frank Thomas.

Alot of people are scared to go under the knife or to get anything done that could paralyze you.
When I had my 1st epidural with my first baby, they stuck me about 4 times before they got the nerve, the second baby they poked me about 10 times, when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd, I cried because I did not want to go through that again – I vowed I would never get another epidural shot again – and I didn’t – I had her naturally-w/out any drugs. So, I can totally relate to Joe about not wanting to have surgery – some people (alot of Chiropractors) tell you there’s an alternative to having surgery, that’s what Joe did, and it didn’t work – as with me it didn’t work – I don’t think I will ever have surgery –

I will be more then fine with Uribe at 3rd!

Enough of that- let’s get to the game!

Come White Sox!!


i keep losing my sound all together

Speaking of managers getting fired – on Fox (I think) during the rain delay last week – they were talking about Managers in trouble – they mentioned Ozzie. Not really sure why- he’s been in 1st place just about all season – not to mention the fact that I don’t think he would ever get fired. Someone explain?


The Premium package for mlb.tv now has icons for the home as well as the road teams. If you have premium, just click on the icon for chicago sports net and viola… Go Sox … j.k.

Hi, Kris, JK, Jen, MariE, and anyone else out there. How are things today, Kris?

Despite that at-bat, AJ is my pick to click tonight. He’s due.

Go White Sox!

Not looking good – we know what happens when Buehrle gets rocked – he doesn’t usually pull out of it – let’s hope he does this time!

Hi Maria!

Mark will be ok, as long as we get him some runs off this guy. He pitched very well against the Angels his last time out, so he’s due to fall apart this time…. Go White Sox… j.k.

You need the premium package to access the away broadcast, which if I remember correctly, Kris does not have. I was losing sound too on the YES broadcast, so I switched over to ours.

hawk and dj have to remember that Pasqua was terrible though

Dan Pasqua was NOT my pick to click…. I am pleased the way DJ is interacting with Hawk. It’s like he’s taunting him…. I caught a whale on a ten pound test line in response to Hawks comment about the Mick hitting a HR about 700 feet… Go Sox… j.k.

Who is this masked man??? Way to go Dewayne …. Go Sox … j.k.

There you go… Good job Mark getting out of a jam, and a nice play by OC….. go Sox… j.k.

Hi all, I’m back. . scam, you’re right, I don’t have the premium package, no biggie. . . had to go again for a bit, this turning crap off to do other stuff is already gettin on my nerves, 3 hrs in line for gas for the generator today . . thank god the weather is in the low 80’s with little to no humidity and 50’s at night, truly truly a blessing from above! Sunburn but fed and clean, so many have it so much worse.

Come on boys, win win win, that’s all I really need is a win . .

As far as all the Crede chat, hate to seem him go but life goes on and frankly, if he’s ‘hard to deal with during medical issues’ than let someone else deal with him. I love him to death but Uribe . . . always has been my one of my favorites too…. guess we’ll see what happens in the next some odd months. Like the Hawk and DJ pairing too but the new stuff well, I’ll get used to it as well . . . I once heard they didn’t get along fantastically, was hard getting used to DJ when Paciorek left so, life goes on.

A lot this weekend has changed my perspective on things and frankly, baseball isn’t everything, top 5 maybe, but definitely not everything… I know I know, I’m maudlin tonight, sorry if I’m too feminine for some . . . still love my boys though GO SOX!!!!!

what the hell kind of run down was that?

A typical White Sox one. (Sorry.)

God I hope PK’s knee is better. I’ve seen about all I can take with Swisher playing first. Most high school kids make that a routine play……ARRRGGGHHH.

We got a break, BIG time with that double play…. FUNDAMENTALS is something we need to work on…. When is your power coming back on Kris?…. Hi Maria…. Go Sox… j.k.

Hi, John. Yes, we need to have a Baseball 101 session when the boys get down to Tucson (or Glendale?) in the spring. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late to address it for ’08. Speaking of spring training, Cowley reported that the Sox presented a package to the Tucson powers-that-be regarding a replacement at TEP. Hmmm…

my daughter called her friend who’s father works for the utility company, entergy, and he was in louisiana helping them after gustav now he’s back here . . she said he said, about 2 weeks. . . during rita they were out 6 days so it’s just a waiting game I guess. Coolest thing today, while waiting in line, we say probably 60 or more trucks, energy and tree clean up trucks roll thru town, police escorted, it was like ‘the calvary has arrived. Their plates were from Georgia, Michigan and Indiana, from what we could read. Made ya feel could that people are coming in to help. We were all cheering for em.

I thought Swisher was always pretty good at fielding, what’s going on with him. What position did he play in Oakland, I thought it was first?

Mark at 100 pitches already… I was hoping he’d go for 8 tonight… Maybe he still will. We need a couple of runs.. Go Sox… j.k.

I didn’t hear anything here in tucson re: the Sox having a replacement for them… Who is it???? Go Sox… j.k.

That was too quick…. Need to hold them again Mark… Go Sox…. j.k.

The report wasn’t specific. It only referred to “a baseball academy”.

im pretty sure that Swish played left out in oakland. Man do we need to start hitting the ball.

I don’t have any clue where he played . . . gtg again….. piss I hate this!

JK: Read this from Saturday’s Tucson Citizen: http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/frontpage/96625.php Sounds similar, but again, not very specific.

Mac’s up! Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! (as I puke all over)

You know its not a good night when hawk starts getting pretty testy. My dagummit count is now on my other hand.
(its around 6)
Our bullpen needs shook up or something. Absolutely horrible guys.

PK is suppose to play tomorrow.

Funny stuff, rburt. I needed a laugh. At least Mac looked solid.


Now let’s get some runs!

Mark pitched well.. The Pen gave it up …. Sounds familiar???? We need a couple of runs again to get back into this game… It’s not over yet… Come on Guys, FIGHT… Go Sox… j.k.

Twins are still down 3-0

Yeah! That’ll light the fuse!

ok, well pump crisis averted . . . what did I miss… a lot it looks like . . .

dude, anybody see the other Sox/TB game . . . talk about bending over for it ….

whatever fuse got lit, got blowen out a little too quickly!

Yup, that’s what happens when we blow.

looks like Nick has played, center, right and first… reading his bio . . . dh’d a little bit too. Just was curious

lol. . . Maria, that just busted me up, thanks, I needed a good laugh tonight, wish it wasn’t at the expense of our blowing things but… it just struck me as funny!

Cleveland up 4-0 with bases loaded and no outs. C’mon Tribe.

Great catch, Jr!

3-0, sorry.

another chance to add a game to our lead…..BLOWN. Sad to say, another listless performance by our SOX. i really hoped when we tied it a 2, we may have a chance. Our boys look like they are asleep. I know they got in late last night, but MAN UP already….its a pennant race for crying out loud!

Say What??? Mac got out of trouble????? Way to go Mac!!!! Now all we have to do is get a couple of runs off Mariano……… Go Tribe…. j.k.

Tomorrow everyone……… Go Sox ’08…..j.k.

Poor bullpen plus no offense equals a White Sox loser.

blah . . . what a sucky game to top off the already relatively sucky day . . . somebody tell me I can come home 😦

At least we didn’t lose a game on the Twins.

Good job Cleveland…. Go Tribe…. NOW…. tomorrow evreyone… j.k.

Well thank you, Cleveland. I hate that our good news comes from someone else winning and not us.

another bullpen failure….i cannot for the life of me understand what goes thru Ozzie’s mind when he puts Wasserman in the game……we sent this guy back to AAA in the summer after he FAILED miserably. Now we insert him in a game we were battling to win. Ozzie, like the Pink Floyd song asks, “IS THERE ANYBODY IN THERE?”

Let’s face it. Other than Thornton, Jenks (okay he’s been a little shaky but he hasn’t blown any games) and occasionally Carrasco, the bullpen doesn’t leave Ozzie many options. Linebrink has not had a chance to prove he is ready again. Dotel is really scuffling. And from the left side, again except for Matt, there is virtually nothing.

I know that Buerhle threw 100+ pitches, but I’d rather have a tiring Buerhle start the seventh than a fresh Wasserman.

Right now, MacDougal has been our best reliever after the first three I mentioned. Is that scary or what?

Hawk said it right tonight. Whichever bullpen — ours or the Twins’ — performs the best in the final two weeks will determine the Central champ.

But for all the griping we can do about the bullpen tonight, the fact of the matter is we never had the lead. The bats have to come alive on the road for a change so our bullpen can absorb a few runs and still get us through.

But, thanks to Cleveland, we are one game closer to a title. Still two up in the loss column with 12 (maybe 13) to play. Despite the easier Twins’ sked, I’d still rather be up 1 1/2 right now.

TC, scary doesn’t even begin to describe it. Scarier yet is the fact we got those three games in the Horrordome and then finish with Cleveland, who’s been playing very well. Twins finish with KC at home…….

It’s another day off the schedule with the lead intact and a touch more pressure on the Twins.

Two sided coin with the bullpen. Yes, four or five of those guys don’t deserve to ever throw a meaningful pitch in the month of September for the White Sox, but who else is Ozzie going to go to?

You just wish that Kenny had somehow been able to pull off getting pitching at the deadline…he tried, but when your minor league system is a mess (they fired three managers just late last week) you don’t have a lot of chips to play poker with.

I think PK is coming back tomorrow for this reason, Swisher is now eight for his last 71.

YIKES!!!!! (paging Chone Figgins, paging Orlando Hudson…please contact Mr. Kenny Williams……..)

Mark Liptak

I’m not even thinking about the three games in Minnesota. We still have three in NY and three in KC before that.

Let’s just get tomorrow’s game and make sure we still have the 1 1/2 game cushion, if not more, for another day.

Will be nice to get Paulie’s bat back in the lineup. I like the way Wise is swinging the bat and the way Junior is hitting. Now we just need to put together a big inning on the road for a change.

Ozzie’s cavalcade of corkscrew bullpen sucked grapefruits again. Ehren Wasserman and Ramirez are worse than some little leaguers. This situation needs to be rectified or we will not make the postseason.

H. Ramirez is okay if used in spots. Like one left-handed batter. Wasserman, too, can be effective if he faces just one hitter that might have problems with his funky windup. But to start an inning with either one is a real adventure.

But what is Ozzie to do? He can’t use Thornton every night.

The only answer is 7 or 8 innings each night out of his starters. And that is not going to happen.

We are not alone. Look at the putrid Mets’ bullpen. And the Brewers. And, lately, the Twins. Bullpens in September races will drive any manager to drink.

The best solution of all???? Hit the damn ball and score runs in bunches for the next 10-12 days. That will get us in the tourney.

Hi Kris, glad you are hanging in there without power! To answer your question, Nick Swisher played left field, center field, and first base, and also a bit of DH in Oakland. He was a decent left fielder, not nearly fast enough for center field, and never impressed me at first base. I also watched his hitting go downhill for the past 4 or so seasons in Oakland. All that adds up to the reason I was not a thrilled when the trade was announced, and I’m no more thrilled today than I was in the spring. That is *not* a knock on Swisher personally. As I said before, he brings a lot of energy to the clubhouse, but the Sox need production on the field, and he’s been sadly lacking that.

Mark, thanks for the “glass half-full” take on the Sox situation. The bullpen seems to always send my stomach into the spin cycle, but I guess other bullpens are no better. I hope maybe our starters can go deeper into the games, and we won’t need to see so much shaky bullpen action.

Finally, everyone who says scoring more runs would help is right – we saw that last night, didn’t we?

It is truly amazing how much better teams are when they score a lot of runs, isn’t it????

What a novel idea???

As anyone would tell you, though, easier said than done.

You just mentioned three other teams that are not very good either and will likely be 3 and out come october if there is an october. I don’t want to be mentioned in the same category as the Mets, Brewers and Twins. It is very very unrealistic to believe they will score so many runs that it doesn’t matter who the bullpen is. It isn’t like they are the Tribe of the mid 90s with Belle, Ramirez, Thome, Murray, Lofton, Alomar….. and even that team had Jose Mesa and they still never won. The bullpen needs to step up. Thornton has looked ok but has also had bad stretches this season. Carrasco has NOT looked good the last bunch of outings he has had, Linebrink has not been good since June, Dotel gives up too many homers and Jenks has been pretty mediocre lately. Everybody else should not even be in the Major Leagues let alone being a bullpen member for a contender. It is pretty embarrassing really. You can’t even necessarily blame Ozzie even though I would have liked to choke him after he pulled Buehrle too early tonight. The starters will not go 9 from here on out. Someone in that pen needs to be able to be counted on. Problem is they all suck

MLB Gameday Problems…I just got a new laptop at work and all I get is a white screen…PLEASE HELP ME


TC, as always you make good points. You are correct in that we cannot use Thornton, or anyone, night in and night out. But here’s the point and the reason I’m coming down so hard on Ozzie……

if I were the manager, I would play the hot hand until they weren’t. That’s not happening now. What’s happening now is Ozzie and Cooper look in their little book and go, “ok, who’s turn is it now?”. That’s the wrong approach and its why we see guys like Wasserman being paraded to the mound when he has NO business being there and its why we are losing games we should be winning.

So if it’s me, and Thornton got me out of a jam last night, I’d put him in again tonight to fix another jam. Better to do that than put someone in you know is going to fail. I mean, if someone like Wasserman comes in and walks the first batter and gives up a hit, Ozzie’s gonna end up with someone else anyway. There doesn’t seem to be any logic applied to who goes up there and their should be. And if we think back, at one point early in the year, the entire bullpen looked pretty damn good. They all did well. then, one by one, they started having issues. logan first, then mcdougal, you get the picture. The other thing to do is let your starters go another inning. but that’s too easy a solution, too.

Sox Blog brings up some valid points and that has always been my biggest issue with Ozzie, he simply relies on that garbage “match-up” horsedung that he learned from Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox.

Pitchers should be able to get ANYBODY out, it shouldn’t matter if they are left handed or right handed. You’re a pitcher, get the guy out…period.

Ozzie out-thinks himself at times and it costs games (i.e. pulling a starter who is cruising or removing a relief pitcher who got the first two out in an inning because the next hitter is from the opposite side of what his pitcher throws…)

All this does is NEEDLESSLY wear down the bullpen because instead of getting through a game using two pitchers, Ozzies used four or five…then he’s screwed for the next night. Plus you have to factor in the number of times relief guys have to warm up under him, those are still pitches folks, even though they aren’t thrown in anger during a game.

Stop “babying” these guys, they are major league pitchers. They should be able to get out left handers, right handers and if ever their are alien players with four arms those guys too!

Mark Liptak

JK: Here’s a little more information on the Sox possible move out of Tucson. It’s from today’s Daily Herald. Disregard the headline; the update begins with the 4th paragraph “Bye, bye Tucson…”. Maybe Scott can tell us more since he’s referenced in the article. http://www.dailyherald.com/story/?id=235187

Thanks Maria, that pretty much mirrors the news item from a couple days ago on the top of this hope page. The bottom line is that the Sox are history in Tucson (I’m not surprised in the least), and after the D-Backs and the Rockies leave town, there will be NO spring training in tucson…. To me that’s incomprehensible! The Tucson metro area has close to a million people. There has to be more than ONE baseball fan here.

From the So you want to move to Tucson department: The city of Tucson and Pima County continually go the route of low or no growth, and have for years. The minor league affiliate of the D-Backs, the Sidewinders have played their last game here. They will be in Reno next year. This continues to be a small town college atmosphere city and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Yes the weather’s great. But if you don’t play golf or have some other outside activity, there isn’t really anything to do but go to the movies ( and who can afford that these days?).

We need a win tonight in the Bronx. The Twins with Liriano will win against the indians rookie pitcher, So we need to step it up and get a good performance from Gavin. Also from OC, AJ, JD, Thome, Jr, Alexei and Paulie…. Go Sox… j.k.

One more thought on the Sox leaving the Tucson area. The outer fields at the TEP complex are having lights installed. To me that means this is a done deal…. Poor klein, no more spring training locally…… It was a marvelous 10 years though….. Go Sox ’08… j.k.


I saw a report where Lee is going for Cleveland, is that wrong?

I know a rookie went six innings for them last night.

Mark Liptak

Let me put this as delicately as possible…


They are getting to be the Ivory Soap of baseball… 99 and 44/100th per cent… BAD…

I can’t even trust Manchild to close a game without drama…

Ozzie is talking about shaking up his bullpen… I think that that should be more properly addressed at the end of the season… whether that be the 28th or 29th of September, or the second or third or fourth week (optimist) of October…

Despite kenwo’s man love for Damaso Marte, the former WS turned Pirate turned Yankee niow has a successor in the “tightened sphincter” category…

Now we all know why Octavio Dotel is no longer a Royal or an Astro, in addition to no longer being a closer… He is no better than a “first three months of the season” specialist…

But Ozzie CONTINUES to listen to Cooper, who tells him that Dotel can still do it… Then, when Ozzie brings Dotel in, Cooper is sitting in the dugout fingering his rosary beads…

Dotel and Logan need to be jettisoned IMMEDIATELY upon the completion of the season…because they are flat-out TERRIBLE…

Even “Space Mountain” Mac Dougal has been more reliable since his recall…

The only way to fix this problem? The way that we all know WON’T be done… which is to let the starters, good or bad, go at least 7 innings… that is just not done in MLB anymore…

That kind of strategy is “old school”… and “old school” is closed…


I agree with your view of Logan. He is not tough enough to handle the late-innings role at this time. But, he’s a left so I would hesitate to jettison him since lefties are so hard to find.

Dotel is another story. He still has good stuff. He just doesn’t know when to use it. I don’t trust him right now either. But relievers are the flakiest of all athletes. Even more so than placekickers. You never know which way the reliever is going to go. Look at how good Cotts and Politte were in ’05. Where are they now????

You may have no faith in the bullpen but it is what we have and we just have to hope that collectively they will “man up” and get the job done.

I know Ozzie is concerned about his starters holding up in the last two weeks with some of them throwing on short rest. But Buerhle should have started the seventh last night. And then Linebrink should have come in for the eighth. Etc., etc.

The idea of going with the hot hand is fine with hitters but with relievers you have to remember that not all of them can bounce back and be effective two or three days in a row. And Liptak makes a good point about warming them up every day. With the way that the pen has performed, Ozzie may have to abandon his matchups and go with the same guy for a full inning. We need to maximize the effectiveness of Thornton and Jenks and use Carrasco wisely as well. And Macdougal seems to have some confidence right now so let’s take advantage of that.

There are less than two weeks to play. We have to find a way to win with what we have.

As far as the Tribe-Twins probables, Lee is scheduled for Wednesday, but against Baker who has been one of the Twins’ better starters. With Liriano going tonight, the Twins may get a win before having to face Lee.

But, like Ozzie said, we have to win our own games once in a while. How about starting with tonight????

A win tonight would be just dandy! So, let’s do it….. Pitch well Gavin, and go Sox…… j.k.

Yes, a win tonight would be just dandy! Are we getting the Yankees feed since we are looking at all the Yankee celebrity fans? Hold ’em Gavin.

I like the way Gavin has been able to get out of trouble the past few starts. He made the Yankees look like us! Runners on first and second no outs and NO SCORE… Way to go Gavin… Pick him up Boys….. j.k.

Hi Molly, nice to have you with me (us) tonight….. Go Sox… j.k.

I’m here, too. C’mon Sox! Get the W!

Another good job by Gavin… Let’s get him a run or two, just for the hell of it… What do you say?? Go Sox… j.k.

Well, hello Maria….. j.k.

Well, we got that first run and now followed by a base hit. Let’s keep those runs coming. With our bullpen we can’t have enough runs on the board.

Way to go Alexei… There’s your run Gavin… Go Sox.. j.k.

Now we need to start over again. Once again, good job by Gavin to minimize the damage… Go Offense,,, Go Sox.. j.k.

How important to score after giving up a run. So nice to see Brian, Paulie, and Jr. hitting and more important scoring.

Hawk just said Cleveland leading the Twins 6-1. Go Indians (at least for tonight)

I sure hope we don’t regret leaving the bases loaded. Keep up the good work Gavin.

Could have been a lot more, but three runs is a very good beginning… When was the last time we had a blow-out anyway??? Keep throwing well, Gavin…Go Sox… j.k.

Just heard from Kris in TX who is without power tonight. She asked me to pass along a “Keep it going, boys!” from her.

I second that!

Thanks Maria, for the info. We all miss Kris. The least we can do for her is to win this game… up 4-2, with more to come agains Pettit… Go Sox.. j.k.

You have to hold them down, Gavin…. Go Gavin… Go Sox.. j.k.

This is nice…8-1 Cleveland in the fourth… yes…

Nice! While you’re at it Giambi, why not box up that MVP trophy and ship it to its rightful owner, you juicer.

Wow what a job by Gavin. A few more runs would elevate the comfort level. Go Sox

Wow!!! what an AB for Giambi,,,,, But Gavin was just a little bit better… YES!!!! Very nicely done, Big G……Go Sox… j.k.

Nice job too by OC to save a run… j.k.

UhOh,,, 8-5 Indians now in the 5th…. Hold on Tribe…. jk

3 up 3 down. That a way Gavin. Go Sox. Go Indians

Atta Boy Gavin…. Very nice….. One or two more runs please? …. Go Sox. j.k.

Too bad Jerry Owens had such a bad inning. His bad bunt and base stealing cost us a run.

Thanks to Brian we did get another run. I sure wish he played more. I would hate to see him playing for another team. And besides he’s so cute!

Way to go BA….. Up by 3 now… Keep chunkin’ Big G… Go Sox… j.k.

8-7 now in the top of the 6th……..Looks like the Twins “may” come back, but of course I hope not… come on Tribe, make some outs…. j.k.

So at what point does Ozzie go to the bullpen? And when he does who will get the call?

come on cleveland – hold on!

Hey-hey… Ozzie leaves Big G in and he does the job…. Thank you Gavin for another really good job pitching…. Go Sox, Another Run???? j.k.

Yes!!! Juan…… NOW will the GOOD Sox pen please show up…… Go Sox… j.k.

Hi everyone! I’m following the action on Gameday. So far, so good. Please could we have Gavin come out for the 8th inning? There is really no one in the bullpen I want to see right now.

Sorry Kris can’t be with us tonite, guess it’s gonna be awhile before those folks in Texas get power.

Let’s win this one for her!

Please Matt No Drama. We want 3 up 3 down. Easy inning.

What can I say about Juan Uribe? An important walk, an important double, and a great dive/throw for an out. Hold ‘me Matt

Nice job Matt, and a wonderful grab by Juan….. Joe who?…. Keep up the pressure Boys…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Indians got out of a bases loaded one out situation and din’t allow a run…. Way to go, Tribe… j.k. Bottom of 7 now…

Please, oh please no bottom of the 9th drama. I assume we’ll see Bobby in to put this game to bed.

OK Bobby, predend it’s only a one run lead…. You can do it…… EASILY please????? Go Sox… j.k.

this ball game is over SOX WIN, SOX WIN. Better yet no drama! help us out Cleveland.

Yeah!!!! let’s hear it for NO DRAMA!!!!! Way to go Sox… One more W in the Bronx tomorrow hopefully….. Go Sox. and Go Broadway………..j.k.

Looks like Cleveland is trying really hard to blow the game. 8-8 now.

Fun fact, since Nick Swisher just struck out looking – again.

Just watched an interview on my local TV with Billy Beane. He was asked what was his hardest trade. His answer? Nick Swisher.

Thought you might enjoy that!

I certainly enjoyed the win – way to go , Bobby!

Nice game boys. How’s about we do it again tomorrow – same time, same place?

Come on Indians, with all your fans and all of us pulling for you, you have to get a W tonight!

9-8 Minnesota.

9-8 Twins now in the 8th…. 8 walks for cleveland pitching… Ouch… j.k.

Bases loaded, two outs, pitching change…. Cleveland was just teasing us….. j.k.

9-8 going to the bottom of the 8th…. Come on Tribe,,,,, All of Cleveland and 1/2 of Chicago is rooting for you, not to mention one person in tucson, one in SF, one in Tex,,,,, etc… j.k.

Right you are, JK, i’m out here rooting for the Tribe tonight!

Grady ties it!

Thank you Grady Sizemore…. #33 off the foul pole ….9-9 now in Cleveland… One more???? j.k.

Wow! A lot of Sox folks watching an Indians game…… This is better than scoreboard watching….. Game watching!!! … j.k.

I knew you were watching Peggy, Hiya,,, Scam old buddy…Go Tribe… j.k.

Hey, the Indians have tied the game again, and have only one out in the 8th as I write this.

I guess we’re waiting for some ninth inning magic by the Indians… j.k.

Let’s hope the Tribe can hold them in the ninth and that Gardenhire sends Everyday Eddie back out there to pitch the bottom half. I’d like Cleveland’s chances to get one if that happens.

Nice win tonight. I missed the entire game but liked the results.

Bottom of ninth……. Send EVERYBODY home happy…….. j.k.

A very good win. At worst they hold the lead with still another day off the slate but win or lose the Twins coming back from 7-1 down is ominous.

That’s the kind of thing that leads to well played runs. We’ll see and hope for the best…remember Broadway goes on Broadway tomorrow. Let’s hope his show doesn’t close early.

Mark Liptak

OK, Indians, time to win it in the ninth!

sometimes the words, “I told you so” just aren’t enough to describe………

was that thornton i saw in the game tonight pitching a scoreless inning? why, i thought it was logan’s turn to pitch, he’s a lefty isn’t he? give ozzie credit for once…..

nice to see PK pick up where he left off……gavin pitched a nice game…..i guess owens can’t summon his god given talent on every bunt….LOL. at least the kid can bunt.

we got a new pitcher in the line up for tomorrow’s game…..anyone know about this guy “to be determined?” i heard he has a wicked fork ball…..

Extra, extra, extra innings in Cleveland…. Too bad, but , but, but, bring it home in the tenth……j.k.

Oh boy, extra innings in Cleveland.

Bottom of ten…….. Come on Tribe, end this game now…. jk.

Top eleven… That didn’t take long….Isn’t this fun???? and only 8: 09. pm….j.k. ( for Peggy and me)..

When this evening started, I didn’t think I would be rooting for a guy named Tom Mastny to retire the side in order in the 11th in the state of Ohio.

Right, JK, I can stay awake for a whole bunch more innings.

11:18 out here. The Indians better hurry up and win it, I still have homework.

Well that was a good win. Gavin was awesome again. This guy has been money all year for the Sox… especially following a loss. That is huge…. He truly is our stopper. As far as the bullpen- they did good today but it was Thornton and Jenks. I guess our starters need to go 7 every game. Tomorrow has potential to be a big time shootout. We usually win those but the Yankees are one team that can go toe to toe…. Hopefully we take care of them and guarantee ourselves a split with Mussina going Thursday.

Here we go, bottom of the 11th – go Cleveland.

Scam – where are you at?

Hey, tc and Scam, now you know the real reason Peggy and I live out west…… Game time Baby…. Do your homework Scam.. we’ll hold the fort down for you… j.k.

Holland, Michigan. Thanks jk, I’ll read my philosophy while checking in on the game.

Think Nathan can help us out?


Thank you, Cleveland! G’nite all you westcoasters (and you too, Scam and MariE).

cleveland wins 12-9 in 12….woo hoo

Way to go, Victor Martinez! A walk-off home run to beat the Twinks!

Thank you Victor Martinez… Sox up 21/2 now….. j.k.

Nice to see the Tribe come through for us twice already with Cliff Lee still sitting there for tomorrow! Magic number- 10!

Now, get that homework done, Scam….. Tomorrow all….j.k.

G’nite, all!

OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More breathing room – I like it!

See you tomorrow!


First ever walk off home run allowed by Nathan in all those years.


This could prove to be very interesting. Lee tomorrow then four at Tampa, fighting for their lives, for the division. Could the Twins lose three or four of the next five games?

If nothing else that would make things a little easier for the Sox heading into the House of Horrors.

Mark Liptak

My God! The news is even better!!!!!!!!!!


Mark Liptak

So Mark, your fears of the Twins’ comeback from an 8-0 deficit have now turned into a real demoralizing 12-9 loss with their closer, of all people, giving up the big blast. I agree, a come-from-behind win could have jump-started them but this disheartening loss makes facing Lee tomorrow an even tougher task.

All of our moaning about our bullpen cannot even compare with the way the Twins’ fans must feel right now.

Let’s get another one tomorrow and hope that Mr. Lee gives us a little more breathing room. Nothing like sending the Twins to the Trop to face a hungry Tampa Bay team. Granted, Tampa will have no worse than the wild card all but locked up but they want that division and home field in the first round.

Can we comment about who is starting for us tomorrow? After the game, the homepage had Broadway. Now it says Richard. Who is going, and wouldn’t it have been a better idea to have known this by at least earlier today so they could prepare? Personally, I would prefer Broadway…that way he gets to prove himself vs. someone other than KC.

I like how Ozzie is handling the starting rotation setting up Vazquez, Buehrle and Floyd for the Twins series. Gotta go with our best. I love Floyd in the last game just in case we have a small losing streak as he usually stops those. I think Richard is the better choice today. Not that I think he will do well but I believe Broadway would have gotten absolutely hammered. I think they may accept this game tonight as a loss in hopes of preparing for the upcoming games which is fine with me. Hopefully Cliffy Lee dazzles the Twinkies. Who knows maybe we can beat them 15-12 or something. My buddy Coach Bill is a big Twins fan. He says their bullpen struggles started from the moment they got Everyday Eddie. He is just as disheartened with their pen as we are with ours….That is all.

Today is September 17th. If my calculations are correct, I think that SOMEONE is celebrating his 56th Birthday today.
If I am correct, than all I have to say is……………….
Happy Birthday Tom Quaid!!!!! I hope you get everything your heart desires today (like lovely Helene). And let’s top it all off with a White Sox Winner!!! It will be extremely tough today but if they pull through than that would make your day even sweeter!!! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, TQ.

Happy Birthday to you.

A big White Sox winner (and unmeasureable happiness, of course)

is my wish for you!!!

Have a really wonderful day. You deserve it!

I thought you swore off birthdays, TQ. Now you’re having another one today? Big mistake! At this rate you’ll catch up to me pretty soon, like in four years. At any rate, if you don’t change your mind and DO have a birthday today, may it be a happy one filled with health, joy and of course a White Sox Winner…. Many happy returns, OLD buddy… j.k.

Have a great birthday Tom! You sure do deserve it! Maybe our boys will get you a winner tonight and those Twinkies can be scalped by the Indians! In any event, have a great one!

Happy Birthday TQ!

Let’s hope the boys bring home a winner for you tonight.

Do you have any special plans for your big day?


Happy Birthday, TQ! Hope you get lots of love and attention from your beloved Helene and a big win from your beloved Sox!

Enjoy the day – you deserve it.


TQ, I hope the Sox give you a win on your B-Day!!!!! I’m sure beating the Yankmees would make your day. Have a good one!!

Couldn’t let this day come to an end (I know it’s only 1pm – but before I forget cuz I do that alot) without saying Happy Birthday to the BIG guy – Happy 56th TQ, hope you have a Wonderful Day!!

Go White Sox!!


Have a good day, Tom.


To all of WS Universe… Mucho thanks for the kind wishes… you folks make ole’ “Two Score and 16” (trust me, it adds up to 56…) feel very good inside…

Lady Helene gave me some very nice gifts today… with more to follow this Saturday… (THAT’S RIGHT, tc… I WON’T be in front of the box watching the boys and KC… but I will get the results later… some things are slightly more important, if you know what I mean… and if you DO, you need to go to confession IMMEDIATELY!!!… Oh, Mommy Mac… I’M A BAAAAADDDD BOY!!!)

Thanks also go to Victor Martinez and deanklub’s Tribe for hepling put a little distance between the boys and the piranhas… Joe Nathan has suddenly become human again…
as have the Twinkies… Tonight, one, two, three…here comes Mr. Lee… three, four, five… hopefully the Tribe bats STAY alive… and they send the piranhas down to get stung by those Rays… who are red-hot themselves…

All the boys need to do is just survive the next two nights in Fort Apache, the South Bronx… then come back to the Midwest, to the Truman Sports Complex, and hope that the KC’s play nice and go down quickly and quietly…

I went to retrosheet.org. to see what the WS record is on this date since 1952, when I came out…

26 and 22, with 12 dates with no game played… either not scheduled or rained out… Of course, in 1994, there was nothing on this date, because Bud Selig and “the usual gang of idiots” had shut the players out a month earlier… and in 2001, we were still a day away from resuming after the tragedy of 9/11…

However, in the last 20 seasons, the boys are 8 and 9 on this date, with 3 no games played…

So, how about it, guys?… Give me the same kind of present you gave me 25 years ago tonight… when Harold drove in “Juice” Cruz in the bottom of the 9th at the old Comiskey and the Sox went to post season for the first time since 1959… (Trivia note: the same night, Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America…)

But, Ozzie, if you do what you did last night… putting that rag arm Dotel up in the 9th alongside Manchild… I am NOT going to be very happy… AGAIN…

Thanks again for the b-day greetings… I appreciate them greatly…

I forgot to tell you… the tentative ’09 schedule is out today on whitesox.com…

Opening day is Monday, April 9 versus KC (get your hot chocolate, your hot coffee here… who’s ready for a parka or gloves and scarves?)

And the interleague part is going to be put into one compact time span from June 12 through June 28… First series, a weekend at Miller Park against the Chokers… I mean, the Brewers… NO, I MEAN the CHOKERS!!! They have done a swan dive worthy of their counterparts in falling apart at the seams, the ’07 and ’08 Mets…

After that series, three WEEKDAY games at Jurassic Park at Neverland the 16th through the 18th… Then another weekend set at the Great American Ballpark (NOT the All-American Ballpark, Farmio…) in Cincy against the Reds… (If KG Jr is still with the team, he can go pick up his mail there…I’m sure that Marty Brennaman will be MORE than happy to give it to him… LITERALLY…)

Finally the boys come back to the Cell on the 23rd to face the Dodgers, followed by the final three games, the 26th through the 28th against the Flubs…

But that is ’09… There is STILL work to do in ’08…

Starting in two hours and 20 minutes…

Don’t worry TQ. We got ya covered on Saturday. Enjoy yourself. As the saying goes, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

Now that you and Joe DiMaggio have something in common (so either I am referring to the 56-game hitting streak or the fact that your Miss Helene must bear a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe), it is only appropriate that the Sox go into the games tonight and tomorrow and whip up on Joe D’s old club.

Clayton Richard has stepped on that mound in the Stadium before. Of course, the Futures game opponent did not have Messrs. Jeter, Rodriguez, Abreu and Giambi in the lineup. But, at least that queasy feeling that must go through every rookie pitcher’s stomach when he first steps on the mound that Whitey Ford dealt from should not be present tonight.

At least I have a month or two before I start catching you again Quaid. And we’re both still a good decade below jk.


I think I’m one of the last to do so, but Happy B-day TQ! Let’s get them early tonight, with a bow on top…

TC…. Of course you know this means WAR!!!! A decade indeed…… Nice reference to Joe D and Marilyn though……

As far as baseball in concerned, I hope that Clayton can keep his composure and throw strikes. Our defense has been good lately, so make them hit the ball ( as long as it stays in the yard) and he’ll be fine….. 11/2 hours to go to game time…. Go Sox ’08 version….. j.k.


Let me re-phrase that ever-so-slightly.

We are not a decade APART, but in DIFFERENT decades.

Just tell Clayton to let them hit it in the air to center and on the ground to any of our infielders and he’ll do just fine. See, it’s as easy as that.

OK, tc, all is forgiven…go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Hopefully we have our hittin’ shoes on as i think this is going to be a looooooooooooong high scoring game.

Hah DJ has been great lately. That comment about Richard picking his nose was great. Nice shot Orlando. Way to start

Game on. Oh for a hit Paulie. This team has struggled getting runs to cross the plate in these situations.

Yeah!!! Clayton threw to first and recorded an OUT!! Nice pitch to enduce the DP, and a good grab starting it by Juan…. Hughes threw a lot of pitches that first inning, make him do it again… Go Sox… j.k.

No score, but we did make Hughes throw 56 pitches in just two innings… That’s good. Hold ’em Clayton…. Go Sox.. j.k.

That’s good pitching, Clayton… Now is the time to get to Hughes, Boys… Go To it…. Go Sox… j.k.

So far so good with Clayton. If he can just hold ’em long enought our bats will get hot. Yes Hughes has thrown a lot of pitches for 2 innings. Give our hitters some time to figure this kid out.

So far, so good – now let’s get some runs to celebrate TQ’s BD.

One- Oh Sox….. And done without the aid of a hit after OC lead off with a double… Good job, Offense… Go Defense and Clayton… j.k.

Oh, yeah! Now let’s get more runs…

Pitch count is 71 for Hughes and 26 for Clayton after 3.

I feel some runs coming. Let’s go boys. Give Clayton some more run support

Alright, We need you Clayton. Keep up the good work….. j.k.

I hate to see wasted opportunities. And it’s a heck of a tall order to expect Richard to pitch a shutout of the Yanks in their house.

If Hughes is still in the game ( which I hope he is) the Sox are primed to do some damage this inning… Come on Guys, Give the “old” man a nice BD present… Go Sox ’08….j.k.

OK Clayton we are counting on you to hold these guys scoreless.

That was quick… Keep doing your thing Clayton…..j.k.

Kudos to Cleveland for hanging in against the Twins. Come on Indians. Go Clayton. Go Sox

Gotta say, I’m impressed with Clayton Richard so far!

Hafner hit his first home run since May 16th.

Another good job, Clayton… Nicely done… O.K. Guys, time to regroup and get a plan for the Yankee pen… Go Sox. ’08…j.k.

Quick inning once again…. You are the Man, Clayton… Go Sox…j.k.

Yeah! Clayton!! another very good job… Runs, Boys, runs… Go Sox..j.k.

What a class act tonight – Hawk is totally right – AJ has just been a steady guide for Clayton tonight. I just hope the offense can put some runs on the board. That a boy Clayton.

Opportunity is knocking with JR on second. Great news about Carlos.

Hey, Great news about Q…. Don’t come back too quick, but if he can play even at 75%, there is a definate advantage White Sox… Go,go,go..j.k.

A good chance, but no cigar…. Go Clayton.. One more inning….. Go Sox..j.k.

4-2 Cleveland now in the 5th… Go Lee…..j.k.

Hi, JK! I want to see *three *more innings from Clayton, if he keeps on keepin’ on. I mean, who would you want to see from our bullpen, anyway?

Clayton did his job now this offense needs to pick up Clayton

I was out, what did they say about TCQ?

That’s too bad. Clayton was pitching great….. I’m glad Ozzie left him in, but the hit to tie the game, and then another hit by Cano…. We need the bulllpen to step up this game……. Go Sox..j.k.

Q was evaluated and will rejoin our team in kc… j.k.

Why Mac Dougal, Ozzie, can you just not stand to win two games in a row?

Well Peggy, I don’t think McDougal was the one to see from the bullpen. That wild pitch could turn out to be costly. Come on offense – give Gavin some run support.

Mercy!!! 2-1 Yankees on a wild pitch… UGH!! Come on Boys, don’t let this one get away, you’ve played too well so far…Go Sox..j.k.

Mac has been our best righty out of the pen. Can’t fault Ozzie on that one.

That was a wild pitch, but damn it AJ has to get a glove on that ball!!!

Mac has been our best righty out of the pen lately. I’d still rather see Thornton despite the right-handed hitter but with a tie game the dynamics change. Had it been 1-0, Ozzie may have done something different.

******* jagoffs can’t get a hit to save their souls. Hopefully the Indians hang on. If Richard only gives up 2 runs you have to win that game and the offense disappeared. Now if we hold it here we will have to get Mariano. I think I have better chances getting Jessica Alba.

Well, you’re not going to win very many games scoring only one run. Let’s hold them and see if we can get lucky against Rivera.

We need to hold them and then we can get to Mariano… Go Sox… j.k.

Why doesn’t hawk shut the **** up about the Twins game for god sake. I’m not watching that game, no need for the play by play of the bad news.

Well there goes the game. Great job by Linebrink ::rolls eyes:: we were better off when this goof was on the disabled list. shoulda just left macdougal pitch.


My question stands – when do you ever want to see anyone , besides Bobby or Matt, from our bullpen?

Worst bullpen in baseball?

Maybe mariano won’t be in the game and we can score some runs…hahahahahahahahahahah…. How things change so quickly… We were up 1-0 and the indians were up 4-2…. And now…….. Well , Go Javy, go…j.k.

And Cliff Lee is out of the game. The best he can do is a no decision….. that’s why you play the game. On paper, there was no contest, but as we see….. Go Sox… j.k.

Its not the worst bullpen in baseball for god sake. Have you seen some of the NL teams? Maybe the worst for this month

Too bad, our guys wasted a great performance by Clayton Richard. We’ll have to try again tomorrow, and meanwhile, hope the Indians can beat the Twinks again.

Well I figured we would lose but since we were leading and in it for most of the game it sort of hurts. I thought the score would be 12-10 or something….. eh not the worst thing in the world. I thought we would lose 3/4. Maybe we can beat Mussina tomorrow. We saved our runs we should have scored tonight that is for sure.

6-4 Indians going to the eighth…. I’m proud of you kenwo. Instead of ripping our pen and players for what they didn’t do, you showed restraint and a lot of maturity. Good comments, I have a newfound respect for you… Keep it up, and Go Sox… j.k.

Come on Cleveland pen. Be stronger than ours has been.

Richard showed us a promising future tonight. That’s the positive to take out of this game.

Maybe the Tribe can give us another positive.

Mussina is tough but Javy has been real strong lately.

The Indians text message poll has the White Sox winning the Central over the Twins, 60% to 40%… Thank you Cleveland, I think you’re right…. Go Sox..j.k.

This is getting redundant, but thank you Cleveland!

Indians win… Our magic number just went down to single digits….. Go Sox, Beat Mussina. Go Tampa, beat the Twins…… j.k.

God bless the Cleveland Indians. I never thought I would utter those words.

At least TQ got one game closer to a title on his birthday, even with a loss in the Bronx.

The tribe went to serious work this week. Outstanding. Now hopefully the Devil Rays will do the same. It is a shame that we have to count on other teams to get us in but I guess thats how it is going to be.

This coming weekend is the only time in the remaining three series that we have the perceived edge on the Twins.

Of course, it is just our luck that KC decided to go on a 5-game winning streak (or is it six?) just before we come to town.


White Sox luck is pretty remarkable isn’t it?


This and that:

Mixed feelings tonight. Yes the magic number is down to #9 and yes the Sox won’t get swept in New York but it’s still very bothersome that with everything on the line, the Sox looked totally inept yet again against a young pitcher who was so bad earlier this season, the Yankees shipped his read end back to the minor leagues.

Typical White Sox to get dominated by two rookie pitchers and yet they can beat Andy Pettite.

The more I think about Greg Walker’s comments this weekend, the more I think there is real substance to them and how the Sox can let that go on is totally beyond my understanding.

As bad as the Twins are playing, remember this (you can bet they are being told the same thing every single night by the manager) all they have to do is keep it within three games and they have a reasonable chance to still win the thing. As one local scribe wrote yesterday or Monday the Metrodome is where Sox post season hopes go to die.

Back to tonight…the hitting had chances, couldn’t get it done… Ol’ MacDoogle showed what everyone thought he was and Linebrink STILL isn’t “right.” (Ya gotta love modern medicine eh? Two months and they still can’t pinpoint what’s wrong and develop a treatment to actually fix the tendinitis…)

At least it’s another day off the schedule. That’s the positive. Ten games remaining, Sox need to win six to hit the 90 mark and win this thing. The K.C. series is crucial, you MUST get two games there, no excuses and really put the screws to the Twins who could lose three of four to Tampa.

Mark Liptak

I’m sure this sounds crazy, but I feel better about our chances to win 2 out of 3 in Minnesota than I do to win 2 of 3 in KC.

Why? Because baseball is so unpredictable. Who would have thought that the Twins would lose 16 of 24 and that their bullpen would implode like it has? Who would have predicted Tampa Bay to win the East — which they may very well still do — or at the minimum get the wild card?

I’m not looking ahead beyond tomorrow night. I have neough problems in my own life. I don’t need to try to figure out baseball as well.


I’m fortunate then in that my problems are such that I CAN look ahead. (and frankly even if I had serious family or personal problems I’d look ahead anyway! LOL- I mean this is BASEBALL!)

No question, I’d never have thought the Twins would lose 16 of 24 (thank you God…) but then I also didn’t think the Sox would lose 14 of 25 (since August 22nd) and be hammered by injuries.

Mark Liptak

5-5. That’s all we need to do to get in to the playoffs. If we go 5-5 the Twins will need to go 8-2 to finish in order to force a playoff. This season is OURS to win. All we have to do is play smart ball and not make too many mistakes.

The way the Twins are playing right now is OUR best chance to make the playoffs. Like Lip said, this coming weekend we finally have the advantage in the schedule. Almost incredibly, the Twins have put us where we want to be. But we must be cautious about being too happy and not take anything for granted. We haven’t won anything until our magic number is zero.

I expect the Rays to win three from the Twins, BUT you never know, so we need to take care of business, and that starts tomorrow night in the Bronx with a Win against Mussina and the Yankees… Go White Sox…. j.k.

If Macdougal throws one more pitch for the White Sox, just one, someone should be fired. Cut this guy now, right now. Cut him yesterday and take the hit from his contract. Not that they have any other options. But get him out!

If y9u feel that way about MacDougal, then the only two relievers who should stay on our staff are Jenks and Thornton.

I am no MacDougal fan and I was fed up with him both last year and earlier this year too. But in the last two weeks, he has been effective. Yes, he threw a bad pitch at a bad time last night but at least it wasn’t a three-run home like Dotel has been giving up lately. Or the two-run homer that Linebrink gave up in the next inning.

Since Linebrink is not back to form and Dotel is scuffling, we need MacDougal.

Did I really just type those words????? Baseball is a very strange game.

I understand we have no one else. At this point, I really don’t care. Not sure which Macdougal you were watching the last few weeks, but “effective” is not how I would describe him. He and Horacio should be cut instantly.

The Sox magic number is 9. So, I think the Sox need to win 6 of the last 11. If the Twinkies lose 3 or more, the Sox should win the divison.

Does anyone out there wonder anymore why I gave Mac Dougal the nickname of “Space Mountain”?… Because that is a roller coaster at Disneyland and Disney World… and his pitching style (???) is much the same…

I don’t know what Hawk and DJ were saying last night about the “pen from Hell”, but Farmer and Stone were openly critical of it on the radio… calling it “terrible”, “atrocious”… and if anyone knows about pitching, both starting and relief, it’s those two…

Tonight, the way this bass-ackwards season has gone, they will probably handle Mussina like a BP pitcher, while Vazquez will have another outstanding outing…

WS Universe can turn their attention and their good thoughts down to the Florida Juice Box the next four games… the Rays can smell the blood of a division title, and they want to taste it (that’s a lovely way of putting it, isn’t it?)… The piranhas are in their way… and Tampa doesn’t want to waste any more time…

As to TCQ… DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do ANYTHING to mess up his future… Patience can be a virtue, especially with the hands of a hitter…

If they are so damned much in a hurry to get Carlos back in the lineup, they could suffer long term by rushing him back in before he’s ready… even if he thinks he is himself…

One last thing… I do not know what my fingers were typing when I mentioned the ’09 opener against KC… It is going to be Monday, April 6… NOT April 9th…

But that is a long way away… There are other, more important, fish to fry beforehand…

Speaking of the 09 sched, did you notice Tom, that the last games of the season are in October? What’s with the regular season lasting into October?

I believe that MLB wanted to prevent some of the bad weather in early april from affecting the games. Notice too that the season starts in the second week april insead of the last week of march like this year. I know it messes with the whole October=postseason mentality, but fans know how bad it can be sitting out in the cold and snow for those early games.

Isn’t it fairly cold in October as well?

I can’t really recall snow in October (especially early October) I can recall snow in late March, early April. It has been not too cold in October these days, March – April has been terribly cold.


The reason for the later start is because of the abomination known as the World Baseball Classic, an opportunity for star players to get hurt in a meaningless exhibition game that they have to play in and go full boar in.

Pitchers instead of taking time off in the winter are forced to start throwing earlier and then in the spring start working on their full assortment of pitches earlier to be ready to get hitters out in this goofy Proud To Be Your Bud concoction.

Last I heard most of the Sox players, if not all, were going to stay away from it. Thank God. I think I read where Vazquez said he was going to pass on it this time around.

Mark Liptak

It’s definitely cold in October, just as it is in April. Maybe not snow, but it’s cold. Also, this will mean that the World Series will last into November. Another bad move by Bud. If he wanted to avoid snow in late March and April, then play the first week or two in warm locations. Done and done, problem solved.

Ahhh, that’s the REAL reason. Thanks Mark. Of course, another bad call for Bud. I guess I should be used to it now.

Here you go Boys and Girls – Another classic by Miss Jennifer! (I know you guys couldn’t wait for it)

Road to the World Series!


Great pics, Very nice music, your Coronation is complete…. You are the Queen Jen of White Sox Video… Nice Job!

And now I’m on to WGN for the game today…. See you all later….. Go Sox ’08….j.k.

Yes, JK, and all – even we out-of-town fans get to see this last game the Sox will play in the old Yankee Stadium!

I promise to be only positive tonight, and send much love to the bullpen. Maybe if they can feel the love, they will perform well!

Let’s go, go, go Sox, and win this one! On to the postseason!


Well, everyone gives Paulie grief about being slow, but he was just fast enough to get us our first run! YAY PAULIE – nice hustle. Let’s keep it up boys!



I will also add my kudos to Paulie. We are starting off on a positive note. Let’s hold ‘me Javy.

A lot of pitches thrown by Javy so far. A lot too by Mussina… Who will crack first? I’ll check in later ya’ll…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Here’s a thought. If Javy struggles so much against the Yankees and since he’s pitching on short rest… why not have thrown Broadway or Carrasco and save Javy for his regular spot and a W against KC? Too late now, and we’re still going to win this one, but….. Go White Sox.. j.k.

At least Tampa Bay is winning. Now we are becoming Rays fans. Please let’s see some offense.

OK, if they know that Bobby Abreu owen Javy, why don’t they just walk him when he comes up?????

Good question Marie? Will this be the last time we see Javy on 3 days rest? Who will be the first one up in the bullpen? When we will see a clutch bases loaded hit? Lot’s of questions. We just have to wait for answers.

And Mussina seems to be settling down. That’s not good…. Come on Javy, hold ’em down and come on Boys… Take this game… Go sox… j.k.

The World Baseball Classic is a device to further expand Major League Baseball (someday) into Asia, Mexico, Cuba, etc. The games may be meaningless to us but try telling that to the people in Japan, Korea, etc.

As with anything else in the corporate world of professional sports, it is done with the purpose of making money. It may not make a lot now, but it is planting the seed for much more money down the road.

As usual, it’s all about money. You can blame Selig all you want but the owners want more money revenue and they are now looking way past our borders to get it.

And the season used to always extend into October until the extra round of the playoffs was added in ’95. That is about the time that the openers got pushed into the last couple of days of March.

But that is next year. We still have a week and a half to survive and try to get into postseason play.

Finally, some one is out to talk to Javy!

For all the good talking does

1-4 … We still have a chance in this game as long as we get MIghty-Might (Abreu) out… Go Sox……j.k.

Anyone know why Ozzie chose Ramirez to pitch?

Please Lord, make it stop, another 5 innings of this?

Is there still a slaughter rule? Or was there never one in MLB?

C’mon, Sox, don’t give up – hit like crazy and win this one.

Or was the slaughter rule for Little League, I figure since the Sox are playing like they’re in the Little League, maybe they can apply the rule to them

Peggy, I think Ozzie just picked a name out of a hat, because, really with the exception of a few, they all stink. So, the name out of a hat trick was probably just a little more fun. Just my thoughts.


Well maybe some of these young kids now playing will spark the offense. We can only hope. Go Sox and Go Tampa

You walk the bases loaded after two outs and this is what you deserve to get.

Find someone to mop up this mess and try to get some good swings on the ball and some runs across the plate.

How long should Ozzie leave Ramirez in? Two on and no outs, maybe we’ll get a double play?

Hey, everybody, we need to send *love* to our bullpen, so much love they can feel it and pitch like aces.

Thank goodness that inning is over. What has happened to the bullpen? We can’t keep rooting for every team the Twins play. Let’s go Sox. We need some runs – for no other reason than to feel like we have some offense left.

I’m afraid what we need to do is send the team bus to the clubhouse, get to LaGuardia as quick as we can and get the hell out of Gotham City. Let’s get this mess tonight behind us and move to KC and try to right this ship.

All I can say is I hope WE can start hitting against KC…. With them riding a 7 game win streak, we will have our work cut out for us. If we don’t win two of three in KC, things may be ugly…. Come on Guys, wake up, get a few hits and a run or two and get ready for tomorrow…. And as always… Go Tampa…. Boy do I hate to have to say that……. Go Sox…j.k.

I stopped watching. It must be my fault for watching WGN instead of the computer. So I BEG your forgivness. At least Hawk and DJ are having fun. That was excellant watching the foul pole in left fall over after that fan “stole” some paint off it.

Good bye everybody….. Go Sox, Go tampa, Go Buehrle, Go-ing, going, gone…. j.k.

Me and a friend of mine were joking, how the Sox and Twins are trying not to make the playoffs. Seligs gonna hafta drag one of them there……

Just wonder what this game would look like if Lance had started. Unfortunately if and buts were candy and nuts . . .

Can’t look back Mollie. Even if Billy Pierce were pitching, one run for us in a full Yankee Stadium is not gonna win many games.

JK, did the foul pole really fall over? I’m in night class (damn web design keeping me away from the TV!), and I’m also extremely gullible, so you better not be lying…

True, I just wish we’d get back on track winning. On to KC for a new series.

Well, we couldn’t expect the Twins to roll over. They just tied it in the ninth and are still batting.

Looks like the offense is coming alive in the 9th. Come on Tampa helps us out.

Wonder how Ozzie feels about giving up on this game, now that the Twinks are winning?

I’m sure Ozzie hates losing it as much as anyone. How else would he feel??????? He didn’t manage the game based on what the Twins would do!!

The bullpens all over baseball are atrocious. Look at the Rays, one of the best teams in the game, and they give up 5 and still counting in the ninth. It is easy to see why Chad Bradford was available to them this summer.

And how about the Mets? Fighting for a division title and having to use 8 pitchers Wednesday night in a nine-inning game to hold off the “Mighty” Nationals.

And the biggest joke of all today, the Brewers, coughing up a 4-run lead with 2 outs an no one on in the ninth.

I love baseball but the lack of good relief pitching has taken much of the joy out of the game. There is nothing worse than watching an 11-8 game. Or watching my team blow a 7-run lead and have to win it with a late grand slam like they did on Sunday night.

And these relievers are making millions. Nice work if you can get it, huh?

I agree, tc. What looked like another game that would go our way, didn’t and now we are only 11/2 games up on the Twins. Tampa sure picked a bad time ( for us and them) to tank it. The way the Twins were playing before tonight looked like they were done. But now this win is the kind that can kick start a win streak. And THAT would NOT be good for us. Simply stated, WE must win a game and it has to be tomorrow against another “hot” team in KC.

Looking at this realistically: the Sox can/should win two of three from the Royals. The Rays can/should win two of three from the Twins. Net result if that happens is we get our 21/2 game lead heading into Minn. That leaves us up still 11/2 games and must beat Cleveland two out of three.

I’m still shaking my head after todays loss (not ours, the Rays!). Go White Sox…. j.k.

By way of explanation. I expect the Twins to win two of three from us in Minn. that puts us at 11/2 games up. Then we must win two from Cleveland to have a chance at the postseason. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Twins sweep their last series against the Royals. If that plays out we must beat Detroit on Monday to avoid a playoff game with the Twins….. Still too much stuff to ponder, and I’m out of beer….. Go Sox.

Go White Sox…

Go Chicago White Sox…

Go Chicago White Sox ’08….

That’s the best I can do…. j.k.

Awful effort. Simply garbage.

Ozzie said it himself…”horrible.”

Biggest win of the year by the Twins, it may have saved their season. This race is far from over. We’ll see how the Sox respond in Kansas City with the House of Horrors looming ever closer over the horizon.

Mark Liptak

By the numbers:

In September 6-8.

11th in the AL in runs scored.

12th in hits.

12th in batting average with a .250 BA.

Last in OBP.

13th in OPS.

Sounds like 2003 and 2006 all over again.

Mark Liptak


Those numbers were before Thursday night’s desultory effort.

Mark Liptak

Obviously I’m cracking under the stress. The Sox are 7-9 in September.

Mark Liptak

Not very encouraging news there Lip. Those stats make it look very doubtful that we will make it into the playoffs. 2003 & 2006. We keep hearing those years repeatedly from you. This season may well turn our to be another statistic and you can add them to your arsenal for future years of scuffling.

I still insist that this team is not the 2003 nor the 2006 White Sox, and I for one will support them until the end, be it either bitter or soaring. There is still too many games to be played to throw in the towel just yet, and oh yeah, we still somehow are in first place.

The Twins win is assuredly huge for them, and may be a game that ignites them on to the title. But they still have to play the second best team in the American league three more times. I don’t see how they will win more than one of the remaining games. But if they do, we still have the edge so long as we take two from KC.

You have long said that this season will come down to those three games in Minn. and it looks like you may be right. Only time will tell. I’m going to be rooting for the Sox to manage to pull this season out and be in the playoffs.

That’s all I’m going to say about that…. except… Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Work and school have kept me too busy to post, but I’m still following things. The Twins have been trying to give this thing to us and we can’t seem to capitalize. I am fearful of their victory last night. The odds seem to be in our favor with a series in KC and them in Tampa, but that win last night with our loss–I hope that isn’t the one we look back at and say that is where we lost it. I really don’t want to see it come down to the series in Minnesota. That is NOT in our favor. I’m keeping the faith, but we need to step it up NOW. Our destiny is in our hands. First is ours to lose. Let’s go guys!! We can do this!! All we have to do is get in the playoffs and anything can happen. Keep the faith gang!!!

Hey Scott how about a new post – maybe it’ll shake up the mojo!

Wonderful post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

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