Crunch Time

Friday, September 19, 2008


It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  (To poorly copy Dickens).

My stress level is very high … but of course there’s no need to tell Sox fans that.

We are 1.5 games ahead with nine (maybe 10) to play.  On April 1, we all would have taken those odds.  According to Baseball Prospectus, we wake up today with a 78 percent chance to win our division, down 10 percent from yesterday due to the Twins win/Sox loss, but up six percent from one week ago.

Handy Reminder

In 2005, our lead was 1.5 games from 9/22-24 before winning six of the last eight.

Yankee Stadium

I was in NYC for the first three games of our series (explaining the lack of posts given my schedule of meetings at MLB and MLBAM and the facility that is Yankee Stadium).  There is just so much history in that building.

Ozzie and I sat watching a special on Mickey Mantle before one of the games.  You think about Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and the famous non-baseball moments that took place at home plate.

“There’s something special about winning a World Series at Yankee Stadium,” Ozzie told the media one day, noting it did not diminish what we accomplished in 2005 but pointing out the difference in celebrating on that field in that setting in 2003 with our celebration in Houston in 05.


We’ll see how Carlos Quentin feels after swinging the bat today in KC.  Let’s remain cautiously optimistic …



I’m not fully up and running but I’m back again and I want to see some winning going on here! KC, come on now . . . we CAN and HAVE beat these boys! It’s time to wrap this bull up and tame it! WIN WIN WIN, that’s all I want! I WANT to be watching baseball in October . . . on my tv no less and not the computer!!! Face the adversity, face the injuries and bullpen, start eating something different before games, wheaties maybe, I don’t know . . . something… move the mojo around, just like someone said on the previous post!!!! LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!!


Needless to say, last night I was extremely upset by a number of things… First, what DIDN’T happen in the South Bronx… Second and third, what DID happen at Jurassic Park at Neverland … the Brewers CHOKING, BIG TIME… and in St Petersburg, where the Rays suddenly morphed back into the Devil Rays against those damned piranhas…

Outside of Floyd, Danks, Thornton and Jenks… I suddenly do not trust the pitching staff… The bats are going silent, as well…

Now, Mr Reifert has provided us today with a bit of a history lesson of three seasons ago… The only problem I have with that as compared to today is… back then I trusted the pitching staff, because they were reliable… These guys today are not… because they can be great one time out and absolutely horrid the next… like Vazquez last night…

Speaking of that abomination last evening… after Abreu hit his second HR, the NEXT time up… Well, Farmer and Stone are in favor of pitching up and in, to get him off the plate…


Sure, you get into a fight, get suspended and fined… BUT you sent the message that you are p-o’d, and aren’t going to take anymore of that nonsense…

Last night, as I wrote, I was very perturbed… and i had nothing but bad thoughts that the whole thing was gonna go right down the toilet… that the Royals were going to sweep the series, and the piranhas were going to treat the Rays like little red-haired step children… and that the whole house of cards was going to come down…

I sincerly hope I’m wrong…

okay, boys… KNOW your in trouble when you make TQ mad and you make Kris crank up the generator just to post!!!! So if you wanna make it out of the dog house then, you better do something about it….like WIN!!!! For crisakes!!! Geez!~ I don’t know how much more of this my heart can take.

Fellow bloggers, it is out of our hands. Of course, it never was in our hands, for that matter.

All we can do is sit back and hope that the “confidence” that OC says is missing will somehow return tonight at the ballpark down the road from Harry Truman’s hometown.

That is a poor attempt to be Tom Quaid and segue this post into a “Give ’em hell” speech.

Buerhle’s back in his home state. Maybe that will ead to a good outing and a White Sox winner.

Forget the Twins and the Rays. We have to take matters into our own hands.

You are right tc. All we need to do is win and whatever else happens has no bearing on us. With that in mind, I expect to take two of three from KC, regardless of how well they are playing right now (they beat up on Det. and Seattle, big deal).

Last nights win by the Twins was a must game for them and even if it propels them into a win streak, it will be hard for them to catch us as long as we keep winning.

I think the Twins will be able to win one more from Tampa ( originally I thought they’d lose three, but that’s probably out the window now). If the Twins do win one more and we win two from KC, we have our 21/2 game lead back going into Minn.

Even if we win only one in Minn. we will have a 11/2 game lead going into the final three games of the season against the Indians, where we need to take two of three. Then we may or may not have to play a make up against Detroit on that Monday after the season is over. We will have to wait and see.

The bottom line is there is still too many different scenarios to contemplate, But one thing remains true….. If we win games we are in the playoffs. If we don’t win games (5 of 9 should do it, 6 of 10 if we have to play det.) we won’t be in the dance…… So….. Go White Sox….. j.k.

Oh, glad you’re still with us Kris. Are things starting to look up as far as power goes?

Thanks for the post Scott, although I was hoping we’d make it to 500entries before you posted again…. Maybe next time..

Did any of you check out Jen’s tribute to the Sox from the last post? It was really well done and I recommend it to you all. Some good pics and good music. I think our QJ (Queen Jen) has a future in this line…

But what do I know? I’m just an old man from the desert….. Go Sox ’08….j.k.

Ok…I predicted that debacle in New York back on August 30th (feel free to look it up). I have picked every series right since that day.

Since KenWo knows all….. we will go 2-1 vs the Royals, 1-2 vs. the Twins, 3-0 vs. the Indians and 1-0 from the tigers if need be. That leaves us with 7 wins. That knocks the magic number to 2…plus the one win over the twins knocks it to 1….which means the twins can’t lose another game this season. Buy your postseason tickets you jabronies- there will be baseball in the cell in October.


Now that’s the way to ROOT! You’re back on top again kenwo…..

I disagree with you about the indians, I think we will win only two there, but if all else holds to form then the Twins only need to lose one more game and your theory will come to pass. That’s good enough for me…. Go kenwo, Go Buehrle, Go Sox… j.k.

Thanks jk for the kinds words on my video!

Was that the real TQ?

Don’t worry boys and girls, the White Sox WILL win tonite, I have that feeling! Don’t have a feeling yet about the post season (usually just day to day feelings) If the Sox don’t win their division – watch out for TQ!


Ladies and Gentleman, as of 4:00pm CST I’m officially a person with power again!! Thank God! Actually got goose bumps from the air conditioner, don’t care, feels gooood!! πŸ™‚

Thanks again for everybody’s well wishes and thoughts and prayers, Maria and TQ, you guys got me thru some games I couldn’t view, thank goodness for text messging!


Glad you the power is back Kris. What a week you’ve had. Our boys really need a victory tonight.
Go Sox

YAAAAYYYY!!!!!! Kris is back! Good to hear from you girl! Glad everything is back to being semi-normal for ya.
Now the boys are really gonna win!!!! Because she’s baaaack! LOL!
From my fingertips to the ears of the baseball gods!!!

Welcome back, Kris! Hope you have “real” power, and the power to help the Sox win. We really need to win these games in KC.

Jen, loved your video! Keep ’em comingπŸ™‚

I’m going to believe Kenwo, and believe I’ll be in Chicago for a Red Line World Series!

Go, go, go Sox!! Go Sox 08!! They can follow my 05 grinder rule: Hit, run, win – no excuses.


Glad to have you back! What’s the deal with your hatred for 1 year olds? Need to know the story behind that one!πŸ™‚

Thanks Peggy!

Don’t worry, the Sox are winning tonite!


Rays are 4-0 over Twins! Bottom 2nd!

Is jk at bowling tonite?

It’s almost gametime and since it’s also Friday, I’m about to check out for bowling….So you all will have to hold the fort down for me, and I’ll watch the archived game later… The RAys are up in the 2nd, 3-0, but we all know that may not be enough….. So….

Get a win for the missing klein…..
Get a win for the returning Kris…
Get a win for “video” Jen….
get a belated birthday win for TQ….
Get a Peggy win because , well, just because….
Get a “Guaranteed” win for kenwo….
Get a where are they now win for Dawn….
Get a I’ve got tics for the postseason win for Maria….
Get a victorEy for MariE….
Get a Statistical win for Lip….
Get a dignified win for tc….
Get a win for Liz and Molly, because I said so….
Get a “it’s about time we won” win for everybody else….

Go Sox ’08…… j.k.

Yay Kris! Goodness it must feel good to have power again.

Tom Q say it aint so! You turning to the dark side??? The man who has fought the depression of some of our negative friends all year long. Stay with us man!!

Ok boys, wearing the gray away uniforms, lets fire it up for the rest of the ride. We need this series bad. Go Rays!!!

5-0 Tampa…go Rays go!!

Oh Jen, definitely not a hatred, but my youngest is 17 and the neighbor’s all had to go back to work, I didn’t so I babysat all day, she’s a dear sweet baby, just ‘busy’ all the time… my house isn’t baby proof, you do the math! Been a long time since I had spent an entire day with a youngin! Wore me out a bit!!! πŸ™‚

On to the game!!! Bring on, hot and heavy!

JK i loved all the reasons for a win. Hope you bowl a perfect game. Come on Mark. Let’s have another well pitched game. We just need some runs boys.
Go Sox

Ok, cause I need something non-work or school related to do, I’ve been looking at our predictions we made on 5/27/08 of how we thought the sox would do this year. With 9 possible 10 games and currently 84-68 I have to say we have some good guesses out there. Here’s what I’ve found (I’m only putting the win guess)*send me your bill for doing this later Scott:

101 Megan mack
96 nmbrott
94 drusa, kenwo (!!!)
93 leo, brettball, swsafly
92 billb, katie mack, marie
91 justlikemercury, dleeun, TQ
90 bc
89 obrnmac, jim d, peggy
88 lisam, jk, scam,
85 kevin mack
85 mark L (shocking!)

So now who has the best shot of hitting it????

glad I don’t try and predict, I suck at stuff like that, I’d probably be way off!

Sorry Kevin mack guessed 86

Thanks, JK for the good wishes!

Thank you, Donna, for answering the question I had in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now – wondered how the predictions stood. Still feel pretty good about mine – 89 and we win the division.

I think Maria had 93 or 94, didn’t she?

Let’s just get to the postseason, and see how we can do there.


Tampa 9 Twins 0
Good quick inning from Mark. Now we need some runs.

Tampa had a call originally ruled a double changed to a home run after a review.

That’s the second time Ramirez has missed the plate on a slide. Mark looks good, let’s start beating up on Bannister now.

Kris – If you survived a one year old, you could survive a hurricane! (Oh yeah, you already survived a hurricane)

Hey Kris, whats the difference between a one year old and a hurricane?

I don’t know, I was hoping you could give us an answer! It could be a good joke!

Is anyone else having technical difficulties on comcast?

I was calling my living room the after effects of Hurricane Abby this afternoon! πŸ™‚ Not as much wetness or rain with a 1 yr old . . let me see … that’s about the difference! πŸ™‚

Glad TB is kicking the crap out of Minn… gives me a warm fuzzy!

Ok, I’m gonna bitch about these KC announcers . . . they are simply not talking about this game!!! I know, I’m whining about being on the computer or whatever but, this whole inning, they haven’t said a word about who’s up, who’s doing what or nothing! What’s the point . . . jackasses. I understand they don’t really give a crap at this point but I do and I want to hear what’s going on! Guess they’re talking to some ‘Duke’ dude but still…..

Holy ****!!!! Rookie of the year. . . bad slide forgiven!

There you go, he’s making up for the run that he didn’t get with an extra 3!

Put it on the board YES!!!!! AJ and Alexi had good at bats- making Bannister work hard. Alexi turned out to be a great addition/surprise this season. Way to go boys. Keep the runs coming.

most grand slams in the majors – period . . simply amazing!

I feel the power folks – and having my oven back – priceless – what a day…. Cubs lost too – – – whoohoo!

ewww…. maybe my power vibe is going too many places!!! Come on Mark!

We still have a 3 run lead. Bannister is back on the mound. I feel more runs can be had. Let’s go boys.
Kris I feel for you – I was without a hot water heater for 2 days. The conveniences are hard to give up.
Tampa 11 Twins 1 – Go Rays.

I knew we had some runs left in us – thanks Jimmy. Hawk and DJ didn’t even see the homer coming. We have the power tonight.

Now a 4 run lead!
TB is kickin the sh*t out of the Twinks!

It’s just us girls tonite! I think the guys can’t handle the pressure!

Except for jk – he has bowling!

Believe me Mollie, we all are seriously spoiled! I haven’t hit the warm shower yet, waiting for that hot water heater to warm that up even more but am looking forward to running the vacuum and dishwasher!!!!!

Anybody know who sings that song ‘we’ve got the power’ only thing I could find in a search was some religious songs . . . Jen, you know what song I’m talking about I’m sure.

1, 2, 3 inning – nice job Mark. A few more runs would be nice. Why not be greedy after our lack of run production this week.

Think some of the boys might be at high school football games, ‘cept Klein . . I know Lip is. . I would be too but . . . no extra curriculars going yet…..

I know you are grateful for the power Kris considering so many are still without. My girlfriend is still without power. She took her whole family with her to a business trip to San Antonio. They won’t come back until power is restored. Yes, I guess this is girls night rooting for the Sox. Since we are winning maybe that is a sign.

Where does your girlfriend live?

She lives on the west side of Houston zip is 77042. Her husband works downtown so he’s been off all week. Her daughters attend a Catholic school. They are off too. I’d take a major snow storm before I would want to live through a hurricane.

The actual storm wasn’t horrid . . . not where I’m at anyhow, Galveston, down there, can’t even imagine .. . trees down, limbs, but the after effects, finding gas for generators and ice (if you need it), that’s when things get tough, things were a mess here and I’m sure on her side of town too. And of course FEMA pays attention to those. . nevermind, I’m won’t go there but we had utility trucks for all over the place roll thru our town…. pretty cool actually to see the help pour in. Looks like her power should be on no later than Monday according to the paper I just read but . . they told us that we wouldn’t have it until possibly October so maybe they’ll get it before then.

Nice to see Wise get a homer. I’d love to see Brian come in. I just hold my breath when the bullpen starts to warm up.

The home runs are back, and it’s good to have them!!!

Kris, I think you are much braver than me – I can deal with the occasional earthquake, but a hurricane season every year is more than I could manage. Bravo for you for toughing it out!!! You have all my respect, as you were constantly in my thoughts during the whole “Ike” event.

Official Twinkie loser!! Yeah. Would love to see us go into Minnie at least 3 1/2 up!!

Kris is the song you are looking for “I’ve got the Power by Snap?” That’s the only one I can think of.

I appreciate that Peggy . . . earthquakes though, major ones, man oh man, you have no warnings whatsoever… I lived in Calif briefly and felt two small tremors and was good with that as the ‘experience’ for me! The ‘season’ can get tiring but ya sorta learn not to pay too much attention to ‘disturbances’ right away or you’ll constantly be sucked to the tv . . . you find yourself going ‘good, it’s heading somewhere else’ which sounds cold hearted but it’s just the way it is. This one I was convinced it was going to head towards Corpus and Brownsville . . we’d get some rain and that was about it but Thursday sometime he took another Eastern turn and we got it all … sometimes ya luck out, sometimes ya don’t…. I guess… this was my first.

More baseball to come . . . something I don’t get, how they can be soooo dang cold one night and explode the next . . . these pitchers can’t be that bad….. crazy crazy . . . oh ****, here comes the bullpen!

yep, that’s it! Thanks… my daughter ‘swore I don’t know what song you’re talking about’ but of course, she did once I played it.

damn bullpen again…. wtf

Matt did OK. Too bad that run had to score. To only give up one run is pretty good these days for our pen.

yea, I suppose that’s true.

Now I’m worried. I was hoping Matt would pitch one more inning before Big Bobby came in. Dotel fricked scares me.

Wow 2 homers for Wise. The home run is back in play for the Sox. Let’s stay hot this weekend.

My favorite song from that late 80s early 90s dance music era was Sweat by C&C Music Factory….. I think they got in trouble because they had a hot girl singing it on the video but it was really a fat lady or something.

Good game so far. Magic Number should be 7. I think by the end of this series it will be 3. I think the Twins got their win in tampa last night.

I told you not to worry – I knew they would win!

I’m tired – so I’m going to bed!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Nice win Ladies!! We did our share to send the vibes our way. Also a big thank you to Tampa. All smiles tonight.

I sure hope you’re right Kenwo – really felt it tonight!!! Whoohoo!!! Sorry I was so chatty, just nice to be connected again!!! Night all!

I thought Instant replay was for Foul Ball Homeruns? I didn’t know they were for regular ones that they weren’t sure if they went over (like the one tonite for the Rays)

Is Snap the same as C&C Music Factory?

Nice win! Sorry, all, I had to fix and eat dinner from the 7th inning on, but I’m sooooo happy with the result.

And Kris, it’s sooooo good to have you back chatting, and you, too, Jen, Mollie, and all the great Sox “babes.”


I think it’s for any homerun that’s in question. . not just foul ones.. at least that’s my understanding of this rule.

Let’s see… Sox win. Twinks lose. Add that to a night spent with good friends and good food, and I’m all smiles. Let’s keep it going for the whole weekend.

Peggy and Donna, my guess for the number of wins was a pie-in-the-sky “98”. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Kris, glad to hear things are almost back to normal. That must be a huge relief.

JK, really enjoyed your list. You’re so clever!

I am heading out of town this weekend to the land of Peggy, so you all keep down the fort and get our Sox a few more w’s.

Go White Sox!!! :o)

Have a good trip Maria–I hope you come home to a nice White Sox lead! And hey “a girl can dream” got me the nicer of 3 engagement rings way back when. Sometimes dreams come true so nothing wrong with dreaming!

Ok music fans, Snap and C&C Music Factory are two different bands and you were right on about the video Kenwo. Welcome to 80’s/90’s Music night on White Sox blog!!! Happy dancing!

I take back every anti-female remark I’ve ever made after you ladies pulled the Sox home winners tonight. Well, almost every remark. Some can never be taken back!!!

Alexei has had such a great year. But the media bias is definitely in for Longoria and I’m sure that the Rays’ magical season will get him the ROY award. But, my man crush Alexei is my rookie of the year for sure.

Let’s get one more Saturday and one more from Tampa and give ourselves a 4-game-in-the-loss-column lead. That would take the pressure off a little Sunday and take us to Minneapolis without having the need for a sweep or even two-of-three there.

Girls, get it done again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to chime in during the late innings of another White Sox winner.

Well, I didn’t bowl a 300 game, but I did have a 205 and we won three out of four tonight. After I watched the archived game, I happily read all the posts I missed.

Way to Go Girls (if I may be so bold to call you all that). You brought home a winner, AND a Twins loss. Thank you from the “Bowler”. I almost stayed home because this was a very big game for us. So again I say thank you Ladies…. Goodnight and Go Sox…. j.k.

Can anyone tell me why Danks was taken out of the rotation? He has not pitched since Sunday, is there something I missed?

Thanks Dave

Dave, the way I understand it is Ozzie rearranged the rotation so that it would be Vasquez, Buerhle, and Floyd for the twinks series. So, some of the guys have pitched on 3 days rest and Danks has had more rest. THis is to get our 3 best pitchers in line for MN.

jk – I loved your list and Kenwo – I’m am booking it! Yeah!

Go Sox!


Not to be disagreeable but if we really want our top three in line for the twinkees it would not include Vasquez but Danks instead. Danks may have had a poor August but I would take him over Vasquez any day. Vasquez (a career .500 pitcher) seems to have one good outing and then three or four bad ones. He had a good one a week ago and isn’t due for another till the final series against the tribe.


A few days ago we were having a discussion about Joe Crede and his agent (and his tactics.) I don’t know if you saw this today (Saturday) in the newspaper but Ozzie was quoted as sayig neither he nor the club has heard anything from them about the second doctor’s opinion on his back.

The story said Joe got that second opinion five days ago.

That speaks volumes I think about what’s going on don’t you think?

The Sox at least are owed the courtesy of being told about it but obviously Joe’s agent is trying to keep things as quiet, confused and muddles about his back as possible since he’ll be hitting the market.

Mark Liptak

Mommy Mac:… Don’t worry, dear heart… I have NOT gone over to “the dark side”… It is just that I get so damned frustrated seeing these guys blow chances to put some distance between themselves and the piranhas…

Kris:… Hey, kiddo, glad to do it… anything to get your mind off of the devastation that ravaged your area… You have power now?… Take a look on line, if available at today’s Chicago Tribune… their Houston based columnist STILL doesn’t have power in his part of DEEPINAHEARTOFTEXAS…

Queen Jennifer: You e-mail made me look like a grumpy care bear… which, at times, is accurate…The video was, as usual, first class…

Regarding Crede and his agent… His agent, as most of us know, is Scott Boras… the Heinrich Himmler of agents…

Joe better consider ANY offer given him, by either the WS or another team… because he is, quite honestly, damaged goods right now…

Frank’s… You are exactly correct in your assessment of (correct spelling) Vazquez… He will be nothing more than a .500 pitcher his entire career… and every other start is good… the others… hold your breath, cross your fingers, and get those rosary beads, mazzuzahs or whatever you use for prayers ready…

Would a sweep of the Royals, and 3 out of 4 for the Rays help ease my mind?… Not really, because there are still 3 to play at the HumpDump… which would be the last gasp for the piranhas… and we all know desperate teams take desperate measures to survive…

I believe that the piranhas are home for the last weekend, while the boys entertain the Tribe… who would like nothing better than to f**k the boys over and finish a very diasappointing season on a note of triumph…

Lip – I know I read the same interview – well, I don’t know what to say – maybe he has a mail man job lined up!

TQ – Yes, that was a baby grumpy care bear – my little girl LOVES the Care Bears, I thought of Grumpy Bear reading your post – Do you need a Care Bear Stare? – (That’s what all the other Care Bears do to Grumpy Bear when he gets too ‘grumpy’) Glad you liked the video!

I will be in Plainfield, IL tonite watching the game (I am laying laminate flooring at my Mom’s house) I will check in with you guys later –


Lip – I meant article (not interview)

Just wanted to say you are one hard working chica! Laying flooring tonight? You go girl!

I also just watch your video and it was really great! You should be proud of yourself!



Watchin the Cubs/Cards game and keepin an eye open during the Minn game . . . poor Cards, the Cubs possibly clinching in front of them, talk about a smack to the jaw . . .

Wish the game was on my tv tonight . . . 😦

Where’s Lip today? Does he do college ball too?

Tampa is up 5-0 in the sixth… so far so good. Keep up our pressure by beating the Royals and we’ll be in good shape… I will be watching on WGN, and hopefully it will be a better game than the last time they were on vs. the Yankees…. Go Gavin, Go Sox… j.k.

I just felt a gack ball come into my throat… Cubs clinched . . . (cough cough cough)

BUT – Minn is now down 0-6 . . happy dance – happy feet!

I’ve got two words for what happened on the North Side today.


Sox fans who are so concerned with what the other team in the city does should have more important things to be worried about.

What they do has absolutely nothing to do with the Sox. I know Liptak will argue this point, but as far as the men in uniform for the Sox are concerned, it means diddly squat what the guys in the blue pajamas with the “cutesy” nickname and the nursery rhyme they sing after games on the North Side do.

The only other game of importance this afternoon is the one in St. Pete.

I care, I don’t like the Cubs, never have, their fans are ***** . . . I’ll voice my opinion about it and move on . . . it’s got nothing to do with the Sox, true that, not yet . . . but I don’t have to like it!

I didn’t know we were on WGN tonight… thanks Klein!!!!!

Glad I could help, Kris. Enjoy the game….. Go Sox’08… Coming at you NOW….j.k.

We are off and running Sox fans. Come on boys – let’s get a victory tonight.

Thanks Tampa Bay. Can we change the routine – lead off hit – double play. Come on boys. Go Sox

oh come on . . I hate being the chaser!

Oh man – we have the opportunity to add to our lead and what happens? We need the vibes tonight. We need offense.

Time to post…. So far the working on short rest experiment isn’t working too well. Come on Gavin…. hold these guys and Sox, how about a couple of hits????? In the same inning???? You can do it… Go Sox… j.k.

Pleading didn’t work, how about begging for some offense? Once again we are facing Cy Davies, and he’s on his game…. Keep holding them Gavin, and Please???? Go Sox’08….j.k.

At least the guys that have worked on short rest will be on their regular five days when they face the Twins next week.

And Kris, don’t get me wrong. My earlier post about the Northsiders winning a division had NOTHING to do with my feelings for that franchise. I hate the North Side team more than I hate broccoli. And you all are aware of my feelings for broccoli.

I was merely stating that the events of today up there don’t matter. It was inevitable, especially with the way the Brewers have tanked in the last few weeks.

What matters now is getting some runs tonight and putting Minnesota away over the next few days.

What is the deal tonight . . . this is ridiculous the back and forth up and down games . . . drives me a little nuts sometimes.

You should be used to it by now Kris. This team has been this way since April. It’s always been a roller-coaster ride.

At least we got another hit and a couple of runs as a bonus. Maybe we can do some damage against their pen, or at least get ourselves ready for a W tomorrow… Go Sox…j.k.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it . . . I love roller coasters but if I had to do it everyday I think I’d be sick of them too! πŸ™‚

Alright boys . . our hole is not that deeply dug, we’ve come back from worse deficits . . . do I have to sing that darn ‘we’ve got the power’ song again tonight????? LET’S GET US SOME RUNS!!!!!

At least it was interesting in the end… Later all….j.k.

I didn’t see a single pitch but it sounds like Davies shut us down and Dye’s drive in the ninth ws just a few feet short.

Back at it tomorrow. The number is now 6. Let’s get it to 5 tomorrow and maybe 4 if the Rays aren’t too hung over from clinching today.

See y’all (Kris probably loves that word) tomorrow.

By my count (which could be wrong) this is the 4th time the Sox have had a chance to increase the lead to or beyond the “magic number” of three games and every single time they’ve spit the bit.

They need to win tomorrow and go into Minnesota at least up by 2 1/2 games.

Buehrle himself said it best last night when he commented on how important it was to keep that distance between the Sox and the Twins because “you know how we play there…”

Truer words were never spoken.

Very disappointing effort AGAIN this evening.

Mark Liptak

Well my prediction has come true…the sox have lost a game in KC…No worries we will win tomorrow. The Rays will also take out the Twins and the magic number will be 4. Hell maybe we will even clinch in the hump dome.

Anyway, I thought that Dye homered in the 9th. When he hit it I thought it was in the fountain for god sake. Damn heavy air i guess. Floyd pitched ok i don’t know why everyone was bitchin about that earlier. He gave up a couple of homers but the inside the parker should have never happened. I would much rather have Vazquez than Danks on the mound in Minnesota.

I am shocked at the reaction of the cub fans and the media that the cubs clinched. I could have told you they would have won that division in march. My predictions were pretty strong across the board this year with the only disappointment being Seattle. Boy did they end up sucking.

Tomorrow I will be golfing in the AM and may miss the start of our game. If that happens I expect the rest of you to pick up my slack just like you all did on Friday. Maybe it’s good if I don’t watch, since we did win Fri. In any event, Go Sox and I will check in with you all tomorrow.

Kenwo is exactly right. We Must win tomorrow and stay up 21/2 going into Minn. Go Sox’08…….j.k…

Only two thoughts today:

1. God bless the Chicago White Sox this final week (they way they play they can use all the help they can get…)

2. Even more importantly God bless their fans and give them the strength to put up with the bi-polar White Sox this week.

Mark Liptak

Mark, gotta say, that was not the posting I expected from you and I love it! Waited all weekend for you to post and he adds humor! But the bi polar description is perfect!

Mark, thank you for putting a name (bipolar) to the last few weeks. Perfect name for what we have been through as Sox fans.
Kudos to Kenny Williams for putting DeWayne Wise on this time. Thanks to him we have a lead early in this one.
Let’s go Sox.

Let’s go Sox, make Kenwo’s prediction for this series come true!

Mark L., great post – says it allπŸ™‚


Ladies are here again today . . .

I’m here keeping my fingers and toes crossed in hopes of a victory.

Glad to see Johnny settle down. We could sure use some more runs. Come on boys!

Good job, John Danks! Come on, Sox, back John up with some runs!!! Please, please, let’s not waste another great pitching performance.

We need this win, the Twins are beating the Rays right now.

I thought Juan it that ball out. Hold ‘me Johnny.

1, 2, 3 inning – way to pitch Johnny. I’m begging for some runs. The runs would make us all feel better.

Ladies, let’s all send “hitting vibes” to our team. Time to score some runs!!!

Here I am…. 1-0 Sox in the fifth….. only one run????? I will have to read all about it from your earlier posts…. Hope I will be a positive influence on this very important game… Go Sox…j.k.

HI LADIES. Just got off work so I’m going to join the fun. We got us a win Friday, let’s hope we can do it again today while the boys are all watching football.

Hey, JK, didn’t see your post till I put mine up. So let me re-phrase: ladies and gents, let’s send hitting vibes to our guys!!

Sorry, Klein – my badπŸ™‚

My bad too JK, sorry! Those Twinkies look like they are winning now in TB

Once again DeWayne Wise is having an impact. May we please have a 2 out hit?

Come on, we need some runs!!! Hate close games . . . this is critical…. like I need to remind anybody of that right now!!

Five hits in the game so far? I sure didn’t miss too much did I? Looks like we need to have JohnnyD keep pitching like he has so far. Keep it up and go White Sox…. j.k.

OK, now we need a double play, Johnny.

No JK, you haven’t missed much . . . wish it was a bit of a brighter report . . their field looks awful . . did it rain there? Hey JK, I have Hawk and DJ today online, do you why that is? I usually have the home announcers.

Great job, Johnny. Now, can we *please* get some runs, Sox hitters?

I heard the other day that KC wasn’t broadcasting todays game for some reason… Maybe the Chiefs? that’s why we have Hawk and DJ. Come on Boys, let’s see a run or two… Go Sox.. j.k.

Here we go again – Jimmy is on first. Put our rally caps on.

The Chiefs, you mean the ones that are losing to Arizona 31-14, what a waste of airtime! Glad to hear our guys though… pleasant surprise! YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!! THANK YOU PAULIE!!!

Put it on the board Paulie. Now we can all breath just a little easier.

Way to go, PK!!! Let’s get greedy and get more runs for Johnny!

Yeah!!!! Paulie!!! Go Sox…. j.k.

Hey! Kris, I was taping the AZ / Redskins game…… So don’t tell me that the Az Cardinals are ahead….. I’ll pretend that you are confused by any red uniform….. hahaha….. Great comment from our resident dour blogger, Lip…. Go Sox…j.k.

Keep up the good work JohnnyD!!! Go Sox ’08…. j.k.

Oh ****, I’m sorry J.K.

Good job all around defense. A few more runs would not hurt. A Tampa come from behind victory would also be nice.

Way to go Alexei, way to go JohnnyD… Go Sox, One more run?…. j.k.

I agree, Mollie, but I don’t foresee any good news out of Tampa today. I think we have to take care of our own business today.

Great job, Danks, now let’s get more runs!!!

That’s OK Kris,,,,, Most important thing is we’re still leading KC, and you have your power back on… Go Sox… j.k.

Note to Ozzie – Please send Johnny Danks out in the 8th inning.

I agree Peggy, but I don’t think it will happen… Go Sox… j.k.

I’m glad to see Johnny gets a chance to pitch another inning. Hope Ozzie let’s him finish this game off.

Well, that was short lived . . . bullpen huh… :p

Now that’s a REAL shame. JohnnyD should still be out there with one out…. Good Job…. Come On BullPen…… Hold up this lead…Go Sox… j.k.

Good job Matt. Bring this game home Bobby

What happened to Matt Thornton? Is this a righty-lefty matchup thing (like the kind that makes me tear my hair)???

Bobby in the eighth? That’s not MY comfort zone…. Come on Bobby…… Go Sox… j.k.

All right now boys we could use a few more runs then a simple 1 2 3 end of game

Good job, I’m breathing a bit easier now… One more run though??? Go White Sox… j.k.

Please, please could we have a few more runs? And a not-so-heart-stopping bottom of the 9th? Is that too much to ask?

Don’t I feel stupid . . . I was actually confused j.k. well, just didn’t read the team right . . . your game is over btw.

TB shouldn’t have been allowed to party so much last night! Damn it!


Wow, a bloop for us!!!!! Amazing…. Stay tuned… j.k.

Off the baseball subject for a moment – let’s send some GO USA vibes over to the Ryder Cup team.

Awesome play there . . .. got give credit where credit is due, even if it is against us.

We need to send some Chicago luv up to Soldier Field . . tied game!

Now for a simple no drama allowed bottom of the 9th PLEASE

I forgot, bloops don’t work for us… Come on Bobby… 1-2-3…. Go Sox… j.k.

Come on BBJ!

There’s one!!!

There’s TWo!!!!

Thank you Bobby!!!!! Dewayne and Paulie!!!!

Big, big win for us this afternoon. Now on to victory in Minnesota. Now on to sending those win vibes on to the Bears, Colts, and USA Ryder Cup Team.

There’s THREE!!!! thank you Bobby and White Sox… 21/2 up going into Minn…. Good job Boys… j.k.

Bears blew it Mollie . . . rather have a Sox win than a Bears at present if I had to choose!

Bobby, you’re still the one!!!! Sox win!!! Go Sox 08!!!

Gotta go now, see ya all later,

Thanks for the info Kris. When I flipped channels the game was over. Now I’ll just flip between the Colts and golf. Great game for the Sox. I just hope for a great outcome in Minneapolis. Maybe some of the boys will go off hunting tomorrow to get ready for this series.

If we wanted our best three to pitch at Minnesota, wouldn’t we have had Danks go there? He’s been our best pitcher all year.

This and That:

1. Wow! What a performance by Danks. He came up big when the Sox really needed it.

2. Wise’s aggressive base running set the tone. SEE YOU DON’T JUST HAVE TO HIT HOME RUNS TO SCORE RUNS. Thank You. Or as Ozzie said after the game, “speed never goes into a slump.” Well said. Just more reason for getting both Figgins and Hudson next season.

3. DOUBLE Wow!! Orlando Cabrera calls em’ like he’s sees them, that’s for sure. Even though he’ll be hitting the free agent road in less then two months, I appreciate him calling out his teammates, someone needed to do it:

4. Well boys and girls it all comes down to the House of Horrors like everyone thought it was going to do months ago. I’m thankful of a 2 1/2 game lead but I wish to God it was 3 1/2 as it easily could have been. A Minnesota sweep certainly isn’t impossible, not the way the White Sox spit the bit there, but at least some of the pressure is off knowing that a single win will put the Sox in great position.

And speaking of the Twins. Unlike Ozzie and Kenny heaping praise of Minnesota, the Twins still have fight in them (and why not given what they’ve done to the Sox over this decade.) Here’s their manager, this was in the Sun-Times on Sunday:

”Well, we’re not going to talk about the White Sox because we’re still trying to beat them,” Gardenhire said. ”So you can find someone else to talk about the White Sox. We still have a chance to beat their [behind]. That’s what we’re worried about is catching the White Sox, and then you may play us in the playoffs. You better get a scouting report on us.”

It’s all up to the players now. Let’s hope they don’t choke this one away (and I hate using that word but I can’t think of any other in this circumstance.)

Enjoy the off day everyone.

Mark Liptak


I haven’t looked up the numbers, but maybe Javy has better numbers against the Twins in the Dome and that could explain him being ahead of Danks for this series.

The pressure is all on the Twins. They have to win two out of three or sweep to have a real chance at the division. Plus, they are expected to win since they are at home.

We just need to relax, and take it a game at a time.

I am so sick and tired of hearing all the fretting about the so-called “House of Horrors.” The venue is not going to be the difference in this series. Either the Sox will play well and win or revert to a silent offense and lose.

Everybody needs to stop worrying about the damn ballpark and just play baseball.

Everytime I hear the excuses about the Hump Dome I feel like I am hearing Cubs’ fans complain about playing in Domes. That is all Cubs and Bears fans would say throughout the 70s, 80s and most of the 90s. I can’t stand that type of fearful attitude. The ballpark is the same for both teams. Sure, they will have the fans on their side but the pressure is ALL ON THEM!

No more scoreboard watching for three days. What a good feeling. It is in our hands and nobody else’s until at least Friday.


Truth in your last comment and I’ll be watching to see how they react.

The Sox have never beaten the Twins in anything meaningful this decade, this is a chance to do so and maybe put the House of Horrors to rest.

But until they do, all we can go by, is how they have performed there in the past (and by past I’m also talking about this season: 1-5.)

There’s a reason why Ozzie kept saying they needed to be three games or more up when they got there, why Buehrle made his remark two days ago about how the Sox play there, “you know how we play there…” and why a senior member of the organization told me that the Sox issues there are mental.

Until they actually slay the demons they are going to be in play and a factor, whether you consider them “excuses” or not.

We’ll see. Hope for the best, expect the worst…these are the White Sox remember.

Mark Liptak


Unless that senior member you refer to is one of the veteran players (Konerko, Pierzynski, Dye, Thome) or Kenny or Ozzie or one of the coaches — and I’m certain it isn’t — than that “mental” comment is strictly an opinion from someone who has no control over what happens between the white lines.

I don’t know about others, but the opinion of a business executive or broadcasting executive in the front office doesn’t really count much to me when the issue is what happens on the field of play.

I’m tired of hearing excuses.

Either we win three in Minnesota and win the division or two out of three and likely win the division or one out of three and are still in good shape to win the division OR we lose three there and fight to stay alive. It comes down to the games on the field and not the “mental” games you keep talking about.

Sure, Buerhle talked about how “we play there.” That is a matter of record. We have played downright awful there. But did he say it was because of the frightening “House of Horrors??????”

For crying out loud, it’s baseball. Play well and win or play bad and lose. Can’t get much simpler than that.

Both Lip and tc make good points about playing in Minn. We haven’t played there this year. That’s not news. But we are capable of playing well and simply because the Twins are at home is no guarantee of anything positive for them at this point. As tc says; it’s simple, play well and win. I like that.

All the pressure is on the Twins regardless of the venue. If they lose the first game of the series their season is all but done. We have the talent to win, do we have the cajones to win? That’s what it boils down to for me. Keep pressure on them and execute when the time comes. Sounds simple and even though we have had trouble doing that this season, you can throw out the first 156 games. They don’t count, nor does our 1-5 record at their “place”.

For some numbers: I thought the Twins would go 5-5 on their just finished 10 game road trip… They finished at 4-6 and just barely prevented a 3-7 trip by having a five run 9th inning in Tampa. On the other hand, although we are 3-4 on our own trip thus far ( and could be better), that’s exactly where I thought we would be.

For what it’s worth numbers: I expect us to win one from the Twins and two from the Tribe to end the season. I also expect the Twins to sweep the Royals the last weekend of the season. If that happens then we will have to play that Detroit game that was rained out a couple of weeks ago. Win that and we are in, lose and we meet the Twins on Tuesday for a playoff game…. It all boils down to us, as has been said. We are in control of our own destiny and can make my predictions laughable…. So let’s win and do just that.

That’s all for me boys and girls. Enjoy your day off and get ready for some BASEBALL on Tuesday night… Go Sox’08…. j.k.


The best point you made in your post is one that I was thinking about earlier today. We are in complete control of our own destiny. Even if we lose all three at Minnesota (which Lip has told us many times is highly likely — at least in the glass half-empty world), we could win the division by winning all three vs. Cleveland and the makeup with Detroit and the playoff with Minnesota. And Minnesota would have to sweep the Royals to keep pace to force that playoff.

Of course, we can lose control with three losses at Minnesota and a loss to Cleveland on Friday (along with a Twins win over KC).

There are many variables. But the point is this. We don’t need any help as of right now. And that is a good thing because helping ourselves has proven to be difficult.

I remember ’05 (and no, I am not pulling a Liptak and comparing seasons) and the feeling that we all had after Curtis Granderson hit a home run to beat us in the first of the three-game set at Detroit. We felt low and were struggling. The next night, we got it together, beat the Tigers (and Cleveland lost to Tampa Bay) and we started the greatest run in the history of the Chicago White Sox. A run that finished the season with five straight wins and was punctuated with an 11-1 postseason.

Now our team is much different than that ’05 club. But in the first half, the ’08 team put together some nice stretches. We are way overdue for one of those runs. Now is the time to start it. Get the bats warmed up, tell Dotel, Linebrink and Thornton that it is May and early June again. Tell Konerko and Thome that it is still September (we don’t want their Mays and Junes, now do we). And tell Alexei and Cabrera to continue to be the guys that jump-start this offense and get us going on a great streak.


Well since you brought it up how about Ozzie’s comment (paraphrasing) “I’m acting like we’re behind them…”

Why? Well because Ozzie was trying to give himself and the team a mathematical cushion, that because of what happens there, because of the way the Sox play there, he wanted them to be so far ahead that a worst case scenario wouldn’t cost them the division.

Smart man I’d say.

Unfortunately they weren’t able to do what he asked but coming from one of the people you said their opinion mattered, I think it’s significant.

We’ll see what happens. It’s all there for them if they don’t cough it up and start gagging.

And for the record should they get to the post season, I think they’ll play well. The pressure will be off, they can play loose and let their ability take over.

Personally for me, if they get to October, I’m satisfied. I’d love to see them do well, win a series, but if they don’t and get blown out in the first round in three straight games, considering everything that happened this season and their real shortcomings, oh well. They still will have had a good season.


On another note, the “popularity contest” known as WGN’s ALL Time Chicago Baseball Team airs Monday night on WGN at 8PM CST.

I’ll be taping so that if there is any good historical Sox footage I’ll have it on file and because then I can fast forward through the Cub dung.

And don’t be surprised kids if both Frank Thomas and Nellie Fox get stiffed at their respective positions. The Chad’s and Trixie’s of the North Side will probably have seen to that.

The only good thing about the show is that Dan Patrick will be hosting it and he’s one of the best in the business.

Mark Liptak

You’re right tc, there’s still too many variables to “really” know what might happen. Certainly our record favors us getting into the playoffs. Their home field is an asset to them, but with three games up in the loss column, we still have the edge. Like you said, all we have to do is play well, win one or two (hey, three would be good) and go from there.

What are we all going to do for the next 46 hours anyway? ….. Go Sox’08…. j.k. later all……

Actially, I think being up 31/2 would be too much of a cushion. I know that sounds crazy but, having that large of a lead might tend to make the Boys too laid back. I think 21/2 is just right. After Tuesday of course, it WILL be 31/2….. Go Sox… j.k.

I just got home about 45 minutes ago – was at my Moms laying laminate flooring – Step Dad, took Husband and boys to their place on the kankakee river (I guess my husband caught a 15lb catfish – I haven’t seen pics yet, my mom did – she said it was huge) Me and the girls stayed back – I hate camping – bugs -mud- fishing is alright – I’d rather stay at a hotel myself and go to a pool – I had to stay back and lay the flooring in her room, as I watched the WS – last night and today.

****The rest of my comments are rated R – anyone under 18 should not read:

About the Cubs (let’s see if Chicago makes as big of a deal if the WS win their division – I think we all know the answer- it sickens me – WTF – I really can’t stand the media attention they get- I am sick and tired of it!) It just makes me hate them even more! Good thing I wasn’t at my house this weekend – we have so many Scrubs Fan neighbors, I am sure they threw a block party – too bad they didn’t blow up their F*cking houses!

Now about the only team that I care about – I did see Mr. Crede in the dugout today – I just got done reading the story about it – I don’t know what I am sick of hearing more – his F*cking Back problems and 2nd opinions or how the F*cking Scrubs are the greatest team in the world! Move on – who the F*ck cares-

Thank God for Dwayne Wise! Atleast he remembers how to play baseball – when he came out the first inning – you could see the fire in his eyes – the ‘ I guess I’ll be the only one on this team that has the WANT – looks like everyone else has given up – yah, Pauly got the 2? run homer – but anyone of them can do that with one swing – there’s not too much effort in that – I am talking about the WANT, the NEED! I can’t really say I can see it in any of them – Hope that changes for these next couple of games – why be in first place just about all season to have another team come and Take it away from you at the end? Now Thats humiliating!

I really don’t have an opinion on the upcoming games at the House of Horrors -except, I hope they’re saving the best for last ! They need to WIN and to quit playing like they don’t know what the F*ck their doing (It’s starting to get old) –

Enough of my B*tching – I’m tired, sore, and really need to take a shower – talk to Y’all (Hi Lip) later!


Oh Yeah, I forgot to add,
Go White Sox!

Who said Bi-Polar?
I say more like CRAZY!

Trivia Question Answer:

Who was the last visiting team to win at
Yankee Stadium? – The White Sox!

After taking a shower and thinking maybe Lip didn’t say Y’all – now thinking – I can’t really see him saying that – tried looking back to who wrote it, but couldn’t find it again – so who ever wrote it – Hi to you!

Now picture this – your tired, dirty, sore – you start the shower, get in, Ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s hot, clean, wet, the best shower you ever had in your life………………………

Then – the dog starts barking and chasing the cat, THREE year old starts screaming on the top of her lungs that she wants her Dora toothbrush, 6 year old starts asking you questions that you can’t hear, because #1. your in the shower and it’s hard to hear over the water running #2. you can’t hear over the water running AND the dog barking #3. you can’t hear over the water running AND the dog barking AND the 3 year screaming over her damn Dora toothbrush!
When you get out you find out he’s asking about his b-day invitations for his b-day that’s not for another 3 F**KING MONTHS!!!!

Birth Control Anyone??

Nice,,nice? to have you back Jen… You just keep venting and remember that all the pain and dissappointment goes away the older your kids get. So savor those memories, because as trite as this may sound, they are little only for a VERY short while.

I spoke with my oldest daughter tonight and she was crying (both happy and sad) about a number of things. Her 7 year old son’ goldfish died today (sad). Her almost 12 (next week) year old daughter noticed in church that she can read the music from the hymnal (happy and brought back memories of her own days in band) Her husband called (happy) from Army training for Warrant Officer from out of state (sad) and told her how much work they were putting in. Her youngest daughter (5) was complaining about the bus ride home the other day because she was “sweatty” (sad). And then turned around the next day happy about the bus ride home because even though she was sweatty, she had a new friend to share the ride with (happy).

Jen, Don’t ever complain “too” much about the tough times with your kids. Like I said, they’re gone all to quickly.

I forgot to mention that Amy was happy to hear that the Sox had won and said she’d keep rooting for “us”. How can you go wrong with all that going for you?

The Sox are an important part of my life, But Family comes first. The time together and memories are a great part of what makes us who we are….. That being said….. Go White Sox…

Goodnight Y’all…. j.k.


Regarding Joe…don’t worry about it. His time with the Sox ends Sunday since if they get to the post season he won’t be on the playoff roster.

I’m sorry for his injuries but he brought some of this backlash on himself with his agent and their operating philosophy.

And I thank him for his contributions over the years but it’s clear to me his mind was focused more of becoming a free agent and leaving for the biggest deal he could find despite his comments to the media about wanting to stay and so forth.

I think those comments were designed partly to keep the fans off his back for what he hoped would be a monster season.

Mark Liptak

Relax with the Cub stuff….let them have their moment in the sun because when the Dodgers knock them out you won’t hear anymore about them. I predicted they would win the division back in March- they have a hell of a ball club.

The team that makes me more angry than the Cubs…… the Bears. I hate the Bears for multiple reasons. First of all most of the ********* Cub fans are fans of the Bears. Second of all these people invade the bars to watch the Bears play and they have them on every damn TV. I used to go watch football at Buds on 159th and Harlem and it was great I could watch like 4 games I wanted to catch Plus the bears. Now that they have closed down every place is all bears all the time and it makes my stomach turn. Third- they get more airtime than the Cubs do…I would rather hear baseball talk….even Cub baseball talk than football talk anytime. 4th- They stink and they aren’t exciting. 5th- Hester is so over rated it is disgusting. He’s a kick returner for God sake …bears fans will have you thinking he is better than Peyton Manning.

Ok back to the only sport that matters….. good win by the sox today. Caught a little bit of it- it was my son’s 1st birthday party and we had 50+ people so i couldn’t pay as much attention as I wanted. My 2/3 prediction was correct. I am hoping we win 2/3 from the twins but I predicted 1/3. Either way we should still be in pretty good shape. Book your playoff plans. Its in the bank.

Gee, were those posts really from Jen or from Kenwo???? I couldn’t tell with all the F’s and the asterisks!

And Jen, it was me (tc) that made the “y’all” remark. I was trying to give a shout out to Kris who is, as TQ often says, “deepintheheart”.

The whole Crede thing has been overblown. With or without the back woes this year, since last year we have known that with or without any future back woes he was 95 percent gone from the Sox at the end of this season. I really don’t think that Kenny was expecting to have him — even if healthy this whole year — in 2009.

I doubt if they will spend the money on Cabrera but I like what he has contributed to this club. Yeah, Figgins would look great here and Hudson is a fine player. But Cabrera is solid at short and a real competitor. And Alexei is the best infield talent on the entire club.

Hudson and Figgins are hurt every year. Why not bring back Podsednik and Erstad…same thing. I don’t want either of those guys.

Scam –

I heard on the radio – either Farmer, Stone or Rongey were saying that Mauer and Morneau eat Danks alive. I don’t have what their averages are against Danks, but they are super high. Something like in 10 appearances one of them has 8 hits and 3 being HR’s or something like that. Maybe someone can find out exactly, but that was the reason given for not having Johnny D pitch in MN.


Sorry tc, I warned all the sensitive that it was rated R, I had to vent, I was a little upset.

jk – I know, but like I said I was stressed – I would never not have my kids – I guess only women could relate – sometimes I miss just being able to take a shower in peace!

kenwo – I hear ya about the Bears (sorry Kris) yesterday my Mom had to have the Bears on and I had the WS on in her room (where I was working) I went in the kitchen to eat – she was watching the Bears – there was I think fifty something seconds left when the other team (I can’t even remember who the Bears were playing) had the ball and made a complete pass and were 1st and goal then they tied the game – I was laughing so hard, told my mom she should turn it off and watch the WS – she didn’t, she kept watching. Then came in to tell me later the Bears lost – Big flippin Deal!
I remember when they opened Buds – went there and everyone was mad because the name was Buds, but they didn’t sell Budweiser. (Atleast, I think it is the same place – can’t believe their still there)
Anyone go to Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, that was my old stomping ground (Those were the days)

While we are on the subject of Budweiser – that was the beer my husband drank, one day 2? years ago, he wanted me to pick him up a case, there was Cubs crap all over the case – so I refused to buy it – Now he drinks Miller (I think because I would give him so much crap about supporting the Cubs when he drank Budweiser.)
Anyone else drink Budweiser, how about you jk? I bet you drink Old Style?

I guess we will have some nonsense talk today, since the WS don’t play!


What’s everyone’s thoughts about an all Chicago World Series? I personally don’t think it will happen, if it does, I am moving far, far away. It would be way too stressing, if the Cubs would win, it would be the end of the world!

Anyone read this –

At the end of the article –
After the game, Sox starter Mark Buehrle said he was going to spend Monday’s day off with Crede at his home in nearby Westphalia, Mo.

“I’m going to work on his back,” Buehrle said.

Sorry Jen, I drink Bud Light. Old Style is hard to come by out here. There is NO advertising re: the Cubs on Bud products out here….. That is all….


I just wanted to say that no matter what is going on, your posts always have the ability to put a smile on my face. Thanks for that.


Cabrera is gone by all accounts and from everything I’ve been told…just FYI.

The Sox will offer him arbitration in order to get the two draft choices but he has his sites on the West Coast and warmer weather. (And again I had no issues with what he told the White

Yes Hudson more then Figgins gets hurt but apparently Kenny himself has had enough of the “beer league soiftball team” approach by the White Sox and intends to give Ozzie the speed and versatility he has been demanding.

It will be an interesting off season.

Mark Liptak

Also, I do like the Bears, but I think I like Football season the most because Hubby ALWAYS makes plans with the guys to watch the games together and I LOVE it because it gets him out of the house and if there isn’t a Sox game than I am free to watch Lifetime all day in between house chores. : – )

Klein is absolutely right! You have to enjoy all those “special” lil’ moments you have with kids when they are young like yours, Jen. I was really sad on Friday because my youngest child is now, officially a teenager, and the bigger the kid, the bigger the problems! Not that my kids have really “big problems” but teenagers are nuts sometimes.

Hey! my predictions probably will not be accurate, but they are pretty dang close! Pretty good for a novice predictor, if I do say so myself! : – )

Lip – The violins are playin’ – Hey Joe don’t let the door hit ya in the A**!! (That’s pretty harsh, I know, but he’s a weasel, a sneaky little weasel – just like his agent)

Thanks Lisa, I wish I could make myself laugh!
I know about the whole precious kid thing, Jeesh, I was just saying – ALL I WOULD LIKE TO DO IS TAKE A DAMN SHOWER IN PEACE!! And you guys think I don’t love my kids!πŸ™‚

I have too many things to do today, and no time to do them!

!Warning! Stupid Question ahead – not about the WS or baseball, or any sport for that matter – just a stupid question!

Online Poll-
Should Jennifer get her hair cut?
It’s down to the middle of my back, should I get it cut to my shoulders?

Girl, please! Everyone here KNOWS you love your kids!!
Cut your hair only if you have alot of split ends and it will make you happy. My hair was down to my butt and I recently cut it to shoulder length. I don’t like it though. I have curly hair and it seems like it’s harder to manage when it is this short. Just my opinion.

p.s. Sorry guys, I know you hate when we do this but it is an off day, what else are we supposed to do?

I’m a Bears fan, I’ll make no apologies, but I do agree.. they blow . . . but you have to remember, I was raised with Walter Payton, Mike Ditka and the gangm in my family room every Sunday so it ‘s in my blood. Don’t have or like football enough to invest in the NFL channel so really, only following football via the web, Texans are worse than the Bears so no point in even trying to follow that crap!

Jen, get your hair cut girl, I think you’ll fee cooler and fresher, ie younger. With 3 small kids, I’m sure you get bogged down with a lot of things and making your hair simpler is one step closer to sanity! I remember my kids being little. . . I remember the banging of the bathroom door or the just walking in . . . and truly, I miss it.. 2 out of my 3 are in Illinois/Indiana respectively and I miss them like crazy crazy! The ‘baby’ being 17, like Lisa was saying, teenagers lose their minds sometimes and I’d frankly rather deal with kids that still have bedtimes, etc. At least you get peace and quiet then!

The Crede thing, hmmm…. let him go and cut your losses . . I think I stated that a week or more ago, no point worrying about it, see ya, bye bye and so long baby!

Miller Lite here is my beer of choice and the first cold one after the storm was the best by far!

– that’s all ya’ll (hi tc) from deepintheheartof . . .

A lot of you may not like what you’re going to read, but I feel I have to write it… because it is how I feel at this time…

Reading the game story of Saturday’s encounter with KC, which, BTW, was buried on Page 6 of the Tribune…the first five pages, of course, dedicated to “destiny’s darlings” at Clark and Addison (Digression here… that game on Saturday gave them the division title… contrary to the beliefs of the lemmings… THEY DID NOT WIN THE F**KING PENNANT… THERE ARE THREE MORE STEPS THEY HAVE TO TAKE BEFORE THE NIGHTMARE TAKES PLACE!!! THOSE DOPES ARE GETTING SO JIZZED UP…I WANT TO SEE THOSE CLOWNS LOSE TO ANYONE BEFORE THE LAST TWO WEEKS IN OCTOBER…)

(Digression over… back to the point of all of this…)

Reading the story, I suddenly had a sickening feeling, one that has been expressed by Mark and others here… the feeling that the Sox are going to blow six months worth of work in six games…

They are going into the piranha tank… where they stink on ice… and despite the thoughts of those who know a lot and think that the Sox are the team looking down on Minnesota while the Twins are the ones looking up, with just perhaps one victory to wrap things up by this weekend, let me just say this…


These piranhas are back in their environment…where they control things… they are facing Mr .500 record, Mr What Have You Done For Us Lately, Mr Got His A** Handed To Him By The Yank-mes Last Time Out… I do not happen to care about what his record is so far this year versus the piranhas… I see what he has done recently… and I don’t like it…Neither, for that matter, does his manager… Don’t believe me?… Read ESPN’s web site today…

So the Twins don’t have Liriano going for them?… Their own manager says he would rather have Baker after Liriano, then Blackburn, then Slowey… none of them are easy…

If Morneau doesn’t beat you, then Mauer does… or Punto, or Cuddyer… or all of them in concert…

Do you, WS Universe, trust your bullpen in the late innings at the HumpDump? I DON’T!!!

Then after the boys leave Minny, the Royals come in to get their three more lashings before scurrying off to wherever red headed stepchildren go for psychological treatment… and the Tribe comes to the Cell, ready to f**k the boys over the same way the Sox did them when they challenged three years ago…

I sincerly hope that I’m wrong…

More tomorrow from “the bluebird of happiness”…

Bears fan here as well. I gew up with them as well, but after the days of Sweetness and the rest (sorry kris). Bears games is just what the fam always watched on Sundays! Bravo to you for watching them on the web though, I’m not that dedicated. I swapped between the games on sunday, but Sox ultimately won out, of course.

Jen, if you hadn’t of made that awesome movie, would you have still been infatuated with Crede? I think thats when the downward spiral began… I’m still appreciative of him, and sad to see him (most probably) go. But, it will probably be better in the end if he does, even if its only to save his rep in Chicago.

As far as cutting your hair goes, I say go for it. However, something to consider: Is it long enough where you could donate it to locks of love/will be long enough soon? Ponder, ponder!

Scotties – Actually it came when I met the little weasel (God, I wish I never met him, no I take that back, if I hadn’t then I’d still be in ‘love’ with him and how could I love someone on another team) I’ll let him go –

I just got back from getting my hair all cut off – I was growing it for 4 years (I did donate it – it makes me feel good that I could help little kids) I love it, it looks really cute! My kids won’t know who I am when I pick them up from school……
I feel refreshed, like a new woman!

Kenwo, did you kidnap TQ?

Maybe TQ and I are on the same schedule for our little ‘friend’ (woman, you know what I mean)

I am taking today to not focus on what the WS are going to do this week – I don’t want to think about it until tomorrow or until I get my Prozac refilled:)

Oh and I finally got my eyebrows waxed – I forgot my tweezers when I went to Disney – you should of seen them – I looked liked CQ! The girl that did my eyebrows was laughing at me because I wanted to see all the hair that was on the little strip – quite fascinating!

tsk tsk, such language and from a woman no less! OMG. LOL.

Jen, lose that stress already……I can think of constructive ways to do that but I’d be accused of being sexist. Oh and the comment about hitting HR’s, ah if it were that easy then we’d have 1,000 of them. Its not easy. And I think others have not given up either and I think you know that as well.

Lip, you are correct about CREDE. He’s done. He’ll get his chance on the free market and he’ll get what damaged goods are worth, a one year incentive laden contract that he’ll never collect on.

We are gonna find out about this team these last 6 games. Yes, the last six. I don’t put anything past Cleveland, and they have been playing well as of late.

two posts up – I meant womEn, not woman

soxbabeswildwhatever – I warned everyone before they read it that it was rated R – that would be your fault for reading it – I am sorry if it was too much for you to handle.

Don’t we have 1,000?πŸ™‚

I have not given up, I wanted to see that they have not given up either.


So first it’s the lack of the peaceful shower and the birth control rant. Then the debate over a haircut. Then the eyebrows getting waxed. Then the “little friend” visiting.

Is it safe to say that we all know a little too much about Jen’s day today?????

Jen, make it Miller Lite for me. And after reading TQ’s desperate post, make it many Miller Lites.

I thought this was the White Sox blog? I must have unintentionally went to Opra’s site.

Well, let’s see now….. Today I mowed the lawn in the back yard, I skimmed the pool, I raked rocks from a front yard area where we are planning on planting a tree. I went to Home Depot and decided NOT to spend about $200 for some stepping stones for that front area.

I clipped my fingernails yesterday and I had a haircut last week. My hair is about 1 inch long, I’m not sure this style makes me look fat or not.

I shaved a couple of days ago ( I like to shave about three times a week). My wife and I dogproofed our back yard in preparation for our Kids dachschund who will be visiting us for the week that they are on vacation.

I read Jens shower adventure (ohh Baby)…. Sorry, I’m trying to be funny….. I read TQ’s tirade….? Que Paso Amigo? I read all of Lips attachments . I found out that Kris drinks Miller Lite. I approved of kenwo’s bravado and tc’s matter-of-factness, and I scoured the box score from yesterdays game and also poured over the standings and my predictions…..

And it’s still 25 hours before gametime tomorrow night. Are we all just a teensy bit stressed??? Hmmm?

I think I’ll go outside have another beer and cut my toenails….. Hang in there everybody……. WE’ll be fine…. Go White Sox ’08……j.k.

Thanks jk I really needed that, that post I would say is the best post all year – you win!


Lip – that article needs someone playing Duhn, Duhn, Duhn, Duhnnnnnnnnnn!

Blake – I am putting warnings on my posts for you men or women that don’t want to read my nonsense posts, that was your choice to read!

Post not about WS or Baseball!!

BTW – my husband didn’t even notice my hair – how the hell do you not notice that?
I keep telling you guys he’s a jackass!

This just in today… Major League Baseball is throwing it’s support behind a White Sox Plan to have year round youth baseball in Tucson in place of spring training……. Thanks Chicago for a wonderful 10 years and good luck in Glendale. I will miss you….. Go Sox… j.k.

Thanks Jen…… j.k.

Yes sirs and ma’ams we do need us some baseball. I am going to resort to Dancing with the Stars shortly.

I just got back in from trimming my bushes and sweeping the sidewalks, fun huh?

Jen, I am trying to decide to just get highlights again or just an all over color! The decisions we have to make. And Jen, your posts make me smile too.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday. I just know we can do it!


Oh, and Scott? A new post. The posting mojo works.

Okay Jen, it’s an off day so I’ll make one more response to your day of non-WS/non-baseball posts.

Speaking with the experience of being formerly married, I can tell you this. OF COURSE, your husband noticed your haircut. And he said nothing to get EXACTLY the kind of response you gave him.

Hey, we men may be stupid in the eyes of women MOST of the time, but certainly not ALL of the time.

I still say your husband needs a night out at a watering hole with me, Kenwo, TQ, jk, and all the other male regulars on this board. If that group can’t help the poor guy out, then nobody can. Maybe Liptak can join us and provide some historical significance to the situation. After all, Lip sounds like a longtime, happily married — non-optimistic of course — type of husband.


It’ll be twenty years come June and if you’ll pay for the air fare I’ll be happy to come back home.

Mark Liptak

tc – I could see it now – my Husband – who’s name is Dan – and kenwo would sit there and b*tch about everything and anything and they would argue over who’s boobs were better, Tiffany Amber Theissen or Pam Anderson while TQ talking about …… well it doesn’t matter – my Husband would just sit there with his blank stupid look. And jk – well, I could see my husband actually liking jk – he seems like he is an easy person to like and hell, if he drinks beer, then hubby would love him. –
Believe me, Dan has enough days at the watering hole – I am the one who needs to get out and get drunk – so drunk that I can’t stand – it would never happen – for some odd reason after having kids – I just can’t get drunk – I get a good buzz, then PLUNK – nothing else – my drunk radar turns on and my body says no more – too bad!

I just watched one of the stupidest movies – Just add water – very stupid!

After writing that my Husband didn’t notice my hair, I went into the kitchen and Dan did a double take – he looked at me – then had a confused look on his face and looked at me again. My 3 year old daughter says “Daddy do you like Mommies hair cut” and he’s says “Ya, it looks real nice”

#1 Jackass!

What’s funny is – Dan called me about every hour when I was at Disney – he kept telling me how much he missed me, and how he knows I was going to find someone else – he’s nuts –
He was nice for about a day after I came home –


tc – why is he always referred to as “poor guy” what does he need help with? He’s got it made – I say I am a pretty good wife, all his friends say how cool I am and they wish their wives were more like me.

TC – you SAY formerly married, what did she do, or what did you do? Did you cheat, huh? huh? It’s just us – you could tell me, is they why you are so bitter towards me? Not all woman are witches (b)

This is my second marriage! Bet you guys didn’t know that! I got married the first time when I was 19 – no kids with him – Husband now was friends with husband then – I married the wrong friend – I am evil – I know! Not to many people know what they want when their 19!

WS Baseball starts back up tomorrow – thats it about my life – I’ve said too much – again!

I know this is WS blog – I apologize to all you Jen comment haters!


Oh and Marie, I would stick with high-lites – much easier to maintain!

When you’re 19, male or female, you think you know what you want. Then you grow up and you realize just how foolish you really were. (paraphrased from Mark Twain). It’s very true though….

Another thing is also very true…. I feel like a peeping tom after reading your posts Jen…..Life can be hard, just don’t give up on it. I truly hope you receive all that you want and deserve as a woman and a mother.

Now back to our regularly scheduled baseball blog. Did you notice that Cleveland is at it again? They’ve won 7 in a row and look to be hot. Gulp! Seems like every team we play is coming off a win streak, and we will have to face Lee (probably on Sunday)…. But, KC is also playing well and is looking at overtaking the Tigers for fourth place in the division. Any way you slice it this will be one very intense week…. Stay tuned, and keep the beer cold…. Go Sox ’08….j.k.


I’m not bitter toward you. I just like pulling your chain and getting your feathers all ruffled up when I talk about your “poor” husband.

We’re not here to discuss marriages — bad, good or indifferent. I’m sure that you and that “poor guy” Dan are very happy and will be much happier when the White Sox win the A.L. Central (nice segue there, huh, getting myself out of the Dr. Phil commentary and back on to the purpose of this board — baseball!!!!)

Just watched the All Time Chicago Team and I can only speak for myself but it was a waste of time. It was basically a poor man?s version of ?the Sportswriters On TV? done so brilliantly by Bill Gleason, Ben Bentley, Rick Telander and Bill Jauss 25 years ago.

The program had ZERO, none, nada actual game footage not even film of the players selected. The best part of it was Dan Patrick voicing over the results and he wasn?t even part of the round table hosted by Dan Roan.

First here were the picks:

SP- Fergie Jenkins
SP- Billy Pierce
SP- Ed Walsh
SP- Greg Maddux
RP- Bruce Sutter
1B- Ernie Banks
2B- Ryne Sandberg
SS- Luis Aparicio
3B- Ron Santo
OF- Billy Williams
OF- Sammy Sosa
OF- Joe Jackson
C- Carlton Fisk
DH- Frank Thomas
Manager- Al Lopez


Now to ?highlights? of the program (and I use that term loosely)

The picks were made by baseball writers, broadcasters, historians, former players in Chicago and around the country.

Sitting at the table were Phil Rogers, Mickey Morindini (why?), Mike Downey, Rod Blagojevich, Ron Kittle, Dan Van Dyck, Randy Hundley, Dan McGrath and Rich Lindberg.

*When they talked about ?Goose? Gossage they showed a picture of him in a Cub uniform (Naturally he played all of one year there! I guess they couldn’t be bothered to ask the Sox P.R. department for a photo, it’s not like Scott Reifert doesn’t have any…)

*They did actually talk to Carlton Fisk although he was used more in the previous show, ?Cubs & Sox All Access?

*Phil Rogers had an interesting comment that Frank Thomas ?had the yips about throwing his whole career? Naturally it wasn?t mentioned that the shoulder injury Thomas suffered as a freshman tight end at Auburn contributed mightily to his inability to throw.

*Rogers also had this amazing admission, (direct quote- talking about Sammy Sosa) ?if he cheated and he probably did, he kept it hidden better then the others?? (Phil has been a staunch defender of the ‘Roid Boy)

*When talking about second baseman, the final voting had Rogers Hornsby (who only played four years with the Cubs) getting 21% of the vote, Nellie Fox got 16%. (Can fans be that totally completely clueless?)

*Randy Hundley is a complete unadulterated idiot. Grade A, number #1. He actually had the stones to admonish Ron Kittle during the program for picking to many White Sox. He ?grudgingly? accepted the fact that Frank Thomas had to be at DH. A complete total tool.

*Rich Lindberg, the only panelist, actually equipped to give an accurate assessment of the entire time frame of Chicago baseball wasn?t used much, probably because he was the only one who knew what the hell he was talking about.


They are repeating this pap nonsense Saturday and you certainly have the right to watch it if you choose?as for me, I?m reusing the tape that I recorded both shows on. It?s not worth the time or the effort to watch it again in my opinion.

Mark Liptak

Ok Banks, Aparicio, Thomas and Baines should have all been on that team. So Ernie plays first, Frank DHs, Luis plays short and Harold plays the outfield. Joe Jackson or Sammy….doesn’t matter which one….gets removed. Personally (sorry sox fans) i’d remove Joe Jackson. Other than that I can’t really argue with the picks. Maybe the relief pitcher could have been someone other than Sutter. Hoyt Wilhelm? Bobby Jenks? Bobby Thigpen? Roberto Hernandez? I am not too sure how good Sutter was on the Cubs though…maybe he is deserving.

I’m not a big fan of Santo either…but I suppose he has to win it. Robin Ventura wasn’t good enough for long enough. And please don’t mention Crede…besides a year (2006) and 2 months (2005) he really was not very good. I wanted him gone for years before the end of 05.

Well, today is the day. I am so nervous about us playing the Twins……
I really hope they can pull it off!

Anything on CQ? Will he be available for this series?



If my calendar is correct, today is a special day. No, no… it’s not just the beginning of the ever-critical series of the season. It’s Scott’s birthday!!!

So happy birthday to you, Scott, wherever you are. Here’s hoping our team gets you a couple of wins in Minneapolis which should amount to a little stress reduction in your life.



I know it was just before your time, but Bruce Sutter did have a helluva run with the North Siders. He was pretty close to automatic for a few years.

These all-city teams are always just a way to get some ratings and start some fights.

And, again, I must admit that Santo was a damn good player. Not a Hall of Fame quality player mind you, but a damn good one.

The North Siders would always dominate a team like this. Not because they are better. And not so much because of the current large edge in the so-called “fan base.” But because they play in that bandbox, over grown minor league ballpark, they have better offensive statistical numbers. Comiskey Park for most of its years was a pitchers’ paradise.

Well today is the day. I am so nervous and excited all at the same time.

Think we can pull it off? I do!

Let’s go get ’em boys! Eight hours till show time!


The mantra for the White Sox this series should be JUST DON’T GET SWEPT.

ONE WIN puts them in a great position to win this. Not saying they shouldn’t try to win two or three but Ozzie has to play this series with the bottom line being that they have to win a game. If he gets the lead tonight for example, in my opinion, he needs to pull out all the stops to lock it down. Regardless of how many players or pitchers he has to use to do it.

And this is an interesting story on the mental aspect of the White Sox:,CST-SPT-deluca23.article

Mark Liptak

Just under 6 hours left – I don’t think I was this nervous in ’05! I can’t wait – I wonder if the players are this nervous –

Well here are some more comments from the man who talks about… well, it doesn’t matter…(Thank you to Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point… I have had my feelings hurt by experts, beginning with the late Harry Caray and ending with most of my ex-girlfriends… before Helene… No big deal…)

Just as in Fenway Park, or at Jurassic Park at Neverland, a visiting team NEVER has enough runs at the HumpDump… so the boys had better do a LOT of scoring these next three nights… and then hope and pray that the “bullpen from Hell” doesn’t come out and f— things up… because the piranhas are ready, as are all their hopped-up fandom…It gets awfully loud in that building… just ask Da Bears… So the best thing to do is take the crowd out of the game early… and not let them back in…

I will be watching “the U” tonight… I’ll be happy with a win, miserable as always with a loss…

But what does it matter how I feel?

It really doesn’t… does it?

Happy b-day, Mr R… Hopefully they give you a better present than they gave me last week…

I would like them to win two – my nerves can’t take just one win!

TQ – I didn’t mean it like that – I meant that all the big words you use my husband would just sit there and stare into space, because he would not understand such big words – he’s not that smart!

I always care about what you say – I always look for your post – funny, but smart at the same time!

The would be no WS blog w/out the famous TQ! Actually, there would be no WS blog w/out Scott.

BTW – Happy B-day Scott


Yes, I must add on…Happy Birthday Scott!

You just have to post today, on your birthday! The last two times you posted, we won. Don’t mess with the mojo!


Happy Birthday indeed, Scott. You know what to wish for when you blow out the candles later…

Espn has the WS as the underdogs, tonite.
Twins are favored by 53%

What’s with JD being day-to-day with an injury – what happened?

Status: Day-To-Day September 21 Comment: Dye tweaked his left calf on Sunday but hopes to play on Sunday, the team’s official site reports.

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