Friday Night Fights

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.


Brian Anderson needed to play yesterday after losing two game in Minnesota, you need in my mind the best defense out there to win. I love Junior and I know he is up there in age but we need every little bit of D we can get.

Lets go Sox keep the faith everybody!! We have been with them all year long don’t give up just yet!

man, I hate when I post on a previous post and then he posts a new post!! Go read it, it’s strong and valuable if not a bit corny! πŸ™‚

Forget about yesterday’s lineup. That is behind us. We need to focus only on the Cleveland Indians tonight. In fact, they should not even put the Twins score on the board tonight. Our job is between the white lines.

Wow – I am really alone tonight, my husband is taking the kids fishing – I will be blogging to myself – since I will be alone I could do the lucky naked dance! Anyone with me??

No doubt tc, that would relieve some pressure if they just left it off . . . doubtful they will though, unless….. anybody you know we can call about that! πŸ˜‰

Um, I’ll be out in public but, I can do the lucky dance with you . . like, send brain waves that way! Enjoy your solitude, I think your husband was wise in taking the kids out of harms way if this gets ugly!

hey hafer, who r u? are you somebody we know, i think we could like you!

For the record too, Sports Illustrated had the Cubs on the cover and you know what being on the cover of Sports Illustrated does – we shall see if a new curse has been laid before them! Waa haa haa haa (me with my evil laugh)

Almost time for ‘ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL’! So, I’m off . . .

I don’t know I like BA starting – I think he should be put in after we have runs – we could use the power of Junes first – then use the defense later.

Then again – Brian is most likely very anxious to get out there – I wish Oz would have put BA out there when we were up last night – oh well – today is another day – let’s move on!

Play your A.sses off!!

Have Fun Kris – Don’t worry I’ll bring us a wiener (Ha – I mean Winner)

So what should I make for dinner tonight (At least I found out how to spell tonight)
What do I do with myself for an hour?
I could try on my new white boots!
I wish the game would start!

It’s hs football, I don’t love it but she does, I’m a good mama, so don’t trust the driver’s with my baby on these Texas highways, too far away for only driving for about 2 months by herself! She doesn’t mind me being there and her friends like me, I’m cool, they say, who knows! πŸ™‚

BA in the lineup!!! YAHOO!! I’m predicting a winner and hoping the crowd is kind to the Sox. They need it. They played terrible in Minny but they are home now. Let’s be the 10th man!! Jen I think you are alone. I am playing taxi between HS homecoming game and Jr. High dance. I’ll have the game on the radio, but you are going to have to hold the fort down!!

Just a few comments from reading previous posts all day. Mark, I personally have enjoyed your posts all year. Not that I always agreed with things, but I think if people really read them, all you did was give the facts, with a little pessimism at times, but I detect that you have a bit of optimism as of late!

TQ, I’ve missed seeing your posts more. I know you are beyond frustrated, but your posts always manage to put a smile on my face….come back more!!

JK, your post way back earlier today was just what I needed to read….it always seems to be!

Kenwo good luck in Vegas…hopefully you’ll bring us some good karma from there!!

I think Scotts last post with the nice new vocabulary word about summed it up. I was completely distraught last night,but it is a new day, we are home, our destiny is in our own hands. I’m on the pollyanna side but it ain’t over, YET! Stranger things have happened.

aw crap. commented on the old post… to recap: I’ll be here bloggin with you ladies and gents tonight, if you’ll have me. am I still a newbie? lol! is tonight a braless night, or are we scrapping it because of yesterday’s outcome?

Goin with JD as the pick to click, he’s about due it sems. Coudn’t hurt!

or, sounds like I’ll be blogging with Jen tonight, with a few guest appearances! Can’t leave you completely alone!

Hi Scotties! No you are not a newbie anymore, girl! You are part of our dysfunctional lil’ family! LOL!
I’ll check you guys when i get back to see if I should burn my bra. Or do a naked dance….hubby would just LOVE that!!!
Hey Kris! Loved your prayer. All I can say to that is AMEN!!!!
JD is my pick to click tonight. You guys hold down the fort while I’m away.

Anybody interested in watching the debate tonight?


Lisa, I could care less about the debate. Somehow we have to get all the vibes going tonight and get this win.

I agree Mollie. I have all positive energy running through my veins tonight!

I was going to watch the debate (there’s a bi-partisan event here at school), but with my roommie out, I get to dive headfirst into full Sox glory without distraction or criticism (she’s a cards fan and is totally cool with the sox, but some days i feel i push it). You guys get to reep the benefits!

So what are you studying Scotties?

Graphic Design! If you ever need anything done, I’ll be happy to oblige. btw, my name’s Amy. I went with the scottie thing for my boy pods.

ok I’m back – 3 year old had a meltdown at the lake – so I had to get her – the parties over – not alone anymore – I give her 15 min and she will be out cold!

All I have to now is give my dog some downers (he’s riving me nuts)

I am ready for some Baseball!!


BTW – Did they get boo’d?

Oh, SH*T!
Here we go, please don’t ………………………..

sh!tballs! boys better be on tonight, or its gunna be another long evening.

Good field to study Amy, there’s always work in that field!
Did you get to see jen’s videos? She’s pretty good! Although you probably know how to set up and design web pages huh?

Scottie Pods… i miss him!
Jen, how do they fish in the dark?
Throw that dog a bone and he’ll be fine.

C’mon Boys!!!!!

thats what im betting on, but its also something ive always enjoyed doing! heck ya I’ve seen Jen’s videos, all 3! They are mucho excellent-o, and a lot of hard work was put into them. I’m in Web Design now (which is why I couldn’t see the game firsthand last night, 6-10 class), so I know basic html coding at this point.

There to go JD!

He wants to be walked – the mosquitoes are too bad!

They fish by the clubhouse – there’s a light – they’re gonna come back eaten alive!

Thanks for the compliments about my videos!

I heart scottie pods, even still. Keeping tabs on him over on the Rox. We could use ourselves another one like him, couldn’t we? Speeeed!!

Aw, that was a cute commercial! Thank you signs!

html coding is so confusing!
I designed my own website
Let me know what you think!

Be back in a bit…gonna watch upstairs for awhile

Jen, love the site. Much better than I can do! Are you self-taught? ps, i loooooove that you are ms. handygirl. ain’t nothin that compares to the thrill of a chop saw! caulking and laying tile are pretty good too, though.

liking this “get to know you better” night – winner would make it perfect.

NOW they’re booing them! did they put butter all over their hands??

Unfreakinbelieveable…..still a long way to go though.

YEEESSSSSSS! We’re gunna win this OUR way! That’ll lift the spirits!

I am back – again, had to get my 6.5 year old from the lake – I told my husband I am getting no more!

I come back to 2-0 –
Pauly just got a HR – Thank the Lord!!
About friggin time!

They’re BAAAAACK! (The homers, I mean)

Yes, Amy, I am self taught!

There we go – bring it on!!!

Holy Crap! what’d i miss?

Well welcome. Wow 2 home runs and an error. The bra is off. It almost worked last night. Let’s go White Sox.

Alright ladies! You heard Mollie…bras off!!!!

I’m naked!:)

KC leading 3-0

Cleveland is making us look like we know how to play fundamental baseball!

Holy crap are we getting guys home??

OMG Jen! You better have put those kids to bed! LOL!

I just looked at your coding, and it looks solid, from the little I know. Here’s what we’ve done in class so far:
I get plenty of flax from the other 7 or so students, ALL of which are cubs fans. I just HAD to push it a little…

Was that just a manufactured run?? Sa-weet! Hold ’em down, Johnny!

Wow! Amy…at least homework is kinda fun! Love the Cubs Suck line! I wholeheartedly agree with that!

And that’s why I love designing! If I’m gunna be doing it for the rest of my life, I may as well enjoy it! Do you want to see other print things I’ve done? I can email you some .pdf’s.

Bra is off – much more comfortable! Did you guys see the footage from up north? πŸ˜€

KC is up 4-0

From listening on the radio, it sure sounds like the crowd is definitely behind the White Sox. I’m glad to hear that.

Farmer said he saw a fan in the crowd with a sign that said “I cried myself to sleep last night”. I think we know how that fan feels!

Tonight let’s go to bed with a smile on our faces!


Welcome home, marie. We saw that sign too, got a little chuckle.

Crapdoodles, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten up during the break…

We just can’t score enough runs. Come on Johnny we need outs.
My phone that never rings is ringing off the hook tonight. Jen I remember those days when my boys were young. I know you appreciate it because they grow up way too fast.

AJ was my pick to click.

Where’d Jen go? Had to pick up another kid? lol, lets go boys! Some insurance would be nice!



The fat lady may have just starting singing!

Just to lighten the mood:

Have you guys ever seen the movie Jumangi? You know that kid that turns into a monkey? MacDougal. Just look at him!

A bloop and a blast, then jimmy attempts a bunt?!?! Love it!

I hear ya, Amy – he is one fugly looking man! Hey he got us out of that inning – so I won’t say too much about him, yet!

Glad someone came back to chat. Where’s the girl power tonight? I came into this with high expectations! Let’s go SOX!!!!!

Everyone bailed on us!


Guess we knew that was going to happen. We can do this though!

Want some oreos?

Never! And I mean Never pick you nose when you can be on TV!

O God, what did you see? Who? The one time I switch the channel to the debates, and I miss something amusing!

I am not to big on oreos – I have licorice!

Now all the kids are back and my 3 year old daughter is singing “Put it on the Board, Put it on the Board, Put it on the Board”

I guess hubby is having is little guy thing – he’s still fishing with his friend – must be nice to be able to have fun with your friends with no kids around!

Not lookin so good! Twins are still down 8-1!

Let’s hope she’s on to something. We’re gunna need a hit or two before that can happen to make an impact, though.

There was a guy – maybe early twenties with his girl – and he put his finger to his nose, then went in, took a real fast swipe, that was it!

noice! So, I’m going to the game Sunday, and wondering if I’m even gunna have fun. Obviously, any time you are at the Cell is worth it, but I don’t know if I want to sit there for 3 hours with this sinking feeling in my gut.

This is awful! Good thing we got Junior!
Are bullpen absolutely SUCKS!!!!

It’s a plsuraee to find someone who can think so clearly

I was thinking of going myself – it would just be me and my daughter – we can’t afford to take the whole family – I was looking for one seat and she could sit on my lap – but, I don’t know if it’s worth it – I really hate going to games when they lose! To drive all the way there, pay the $50 a gallon – sit there with my 3 year old, then to have them lose – I don’t know, I’m still debating! Where are your seats for Sunday?

Oh, but Jen. Remember “every contending team has a bad bullpen right now.” So says Mssrs. Hawk and DJ

Hey ladies….I feel bad for Ozzie, he looks like he’s just sitting there saying WTF? WTF? WTF?

Hey – we got a base runner! How’s about JD knocks one out again.

Right field, next to the fan deck. I had tix for the rainout, and we upgraded to these. The actual tix are at home with my fam, sorry i dont know the exact seats. I have a feeling that most, if not all, are sold out, unless you want upper deck. You should go, you’re gunna wish you had when White Sox Withdrawl sets in around December.

I hope your guys can regroup and you do not have to play that Monday contest against the Tigers. I hate to say it, but they are playing great ball right now. We might havebeen tired coming into Detroit, but now we can’t wait for Sunday night and go home.

Best of luck in the next 3, so you do not have to play 4……..then see you in St. Petersburg

I think he’s saying a bit more than WTF… πŸ˜€

And I second that motion for JD!

hey raysrenegade….thanks for the good wishes….we’ll take any good vibes from anywhere we can get them. I sure hope we do see you in St. Pete.

HEY way to go JD….we’ll take that base hit!

OK, Jimmy, now, we’ll take a blast from you! Or, at least a base hit!

I hope we can pull out a win tonight….just to shove it up all the ***** of the naysayers.

OK, twinks just lost. Half of our mission is accomplished.

Lezzgo Jimmie, lezzgo!

OK Paulie, it’s up to you now. Put on your Captain K cape and get to work.

Moreso than ever, we NEED this one. I will personally go down there to motivate them!

YES! Keep the line moving!

COme on Alexei, like Maria said last night, hits are sexy. Especially from Alexei.

OK, let’s just hold them now, come back and score. We still have three more innings to hit in.

OK, Duh, I am one inning off.

I got three hours of sleep last night, and am starting to crash and burn. I dare them to keep me awake these next two innings!

Nice 8th inning Oh, Do-tell


scotties, are they keep you awake a little? two runners on

Indeedy they are! Keep it going, boys! I feel a second wind coming on!

Hi guys, got 2 happy jr higers who enjoyed the dance and a homecoming victory for the highschooler….see the Twins have lost, hoping we can pull this one out….did you guys lose Jen?

Tell me why in God’s name is Wise pinch hitting? Why not Griffey if you are going to take BA out?

I think we did lose Jen. I guess it’s just the 3 of us.

No I’m here – had to put the kids to bed!

well, I guess that’s why Donna!! wahoo!

Ok, I’ll take that back on Wise thank you Dewayne!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on JD!

Oh, good – glad you’re back Jen! Tying run at the plate!! COME ON JD we need you big time!


Trying to make it a dramatic 9th right?


OK, hold ’em here and a bottom of the 9th rally, whaddya say girlies???

OK Dotel, just do what you’ve been doing and we’ll be ok

Wouldn’t be opposed, thats for sure! Oh-Do-Tell!!!

Nice inning OD CMON guys lets pull this out!!

OK Ladies who are left here put on the RALLY BRAS!!

I want to see Jimmy CHUG along the bases. GO SOX!!!!

Alright nice start!

Duhn, Duhn, duhn!

Turn them inside out? hahahah!!

Goodnight y’all – see you tomorrow!

Another wasted opportunity.


Good Night Everyone,


Aw sh!tballs. It’s been fun, kids. G’night!

Night everyone

Got home from my game about 11:15 CST and immediately went to check the scores. My heart skipped a beat when a saw that the Twins lost, then it fell again when I saw what the Sox didn’t do.

I simply don’t know what to say anymore. A complete fold up job.

For what it may be worth I checked in with a member of the organization about 5:30 CST, they said they just didn’t see any energy left with this team.

Apparently the pitching staff in now running on fumes. The elimination number is down to #3. If they are going to go down I’d like them to at least go down fighting, losing 8 of 11 isn’t my idea of that.

LIke I said I’m getting numb to things, and that’s a bad sign. I’m just tired, spent.

Mark Liptak


Thanks for the answers yesterday – I appreciate the info, if not what is happening to the team.

I’ve been busy with family activities, couldn’t join everyone the past two evenings, and out of town tomorrow, but I can record the game and watch when I get home.

Hard to keep hoping, but I will, till it’s over, cuz I’m just that kinda person.

Go Sox,

It’s really hard to catch up on things when 1) i get home at 9.15 Tucson time and have to watch the archived game and 2) need to take about 45 minutes scanning/reading through all 200+ posts since this morning. This is the first Friday bowling night that we lost. We need to win tomorrow and Sunday, because the Twins will be rejuvinated to tackle the Awe-inspiring KC Royals…..

I am constantly amazed at how easy it is for new posters to come on here and berate everybody. Hafer, posty, kevinmiz, beckyjw11…. who are these people???? We have enough trouble with our resident defeatists to have to deal with some newbies…

After reading the posts from this morning I couldn’t help but shake my head at the animosity being thrown around at one another. Disagree, Yes, but don’t belittle others simply because their opinion is different. You all know that I disagree with Lip most of the time, but at the same time we can engage in a dialogue without name calling or spitefull remarks.

Maybe I’m too old to understand whats going on here, I guess I’ll leave it at that. All I can say is the end of this season can’t come too quickly for me now. May everyone enjoy their weekend, the fall , and the soon to be upcoming holidays… Spring training will be here before you know it and you can start gearing up for another dismal, underachieving, misersble, hatefilled disterous season real soon. It’s all just around the corner.

As for me…. I will be watching WGN tomorrow and rooting for a White Sox winner….. Night all….. j.k.

Mark, I think that your comments were spot on… This ballclub, as far as the pitching staff goes, is completely spent… The “bullpen from Hell” was, in the words of Ed Farmer, “embarrasing”…

Farmio and Stone Pony, like Hawk and DJ and the rest of us, are getting very frustrated with the lack of everything at the tail end of this season… and those four guys are supposed to be the faces and voices of POSITIVITY for this franchise… otherwise, who would come out to the Cell to see them?

Now, a question for anyone out there…

Did you SERIOUSLY think that this team, IF they were fortunate enough to make it to the Second Season, were going to all of a sudden put on a spurt and play like the team did in the ’05 post season?

I did not, realistically… because TB would be the first opponent… and you all know how the boys play under glass…

These guys are limping in right now… They are banged up, they are emotionally and physically spent… which is what playing baseball, night in and day out, for six months, can do to a person — even those supposedly physically fit and mentally fit…

jk… Have you displaced me, amigo, as the “bluebird of happiness”? Just wondering…

There are at least two games remaining… who knows what will happen? None of us, that’s for damned sure…

Time for another golf game and then the White Sox on WGN… Oh Boy!!!! Tweet,tweet…. Go Sox’08…..j.k.

Wgn has come interesting shows on – right now!

Today I heard two songs while having the rare opportunity to eat KFC, after pricing fencing and trying to find a chain saw, which there are none to be found – anyhow, two songs were

Don’t Stop Believen &
Free Fallin

Gave me a weird feeling as if to say, which one will it be …. Minnsota game starts soon, I know we’ll all be eyeballing it while doing our chores and/or playing golf! πŸ™‚

The wind is out of my sails a bit but I’ll still be watching tonight – GO SOX!

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