September Saturdays

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Vazquez pitching.

Prior to tonight’s game, Ozzie said Buehrle would pitch tomorrow and Floyd on Monday in the 1:05 p.m. game.



There were comments here about the Sox being “spent” and I agree. One thing to remember. Even though they are physically in good condition, the type of games they have been playing have been harder on them.

When you struggle to win, when you have to seem to fight for everything you get, you can wear down much faster. the Sox have been scuffling for the entire second second half and a good part of June. That can mentally wear a team down as much as anything.

I’m not making excuses for them, but I can see the effect that all of this has had on them. There is no doubt in my mind that they are giving it all they got in these last few days and weeks. But the body and the mind can sometimes only give so much. And the Twins are going through a similar situation. Look at how they have played on the road. And how else can you explain the way they flattened out last night (and the start of today’s game) after a very emotional sweep of the Sox.

Let’s see if the Lord can give us the strength and the energy to muster up three or maybe four more wins and have a new banner to put up in the Cell.

Good luck tonight, guys. I’m sending nothing but good thoughts your way.

The door is ajar once again.

KC 4, Twins 2.

How many chances are we going to get????

I’m here, but in front of the tv – GO SOX!!!!!!! This is ours for the taking!

Hi everyone,
I won’t really be posting alot – I ran out of things to say –

I went to the liquor store and bought some mango margarita’s for myself and some Jack and Coke for Hubby (it’s his 38th B-day on Tues.) I plan on getting drunk – not that drunk (everytime I got that drunk – I got pregnant)

I am very upset about the Sox – They have had EVERY opportunity to Win this thing – if they can’t take it tonight and tomorrow – well – I can’t keep on having faith in a team that has no faith in themselves!

I am still watching, I still have Hope!



This Sox pitching staff must be totally gassed. Cleveland, like KC, is loose and happy. And it has shown in both the Metrodome and in the Cell the past couple of days.


does this mean there will be a fourth little Kiernan running around the lake near Crown Point in about nine months????

Honestly, why did Ozzie send Wise up to strike out for BA?

Sometimes, it seems like Oz wants to relax during October.

He’s playing the percentages Peggy. Lefty-righty. He always has and he always will. Just like 95 percent of all managers.

And those percentages have worked so well for the Sox, both the hitting matchups and the pitching ones, right? Why doesn’t he look at factors besides that?

I do feel sorry for Ozzie when he needs to use the bullpen, because there really is no “there” there.

Ok, are our fielders just not in the right positions? Where are the coaches? Where is the data to tell them where to play, so every single ball put in play doesn’t get through for a hit.

Nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like the Sox, lately.

What is absolutely killing me is that the Twins and the Indians have just put on clinics in fundamental baseball for the Sox. The Sox, alas, have learned *nothing*, nada from the way their opponents have beaten them.

With the leadoff walk, and a pitch that went in the dirt, were they stealing? Was Uribe sent up to bunt, or at least fake it, to pull the infielders in a bit? No, sireee. Up they go to swing for the fences and pop up and strike out.

Are the Sox fun to watch? Not so much.

Here’s hoping that they play that game on Monday.

Lets face facts here people were strugglin and we need a bull pen. We should have cliniched this by now.. Now however its do or Dye…

I agree with you I know they can hit homers I want to see them just get on base. My blood pressure rises everytime I watch them. If they blow it twomorrow thats it Minnesota All The Way!

Here’s another thought. I just finished watching the Sox lose on WGN. Nothing new there, but incredibly we are still in a position to win the Central. In fact I think that Bud Selig will announce that there IS no winner of the AL central this year, since no one seems to want that title.

A lot fewer posts today. It’s amazing what a few losses will do to our blog base…Fine by me. I can post without having anyone rag on me for my thoughts….. Maybe we can win tomorrow. If we do then we will have to play Monday vs. the Tigers and Freddie Garcia…. That should be fun….

All we got left is to keep pulling for our Boys to put up enough offense to win….. Go Sox’08…… STILL!!!… j.k.

lebeda… is that you Larry? Finally posting??? If so, then good to hear from you and thanks again for the beers that magical night in August….. Go Sox… j.k.

For the next few games the Sox should bring in space heaters for fans to take out their frustrations on.

This may be totally unfair but such is life.

Someone’s head needs to get chopped.

That head belongs to Greg Walker.

Amazing. Another garbage pitcher, another high ERA, another seven innings, two runs.

This is a collapse worthy of the choke job in 1967.

Mark Liptak

Could there soon be another “Choke Trophy” in Lips case…. Go Lip go. We’re all rooting for you to get your due…. j.k.


You know better, don’t take out your frustration on me.

I suggest you send it along to the brain dead fools who inhabit the bodies of these so called “professional” athletes.

Perhaps you have another word for starting the week 2 1/2 games up, then promptly losing five straight, six of seven and at this point, nine of 12. (Impressive eh?)

Again if there is a better word to describe it PLEASE educate me with it. I understand I’m not the smartest guy in the world and can use your enlightened help.

Mark Liptak

Very disappointing – I will say again good thing we got Junior and no bullpen – I know the story is we couldn’t get any pitching help – I say BS! – you can get anything for a price!

I say Cleveland and KC deserve the title more then the Sox and the Twins do at this point.

I guess we will just have to see how this horror movie ends.
Who will die first – the one who goes back to check if the monster is really dead or the one who gets separated from the rest!
Stay tuned……………………..

TC –
Hell NO! (No there won’t be NO more for me)
I had a really good buzz going until the Sox let me down – Now I am just sick to my stomach – There will be no hanky panky goin on in this house!

Night (no Good) Everyone!


They do have one thing going for them tomorrow and that’s Mark Buehrle, if anybody can pull them out of this complete surrender, it’s him.

But like Tom said in the other thread, how many chances are they going to simply throw away? They don’t have time anymore to do it.

Just win the friggin’ game, it’s not rocket science.

Mark Liptak


Point well taken. Part of the issue though, complicating things is that the Sox minor league system is a disaster and they have very little to trade.

When you need pitching, especially in July, the price of poker goes sky high.

Mark Liptak

Lip – Obvious it is rocket science – something the Sox no nothing about!

Lip – But getting our 10th outfielder helped!

Maybe trade one of our slow power hitters to a team that needed one –
Actually, better yet, lets acquire another one!

That’s past – can’t do anything about it now – I usually learn from my mistakes – maybe KW will too

Hows that saying go?
No use crying over spilled milk-
How about when a whole gallon spills?
Lot of paper towels to clean up that mess!

Wow, these past two days the team has just played wonderfully. Way to go go go sox. Why the coaches have done such a great job, too. Even tonight, Javy was just too good for words. It wasnt his fault those mean nasty men from cleveland nailed his *** for 7 ER. No, the scorekeeper was wrong…..and that was one of ozzie’s best jobs ever of managing the team……at first i didn’t get his strategy for letting javy give up 7 runs, but it’s clear now that he was just setting up linebrink to give up 4 more….GENIUS! but what really amazes me most of all is how don cooper has gotten the ENTIRE pitching staff to look like ****…..I mean, wow….do you know how much work and time he has to spend with each pitcher to teach them how to fail….and it’s not just 1 or 2….hell, he taught ALL OF THEM….Don, you’re the best! Love ya, buddy.

i know the sun will come up, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow, come what may…..tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, tomorrow, so our boys will get to play…..tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll lose again…tomorrow, it’s only a………a……way………

Lip, I’m not taking out any frustrations on you or anyone else.. I’m finding this ending to the 08 season humorous. No one wants to win. That’s amazing to me. I’m beyond complaining (which you may have noticed over the past four years or so, I rarely do).

Lip, You do complain however and that’s what I was making reference not so subtly to from my previous post. This year you have repeatedly pointed out our failures both recent and historical. You got your views and I’ve got mine. I was congratulating you on reaching another milestone in your career. That’s all, and way to go.

I’ll still be rooting for the Sox tomorrow. We really do need to win at least one game this week. After tomorrow we will/ move from there….. You all know what I say, over and over ad nauseum…. Go Sox ’08….

Good night all… j.k.

The White Sucks are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not deserve to make the playoffs and if they did, they would get swept in the first round. I hope they lose on Sunday and end this terrible season.

Here’s what I know about Sunday’s “ace” pitcher for Cleveland.

He’s a failed former first round pick of the Pirates. He may have had some arm issues at one point. He has made eight career major league appearances.

If I was Greg Walker, I’d be sweating tomorrow profusely…this is exactly the type of pitcher like the esteemed Zach Jackson Saturday who more often then not makes Sox hitters look totally impotent.

PLEASE, just ONE time KO this stiff early and maybe take some of the pressure off Buehrle.

Mark Liptak

Poorhankie, sws, fireozzie, whoever you are today,

Has Don Cooper hit on your little sister or something??? Your bitterness toward him is ridiculous. While you criticize him for his pitchers’ poor performances (which are well documented), how about the well documented work of his pitching staff in the first half of the season?

If you’re going to rip him for the past few weeks, then you have to give him credit for having the best bullpen in the league in the first half and a rotation that was among the AL ERA leaders through June.

You are living proof that fans of any sport who rip coaches for the poor physical play of their players really are fans who know absolutely nothing.


These last few weeks have been very bad but I would find a different word than collapse. In order to collapse, you have to have a bigger lead than 2 1/2 games. And you have to be very good to begin with.

This team is a very average club that overachieved in the first half, played at its level in July and August and has been horrible in September.

And amazingly enough, with one decent game tomorrow and another one on Monday, they will find themselves in the ALDS or a playoff for the division title.

I can’t remember a season where the two leaders of a division each played so poorly in the final month of the season. No two men in America have shaken their heads in disbelief as much this season as Ozzie Guillen and Ron Gardenhire.


When you enter the final week with a 2 1/2 game lead then promptly lose (as of this writing) five in a row, including blowing a 6-1 lead in a game that basically would have locked up the division, that’s a collapse.

When you only have a week to play, a 2 1/2 game lead is huge.

I understand what you are saying but the relevant point is the fact that there was only one week to go. That’s the key factor.

Mark Liptak

remember Buehrle’s no hitter when he was left in for all 9 innings? Why are Buehrle and Danks pulled when they are pitching a great game. I’d rather see 1 run in 7 innings than 6 runs in 1 inning!

I was lamenting the fact at last night’s game about why OZ always leaves his starting pitchers in too long to get hammered. Don’t know how it looked on TV but it was VERY OBVIOUS @ the game that Vazquez had completely lost it early in the fifth inning. 5 runs later, although he was officially charged with 6, he was finally taken out. Seeing our bullpen’s performance afterward, maybe is why the starters are left in longer than necessary. It is interesting however, in spite of all the negativity swirling on this blog, that the SOX hold their own destiny in their own hands still. Exhausted starters, imploding bullpen, inconsistent offense…………………. They are still in it folks. Get to the playoffs, anything, AND I MEAN ANYTHING, can happen. Lest we forget the 83-79 Cards who beat the team of the decade, the unbeatable Tigers for a WS crown. Till the fat lady sings, I BELIEVE. GO SOX !

Thank you franks for adding your name to the list of folks who still think the Sox have a shot at getting to the playoffs.

Fact is they DO still have a shot. In spite of their poor record this past week, they are playing hard and are one win away from having to play tomorrow and possibly Tuesday.

We have had rough times before during this season where all seemed hopeless, but we managed to come back. So let’s win today and see what happens. I’m rooting for you…. Go Sox’08….. j.k.

I just read this in an article in the Suntimes – I think it was right on-
THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CENTRAL TITLE has been all but handed to the White Sox on a platter, but they refuse to accept it.

jk – don’t get me wrong, I am still rooting for the White Sox – yes, definitely, I still THINK they can win this – Will they? That is left for the players to decide.

My Big Question for the day is:
Do the White Sox think they can WIN????????????

I Double Dog Dare them to WIN!


If we do some how Win it will go down in the books as one, no Sox Fan will never forget!
If we lose, every Sox Fan will want to forget!

JK make sure my name is on the list cause although my hope is thin, I just can’t give up. Everytime I thought the sox were dead for the year, something happens to give me hope. I can’t believe that Mark will let us down today or that we will get swept by the tribe. That being said could the Twins really get swept by the Royals? I don’t think so. So we both win today and we at least play one more tomorrow. We win that and the twins have to come here where they are 2-7. Hope, I still have a glimmer. We lost Jose and CQ, Paulie was hurt for awhile, the play has not been great at times, nobody predicted them to be anywhere near the top, and yet here we are the last days of the regular season still with a chance. Yes, I still have some hope. I am going to work today and not able to watch but will try and catch some Gameday and HOPE that when I come out of work that it is all done. I am wiped out emotionally from the roller coaster of this week, but I’m still on the coaster and won’t get off until the park closes for the year. So I’m on the ride too JK, my eyes are closed, my stomach is queasy, but I’m hoping the ride keeps going.

Well said, Donna. I’m on the list, too, JK. I know what the facts are and I know the ball’s in our court. And I truly believe the guys want to win. But damn… this is hard. I’ve woken up every day since Thursday with a lump in my throat, nausea in my belly, and tightness in my chest. I guess two or three more days won’t kill me.

Keep the faith, and go Sox!

jk, frank, donna, maria, add me to your party. Funny things happy in the baseball world. I remember during specific points during this season, we all were reeling with despair and then something happens and we’re all back doing the happy dance.

Well, I have my happy dance shoes polished up and ready to go. Let’s just hope the White Sox play the music!

Go get ’em today boys! (and really – what other option is there?)


Everyone who posts on here is on the list (not sure a list is needed)! Positive or negative evryone has their opinions and when you put them all togther, we all want to see a White Sox winner.

Folks just exude their passion in different ways. I like Lip was asking for Walk’s head earlier this year along with that of Thome and Konerko. Just because you ask for a change does not reflect the respect you have for the individual or their previous accomplishments.

Now it’s time to win some damn baseball games and win this thing!

Uh, what about me? I said I am still here rooting for them!

Putting my bra back on today!
Wearing EVERYTHING White Sox today!
Even though it may sound silly to some (never has bothered me what other people think of me) I am still going to put me and my kids in everything White Sox!

It’s the LITTLE things you do to encourage the baseball Gods that we NEED this AL Central Title!

Hey Lip, could you put your WS shirt on, PLEASE??



Actually yesterday was the first time I said that Greg Walker needed to go. I always think that the role of coaches is a little overused, it’s still basically up to the players.

However this collapse, even if the Sox win a game or two, to stay alive, is just the latest sign of something that has been consistently happening for years…losing to garbage pitchers and losing badly.

I just think the time has finally come when a new voice has to be heard in that locker room.

Like I said it may be very unfair, but there appears to be some grounds for it and you can’t change fifteen players on the team, though I’d love to see Kenny try.

Mark Liptak

Lip –
Could you explain the thing (I know you said it before – but I didn’t quite understand) The whole debate on The Sox and rookie-no name pitchers – I know you were saying something about how they don’t want to here the scouting report? Do I have that right, if I do, why, wouldn’t they? Please tell me again the whole story? I tried to find it here, but could not!


I’ve always been on the list of those who believe until there truly is no more hope. Even if I can hardly stand to watch sometimes, I am rooting for my team, *always*!!!

I have family obligations again today during the game, so I won’t be able to follow all the way on Gameday, or post here, but I’ll be with you all in spirit!!

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