Down to the Wire

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griffey, CF; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Uribe, 3B.  Buehrle pitching.

Why do I think we are going to be playing three more games to decide a champion?


I was at the game yesterday, and although I enjoyed myself, I was SO disappointed that the Sox lost! I have kind of a bad attitude today, along with a very sore throat & not much of a voice. I will be watching, but I think maybe the season should just end today, cuz I don’t think the Sox have anything left. Getting to post season, and then facing Tampa Bay…AHHHHHHHHHHH!


I wish them luck, I’m a Sox fan… but this week and this season has been so damn hard and it simply didn’t have to be that way. Not with the talent on this club. There is something very fundamentally (no pun intended) wrong with this particular team.

We’ll know in about four hours.

Hope for the best, expect the worst…these are the White Sox.

Mark Liptak

Anyone else getting smudges on their eyeglasses from watching TV with your hands covering your eyes most of the time? Hope its a hands clear day today! Come onn White sox!

Hey, I do have a question! What is up with Joe Crede. The last time I saw him play, he left the game with the tightness in his back. I know he is not on the DL, and he was in the dugout yesterday, but not playing. My husband keeps saying he is done. I don’t want to believe it cuz he just does such an awesome job on third base.


Hi gals and pals! I’m here, still wishin and hoping. Didn’t know what to say the last couple of nights kept the convo with Maria and TQ via text but didn’t want to blog too much, gets me too riled up occasionally and my family doesn’t need that! 🙂 But as we speak I’m warming up the fingers and computer to watch a win! Now off to eat some pancakes before this huge game!

Uh, what about me? I said I am still here rooting for them!

Putting my bra back on today!
Wearing EVERYTHING White Sox today!
Even though it may sound silly to some (never has bothered me what other people think of me) I am still going to put me and my kids in everything White Sox!

It’s the LITTLE things you do to encourage the baseball Gods that we NEED this AL Central Title!

Hey Lip, could you put your WS shirt on, PLEASE??


Lip –
Could you explain the thing (I know you said it before – but I didn’t quite understand) The whole debate on The Sox and rookie-no name pitchers – I know you were saying something about how they don’t want to here the scouting report? Do I have that right, if I do, why, wouldn’t they? Please tell me again the whole story? I tried to find it here, but could not!


Well, we’ve now lost 13 of the last 19, and 5 in row, and for some odd reason we still have a shot to win this thing. How bout we finally take advantage.

Hey Scam-
Like I said in my previous post –


Well I TRIPLE dog dare them!


There have been some comments made by Greg Walker in a radio interview with WSCR a few weeks ago, that some of the hitters do not want to look at tape or hear the scouting report on pitchers they haven’t seen before. He did not identify them by name.

They apparently are “guess” hitters and they feel that if they have a sense of what a guy might throw in a particular situation that it will foul up their approach.

My attitude is that if you are hitting .330 you can damn well do as you please….considering the averages of the Sox hitters, they might actually be helped by having an idea of what may be thrown at a particular time in the count.

Mark Liptak

Here we go,go ,go…White Sox… j.k.

Lip – is that how most players do it – it is common? Or is it just the WS?

well done dbl play!
Come on good guys!

Good start Boys….. Speaking of starts, what do you say to a FAST start??? Go Sox’08…. j.k.

Good inning by Mr. B – so far so good – that’s the last thing I am saying until the game is over –
I just got done putting Dan’s moms ashes on the mantle – so we are ready!


Did you put you WS shirt on, yet?

Well that wasn’t the offensive start we wanted.

Alright… 0-1. Good finish to the inning Mark…. Keep it up. How about a couple of runs for us now?… And Hawk stop the play by play from Minn. We need to concentrate on OUR game… Go Sox…. j.k.

this how the game started the other night . I pray to GOD this isn’t the same ending!

Make them pay OC….. Go Sox.. j.k.

Posting this again here – count me among those who don’t give up until there is really, really no hope at all. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I’m rooting for my team!!

I have a family party this afternoon, won’t be able to follow along on Gameday, but I’m with you all in spirit!!

Go Sox!! Back up Mark Buehrle – he deserves it!! Your fans are with you all the way – give us something to cheer about!!


Thats the way to take advantage of a mistake…. Good job…. Go Mark, Go Sox…. j.k.

Hi Peggy!!! Still here rootin too!! Way to go boys, keep it up!

Yeah!!! Defense!!! Very nice…. Score More!…. Knock this Bullington out… Go Sox’08….j.k.

Back to you Mark….. Go Sox.. j.k.

HORRIBLE CALL!!! No one can blame that one on anybody BUT the UMPS!! For all you ump lovers out there, he blew that out his *** like diarrhea on chili day!

Way to go Mark… Hey, Lip, how many blown calls have there been this season against the Sox? And are there more blown calls elsewhere?…. Go Guys, more runs… Go Sox… j.k.

Kris!… Like diarrhea on chili day???? I love it… Go Sox.. j.k.

That half inning was too easy and too quick…. Be patient Boys… Keep up the good work Mark… Go Sox ’08…j.k.

First thing that came to mind – just made me mad, we’re fighting so hard and down to the wire and that ump just flippin blew it. I just don’t understand how they can not have to answer for their f ups!

We need runs!! Mark is only going one maybe two more innings… Come on Sox Offense…. Be patient, Score runs…Go Sox…j.k.

Just a reminder folks – there is one scenario where we don’t have to play 3 games to get into the postseason – WIN today (and talk KC into sweeping the Twins) – and then WIN tomorrow – that would give us the division by 1 game over the twins.

Is it cold in Chicago? Everybody has jackets on. I’m jealous, friggin blasted 80’s again here today, yuck!

Go Mark, go….. j.k.

Don’t move to Tucson then Kris. We are still in the low 90’s,,,, and I love it!! Go White Sox… j.k.

But you don’t have humidity do you? I think his company is based out there.

Sure we have humidity….. around 30% today…… Don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger…. We need runs. We need runs. We need runs… go Sox… j.k.

OK Alexei. It’s your turn to get a hit… Go right center and give Jr a chance to score…. Go Sox.. j.k.

Mark you are the Man if you’re going back out there…. Go Defense…. Go White Sox… j.k.

I would never hate you! I’ve always heard it’s nice there but never been. Maybe someday!

Mark,,, You ARE the MAN…. Great job….. Now! Please,, One or Two runs…. Go Sox… j.k.

Buehrle Buehrle he’s our man if he can’t do it, let’s hope the bullpen can! yikes!

I’ve been watching the game, just didn’t have the computer on. Way to play White Sox. Go Mark. So far so good.

holy ****, that was good – even Aj appreciated that play!

Thank you Jermaine. We can’t score enough runs. Go Sox.

Hi Miss Mollie – see what happens when you go potty, I could just hear the screaming, didn’t know what happened!! Maybe I should spend more time in there! 🙂

Atta way Baby! Keep it going Jimmy…. Go Sox…j.k.

My hubby just went to sleep (he works midnights) now I have to cheer very very quietly and dance around silently, ya’ll (hi tc) try it, it’s hard!!! 🙂


Just let us have some sort of lead going to the ninth – the one constant we’ve had all year in the pen is Bobby Jenks. And frankly – I throw him in the 9th no matter what our lead is (well – maybe not – forgot he threw 50 pitches in that last game against the Twinkies).

Holdd these guys down…. Get Mark the Win… Go Sox…j.k.

Way to go MATT in the 8th and what a GREAT gut performance on 3 days rest for MARK !

my feed locked up, I’m not happy

Alright!!! Nicely done Matt…. Go Sox… j.k.

P.S. Come on KC too……

I would not put Bobby in for the ninth. He has been TERRIBLE in non-save situations.

Kris, thanks for the welcome. Too much stress these days watching the boys. Missed most of last nights game since my Purdue son was having a Purdue/ND party, my other son, who is at TCU, had me watching the TCU/OU football game. Today was replacing faucets, staining the deck, and cutting grass. if I were supersticious I would think maybe I should stay away. Anyway, the boys look great today. They know they must win. We have a great chance of winning tomorrow. Garcia is questionable at best and what does Detroit have to play for. They might be pissed to even be playing.
We just need to get this game over with to focus on the future.
Go Sox.

wtf is going on with mlb . . now i’ve lost all the scores too …..

My boy wants to go to Purdue too once he gets his residency in Indiana. He’ll start out at Purdue Northwest.

Do we know who will pitch the 9th?

Well I would guess Bobby – but with a 4 run lead – who knows

Bring Thornton back in. He’s been our best reliever, and he’s looking good. Bobby never does good in non-save situations.

It has to be Bobby…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Purdue is an excelllent school. My son is an accounting major/finance minor.
Oh Bobby please get these 3 outs without any drama.

Wow, most exciting moment of the season and MLB.TV craps out.

I am dancing around with my new white boots – I am a little drunk-

What time is the game tomorrow?

IT IS ABOUT F*CKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness. SOX WIN, SOX WIN. Great game. Thank you Mark.

News Flash!!! Sox win, Sox win, Sox win….. Yes we won, but it’s only the first game in a week. Now we have to win tomorrow against Freddie and the Jets, er I mean Lions…. what I mean to say, the Tigers…. Then we can get some sweet revenge against the twins…. Go Sox.. j.k.

oh scam, I’m with ya, surprised you can’t hear me blowing my gasket up there! Damn it that pisses me off! BUT – thanks to tq and texting, I know the final results!!! Yipee!!

I won’t be able to watch tomorrow, have to work, stupid high schoolers need to eat I guess huh? Maybe I’ll call off – nah, can’t!

Anywho, we won, be nice if KC won too but too many miracles in one day might be a bit too much to ask on His day off.

Through out this whole second half of the season the classiest guy we’ve had is Darren Jackson. He has handled himself with nothing but CLASS and showed himself to be a professional in the best sense of the word. Knowing he was gone made him a better announcer in my opinion. We all wish you well DJ… Good luck in whatever you do in the future…. nice job…. j.k.

why is mlb having such an issue, the scores won’t post again . . . they need to get their **** together on the last day of the ‘real’ season!

I know Klein, I agree with you. That had to have been hard to continue to announce knowing they didn’t want him back. Good luck DJ, you’ll be missed.

I am not having a problem with gamegay!

OOps Damn Margaritas – gameDay

it was ALL kinds of pissy during the 8th inning and beyond, even gameday and all the scoreboards, it’s intermittant at best but still enraged me!

MLB-TV and GameDay Audio has also shut down – I was watching the Twins/KC and Mets/Marlins – now I can’t see the finish of either one.

Well – Mets/Marlins is over. Milwaukee has won the Wild Card in the NL so the hopefully lovable losers (again) get the Dodgers in the NLDS.

But – hey – we just have to concentrate on winning tomorrow so we can live for another day.

If anyone had any doubt why the Sox were willing to break team policy and give Mark four years instead of three, this afternoon was it.

One of the few guys on this team who appears to truly care regardless of how much money he makes. It means something to him.

Short rest, season on the line, 121 pitches in his previous outing. And then he goes seven strong innings, allows one run and throws 111 more pitches.

Mark Buehrle has the guts of a burglar and the gonads to match.

If only some of his teammates (I’m looking at you #33) gave a damn as much as Mark this thing would have been done last week.

I hope this may inspire some of his teammates to play well tomorrow…it would be ironic if Freddy ended things (especially after the Sox talked internally and decided to pass on signing him this Summer.)

Hope for the best (a little more now), expect the worst, these are the White Sox.

Mark Liptak


Guys on every team do. Some of the greatest hitters in baseball like Stan Musiel was a guess hitter, some of the greatest like Ted Williams, took an analytical approach to hitting, they made it a science.

There is no right way or wrong way to hit. My point is (and perhaps Walker’s was) when you have struggled for so long aka this decade, consistently being able to hit, in the clutch, against pitchers you don’t know, against kids just called up from double A, maybe a change in tactics is needed.

Apparently (again based on Greg’s comments) some of the Sox hitters are resistant to doing this.

That’s why I said yesterday, “it may be unfair” but someone has to be held responsible and that someone is Walker.

These guys may have tuned him out and a fresh voice, fresh ideas are needed.

Mark Liptak

Something we do not really know yet – how goes Gavin Floyd do on 3 days rest. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow and then if we can get by that one – we’ll find out how John Danks is on 3 days rest on Tuesday. Kinda scary actually.

Thanks Lip for the reason behind all of that – now I can explain it without looking stupid!

Speaking of looking – I got carded yesterday for alcohol – must be my hair cut – my hubby said I looked 19! No brownie points for him!

Mr. B – you are definitely MY Hero! Thank You! What a Trooper!

Mr. Garcia (I had a little crush on him) can either come in here tomorrow and destroy us or we can make him look like he needs to retire – either way – I feel bad!


Yes – and I hope maybe DJ reads these things. I have thoroughly enjoyed the duo of you and Hawk now for 9 seasons and will miss you in the TV booth next year. I certainly hope you decide to continue your broadcasting career in the radio booth next year.

In any case, good luck to you in whatever you decide to do.

cms – I don’t think Danks does so good!

I don’t recall him ever going on 3-days rest – kind of an unknown – but maybe he can be one of those guys that has a gut-check like Buehrle did today (we get to get to that point first of course by winning tomorrow).

Oh happy day! I knew Mark wouldn’t let us down. What a nice effort. Enjoy it today gang cause we’ve still got some work to do!

OK – you are right – I thought they both pitched already with 3 days rests – I was wrong – we’ll have to wait and see!


C’mon now. Cut your husband a little slack. He gives you a compliment and you still give him grief????

One of these days, we’ll run into this poor guy and give him a little support.

Kinda like Buerhle gave the Sox today.

tc – if you only new him!

Thank you, Mark Buehrle! I knew we had our best chance with you on the mound.

OMG, if we win these next two games, it will be 89 wins *and* the division, which was my prediction.

Let’s all hope I’m “fey Irish” as some have alleged in my life! (for those who are not of the Irish persuasion, “fey” means someone who can see things before they happen).

Go Sox!!!!!

Go Peggy, go… I’m on your bandwagon… My prediction of 88 wins won’t quite do it for us….. We have to go through 88 to get to 89 though, so what are we waiting for? Oh, yeah, tomorrow….. Go Sox’08…. j.k.

First, watch this video and let me know if it looks like Michael Jackson?

Second, I have a ghost in my house – my hall light upstairs – will turn off if its on then turn on when it’s off – it’s only when my husband and I are disagreeing or talking about money!
Very weird!

Wa-hoo! This certainly feels much better than the past few days, doesn’t it? It’s one step closer, out of many, but we definately had do have it. Maybe after today, I should go again tomorrow… ; )

According to Mark Gonzales this was written on the Sox bulletin board today:

“[Forget] feelings. It’s about winning!!!!” (I have a feeling the word on the board wasn’t “forget”) LOL

And to think it only took them 161 games to figure that out?

Well if they win, then all of us can forget the statements and actions of Cabrera, Swisher, Vazquez and now according to Scott Merkin, Dotel…but they better damn win the next two.

Garcia looked great in Texas, got hammered in K.C. The reports are his location is there but the velocity isn’t.

The Sox need to get on base and RUN , RUN, RUN…EVERYBODY even Konerko runs because Garcia is the absolute worst pitcher in baseball today at holding guys on.

That would kill him with the Sox, it’s time to kill him with it with the Tigers.

Mark Liptak

Kill Kill Kill!!! I’ll be at work for most of the game but tq will be updating me! Praying for the best!!! GO SOX!

Good Morning to All (Hopefully I will be saying that tomorrow as well)

I did some research (actually I just looked at the preview for gameday) It doesn’tt look as though Our buddy OC has done that well against Garcia – 18 At Bats with a .167 average however, AJ has faced him 5 times with 1 HR and a .600 Average (I hope Toby is not in the line-up – Toby has faced him 11 times with a .061 avg) Junior and Uribe both have a .333 average with 3 at bats.

Congrats to the Brew Crew –

I hope the Dodgers sweep the Cubs right out of the Playoffs!

Going to do my grocery shopping now – got to be home to watch the game-

See ya’ll (HI TC, Kris, and Lip?) when the festivities begin!!


So I’m heading out to the Cell later… anyone want me to pick them up anything?

One down, two to go… (sort of like “What’s My Line”, eh, jk?)

They needed a fine pitching job by Buehrle, they got it… They needed key hits, they got them from the Captain and then from J Dye, on that little “parachute” into LCF that made it 5-1… and led me to texting Kris with one word:


Now, today, I am sure that Jim Leyland is just THRILLED to be coming back to face his former organization (3rd base coach for La Russa in ’83) for one last game… and I’m sure that the same can be said for Freddy An.Garcia… who is on his farewell tour of MLB… only he doesn’t realize it yet…

Last night on NBC 5 after the Bears game, the noted football analyst, Bears, Cubs and U of Michigan apologist Hub Arkush thought that the boys would have a hard time today and be lucky to make it to possibly play tomorrow…

Sterling analysis there, Hubert… Why don’t you go back to planting your lips on Michael McCaskey’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn… we miss you) and stay away from analyzing baseball?

IF there is a tomorrow (and IF is ALWAYS the biggest two letter word in the English language this time of year…) it will be interesting to see if the WS come out strong against Blackburn in the great outdoors… and how the piranhas respond out of their tank going up against Danks-Very-Much…

Well, gotta go now, to get ready to view good ole’ Ch 9 one last time… keep track of everything… and let kiddo DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS know what’s going down…

For that’s what friends are for…(sorry, I was chanelling Dionne Warwick there for a moment…)

Root ’em in, all… Then maybe we can talk tomorrow… about tomorrow…

Yeah Amy. Pick me up a WIN!!!!
Have a great time and of COURSE I’m still here! It ain’t over til it’s over gang! What a ride!!!! Let’s do it again!!! Twice!!!!

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